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Prime Minister HEALTH CARE

The Prime Minister described health care as a top priority in Poland’s development plans for the near future. According to him, it is impossible to lead a dignified life without an efficient health care system. "We will radically increase health care spending up to the level of 6% of GDP in the next few years," he declared. This was in response to demands raised by patients, medical doctors and nurses. An additional PLN 4 billion has been earmarked to shorten waiting lists and purchase new equipment this year.

POLAND AS ONE OF THE WORLD CHAMPIONS Prime Minister Morawiecki said that in the past twenty five years, Poland has become dependent on foreign capital which has colonised the country. In his opinion, this is the result of an erroneous model adopted in that period. "We are and we will remain part of the West, but this does not mean that we must agree to this model. We do not want to be a peripheral object of the world economy. We want to be one of its subjects," he said emphatically. In his view, Poland needs to move on from the stage of credit-driven consumption introduced by western institutions in Poland in the early 1990s, to a stage of capitalism of higher savings and investment. "It is a struggle for Polish ownership and Polish capital," he remarked. In the Prime Minister’s opinion, Poland is facing a major challenge. "I am asking the whole nation for help. Let’s rebuild Poland," he said. Morawiecki said that by the end of the third quarter of 2017, Polish GDP growth had nearly reached a 5% mark, without any increase in public debt. "This may be the first year in 28 years with practically zero public debt growth. On the 150th birth anniversary of [Polish national independence leader Marshal Józef Piłsuski, Ed.] we have achieved the success guided by his formula: romantic goals combined with pragmatic means," the Prime Minister said.


Prime Minister Morawiecki announced the launching of several grand projects. One is the construction of the Central Transport Hub to be called Solidarity Port, the key element of Poland’s transport development strategy. It will open fresh opportunities not only for the aviation sector but it also provides for the development of the rail network. This is the first step toward developing Europe’s most modern transport system in Poland, which will be open to innovative solutions like autonomous, unmanned vehicles and ultra speed rail links using vacuum tubes. "The Central Transport Hub will become another Gdynia [a new Baltic port city built after WWI Ed.] in the heart of Poland," Morawiecki said.

CYBERSECURITY AND MODERN EDUCATION According to the Prime Minister, a contemporary state’s battlefields lie in cyberspace, hence the state must bet on cybersecurity. Technology and IT tools should reduce the time needed to handle administrative matters, as well as tightening the tax collection system. In education, the government intends to place particular emphasis on vocational training to meet the needs of the labour market. "65% of primarily school pupils will be doing jobs which have not emerged yet," he noted.


Prime Minister Morawiecki said that NATO will remain the foundation of Poland’s security. He described the United States as the country’s main ally.

He declared that Poland will use the potential of its armed forces to develop its defence industry. The Prime Minister called for a consolidation of the Central European region as part of the Visegrad Group, the Three Seas Initiative and a genuine strategic partnership in the East. "We are planning to deepen our relations with Ukraine, Lithuania and Georgia and to give them a new quality, though it takes two to tango," he remarked. Poland will continue to develop co-operation, also in the economic field, with countries in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Besides, the government intends to offer support to the Polish diaspora in various parts of the world. This will involve measures to protect the interests of Polish citizens and Poland’s good name abroad. These activities will be conducted together with expatriate Polish communities. In the Prime Minister’s view, Poland should adopt ambitious goals such as membership of the G20 group, becoming one of the main architects of the European Union, one of the pillars of NATO and the leader of the Three Seas Initiative.


In the Prime Minister’s assessment, Europe is still emerging from its crisis. It is looking for fresh avenues and ideas. "We do not want a twospeed Europe. We do not agree to Europe being divided into better ones and worse ones," Mateusz Morawiecki pointed out. "We are at a turning point of the European project and of the entire global economy. A strong, competitive Europe full of solidarity is part of the idea of a modern Poland," he said. According to Mateusz Morawiecki, within the EU those who are stronger are increasingly given precedence over those who are weaker. "It is not right. Dear Europe, the Polish piece does fit into the European puzzle, but it must not be put in the wrong way or by force. This will wreck both the Polish piece of the puzzle and the whole picture," he observed. The Prime Minister also touched on the issue of migration. He said that the EU immigrant relocation scheme has failed. "Other solutions are needed and we want to be part of this debate," he declared.


The Prime Minister said that it was vital to lower the temperature of political disputes at home, especially in view of ceremonies marking the centenary of Poland’s independence which falls in 2018. "Our programme is based on the will to build a Poland proud of

its strong economy, where Polish families enjoy financial security, a country which is admired by others, a happy Poland which distributes the fruit of its development in a just way," Mateusz Morawiecki said. In his view, the Polish nation will be able to meet global challenges if it becomes a community.

He recalled that Poles were once divided into whites and reds. "We, Poles are not white or red, we never were. It is time to reject destructive divisions. All of us, Poles, are a white-and-red team," Prime Minister Morawiecki underscored. He called on Poland to unite, which he described as a great task and an obligation for all Poles. "Poland is our common good, irrespective of our political colour or outlook. December 2017 is the eve of the centenary of Polish independence. Let’s venture into the anniversary year with a hope for understanding and solidarity, not forgetting that without joint work we would not live in a free Poland today. I trust that we are capable of reaching an understanding and compromise," the Prime Minister said. The Polish government won a vote of confidence in Parliament with an absolute majority of votes.

Excerpts from Mateusz Morawiecki’s address in Parliament on December 12, 2017 taken from the site.

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