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Dutchy tri-ing to improve mental health in policing


etective Leading Senior Constable Glenn Holland has launched his own campaign to raise funds for and awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder in policing, by doing what he loves – running, swimming and riding his bike in triathlons. ‘Dutchy’, a member of the Fugitive Taskforce, is looking forward to the coming triathlon/ironman season more than any other as he is focused on his goal of raising $30,000 for related causes. “By competing in the coming triathlon season and with support from many individuals and businesses, I hope to raise awareness about PTSD to my work colleagues and to the community. “[We should also] highlight that police members, even though they appear tough on the outside when attending to an emergency situation, can break over time after reliving many sad, bad or traumatic situations that have been encountered in the course of a member’s daily duties,” says Glenn.

How you can support Glenn’s campaign? For more information about Glenn’s campaign and how you can support it, visit his website or Facebook page;


TPAV Journal Issue 5, 2016  
TPAV Journal Issue 5, 2016