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Who is Polka Dots?

What? You haven’t heard of Polka Dots? Well, bless your heart! We’ve made it our charge to keep up the refined traditions of stationery etiquette and thoughtful gift-giving. All of this responsibility swells from our headquarters in charming South Carolina and we’ve been serving our customers nationwide for almost a decade!

What is a Polka Dots Party? Honey – only the most fabulous evening you’ve had with your girlfriends in a long time! You have most likely been to home parties before for everything from cookware to candles to beauty products and back again… Polka Dots Parties are different. There is nothing comparable to our line-up of monogrammed gifts and stationery. Personalized drinkware, like koozies and sippy cups … to monogrammed totes, platters and baby gifts… and of course, the finest selection of stationery around! From hip to high-class your guests will be sure to find something to suit their taste! With selective distribution in your area, your ladies will be flattered to have made the guest list to the freshest concept in home parties – Polka Dots Parties!

Your Polka Dots Party Girl Your Independent Polka Dots Party Consultant (aka "Party Girl") will help you organize your party from guest list to clean up! She will also be on-hand during your party to showcase the latest trends in monogrammed gifting and personalized stationery.

Hostess Incentives You'll earn deep discounts based on your party’s sales. We’ll also let you know about Party Sales


0 - $250


Special of the Month

$251 - $750


Special of the Month

$751 - $1250


Special of the Month



Special of the Month & Hostess Gift

Let’s Get Started! Contact your local Polka Dots Party Consultant or visit our website to Host a Party. We look forward to hearing from you!

Polka Dots Parties

Hostess Handout  

Polka Dots Parties Hostess Handout

Hostess Handout  

Polka Dots Parties Hostess Handout