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stock and keeping it in motion at all times. Besides, trains running between the biggest cities are the most modern with all the amenities, including comfortable seats, electric sockets, catering, baby changing and disabled facilities. Modern trains suffer fewer breakdowns, which means that they run on time and it makes it easier to optimise their use. Moreover, we focus on providing professional services every step of the way, from booking tickets to actual travel to handling unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather. We do our best to get ready for particularly busy periods such as holidays, long week-ends, winter and summer breaks. Several months ahead of peak travel periods we analyse possible risks and take steps to minimise them. During periods when we expect very large passenger flows, we mobilise all our resources. We introduce mobile attendants to offer information to passengers at railway stations. We increase the numbers of conductors on trains. We lay on extra cars at key stations to be used in case of breakdowns, we add extra trains and we step up customer support services. It is a very complex logistical operation which requires plenty of co-ordination and commitment on the part of our staff. But we can observe that it all does bring good results. A lot has changed since PKP Intercity was set up in 2001. What are your next challenges in the coming years and what major investments are you planning? Ahead of us are major challenges: to maintain demand to ensure conditions for the company’s further development. To develop our network of connections and to carry even more passengers we must acquire even more modern rolling stock. That is why in the next few years we are planning to invest several billion zlotys in upgrading our rolling stock. We want to modernise several hundred cars, dozens of locomotives and buy modern electric multiple units. Our intention is to ensure high travel comfort and shorter travel times on a vast proportion of PKP Intercity trains in a few years’ time. PM

In a passenger survey, the quality of PKP Intercity services was given an average 5.8 mark on a 7 degree scale. What do passengers pay attention to and what is most important for them? The highest marks were given to Express InterCity Premium trains. Some 85% of passengers were happy with the friendly and helpful service provided by teams of conductors. Eight out of ten travellers had words of praise for Quiet Zones on Pendolino trains. Some 80% of those surveyed were satisfied with the level of on-board safety and 75% were PM

happy with the ticket booking process. The level of passenger satisfaction was influenced to the greatest extent by travel comfort, travel time, punctuality, cleanliness and available information. Factors contributing to travel comfort included booking of seats, the number of passengers in a compartment, comfortable seats, availability of power sockets and the possibility to set temperature levels. Passenger satisfaction surveys are periodically conducted by the PKP Group and are an important source of information for us. On the one hand, we receive a clear signal what travellers expect and what we can improve. On the other, the results provide motivation to our crews. Teams of conductors are genuinely pleased that passengers appreciate their commitment. Quiet Zones have been recently introduced in your trains. Where did the idea come from and what’s the passengers’ reaction to them? Quiet Zones have been around in west European countries for a number of years now. They are available on Czech, German and Austrian trains. Suggestions to introduce this solution on PKP Intercity trains came from passengers themselves. Passenger surveys confirmed that more than half of travellers thought it was a good idea. So we decided to meet their expectations. In April 2016 we introduced the Quiet Zone on Express InterCity Premium trains. It is worth adding that we are the first Polish carrier to launch this kind of service. We have observed that passengers are happy to travel in a Quiet Zone. Positive opinions on this solution were also expressed by travellers who took part in last year’s PKP Group survey. Eight in 10 said they were satisfied with the fact that Quiet Zones were available on Pendolino trains. This goes to show that it’s worth listening to what travellers have to say. PM

According to the latest news about PKP Intercity services, new online booking services are being introduced. What does it mean for travellers? Online tickets are very popular among travellers. This year, by the end of October 2017, over 40% of passengers bought their ticket online using the site or the mobile app. For this reason, we keep developing the online booking system. This year we have introduced tickets with different discounts as part of a single transaction. For a month now it has also been possible to book transfer tickets. Additionally, passengers can use out website to check seat availability. It is displayed next to each connection by means of clearly described icons. The latest additions significantly improve the comfort of travel planning. • PM

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Polish Market No.12 (266)/2017  

Published on Jul 13, 2017 "Polish Market” is a prestigious English-language magazine published since 1996. In its pages, it promotes the Pol...

Polish Market No.12 (266)/2017  

Published on Jul 13, 2017 "Polish Market” is a prestigious English-language magazine published since 1996. In its pages, it promotes the Pol...