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==== ==== Amazon Summer Event 2012 Get ready for summer with top picks from Patio & Garden, Sports & Outdoors, Toys & Games, and Clothing and much, much more. ==== ==== If youre tired of having to update your computer and install anti-virus software, the Samsung Series 5 3G 12.1-Inch Chromebook may be just what youre looking for. The innovative design makes this laptop different than any others on the market, as it uses a Google operating system only. This keeps the computer streamlined, giving users exactly what they need and nothing more to slow down the system. With a lightweight design, exceptionally long battery life and automatic updates, youll find this Samsung Chromebook to be a nice addition to your online world. Samsung Series 5 3G 12.1-Inch Chromebook Specifications: Item Height: 0.80 inches Item Width: 8.60 inches Screen Size: 12.1 inches Processor Brand: Intel Graphics Coprocessor: Intel NM10 Storage: 16 GB SSD Battery: 6-cell battery Webcam: 1-megapixel Audio: Built-in stereo speakers System Memory: 2 GB Operating System: Google Chrome Whats So Great About the Samsung Series 5 3G 12.1-Inch Chromebook? Battery Life: A common gripe about laptops is their lack of battery life. While many laptops only get two to three hours, the Chromebook gets a full 8.5 hours. The magic behind it all is Samsungs intelligent battery charging technology that allows the battery to keep more of its charge. Not only do you get far more hours out of your battery, but also you save money from not having to replace it. Design: The Chromebook sports a super lightweight design, with thin, sleek edges and an LED backlit display. The small size of the laptop doesnt compromise the screen size, which is 12.1 inches and is anti-reflective for easy reading. You can also enjoy the most detailed images with the 300-nit brightness that comes in 40 percent brighter than other laptops. The Chromebook boots in ten seconds and resumes immediately when in sleep mode. Intuitive: Youll be surprised at just how intuitive the Chromebook is. Unlike other laptops that have to be manually updated with the latest software, this Samsung Series 5 continues to get better on its own. When you turn it on, it automatically updates all the programs and apps without any prompts or reminders. With this approach, you know youre always using the most updated version of everything.

Security: With the cloud-based system that the Chromebook relies on, you can share your computer with a friend and not worry about compromising your own sensitive information. Chromebooks are the first of their kind that have an operating system that features multiple layers of protection within the computer such as data encryption and sandboxing. Whats Not So Great About the Samsung Series 5 3G 12.1-Inch Chromebook? Limited Operating System: If you use a lot of programs outside of Google, the Chromebook may not be for you. The only OS it can use is Chrome, which is designed to work primarily with Google programs such as Gmail and Google Docs. The netbook also lacks the heavy duty processing power that is needed to supply larger programs, many of which are used for work-related or gaming reasons. If youre looking for a lightweight, user-friendly computer for your personal needs, the Chromebook is an excellent choice. If you need your computer for work or gaming, look elsewhere. Apps: At this time, there arent many apps that are worth getting excited about. If you plan to use the laptop primarily for its applications, youll find that they are very limited at this point. The good news is that Google has more to come, so new apps will be added regularly. This comes with much anticipation for current owners, as the success of the Chromebook is based off the Google OS and its respective Android apps. Touchpad: The touchpad is a bit stubborn at times. There are different problems with it; in some cases, the touchpad is too sensitive and you end up moving your finger and click on something else, but other times its difficult and wont register the taps. Fortunately, most touchpads are sensitive at first until you get the hang of them, but this pad is one that can make surfing the web less enjoyable. Is the Samsung Series 5 3G 12.1-Inch Chromebook a Great Purchase? The Samsung Series 5 3G 1.2-Inch Chromebook is in fact, a wonderful purchase, but only for certain people. If youre looking for a simplified laptop that doesnt need updating and isnt susceptible to virus threats, youll love the OS on this computer. Its designed for people who regularly use Google apps and programs. What makes this device so exceptional is that its userfriendly, features a long battery life and sleek design. Its great for college students especially, as it offers an extra layer of protection and works well with everyday web surfing on YouTube and Facebook.

==== ==== Amazon Summer Event 2012 Get ready for summer with top picks from Patio & Garden, Sports & Outdoors, Toys & Games, and Clothing and much, much more. ==== ====

Samsung Series 5 3G 12.1-Inch Chromebook