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Electric field

Now it is necessary to explain formation and action electric field in space. The space is considered a (as) zero condition (state) of a quantum field, and correctly it is considered! There is no deformation of quanta of space, there is no also a field! A cell of space which has closed measurements (particle), under the influence of supervacuum "pushing away" these measurements, there is under the great pressure (charge), and it comes to outside basically through not closed semimeasurement, causing orientation of measurements of other cells of space (they do not have weight!), i.e. increasing probability and time of a finding of corresponding micromeasurement of space opposite to the similar not closed micromeasurement of a particle (look drawing № 1).

Drawing № 1 The rotary moment of a particle ("spin") creates isotropy action of the generator of electric field (charging semimeasurement). Each charge focuses "the" (specific) measurement in cells of space producing only on it "pressure" and to some extent deforming its (compression). At identical charges of particles, measurements of space cells resist to compression and there is a process of pushing away of elementary particles (look drawing № 2)

Drawing № 2

At different charges there is an unusual phenomenon, semimeasurements of cells of space being guided by different charges are turned in a cell on ninety degrees (two semimeasurements "plus" and "minus") causing cell polarization 1

(look drawing №3).

Drawing № 3 Such paired combination of two semimeasurements in a cell leads to that, they any more do not resist to "pressure" and are compressed that leads to occurrence of effect of force of an attraction (look drawing № 4).

Drawing № 4 Thus electric field − is a residual deformation of the closed cell of space spreading on other cells of space, through "the" (specific) type of measurement. That such space micromeasurements, you learn slightly more, by the text end. I will add still that "inside" the closed cell of space four degrees of freedom of space are deformed at least (2 measurements at electron), and deformation of the fifth degree of freedom is set by not closed semimeasurement which conduct pressure only in one direction (outside) as the diode. After cell rupture of space (electron), the quantity of degrees of freedom in semimeasurements doubles, differently in one cell of space there would be 12 degrees of freedom! Total 4 inside plus 1 degree of freedom coming to outside equals to 5 degrees of freedom (their deformation) and are responsible for an electric charge. You have not fallen asleep yet? Then it is necessary to you to explain "tunnel" effect. If measurement responsible for "electric" deformation and etc., is localized on "surface" of an elementary particle, in the course of fluctuations and the moment of "rotation" of particles there can be a minimum of distance for the same charged particles and the opposite vector (field generators), which has coincided with it minimum between "power" measurements (look drawing № 5), therefore there is a zero moment of a field.


Drawing â„– 5

The field as though ceases to operate (or strongly weakens), between particles on very short time interval. If this time interval coincides with the maximum amplitude of fluctuations it can cause effect of tunnel transition. The particle passes through Coulomb's a barrier, though to it lack for this purpose energy. Particles with an identical charge can will approach thus on the minimum distance up to the deformation beginning (interactions) "short" measurements (nuclear forces), about it, a bit later. Probability of such process already calculates from deformational ratios (empirical formulas). For particles with different charges there is a distance increase between them, up to disconnection though for this purpose, to it also can lack energy. In my opinion, the "tunnel" effect has received a classical explanation.

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The electric field from the perspective space model

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The electric field from the perspective space model