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Sacer Nidus (all translations by Howard Weiner & Cara Thornton)

Festum agat ecclesia

Festum agat ecclesia

Festum agat ecclesia Letentur celi hodie Adalbertus victoria Possedit thronum glorie

Let the church observe the feast And let the heav’ns rejoice today For Adalbert with victory Hath possessèd glory’s throne

Servus prudens et humilis Christo se totum dedicat Martyr et presul habilis Dictis et factis predicat.

The servant humble and wise To Christ doth dedicate his all The martyr and bishop capable With words and deeds doth preach

Fulgens vultu angelico Corda illustrat gentium Sermone evangelico Obscura fugans mentium

With splendidly angelic face The peoples’ hearts he doth illumine With the Gospel Word He banisheth the darkness of their minds

Triumphat per martyrium Pugil fortis in acie Tenens pudoris lilium Cum rosa patientie. Iesus ob sancti meritum Requie pacis previa Direxit eius spiritum Ad gaudiorum premia. Salutis auctor, petimus, audi voces in iubilo, da perfrui, quod metimus in hoc paschali gaudio.

By martyrdom he triumpheth A warrior strong in ba0le Holding purity’s white lily With the rose of patience Jesus for the merit of his saint With peace’s rest foregoing Doth direct his spirit To a joyful recompense. We pray Thee, Author of salvation, Hear our voices raised in jubilation, Grant that we may savor what we harvest In this Easter joy.

Alme presul et beate

Alme presul et beate

Alme presul et beate Dei martyr Adalberte confer opem petentibus tuis sanctis precibus mala pelle, bona posce presta pacis incermentum sane vite gaudium, alleluia.

Noble bishop and blessed martyr of God, Adalbert, come to the aid of your supplicants with their holy prayers. Ward o evil, bring about good, grant increasingly deeper peace and the joy of pure life, alleluia.

V. Ut sub tuo protecti patrocinio gloriemur in laude Dei perpetuo.

V. That we, safe under your protection, extol the never-ending glory of God.

Presta pacis incermentum sane vite gaudium, alleluia.

Grant increasingly deeper peace and the joy of pure life, alleluia.

Dox. Gloria Patri et Filio Et Spiritui Sancto

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.

Presta pacis incrementum..

Grant increasingly deeper peace ...

O preclara Adalberti

O preclara Adalberti

O preclara Adalberti Presulis solempnia

O famous solemnities of Bishop Adalbert,

Hac in die eius pie Agitur memoria.

On this day we commemorate this saint.

Presul iste per te, Christe Nascitur de regia

Through you, Christ, this bishop was born in the royal palace.

Stirpe digna et benigna Gente de Bohemia.

Of digniďŹ ed and rich ancestry from Bohemian lineage.

Hic peccata indurata Cernens Romam adiit

He turned, when he recognized his great sins, to Rome.

Ibi statum monachatum Penitendo subiit.

There he did penance as a monk.

Hinc a totis patriotis Una voce poscitur,

From then on it was demanded by all patriots with one voice,

Obedire et servire Sibi sic promi0itur.

To obey and to serve them, as he had vowed.

Sed nil veri, sicut heri, Sic refutant presulem, Boleslaum adit pium Polonorum principem.

But nothing remained as it was, so they spurned the bishop, He turned to the pious prince of the Poles, Bolesław.

Ibi clerum ornat veram Et fundat ecclesias, Hinc Pruthenis verbis lenis Serit Christi gratias.

Thereupon he exalted the true clergy and founded churches. From then on he sowed the grace of Christ among the Prussians with mild words.

Hinc per visum hinc provisum Christi bibit calicem. Lanceatus morti datus Celi petit apicem. Nunc Poloni de patroni Tanti psallant gloria, Nos in throno cum patrono Christi iungat gratia. Amen.

As presaged, so it came about, he drank chalice of Christ. Pierced by the lance, he died and went up to heaven. Now all Poles sing in honor of their patron, May the mercy of Christ unite us with our patron before his throne. Amen.

Annua recolamus

Annua recolamus

Annua recolamus sancti Adalberti gaudia

In yearly recurring joy, we remember St. Adalbert.

Martyris, exsultant unde celorum lumina, Hodie que laxa victor ascendit ianua Et mundi votiva suspendens, quem crucifixit, spolia. Nulla iam turbandus procella pace qui escit placida. Bohemia, filii cunulas osculando iubila, Edentulo lactea quae mater inmulxisti ubera. Saxonia, plaude discipuli gloria, Quem tenera stringens a puero ferula Aaron induis infula. Quid presuli Praga obstrepis indomita? Si sequeris huius previi vestigia, nulla foedaberis macula. O fortis athleta, post delicias terrens cilicio latera, Pedester exemplum in monachica Romam intraveras regula. Sed predo sancte invidens obsequele fracta poculum effundendo laguncula tua occubuit dextera. Postremo multis precibus evocatus tuis ovibus salutatis in Pruhia carnis exueras vincula. Polania ergo tanti sepeliens floret martyrii pignora. O0o Caesar tua nisus confidentia Romanis retulerat brachii munera. Quem Deo cum cloero et plebe commendare digneris sibimet subiecta.

We exult the martyr, hence the heavenly light shines, (for) Today he, as the victor, ascended to the open gates of heaven. And as the prey dedicated to the world, he, whom the world had crucified, fled. Never again shall a storm agitate him, who went up in blessed peace. Rejoice, O Bohemia, womb of your son, in that you kiss him. As mother, you fed the toothless child on milk-white breasts. Saxony, applaud the glory of the pupil, only gently touched by the rod, of him, Aaron, on whom you placed the bishop’s miter. O wild Prague, why did you resist the bishop? If you had followed the path of this harbinger, you would not have sullied yourself with shame. O brave athlete, after the pleasures you intimidated in sackcloth the body’s might, You entered Rome barefoot, in the monastic manner. But the robber envied the holy submissiveness in that he spilled the chalice after your flask was broken, and he fell to the right. Thereupon you shed, invoked in many prayers and venerated by your flock, the shackle of the flesh among the Prussians. Poland, however, which buried you so sumptuously, is richly blessed with the relics of a martyr. Emperor O0o, sustained by your confidence in the Romans, paid for the consecration of the arm. May you, together with the clergy and the people, consider it worthy to be commended to God, and yourself as his subject.

Consurgat in preconia

Consurgat in preconia

Consurgat in preconia Universa Polonia Reboans prece sedula;

All of Poland rises up in praise that resounds of heartfelt prayers.

Festiventur pre gaudia Adalberti sollemnia, Laudes tonat vox cordula

It joyfully celebrates the feast of Adalbert, the sounding voice lets his praise ring out.

Hic suorum facinore Martyr preditus honore Exsulavit de patria; Boleslai cum favore In presulem sueto more Sumitur in Polonia. Per quem demta metropolis Sclave gentis ab idolis Est gratie restaurata; Docta fidei symbolis Curatum Satane dolis, Spe salutis roborata. Qui cum vellet vite viam Subduxisse in Prussiam, Gens trux scelere privatur; Nam hostis ob invidiam Fert in Pruscos zizania, Sanctus mucrone necatur. Gens perfida, gens delira, Cernens sanctorum tot mira, Cur perimis sanctum Dei? Cur tibi tam cervix dira? Te spectat perennis pyra, Tu vellis labe revehi. Hinc alitus almi donis Fertur corpus a Polonis Et in Gnezna tumulatur; Ibi signa, prodigia: Claudi summunt vestigia, Cecis visus reformatur. Varia pestis sedatur, Vis demonis vacuatur Summi regis potentia, Poscimus, quatenus per te, O beate Adalberte, Recensetur Polonia, alleluia.

This honorable martyr had to leave his native country on account of his deeds. Through the kindness of Bolesław, he was accepted according to the usual custom as bishop in Poland. Through him, the provincial capital, which through the nation of the Slavs had fallen to the idols, was rebuilt in grace. As it [the nation of the Slavs] was instructed in the doctrine of the faith, after he had dealt with the devil’s ruses, it was strengthened in the hope for salvation. When he continued on his journey through life to the Prussians, in order to free this nation from sacrilege. However, revulsion dominated against the enemy. It sowed strife among the Prussians: the saint was killed with a spear. Perfidious people, insane people, to whom such a wonder shows itself, why do you kill God’s saint? Why are you so stiff-necked? The eternal fire awaits you: and you will end in infamy. A noble gift was made, and the body was brought to the Poles and buried in Gniezno. Signs and wonders happened there: the lame walked and the blind saw. illnesses were healed, the power of the evil spirits weakened through the power of the highest sovereign.

We call, as far as it is in your power, O blessed Adalbert, that Poland may be renewed, alleluia.

Omnis etas, omnis sexus

Omnis etas, omnis sexus

Omnis etas, omnis sexus, omnis ordo currite! Bolezlavi regis funus condolentes cernite, Atque mortem tanti viri simul mecum plangite!

All ages, all genders, all classes come quickly! At the funeral of King Bolesław, show yourselves as mourners, and together with me lament the death of this great man.

Heu! heu! Bolezlave, ubi tua gloria? Ubi virtus, ubi decus, ubi rerum copia? Satis restat ad plorandum, ve michi Polonia! Sustentate me cadentem pre dolore, comites, Viduate michi, queso, condolete milites, desolati respondete: Heu nobis! hospites! Quantus dolor, quantus luctus erat pontificibus! nullus vigor, nullus sensus, nulla mens in ducibus, heu! heu! capellani, heu sibi omnibus! Vos qui torques portabatis in signum militie, et qui vestes mutabatis regales co0idie, simul omnes resonate: Ve, ve nobis hodie! Vos matrones, que coronas gestabatis aureas, et que vestes habebatis totas aurifriseas, his excute, vestiatis lugubres et laneas. Heu! heu! Bolezlave, cur nos pater deseris? Deus talem virum umquam mori cur permiseris? Cur nos prius nobis unam simul mortem dederis? Tota terra desolatur, tali rege vidua, sicut suo possessore facta domus vacua, tua morte lugens, moerens, mutans et ambigua. Tanti viri funus mecum, omnis homo, recole, dives, pauper, miles, clerus, insuper agricole, Latinorum et Slavorum quotquot estis incole! Et tu, lector bone mentis hec quicumque legeris, Queso, motus pietate, lacrimas effuderis, Multum eris inhumanus, nisi mecum fleveris.

Alas! Alas! Bolesław, where is your glory? Where is your virtue, your dignity? Where are all the other things? Enough remains to be mourned, woe is me, Poland! Support me, companions, I who fall from pain. Take from me, so I ask, have pity, knight, and answer as an abandoned one: Woe is us, O guests! What pain, what misery overtook our bishops! Our leaders have no vitality, no feeling, no will, Alas! Alas! Chaplains, alas! All of you! You, whose ornamental chains carry military badges of honor, and that you daily transform into royal clothes, call like all the others: Woe! Woe is us today! You wives, who wear golden crowns, and who have clothes woven with gold, awake and a0ire yourselves in wool like mourners. Alas! Alas! Bolesław! Why have you, father, left us? God, why did you ever allow that such a great man could die? Why do you already give us to death before we die? The whole earth is desolate, widowed by such a king, it is like a house, abandoned by its lord, while it mourns his death, and laments greatly. In the funeral procession walk so many men with me, Everyone honors him: the rich and the poor, the knight, the clergyman; moreover, the farmer, the Latin scholar, and the Slavs, every townsman is present. And you, well-disposed reader, I ask that everything you have read move you to pious commiseration, and that you shed tears. You must be very uncompassionate, if you do not weep with me.

Hac fest die tota

Hac fest die tota

Hac festa die tota Gratuletur Polonia

On this feast day may all of Poland rejoice.

Martyrem Adalbertum Digna colens memoria

Honor Adalbert as a martyr in deserving remembrance.

Cuius opere Sclavorum gens ab idolis Deo est reddita.

Through his deeds, the Slavic people returned from the idols to God.

Suo munere Gneznensis est metropolis Honore predita.

His foundation Gniezno, as provincial capital, is endowed with honor.

Nam sprenit sanctum presulem Sua natalis patria

Yet his native country disdained its holy bishop.

Quem acceptavit exulem Bolezlavi clementia.

But as an exile, he was mercifully taken in by Bolesław.

Ille rex optimus Dei famulo Prestat obsequia,

That great king excels as God’s servant in obedience,

Hic vir sanctissimus Terre populo Fidei premia.

This very holy man gives the people of the land the reward of faith.

Sed Pruscis postea Fert vitae semina;

But on it flourishes the seed of life among the Prussians,

Prusci propterea Ruunt in crimina.

For this reason, the Prussians fall into guilt.

O gens delira, Gens incredula,

O feeble-minded race, unbelieving people

Damnans morte virum Sine macula!

Who condemn the pure man to death.

Corpus sanctum pii Referunt Poloni

The pious Poles bring back the holy body,

Congaudentes sui Meritis patroni.

They rejoice in the good deeds of their patron.

Cuius laudes debitas Canit omnis fidelis ecclesia

To whom the church of all the faithful sings the appropriate hymns of praise.

Tua nobis sanctitas, Adalberte sancte, sit propitia. Conserva tuos de tua Polonia, Qui tibi devote canunt Alleluia.

Your sanctity, Saint Adalbert, have mercy on us. Preserve your people from your Poland, who humbly sing to you the alleluia.

All. Beatus es

All. Beatus es

Alleluia. Beatus es, Dei martyr Adalberte, quia cum sanctis gaudebis in eternum.

Alleluia. You are blessed, Adalbert, martyr of God, since you will be happy in eternity with (all) the saints.

Salve sidus Polonorum

Salve sidus Polonorum

Salve, sidus Polonorum, gemma lucens norma morum, Adalberte inclite.

Hail, your star of the Poles, radiant pearl, model of morality, O glorious Adalbert.

Vas virtutum, flos ortorum, fragrans odor balsamorum de Sclavis progenite.

Vessel of virtue, flower of the gardens, fragrant perfume of the balsam, from the race of the Slavs.

Idolorum dum funesta clamans vana et incesta esse sacrificia.

Profane the sacrifices of the idols, even if they vainly and lewdly scream.

Nequam est gens et scelesta Prutenorum sic infesta fremens in stultitia.

Base is the Prussian people, and wicked, yea hostile, raucous in ignorance.

Corde diro te invadens sevit atque neci tradens in te vibrat iacula.

Barbarous at heart, a0acking you, they rampaged, and finally, [as you were] mortally wounded, hurled spears at you.

Ad vulnera seva cadens et cruoris rore madens presul sine macula.

With horrible wounds the bishop fell, dripping with blood, (and yet) unsullied.

Corpus tuum benedictum, laceratum et afflictum ob felicem exitum.

Your blessed body, abused and thrown to the ground for the sake of a felicitous end.

Per mucronis nempe ictum cor confessum sic invictum Deo reddit spiritum.

Through the blow of the sword, namely, the avowing, indeed invincible heart gave the spirit back to God.

Sacra cervix amputatur, palo fixa exaltatur, flebile spectatulum!

In this way the holy neck was severed, it was hung up high on a stake, what a lament-worthy spectacle.

Lux superna membris datur, quibus unda illustratur Dei, o miraculum!

Highest light was afforded the limbs, through which, from God, is exalted, O what a wonder!

Boleslaus rex sincerus, Iesu Christi cultor verus, fide, verbo, opere,

Bolesław, righteous king, sincere devotee of Jesus Christ in faith, word, and deed.

Aurum donat, ut te ferus hostis reddat et severus minas addit propere.

He gave gold so that the wild enemy gave you back, and quickly added stern threats.

Factus tandem compos voti, letus narrat clero toti, ut se paret obviam,

Finally, a joint vow was solemnly made, which he announced to the whole clergy that they prepared to surrender [the body].

Sani fiunt mox egroti perexere, qui devoti Dei dantes gloriam. Corpus sacrum dum portatur cecis visus, claudis datur gressus in itinere. Sacer Nidus quo dotatur, Rijne usque illustratur tam preclaris sidere. Sanitatem scatens rivus te monarcha orbis divus, O0ho cesar adiit. Dum torquetur male vivus Rhome languens fit votivus et mox letus saliit. De patrono gloriamur, ne uterque nos, precamur, ferox hostis obruat, A quo semper impugnamur, confer opem, ne vincamur, immo victus corruat.

Soon he healed the ill, and brought forth those devoted to God, who gave honor to God. The holy body was transferred, the blind see, the lame walk. Holy nest was founded, the radiant star shined as far as the Rhine. As a creek, bubbling wisdom, the ruler of the world visited you, the divine Emperor O0o. While as a living man he was foully martyred, he was welcome in languid Rome and he soon jumped for joy. We pride ourselves of such patrons, and we ask that none of us be broken by the wild enemies. That for which we always fight, aid the work, so that we will not be vanquished, but rather the defeated stricken down.

Tua prece, Deo care, fac in pace collaudare, quem adorant superi, Sic pro fide da certare et pelagus mundi navigare ne mergamur miseri. In torrente Flegetontis dux superbus inquo frontis ruit pulsus ethere, Ubi manet in tormentis sulphureo igne fontis veniut, heu! pro scelere, Ubi stridor, ubi fletus, fetor ingens atque metus tenebrarum carcere. Illic luget miser cetus, quem tormentat hostis vetus neque novit percere. Sed illius ut amore, que peperit miro more solem veri luminis, Ope fulti et amore contemplemur in splendore vultum summi numinis. Ubi nitet margaritis, auro gemmisque pollitis supernorum civitas, In qua nullus turbo, litis, dolor, fames atque sitis, leta tamen sterilitas Ver eternum gignit flores, fructus melle dulciores certo crescunt federe,

Through your request and merciful God, make that which the people worship be praised in peace. So give that the poor souls fight for the faith, and sail through the tide of the world and do not founder. In the fiery torrent of hell, the Prince of Arrogance falls down, banished from the highest heaven. Where he remains in the torment of the fires of sulphur, alas! for his wicked deed. There in the dungeons is howling and cha0ering of teeth, boundless stench, and, moreover, the dread of darkness. There mourns the wretched beast, whom the old fiend torments and knows no mercy. But where his love, which in wondrous manner brought forth the sun of the true light, Strengthened through power and love, we should contemplate the benevolence in the splendor of the divine will. Where of pearls, of gold and jewels, finely formed, the heavenly city gleams, In which there is no disorder, pain, nor hunger and thirst, and thus also no deadly barrenness. The eternal spring brings forth flowers, fruits, sweeter than honey, bonds of love certainly thrive,

Quos nec nimbi nec rigores, brumme Phebi nec calores unquam audent ledere,

Which neither storm nor frost, winter solstice nor heat would ever dare to injure.

Ad quam pater, flamen, natus, unus Deus incarnatus ex intacta Virgine,

Thither, Father, Holy Ghost, and incarnate Son begot by the one God with the pure Virgin,

Per te ducat nos placatus, ara crucis immolatus, agnus sine crimine.

Lead us with your help as believers to the sacrificial altar of the cross, where the sinless lamb was sacrificed.

All. Salve decus Polonie

All. Salve decus Polonie

Alleluia. Salve, decus Polonie, Adalberte martyr pie, defensor es Ecclesie, nunc subveni miserie, intercede sanctissime pro tuis famulantibus, mesto corde poscentibus te.

Alleluia. Hail, Poland’s adornment, Adalbert, pious martyr, defender of the church, stand now with the wretched, intercede, O saint, for your servants, who entreat you with afflicted heart.



Bogv rodzicza, dzewicza bogem slawena, Maria U twego syna, Gospodzina, matko swolena, Maria Siszczi nam, spwczi nam, Kyrieleyson.

Birth-Giver of God, Virgin, by God glorified, Mary From your son, the Lord, chosen mother, Mary, Obtain for us, send to us. Kyrieleison.

Twego dzela krzcziczela, boszicze, Uslisz glosi, naplen misli czlowecze. Slisz modlitwo, yosz nosimi A dacz raczi gegosz prosimi, a naswecze zbozni pobith, posziwocze raski przebith, Kyrieleyson.

For the sake of your Baptist, oh Son of God, Hear the voices, fulfill manʹs thoughts, Hear the prayer, which we offer Deign to give us what we ask for: On earth a stay with God, After life, a sojourn in paradise. Kyrieleison.

Fulget in templo

Fulget in templo

Fulget in templo legifer lucens doctrine radio, fortis armatus signifer, custos potens in atrio.

The lawgiver in the temple shines luminously in the glory of the doctrine, who guards his palace like a strongly armed man.

Ferens crucem in humeris servorum signat facies, Prodigiis innumeris hostiles rumpiit acies.

In that he carries the cross on the shoulders, he blesses the face of the servant, by means of innumerable miracles he breaks through the enemy ba0le lines.

Prutenos et Hungariam, Polonos et Bohemiam docet vite munditiam salutem monstrans previam. Mandat Christum diligere, mundi caduca spernere, corda sursum dirigere, celeste regnum querere. Salutis auctor, petimus, audi voces in iubilo, da perfrui, quod metimus in hoc paschali gaudio.

The Prussians and Hungarians, the Poles and Bohemians he teaches the purity of life in that he shows the salvation as the model. He teaches to love Christ and to scorn the transience of the world, to turn the hearts upward and to strive for the Kingdom of Heaven. We pray Thee, Author of salvation, Hear our voices raised in jubilation, Grant that we may savor what we harvest In this Easter joy.

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Sacer Nidus, by Peregrina (Lyrics)  

Sacer Nidus, by Peregrina (Lyrics)