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PRIME MINISTER BEATA SZYDŁO AT THE SUMMIT OF CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES AND CHINA “It was a crucial meeting for our country and for the entire region. Our intention is to develop and open up economically to other markets,” said Prime Minister Beata Szydło in Budapest on November 27 at the Meeting of the Heads of Government of Central and Eastern European Countries and China (16+1).

STRATEGIC COOPERATION AGREEMENTS WITH CHINA “China is a demanding and large partner, but it is a partner who wishes to promote economic cooperation in our region,” said Prime Minister Beata Szydło, stressing the importance of strengthening Polish and Chinese economic relations. As she added, a number of declarations have been put into practice, and the performance of various economic cooperation agreements is becoming reality. The Head of the Government stated that during the 16+1 Summit a strategic cooperation agreement was signed between the Polish Investment and Trade Agency and the authorities of the Chinese Province of Hunan. “It is a comprehensive agreement, the aim of which is to strengthen cooperation between entrepreneurs,” said the Prime Minister.

BILATERAL TALKS During her visit to Budapest, Prime Minister Beata Szydło attended meetings with Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang and Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić. The talks involved bilateral cooperation between Poland and the People's Republic of China, and between Poland and Serbia.

THE 16+1 SUMMIT The summit is the most important part of the political consultations within the CEEC and the China Cooperation Platform, the so called 16+1. The main objective of the summit is to promote economic and financial cooperation, increase trade, and foster mutual development. The summit was attended by observers representing Austria, Belarus, Greece, Switzerland, the European Union and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The main focus of the summit was financial corporation, and the main accompanying event was the 16+1 Business Forum. This year's host of the 16+1 Summit was the Government of Hungary. Within the 16+1 initiative inaugurated in Poland, three offices coordinating regional cooperation with China operate in Warsaw: The Contact Mechanism for the Investment Promotion Agencies of China and CEE Countries (16+1), the China-CEEC Business Council, and, since February 2017, the China-CEEC Secretariat for Maritime Issues.


THE FUTURE OF THE EU AND BILATERAL COOPERATION AFTER BREXIT During the meeting with the President of France, the Head of the Polish Government discussed the issues on the European agenda - EU reform and the future of the EU after Brexit, climate policy, and cooperation in the fields of security, energy and social issues. “We both presented arguments, visions and suggestions which might be common to Poland and France in the field of cooperation for the development of the EU,” said Prime Minister Szydło after the meeting with

President Macron. As she asserted, it was a vital and successful meeting. Prime Minister Szydło assured that Poland was prepared to enter a constructive dialogue on the European Union and to reach a compromise. The meeting held at the Élysée Palace was also an opportunity to discuss bilateral issues concerning the development of political and economic cooperation between Poland and France, and the Eastern Partnership summit in Brussels scheduled for November 24. The Head of the Polish Government also expressed hope for close cooperation between Poland and France in the context of Poland's non-permanent membership in the UN Security Council.

THE EU'S COMMON VALUES “Poland and France are countries which value democracy, freedom, justice, solidarity and independence,” said Prime Minister Beata Szydło. She added that both countries paid a lot of attention to complying with all the principles, values and legal regulations, also European ones, and none of the events taking place in Poland fall beyond the processes. “Poland has never refused dialogue with the European Commission, and we are open to discussion,” asserted the Prime Minister. “Poland has its own vision of transformations and reforms in the EU, which from our point of view are essential for all Europeans to feel that the European Union is their common home which guarantees security and decent living conditions,” said the Head of the Government. In her view, France shares this vision.

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cron in Paris on November 23.

“For EU reforms to be effective and meet the requirements of the Community’s residents, they should be the outcomes of deep thought on the part of all the Member States, not only the largest ones. No EU reform will end in success without cooperation between Poland and France,” said Prime Minister Beata Szydło after a meeting with President of France Emmanuel Ma-


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