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POETRY CORNER Poems from our Polgooth residents. Poems, readings or artistic writing.

POLGOOTH FILM CLUB The latest news and information from the Polgooth Film Club.

POLGOOTH GARDENING CLUB What a wonderful month May is to be in Cornwall! Camellias may have gone over by now, but the later flowering multi.. THE TIME CRYSTALS Polgooth resident Teresa Bassett was delighted to share with us the news that her debut novel, The Time Crystals, has been.. A LASTING PASSION FOR MOTORING Having always been a ‘petrol-head’ (dare I say that in the current social climate!), motoring and cars have always been a big hobby.. MANS BEST FRIEND I have grown up with a dog in the household for most of my life, on occasions there have.. LOCKED DOWN BUT NOT OUTSIDE After careful consideration we have decided to take time out of our busy schedule (consisting of nothing) by Joe & Jude

e are all experiencing the strangest of times, W but the committee felt it was important to produce the Polgooth Times, not quite as normal,

because we are not having a hard copy printed and delivered through your letterbox, but we will publish it electronically; probably via the numerous groups in the village. There may be some people who do not use any social media groups, we hope to be able to send the magazine by email, so if you know anyone this may apply to, please let me know who they are. As I write this, it would seem that the current situation is likely to continue for some time. We have featured the names of the village volunteers on page 46, since the original information leaflet delivery to every household in the area, the number of volunteers has trebled, many people have been able to remain in their homes safely, due to the fact that their groceries and medicines have been regularly delivered. We are fortunate that the weather has been dry and that we do have a good variety of places we can take our exercise. Medicines from Probus surgery are delivered to Sticker shop, we now have a system in place whereby they are collected several times a week by Michelle Taylor and then delivered by volunteers to the recipients. This change in production has meant we have not had the usual printing costs, and we have been very pleased to pass on the savings to several local charities. The advertisers provide our revenue to pay for printing, so I hope they will all be supportive of our use of their revenue. All charities have been sadly affected by the current Covid 19 situation, many of their donations come from groups such as local churches, who adhering to our current guidance of not meeting are therefore not collecting. The current situation has of course also affected many people financially. This issue has several interesting articles, hopefully, there should be something for everyone. I would like to add a brief comment on the featured book, The Time Crystals. I really enjoyed reading this book, a story based around the workings of the mine; when reading a book, we create our own visual setting in our mind, in the case of The Time Crystals, this picture is real and familiar. The book would appeal to many from teenagers to adult and can be found on Amazon. co.uk. I hope you all continue to remain safe. Di Thompson (Editor) 01726 65342

EDITOR Di Thompson 26 Woodgrove Park, Polgooth 01726 65342 infopolgoothtimes@gmail. com DESIGNER Dan Frater 32 Polyear Close, Polgooth 07773330466 ADVERTISING Heather Lamble 50 Polyear Close, Polgooth 01726 75299 TREASURER / ACCOUNTS Roger Smith 44 Little Trelower Park, Trelowth 01726 67653 CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Christine Harding Pauline Sweet Alan Plester Chris Sullivan Councillor David Holman Barrie Pipkin Joe Taylor Jude Badger Jen Pope Teresa Bassett Tanya Williams Christine McHaines Gary Hitchens DISTRIBUTION Ann Dowling Barbara Littlejohns Colin Hall, Drena Banks Sally Williams, Roger Smith Gloria Smith, Chris Inman Wendy Eade, Michèle Taylor Ian Taylor, Sarah Snell Jane Hicks, Val Stevens Pauline Sweet, Dawn Jeeves Brenda Blake, Jenny Pope Becky Frater, Di Thompson Cover Photo: by Mrs.Janet Tolliday




I am the flower in your garden I look lovely in your raised bed. You work hard to grow me But then when you know me You come and you cut off my head. I am the romantic rose The flower of love it is said. With my beauty and smell I look very well In a posy the day you are wed. I can be standard or climbing But when my perfume has fled, When my colour has gone And my petals are wan You come and you cut off my head. I am the pretty camellia As sweet as your daily bread, I come in all shades But when my youth fades You come and you cut off my head. I am the ubiquitous daisy I grow in the grass where you tread. No need to hurry, No need to worry. The mower will cut off my head. A GARDENING TIP Should you stumble across some Kangaroo poo, (Not that bizarre so it seems!) scoop up the lot, put in a pot..... and grow your own Jumping Beans. Chris H


HENRY HARE AND TINA TORTOISE B Y PAU L I N E S W E E T Henry Hare met Tina Tortoise by her garden fence She said “Let me out of here, I’ll pay you five pence My life in Reckitts Road is all I have known With just a view of your field as I have grown. She added “I’m bored just watching green grass grow A day trip for me I’d like you to bestow I’d like to explore what’s down round the bend.” Henry replied “Where would you go my slow little friend?” Tina said “I dream of a day trip to the beach Along the path my swift Henry I beseech The only shell dwellers I meet are brown snails They don’t talk, just ripple their slimy tails.” “Henry, please find a carriage and pull me away There’s a trail to Pentewan, in Mevagissey Bay.” So kind Henry found a red skateboard close to hand Harness completed with a postman’s rubber band. Day came, helped on board, Tina smiled her thanks And they skimmed tree-lined paths and pretty river banks And reached crumbling old walls, remains of the quay Loved the white frothy surf and blue green sea. Blackhead, Gribben, Chapel Point views and call of gulls Bouncing yachts with sails and gleaming white hulls Dipping toes in rock pools nestling warm in the sand With mussels, winkles, limpets and seaweed stuck grand. Henry Hare forgot Tina Tortoise’s offer of cash The skateboard was perfect, they didn’t crash And so the two friends travelled home at their leisure A Bank Holiday outing with memories to treasure!





POLGOOTH HISTORICAL GARDEN WALK It was felt best that due to the current situation The Polgooth Historical Garden Walk which was due to take place on the 20th May at 11.00 is now postponed and pushed back to a later date in the summer Details of the walk will be posted around the village nearer the new date

The Club The Polgooth Garden Club usually meets every third Wednesday of the month at the Polgooth Inn at 11.00am However due to current issues this will be postponed until further notice Join our Polgooth Garden Club Facebook page, it’s virus free.



POLGOOTH FILM CLUB SPRING 2020 UPDATE o kick off the year, we showed last year’s T Best Picture winner, ‘Green Book’, in January. The film follows a working-class

bouncer who is employed to accompany an acclaimed African-American pianist on a tour of America’s 1960s Deep South. The result is a heart-warming and surprisingly funny film as this unlikely pairing develops into a strong friendship. It also highlights how attitudes have changed regarding different races in more recent years, with the pianist being treated as inferior to those around him due to the colour of his skin, despite being the star attraction and being paid handsomely to perform. The film went down very well with the audience of 20, achieving an average rating of 9.5 out of 10.

Substance abuse, anxiety and insomnia take hold as the tour progresses, leading to her finally having to cut the tour short. The film features an excellent lead performance from Renee Zellweger, who deservedly won the Oscar for Best Actress this year. An audience of 31 came along to watch, giving it a rating of 8.7.

In February, we went from one true story to another, as we followed the tragic life of Judy Garland in ‘Judy’. Set during the twilight of her career, the film follows Garland’s arrival in London in 1968 to perform a series of sold-out concerts in order to earn some much-needed money.


Before our film club screenings were cancelled for the foreseeable future, along with everything else in the country, we were lucky enough to fit in our March screening of ‘Bait’. As fate would have it, this Cornish-set film was shown on St Piran’s Day. The film is certainly unique! It is set in a Cornish seaside village (filming locations include Charlestown and West Penwith), and follows a local fisherman (played by Edward Rowe, a.k.a the Kernow King) who is doing his best to make ends meet by landing small catches and selling to the local pub, in the hope of buying himself a boat one day. Tensions start to build between the fisherman and a family who own a second home in the village, eventually reaching boiling point.

The film was captured on a handcranked 16mm camera, on monochrome film, and hand processed by the director himself. Due to the nature of this process, sound was not captured when it was filmed and had to be dubbed over afterwards. Although this was not the usual film club offering, the local connection was certainly appreciated by those who came to watch. With lots of other events taken place that evening, it was great to see an audience of 45 turning up to watch. The film got a rating of 7.3. We even managed to take part in the Trelawney Shout during the interval! Due to it being a special evening, the money raised was split between the village hall funds and Cornwall Hospice Care, with £50 being donated.

We are not sure when film screenings will resume this year. We are hoping we will be able to hold one further screening before our usual break for August, but this may not be on the usual first Thursday of the month. Please keep an eye out for posters around the village as well as taking a look as www. polgooth.weebly.com/film-club for further updates. All being well, we’ll be back up and running as normal in September with a return to our monthly screenings. We would just like to take this opportunity to thank all of our members for their continued support, and we hope to see you all again later in the year to watch some more great films together. Stay safe everyone!


The cast photo from this year’s panto - Treasure Island.

A full update and pictures will be in issue 152. See more on p.58



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POLGOOTH GARDENING CLUB The Constant Gardener - Chris Sullivan Rhododendrons and Azaleas What a wonderful month May is to be in Cornwall! Camellias may have gone over by now, but the later flowering multi-coloured Rhododendrons and Azaleas are still in full bloom. Our previous garden had been owned by a Rhododendron enthusiast, Brian. Brian must have spent an absolute fortune stocking the garden with large hybrid specimens—bigger specimens can cost upwards of £70. Coachloads of people from the RHS visited his garden just to look at these plants, and he also ‘showed’ some very rare specimens at the spring RHS shows, so you can imagine what the garden looks like at this time of year. Before I moved to this garden, I wasn’t a huge fan of Rhodis, but each year I just couldn’t wait to see these lovely exotic flowers in bloom. I came to love and appreciate them. These plants not only look good, some smell great too. They come in all colours and sizes, wildlife loves the flowers, birds hide under the branches, and they are very low maintenance. What’s not to love? Have I convinced you to buy one? Perhaps the cost has put you off. Well, a smaller version will cost from £10 to £15. Buy it when it’s in flower, then you can see exactly what you’re buying... and what it smells like. It’ll last for years and years. Most of these plants are evergreen, and this will give you structure in the garden during the winter when there’s not much else to look at. To get the best from your plants, make sure your soil is ericaceous (acid). You can buy soil test kits, and this will determine if you can grow these lovely plants in the ground or not. If your soil is not acid enough you can grow small types in pots. Just make sure you plant them in ericaceous compost (garden centres will advise you on what to buy). Make sure the pot is fairly big, so the plant has plenty of soil to hold water during the summer. These plants’ roots are near the surface and can dry out in the sun, so shade them with a mulch of fine bark or pine needles, or small size gravel. This will help keep the roots cool and moist in summer. If they are too hot and dry they may die, so some shade would be good for them.


Rhodis like the same conditions as Acers. Try growing the two together like they do in China and Japan. I’m an Acer lover, too, and had one called Bloodgood planted next to the Rhodis in our previous garden. Bloodgood has dark purple leaves that turn deep red in autumn. It can grow to a fairly big plant but will take many years to do so. Mine was under-planted with 100’s of lemon primroses. It looked stunning and, again, they are very low maintenance.


I now have smaller Acers in my current garden. One I particularly like, in a big pot, has bright red branches, and at Christmas I hang fairy lights in them. It stands next to a dark blue shed, where the red of the stems stands out against the navy blue of the shed. When you place a pot in the garden, think about its background. Dark leaf/flower plants get lost in a border, but put them against a cream wall and the plants have a contrast to show at their best.


Bedding and Pots

It’s June, and the frosts and cold winds in Cornwall have gone. Time to start planting pots and flower beds with summer flowers. I grow lots of hardy perennials— ‘hardy’ meaning they don’t mind frost, and ‘perennials’ meaning they die back during the winter, then re-emerge in spring. Here’s some HP flowers I grow: Rudbeckia, Coreopsis, Osteospermum, Helenium, Hostas, Alstroemeria, Chrysanthemums, lilies and Asters!! Some Non Hardy perennials I grow: dahlias, bedding geraniums, Cannas, and Bananas. Non Hardy plants treated as annuals I grow: Busy Lizzie (Imara type) and Begonias, both for shade, and Argyranthemum, Bacopa, Calibrachoa Lampranthus for sun. I’ve found mixing all these with some base evergreen shrubs, plus Hellebores, daffodils, tulips, Hydrangeas, clematis, and heuchera, ensures the garden has some interest all year round.


Water During the summer months, leave some water out for the wildlife to drink. A saucer of water with a few stones or gravel in it will help bees, insects, birds and all sorts of wildlife get to the water easily. Top it up daily with clean water. I always put my flower pots in shallow saucers in the summer. This helps conserve water, as pots will take up what they need and the rest of the water usually evaporates during the day. I wouldn’t do this in winter or spring—plants don’t like to sit in water for weeks on end, and we usually have enough rain in winter and spring not to worry about watering.

The Club Normally the club meet at the Polgooth Inn at 11.00 every third Wednesday of the month. But due to the lockdown the meetings are cancelled until the government give us the green light to resume normal service. Everyone is welcome to join our Facebook page Polgooth Garden club. Chris Sullivan





Polgooth resident Teresa Bassett was delighted to share with us the news that her debut novel, The Time Crystals, has been published by independent publisher Books to Treasure.


eresa was born and spent her early years in Polgooth, returning three years ago to help build her own house near her family. Like her mother, Pauline Sweet, she has always loved to write, and over the years has contributed many articles and stories to magazines and anthologies. The Time Crystals, her first full-length novel, is a time travel mystery suitable for children and adults alike. “The story and characters are invented, but the Cornish setting was inspired by my childhood home here in Polgooth,” she told us. “I spent many happy hours playing among the old tin mine ruins, and often thought about the shafts and tunnels beneath my feet. I wondered if there might be ghosts there—or something even more amazing.”


Prior to publication, Teresa’s manuscript reached the final five in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award Young Adult category, and was described by Publishers Weekly as a “thrilling time travel pageturner.” It went on to win $5000 in a US contest named The Next Novelist, which ran for one year. “The Time Crystals tells the story of 12-year-old Clara Callenick, who discovers a time portal within an overgrown mine shaft,” Teresa said. “Travelling between present and future, she is charged with a desperate mission, one which has repercussions not only for herself and her friends, but also for the future of the planet. “A curious twist is that since I initially wrote the manuscript, Time Crystals, which I thought I invented, have become a real life scientific discovery. So far, I haven’t read anything to suggest that these real Time Crystals might be used for time travel. But in the future—who knows!” Teresa’s book is available now from Amazon and other online retailers, or from bookshops via the usual channels, priced £8.99. The ebook version is due to follow within a couple of months. “I’m thrilled that my first novel has been published at last,” she said. “For me, it’s a lifelong dream come true.” Find out more at: www.teresabassett.co.uk or www.treeandleafblog.com or connect with Teresa on Facebook.



g n 21


It’s been a long, wet winter…….and with spring around the corner I’m excited about getting my pride and joy out of the garage and back on the road again. And with National Drive It Day on 26th April, a date which has become a traditional ‘celebration of motoring’ promoted by classic car organisations and clubs all over the country, it would have been a fitting time to take to the road- but for the coronavirus outbreak! aving always been a ‘petrol-head’ H (dare I say that in the current social climate!), motoring and cars have always

been a big hobby…and I guess passion. From early days when my elder brother was getting into cars- MG TF, Lotus 7, TVR, racing minis- and then through many years of my own cars and our joint involvement with the local car club outside Birmingham, my interest just grew. And that has included building my own ‘kit car’-a Ginetta G15- a lovely little sports car, competing in rallies in a mini and Hillman Imp, autocross, plus sprints and speed hill climbing in a ‘proper’ single seat racing car. Like most boys (and I hope some girls!) I had a few posters on my bedroom wall of iconic cars of the day-including an AC Cobra and a Ford GT 40 of the mid 60’s. So having sold my hotel business in Looe in 2006 I wanted to reward myself for 10 years of blooming hard work and decided a ‘Cobra’ would fill my need and passion for a ‘special’ car. Now ‘real’ Cobras are very rare…. and expensive. A genuine, in period one, will cost upwards of a million pounds and later ‘continuation’ examples £100,000 up- not for my budget!


But there is another way…..a ‘replica’ - we don’t like to call them kit cars, but they are really! Not having the garage space or all the tools needed to build one now (and I’m afraid not the patience anymore!) I contacted the one or two specialist dealers who trade in them and C979 PUJ was duly purchased. The AC Cobra is a part of motoring history and a combination of British car design and raw American ambition. Ford Motor Company in America wanted to produce a powerful, but lightweight, sports car to compete with the new Corvette Stingray in competitions, so they turned to their ‘go to guy’ for performance carsCarroll Shelby, a chicken farmer turned successful racing driver. He shipped over a pretty little British sports car -an AC Ace from AC Cars at Thames Ditton, one of the oldest car manufacturers-who originally started out making invalid carriages! By shoehorning a big American V8 engine into this lightweight AC sports car, Shelby created a formidable machine-the Shelby Cobra, produced in small numbers in the mid 60’s and which was very successful in competitions and international motor races. It spawned a coupe version, the

Shelby Daytona Cobra, taking 4th place overall at Le Mans in 1964 and encouraged Ford to develop the GT40- which then went on to win Le Mans 4 years running from 1966. So although not a ‘real’ Shelby Cobra, my replica Dax Cobra is pretty close to the real thing-at a fraction of the cost. For those technically minded (or vaguely interested) it has a Chevrolet 350 cu ins, 5.7 litre engine (to be authentic it should be a Ford engine but they are hard to get now at this specification) with Edelbrock Performer heads and street/race cam and a very large Edelbrock carburettor (yawn, yawn, I know!) and produces around 400 BHP. I suppose with the move away from fossil fuels, perhaps to fully electric and beyond, these cars will become dinosaurs of the motoring age but they would never feel ‘right’ in any other guise. Progress, I realise and it’s probably what they were saying when the motor car took over from the horse and carriage!! As part of the South West branch of the national Cobra Replica Club we meet regularly, either at various pubs or for a

car show supporting charities. Hopefully, if the coronavirus lockdown is lifted (and of course events are not cancelled), weather permitting (no hood you see-the joys of open top driving), we will be at Wadebridge Wheels at the Royal Cornwall Showground on Sunday 19thJuly (a big show now with around 1,400 cars of every age), Tregrehan for the Marie Curie Country and Classics on Sunday 26th July and others a bit further afield….so come and say hello. Luckily, my wife is also quite a car enthusiast and supports and encourages me to enjoy the Cob….or perhaps she’s just pleased to see me out of the way in the garage-‘fettling’! And I am very conscious of not upsetting the neighbours by driving like a loon around the villages… but I can’t help the rumbling V8 engine, I’m afraid-nothing like that sound in my book! I see and know of many classic cars around and about the village (and we all probably know of a few tucked away in garages) so perhaps we should form our own Polgooth Classic Car Club! Barrie Pipkin - Polgooth




Man’s Best Friends sssssssssssssssss I have grown up with a dog in the household for most of my life, on occasions there have been 2. When we moved to Polgooth in 1971, Black Labrador, Mandy, had to adjust to her new life, the following year, Bella joined us; later when Mum & Dad lived at Woodgrove Park, gorgeous Jenny came along, finally there was the very contrary Sally, who many of you will remember. For all her faults, Sally provided Dad with lovely company a good reason for daily walks. Rachel & Andy Hicks have no less than 19 reasons for daily exercise, the dogs they own are all Whippets & Greyhounds. Greyhounds are easily overlooked when searching for a dog companion, generally, people think they will need a lot of exercise, but the opposite is true, many of them have


needed re homing when their racing career ends. Whippets and Greyhounds make lovely pets, their needs are simple, they are such gentle natured dogs and the finest examples of ‘Couch Potatoes’. Rachel & Andy’s hearts are so large, they just cannot say no to a dog, particularly of their favourite breed, so when an urgent new home is needed for whatever reason, their family of dogs steadily grows, despite the fact that they also have a dog walking business to run. As you can imagine, the food bill is large, the veterinary care is larger, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. Their home has a plentiful supply of sofas for their family of dogs who all like their comfort, but if Rachel tops 20 dogs, Andy and the family may have to consider building themselves a luxury kennel in the garden!





take a moment

Poor mental health, the Black Dog of depression is a growing concern in the UK but it is not a new phenomenon. People have been suffering in silence for years battling mental illness & the stigmas attached to having a mental health condition. But at last, people are beginning to speak out increasing public awareness and education which is beginning to wipe away all the terrifying fears caused by some of the draconian measures taken in the treatment of such ailments in the distant past. We have come a long way, but there is still a lot to do. We all live in a world that is extremely fast paced in which there are enormous expectations and responsibilities placed upon us from a very early age. No wonder people feel pushed to breaking point, feeling that there is no letting up and nowhere to go for help. One of the best ways being used to help to combat some forms of mental struggle and indeed stress is to use meditation and in particular the use of Mindfulness. Don’t be afraid, Mindfulness meditation does not require you to wear hippy clothing & to burn a joss stick while sitting in the Lotus Pose chanting “Om”. A pe rson can be Mindf ul as they go

thee about their norm al day as th practice


30 30

simply encourages you to purposefully take stock of your experience and what you are feeling. It is the taking stock that is key and is actually the most difficult part of succeeding in being deliberately Mindful. Our brains are in a kind of

auto pilot the same tasks are done most days without us really thinking, or perhaps more to the point without noticing. We wake up - go to the bathroom & do all the things we normally do, then we dress, grab a coffee & breakfast before going off to work. As our work day begins our minds continue to be task focused in auto pilot mode. The brain is doing.

In Mindfulness we practice noticing the moments. We practice noticing feels, smell, sound, taste, mood, thought. It sounds easy but it really isn’t. Being deliberately mindful as you go about the day is hard to do so to get started it can help to take yourself out of a situation and set aside Mindful time when no other demands are being made of you for 5 minutes. Sit down Say and do nothing.

Notice how cold or warm it is. How does the breeze feel on the skin of your face? How loud or how quiet is it - what individual sounds can you pick out? Become aware of your hands and how they feel resting on your lap. Appreciate the fabric of your clothing as it is touching your body, is it heavy, or light and soft? Allow your thoughts to drift, coming & going. Do nothing but experience the present moment. Notice your mood and acknowledge it? Your brain has stopped doing and is now being. As you get more practiced you won't need to step away to be Mindful and can do it any time of the day. Start by imagining yourself stepping out of your body, floating in the air just above your own head. Watch and notice each thing you are seeing, become aware of what is going on around you. This is a mindful pause. Ask yourself what am

I thinking about right now and how do I feel?

Some people will set reminders a

discreet bell or vibration reminder reminding them to stop and be Mindful throughout the day. You could use just a post it note inside a cupboard door or do it each time you brush your teeth noticing the feel of the brushing on your teeth, gums, tongue. The taste and smell of the toothpaste, the sound of the brushing in each part of the mouth.. Or maybe when eating… notice the colour of the food, how easily it cut and how it felt when the fork when into it. Notice the anticipation of it being placed in your mouth. Then notice its taste, texture and smell before you swallow, These are all normal things you are doing. Nothing at all out of the ordinary and yet, you are allowing yourself to meditate and to take time to heal.

June, 2017 - Sample

Outlook Southwest Mindfulness Therapy Outlook Southwest offers NHSfunded therapies for mild-tomoderate anxiety and depression to anyone who is registered with a GP practice in Cornwall www.outlooksw.co.uk/mindfulness

Every one of us experiences negative emotion. We can be unhappy, sad, lonely, worried, anxious, fearful, angry, annoyed, overwhelmed, guilty, ashamed. These feelings happen to everyone to some degree. Just as we can have the opposite positive feelings of happiness and joy. In the normal scheme of things these feelings come and go one replacing the other. Sometimes even they are extreme and intense and at others are more fleeting. We all have thoughts about these

emotions. But it is the way we react to them that is different in someone who is depressed and mentally ill and someone who is not Someone without depression will acknowledge that they feel sadness. They will consider

what has caused this; however someone who suffers from a chronic depression will blame the sadness on themselves which makes them feel bad and worthless, unloved and unlovable. It becomes unbearable making them feel worse and worse giving rise to more and more negative feeling, shame, guilt etc.

Using Mindfulness to become more objective about thinking is a great tool for life and also is proving effective for those who suffer from mental illness. When something bad is happening someone who is suffering from acute anxiety can use Mindfulness techniques to examine thought processes in real time which can be a real step toward in correcting the mis-thinking that is part of the mental illness. If you want to learn more about

Mindfulness there are many places in and around St Austell where you will receive guidance and care.

Suggested contacts: Mindfulness Cornwall Mindfulness Cornwall offer short courses, Sitting Groups, One-to-One Supervision , Retreats & Mindfulness Yoga. www.mindfulnesscornwall.co.uk

IF YOU FEEL SUICIDAL & IN NEED OF IMMEDIATE HELP PLEASE CALL THE SAMARITANS DIAL 166 123 NOW The Samaritans are open24/7 365 days of the year for contact by phone, by letter, by email. All conversations are treated with the strictest confidentiality. If you prefer to see someone in person Drop In Centres are located throughout the UK and are open most days. Your nearest Drop In Centre is: Truro. TELEPHONE NOW ON: 166 123

Calls to this number are free & do not appear on a telephone bill. EMAIL: jo@samaritans.org WRITE TO: Freepost RSRB - KKBY - CYJK PO Box 9090, Stirling, FK8 2SA

No stamp is needed. If you’d prefer to see someone The Truro branch is open daily from 9am - 9pm for callers at the door. There is no need to make an appointment. VISIT US AT: 19 Treyew Road, Truro, TR1 2BY Call: 01872 277 277 www.samaritans.org


31 31


Digital TV Aerials & Extra Points Specialist in Poor Reception Areas HD Audio/Video Distribution Freesat HD Systems TV/DVD/Freeview Set Up Flatscreen TV Installations Telephone & Cat 5/6 Ethernet Points Commercial Multi Point Systems

Covering Cornwall - CAI QualiďŹ ed Engineer All Work Guaranteed For 12 Months



LOCKED DOWN BUT NOT OUT(SIDE) Hello there. After careful consideration we have decided to take time out of our busy schedule (consisting of nothing) to write this article for your viewing pleasure. As you are aware we are all being told to stay inside. Hopefully this is not brand new information to you because that would be quite worrying.


his has been quite a confusing time for us as young people. Whilst being in lockdown doesn’t feel too different from our average Sunday, we have been forced to stop doing some of the things we normally would such as meeting with friends to go bowling, or go for some KFC. We’ve only experienced one week of online school lessons and we have mixed opinions of these. It is quite stressful for us to get all of the work finished by the deadlines we are given, especially without being taught by our teachers. The lesson resources we are being given are fairly informative however they cannot answer our questions like real people could. On the other hand, we do have a bit more freedom surrounding when we complete our tasks and some lessons (like PE) are a lot easier, or


even non-existent. To keep ourselves busy, we have had to think of creative things to do in the confines of our own homes. One of our favourites is toilet roll bowling. This joyful little game is easy to set up (as long as you can get your hands on enough toilet rolls, those things are like cylindrical bars of gold) and requires only a small amount of skill and hand eye coordination. To set up, take 6 to 10 of your cylindrical bars of gold and place them in a triangle at the end of a hallway. Then, roll another roll towards the triangle from at least 2 metres away (2 metres

seems to be a common distance at the moment) and see how many you can knock down. Compete against your family (as long as they live in your house) and see who can knock down the most or try to beat your own previous scores. As there seems to be a restriction on some foods, we have come up with our own recipes for surviving the Corona Virus (or Covid-19, if you’re being pernickety). We are intending to make our own cookbook if you’re interested (Joe and Jude Make Good Food). Here are a few recipes you may enjoy; cheese on toast with mild salsa (if you’re a hardcore toast person), cheesey penne, banana bread and finally our favourite; homemade pizza topped with bacon. In conclusion, because we are now in our school holidays, life doesn’t feel too different for us, except we can’t go and see our friends or grandparents. Hopefully we can get through this quickly and safely, minimizing the effect the virus can have on our normal lives. We understand that for some people this has made a huge change to their lifestyle, and we are incredibly grateful for those that are working hard to support everyone in need (we are joining in with the weekly applause for the NHS and other key workers). We will

continue to socially distance and follow the lockdown procedures for as long as necessary (hopefully not for too long). Thanks for reading, and stay inside. Joe Taylor and Jude Badger aged 15 (Written online, observing social distancing rules). See more pictures on P.47




Raspberry and Almond Brownie by Chris Eden - Polgooth

Chris is currently a Michelin Starred Head Chef at Gidleigh Park – we asked him for something simple that we could all manage here is this Edition’s suggestion:

POLGOOTH LADIES GROUP In January our booked speaker was unable to attend so we spent the evening telling each other how we ended up in Polgooth. Some interesting accounts of families re-locating for various reasons mostly family or employment but nice to say no-one regretted their move. At the February meeting we welcomed members of Cornwall Search and Rescue. Jim and Zak gave an insight into all aspects of the teams of volunteers. They were accompanied by probably the most popular of the team, namely a beautiful collie dog called Izzy. So many stories of rescues carried out both mountain and pothole. Missing people were located. This organisation is a charity and all personnel are volunteers.

Ingredients: 110 dark chocolate 110 unsalted butter 150 dark brown sugar 150 caster sugar 2 eggs 125g flour 1/2 tsp salt 125g raspberries 50g flaked almonds oven at 160*C about 30 mins Instructions: Melt the butter and chocolate in a bowl over hot water, being careful not to overheat. Add the sugars and allow to sit for a moment before whisking in, off the heat. Add in the egg. Add the flour and salt. Into a lined tin and sprinkle with the raspberries and flaked almonds.

So as of now we have discontinued the meetings due to the current situation but we look forward to being with you again soon. Amy Evely


looks yummy - give it a try and enjoy!

Home or Away? As part of my 70 things to get done at 70 - Friday 8th May should have me flying to Spain to begin The Camino Walk of St James from Saria to Santiago de Compostela – 118 kilometres in 6 days. Some time ago I enjoyed a programme with some ‘celebrities’ doing this last part of a 500 km trail – part of the journey included free red wine at an old monastery – I remember thinking “that sounds like my kind of adventure”. Discussing the idea with friends who enjoy a walk - “You can join me if you want” brought mostly “don’t be ridiculous” responses and unsurprisingly there were no takers; my pals and my husband are in my age group with hips and knees to match. I decided to do it anyway. Many of you will have passed me striding around the Polgooth Lanes, latterly wearing in my posh new boots and showing off swanky quick-dry walking trousers. I have the double-layer socks that are supposed to prevent blisters plus the medication in case they don’t do what it says on the packets.

I have the waterproof rucksack with the chest and waist straps (quite heavy). I borrowed the Pilgrims cloak and a walking stick. I am currently as fit as I have ever been. Ryan Air mark my flight from Stanstead as ‘scheduled’ despite all their aircraft being grounded. The accommodations along my route are currently in lock-down. I imagine the red wine at the Abbey has stopped flowing. A message received this week from the couriers tasked with carrying my hairdryer, curling tongs and other necessities from hostel to hostel states that ‘they are very much looking forward to welcoming me’. The internet says all walking tourists will have to reschedule… I know many of you reading the magazine have concerns about your travel plans. The advice is not to cancel immediately, wait for

government instruction and/or airline advice. If you act too soon your insurance may not cover your decision. Thank-you Polgooth for making my husband and I so welcome…we moved from our St Austell home in November 2017 – the best move we have ever made – your village is awesome and highlighted even more at the start of the current Covid crisis when the volunteers swung immediately into action to help those in need. It’s a privilege to live here.

Jenny Pope – Redwoods


01726 823333 C O N S T R U C T I O N M AT E R I A L S



Goonvean Blockworks, St. Stephen, St. Austell, Cornwall PL26 7QF

Speedy Fingers Typing Services Our mission at Speedy Fingers is simple: to provide high-quality typing services in a timely and accurate manner. We cater to each project’s specific needs to ensure excellence. We can complete all manner of the following; - Copy Typing (both handwritten and printed text) - Audio Typing - CV's and Cover Letters - Dissertation & Coursework Typing - Business Manuals - Business Letters and general administration - Proofreading and Editing Services Contact us at speedyfingerstypingservices@gmail.com or 07532700404 to discuss your requirements.








Zoe Howard

07552 951999

Michele Taylor

01726 73150 or 07968 340570

Lizzie Flowers

01726 76108 or 07866 302378

Jilly Cockings Tim Cockings Sam Cockings Vinnie Mattera Sharon Kendall

07946 350134 As Jilly above As Jilly above 07536 068521 01726 65667

Sarah Snell

07534 444549 or 0172668460

Sarah Lovell Emma Roberts Gary Lemin Cliff Flowers Dani Hamley

01726 76124 07786 801963 07475 716171 07817 370899 07791 491736

Karen Taylor

01726 74049 or 07791344709

Di Thomson Shelley Warren Kate Spencer Jonathan Spencer

01726 65342 07771 871331 07465 223221 07478 333160

Toni Dowrick

07805 555001 or 01726 74979

Jeremy Roberts

07767 838621

Helen and Jonathan Childs

01726 76454

Paul Bullock Jane Cornelius

01726 61462 07530 934019

Sorin Andrei

01726 252478 or 07530934019

Carolyn Garland Susan Cullivan Mandy Littlejohns Claire Austin-Rattenbury

01726 71097 01726 72425 01726 68809 01726 61176


47 47






Our Chairman, Councillor John KNELLER and our Parish Clerk, Mrs Wendy YELLAND have been very active working on behalf of the parish to ensure that we continue to support everyone during these difficult times. Our heartfelt thanks go out to them for their unstinting work.

to 0300 1234 202. Help for extremely vulnerable residents Extremely vulnerable residents who need help getting food supplies or medical prescriptions – either because they are in the high risk, ‘shielded’ group or have other specific difficulties – are being urged to get in touch with Cornwall Council or Volunteer Cornwall.

South West Coast Path (SWCP) and Public Rights of Way (PRoW). In order to promote social distancing, at this time, Cormac are currently not undertaking any routine inspections or maintenance works to the SWCP or PRoW and are only responding to immediate health and safety concerns and making the paths safe or closing them as necessary. This position is being reviewed on a regular basis.

How to get help The Council is reminding extremely vulnerable people, whether they are on the shielding list, believe they should be or who are not being shielded, what steps they need to follow to ensure they get the help they need. In summary, those shielding need to register at: www.gov.uk/coronavirus-extremelyvulnerable or by calling 0800 0288327. Cornwall Council and Volunteer Cornwall can provide additional help. Ring the Council on 0300 1231118 or email: covid19@cornwall.gov.uk or ring Volunteer Cornwall on 01872 266988 or email: requestforhelp@volunteercornwall. org.uk. Those who are not shielding but still need help should contact the Council or Volunteer Cornwall on the same contact details.

If you are aware of any safety issues on these paths, please report them by phone

Best wishes for 2020 Councillor David HOLMAN

Everyone should have received two notes through their door giving details of how Polgooth is working towards helping anyone who has problems getting food or prescriptions, We were one of the first parishes in Cornwall to set this up and our thanks must go out to everyone who has offered help, either as someone who can pick-up and deliver things or as someone who can answer phone calls providing a friendly voice.






PICNIC IN YOUR FRONT GARDEN! Don't spend all day indoors! Celebrate the end of WW2 with your friends & neighbours. Hope you enjoy a gorgeous spring day! Bringing the community together whilst respecting social distancing.

Polgooth Times Donations for our digital issue Polgooth Times, Thank you very much for your recent donation of 106.6 kg of food to the Foodbank The Foodbank remains open and procedures have been changed in order to comply with distancing and number regulations. So far this year we have given out an emergency 3-day food parcel to over 1100 people of which 361 were children. Nearly half of these parcels have been given out since March 1st.

The Foodbank relies entirely on donations from the local community and without the generosity of those such as yourselves this would not have been possible Your donation is greatly appreciated.


CORNISH PLACE NAME QUIZ 1. Paddling in a straight line 2. Mouse with a sore throat 3. Adhesive label 4. Trainee from UK capital 5. Small rodent lives here 6. Lengthy stone 7. Turning red-faced 8. Frozen rain 9. Having fun here 10. Cream cheese, in short 11. Harbour in Netherlands 12. Run after the stream 13. In favour of public transport 14. Sickly dwelling 15. Field belonging to no one 16. Ebb flow crossing 17. Healthy amphibian 18. Yellow animated folk 19. Humpback river crossing 20. Feeling sorry for myself 21. Sounds the Last Post 22. Oops! Dropped lime jelly 23. Where Raynard lives 24. Tearing the beer pubs down 25. Often complaining 56


The best thing to come out of this lockdown is we get to spend some quality time with our families, whilst we are allowed one form of exercise a day, lots of people are choosing to wander around our beautiful village. So why not take a bag with you and if you see any litter on your walk then pick it up and help keep our village looking clean and tidy. Don’t forget to wash your hands.

Polgooth Christmas Lights rranging lights for the village A is no mean feat, as some of you are aware we need to fundraise a lot of money each year to subsidies everyone’s lights. The cost of the lights come to me at around £25 - £30 depending on what is available at the time and I need to place the order in May! I try my hardest to keep the price you pay to around £8. In 2019 we needed to raise over £2500 to cover these costs.

This year I’m going to do things slightly differently – I will be ordering 100 sets of lights, they will be charged at £15 per set. And when we run out, we run out. If anyone wishes to purchase their own lights without the help of the raised money, great. You can purchase comparable sets

at B&Q, B&M, The Range and other similar stores – we order warm white. We all feel that having the ‘switch-on’ event on the same day as our village Christmas fayre works well and would love to grow this idea into a full festive day of fun! Therefore, it will be on Saturday 28th November. If anyone wishes to be involved in helping on our 2020 event or has any idea’s please feel free to let me know - it’s always gratefully received! To register your interest please e-mail your name, address to enquiries@polgoothinn.co.uk Stay in & Stay Safe

Tanya 57

POLGOOTH PANTOMIME PLAYERS Thank you once again to everyone who came to watch our latest pantomime, Treasure Island. This year marked our 35th production, and we are still going strong thanks to your continued support. We had a total audience of just over 400 across the five nights, which really made all the hard work and months of rehearsals very worthwhile. The cast and crew thoroughly enjoyed themselves and really appreciated all of the positive comments that they received. As always, the majority of the money raised is passed on to the village hall funds to help keep the building open and running for another year. The rest is used to help finance next year’s production. We would also like to thank Mark and Sam in the village shop, as well as all of their staff, for selling our tickets once again, to Tanya and Alex from the Polgooth Inn for offering a discount for those attending the pantomime, helping to promote the show, and to the local businesses, many of them in the village, who have helped to support us again by advertising in the programme. We look forward to seeing you all again for our 2021 production. Watch this space for more details about what that will be later in the year.

POLGOOTH 2021 CALENDAR Coming soon our new 2021 Polgooth Calendar

Just ÂŁ4.99

Order now online at www.polgoothtimes.co.uk Full with 12 beautiful photos of Polgooth and our surrounding area. Perfect for stocking fillers or gifts.

Thank you to our Polgooth Easter Bunnies who delivered eggs to all of the children on Easter Sunday


QUIZ ANSWERS 1. Paddling in a straight line - Truro 2. Mouse with a sore throat - Gweek 3. Adhesive label - STICKER 4. Trainee from UK capital - London Apprentice 5. Small rodent lives here - Mousehole 6. Lengthy stone - Longrock 7. Turning red-faced - Flushing 8. Frozen rain - Hayle 9. Having fun here - Playing Place 10. Cream cheese, in short - Philleigh 11. Harbour in Netherlands - Portholland 12. Run after the stream - Chacewater 13. In favour of public transport - Probus 14. Sickly dwelling - Sweetshouse 15. Field belonging to no one - No Man’s Land 16. Ebb flow crossing - Tideford 17. Healthy amphibian - Frogwell 18. Yellow animated folk - Minions 19. Humpback river crossing - Camelford 20. Feeling sorry for myself - Pityme 21. Sounds the Last Post - Bugle 22. Oops! Dropped lime jelly - Greensplat 23. Where Raynard lives - Foxhole 24. Tearing the beer pubs down - Barripper 25. Often complaining - Grumbla 59

Polgooth Times Information

News information and diary events for inclusion in the forthcoming issue should be put in the Red Box in the shop or emailed to infopolgoothtimes@gmail.com Thanks to those who regularly contribute to our magazine. COMMITTEE MEMBERS Di Thompson, (Editor) 26 Woodgrove Park, Polgooth 01726 65342 Roger Smith, ( Treasurer) 44 Little Trelower Park, Trelowth 01726 67653 Heather Lamble, (Adverts) 50 Polyear Close, Polgooth 01726 75299 Daniel Frater, (Design / Editor / Compiling) 32 Polyear Close, Polgooth 01726 63066 Jenny Pope, (Committee Member) Redwoods, Polgooth PL26 7AZ 01726 61185 Teresa Stepping, (Committee Member) Chycoose, Tregongeeves Lane, Polgooth


St. Mewan Parish Church For details please contact the churchwarden, Ian Coleman 01726 61360 Polgooth Methodist Church For details please contact Tony Warren on 01726 75362 St Augustine of Hippo, Roman Catholic Church Woodland Road, St Austell (opposite ASDA) Sunday Mass Times: Saturday 6.00 pm Sunday 8.30 am and 10.30 am Holy Days: 10.30 am and 7.00 pm Telephone: 01726 73838

Polgooth Times Dates & Info

Issue 152 Closing date 3 July - delivery circa 14 August Issue 153 Closing date 2 October - delivery circa13 November Issue 154 Closing date 3 January - delivery circa 15 February Please bear in mind delivery dates when submitting events for inclusion in the Polgooth Times. We need events up to October 2020 for Issue 152.



If you are a retailer, or provide a service, in or near Polgooth, you’ll find this newsletter a worthwhile advertising medium. Potential advertisers will get a good deal because: • • • • • •

HE POLGOOTH TIMES is published four times a year T It is delivered free to every household in Polgooth, Little Polgooth and Trelowth It has a circulation in excess of 600 copies Subscribers U.K. and Overseas Copies supplied to St. Austell Library for County Records Advertising Charges are reasonable

We cannot guarantee the positioning of adverts. This depends on the layout decided when the newsletter is compiled. Advertisements will continue to be published and charged annually, unless the advertiser notifies Heather Lamble before the deadline of 31 December. New advertisers may be put on a waiting list. If any advertisers wish to pay electronically, please contact Roger on 67653 For advertising please contact: Heather Lamble Tel: 01726 75299


Annual rates Full Colour: Full Page- £102 1/2 Page - £63 1/3 Page - £49 1/4 Page - £37 Advertisements started during the year will be charged pro-rata.

Should anyone, advertisers or others, wish to include a flyer with this magazine we are now having to make a small charge. A5 size would be £25 but anything that required folding would be £50. Anything directly concerning the village is negotiable.


The format and number of pages are decided soon after the specified date. Late material may be impossible to fit in, unless especially important, articles, letters, etc. will be held over for fresh consideration. Editing of some articles may be essential. SUBMISSIONS for publication can be hand-written, printed, typed or photocopied BUT MUST BE LEGIBLE. We can also include photographs. WHEN SUBMITTING ARTICLES PLEASE TRY TO PRODUCE THEM ON A5 SIZE (as this page). This helps reduce work in compiling the draft. Articles may be emailed to: infopolgoothtimes@gmail.com The Editorial Committee cannot undertake to confirm times, spellings, dates, venues, etc. Contributors are asked, please, to check accuracy of details sent in. Views expressed in letters and articles in the POLGOOTH TIMES are not necessarily those held by members of the Editorial Committee, the Committee does not accept responsibility for opinions, methods, conclusions or views expressed in content material. The POLGOOTH TIMES is FREE to people living in Polgooth, Little Polgooth and Trelowth. Additional Copies: 60p Copies sent by post: £5 per 4 issues (payable in advance) Please contact: Mr Roger Smith, 44 Little Trelower Park, Trelowth, St Austell. 01726 67653



Police: Ring 999/112 for EMERGENCY - but for Local Enquiries the number now is 101 and ask for your Local Police Station. The NHS 111 service. You can call 111 when you need medical help fast but it is not a 999 emergency. NHS 111 is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Calls are free from landlines and mobile phones. Refuse Collection takes place on Wednesday. Recycling fortnightly. See special notices re Public Holiday Collections. Travel Cornwall Bus Service 471 now runs from Polgooth to Asda at the following times Monday to Saturday: 10.35 am and 12.45 pm plus 2.45 pm (Saturday only) Returning from Asda at 10.55 am and 1.05 pm plus 2.55 (Saturday only) Full timetable from Transport for Cornwall on 0808 196 2632 or TFC website at www.transportforcornwall.co.uk or download the app. COVID-19 Timetables, please visit the website for the latest timetables which are changing frequently.

GROUPS & ORGANISATIONS POLGOOTH LADIES GROUP will be meeting on the last Tuesday of each month in the Village Hall at 7.30 p.m. For further details please contact Mrs Carol Peatheyjohns on 63457. POLGOOTH PANTO GROUP Contact Garry Hitchens on 61220 for details. All welcome. Annual productions. POLGOOTH CHURCH Coffee morning in the Chapel, on the first Monday of the month at 10.30 am. POLGOOTH VILLAGE HALL Bookings - Contact Michèle Taylor 73150. KNIT & KNATTER Contact Angela Champion 72440. POLGOOTH EVENTS COMMITTEE Arrange seasonal events throughout the year. To get involved contact Kate Spencer on 61889. POLGOOTH BABY AND TODDLER GROUP At Polgooth Village Hall every Wednesday from 9.30 am - 11.30 am during term time. £2 per session. POLGOOTH GARDEN CLUB meets every third Wednesday of the month (except December) in the Polgooth Inn at 11.00 am. Contact Chris Sullivan 63437



Business Name


A1 Weston - Driving School

01726 61167

Email / Web


Averlea Residential Home

01727 66892



Capitol Carpets

01726 72845 / 07968 862624



Chambers Marcus - Painting & Decorating

07768 713957



Clark J.V & Sons – Electrical

01726 65300

Cornwall Screenprint

01726 68689



Denis May & Sons

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Enviroscape Solutions

01726 844688



Family Law

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Grigg M.A– Country Store & Restaurant

01726 65656



Hawke R.A & Co.

01726 624910

Heligan The Lost Gardens of

01726 845100



Kernow Window Repairs

07711 350226



Rob Larter - Financial adviser

01872 500995



Larcombes Memorials

01726 814466



Lidgey’s Property Maintenance

07565 591092



Lobbs Farm Shop-Heligan

01726 844411



May Whetter and Grose

01726 73501



May's Country Store

01727 883838



Mary's Garden Services

07939 934325




Newells Travel

01872 277363

Pengelly Plant Centre

01726 883757



Polgooth Inn

01726 74089



Polgooth Pete

01726 74557 07703 314315

Polgooth Village Stores

01726 73816

Poltarrow Farm

01726 67111


p.36 p.7 enquirie@poltarrow.co.uk


Porthpean Sailing Club

01726 66266



River Valley Garage (formerly Hillside)

01726 74056



Robinson’s Gardening & Design Services

07519 637467



Ross Collins

07836 699265

Shane Perry, Aerial & Satellite Services

01726 883655 / 07841 198548

Speedy Fingers Typing Service

07532 700404

Sweets Garage

Varcoe eyecare

01726 72959 01726 68202 / 73533 01726 891972 / 07816 913479 01726 73468

Village Salon

01726 75930

Tregongeeves Farm Cottages 2KS Building Services



p.48 shane@shaneperry.tv


speedyfingerstypingservices@gmail.co m

p.41 p.41


p.37 p.29


p.46 p.21

Polgooth Parish Councillors

These details are in the public domain - on the Parish Council website, along with details of the other Councillors and our Cornwall Councillor. Name


Mr Christopher Passmore 01726 64401 / 07791 770294



Mr Jonathan Spencer

07478 333160


Mr David Holman

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