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SPACE-TIME MODEL In physics for a long time there is a necessity to classify various processes observable by us in World around. We investigate various environments, but in the meantime, the space all time escapes our attention. It is considered to be: that it is the inert environment in which there are objects interesting us and on which studying the greatest quantity of forces and time is spent. But we do not know, that such force, energy, weight, and furthermore time in space. The substance is discrete, i.e. between its structural elements there are intervals of space. Hence, all is above the listed factors are operating in space. Correcting a mistake of physicists, I have in more details considered space from the point of view of its prospective step-type behaviour, and look, that from this has remained. The small citation from V. Acosta, C.L. Covan, B.J. Graham book of " the Essentials of modern physics " issued by Harper & Row, Publishers New York, Evanston, San Francisco, London. Part 1 chapter 1. (Back translation from Russian) Ideas of the general theory of the relativity advanced by Einstein, have well been summarized Erwin Schrödinger (1950): " the Basic idea and a ultimate goal of the theory is no more and not less, than the following: the four-dimensional continuum provided certain geometrical structure – structure which submits to certain only geometrical laws, – is correct model of the real World surrounding us developing in space and time, with everything, that it contains, and with all details of its behaviour, with game of events, in it occurring". Conclusions from the first chapter. We have shown, that in quite concrete physical sense the vacuum in space – time cannot be represented as emptiness, it contains huge quantity of all particles known to us. These particles turn in "detectable" objects under action of light signals of very big energy or frequency. Besides we have emphasized in our statement that there are no reasons to consider space – time indefinitely divided on more and more small and small parts. Space – time can be continuous, and can be and discrete, i.e. probably it will consist of any individual "cells". In the interaction with substance space – time behaves actually as the ideal mirror giving full, but the inverted image of each particle in the Universe. Probably, space – time is a passive receptacle of all physical World, and can be, essence of all physical phenomena representing its internal geometry.


The quantum theory of space (QTS) Concurrence, likeness, similarity of many phenomena and objects in the Universe, forces to believe, that the leading role in it, is played with three-dimensional space from which all essence of things "has crystallized". Otherwise, it is not possible to explain similarity: Solar system and atoms, a nuclear mushroom and poisonous mushroom too, hoarfrost on glass and plants, outlines of many Galaxies and cyclones in atmospheres of planets, the discharge of a lightning and branches of trees …, etc. The scale and structure and chemical composition of these objects different, the general at them only one – space in which they are. The form (shape) is geometry, and the geometry – is a property of space. The matter bends (contorts) space why it cannot be more stronger curvature of the same space in a local zone? This brief introduction to the stated quantum theory. Me has interested isomeria substances. It when the chemical composition of substances is identical, and (but) their chemical and physical properties are different. For example, the polyethylene bottle and gasoline filled in it have an identical chemical composition (CH)₂ but different properties. But if atoms and elementary particles their forming always and everywhere are identical, then, as chemical and physical properties of substances depends from geometry of their arrangement, and it already property of space, instead of substance! If we reduce scales, the matter is broken into molecules, atoms, elementary particles; radiation shares on waves, quanta... But in fact, change of scale it not property of a matter! And property of space! (distance!) It is surprising, that anybody did not notice it earlier! It became clear to me, why the science has gone to impasse in searches of Truth. Scientists simply are afraid to study three-dimensional space! A. Einstein and E. Schrödinger at the end of a life specified, that all our World can be "internal" geometry of space, but to them have not listened. And I have achieved nothing, if to me have not occurred, that for force in space enough only one dimension to operate, but to radiation is necessary already two dimensions! Electromagnetic waves flying in space are an alternate oscillations electric and magnetic fields under a corner (angle) in ninety degrees! Again property of space! Well and the weight from which at annihilation arises radiation (energy) – these are three closed measurements (dimensions) all of the same space! And which are under very big pressure {voltage}, because of mutual pushing away. This pushing away does not allow measurements to fold (get together), since they do not have thickness in usual sense for us, and forces them to establish a corner (angle) of balance between them in ninety degrees! Still this pushing away forces the Universe to expand! Short circuit of measurements is a process of synthesis of a matter, and disconnection is a process of clearing (liberating) of an internal pressure {voltage} of a particle at annihilation two particles. Now we shall present space as the gas consisting of small cells (quanta of space) with the sizes:

1 = 1 .110 17 m (where c – velocity of light ) and which will consist of two c2


"electric" and one "magnetic" measurements and which are connected among themselves in the center.

In order that the space can exist as homogeneous in all directions, this cell should rotate quickly in all planes with super light "velocity" into the other space without measurements (zero space), differently the scheme does not operate. This process also is function of time in space or the factor isotropy (uniformity) ours space. Without time the space will not be homogeneous. In other words, the space is formed as well as the image in a kinescope of the TV, during display (functioning electronic ray). Measurements of space, it is channels of anisotropy (heterogeneity) in zero space (cracks in it), arisen billions years ago, because of an overstrain {over voltage} in zero space for yet not found out reasons and generated our three-dimensional space. If zero space it is loaded with a plenty of the closed measurements, process of "rotation" space cells is slowed down. Time is similarly slowed down and at motion of a particle, because of interaction with cells of space the particle is compressed also, its come nearer measurements creating thus more great load on zero space (super vacuum − i.e. vacuum without measurements), that, by all means complicates process of their "rotation" i.e. time is slowing down. Force − is a deformation of one measurement in (of) space. Energy − is a running deformation of two: one "electric" and one "magnetic" measurements alternately (for light). The ray of light goes in one direction and space cells not having weight synchronize "rotation" in one direction, i.e. time does not operate at this process or is simply equal to zero! See, what convenient model of space! If to deform two "electric" measurements of space, and a wave of compression to start up along "magnetic" we shall receive neutral (neutrino) radiation. Because of compensation of action of two opposite "electric" measurements, such radiation very poorly (weakly) interacts with substance. Now we shall present, if two waves of running deformation will collide {face} with sufficient energy in one cell of space:


The cell of space cannot synchronize "rotation" for two waves of shock compression and having bent the measurements ( become connected "electric" on (with) "magnetic" ) forms two rings, which making a start will fly away from each other, having formed electron-positron a pair (products of breaking of a cell of space). The remaining openended semi measurements are energized and release a part of it outside, focusing and compressing measurements spatial cells the same "grades" of (a sign), creating effect of action of an electric field. "Rotation" of the closed cells of space does not disappear. Now it refers to “spin” elementary particles, and creates a homogeneous electric field in all directions. In a case with a proton, waves even more powerful also cause short circuit already five elements ( semi measurements ) spatial cells, only take place it can for two space cells:

Since, other cell, is an inertial point of a support for short circuit of five semi measurements at first one. Represent, what pressure {voltage} of the bent measurements reserves this "water-melon" and as it "presses" on zero space forcing this space to bend the shape (form) of cells nearby (a bend), creating the more big weight, in 1836.1 5 [ 5  2     2




 5+ 2 5 5   5  2  6 5         2+ 2 2 2   2 

 2 3 

] times there is more than electron’s weight

(mass). Open-ended "tail" you already know purpose {assignment}. Force of an electric charge is defined only by throughput ability of measurements of space and on (from) a pressure {voltage} inside a particle does not depends. Thus, in electron it is closed two diverse measurements (light weight), and in a proton it is closed three different "grades" (heavy weight). As in electron few the closed measurements and it, thus, loads zero space a little, in addition measurements "rotate" in this exotic space, strictly to locate position electron in three-dimensional space it is impossible. It is detected only on set of all deformations of space cells which it makes (a electronic cloud). That is, electron it is more similar to space, than on a matter. Thus, the matter is anything to others, as condensed space! By analogy formation of drops of water from water steam. But as against drops of water, such curved space is under the big pressure {voltage} and movement in it is difficult. Action of a magnetic field is not shown, since it is necessary to describe three factors of its action, with schemes, that will increase volume of the text twice. In brief I shall stop on action of a gravitational field. Cells of space having bent by the elements near to object with a plenty of the closed measurements, push away (reflect) the closed a cell of space (a particle) in a direction of this object. The direction and shape of a curvature of space cells near to heavy object completely repeats a curvature of the closed cells of 3

space inside object, but is less expressed by size:

Apparently from these examples, the model is rather efficient. The minimal portion of energy − quantum, it is only one deformed cell of space i.e. all is simple! The theory with the description of the phenomena and effects in a microcosm and astronomy, with conformity to natural laws open there, has the size of 160 pages of the typewritten text. In the given kind the statement it is extremely compressed, but nevertheless gives some representation about essence of this model of space. Certainly, that all this does not worth a damn, if not to support all this with mathematical proofs. I find out a deformational row {line} of space:













V k












S ε0


From it follows that:


(0 )







n d 1









N   m

( 5 )

G(-6) NA

Force is deformation of space length DL Energy is deformation of the space area DS The weight is deformation of space volume DV

One measurement contains two degrees of freedom, and the specified degrees of physical values express, how many degrees of freedom of space are deformed at formation of this or that physical value. For example, time is a turn of one measurement around of the center of a cell of space, i.e. two degrees of freedom plus one degree of freedom. Total sum is three degrees of freedom, etc. As a matter of fact, it is parallel geometrical dimensionality of all values. If in the formula at multiplication of values in it, degrees of geometrical dimensionality of values − to add, at division − to subtract, at involution − to multiply on number of a degree, and at extraction of a root − to divide into number of a degree of a root, we shall receive a geometrical degree of required value (quantity).


For example: the period of fluctuations of a pendulum t = 2π

l , g

l( 2 ) , g ( 4 )

t ( 3 ) = 2 ( 0 )

3= 0+

2  ( 4 ) 2

E = h , E(4 ) = h(7 )  ( 3 ) ,

4 = 7 + ( 3 )

N = Fυ , N ( 1 ) = F (2 )  ( 1 ) ,

1 = 2 + ( 1 )

p = mc,p(5 ) = m(6 )  c( 1 ) ,

5 = 6 + ( 1 )

E = mc2 , E(4 ) = m(6 )  c 2 ( 1 ) ,

4 = 6 + ( 2  1 )

t = mc3 ,t (3 ) = m(6 )  c3 ( 1 ) ,

3 = 6 + ( 3  1 )

F = m c4 F ( 2 ) = m(6 )  c 4 ( 1 ) ,

2 = 6 + ( 4  1 )

Thus, all formulas are ratios of various deformations in space or simply deformational correlations. At calculations with application of negative numbers, it is better to use the micro calculator, because in it operations with negative numbers are programmed. For weight of a electron a ratio: me =

 c , where 2


h = 1 .05458 10 34 J  s 2π

For weight of a proton:

mp =

c = 2.9979245 108 m / s

c 6

Numbers ˝π˝ and 2 have zero geometrical dimensionality. The number ˝π˝ expresses the rotary moment in space. Still this ratio of the bent stretched {dragged out} measurement to compressed linear one and which is inside bent. me = 9 .11031 kg Geom. dim-lity +6,5 (light weight) Number " π " − 3.1415926

mp = 1.671027 kg Geom. dim-lity +6 (heavy weight)

Quantum length in space inversely proportional to a square of velocity limit in threedimensional space: 1 c2

( 2 = 0  ( 2  1 ))

Diameters of particles are more than 1.1·10-17 m, since repulsive measurements taking place energized and such way expanded (lengthening), become more by size, increasing diameter of a ring of particles. 5

Connection of a gravitational constant with other values:  c  G =  2   0 





0  7.5


1.5 0

h 2

h − Planck constant ћ − Dirac constant

6π  2  The most exact formula: G = 3 15

-6 = 0 - ((7·3) + (-1·15))


Connection of Dirac constant with other values: charge: e =



 02

e⁽⁵⁾ – an elementary

c 2 6 2

ε0⁽⁴⁾ – an electric constant or is four "electric" degrees of freedom in space. 8.854188·10-12 F/m μ0⁽⁻²⁾ – a magnetic constant or is two "magnetic" degrees of freedom in space. 12.566371·10-7 H/m Ruler of physical constants in decreasing order their geometrical degree: │ Physical dim-lity 1.4·10-62 J·m3

Geom. dim-lity (10)

Gw    2 0   4

3 0

Gw − a constant weak interaction (coupling) or aconstant five-dimensional space (plus two short measurements)   6 2 3 2  0

 0


1.05458·10-34 J·s


9.1·10-31 kg

m p   3 2   0  0


1.67·10-27 kg

e  3 2   0  0


1.602·10-19 CL


2.9979245·108 m/s

2 .5

me  3 2 3 2  0

1 .5


 0






1 0.5  0




G  2   03 3








3 2  0

N  m2 kg 2


Try to calculate it on a computer not knowing geometrical dimensionality of physical values, and to find these laws!

As to a neutron of an astable particle, its graphic representation: I.e. a complex (combination) a proton with electron. Two generators of an electric field compensate action each other forming thus a neutral particle. Connection is carried out by means of short measurements available in a cell of space and which were not extended during formation of space till the length in 1,1·10 -17 meter and operate, only on short distances. Forming ringlets at connection, these measurements increase loading on zero space, creating, and so weight (mass) of connection of particles. These short measurements is too three and they are the reduced mirror reflection of a cell of space inside themselves. So as, rings of a neutron are pushing away from each other, later, this particle breaks up to a proton and electron, causing a birth of pulsations of "electric" measurements of space ( antineutrino - neutrino ). Other astable particles: muons, π – mesons, K – mesons etc., also will consist of connections closed rings of measurements, and too are actable. The neutron is stabilized only in a nucleus of atom "having hooked" for short measurements of other particles, and having increased thus durability of the design. And on the contrary, having flown into a nucleus and not having the synchronous moment of rotation with particles of a nucleus, the neutron breaks off short measurements in a nucleus, causing disorder and disintegration of the last on two or more parts, with the subsequent scattering the same charged pieces of a nucleus, releasing thus huge energy. You can ask: and than "electric" and "magnetic" measurements of cells of space differs? " Screw cutting " on measurement which also unstably and also "rotates" around the axis. Flutes of "plus" measurement go from the center of a cell (radiate), flutes of "minus" measurement go to the center of a cell (meet). Flutes of "magnetic" go through the center of a cell in one direction. And thus, measurements interacts only one "grade". Flutes of the same charged particles go towards each other or from each other, and particles are pushing away. At opposite charged elementary particles the flutes of screws go in one direction, and particles are approaching (attracting). It is interesting to know: whence Chinese have found out, what number ‘’4’’ – "number of death"? I did not manage to construct an isolated deformational row {line} for four-dimensional space. Whereas for five and six-dimensional spaces such rows {series} exists. In 4 dimensional space geometrical dimensionality of energy and time coincides, and a gravitational constant in general five-dimensional, and thus falls outside the limits series {a row}. 7

As to a Life, it is necessary to arise after our "death" to a biological object (essence) with geometry DNA similar to ours, as the characteristic sensation of space and time in a local zone of space again will appear, i.e. the new cycle of a Life for us will begin. See, how all is simple! Rest only dreams us! The Life is a cyclic adaptive change of microgeometry of space in its small zone, kept and changing in time.

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The constant Planck − Dirac and gravitational constant are antipodes (in threedimensional space). Physical dimensionality of force is Newton. The same dimensionality for energy is Joule or Newton multiplied on meter linear. Thus, distinction between these physical values will consist in one measurement of space or in space. Fundamental distinction between these quantities concerns to geometrical properties of vacuum! For existence of force, enough only one measurement. For energy existence, (as radiation ) enough two measurements "electric" and "magnetic", the third one at velocity of light, is compressed up to zero. The weight without three measurements does not exist! I.e. the weight is a product of density of a matter on its volume! h, ћ m p Е t FN, Р ρ, d

– Planck – Dirac constants – Weight – Impulse – Energy – Time – Force – Capacity – Density (of a matter)

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Author Andrey Vladimirovich Polevikov

υ – Speed (velocity) 2 υ – A square of speed (velocity) ν – Frequency g, a – Acceleration N/m or P/m – Specific capacity G – A gravitational constant


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