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Spring 2012

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Letters from the Editors This spring, POLISHED explores the tales of Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel in classic fairytale fashion. We’ve brought the beauty and power of these tales into this spring’s articles. Help us pay homage to the tales of our local heroines Joan Morris, Ashley Joncas, and Joan Hornig, who all use fashion to deliver a meaningful message. And don’t think we’ve forgotten your favorites. Check out the latest hot spots, fashion finds, and street style. Complete your journey with a look at our whimsical photo shoot “Enchanted Encounters,” and let your own fairytale unfold. Will you find your Prince Charming? Or will you go mad for Maleficent? In the meantime, enjoy all of the magic that POLISHED has to offer this spring.









Will Dempsey

Lasell College

Courtney Amberg

Lynn Blake

Brittany Turgeon

Richard Bath

Stephen Fischer




Shawnda Shaffer Kara Laurent



Shawnda Shaffer

Rachel Coelho

Holly Stephens Managing Editor

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Becky Kennedy

Dear Readers, I am writing to offer a very special thank you to two lovely, accomplished students who have used their organizational skills and creative talents to enhance the professional quality of POLISHED Magazine. Managing Editor Holly E. Stephens will be graduating with honors from Lasell College this May, with a degree in Fashion Communication & Promotion. Holly has participated in POLISHED since arriving at Lasell in 2008. For the past two years, she has proved to be a remarkable leader. She has carefully blended dedication to the magazine’s mission with skilled management, which has resulted in striking improvement of each issue. In addition to being the President of the GDL, Rachel Coelho has served as Art Director for POLISHED Magazine for the past two issues. Rachel will be graduating with high honors this May with a degree in Graphic Design. Rachel’s gift of quiet competency under the strain of daily deadlines has been more than impressive. She has realized goals in a team atmosphere with grace and good humor. It is very much a mixed blessing to be sending these capable young women off to make their way in the world. I hope they realize how much POLISHED has grown under their astute leadership. Thank you, Holly and Rachel. With confidence and pride, we will be watching you shine in your professional lives. Sincerely, Professor Lynn Blake, MFA-IA Editor-in-Chief

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Ashleigh Copeland Betsy Diacatos Alexa Frasco Julie Pomphrette

Adam Caporiccio Emily Carr Ana Shores


Courtney Amberg Lindsay Feeney Mona Zecevic


ASSISTANT ART DIRECTORS Sara Bamber Ana Shores Emily Carr

Jessica Clements, Maggie Inc. Allyson Duval, Model Club Olivia Guiney, Maggie Inc. Esther Eva Gunnarsdottir, Click Kendra Richards, Maggie Inc. Matthew Rondeau, Click

On the cover Photographer: Oliver Klink Model: Esther Eva Gunnarsdottir, Click Couture: Neiman Marcus- Long-sleeve sheer crystal beaded gown with side slit Jewelry: Neiman Marcus- Alexis Bittar- Crystal tear-drop earring

POLISHED Magazine is produced with graphic design support from the Graphic Design League at Lasell College. Visit us at POLISHED Magazine is printed by Wing Press

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Writer: Betsy Diactos Graphic Designer: Kristen Fitzgerald

ART 4 No Permission: The Art of Being Ashley Writers: Betsy Diactos Graphic Designer: Rachel Coelho



8 Enchanted Encounters

Vendors: Neiman Marcus & G&G Creations


Writer: Sandra Brazinskaite Graphic Designer: Emily Carr

TRENDS 20 Style Q&A

Writer: Lindsay Feeney Graphic Designer: Elise Cronlund


22 Street Style

Writer: Mona Zecevic Graphic Designer: Alissa Polillio

CULTURE 23 The Evolution of a Raw Artist Writer: Briana St. Jacques Graphic Designer: Andrew Ranalli

POLITICS 24 Is the MBTA Being Fare? Writer: Emily Contrada Graphic Designer: Sydnee Nelson

HOT SPOTS 25 Marked in Pavement Writer: Emily Contrada Graphic Designer: Elise Cronlund

COMMUNITY 26 Philanthropy as an Art Form Writer: L. Angel Morales Graphic Designer: Renee Breau

28 Keeping Up with the Joanies Writer: Danielle Cutillo Graphic Designer: Ana Shores

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26 4/18/12 4:48 PM

Lu x eLi f e


uestion: When you want to get a manicure or a pedicure, do you choose the high-end spa that offers fabulous, but wickedly overpriced services? Or do you opt for the mom-and-pop nail salon at your local strip mall where you can get a fast, cheap manicure, but at the risk of contracting diseases such as athlete’s foot and HPV? The answer is simple: neither place. This is because on Newbury Street, in Boston, expert technicians offer a flawless mani-pedi for a great price in a clean, sterile environment. “MiniLuxe was started because getting your nails done should be a worry-free service,” says Jennifer Tang, manager of the Newbury Street MiniLuxe. The philosophy of MiniLuxe is about bringing a little bit of luxury time into a woman’s busy life. You don’t have to make an appointment weeks in advance; you can just pop into MiniLuxe for a

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mere thirty minutes and leave feeling pampered, with beautifully crafted nails. You can also “luxe up” your service with indulgent add-ons, such as a neck and shoulder massage, while your nails dry. In its salons, MiniLuxe carries hard-to-find beauty products from brands such as LaLicious, LemonAide, Hanky Panky, and Sara Happ Lip Scrubbs, as well as its own line of MiniLuxe products and polish. MiniLuxe wants you to have the most refreshing one-stop shopping experience possible. But what really sets MiniLuxe apart from other spas is an attention to detail, when it comes to cleanliness. “We are planning on transforming the entire nail industry and upgrading hygiene standards across the board!” says Tang. The MiniLuxe salons are hospital-grade sterile. A slew of experts have had their hand in creating MiniLuxe’s high standard of sani-

4/18/12 4:48 PM

Photos Courtesy of MiniLuxe

How the MiniLuxe Spa takes the mystery out of nail care

POLISHED™ Spring 2012 | BEAUTY

“The philosophy of MiniLuxe is about bringing a little bit of luxury time into a woman’s busy dayto-day life.” tation. Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Carolyn Siegal helped design the manicure process to ensure a clean and safe service environment. The tubs used for pedicures do not have jets, because jet tubs recirculate the water, which can cause the spread of infectious diseases. All nail files are single use, and the stainless steel implements Miniluxe uses are sterilized in an autoclave, which applies extreme heat and pressure to kill off bacteria, a method often used by dentists and surgeons to clean medical instruments.

MiniLuxe promises never to use any mystery products to try to cut corners. All the products they use and carry are name brand, and they never water down their lotion. Concerned with its carbon footprint, MiniLuxe offers nail polish that is “3 free,” meaning that the nail polish does not contain DBPs, formaldehyde, or toluene, all harsh chemicals that can be found in cheaper nail polishes. Other natural treatments offered include the Kleanspa service, which uses natural scrubs and body butters.

Unlike some other nail salons, MiniLuxe is very open about its sanitation processes, and its “Window of Hygiene” allows customers to witness firsthand how the technicians clean and sterilize their equipment.

When giving manicures, the technicians work only with the natural nail. They are all highly trained professionals, artists in their craft, who stick to a strict step-by-step process. Don’t worry! If your nails chip within the first three days of your service, you can come in and get them fixed for free. Men are even raving about MiniLuxe, including some Boston Celtics players who have stopped in to make an appearance.

Photos Courtesy of MiniLuxe

Tang warns, “Be careful- some salons put their tools in medical packaging for show to give the impression that they are sterilizing their tools.”

The small MiniLuxe chain has six locations. The Newton spa opened in 2007, while Newbury Street, Chestnut Hill, Lexington, and Brookline spas followed soon after. To add to the bunch, a Wellesley location is opening in the near future. MiniLuxe has won the Best of Boston title from Boston Magazine for three years in a row, has won awards from the Improper Bostonian, and has received rave reviews from publications such as The Boston Globe, DailyCandy, and Lucky.

-Betsy Diacatos


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“If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission.” Lasell College sophomore Ashley Joncas lives by this mantra. “I feel like so many people are afraid of stepping out of the box and taking a chance,” she said. Ashley Joncas is an extremely talented artist and photographer who uses herself as a model for her creations. Joncas began

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experimenting with cameras during her junior year of high school. In her photos, Joncas likes to capture the contrast of light and dark, as well as people’s emotions. Joncas said, “I’ll be walking along or listening to music and sporadically get an idea. Lately I’ve been inspired by my favorite designers, such as Alexander McQueen and Gareth Pugh. I’m also inspired by the work of painters, like Brian Viveros,

as well as tattoo artists, who are not your traditional artist in that sense, but my favorite is Nikko Hurtado.” Joncas creates tattoo designs for clients, sketches, acrylic paintings and portraits, and digital art. She wants her viewers to respond to her work by involving relatable characteristics. The paintings are of people who she finds to be creative geniuses or inspira-

4/18/12 4:48 PM

photos courtesy of ashley joncas

If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission.


photos courtesy of ashley joncas

Spring 2012 | ART


tional to her. She manages a blog where she archives her latest pieces and informs her readers of current fashion trends. Her own voice and thoughts are also expressed in the writing. “It covers everything from couture to music, art, my own work, but all keeping with my unique personal style, which is probably what sets it apart from other fashion blogs. I put myself and my personality into it 100 percent,” Joncas said.

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Joncas uses gold leaf, paint, studs, and a generous amount of glitter to achieve the look she wants to create. “I tend to model in the majority of the shoots showcased, because…well…I rest easier knowing that I put toxic paint on my own face instead of some helpless client…just in case,” she states in her website’s bio. In order to project the images in her head into reality, she makes a lot of her own accessories and headpieces. Joncas classifies herself as a “crazy crafter.” Crazy crafter indeed; Joncas also designs and sells her very own shoes! “It started when people found out I could draw,” she

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said, “and they thought it would be cool if I put my drawings on shoes.” Joncas works closely with her clients, picking out the basic white shoe together, discussing the client’s vision, and creating the shoe. The actual business didn’t start officially until summer 2011. Before creating the business, Joncas only did freelance jobs; when the business aspect began to intrigue her, she made it official. Joncas’s clients usually contact her via email or through the contact section on her website; from there they discuss purchasing her work or commissioned jobs. “The job itself is pretty widespread, because I do the custom shoe designing but am also constantly contacted for tattoo

designs, photography, editing, advertising, and custom paintings,” she explained. Where does Ashley Joncas see herself going after college? Right now, she is keeping her options open and trying to become versatile in all aspects of art and design. She would love to find a happy mix of art and fashion, her two loves. For now, she is trying to become as well rounded as possible.

-Betsy Diactos

4/18/12 4:49 PM

Left to right: Neiman Marcus: Jovani red one shoulder Mermaid gown Jewelry: Neiman Marcus: Alexis Bittar-Crystal Ice “cycle” hoop G&G Creations: Oxidized silver “Couture” ring made with yellow quartz and garnet stones Neiman Marcus: White two-layer batwing gown with rhinestone belt Accessories: Neiman Marcus: Diamond-shaped beaded drop earring

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4/18/12 4:49 PM

Photography: Oliver Klink Hair and Makeup: Krystal B. Couture: Neiman Marcus Jewelry: Neiman Marcus, G&G Creations Inc.

nchant e d E ncounters E MASTER.indd 11

4/18/12 4:49 PM

This Page: Neiman Marcus- Giorgio Armani Tuxedo with bowtie Shoes : Salvatore Ferragamo – Black patent leather Party Vernice Moccasin On right:Neiman Marcus: Gold one-shoulder gown with side rhinestone embellishment Jewelry: Alexis Bittar- Gold stem drop earrings made with crystals Alexis Bittar- Gold and crystal cuff Shoes: Prada- Gold metallic peep toe

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4/18/12 4:49 PM

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4/18/12 4:50 PM

This page: Neiman Marcus: Pink chiffon pleated gown with crystal and bead embellishments Bottom Right: Neiman Marcus: Lavender and blush gown with rhinestone belt and embellishments Shoes: Neiman Marcus: Manolo Blanik- Silver Metallic pointed pump Jewelry: Neiman Marcus- Purple pearl and crystal flower earrings G&G Creations Gold 22.5ct Three stone rough diamond ring

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4/18/12 4:50 PM

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4/18/12 4:50 PM

Neiman Marcus: Lavender and blush gown with rhinestone belt and embellishments Shoes: Neiman Marcus: Manolo Blanik- Silver Metallic pointed pump Jewelry: Neiman Marcus: Purple pearl and crystal flower earrings G&G Creations: Gold 22.5ct Three stone rough diamond ring Neiman Marcus: Long-sleeve sheer crystal beaded gown with side slit Jewelry: Neiman Marcus: Alexis Bittar Crystal teardrop earring G&G Creations: silver and diamond “Stackable� rings Shoes: Neiman Marcus: Kate Spade silver glitter bow peep toe Pages 15-17

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armaloop is an online retailer specializing in urban fashion and streetwear, owning and producing several in-house fashion lines. The Karmaloop website was founded in 2000 by Greg Selkoe, who is the CEO. He started his signature streetwear company, Karmaloop, in his parents’ garage when he was getting his MBA at Harvard University. Selkoe’s dedication and motivation grew the website into the cultural force Karmaloop is today. A new venture for the company is Karmaloop TV, which was launched in 2008 as a broadband entertainment network. The most important key to Karmaloop’s success is the customers, who have never doubted the company and have continued to stay loyal. is the world’s largest online retailer of international streetwear. The ten-year-old website currently attracts more than 4.5 million visitors per month. Famous Karmaloop customers include Kanye West, Owen Wilson, Jason Lee, Lupe Fiasco, Kid Sister, and Tommy Lee. Jeni Ni, the women’s buyer and stylist at Karmaloop, shares the world that is Karamloop in an interview with POLISHED Magazine.

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4/18/12 4:51 PM

JENI NI: This is a difficult question, for a multitude of reasons. I think everyone’s definition of success varies. Personally, I find that my success is defined by being excellent at something I love, which in this case would be buying/styling. If you can find a niche that compels you to be better every day, that you thrive in, that drives and motivates you and makes you happy, then you have succeeded.

JN: Basically, TV is mostly crap right now. Too many reality shows, and too little of what we really want to watch. We want you to “Reclaim Your TV!” by expressing to us what you want to watch, and by dialing in to our shows.

As a company, our success is defined by growth (130 percent last year and projected to grow 70 percent this year). And as Selkoe started Karmaloop about ten years ago in his parents’ garage, the overall growth of this company is immense. SB: Who inspires you and why? JN: Everyone inspires me. I get inspiration walking down the street, riding the T home from work and seeing strangers’ ensembles, in a baby’s bonnet. Everywhere! But some of my greatest inspiration comes from people. Tommy Ton is an amazing artist, and the visuals he captures are some of my very favorite inspirations. After viewing his work, I am always inclined to look at the world through different eyes. Ji Kim of the blog Luxirare is a great example of where I’d like to be in seven years. She is innovative and savvy, and super original. She’s a master in the kitchen as well as designing incredible footwear, apparel, and accessories. Audrey Hepburn may be kind of a cliché example, but her outlook on life was always so bright, and she set the bar for classic chic. If I’m ever feeling lackluster, I like to repeat one of her quotes to myself, “The most important thing is to enjoy life - to be happy - that’s all that matters,” and slip on a simple black dress (akin to her staple in Breakfast at Tiffany’s), and I can face the day a little better. SB: What are the most challenging and the most rewarding parts of your job?


JN: The most challenging part of this job is definitely time management. There aren’t enough hours in the day or days in the week for me to respond to all my emails, place orders, write reorders, review reports, gather information for meetings, and so forth. It can get overwhelming, but I’ve learned to just push through it and focus on one thing at a time. Otherwise, organization can get tricky, and I’m not a very organized person to begin with! The most rewarding parts of this job are seeing brands I’ve brought on succeed beyond expectations, getting to meet the people behind the brands that I’ve loved and followed for years, getting to travel the world to see new trends and brands and people, watching money being made because of actions I’ve taken, making connections, working with my friends, and really loving every aspect of this job and company. SB: Tell us more about Karmaloop TV. JN: Karmaloop TV is our online media channel. This is kind of like our MTV (but for back when MTV was all about the culture, content, and music). Pharrell Williams is our creative director, and we will be launching several new online shows this upcoming year.

SB: What is the Karmaloop rep program, and what are its benefits? JN: The Karmaloop rep program is a great way for our customers not only to make money for themselves (or gift code points!) but also to spread the Karmaloop name. Reps can create their own promo code (mine is JENINI) and give it to their friends, who then can use it to get a discount off of their orders. Every time someone uses your rep code you get points either to use towards a Karmaloop gift certificate, or to redeem for actual money. Win all around!

Spring 2012 | BOSTON FASHION

SB: Karmaloop TV network’s tagline is “Reclaim Your TV!” What is the meaning behind the tagline?


SANDRA BRAZINSKAITE: What defines success in the fashion industry?

SB: How have social media and networking impacted the way in which you work, brand, and promote Karmaloop today? JN: Generally, I feel like social media is taking over! While we do use newsletters (via email), we’re getting to a stage where most customers would rather see a one- or two-sentence update with an image in one of their various newsfeeds than check a hefty email update. We use our various social platforms to make our customers really feel like they’re a part of the beast that is Karmaloop, with various contests and ways to provide feedback. On a personal level, I feel like having some insight into the lives of the people behind Karmaloop, whether it be through a person twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook, is something a lot of our customers really enjoy. Through my Tumblr I get tons of questions from aspiring buyers/stylists/fashion enthusiasts. I’ve even found some of my interns through it! SB: What is next for Karmaloop? JN: This is such a hard question to answer, because there is so much going on! You might have heard about Boylston Trading Company, our higher tier online shop, which is opening a byappointment-only showroom in Back Bay this spring. Karmaloop TV has a ton of exciting new projects in the works as well. We are also launching Brick Harbor, a skate site that will also cater to snowboarding and surfing, this spring. This summer we will be branching our women’s site off into its own destination, Miss KL. This is a super exciting time to be with Karmaloop for so many reasons! I’m very excited about the direction we’re taking for the women’s site, as well as some more initiatives I can’t speak with you about…yet. But be sure to check out the site and our blog to stay up on all the exciting newness! The company has grown in the short ten years it has been in business. Currently, Karmaloop is working on a lot of new projects. Karmaloop tries to keep up with advanced technologies by designing brand new apps for iPod or iPad users; it has launched, Karmaloop’s upcoming skate site, as well as Boylston Trading Co., Karmaloop’s higher-end clothing site for men. Karmaloop is also launching a brand-new, bigger, and better website this spring. So keep an eye out for more fashion and culture on the website!

-Sandra Brazinskaite 19

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I am tired of my wardrobe but don’t have a lot of money to go shopping. What are a few pieces I can buy to freshen up my look? A. Nothing is worse than when your fashion sense expands faster than your wallet. However, there are ways around this stylistic rut. One solution is to buy a few moderately priced accessories that can instantly update any outfit. This season, a few general looks dominated the runways— 1960s ladylike, 1970s glam, and biker chic. Cat-eye sunglasses or a fitted, delicate blazer adds instant class to a ’60s-inspired look. If you identify more with disco than with Jackie O, finish your look with jewelry inspired by that decade, such as long tassel earrings or a metallic choker. To edge out your look, go for anything leather and/or studded, whether it’s black lace-up biker boots or a studded leather jacket.

Illustrations by jesenia Lopez

No matter which trend resonates most with you, there is a styling technique that’s not only hot this season but will also keep you from reaching into your wallet. As long as their hues are from the same color palette, dare to mix a patterned top with patterned bottoms. It may take a few tries to get it right, but once you execute this fashion move correctly, your look will truly be one of a kind.

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4/18/12 4:51 PM



Spring 2012 | TRENDS

Q. Are there any new trends in jeans this season? A. After the explosion of skinny jeans a few years back, there have been very few popular changes made in the jean department. This season, however, a 1970s-inspired approach has created a distinct look with a nostalgic yet fashion forward feel. One way in which jeans have gone back to a former style is in the below-the-knee flare. It won’t be hard to make this trend your own, as retailers are fully stocked with bell-bottoms in a variety of flare widths. What’s fun about this style is that it completely changes up the familiar streamline silhouette. Yet if you are still in love with the way your skinnies fit, try incorporating the retro look by buying a new pair in a vibrant blue or magenta. Maybe even dare to snag a pair with a high-waist fit or a cropped hem to add a little extra something.

Illustrations by jesenia Lopez

-Lindsay Feeney


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4/18/12 4:51 PM

StreetStyle -Mona Zecevic

NAME: Kurt Kujawski, Ryan Normandin AGE: 21, 22 INSPIRATIONS: Skate videos, Long Island dads FAVORITE STORES: Billabong, Element, thrift stores

NAME: Jim Hornor AGE: 25 INSPIRATION: The streets FAVORITE STORES: Stel’s, Vintage Boutiques, Bobby from Boston

NAME: Melissa Gullotti AGE: 32 INSPIRATION: The streets FAVORITE STORES: Stel’s, Barney’s

MASTER.indd 24

4/18/12 4:51 PM

photos by greg caparell

NAME: Joel Santos AGE: 17 INSPIRATION: Kanye West FAVORITE STORES: Urban Outfitters, Karmaloop, Ricardi

Photos by Mona Zecevic

NAME: Sabrina Li AGE: 25 INSPIRATION: The streets FAVORITE STORES: Free People, Urban Outfitters



photos by greg caparell

A place where you can expand your creativity, converse with other artists for inspiration, or build on your experience and perform, RAW is a thriving company whose mission is “to provide independent artists of all creative genres with the tools, resources and exposure needed to inspire and cultivate creativity.” RAW has twenty-one locations across the United States, with Boston as their most recent addition. Every RAW showcase in Boston is hosted at the Estate, 1 Boylston Place. The first RAW show took place in Los Angeles, California, on March 29, 2010. RAW expanded to the Boston area this past summer and expansion has continued. Next year RAW is traveling overseas to reach approximately fifty locations, including Europe. Artists can display their talent through their artwork or in the areas of fashion, music, film, hair and makeup, photography, performing arts, or modeling. Artists can join RAW to get their talent out there. Faith Verrill, the director of Raw in the Boston area, stated, “RAW was founded by Hedi Luerra and Mathew Klahorst in California. The first Boston showcase took place this August.” Through RAW, artwork can be featured in a showcase, through a professional photo shoot, or on the RAW website. Work may also win RAW rewards. Artists can share

their talent with RAW by submitting their work on the website. Then the director carefully picks the best artists for a booking. Faith mentioned, “We create media kits for all our artists, have the film team take a behind-the-scenes video, and take a photo for all the artists. More than five hundred people attended the show on October 13, 2011. Since the media and people in the industry are invited, artists can get a high level of recognition.

RAWards took place on November 17, 2011, at the Estate. The venue came to life with the various artists, and the event attracted many viewers. The voting was completed by stickers. Each artist received a sheet that he or she had to fill with voters’ stickers given to voters when they purchased their tickets. Each sticker represented a different category. By the end of the night it was a close call, and the energy was rising. There were eight win-

Spring 2012 | CULTURE


ners: Crig Montague for Photographer, Jenny Zigrino for Performance, Nicole Beauchaine for Film, LC Image Consulting Liana Carla for Makeup Artists, Michelle Marie Connolly for Hair, Ria Eaton for Music, Julie Kontos for Fashion Design, and Ryan Severance for Fine Art. The winners from that showcase are now eligible to go to RAWards in Los Angeles and compete nationally. After the competition in Hollywood, California, the winner is announced and receives recognition through distribution, store placement, studio time, gallery placement, and consultations with industry executives and professionals. RAWards continues to grow with the expansion of their locations and provide, an opportunity for young artists to get their name and talents out into the world. Artists who do not reach their goals and do not make it into the final competition will still have the opportunity to showcase their talent again: These artists are left with the showcase experience and an advanced portfolio, and they will benefit greatly from the event’s publicity.

-Briana St. Jacques


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4/18/12 4:51 PM

Is the MBTA Being Fare? T

In order to save approximately 12.9 million dollars a year, the MBTA plans to make changes to staff wages and schedules, as well as to transportation schedules and fares. The MBTA will eliminate all weekend service on the Mattapan line and on the Green Line’s E train. The commuter rail will also change its schedule, as it will no longer run after 10:00 PM or operate on the weekends.

Raising ticket prices is meant to encourage travelers to purchase a CharlieCard. This card is reusable, and it allows for cheaper fares than does the paper ticket. With this in mind, the MBTA will save money when paper tickets are eventually retired. Under the new changes, fare prices on the CharlieCard may increase up to 70 cents from the current rate of $1.70 per ride. Paper tickets would then

cost a dollar more than the current price of $2.00. Bus fares would also be affected by this change, as fares could increase to 50 cents more than the current price of $1.25. Though stabilizing its debt is important, the MBTA does not want to leave customers without a means of transportation. Raising fares by 60 percent would quickly solve the debt problem, but the MBTA realizes that it would lose many customers if it followed this approach. With the extra revenue from the price increase, the MBTA plans to improve other aspects of the system. Renovations to the Government Center subway station are planned, as well as better accessibility at the stations themselves. Plans to install countdown arrival clocks at each subway station to inform riders of approaching trains have also been considered. While these business strategies are subject to change, the MBTA has been holding public information meetings to keep its riders up to date. Comments and concerns regarding the changes are encouraged and will be taken into consideration, as a court reporter will be present at each meeting to record what the public has to say. The public meetings are being held throughout March, and the MBTA will be accepting public comments via email. It is not too late to voice your opinion on these changes; contact the MBTA at

-Emily Contrada

MASTER.indd 26

4/18/12 4:51 PM

Photos by olivia slaughter

In addressing subways and buses, the MBTA is looking to raise prices. Its first option includes raising prices by 43 percent, reducing service hours by 9 to 13 percent, and increasing parking prices by 28 percent. The second option under consideration is to raise fare prices by 35 percent and reduce service hours by 14 to 17 percent, while increasing parking prices by 20 percent.

Photos by Will Depmpsey

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) provides more than 1.3 million trips each weekday to accommodate those traveling through the Boston area. With a 161 million dollar deficit in 2011 alone, Boston transit has the highest debt of any transit system in the country. Seeking to improve such conditions, the MBTA is now taking action to deal with the rising debt.


Larry Margulies’ newest addition to Boston is Pavement, a down-to-earth coffee house that opened in Boston a year and a half ago. A popular place for college students, Pavement is conveniently located near Berklee College of Music. Margulies isn’t new to the café scene, as he is the owner of Bagel Rising and Espresso Royale, both located in Boston. In opening Pavement, Margulies wanted to bring something new to Boston.

Photos by olivia slaughter

Other than the name, the uniqueness of Pavement is noticeable as soon as the customer walks through the doors. The atmosphere is approachable and homey with an assortment of furniture, including oversized chairs and small, painted wooden tables. The aesthetic of the building resembles old, classy Brooklyn architecture, the perfect environment to enjoy a bagel and hot cup of joe. On display for four to six weeks at a time, artwork by local artists hangs in Pavement and is also for sale. The genesis of the name Pavement is unknown to most people. It is something to make customers stop and think. Margulies explained that there was no real reasoning behind the name; he simply wanted a name with two syllables that had an urban feel to it.

Spring 2012 | POLITICS & HOT SPOTS

Marked in Pavement Markus, the store manager of Pavement, explained that competitors such as Starbucks create “a place for meeting,” while Pavement focuses more on what they are making: a “good cup of coffee.” The company cares less about image and more about business. Employees are expected to put in as much hard work as they can and accommodate to the needs of each customer. Pavement’s Sunrise Sandwiches are a popular choice on the menu. Although they are simple breakfast sandwiches, their popularity has persisted. Pavement also features made-to-order sandwiches and a fresh assortment of bagels, baked at Bagel Rising. The most frequently ordered drinks at Pavement are the espresso beverages. For every four cups of coffee sold, about three cups of tea are sold. Pavement also takes pride in its latte art. Each latte is created right in front of the customer, promoting a stronger customer bond. Markus values latte art because it is “the mark of a good barista” and “the seal” on the drink before it is handed to the customer. Markus stated his Pavement motto: “The first bite is taken with the eyes- the experience starts before they take the first sip.”

-Emily Contrada


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Art Form Social responsibility, social justice, and philanthropy are causes that have been forever branded in the back of our minds, and for good reason. It may sound cliché, but it is only through humanity’s selfless devotion that the world becomes a better place for the human race. These days, there are many companies that embrace these causes, but Joan Hornig Jewelry is one that does it seamlessly. In a very innovative way, she has designed a business plan that works flawlessly with philanthropy. Hornig attended Harvard College, where she received a degree in art history. It was there that her philanthropic roots started to sprout. Aware of the importance of her education, Hornig later began teaching and fundraising at Harvard. She obtained her MBA from Columbia University, where she gained knowledge that would be implemented in her business. After working on Wall Street for nearly 20 years, she decided to follow a more personal dream of making jewelry while giving back to communities in need around the world. She accomplished her goal when the New York retailer Bergdorf Goodman decided to sell the Joan Hornig Jewelry collection at its store. Currently, her designs can be purchased at

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Photos courtesy of Joan Hornig

Hornig’s Philanthropy is Beautiful campaign, which donates 100 percent of its proceeds to the customer’s charity of choice, allows her consumer to not only purchase a beautiful piece of jewelry but also choose where the donations will go. With a growing list of participants, the company has been able to donate millions of dollars to global organizations, including those supporting cancer research and human rights.

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Hornig’s jewelry is a true form of artistic expression. A mixture of multicultural exposure, a multifaceted life, and profound historical knowledge is reflected in her craft. Her line is organic and modern and includes necklaces, rings, bracelets and cuffs, cufflinks, and other items such as stationery and sundries. Hornig uses a variety of materials in her designs, including gold, silver, brass, and onyx. Her most famous looks are ones that have been inspired by nature, including the popular Petal necklaces. Hornig has also created items for specific charities, including the Bark for a Cause necklace benefiting the ASPCA and the Wave of Help necklace, designed in response to the tsunami in Japan. It is the beauty of Hornig’s craft that entices many celebrities to adopt her pieces. Many of her creations have been worm to red carpet events and have been written about in noted publications, including O Magazine and The New York Times. Although Hornig’s creations are costly, she has recently been designing more affordable pieces that still work to support a charity.

Photos courtesy of Joan Hornig

-L. Angel Morales


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are attractive and tie in the front for the patient’s convenience. Morris believes they “add cheer with style and color to a stressful environment.” Morris was invited to be a guest speaker at a Newton-Wellesley Hospital management team conference. After her speech, she was given a standing ovation. “It was quite touching, the whole experience,” Morris said with a smile. Morris was also recognized in two newspaper articles in The Boston Globe and The News Tribune.

Morris is a survivor of breast cancer. Over the last few years, she has become an inspiration to many people. Morris started her treatment at a small facility with a small mammography lab and later moved to Newton-Wellesley Hospital. At the hospital, Morris did not like the johnnies the patients were required to wear for mammogram scans. To Morris, the johnnies were uncomfortable, unattractive, and hard to tie up in the back. Morris grabbed one of her old johnnies and showed that two people could practically fit into one large-sized johnny. Disgruntled, Morris had an idea: create new, stylish garments for women to wear during their mammograms. Morris stated, “I talked with the technician about the gar-

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ments and asked her thoughts about a new design. She had a positive reaction.” Joan began brainstorming her plans for a stylish alternative in 2005, and production began in spring of 2006. By fall of 2008, her new Joanies were ready for distribution. Instead of calling them hospital gowns, Morris’s students came up with the name Joanies to honor their professor. Morris stated, “As a breast cancer survivor, I was personally familiar with the process and stress of a mammogram, so the students named the new garment after me.” With their help, 500 Joanies were produced and shipped to Newton-Wellesley Hospital. Morris said, “We had a lot of fun doing this. We would laugh in the afternoons. A lot of socializing, but a lot of work got done.” The students who helped were not all design majors. Morris described the extended enthusiasm of those who wanted to be involved, even if they couldn’t sew. With the support of many, Joanies became the talk of the town. Joanies were produced in turquoise, cranberry, royal blue, pink, and of course Morris’s favorite color, purple. Joanies

This project brought together people who wanted to help make a difference. Joanies have already brought happiness to several breast cancer patients. Joan Morris is a strong and courageous woman who has beaten breast cancer and is now using her voice and talent to reach out and help other breast cancer patients. It would be just another accomplishment of Morris’s to see Joanies in more hospitals across the United States.

-Danielle Cutillo

photo by Stephen fischer

According to Lasell College fashion students, Joan Morris, a fashion design professor at Lasell College, is a friendly, funny, and kind person. She enjoys skiing, painting, gardening, and teaching her fashion classes. Sitting in Morris’s office, one can see her love for fashion, her affection for the color purple, and her support for breast cancer awareness.

There seems to be a bright future for the Joanies. A Florida nursing home recently contacted Morris to see if they could order some Joanies (Morris has yet to find out where they spotted her designs). Morris hopes to set up a facility to produce more Joanies and also to start an internship at Lasell College that would serve the designs. Morris believes that such an internship would be a rich learning experience for students interested in production and marketing.

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The Silver Woman Fine Sterling Silver Jewelry

Daisy Cabrera Owner


INTERNATIONAL 617.969.9699 49 Union Street, Newton Centre, MA 02459


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Monday-Thursday 10-8 Friday 10-7 Saturday 11-5 1275 Washington Street West Newton, Massachusetts 02465 617.795.2040

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