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FROM COTTON TO SILVER IONS We select high quality raw materials for our products, such as the yarn with silver ions with superior breathability and antibacterial performance. To ensure their softness, most of the pillows are padded with polyester staple of different densities and blends. An internal polyurethane foam structure is inserted into certain models. Increasingly in demand are visco elastic polyurethane pillows, more commonly known as “memory foam”, along with latex pillows (made with 80% synthetic materials and 20% natural substances, such as rubber), capable of offering excellent performance in terms of comfort and the quality of sleep.


To those who appreciate both practicality and beauty, environmental awareness comes naturally. A world based on a balance between man and nature is a more beautiful place to live. Therefore, our choice to use production procedures and processes with a low environmental impact was a natural one. Based on these principles, we use 80% polyester staple fibre derived from recycled PET from plastic bottles to stuff our pillows. Furthermore, all of our products carry the OEKO-TEX ® Standard 100 - Class 1 trademark, suitable for children – an international standard that certifies the absence of toxic substances and their use in production cycles. PET

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