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FROM THE YARN TO THE FINISHED PRODUCT Expertise, know-how, the latest technologies and an aptitude for experimentation. These principles provide the foundation of our manufacturing vision, in step with the times. To guarantee the high quality of our products, with the exception of woven fabrics, all of our pillows and accessories are manufactured internally, regardless of whether we are making a few units or thousands of pieces. The production of both knitted and technical fabrics begins directly with the yarn. In addition to these fabrics, the layer of fibre used for stuffing pillows is manufactured inside the company’s facility where fabrics are cut, quilted and can even be personalised with the customer’s logo.

THE CULTURE OF SLEEPING WELL ORIGINATED FROM A SPRING It was the 1960s and it all began with a spring. Or rather, from the creation of mattress springs. Intuition, commitment and an aptitude for experimentation did the rest. From the third-party manufacture of pillows in the 1970’s to the creation of its own models in the 1980’s, the development, in the following years, of accessories - pillow cases, mattress covers and bed base covers - and products designed for children and the medical world. It was an exciting path that transformed us into the continuously expanding company we are today, whose main focus is the health of those who use our products, making the culture of wellness our own special trademark.

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