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Proton By what way are formed baryons? After all they also should be formed of calibrated spatial "material" as well as leptons, after all, all of them are identical! And as we have assumed earlier, should have all three measurements of space the closed! At the big energy of radiation, the length of a wave of electromagnetic deformation very short and also comes nearer to the sizes of a cell of space, and thus each cell of space transmitting the el-mag. a wave is very strongly deformed (loaded) that causes at blow short circuit already not two, and five semimeasurements of a cell (look drawing). The more energy of blow, the more zone of shock deformation. It leads to that the blow zone is necessary already not one cell of space, as in case of an electron - positron, but on two, that leads to formation of two particles with big "inductance" of measurements (weight), in 1836 times more, than in the previous case, i.e. the proton - antiproton pair is formed.

From electrical engineering we know that the increase in number of wire turns in the coil (reel) leads to increase in its inductance already in the second degree (n > in 3 times, inductance > in 9 times (is more) etc.). Thus short circuit of five components of spatial cell leads to sharp increasing in a gravitational-inertial charge of a particle (weight-mass) or deformation of the sixth degree and thus loading on zero space (supervacuum) pushing away the closed measurements sharply increases. Deformations ratio for weight of a proton - antiproton: m p 

c where ħ − Dirac constant, 1,05458·10-34 j·s, 6

c =

2.9979245·108 m/s, "π" = 3,1415926, m = kg, accuracy of calculation under this formula of +0,275 %. Calculations are given in the appendix. From geometrical dimensionality 1


 ( 7 )  c ( 1) ( 6)  m p , 7 + (-1) = 6) it is visible that the weight of a proton is formed by ( 0) (6 )

subtraction of deformation of one degree of freedom of the constant Dirac which sense has been given a bit earlier. A velocity of light having negative geometrical dimensionality (-1), plays a role transformatory factor translating ones deformations of space in others. And still, notice the main thing! We have multiplied J·sec on metre/sec and have received: metre  J  metre  kg ! This is one more acknowledgement of geometrical sec dimensionality of weight: E ( 4)  metre( 2)  m p (6) J  sec 

4 + 2 = 6 i.e. the weight has on one measurement (its deformation) more than energy!

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Proton from the perspective space model