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Mokate has supported women for many years, both as an employer and as a patron of various initiatives taken by women on the local and international scales. On 17 November Ms Sylwia Mokrysz, Mokate's Commercial Representative, took part in the Polish celebration of the International Women's Entrepreneurship Day as a Women's Entrepreneurship Ambassador and co-author of “Business Inspirations of Polish Women in the World.”


omen’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED) is an event summarising the all-year women’s support campaign. The WED initiative is a social movement aimed at empowering businesswomen in the world. Women account for over 50% of the global population, and their entrepreneurial potential is hugely untapped. In Poland the WED initiative is officially represented by the Federation of Associations of the International Network of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors, which on 17 November organised the Polish celebration of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. The Women’s Economic Forum, which took place at the HQ of the Ministry of Economic Development, Warsaw, was the first event of WED. Along with an interesting digital networking, communication and mediation programme, 20 Polish women who are currently living in different countries, and who jointly authored a book entitled “Business Inspirations of Polish Women in the World” (published in both Polish and English), appeared on stage to talk about their success stories. One of the authors is Sylwia Mokrysz, Board Member of the Mokate Group, who said: “Based on my experience from a number of years, I’ve come to firmly believe that women in business could do much more than they actually do. The hugely untapped opportunities, which I’m sure are out there, give me a lot of motivation to act. I believe we should jump on every opportunity to change the current state of affairs and to release the extraordinary potential of women. For me, working on 'Business Inspirations of Polish Women in the World' was one of such opportunities. It gave me the chance to share my experience with all those who seek support for their entrepreneurial efforts. Perhaps it could also give courage to those women who are on the verge of dedicating themselves to a new business. These were sufficient reasons for me to accept the kind invitation to co-edit this useful book.” “Business Inspirations of Polish Women in the World” is a unique collection of extraordinary and inspiring business lessons which have not been published elsewhere. It features women from such countries as Japan, India, Peru, Zambia, the UAE, the UK and the United States. The idea to publish the book came from Urszula Ciołeszyńska, President of the International Network of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors (Poland) and Kinga Langley, President of the PREMIER International Business Club (the UK/the US). The organisers held an evening gala at the Sofitel Victoria Hotel, attended by over 500 guests from the business, media, diplomatic and scientific circles. Agata Kornhauser-Duda, the wife of the Polish President, was the honorary patron of the Women's Entrepreneurship Gala.

During the event, 40 Polish businesswomen were honoured with a prestigious statuette of the Women's Entrepreneurship Ambassador 2017. The awardees have had their successes both as professionals and social activists, providing inspirations and setting examples to follow. “I am planning to continue to fulfil my role of a Women's Entrepreneurship Ambassador in various forums in Poland and internationally. I will also seek to use media to bring down the barriers encountered by women dedicating themselves to business. I am obviously aware that entrepreneurship is one of the many ways of empowering women, but I am also mindful that for many of them, this way is the most important and efficient,” said Ms Sylwia Mokrysz, one of the awardees. • 12/2017  polish market


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