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aPiC HeaLtH ABIA – CE PoliMaT Innovation Collaboration on health

aBia  Ce PoLiMat innoVation CoLL aBoration (aPiC) BIoMATErIAl BAsED CoMMErCIAl ThErAPIEs In orThoPEDICs, WounDs, Burns AnD TIssuE EngInEErIng The intent of the partnership between the Austen BioInnovation Institute in Akron (ABIA) and the Center of Excellence for Polymer Materials and Technologies (CE PoliMaT), is to merge their competencies on specific research and development projects, with a focus on the use of biomaterials to develop novel healthcare applications in the areas of:

with chronic non-healing wounds over that same period. Correspondingly, with a growing senior population, it is also probable that there will be an escalation in the amount of venous leg ulcerations, surgical wounds, traumatic and immobilityassociated wounds that will be at risk for nonhealing. Non-healing wounds are related to many other life threatening consequences and complications, resulting in significant increase in medical costs for the patient and the overall healthcare system. An ideal wound healing material would have the ability to simultaneously present multiple biological

Wound healing

cues like that in natural materials, while having the


manufacturing and controllable physical properties


of synthetic materials.

More specifically APIC leverages the strengths of both partners in order to build an effective collaboration aimed at commercialization of novel medical technologies and improved patient care that will lead to economic development and job creation in both Akron and Slovenia.

orthopedics More than one million patients per year need to be treated for skeletal disorders. Although metal implants are viewed as the state of the art technology, there are risks associated with those types of therapies. Due to the increasing number

The vision of APIC is to be a world leader in

of implanted orthopedic devices, it is expected

translating research ideas into polymer and

that the number of revision surgeries will increase

biomaterial based therapies that have significant

exponentially due to wear and infection.

commercial value and will dramatically improve clinical care for patients with orthopedic and tissue regeneration problems. Utilizing a value driven engineering approach, APIC intends to build international networks and collaborations that will strengthen the application of knowledge

Osteoporosis is also considered as a serious public health concern. Currently it is estimated that over 200 million people worldwide suffer from this disease. Approximately 30% of all postmenopausal women have osteoporosis in the United States and in Europe.

and technology and address the needs of patients

At least 40% of these women and 15-30% of men

around the globe.

will sustain one or more fragility fractures in their remaining lifetime.

TACKlIng PrEssIng hEAlTh ConCErns

Ageing of populations worldwide will be responsible for a major increase in the incidence of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women and men. It has been

Wound healing

shown that an initial fracture is a major risk factor

Wound healing problems can occur with any type

for a new fracture. Further, there is an 86% increase

of wound and even more so with those patients

of new fractures in people that have previously

who have existing compromised health conditions.

sustained a fracture. The bone regenerative market

It is estimated that there will be 425 million diabetic

is poised for new technologies and advances given

patients worldwide by 2030 that could lead to a

the expected increase in the number of individuals

commensurate increase in the number of patients

with osteoporosis and fractures.

Partners and joint expertise Collaboration partners

Austen BioInnovation Institute in Akron (ABIA)

Center of Excellence for Polymer Materials and Technologies (CE PoliMaT)

The ABIA is an exceptional collaboration between

CE PoliMaT is a privately owned legal entity,

Akron Children’s Hospital, Akron General Health

established in 2010, by a group of businesses

System, Knight Foundation, Northeast Ohio Medical

and academic institutions. Its mission is to ensure

University, Summa Health System, University

commercialization of research excellence into high

of Akron and First Energy Corporation. As an

value added products and services in high-tech

alliance of seven independent institutions, the

niche markets thereby supporting job creation

ABIA leverages individual strengths and collective

and economic development. The focus of polymer

mass to accelerate biomedical innovation to

science research and development within CE

commercialization and community transformation

PoliMaT is on advanced multifunctional materials

beyond that possible by any one institution. The

including the use of nanotechnology and renewable

ABIA consists of five nationally distinct Centers

resources – bio based and biodegradable materials.

of Innovation with core strengths in the areas of

CE PoliMaT develops applications for use in health,

biopolymers, orthopedics and wound healing.

electronics, green energy and agriculture. One

Utilizing its nationally recognized “Innovative

of the main objectives of CE PoliMaT is to create

Solutions for Invention Xceleration” (i6) model,

companies that will commercialize high potential

the ABIA is positioned to rapidly accelerate novel

technologies. CE PoliMaT is located in Ljubljana,

patient-centered innovation and commercialization

Slovenia and cooperates with leading centers of

at the intersection of biomaterials and medicine.

knowledge in the field of polymers from Austria,

ABIA is located in Akron, Ohio.

France, the United States, Africa and India, paving the way to a global biopolymer network.

Our joint competencies cover all stages of innovation process of commercial therapies in health • Research and development in polymer and biomaterial based therapies • Technology assessment and commercialization • Commercial potential • Intellectual property considerations • Clinical screening • Scientific and technical considerations • Regulatory considerations • Prototyping • Commercialization - company creation / licensing

aPiC internationaL CoMMit tees APIC sTEErIng CoMMITTEE MEMBErs •

Mateja Dermastia, MSc Director of CE PoliMaT

Dr. frank Douglas Director of ABIA

Dr. Boris Pukl Advisor to the director of Jožef Stefan Institute

Thom olmstead Director of Business Development, ABIA

Dr. Zev gurion Executive Director of Akron BioMedical Corridor

Dr. Mio Knežević Director of company Educell d.d.

Signing of the Master Agreement, April 2, 2013, at Bled, Slovenia Front row from left to right: Mateja Dermastia, MSc, Dr. Frank Douglas; second row from left to right: Dr. Boris Pukl, Dr. Zev Gurion, Dr. Tanja Rajkovič, Thom Olmstead


Dr. Matt Becker, Associate Professor, Department

CE PoliMaT Members: •

CE PoliMaT Scientifi c Council, National Institute of

of Polymer Science, University of Akron

Chemistry Slovenia

• Dr. Ali Dhinojwala, Professor, Department of Polymer Science,

Chemistry Slovenia

Ananth Murthy, MD, FACS, Director, Plastic & Reconstructive, Surgery Medical Director,

Dr. Zorica Crnjak orel, Vice president of the CE PoliMaT Scientifi c Council, National Institute of

University of Akron •

Prof. Dr. Majda Žigon, Professor, President of the

Dr. Peter venturini, Assistant professor, President of

Craniofacial Center, and Speech Surgery Clinic,

the management board of the Slovenian research

Akron Children’s Hospital

Agency, Advisor to the board of company Helios d.d. for research and development

Our uniqueness


PIC focuses on translational projects where the stage of clinical trials can be reached within a short time frame. Project ideas entering this initiative are first screened by our international Scientific and Steering Committees, followed by a comprehensive stage gate evaluation process. The clinical and commercial

potential of the technology along with securing global patent protection are the critical initial gates. The initial selection of projects is first considered by the Scientific Committee, while the final evaluation and approval is made by the Steering Committee. Once the projects are approved they are seamlessly managed and undergo regular project reviews every 3 to 4 months.

Innovation project selection process

Project Applications




Project Review


Project Review

Project Development • Project Leader • Resources • Funding • Stewardship


• Milestones


KEY OBJECTIVES OF APIC • Screen 25 innovation ideas in 3 years • Approve 8-10 innovation projects • Bring at least 1 innovation project to a stage of clinical trials or further product development by the middle of 2014 and annually thereafter • Submit 3 joint applications by the end of the first year and apply to national and multilateral agencies for grants (i.e., NSF, NIH) • A minimum of 3 patentable ideas over the 3 years • Screen additional project for patients from Africa that APIC will work on

Austen BioInnovation Institute in Akron 47 North Main Street, Akron, OH

ThE founDErs of ABIA •

Akron Children’s Hospital

Akron General Health System

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

Northeast Ohio Medical University

Summa Health System and

University of Akron

First Energy Corporation

Phone: + 1 44308 330-572-7544 E: Thom Olmstead: I: http://

Center of Excellence PoliMaT Tehnološki park 24, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

ThE founDErs of CE PolIMAT

Phone: +386 (0) 59081273 E: Dr. Tanja Rajkovič:

National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana

University of Maribor: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and


Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering •

University of Ljubljana: Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology The Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana

National and University Library, Ljubljana

Polymer Technology College, Slovenj Gradec

Akripol d.d., Trebnje

Belinka Perkemija d.o.o., Ljubljana

Bia Separations d.o.o., Ljubljana

GGP, Gozdno gospodarstvo Postojna d.o.o., Postojna

Helios Domžale d.d., Domžale

Helios, TBLUS d.o.o., Količevo

Kolektor group d.o.o., Idrija

Kolpa d.d., Metlika

Melamin d.d., Kočevje

Mitol d.d., Sežana

TC Polieko, Celje

TECOS, Slovenian Tool and Die Development Centre, Celje

Lek Pharmaceutical Company d.d., Ljubljana

Tosama d.d., Vir

Anteja ECG d.o.o., Ljubljana

PoliMaT trademark is registered in Slovenia under registration number 201171366, 201171367, 201171368.

The operation of PoliMaT is partly fi nanced by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund - budget heading 6944 Competitiveness of Enterprises and Research Excellence - ESRR-07-13-EU, accounts 4120 and 4310. 15% of the share of eligible assets represent earmarked funds from the budget of the Republic of Slovenia - budget heading 9406 Competitiveness of Enterprises and Research Excellence - ESRR-0713-Slovenian participation, accounts 4120 and 4310, NRP-No 3211-09-0012.


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ABIA – CE PoliMaT Innovation collaboration on health