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Play Online Poker India at PokaBunga 1. Home 2. About Us 3. Play Online Poker India 4. PokaBunga Themes & Game Play 1.Home More About PokaBunga There is always more than your expectations in our website. So quickly get up with your systems and Sign-up now, to avail a “Welcome Bonus” up-to Rs2000/-. Along with this, we also offer the “Refer a friend Bonus”, and other special purchase poker bonuses every month. We offer Daily Regular and Premium Free-roll Poker tournaments, where you could able to win real cash every day. is always a step forward when it comes to Security, it never entertains fraudulence, and ensures highest standards of safety in preventing in game frauds and connivance. Texas Hold’em Poker has been one of the best forms of Poker games known in whole world. Not only skilled players, but we also offer the chance to the new or novice players to learn more, and showcase their gaming talent.

We also provide Private Tables to our users, where they can enjoy the privilege of setting up their own tables or tournaments, and playing with their friends, in a private environment.

2. About Us is a full-fledged Poker gaming website, which is entirely owned and operated by WYZ Games India Private Limited. The Main motto of the company is to provide its users a safe, user-friendly and virtual Poker Game, which would give a real Casino Experience. We also believe in providing the simplistic way of enjoying the game, without any stress, that is the reason we try to provide the simplest, most informative and realistic gaming website. is managed by a Professional management team of highly motivated and dedicated professionals with several years of experience in the online gaming industry, to make things more easier and enjoyable for the players. We leave no stone unturned, in terms of Safety and Security of our players. We provide our users a safe gaming environment to enjoy the game. Our object is to provide a gaming site of latest technology, safest gaming platforms, and the most engaging user interfaces, and it has also been designed keeping those things in mind.

3. Play Online Poker India Poker is a family of card games, which involves betting and individual play winner here is determined by his ranks and combinations of cards, some of the card even remain hidden until the end of the game. One of the most popular forms of Poker

game, is the Texas Hold’em Poker, It consists of 2 “hole cards” being dealt facedown to each player and then 5 “community cards” being placed face-up by the dealer- a series of three “flop cards”, then an additional single card “turn card” or the “fourth card”, and another additional card “the river card” or “fifth street”, with players having option to check, bet, raise or fold after each deal. The different Online Hold’em Poker games offered by our website PokaBunga are: Ring Games Poker – It is also referred to as the “Card Game” or “Live Action Game”, which is played with fun chips and real chips. Sit and Go Poker – These games are fast, with a clear beginning and end. These have a pre-determined number of players, so once the spots are filled, the game starts. Multi Table Tournament – MTT’s one of the most intriguing of all the poker games. As players are eliminated from the tournament, the average number of players per table decreases. As this continues, tables of fewer players merge together. Eventually, the remaining players are sitting at one table – the final table. Free Roll Poker – Free-roll has two distinct meanings. One applies to the play of a single hand, and the other describes an entire poker tournament. In playing a particular hand, free roll is a situation that arises before the last card has been dealt.

4. PokaBunga Themes & Game Play What do you all mean about the “Themes” & the “Game Play”? Yes, exactly as you all must be knowing “Themes” can be addressed as either a “topic of discussion” or a “subject of artistic representation”. And “Game Play” can be defined as a “Specific way in which players interact with a Game”, I know, most of you must be having more knowledge than me, and the rest who thinks, they don’t know much about “Game Play”, don’t worry, why am I here for? Well “Game

Play” is the basic theme about the game, it is also called the game dynamics. For example: In a game of Super Mario, (the character running and jumping through the obstacle, and collecting points, and coins to save the queen) is the basic “Game play” of this particular game. Bored? Might be thinking that, why am I writing about the normal “Themes” and “Game Play”, actually before starting, I just wanted to throw some light on the part on which we shall discuss. So now let’s just jump on our topic, don’t worry I promise, I am not going to take much time of yours. So now about our very own POKABUNGA, actually I wanted to ask all of our readers, what they think about the site, about its “Theme” and “Game Play”? Well, our site uses a user friendly site for all of our players and a combination of Black and red colour. The colour of Power and Emotion, these two are very distinct colours though opposite to each other, but that is what we want to achieve, through making our site the most powerful of all the other sites, and at a time understanding the emotions of our customers, players, readers and building our site according to that. Our website also gives you two types of playing experience, one is a beach theme, where you can experience the serenity under the blue sky and the calm blue sea beside your table, and the Standard theme, where you will be getting a Casino feeling, with an exceptionally well designed casino background. We offer a single platform to play both the game rummy and poker, it might be you private tables, playing with your close friends, or might be the normal pools, where not only you can play with experts in tournaments, but also can practice a match if you are new player, with the novice players. Our site gives you a chance to earn real money just by playing it with fun and enthusiasm. And yes last but not the least, our site also provides our esteem players with different offers, whether it is the 15th of August “the independence day” or “the normal welcome bonus” to our new players to give them further encouragement.

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PokaBunga specializes in Intelligent & skilled based online games. We provide simple and friendly gaming experience for online Poker in Indi...

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