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Go Pro Camera Lens – Perfect for Surfing or Snorkeling Gopro dive, gopro hero accessories GoPro cameras already have several million users and the GoPro Underwater lens is able to click really high quality pictures in the world of underwater. Their two main cameras are the GoPro Hero and the GoPRo Hero 2 capable of bringing life like pictures of the underwater world. There are several gopro hero accessories that can enhance your photographic experience. GoPro Polarizer filters The camera has a slow image processor and it also has a fixed aperture, which could result in poor quality images. This can be altered with the help of gopro hero accessories, such as the GoPro Polarizer filter, which eliminates this disadvantage. The filters have a large lens that increases sharpness when taking pictures underwater, thereby enhancing quality of the camera. There are also other accessories, such as the GoPro Camera mounts that can increase the quality of the picture. The GoPro Dive Housing The gopro dive housing is an important and recent accessory for underwater pictures. It is a must for those interested in snorkeling and scuba diving. It is compatible with the HD Hero2 as well as the GoPro HD Hero. It is waterproof and there is no vignetting while taking photographs, so you can take pictures underwater, in a cave or in a coral reef. It will surely enhance the dive experience. You can also use this accessory along with other Gopro Dive products at GoPro HD wrist housing With this accessory, you can wear the camera like a watch, so that it is secured against all activities to your wrist. The camera can be pivoted straight while capturing images and it is also waterproof. It can also fit over any gloves or jackets that you are wearing with a single size fitted for all. It is very useful while hiking, snorkeling or climbing as you don’t need pockets if you are using the HD wrist housing. You can also strap it to other gear, such as paddles or to the surfing kites.

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