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In what practical ways does PAIH support exporters? Our goal is to provide solutions and support which Polish entrepreneurs expect. Studies show that among their top five crucial needs, Polish companies list the need to set up meetings with business partners in foreign countries. We have organised over 500 such meetings around the world. Our experts - in addition to extensive knowledge - often have at their disposal what is very important in the business world, namely good relations with local business communities and organisations which support business development. This directly translates into the effectiveness of the support provided. Participation in trade fairs, also holds a high position on the list of Polish exporters' priorities, and in some industries it is the most effective way to establish business relationships. We have invited companies to nearly 300 promotional events organised by us around the world. The numbers speak for themselves. PM

What are PAIH’s current goals? What new challenges are you facing, having set up a network of foreign offices? Following the overhaul of commercial offices which have been adapted to market expectations, this year the agency will step up its activities in respective Polish regions, to reach those companies which have not yet cooperated with PAIH. We know that not all entrepreneurs have had the opportunity to participate in our flagship PAIH Business Forum and meet with Agency experts. To let them find out more about what we offer, and to provide information about individual markets and industries, we will be more active in smaller urban centres. We particularly want to promote the idea of boosting Polish exports, and to show the best examples of export activities during meetings in individual regions. A lot remains to be done in this respect. This year is also a time of hard work in the field of education of Polish entrepreneurs and promotion of the best practices of foreign expansion. We want to use modern communication channels to reach the largest possible number of entrepreneurs with our attractive message. PM

What tools does PAIH use to promote Polish business abroad? The best promotion of Polish business on foreign markets is achieved by reaching clients with a Polish product or service. In addition to traditional tools such as trade fairs and B2B meetings, which are meant to raise awareness of the range of Polish products and services, the agency also organises business missions for Polish entrepreneurs. Their aim is to reach business partners, support organisations and local administration to present their offer and convince our partners to invest. The benefits are often mutual. PM

On January 31 the UK formally left the European Union, and a transition period of 11 months began. How to get ready for the final Brexit? What should Polish entrepreneurs bear in mind? Where can they look for support? Given the still vague terms of Brexit, and considering that the UK is Poland's third largest trading partner, PAIH intends to focus on supporting domestic companies that need a special sense of security and strong support from development institutions in this turbulent period. Our experts from the Agency's London office follow the negotiations between, the UK and the European Union on an ongoing basis, and keep in touch with the British administration to provide Polish entrepreneurs with practical tips on how to do business in the new realities. PM

The coronavirus outbreak in China is already affecting the global economy. Is there a way for Polish exporters to try to lessen the trade deficit with China and other countries? It is known that there is a shortage of medical resources in many areas affected by the epidemic. When it comes to the coronavirus epidemic, the most important thing both for Poland and the rest of the world is to stop it. The current situation in China presents short-term opportunities to gain new clients in some sectors. For example, one of our clients, a company which sells personal protection equipment, has won a new contract. Nevertheless, to reverse the negative trade balance with China requires a long-term perspective and we should focus on it. In this regard, our two offices in China are intensively working with many Polish entrepreneurs from various sectors to acquire new clients. I believe that concerted efforts will ultimately bring better results than demand created by emergency situations such as the coronavirus epidemic. PM

In a nutshell, what should an entrepreneur considering foreign expansion abroad pay attention to? What tips would you offer as Poland’s most important public organisation which supports Polish exporters? There is no universal recipe that will allow you to achieve success in any foreign market regardless of the industry. However, we can point to some factors which contribute to success. Comprehensive groundwork, knowledge, time and financial resources, courage and determination are all useful in this process. Despite the fact that the experience gained from each new market seems to facilitate further expansion, it is advisable to stay humble. PAIH experts remain at the disposal of Polish business to make sure that the process of preparation and implementation of expansion into new markets runs smoothly. • PM

2-3/2020 polish market


Profile for Polish Market

Polish Market No.2-3 (293)/2020  

"Polish Market” is a prestigious English-language magazine published since 1996. In its pages, it promotes the Polish economy, businesses,...

Polish Market No.2-3 (293)/2020  

"Polish Market” is a prestigious English-language magazine published since 1996. In its pages, it promotes the Polish economy, businesses,...