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Grundtvig-Workshop „Senior on the Web” 21st – 27th April 2013 The Regional Public Library in Kraków

Welcome! We are looking forward to meet you in Kraków, Poland! To be sure that this workshop will be a successful and enjoyable experience both for you and for us, we created this guide. Here you can find all important information you need for preparation, a description of the programme, information about the venue and how to reach it.

To-do Precise your computer and Internet skills relating to the following issues: until 4st April 2013.

Preparation for the workshop Content 1. Prepare a short introduction of yourself: your motivations, what you would like to do for seniors, what are your priorities in life, the funniest event in your life , as well as the most special experience in your life. You will present it on 22th April (Introduction of the participants – interactive 11:45 – 13.00) 2. Make a research on the Internet, in the library or ask experts in your country about the historical connections of your country with Poland. We would like to get to know it and we will use it during our workshop. For example participants will present their connections with Poland (culture, politics, society) on 24th of April (20.00 Dinner at the DS Krakowiak). We have a little hint for our participants from Italy that can also serve as an example for other participants, namely Polish queen Bona came from Bari in Italy. 3. Prepare a presentation on the situation of seniors in your countries with the method of “Pecha Kucha”. You will present it on 22th April. 4. Prepare a few proposals for an EU-politician on how to improve the political and social situation of seniors in your countries. We will discuss it on 25th of April during the panel discussion with the EU-politician. 5. Prepare your own suggestions for a small project for seniors and think of the problem you would like to solve. 6. Prepare examples from your country, how seniors are active in politics and civil society, as well as what possibilities of participation and integration of seniors in the public life exist. You can deliver it as examples or newspaper cuttings. We will discuss it during the presentation on 25th April. Grundtvig-Workshop „Senior on the Web” 21st – 27th April 2013 The Regional Public Library in Kraków

Learning methods In the workshop we use many methods to make learning process more efficient and more successful. Because of the fact that we have only five working days, it is important for you to prepare your own methods which we discuss during the workshop. 1. Power Point Guide: 2. Pecha Kucha Method: Example of Pecha Kucha Presentation in PowerPoint: Prepare your presentation about situation of seniors in your country according to this method.

Let us know … 1. Inform us in advance if you need a short computer or English course. We are allowed to cover such costs as a preparation for the project for up to 6 participants with a max of 50 EUR per person. This is how to do it: A. Write us if you don’t know how to use a computer, Social Web or other ICT tools (for examples Pecha Kucha) you need to prepare for the workshop. We will teach you through Skype. B. You can also search for an English or computer course in your city, but the cost cannot exceed 50 Euros. You will get reimbursed after delivering all necessary receipts. Until 4. April 3. If you know any senior organizations in your area that deal with the Mainstreaming? We would like to make a video conference with your organization and an EU-politician where we discuss on the ways to make Europe friendlier for seniors. Think about it and send us contact details of the organizations or just their names, so maybe we talk to them using conference call. 4. If you are interested in participating in a guided tour in Wieliczka Salt Mine or another place that will take place on 27 April. Let us know until 4 April

Grundtvig-Workshop „Senior on the Web” 21st – 27th April 2013 The Regional Public Library in Kraków

Reimbursement conditions Flight or train costs for each participant are supposed to be between 50 EUR and 350 EUR, depending on the place of residence. Regarding the reimbursement of the travel costs we decided that we give you the cash money during the workshop only with the condition that you take the commitment of sending us the original return boarding passes by post, immediately after the workshop finishes. We will reimburse your travel costs only if you provide us ORIGINAL: - Flight or train ticket (which contains the number of the flight and your name) - Invoice - Bill / Proof of payment - Boarding pass. Please remember to keep your boarding passes (both the one received at arrival and the one received at departure). They are absolutely necessary to prove to our National Agency that you have actually been in that plane, so please pay attention not to lose them. The cost of the train and/or bus tickets is reimbursable if they include dates and times of departure (from your home to the airport, from the airport to the hotel, possibly from the hotel to the venue). Send the booking confirmation (scan or e-ticket) and ticket price information on the following e-mail address: until 4th April 2013 It allows us to prepare the exact amount of money in advance and make the reimbursement smoothly during the workshop. It would be very convenient for us to refund your ticket in Polish currency – please let us know if you are fine with that. Do you have travel insurance? We strongly advise you to take it out as we can cover its cost. Just search for it and send us price information. You can take the insurance out after we send you an email confirmation until 4th April. Please take all these details seriously because our National Agency does not allow us to reimburse you without respecting them. We provide you all meals and non-alcoholic drinks during the workshop. Please keep in mind that we are not allowed to cover alcoholic beverages.

Grundtvig-Workshop „Senior on the Web” 21st – 27th April 2013 The Regional Public Library in Kraków

What you should take with you 1. Take a photo camera/video camera with you! You will have to take pictures during the workshop and add them to your blog and facebook profiles. 2. If you have laptop please bring it with you! 3. Bring also some regional snacks, drinks (e.g. wine), music, as well as prepare legends, photos or postcards connected with the country, region or town you come from. Feel free to choose any other medium to present your origins. We will organise, regional drinks and food tasting from your countries on 24th of April (Wednesday) in our hotel.

Keep in mind! Make notes during all discussions and trainings within the workshop so you can post it later to your blog. It is also very important for you to be always on time. As you can notice our programme is quite tight and any delay will work on participants’ disadvantage.

Special needs Please inform us whether you have any special needs or you are vegetarians, as well as whether you need or already have travel insurance.

Learning ICT Please make yourself familiar with the following homepages: 1. Operating a computer: 2. Using a keyboard - (here you will find an easy tutorial to learn how to use computer keyboard - just click on “Lessons”) 3. Netiquette - 4. Photo and video management programmes 



5. Tools for management of common files on the internet (Google Documents) Grundtvig-Workshop „Senior on the Web” 21st – 27th April 2013 The Regional Public Library in Kraków

6. Internet translators (Google Translator) 7. How to make a blog 8. Interesting writing 9. Use social media for political and civic engagement (Facebook, professional networks)

Communication among participants and organizers Facebook Group We have created a Facebook Group called “SeniorWeb” which we will use mainly to disseminate the workshop’s results and to share pictures more easily. To join the group you have to have a profile on Facebook. Please click on the following link to find out how you can make your personal profile on Facebook: After you make your profile, please join our Facebook Group “SeniorWeb” at Gmail-Account You can make e-mail account in gmail. Here you will find all necessary instructions to make your gmail-account: 364066661.2&__utmb=72592003.1.10.1364066661&__utmc=72592003&__utmx=&__utmz=72592003.1364066661.2.2.utmcsr=google|utmccn=%28organic%29|utmcmd=organic|utmctr=%28no t%20provided%29&__utmv=-&__utmk=257801357 Send us your e-mail address until 4st of April!

Grundtvig-Workshop „Senior on the Web” 21st – 27th April 2013 The Regional Public Library in Kraków

Our projects SEVIR

Cooperation of seniors on the internet, senior networking, good practices, possibilities, successful lobbing and Innovative computer technologies (How to pass the computer and intercultural knowledge on to the others – senior as multipliers) School of active senior – project presentation and meeting with its participants

School of @ctive Senior Citizens - S@S tent&view=article&id=152&Itemid=152

S@S is a complex programme, carried out by the Polish-German Society in Kraków in partnership with the Voivodeship Public Library in Kraków, addressed to the group of senior citizens. S@S aims at triggering activity of middle-aged and elderly people, creating conditions for integration and self-accomplishment through the acquisition of new skills, development of interests, exchange of expertise and experience, achievement of plans and ideas.

Grundtvig-Workshop „Senior on the Web” 21st – 27th April 2013 The Regional Public Library in Kraków

Kraków Attractions for you

Klezmer band

Wawel Royal Castle

Museum of Kraków: On the trail of Kraków's European identity =oszlaku&tekst=1

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Grundtvig-Workshop „Senior on the Web” 21st – 27th April 2013 The Regional Public Library in Kraków

Aim and Objectives The objectives of this project are: - Improving the quality of life by increasing senior’s competences of using information and communications technology (ICT) and, therefore, an increasing presence of seniors on the Internet. - Creating a representation of this group and an international network of seniors based on the workshop participants seen as leaders of the local networks. - Stimulating cross-generational dialogue through the use of the Internet by both, youths and seniors. - Fighting the common stereotype of inactive seniors as main clients of health and social care.

Methods and workshop content We will use the following approaches: - using ICT and internet tools to accomplish the learning objectives; - learning by doing; - working collectively; - sharing experiences and examples of good practice; - alternation of presentations with research on the field for creating products; - constant assistance, guidance and feedback; - reflection and evaluation; One of the important parts of the workshop is to gain qualifications, practical skills, and methods in using internet tools in an interpersonal, local and European scale. They are as follows: operating the computer and using the keyboard using internet browsers using emails (e.g. gmail) using the Social Web (Facebook, professional networks) using time management tools (Doodle, Google Calendar) using photo and video management tools (Picassa, Youtube) using common files in the internet (Google Documents) using translators in the internet (Google Translator) using communication tools (Skype) learning how to write a blog (WordPress) planning a senior network with ICT Furthermore, the participants will get familiar with educational web sites concerning issues like establishing of partnerships, intercultural education or financing of local initiatives and these for seniors with the financial founds of the European Union.

Grundtvig-Workshop „Senior on the Web” 21st – 27th April 2013 The Regional Public Library in Kraków

Structure The workshop consists of the four following pillars: a) Senior in the web: learning of computer operating, characteristics of Social Web, tools and methods of work in the internet as a way to self-realization, inspiring other seniors, as well as learning the communication tools and planning a senior network with ICT b) Senior in the network of interpersonal communication: helping to gain the interpersonal competences, group working, empowerment of seniors in the local sphere, creating of creative space c) Senior in the European network: gaining competences in the field of European integration, intercultural competences, knowledge of Europe d) Stimulation and creating a personal network via sport activities and integration games

Transport in Kraków How to get to the City Centre from the John Paul II International Airport to the hotel If you land on the John Paul II International Airport in Kraków, in case we do not expect you at the airport, you can reach the city centre by train, by bus or by taxi. We recommend you to take the bus line 208, as it is the fastest and cheapest way to get to the hotel. Just take the bus line 208 from the bus stop “Port lotniczy (Airport)” and after 20 minutes get off at “Armii Krajowej”. Be careful! There is a similar bus stop called “Armii Krajowej I”- DON’T GET OFF THERE!!). The hotel is only 1 minutes on foot from this bus stop. Homepage: How to buy a bus ticket on the Airport Taking a bus is a cheap, cheerful and by no means a bad option. MKS provides a frequent bus service from the airport to the city centre. The bus stop is just to the right on exiting the airport and tickets are available either from the ticket machine (2.50 PLN) next to the information point in the passenger terminal or on board (3 PLN). Be aware that if you have any baggage larger than a rucksack, you'll be expected to purchase an additional ticket for this. Stamp tickets immediately after boarding to avoid fines.

Grundtvig-Workshop „Senior on the Web” 21st – 27th April 2013 The Regional Public Library in Kraków

Grundtvig-Workshop „Senior on the Web” 21st – 27th April 2013 The Regional Public Library in Kraków

This following homepage can be helpful:,Krak%C3%B3w/linia,208,0,Dworzec%2BG%C5%82%C3%B3wny%2BWsch%C3%B3 d,KRK_0208_3,KRK_0461?ticaid=61037a From the airport by taxi Please take a taxi only if you need to, for example, if you arrive in the late evening or at night. We will organisation a taxi for the participants who will arrive early on Sunday.

Accommodation The Krakowiak Hotel 30-150 Kraków Armii Krajowej 9 Street phone +48/012/662-64-55; +48/012/662-64-55; +48/012/662-64-52 fax. +48/012/662-64-53 email:

The Krakowiak Hotel is situated 500 metres from Blonia, the green area and is located 3 km from the Main Market Square, 3.7 km from the Main Railway Station and 3.8 km from the Wawel Royal Castle. There is a 24hour front desk service. Check in: from 14:00 hours Check out: until 12:00 hours You will find bus & tram weekly ticket and a city map at the reception desk. Grundtvig-Workshop „Senior on the Web” 21st – 27th April 2013 The Regional Public Library in Kraków

Workshop venue Wojewódzka Biblioteka Publiczna w Krakowie (Regional Public Library in Kraków) Rajska Street 1, 31-124 Kraków Phone: +48 12 375 22 00 On the first day we will go to the workshop venue together

Europass Certificates Those of you who want to receive the Europass certificate have to: - register at your Europass National Center before the beginning of the workshop - ask your sending organisation to fill in pages 1 and 2 After you do these 2 steps, please inform us before the beginning of the workshop that you want to receive the Europass certificate.

Grundtvig-Workshop „Senior on the Web” 21st – 27th April 2013 The Regional Public Library in Kraków

Follow up and dissemination After the workshop, you will have the possibility to update the blog and you can present it to the members of your organisations/communities, to the local authorities and other interested parties from your countries. Also, the virtual book can be printed and distributed as a normal book. Our coaches will help you to improve your blog . As a follow up, you will also have to disseminate the workshop in your country. More details on this issue we will give you later on and during the workshop.

Our team and trainers Magdalena Baier, Berlin Project Assistant and coach

Due to her personal experiences, interests and beliefs, Magdalena Baier considers herself as a real promoter of the idea of a common Europe. She was born in the Polish border town Szczecin, situated only 10 kilometres from Germany. She studied politics at the University in Szczecin and at the Collegium Civitas in Warsaw. In 2007 she came to Hannover, Germany within the European Exchange Programme Erasmus and studied one year at the Leibniz University Hannover. From 2008 she studied East European Studies at the Free University of Berlin and graduated in September 2011 with her second master's degree. Since she has been living in Berlin she gained intercultural experiences working in civil society organisations in Berlin and taking part in the international voluntary programmes in Russia and the Ukraine. She likes travelling and healthy lifestyle. She speaks Polish, German, English and Russian.

Żaneta Bednarz, Kraków Trainer and coach

Librarian in the Division for Reference and Bibliography of the Provincial Public Library in Kraków. Graduated from Jagiellonian University in Kraków, 2nd-grade specialist in librarianship and information science. She believes that personal development and increasing skills should be a constant part of life. As a digital literacy coach she participate in initiatives undertaken by the School of Active Senior, showing how information and communication technology (ICT) and social media can improve the quality of life.

Grundtvig-Workshop „Senior on the Web” 21st – 27th April 2013 The Regional Public Library in Kraków

Jerzy Jedlinski, Kraków President of the Polish-German Association and Lector

NGO-activity: President of the Polish-German Association in Kraków (since 2004), member of few other NGO’s Public activity: Deputy Mayor of the City of Kraków (1998-2004), member of the City Council of Kraków (1994-2002), member of the Regional parliament of Malopolska (2005-2006), Advisor to the Marshall of Malopolska Region (2007-2010), Secretary of the Association of Polish Cities (1999-2003), member of the Commission Poland-Committee of Regions of EU (2000-2003) Professional background: Ph.D. in Chemistry, D.Sc.(‘habilitation’) in Technical Sciences (Materials Science), Head of the Surface Engineering and Analyses Lab, Faculty of Materials Sciences and Ceramics, AGH University of Science and Technology, Kraków, Poland; author and co-author of more than 100 scientific papers Experience, expertise and fields of interest: local and regional development policies; international/European integration; development of civil society; building of the knowledge-based society; social issues

Lidia Maria Jedlinska, Kraków Geophysicist, Ph.D. of Natural Sciences, specialist for social integration in the Division for Science, Education and Studies of the Provincial Public Library in Kraków; expert in the field of digital and social inclusion; co-ordinator of a number national and international projects; promoter of intergenerational cooperation; member of non-governmental organisations.

Grundtvig-Workshop „Senior on the Web” 21st – 27th April 2013 The Regional Public Library in Kraków

Graduated from Jagiellonian University in Krakow, 2nd-grade specialist in psychological help, therapist specializing in regaining sense and value of life, educator. In the years 1992-2005 she was a consultant in Malopolska Regional Centre for Teachers' Education in Krakow. Currently she works in Centre of psychological help for people in crisis and with emotional problems. She is also a lecturer at Papal University and in many other higher education centres. She is an author of psychological guide books for teachers and an editor of school books for high school students. She also carries out the professional trainings directed towards increasing the activity of senior citizens.

Ewa Kosińska, Kraków Psychologist

Monika Kucharczyk-Kubacka Librarian, bibliographer, trainer. She has worked in the Department of Registry and Bibliography at Provincial Public Library in Kraków for 10 years. Since 2008 she has run computer and Internet courses for seniors. She participated in activities Grundvig program: workshop for seniors trainers (Helsinki, Finland 2010), the international partnership meeting (Brussels, Belgium 2011), training on the use of e-learning (Hamrun, Malta 2012). This year she’s finishing postgraduate studies (specialization: independent information professional).

Grundtvig-Workshop „Senior on the Web” 21st – 27th April 2013 The Regional Public Library in Kraków

Kamila Mazurek studied political science at the Opole University and International Relations at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. Since November 2010 Kamila holds her PhD in Humanities, in the field of Political Science. Since 2007 is a member of Polish-German Society in Kraków. From 2011 to 2012 she was Grundtvig Assistant at EuroConsults Berlin. On the occasion of the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations she developed idea of the workshop “SeniorWeb”.

Kamila Mazurek, Berlin Project Manager, Trainer and Lector

Michael Seidler Berlin Trainer

Michael Seidler is managing director of EuroConsults in Berlin. He graduated in Cultural studies at the technical college in Meißen and has over 20 years’ experience in project management and fundraising at the local, national and European level. He is fundraising expert in the areas of education, youth, culture, social affairs, science, sport, civil society, municipal partnerships and assistance for small and medium-sized businesses. Due to the fact that his career as European fundraiser began already in 1992 with the first Europe projects in Thessaloniki (Greece), he has gained practical experience in project work from three funding periods of the European Union up to now. Furthermore he serves as a jury member for various EU grants programmes.

Grundtvig-Workshop „Senior on the Web” 21st – 27th April 2013 The Regional Public Library in Kraków

Director of „Medien – Mittler zwischen den Völkern“ (media – mediator between nations), a program for journalists from Central and Eastern Europe since 2006 <> Trainer at courses and seminars about journalism for students at several institutions, among them summer university in Bayreuth, see category/sommeruni-2011/ Editor the teletext of SevenOne Media, test magazine and the German news agency dpa. Member of n-ost, a network promoting a better understanding of Central and Eastern Europe in Germany. Organization of an international media conference “Journalisten Ost – West” in Berlin for more than 100 journalists in 2005. Member of German Journalist Association, chairman of the “Young Journalists” in Berlin from 2000 till 2003. Ewa Waleczko Trainer

Clemens Schöll, Berlin Journalist, trainer, coach

Holds a master's degree in Human Resources and Personnel Consulting. She has been working in a corporate environment since 1997 and has got a wide knowledge and experience in such areas as sales, customer service, recruitment and people management. Currently she works for Alexander Mann Solutions – a world leader in Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and she is responsible for managing a team of over 100 ambitious individuals. Since 2009 Ewa is sharing her professional experience with others and she runs workshops on leadership skills, team building, client focus, time management. She enjoys being a trainer as she believes in a great potential that people have. Her goal is to inspire others to develop themselves meaning discovering their own strengths and working on their areas of development as much as possible which as a result will allow them to succeed in both business and personal life. When it comes to her private life Ewa is a happy mum of a 10 month old Julia. She loves travelling and meeting new cultures, interesting people and places. Grundtvig-Workshop „Senior on the Web” 21st – 27th April 2013 The Regional Public Library in Kraków

And our dear participants The new European network supported by Grundtvig programme came into being. In April worthwhile people from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, Italy, (Latvia), Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain are going to meet in Kraków, Poland. On the one hand they will exchange views on situation of seniors in their countries and cultural habits form their regions. On the other hand they will learn how to use information and communication technology (ICT) for their personal fulfilment and to support the development of the local communities. By clicking on the following link you can find out where all participants come from:

Contact information Dr Kamila Mazurek 00 48880377810 call + 48880377810 Magdalena Baier: 00 48513686810 call + 48513686810 sms Grundtvig-Workshop „Senior on the Web” 21st – 27th April 2013 The Regional Public Library in Kraków

We are looking forward to meet you in Kraków!

Grundtvig-Workshop „Senior on the Web” 21st – 27th April 2013 The Regional Public Library in Kraków

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Guide SeniorWeb  

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