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MORE WOMEN TAKE UP ENGINEERING MAGDALENA K. W YRWICKA, Professor of the Poznań University of Technology, Chairwoman of the Council for the Science of Management and Quality, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Management.


o be an engineer – it makes you feel proud. Currently, it also means that you are welcome on the labour market. Maybe this is one of the reasons women take up technical studies. An engineer looks for new solutions, asking questions like "How is it done?", "How to avoid problems?" or "How to get better quality, reduce investment, and achieve the desired effect faster?". This means that all troubles, threats and disruptions become an inspiration to look for ways of dealing with them or - if possible – to eliminate problems. The engineering profession - according to the English definition of 1828 - is the art of managing forces of nature to the benefit of man. So, the engineer deals with designing something which is needed, and bringing it to a state when it can be made, works well, serves the user, does not generate unnecessary costs, does not harm people and does no damage to the natural environment. The word "engineer," derived from the Latin word ingeniatus, means someone who can think of something, is smart, has an open mind. Once engineers were defined as people who dealt with the construction of war machines and fortresses (military engineering). When this art began to be used for other purposes:

construction of dams, roads and bridges - the concept of civil engineering was born. Then came other areas. Now there are many engineering professions which involve technology or in-depth research and analysis. Women are great at these professions. Creativity and smart thinking are not the exclusive preserve of men. Women, too, willingly and courageously take up challenges, experiment in laboratories, come up with ideas for new products and services, look for new design, execution, protection and servicing methods. At the Poznań University of Technology, women prevail among chemists, architects and at the Faculty of Engineering Management (security engineering, logistics, engineering management). Even faculties which were once considered very masculine, such as mechanical engineering, transport, electrical engineering, telecommunications, and automation and robotics, are beginning to enjoy popularity among women. This is probably due to a change in the spectrum of tasks and ways of functioning in these professions brought about by technical progress and the use of new technologies. The nationwide "Young women, why don’t you take up studies at universities of technology" campaign caused the number of women

who take up engineering studies to grow significantly. Studies conducted on a yearto-year basis show significant changes since 2010 the number of women students at the Poznań University of Technology has increased by about 39%. Studies show that women are often more determined and persistent in search of knowledge than their male colleagues. Perhaps they subscribe to the saying that there is a time for everything and that studies are the time to charge your batteries, to acquire professional competences which will make it easier to start a career. •

MAGDALENA K. WYRWICKA A graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, specialising in Organisation and Industry Management, began her professional career by working for over three years as a technologist, programming numerically controlled machine tools. In the scientific community, this enabled her to seek a methodology for the gradual, flexible implementation of automation, to study project management conditions, innovation and enterprise development, as well as systemic analyses of knowledge transfer in business networks and foresight studies.



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Polish Market No.2-3 (293)/2020  

"Polish Market” is a prestigious English-language magazine published since 1996. In its pages, it promotes the Polish economy, businesses,...

Polish Market No.2-3 (293)/2020  

"Polish Market” is a prestigious English-language magazine published since 1996. In its pages, it promotes the Polish economy, businesses,...