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Pearls of the Polish Economy e.g. through service quality analysis at every step of the investment project. To this end, milestone acceptance protocols have been introduced. Other monitoring measures include quality control and operational use assessments. The company has its own R&D department featuring advanced Bocad 3D software. Thanks to this, the design process has been streamlined. Modifications can now be introduced even during project implementation. The construction of new industrial facilities and warehouses is not the only field of activity. The team also includes location scouts, risk limitation marketing researchers and analysts who study locations in terms of their future use. The company has created an up-to-date data base of land ripe for investment which it can recommend to future investors. TraskoInwest also offers free-of-charge service inspections. Support services do not end with the expiry of warranty. Trasko-Inwest makes things easy for the investor because as a contractor it bears the cost of construction, so there is no need to involve the ordering party’s own capital, and then offers the facility for hire, lease or rent. Work methods are based on the use of modern logistical technologies and reliable materials. The company only deals with selected sub-contractors and suppliers whose market record is unblemished.

ROBERT WOLTER, Vice-President of the Board,

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These methods of operation and the very broad scope of options available for every project have meaningfully contributed to the attainment of many successes. One of the most important ones is the growing number of satisfied customers who present the company with tough challenges in terms of quality and short deadlines. Trasko-Inwest employees take over responsibilities connected with the investment process, while at the same time offering constructive and troublefree co-operation. The constant raising of professional qualifications, efficient use of assets and meeting deadlines are the reason why the company has won the reputation of being a reliable and efficient business partner. The firm’s success also stems from the smooth co-operation among all Trasko-Inwest departments. Weekly meetings and efficient internal communication enhance the decision-making process. The chain of command is clear-cut. Everyone knows what their responsibilities are and who they answer to. A system of incentives coming from company profits is applied depending on financial results. One of the company’s strengths is the fact that it employs specialised personnel with broad engineering experience and a keen interest in new technologies. An important role is played by managers who are constantly in touch with clients throughout the investment period. They offer advice and share their experience during project preparation, the documentation stage, valuation, actual construction and takeover of premises.

CONFIDENCE MEANS INVESTING IN THE FUTURE Client satisfaction is one of the foundations of the company’s successful operation. The aim of Trasko-Inwest policies is to offer customers top-quality services which go beyond narrowly perceived due diligence. Extra care taken during each project and responding to the ordering party’s every requirement has brought tangible results. This approach has contributed to the company’s solid position on the construction market. Trasko-Inwest is perceived as a trusted partner that reliably carries out its responsibilities and meets tough deadlines.


The company’s solid work translates into appreciation expressed by experts representing various institutions and organisations. Not surprisingly, the list of awards and certificates received by Trasko-Inwest is a very long one. Among these, mention must be made of the Growth Leader 2016 award, Polish Construction Quality Diamond 2016, Wiktoria quality prize and Platinum Hit 2016. The list of prestigious certificates includes Polish Exclusive 2016, Trusted Firm 2016, Honest Entrepreneur 2016, Creditreform Credibility certificate 2017 and Pearl • of the Polish Economy 2017.

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Polish Market No.12 (266)/2017  

Published on Jul 13, 2017 "Polish Market” is a prestigious English-language magazine published since 1996. In its pages, it promotes the Pol...

Polish Market No.12 (266)/2017  

Published on Jul 13, 2017 "Polish Market” is a prestigious English-language magazine published since 1996. In its pages, it promotes the Pol...