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The parameters that define a pillow’s characteristics are closely related to a person’s sleeping position, body weight or disorders such as snoring or cervical spine conditions. Thanks to our wide range of products we are certain to have the right solution for every need.


Depending on the posture we assume as we rest and our physical structure, each of us needs a pillow with the proper height. The majority of our pillows are available in three different heights: high, medium and low.

HOW DO YOU SLEEP? ON YOUR BELLY This position is not recommended as it forces the neck to twist in an unnatural way. However, people that fall asleep in this position can use a medium stuffed pillow to reduce pressure on the neck. ON YOUR SIDE The clinically recommended sleeping position. In this case, the pillow is chosen following a simple rule: it must keep the spine in alignment. Anatomic, breathable and flexible - based on the person’s needs. BELLY UP This position is indicated for those who suffer from cervical spine disorders yet not for those who suffer from gastric reflux. In this case, pillows with an internal support structure offering balanced support are recommended.



Pillow cases, mattress and bed base covers. We have also created all the accessories necessary for completing our range of products for a high quality sleep. The culture of wellness, the foundation of our entire business, is also reflected in the care that goes into designing and manufacturing the details of our products. Like the pillows, all of the accessories are produced using processes and materials of the highest standards and can also be made in special materials, heat regulating fabric, (with silver ion Coolmax 速 yarn or quilted Outlast 速 terry cloth adaptive climate 速 fabric), natural anti dust mite (Greenfirst 速) in addition to fire retardant or impermeable sanitary fabrics.

For us, well-being should always be reflected in design and functionality. This also applies to a broad category of our products developed for children and the medical world. There are forms designed for mothers and children, such as supports for the tiny head of newborns or for the belly of expectant mothers. Special products have also been created for the orthopaedic sector, or those designed to encourage proper posture, or actual toys designed for children, or even furnishing solutions designed with the utmost practicality in mind. Form and substance. Clean and simple lines, where creativity is the means for simple and immediate use.

FROM THE YARN TO THE FINISHED PRODUCT Expertise, know-how, the latest technologies and an aptitude for experimentation. These principles provide the foundation of our manufacturing vision, in step with the times. To guarantee the high quality of our products, with the exception of woven fabrics, all of our pillows and accessories are manufactured internally, regardless of whether we are making a few units or thousands of pieces. The production of both knitted and technical fabrics begins directly with the yarn. In addition to these fabrics, the layer of fibre used for stuffing pillows is manufactured inside the company’s facility where fabrics are cut, quilted and can even be personalised with the customer’s logo.

THE CULTURE OF SLEEPING WELL ORIGINATED FROM A SPRING It was the 1960s and it all began with a spring. Or rather, from the creation of mattress springs. Intuition, commitment and an aptitude for experimentation did the rest. From the third-party manufacture of pillows in the 1970’s to the creation of its own models in the 1980’s, the development, in the following years, of accessories - pillow cases, mattress covers and bed base covers - and products designed for children and the medical world. It was an exciting path that transformed us into the continuously expanding company we are today, whose main focus is the health of those who use our products, making the culture of wellness our own special trademark.

SLEEPING WELL MEANS TAKING CARE OF YOUR HEALTH As always, we think of our products as essential ingredients for improving quality of life. Since the cervical spine rests on the pillow, for us it was only natural to offer a contemporary and modern concept of a pillow: no longer an accessory but an element that substantially determines the quality of your sleep. Lines and stitching designed to gently welcome the place where dreams are made. Presented in white - a sign of purity and simplicity. Our philosophy embraces wellness, offering a balanced mix of practicality and aesthetic appeal, functionality and design. Our expertise is not limited to merely pillows and accessories, we also produce seating elements and supports.

THE HANDS AND THE EYES Our entrepreneurial strategy based on quality and attention to the smallest details led to our decision not to use completely automatic production processes. The polyester padding and internal structures of our pillows are assembled by hand with extreme care, while a series of checks are conducted visually. The entire process is performed by personnel trained in the company. For us, manual expertise, as well as the human eye, are synonymous with an authentic guarantee of “certified� quality. We implement the concept of quality each step of the way, from the processes to the materials. For this reason we are ISO9001.

FROM COTTON TO SILVER IONS We select high quality raw materials for our products, such as the yarn with silver ions with superior breathability and antibacterial performance. To ensure their softness, most of the pillows are padded with polyester staple of different densities and blends. An internal polyurethane foam structure is inserted into certain models. Increasingly in demand are visco elastic polyurethane pillows, more commonly known as “memory foam”, along with latex pillows (made with 80% synthetic materials and 20% natural substances, such as rubber), capable of offering excellent performance in terms of comfort and the quality of sleep.


To those who appreciate both practicality and beauty, environmental awareness comes naturally. A world based on a balance between man and nature is a more beautiful place to live. Therefore, our choice to use production procedures and processes with a low environmental impact was a natural one. Based on these principles, we use 80% polyester staple fibre derived from recycled PET from plastic bottles to stuff our pillows. Furthermore, all of our products carry the OEKO-TEX ® Standard 100 - Class 1 trademark, suitable for children – an international standard that certifies the absence of toxic substances and their use in production cycles. PET


For us, scientific research and philosophical thinking go hand in hand. After all, it is the culture of sleeping and wellness that leads to the creation of new solutions. From the time our very first pillow was made, we have been working with top experts in the field of orthopaedics, to gauge their recommendations and opinions. In keeping with this approach, for several years now we have been collaborating with the Libera Università degli Studi di Scienze Umane e Tecnologiche di Lugano (LUDES). The researchers of this prestigious academic institution test our prototypes on their patients, evaluating each parameter related to shape, density, material and heat transmission - before the products are officially guaranteed.

Università privata legalmente autorizzata ai sensi dell’Art.14 della Legge Cantonale sull’Università

A DISTINCT ITALIAN IMPRINT Unmistakable design, attention to detail and “made by hand” quality: around the world, this means Made in Italy. For us, Italian values come first. This entails thinking, designing and making every product exclusively in our facility in Calcio, employing Italian workers. In today’s increasingly competitive market, this is an important choice, which confirms our willingness to achieve excellence. In our company, those involved in design, production and marketing form a single team that continuously searches for a perfect balance between the enhancement of know-how, a distinct Italian imprint and an aptitude to experiment innovative solutions.

Fabe srl

Viale Aldo Moro, 32/B 24054 Calcio (Bg) - Italy +39 0363 96.87.22

TOWARDS NEW HORIZONS With hundreds of thousands of pieces produced per year, our interest is focused on the Italian market (now 65% of our turnover) and, increasingly, on foreign markets. In the 1980’s Germany was our largest foreign customer. The company began working in Japan in the early 1990’s. This is a demanding market that appreciates the excellence of Italian workmanship and continues to be an important business channel. With a vision aimed at widening our horizons, today we are also turning to emerging markets - Brazil, China, Russia where the Made in Italy trademark is synonymous with design and attention to detail.









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