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Hello Polka Host ess Dots Parties Why, thank you!

Thank you for hosting a Polka Dots Party! Polka Dots has been outfitting our customers with monogrammed gifts and personalized stationery for the for almost a decade online and now we’re just tickled that you have invited our boutique into your home!

Polka Dots Party Girls Your Polka Dots Party Consultant will help you organize your party from guest list to clean up! She will also be on-hand during your party to showcase the latest trends in monogrammed gifting and personalized stationery.

What's your Party Style?

The Trunk Show: The traditional Polka Dots Party, The Trunk Show involves a brief product presentation. Your consultant will highlight each featured product and offer gift suggestions along with trendy tips, etiquette advice and endless product knowledge! The Open House: An Open House is ideal when your guest list is rather large and better suited by a drop-in. With an Open House, there is no formal presentation, rather the Polka Dots Consultant will float among her display stations to answer questions and take orders. This will also allow your guests to come and go freely or "drop-in" when it is convenient. Open Houses are a great idea, especially during the holiday season. eParties: All the benefits of a Polka Dots Party, without the mess! If you love our products but aren't feeling like the hostess-with-the-mostess, don't worry - a Polka Dots eParty is just the thing! Invite your entire email address book to shop online using your special eParty check-out code. Incidentally, all parties will receive an eParty code, so if you guests can't make it in person, they can still shop online and you will get credit! Charitable Hostess: Is there a special cause or favorite charity that is close to your heart? Host a Polka Dots Party as a fundraiser! In lieu of the hostess incentive, Polka Dots will donate 5% of your party’s sales to the charity of your choice! Just let your Consultant know and she'll bring the proper paperwork to ensure the donation gets to the right people.

Hostess Incentives You'll earn deep discounts based on your party’s sales and you’ll be eligible for the Hostess of the Month Incentive. Party Sales


0 - $250


Special of the Month

$251 - $750


Special of the Month

$751 - $1250


Special of the Month



Special of the Month & Hostess Gift


Tips for hosting a Fabulous Polka Dots Party Name Your Party! We like to give our parties a swanky name to ensure all of our guests know they'll be in for a good time. Here are a few of our all-time favorites:  Monograms & Mojitos  Polka Dots Par-Tea (brunch or tea party)  A Preppy Girls Night In

The More the Merrier! Invite friends, family, neighbors, coworkers… and be sure to encourage everyone to bring a friend or two! Don’t forget about your online friends… they don’t have to be local to shop your Polka Dots Party. (see eParty Code below)

Spread the Word These days, it’s easier than ever! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your blog – there are plenty of social media avenues to boost your party sales! Craft and send an Evite or Pingg invitation online. Print out the invitation flyer and hand deliver to friends, family, neighbors, co-workers… and be sure to encourage everyone to bring a friend or two! Just be sure to mention your party’s code to be used at check-out.

The Anticipation Have a great attitude and talk up your party as much as possible. If you are excited about the products (and who wouldn’t be?) your guests will be more likely to attend which means more sales and more free goodies for you!

The Referral Encourage sales throughout the party by commenting favorably about the featured items. You may even want to mention your experience as the hostess and why you chose to host a Polka Dots Party. This might spark the idea to your guests to host a party themselves earning you an additional $25.00 gift card!

The eParty Code As your RSVP’s start rolling in, be sure to remind those guests that can’t make it to shop online using the eParty code. This is a unique code assigned to your party and it will expire on your party’s closing date. All sales posted through the website and tagged with this code will automatically count toward your earned rewards!

Get Paid to Party If you thought hosting a Polka Dots Party is fun… why not consider Becoming A Polka Dots Party Girl? At Polka Dots, we strive to give women a new option: A professional career that is flexible, financially rewarding and even (dare we say) fun! Whether you are trying to balance family and career, or you are looking to supplement your income while indulging your creative side, we know you have something to offer Polka Dots! We offer a risk-free trial, competitive compensation and bonuses and there are no sales quotas. Once a Party Girl, always a Party Girl, so you can scale this opportunity to fit what fits your life today and in the years to come. With an ever-changing product line-up and loads of support, you’ll find it’s hard not to succeed as a Polka Dots Party Girl! Go to to find out more!

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