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Pole Established 1988

Bringing Solar to Light

Specializing in Renewable Energy Lighting Solutions

PoleCo Advantages Fully Engineered Solutions Lowest Total Cost of Ownership Long-Lasting, Reliable Performance Limited Lifetime Warranty Integrated Technical Expertise


Solar Lighting The viSolice Series is flexible and engineered to work in a variety of climates from cold Canadian winters to tropical environments. Our products are designed using high efficiency panels with superior power tolerances to maximize performance year round. Each system is customized to your specific lighting requirements, project location, and local weather conditions.

Comprehensive Service and Support Training and Certification Program

vi Series Features

Products viVentos


Wind Lighting

Hybrid Lighting

The viVentos Series is well suited to project locations with high average wind speeds and, unlike solar panels, they produce electricity day and night. Depending on your aesthetic, performance, and budget requirements, we can engineer systems with either vertical or horizontal axis wind turbines. Our wind powered lighting will blow you away.

The viNatura Series combines two renewable energy sources, making them adaptable to a wide range of climates worldwide. Whether it is in a remote location or in an urban center, our hybrid systems provide clear economic and environmental benefits while making a statement about your commitment to sustainability.

Benefits of Renewable Off-Grid Lighting • Avoid digging, trenching, conduit, and cabling costs • No annual power bills • Immune to increasing electricity rates • Reduced carbon footprint • Non-invasive installation • Showcase of environmental initiatives and green technology • Reliable lighting immune to power outages • As bright and uniform as grid-tied systems

Poles and Brackets

• • • • • • •

Available dimming, motion sensing, and wireless communication High efficiency wind turbines and monocrystalline solar panels Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controllers High reliability LED fixtures with output up to 14,000 lumens Multiple IES light distributions available High quality deep cycle Gel or AGM batteries Underground and pole mounted battery enclosures available

Since 1988, we have been a leader in the supply of poles and brackets. A wide variety of styles, heights, and materials are available in standard and decorative configurations, compatible with our viSeries systems.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership In new installations, our off-grid lighting solutions provide a lower installed cost than grid-tied alternatives by eliminating the expense of trenching, wiring, conduit, and cabling. Over time our products offer significant savings by increasing battery life through reduced energy consumption and minimizing relamping costs. With superior pole spacing and reduced maintenance, our off-grid lighting solutions have the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

Cost of PoleCo Lighting vs. Grid-tied* $10,000,000


Battery Replacement, Material, and Labour


Electricity Relamping $4,000,000

Installation, Labour, and Material Product Capital Cost


$0 Grid-Tied 70W HPS

Grid-Tied LED Competitor

PoleCo Solar Lighting

+$2,500,000 Savings vs. Grid-Tied HPS +$1,600,000 Savings vs. Grid-Tied LED

*Based on $0.25/kWh and $175,000/km trenching cost. 25km of Green-Field Pathway Lighting: 20 Year Project Cost

Services Design Consultation Our lighting designers specialize in producing detailed light layouts and suggest luminaries that are optimized to meet your precise requirements. We can make recommendations on carbon management strategies and the impact an off-grid lighting project has on Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points.

Install, Maintain, and Upgrade To ensure you have a lasting and cost effective experience with PoleCo products, installation is available by our engineers or certified contractors. In addition, we offer a PoleCo Training and Certification Program to guarantee our products are installed and maintained correctly. We make sure that your project is on time and on budget from start to finish.

Financing and Leasing Programs Even with the added benefits of off-grid lighting, up-front capital costs can sometimes be challenging. Our financial partners offer innovative financing and leasing solutions to meet your budgetary requirements. Lease-to-own programs reduce capital expenditure, and energy savings can be applied to monthly payments.

Engineering Support Bringing a customer centered approach to every job, we provide you with the support and tools required to complete your off-grid lighting projects. Our engineers offer educational sessions for your technical personnel on lighting standards, field testing, state of the art solar, wind, LED, and battery technology. This allows your staff to independently evaluate the performance of different solar lighting systems.

Technical Specifications Light Distribution Pattern

To deliver the lowest total cost of ownership, we focus on maximizing pole spacing and battery life while reducing relamping costs. This commitment to performance results in reduced installation and maintenance costs. Our systems are designed with the highest quality and reliability in every component, making them built to last.

180ft/55m pole spacing

15 LUX 10 LUX 5 LUX 2 LUX 1 LUX 0.5 LUX 0.2 LUX 0.1 LUX

LED Fixtures


We recommend and utilize LED Roadway Lighting Ltd.’s SatelliteTM Series fixtures. Just as satellites are designed for maintenance-free performance, the SatelliteTM Series is engineered to deliver maximum light output and energy efficiency with a 20 year design life.

By using high-quality batteries and robust design principals we are able to maximize battery life which minimizes maintenance costs and provides you with the best return on your investment.

In addition to excellent reliability, the SatelliteTM Series offers more efficient optics than competitors with other LED, induction, and HID lighting products. Superior optics allow for better horizontal spread, higher pole spacing and improved uniformity while exceeding your expectations.

For you, maximum battery life means superior reliability, minimum maintenance, and reduced life cycle costs. Our systems come as standard with a minimum five days of autonomy but enhanced autonomy is available depending on your performance requirements.

Battery Profile*

PoleCo Competitor

Daily Depth of Discharge (DOD)



Rated Cycles at Daily DOD



Maximum DOD



Rated Cycles at Maximum DOD



Days of Autonomy



*Battery performance can vary as it is affected by temperature and discharge profiles.

Applications Roadway and Pathway Lighting

Roadways, pathways, and boardwalks require reliable lighting for safety and usability. Decorative designs are available to match existing architectural themes. Our lighting layouts and solutions are designed to exceed internationally recognized lighting standards.

Security and Area Lighting

Where reliability and security are vital, our products deliver superior lighting, longer battery life, and enhanced autonomy. We provide hospitals, airports, government facilities, university campuses, and parking lots with dependable lighting during grid failures, weather events, and security concerns.

Portable Lighting

Whether it’s for military outposts, remote mining roads, or disaster relief zones, we engineer portable lighting solutions to meet your durability and performance parameters. Our systems are available with detachable bases and collapsible poles for quick installation and maximum portability.

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Bringing Solar to Light

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PoleCo Brochure

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