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P o l k a D t s a n d Pa r t i e s Planning, Party Favors, Polka Dots & More...

My Party Gallery Started Summer 2012 to present...Spring 2013

P o l k a D t s a n d Pa r t i e s Welcome Friends! I am so happy to be putting together this simple, on-line catalog that you can flip through anytime.

Every few

months, I will add new centerpieces, party favors, and nifty gift boxes. My website, and as well as my blog, will reflect an up-to-date party gallery as well. Very exciting‌. Lots of new things for 2013 so Stop by any time!

Margie Klodnicki Event Specialist/Head Designer


Pa r t y T h e m e s •

Life’s a Picnic (Company Picnic)

My Wedding Day

Brides & Babes

Employee Appreciation

It’s a Girl or It’s a Boy (Baby Shower)

Double Trouble & 2 Peas in a Pod

Dragons & Dinosaurs or Dragons & Knights

My First Birthday

Once Upon a Time (Princess & Fairies)

Twinkle Toes (Ballerina)

Monster Truck


Yo Ho Ho Pirate Party

Garden Party

(Bachelorette Party & Bridal Showers)

(Twins Baby Shower)

….Just .Just to name a few! 3

Pa r t y S u p p l i e s Printed Paper Straws

Clear Cupcake Cups w/Dome

Solid & Polka Dot Balloons

Long White Straws

Clear 8oz.Cup w/Dome Lid

Solid & Polka Dot Nut Cups


Pa r t y S u p p l i e s 1” x 8” Cello Bags

Clear Cello Candy Bags

Cone Shaped Cello Bags

Personalized Labels

Custom Cupcake Wrappers

Ribbon, Brads, Buttons


P r e tt y Po k e C e n t e r p i e c e ‌ what is it? A Pretty Poke Centerpiece consists of a base and 7 individual, double sided pokes. The center poke can be personalized with a Name, Age, Message or Custom Photo. Many themes available or let me create one just for you!.


CAKE POP Pretty Poke Centerpiece … . . a n d j u s t w h a t i s T H AT, y o u a s k ? A CAKE POP Centerpiece is exactly the same as the o r i g i n a l , Pretty Poke Centerpiece b u t , i t i n c l u d e s a C A K E POP RING that holds up to 8 Cake Pops, Lollipops or treats on a stick. It’s not just a centerpiece when it has Cake Pops attached! One for each person at the table!!

* C a k e Po p s * not included, call your local bakery to order! To o t s i e Po p s look cute too!


Pint Size Centerpiece ‌..oh my gosh, another version? Y E S ! ! A P i n t S i z e C e n t e r p i e c e h a s O N LY 1 c e n t e r P r e t t y Po k e o f y o u r c h o i c e a n d a C a k e Po p R i n g . N i c e C e n t e r p i e c e , b u t a l s o makes a great gift for the office, get well, or congratulations too!


C a k e Po p F lowe r Fa vor Flower Favors are really pretty for Bridal Showers, Wedding Rehearsal Dinners and Wedding Receptions. Set one at each place setting is a true show-stopper! Choose your colors and styles to match your theme.


My favorites

Flower Favor

French Fry Favor Box

Theme Party Décor

Pretty Poke Centerpieces


Cupcake Pokes

Theme Party Favors

Cupcake Wrappers

Goodie Bags

Bags, Boxes & Totes 10


Oh Boy!

Once Upon a Time

It’s a Girl Thing!

Cupcake Boxes

Gift Boxes

Personalized Signs

Place Cards

Polka Dot Balloons

Digital Art Decor

Dragon & Knight

Lollipop Jungle

Baby Girl Rattles 11


Watering Can Centerpieces

Great piece for Bridal or Baby Showers! 12


Celebrate with a Bouquet

Change center post with a heartfelt greeting! 13

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Polka Dots and Parties Gallery  

Photo Gallery Booklet, filled with adorable favors, centerpieces and party decor.