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BUITDING A BETTER BOURNIEMOUTH LOCAT DOCTOR NIGET COWLEYWELCOMES NEW CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATES Since his election in May 2007, local councillor and GP, Dr. Nigel Cowley has served Winton well. However, at this

applications and we've addressed student issues. Thanks to everyone in Winton for the last four


May'-s election he will be handiqg over the

baton to a new Conservative team: Johann Edward, Theo Stratton and

Anniina Davie. They are


years; it's been my privilege to serue the

Dr. Nigel Cowley with the new Winton East Conservative team, Theo Stratton, Johann Edward and Anniina Davie.

committed to serving Winton residents.

local community.

As Dr. Cowley explains: "lt's been an

"l've every trust in Johann, Theo and Anniina to carry on the good work; they're dedicated people who'll do a great job for you" I wish them all the very best for the

Winton Conservatives' Theo Stratton said "l would like to thank Dr. Cowley for his wonderful service to our area. We are



honourto represent Winton. Working with my colleagues, I've helped many local people. Winton is cleaner, we've fought su

ccessfu I ly ag a i n st


ap p rop ri ate pl a n n i ng

committed to building on what he has




rFollow!ng demands,from

local Conservatives, new ,street cleaning staff have started work across the town.

The Conservative Council has already

Our new local man is Robin, and you've probably already seen him at work. His round

improved parts of Winton and Charminster by upgrading road surfaces and pavements.


And it-wonl have escaoed ygur


the next stage has begun around




Road and the roads running off it.

junction of Alma Road and Charminster Road. Johann Edward, Anniina Davie and Theo Stratton inspect the roadworks.

Local businessman Julian Shaffer welcomed

want their roads and pavements to be maintained. Poor road sudaces can lead to

costly accidents and disruption for local

resldenfs and buslnesses. I am very pleased fo see the Conservative council

local traders are grateful that the Council listened to local concerns and scheduled these much needed works after Christmas,

so that they did not impact our im

po fta

nt tra d i n g season



investing in Winton".


of the

For more information about the roadworks,

Charminster Trade

associatien, Lesley Stephenson added, "We

welcome this investment


Local activist Anniina Davie

who lives and works

the investment saying, "Winton resldenfs

and the diversion route, please

visit: nvestment. htm


resrdenls and busrnesses helping by doing their bit to keep the area .,Clea'h .too,, it':::iS,::742;7lr trunt nn to make a difference."

Winton, and

Bournemouth West Conservatives, I 35 Hankinson Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH9 I HR email: contact@bou telephone: 0 1 202 5 3 3 5 5 3 web: www.bou




Charminster commented, "With the Council's extra investment in Robin and

i:#, Conservatives'



Judging by the feedback we get, the biggest political issue in Winton is the social friction that 'Studentification' can

Houses Multiple Occupation (HMOs). There is, of course, much more to do. With your support we can press for

address the real concerns of residents

cause locally. Yes, students bring vibrancy and economic activity to our area but this has a downside too in instances of antisocial behaviour.

things like a ban on drinking in certain

As one of your new Conservative team Johann Edward, says: "Ihe Conservative Council has developed effective local

Your Conservative Council has worked


to fix these problems. We


made progress in helping students and

local residents to live together more harmoniously, and we are introducing planning rules which mean stricter control

public places if that is what will make the difference. Two of your local Action Team members (Anniina Davie and Theo Stratton), are former current Bournemouth University students respectively. We know that the University brings 1250m into the local economy. But we want to make sure that action is taken by all parties to


l{ere's a handy remineler of the televant services and help line numbers. We have also provided useful web references to get more detailed information...


Our Solution

Proliferation of 'To Let'boards

. Advice to letting agencies, with planning packs . Planning enforcement helpline: 01202 451323 For more information : www.wi htm

Unsightly refuse in front of houses

. Student guide on refuse and recycling issued to all students

. Student education programme in coordination with University & Arts College For more information:


. Civil enforcement officers patrolling Winton area


For more nformation : htm

Noise nuisance

. Student guide on 'being a good neighbour' issued to all students in coordinatlcn with University & Arts


College. . Weekday Noise nuisance helpline: 01202 451309 . Weekend Noise nuisance helpline: 0800 028'1870 (10pm-2am) . Enforcement officers with powers to confiscate noise making equipment For more information:

Anti-social behaviour

. CouncilASB helpline. 01202 454873

. Police Safer Neighbourhood helpline: 07917 557133 . Proposed ban on drinking in public places. . Graffiti clean-up programme . CCTV deployed in Winton and Charminster For more information : htm

foo many student houses

. New planning rules to control HMOs . Planning helpline: 01202 451323

in Winton

For more information : www.wi htm

about HMOs and other student issues.

policies and an overall student education programme working with local agencies, Bournemouth University, and the Aris College."

You can find out more by


www.wintoneast. com/studentifi cation. htm.



K rel Or write

Anniina Davie o??11 50220'[

Johann Edward 01202 2rt3598 johann@wintoneast.eorn

Theo Stratton 07746 42?308


Bournemouth \il/est Conservatives, L35 Hankinson Road, Eournemouth, Dorsetn Fllg lll*

You ean aleo ceteh uS.i*Eti: t!:+ !a.i.esi r:er*,s

and get involved at www,wintoneast.eom. On the website you will find:


' .

News about the local area, and what we are dning, Sontaet details so yoq san get in touch with your loeal Consorvative team. lnteractive forums where you can air your views and let us know what you think.

New Conservative Councillors for Winton East  

New Conservative Councillors for Winton East: Johann Edward Theo Stratton Anniina Davie