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Your project the Master Academy of Love is focused on looking for beauty, also in yourself. Is it a big challenge for successful women to compete in business on a daily basis while looking for beauty, loving themselves and others at the same time? A human being must love and feel loved, it’s the essence of life. When you experience it, everyday matters, including professional matters, become easier to cope with, because love inspires you and gives you wings. To love another person, you also need to be able to love yourself in a healthy way. That is why the motto of the Master Academy of Love (www.mistrzowska.pl) is "We help you to love yourself and others." The ability to love is part of the human existence, but the ability to love in a healthy way is a science. We often need to unlearn what is no good to us and drains vital forces away from us, and learn healthy habits. This is where the Academy helps. And beauty is the outcome, both on a personal level, and the beauty of life. You realise that life is exciting and colourful, though it can be difficult. You also feel grateful to others, yourself, fortune and God. This attitude is a natural recipe for anti-aging. A human being is a whole, so the way you treat yourself, you will also treat others, though it may seem that you treat yourself better. But in reality, you may hate yourself and punish yourself for everything. The outward expression of this is a craving for material possessions, fame, influence, a desire to prove your own superiority. Only an all-rounded internally coherent human being is able to run a business in a healthy way, without hurting others or being unscrupulous. In all this, the woman's own beauty - the inner beauty which we can show outside - has enormous strength. It is our power, but it should not be used against anyone. It gives you the control to be able to do what you want to do. It’s like being a queen. In a sense, a woman entrepreneur is the queen of her business. First, she must be in control of herself, in a positive sense of the word, to be able to manage others, to lead them by giving them the best she has to offer, for she runs the business for them as well as for herself, regardless of whether the business provides a particular service or is a manufacturing facility. A woman leader should be responsible, have good relations with others, know how to use her intellect, and with that comes nobility and class, everything which is associated with true femininity. However, beauty devoid of human depth becomes empty and harmful. PM

How to keep your style and class when there are often ruthless people on the other side of the negotiating table, and it is not always nice? I am a supporter of the win-win principle, which means that both sides come out victorious and satisfied. It is difficult to run a business or pursue any activity when you encounter adverse circumstances, although it happens all the time. Then a wise woman intelligently uses the resources which her way of thinking and acting offers us. We are able to see and feel more because our attention is divisible. In my opinion, a strong and gentle woman is a good negotiator. And if she runs a business, this fact already shows that she has power. Sometimes you just have PM

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to ask yourself, is this what I need and is it really worth striving for? In what way are Polish business women perceived in foreign countries? Are women who do business in Poland different from those who have worked abroad? Polish people are very resourceful, Polish women in particular. It stems from our history, the past few centuries, when we had to cope without men who were sent into exile, fought in wars, were killed in uprisings or in prison and labour camps. That’s what has built our character, which is another story. Now, Polish women who do business in foreign markets, often perform much better than foreigners, because they had to overcome more obstacles. And that makes you tough. I am talking about my generation, the one which has roots in communist Poland. But young women are also very successful. I must admit that whenever I see a Polish brand abroad, and especially one built by a woman, I am extremely proud and full of admiration that she has made it. There should be as many of us as possible, because we need to support one another, this is our strength. PM

Women’s passions are often associated with fashion and a sense of beauty. Then a passion becomes a business, maybe not full-time. Are there many such cases? I guess I’m a good case in point. My passion as a photographer has come to light fairly recently. I take photos which work therapeutically on women because they bring out their beauty. The women are basically girls next door of all ages, not models or movie stars. Pictures are supposed to prove to them how charming and original they are, and that the world is waiting for their beauty. Just how important it is became evident to me through their reactions and their internal transformation. Having taken part in my classes, they literally fly out as butterflies, even though they initially perceived themselves as plain and unattractive (www.MiraJankowska.pl). Good photography has genuine healing powers because it shows your inner beauty. Each of us has it. When women tell me that they are not photogenic, I just laugh and prove to them that it’s absurd to think that way. They just haven’t had access to a good photographer who loved them. Interestingly, it happened to me once that I found it difficult to photograph an extremely beautiful woman, who was actually a good friend of mine. I eventually succeeded. Another time a woman proved very reluctant to open up, and she just didn’t let me in. Then there’s nothing you can do. A female student of the Faculty of Photography at the University of Warsaw has recently decided to write her M.A. thesis on my work as a photographer, which she describes as "therapeutic photography." I’m really flattered. My work with women has become part of my professional work, both during femininity workshops and parallel photo sessions. It gives me a lot of joy and satisfaction. Mentoring works in a similar way, as a form of an in-depth conversation focusing on the other person. It works in the same area of human beauty - only in this case, we bring out one’s inner beauty by analysing and re-directing their private and professional life. I can see it’s very effective, because their lives become more harmonious and fulfilled. It’s so heartening. • PM

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Polish Market No.2-3 (293)/2020  

"Polish Market” is a prestigious English-language magazine published since 1996. In its pages, it promotes the Polish economy, businesses,...

Polish Market No.2-3 (293)/2020  

"Polish Market” is a prestigious English-language magazine published since 1996. In its pages, it promotes the Polish economy, businesses,...