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Chew on This Trading hedge funds for harvests, Atlantatransplant Andrew Cates soon learned that his vines produced more than high-end wines. With healthful insight from a cardiologist, Cates created a superfood snack called The Wine RayZyn — no sommelier necessary.

Spicing Things Up Think outside the take-out box. From Korean sweets to South African noshes, we’ve scouted several ways to immerse yourself in foreign flavor, but still be home by bedtime.

Pitmaster Purists Although Texas typically takes the claim to fame, these Georgia purists know the nearly spiritual quest for perfect brisket isn’t bound by state lines. Local pitmasters give us a taste for how tradition has evolved on this side of the Mississippi.

Second Helpings Some restaurateurs are crafted from special entrepreneurial ingredients. After launching one successful venture, these Northsiders repeated their recipe for success with additional locations or another concept. 

The Dish on Bend Beer in Oregon? Of course. Chef-driven culinary scene? Now, this we had to see. We traveled to the mountain town for confirmation that its creativity thrives on the plate just as much as its hops in a tank.




ON THE COVER Pork chop with hazelnut Romesco, blistered onions, Manchego croquetas | Photography courtesy of Ariana Restaurant

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4 | POINTS NORTH | October 2016

Editor’s LETTER

PointsNorth Atlanta PRESIDENT / CEO Witt Beckman PUBLISHER Carl Danbury Jr. EDITOR Heather KW Brown

The Foodie Chronicles



THE ADIRONDACK CHAIRS BECKONED, AS INTENDED, TO SIT AND STAY A WHILE. I could hear the towering Ponderosa pines chiming in to say the same. Folded into the scenery of a coffee shop along the banks of Mirror Pond, I’d found the optimal place to reflect on my visit to Oregon. The spot, much like Bend and its chef-inspired venues, was unassuming yet surprising. Food, like travel, has the ability to transport us. As we present our seventh annual Food and Wine Issue, we hope you will agree that regardless of where you are, the creativity, the aroma and the taste of a memorable meal can move you. One writer located legitimate Texas brisket without leaving the state. His taste buds teamed well with local pitmasters who shared their insight and more than a few samples. Meanwhile, Associate Editor Colleen Ann McNally chose to expand her horizons by stamping her palate passport with international stops discovered while globetrotting around the Northside. Conducting a taste test of his own, Publisher Carl Danbury turned his gastronomic gaze toward local restaurateurs who have found secondary success opening additional dining options. Our profile this month is not a chef or restaurateur, but rather a winemaker and entrepreneur. Marist High School graduate Andrew Cates ditched his previous career in hedge funds for dirt and harvest season. After buying a vineyard in California, he and his father, a cardiologist, unearthed the health benefits of eating wine grapes. In this case, swapping a profession for a passion led to the creation of The Wine RayZyn Company, whose easily packed, superfood snacks include CabernayZyns, MerlayZyns and ChardonayZyns. Whether the untapped possibilities of a new ingredient, a chef’s personal journey to the James Beard House or exploring new restaurants near and far, the road showcasing America’s culinary craft can unexpectedly take willing appetites on an unforgettable trip.


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6 | POINTS NORTH | October 2016

8 | POINTS NORTH | October 2016

WINE and Eat it too HAVE YOUR



HREE YEARS AGO, you would have found Andrew Cates in a suit and tie, walking the streets of San Francisco, Calif., as a trader at a hedge fund. But now? Now you’ll find him in his vineyard in Napa, plucking wine grapes from the vine and dreaming with his dad about the many ways they can use the unharvested fruit to benefit the health of others through their up-andcoming business, The Wine RayZyn Company. While the switch from managing hedge funds to harvesting grapes may seem like a jump to some, for Cates, he’s just gone back to his roots. HARVESTING AN IDEA

Cates graduated from Marist High School in Brookhaven, where he was a starter on the football team. He earned a football scholarship to Rice University, where he triple-majored in economics, business management and political science. After graduating college, he worked his way through several finance jobs in Charlotte, N.C. and New York City, N.Y. as well as San Francisco. PHOTOS COURTESY OF ADOBE STOCK; ANDREW CATES

October 2016 | | 9


Although his previous profession could make him seem like a city boy, Cates has never been a stranger to getting his hands dirty — after all, farming comes naturally for his family, which has been organic farming in Georgia since the 1960s and winemaking in Napa for a decade. So with the desire to follow in his parents’ footsteps and get a little dirt under his fingernails, he bought Segassia Vineyard in Napa in 2012, a family vineyard that has been producing awardwinning, highly sought-after wines since conception. “Segassia Vineyard is a small production, but produces very high-end wine,” Cates said. “I can’t even afford to drink the stuff, but it’s really, really good.” It was after Cates’ first harvest at Segassia Vineyard, as he and his parents were sitting on the porch snacking on leftover wine grapes, that a groundbreaking idea came to them. “Everyone knows that a glass of red wine is good for you. My father, a cardiologist, has been prescribing it to his patients for decades,” Cates said. “But that night, my dad started talking about how much better for you it would be if you could eat your wine instead of drink it.” To let you in on their thought process, it may help to have all the facts. First of all, it takes about 115 wine grapes to make one glass of wine, which contains roughly 4 milligrams of antioxidants per 100 grams of wine. When compared to other PHOTOS COURTESY OF ANDREW CATES

10 | POINTS NORTH | October 2016

antioxidant-rich foods, that’s pretty good. However, if you were able to eat those 115 wine grapes, including the skin and the grape seed, you’d end up consuming more than 10 times the antioxidants. By concentrating the antioxidants in their natural form, you get all the health benefits of wine (plus some) minus the alcohol. So why don’t we all have a bag of wine grapes in our refrigerator? Well, one of the problems is that wine grapes are basically unobtainable, unless you have access to a vineyard and are able to pick them off the vine. In addition, a wine grape seed in its raw form is so hard, you’d probably chip a tooth if you tried biting through it. “During a harvest, anywhere from three to five percent of wine grapes are left on the vine because they’ve already started the natural process of dehydration,” Cates said. “While this fruit is often overlooked for wine production, it’s still perfectly good to eat and happens to be a natural superfood. So after that night on the porch, my dad started scientifically researching ways we could take those unharvested grapes and make them available to others.” With his dad’s help, they spent the next two years working with food scientists to come up with a process for preserving the wine grape and all of its nutrients as well as making the wine grape seed palatable to humans. “We were able to find a process that dries the wine grape in a way that allows the seed to be caramelized and toasted in its own sugars, maintaining an intact food matrix,” Cates said. “This way, all of the nutrients are concentrated, the fruit is crunchy and the seed’s consistency is very nut-like.” With process patents filed, the family quickly began building The Wine RayZyn Co. and were able to launch their first product, the CabernayZyn, at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco last January. While The Wine RayZyn Co. does use unharvested grapes from vineyards throughout Napa Valley, they also purchase unharvested grapes from other vineyards in California, too, giving more October 2016 | | 11


farmers another market for their crop. This one-of-a-kind snack comes in packages of CabernayZyns, MerlayZyns or – my personal favorite and also dubbed by Cates as “nature’s gummy bear” – ChardonayZyns. “Not only is this product good for you,” Cates said, “but it’s good for the environment and it’s good for the community.”

RAYZYN TO THE TOP Since the company’s launch, they’ve been featured in multiple articles and were one of 10 budding businesses invited to the 2016 Global Sustainability Summit in August. One of the things Cates is most proud of is the medical community’s interest in their product.

“We were able to get the CabernayZyns in front of the same team at [University of California] Davis that discovered dark chocolate is good for you,” Cates said. After the team learned all about the health benefits stemming from the CabernayZyn, they decided to go straight to clinical trials on humans and a study on the effects that CabernayZyns have on vascular function in postmenopausal women. “This kind of thing just doesn’t happen,” Cates said. “For the study to go straight to trials on humans is so big. We’re so grateful and excited about [it]." Speaking of big, The Wine RayZyn Co. currently has mass distribution in the West and are working their way East. Atlanta residents can purchase RayZyns at the Buford Highway Farmers Market or from the RayZyn website. It’s significant progress, considering only two years have passed since Cates felt passionate enough to leave his career in finance to work full time on the family business. “To me, it just made sense to make that transition,” Cates said. ”I know that this is what I’m supposed to be doing, and I’m so much happier now.” In addition to working for The Wine RayZyn Co., he leads a more rewarding life at his home in Napa, where he spends most of his time working outside in the vineyard or in his 40-by-45 foot vegetable garden. “It’s been my goal since 2014 to not ever buy a vegetable,” Cates said. “I grow all of my own vegetables organically — farm to table.” If he’s not picking, planting or pruning veggies, you can find him tending to his 12 worm farms and multiple beehives. “I gain energy from that kind of work,” Cates said. “There’s nothing better than being outside and getting your hands dirty and then being able to enjoy what you made and feel the accomplishment of knowing that the old adage is true: ‘You reap what you sow.’” PN


12 | POINTS NORTH | October 2016


something different T O N I G H T .” written by COLLEEN ANN MCNALLY

It’s no longer a secret. Atlanta boasts big-time diversity on the dining scene. The notoriety for dining options along Buford Highway’s 26-mile stretch continues to spread. It’s been hailed on national newsstands by Bon Appétit’s Deputy Editor and Atlanta-transplant Andrew Knowlton, shared as a favorite go-to from our city’s top chefs (Kevin Gillespie has often cited his affection for Pho Dai Loi #2) and even spurred a grassroots movement called We Love BuHi. South of the city, the constant commotion at Hartsfield-Jackson’s international terminal is partly to thank for the influx. 14 | POINTS NORTH | October 2016

CLOCKWISE: Peri-peri chicken skillet from Yebo Beach Haus; Colorful surprises await inside the South African-inspired restaurant in Buckhead


October 2016 | | 15


MEANWHILE ON THE NORTHSIDE, there’s been a steady increase of those willing to trade silverware for chopsticks in the name of adventure for your taste buds. The point is: a plane ticket to the other hemisphere isn’t required to get a big bite of a different culture for dinner and still be back home by bedtime. From South African noshes to Indian-Latin American fusion, Cantonese BBQ, Asianinspired bakeries and traditional Vietnamese soup, we’ve scouted six places nearly worthy of a passport stamp. Ready?

NOTEWORTHY NOSHES AT YEBO BEACH HAUS If you want to get out of your culinary comfort zone, Yebo Beach Haus is a welcoming place to start. While the menu might suggest Ostrich Sliders for dinner, a glance around the interior offers a beachy vibe — that is, a Cape Town, South Africa-meets-the-Hamptons design mixed with California flair and Buckhead sophistication. “We wanted to escape the city feel and unite with 10 Degrees South’s and Cape Dutch’s atmospheres of a complete escape, as if you’re no longer in Atlanta and lounging in a beautiful beach town,” wrote established restaurateur Justin Anthony via email. Alongside his wife and interior designer Kelly, he launched this coastal concept in April 2016 as a spin-off of the former Yebo. “It completes our lineup — we now have street food from Biltong Bar, a safari vibe at 10 Degrees South, wine country at Cape Dutch and a beach escape at Yebo Beach Haus,” he said. Anthony is credited with introducing the city’s first South African restaurant — 10 Degrees South — 18 years ago. He not

LEFT TO RIGHT: Restaurateur Justin Anthony; Peri-peri prawn tacos at Yebo Beach Haus

only has built his reputation for appealing to Atlantans’ appetites, but the Johannesburg native infuses authenticity and a worldly view into the experience. “Wine plays a big role in all of our restaurants and Yebo Beach Haus is no different,” Anthony said. At Yebo Beach Haus, the focus is primarily on South African and Californian wines. They have a unique private dining room adjacent to the wine cellar that is decorated with wine offerings from around the world. In case you were wondering, “yebo” means “yes” in South African, which is also the correct answer when someone asks if you want to go.



AFRI H Anthony suggests the Bobotie Bunny CA Chow — sweet ground beef curry, raisins, onions and apples in a mini bread bowl topped with a fried egg. “If guests enjoy spicy food, then anything with our signature peri-peri sauce. It’s made from the African bird’s eye chili,” he added. If you fall into the second category, get your fill three ways — peri-peri popcorn, peri-peri prawn tacos or peri-peri PHOTOS COURTESY OF HEIDI GELDHAUSER; REHAN MOHAMMED

16 | POINTS NORTH | October 2016

INTERNATIONAL F OOD chicken skillet, the latter served with saffron risotto, diced tomatoes, sweet peppers and lime.

FLAVOR FUSION AT AFFAIRS For those familiar with Old Milton Parkway’s stretch of shopping malls, the exterior architecture of one restaurant stands out from the crowd. During the past five years, it has housed Azul Agave Mexican Bar and Grill before transitioning into Urban Spice Indian Restaurant. Now, the best from both concepts have blended to become Affairs. A joint venture from the Walia Hospitality Group and the Thakkar Group, this bold mixture of East and West promised a spiced indulgence — and delivered. “My love for Indian cuisine is well known,” said restaurateur Ricky Walia, the man behind the successful Masti — Fun Indian Street Eats in Toco Hills as well as the recently opened Bombay Brasserie in Roswell. “But I also love foods from South America, Central America and the Caribbean, and I want to incorporate [all of those] elements into an exciting new experience, unlike anything Atlanta has ever seen or tasted.” Crossing the elevated threshold to enter the lush space, the suburban surroundings outside are soon forgotten. Affairs’ kitchen is anchored with a traditional tandoor oven as well as a sigri, a small, open-flame stove also used in Indian cooking. At first, the extensive book of a menu may feel overwhelming, especially considering the Indian staples such as aromatic biryanis (mixed rice dishes) and rich, thick dal stews are listed among items like paneer or lamb fajitas, but staff that have remained onboard during the restaurant’s multiple renditions make for well-versed guides.



Highlighted dishes include garlic naan, their take on Chicken 65 — marinated in a special house sauce, tossed with mustard seeds, curry leaves N I LATRICA and fried until crispy, IndiMex spiced mussels E AM and the eclectic flavors of the mango molwar fish. For a grand finale, we were particularly sweet on the signature dessert orange kulfi ice cream, flavored with real fruit and served in slices from its natural rind.

ART OF AUTHENTICITY AT MING’S BBQ Again, Buford Highway has become synonymous with international cuisine and adventurous foodies in Atlanta who aren’t turned off by a lack of lavish ambiance in lieu of good, cheap eats. However, since many of its longtime restaurant residents have opened second outposts farther outside the Perimeter, Northsiders don’t need to trek as far for the same quality foreign forage. Take Ming’s BBQ, for example, which has been serving Cantonese barbecue since 1994 and according to Ron Cheng,

TOP TO BOTTOM: Affiars’ Crispy Kale Bhajia; Display at Ming’s BBQ; Roasted duck in noodle soup at Ming’s BBQ PHOTOS COURTESY OF RAHEM MOHAMMED; RON CHENG

18 | POINTS NORTH | October 2016

INTERNATIONAL F OOD Ming’s son, the cuisine has remained relatively unchanged. “We believe it is important to people that we prepare our food in an authentic way,” said Cheng, who worked closely through the years with his father to learn the art of BBQ before recently stepping away from the kitchen to serve as the marketing director. “That means using the same ingredients, processes and recipes passed down through White Windmill Bakery A generations.” E R Café and Vincent’s BakKO In 2009, they opened ery Café, both favorites for a Duluth location on Asian-inspired pastries and sweets, Pleasant Hill Road with opened second locations on the more modern décor, Northside. In fact, they are right but more or less the across Medlock Bridge Road from each other in Johns Creek. In addisame menu. “Through tion to a familiar list of coffee drinks the years, Atlanta and and baked goods, consider opting the local area has really for treats such as a glass of bubble opened up to trying tea with bits of chewy tapioca, or different ethnic cuisines,” their selection of breads like mocha Cheng said. “Sometimes cream, red or green bean and many customers come in and more.; will be completely out of their comfort zone when they see roasted ducks and whole pigs hanging on display,” he said, but added that their perception of it completely changes once they take a bite. “It usually ends in something like, ‘I’ve never had this before, but it was so good!’” Cheng described their type of cuisine as “cha chaan teng” style foods. In China’s Hong Kong region, these are usually restaurants that serve quality food quickly, but they have also incorporated family-style dining into the menu to accommodate the local market. Though his favorites are many, Cheng prefers to keep it simple with the Char Siu on Rice, honey barbecue pork that has been marinated, oven roasted and finished with a honey glaze. His satisfaction from introducing people to new food is a close second.



Cheng suggests the Beef Chow Fun. “Thick rice noodles wok fried with slabs of beef in a soysauce base, combined with the smoky taste you can only get from a wok,” he said. “We are known for our BBQ, so we definitely also recommend the roast duck — crispy oven-toasted skin on the outside and succulent on the inside.”

PASSION FOR PHO AT LE MEKONG I may have driven past the modest storefront of Le Mekong Vietnamese Restaurant, tucked along a shopping center at the corner of Abbotts Bridge and Medlock Bridge Roads, a million times since their 2010 opening before finally stopping on a recent afternoon. The lunch crowd that was already seated, filling every white-clothed table in the restaurant, as well as the people waiting for one, seemed not to have made the 20 | POINTS NORTH | October 2016

same mistake. Manager Katie Nguyen proudly shared that 80 percent of their business is from repeat customers, which she attributes to their customer service, healthy choices and gluten-free dishes as well as reasonable prices. Vietnamese cuisine, particularly its piping hot bowls of noodle soup known as pho (pronounced “fuh”), has become increasingly popular to the masses within recent years. To be clear, these bowls of pho are not one in the same as the ramen you and fellow co-eds consumed in vast quantities in college. With thin noodles made from rice rather than wheat, pho, as described by Nguyen, is a beef-based soup that comes with slices of beef, eye-round steak, brisket, tripe, tendon or meatball. The broth, made of beef bone and many other spices such as ginger, onion, star anise and cinnamon stick, is cooked for about 10 hours to make it one of a kind — and the most ordered item. Nguyen said some choose the chicken version for a more lean and healthy dish, while others like fatty brisket for more flavor. Each bowl is an artful presentation, standardly served with Thai basil, cilantro, bean sprouts, jalapeños and lime for the table. For Nguyen and co-owner Tham Huynh, the passion for pho, however, transcends trends and is rooted in tradition. Born and raised by the river delta, they never let the taste of South Vietnam escape them and decided to bring their region’s flavors to Johns Creek. With Huynh’s classic Vietnamese cooking techniques and Nguyen’s skills in management, they started Le Mekong to share a Vietnamese fine dining experience with each and every guest.



NAM Nguyen recommends the Combination Vermicelli Noodle with grilled pork, shrimp and egg roll then topped with crushed peanut and mint leaves. “This dish is served with Vietnamese fish sauce, which differentiates Vietnamese food from other Southeast Asian flavors,” she said. While each restauranteur has created different menus and perhaps surprises for your palate, to Anthony, Walia, Nguyen and Cheng’s father, these flavors and dining experiences take them home. For us, that means more stamps for our passports without having to venture too far from the Northside. PN PHOTO COURTESY OF COLLEEN ANN MCNALLY

October 2016 | | 21


Break for



written by MARTY STEINER | photography by ALAN BROOKS




There are three distinct camps of brisket aficionados, all based on preparation (dry rubbed and smoked, kosher or with sauce during prep or after). All are passionate that the correct way to prepare beef is their way. Falling somewhere between passion and cult in its following, Texas brisket has been called the “national dish of the Republic of Texas.” Meanwhile, in Georgia, which one Texas-inspired pitmaster described as being in the heart of the “pig belt,” these crossfires continue within yet another argument: pork or beef? So, who does it best? While countless competitions throughout the Southeast constantly attempt to settle and resettle the score, we hit the road to get to the heart of the matter.

ALL ABOUT THE PREP Regardless of location, a nearly spiritual quest for perfection underlies each and every battle. In our local barbecue restaurant business, a few purists devote the time 22 | POINTS NORTH | October 2016

and effort to produce a true Texas-style brisket. Each is done and served in a unique environment that adds memorable characteristics to each experience. These range from a take-out window with nearby picnic tables or a simple dining room and porch to a busy and high-energy sports bar and even a shopping center storefront. To get technical, beef brisket is part of the pectoral tissue of a beef or veal. Since cows do not have collarbones, this tissue area actually supports most of the animal’s weight, making a portion of the brisket particularly lean. The flat and the point are two parts of a brisket. The point has some marbling while the flat has essentially none. Although there is a substantial fat layer on one side (known as the fat cap), brisket has the potential to become very dry if not trimmed and prepared properly. The pitmasters I talked to all look for certified Angus, choice and untrimmed. They then trim to their standards, essentially a quarter inch fat layer. It is this preparation that defines the style of brisket. The two major elements that contribute to a tender, well-prepared brisket are moisture, either retained or introduced into the meat, and slow, usually indirect heat.

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” differentiates smoking and grilling (or barbecuing). Texas brisket needs to be bathed in hot smoke. The flavor of the variety of wood used is what produces the unique flavor of each pitmaster’s brisket. Some may alter the smoke flavor by soaking their wood in a flavored solution.

TRUE TEXAN STYLE In our state’s northeast corridor from Clayton to Dillard on U.S. Highway 441, an unassuming small red building stands along the east side of the road flanked by a small pavilion with picnic tables and the Osage Farm Produce Market. There is no dining room, but the picnic tables add to the character of the food. This is Tomlin BBQ. With the aroma of the smoker, located directly behind the small building, and the view across open farmland to the rolling Blue Ridge foothills, the brisket defines sheer comfort. While many typical barbecue side dishes are offered, the two you really want here are the black-eyed pea salad and the cornbread salad. Stephan, the pitmaster, and his wife Jane Tomlin, prepare everything. If you find yourself passing by on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday

Scott's Walk-up Bar-B-Q

Southern Smoq BBQ


has house-made pickles, deviled eggs,

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” differentiates smoking and grilling (or barbecuing).

this month, pull over – rain or shine – for a taste. Tomlin closes at the end of October and reopens again in May. If you think that’s a limited window, consider Scott’s Walk-up BBQ in Cartersville. Scott Panter took the time to explain his three-day process to produce true Texas-style brisket. Because of this preparation time requirement, Scott’s only serves brisket on Fridays and then only until they run out (which happens almost every Friday). A standard at many brisket and barbecue restaurants, customers “walk 24 | POINTS NORTH | October 2016

up” to the counter to place the order and the food is brought the table. Tables are available inside or on an open front porch area. Going to Athens this fall? Whether dining in or picking up on the way to tailgate, Pulaski Heights BBQ, owned by Pitmaster Chuck Ramsey, is also true to the Texas brisket methods and worth a stop. Listed on the menu is the sandwich or brisket stew, but brisket plates are prepared upon request. Like most brisket houses, unique homey items are offered. Pulaski

smoked cauliflower and a special vinegar lime slaw. Perhaps Flowery Branch should secede from Georgia and become a Texas outpost because this small town boasts not one, but two outstanding Texas brisket havens. Ask most folks where to go and the most frequent response is “Moonie’s.” Becoming a legend in the barbecue business where everybody is “the best” or “world famous” is not easy, but Jason Martin, owner and pitmaster along with his wife Brooke, make sure that everything is fresh daily, including the meat in the Texas-made J&R Oyler smoker with oak wood. “Pitmaster J” spent 11 years in Austin, Tx. learning the craft. Their approach sometimes causes Moonie’s to run out of certain items like Brooke’s creamed corn, which is so rich, it puts pounds on just looking at it and the brisket chili, with Moonie’s signature spicy, heavy smoke flavor, that is so thick your spoon will stand up in it. Less than 7 miles from Moonie’s, Southern Smoq is owned and operated by Pitmaster Steve Starnes. This Miami, Fla. native spent his career in television postproduction considering the possibility of opening his own brisket place after retirement. In addition to tasty and moist brisket, Southern Smoq offers fried okra that is fresh cut and hand breaded just before each order is cooked. Located in the Clearwater Crossing Shopping Center on Sprout Springs Road in Flowery Branch, Southern Smoq is only open Wednesday through Saturday. No list of Georgia joints is complete





October 2016 | | 25


Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q

without Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q, which was founded by Lone Star State transplants and may provide the most complete Texasstyle barbecue in the area. If crowd size and wait times are indicators, then this is definitely the place. Unique among all brisket houses is their beef short rib. This nine-inch offering provides a true-toTexas smoked portion that could feed an army. Fox Bros. has specials from time to time, like their jalapeño-cheddar sausage. Also famous to Fox Bros. is Frito pie, a generous ladle of beanless chili and pile of grated cheddar dumped into a single serve bag of Fritos — a tribute to brothers Jonathan and Justin Fox’s favorite baseball park concession snack as children.

THE SIDES Barbecue/brisket aficionados can be very particular about their side dishes. The list generally offered includes baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, collard greens and Brunswick stew. Sides, much like the meat, are also traditional and some are just as personal as the brisket process. Many are old-family recipes of relatively common dishes such as Meme’s potato salad at Southern Smoq, an homage to Pitmaster Starnes’ mother-in-law. Additional sides include mac and cheese, fried okra and brisket chili. Dessert standards include puddings, especially banana and Nilla, and cobblers, particularly peach. Fox Bros. delivers a decadent chocolate pecan pie while others offer homemade ice cream. Southern Smoq’s occasional specialty is salted caramel bread pudding. 26 | POINTS NORTH | October 2016

THE EVOLUTION In September 2016, the Atlanta lodges of the Hebrew Order of David International sponsored the fourth annual Kosher BBQ Competition with a record-breaking 25 teams. Since pork is not kosher, the primary meat is beef brisket. Recent competitions have taken place at the pavilion in Dunwoody’s Brook Run Park and teams are judged on beans, chicken, ribs and the brisket. Like other barbecue competitions, samples or “bites” are available for purchase after the competition as well as full brisket meals and other foods. The kosher barbecue teams utilize a salt-and-pepper dry rub, very similar to the Texas-brisket preparation, but with less salt due to the kosher salt treatment of meat. True coal, not charcoal, is used rather than wood with smoke generated from soaked wood chips. Frequently, a kosher brisket will be accompanied with grilled vegetables, somewhat like a pot roast. How else is brisket made if not Texas or kosher style? Georgians believe that Coca-Cola may be the answer to almost everything and the third way Southerners prefer brisket preparation has not escaped that notion. Recipes for Southern-style brisket utilize Coca-Cola as the liquid that the brisket either rests or is cooked in. Generally, these recipes are not smoked or grilled, but rather braised or baked, a heresy to the Texas tradition. Because sauce(s) are not what Texas style is all about, the usual contention these create is replaced with other topics like sides, but also the type of wood used for smoking, dry rub or liquid; and if liquid

marinade or injection or both, the trimming of the fat layer; and resting periods (how many, when in the process and for how long). Like many traditional or legacy dishes, variations occur over time and across geography. Texas-style brisket, perhaps by a route through Kansas City, took on the application of Kansas City BBQ sauce. Many Southerners, and particularly Georgians, accustomed to sauce with any smoked or barbecued meat dishes followed suit. Smokejack in Alpharetta presents both traditional brisket and burnt ends in this modified fashion. Dave Filipowicz, owner/ pitmaster, prepares the brisket and burnt ends much in the traditional Texas manner including using certified, and trimmed, aged Angus beef with salt-and-pepper dry rub. Burnt ends are served with Kansas City sauce and sliced brisket with Pasilla sauce, a Kansas City sauce supercharged with roasted Pasilla peppers. Sauces are optional for the visiting Texan. Smokejack offers all the standard sides with the addition of pimiento cheese grits and tomatoes and cucumbers. The standard dessert list has also been expanded with Coca-Cola (of course) cake and an apple crisp. “And I know if I’ll only be true to this glorious quest, That my heart will be peaceful and calm when I’m laid to my rest And the world will be better for this.” One day, if the barbecue wars are over and the brisket pitmasters have each taken their best shots, the lyrics of a Frank Sinatra song just might summarize it perfectly. PN





of providing family fun.



Find your perfect pumpkins. Shoot the corn cannon. Enjoy great food and fun. Start a new family tradition! And come visit us for your church, school, scout and civic outings. October weekends at dusk, come challenge our Haunted Maze if you dare (all kids under 12 must be accompanied by their parent). Join us for a relaxing nighttime hayride through the farm and enjoy the beauty of the country night sky. Our hayride ends at a cozy bonďŹ re where you can roast marshmallows and sink into the calming crackle of true farm-style relaxation.



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he purchase of my family’s second home in Naples, Fla. certainly brought a change of scenery to our typical calendar year. We could resurrect summer in the middle of December – which is what has happened every year since 2011 – by driving down to the balmy Gulf Coast to celebrate the holidays. It quickly turned into a family tradition to spend Christmas in Florida, leaving my mind filled with memories of palm trees wrapped in lights and the shimmering glow of fireworks raining down into the ocean. Even with Naples located 10 hours south, the phrase “home for the holidays” still felt applicable. Second homes offer more than just a place to stay when you’re vacationing. All it takes is some time and the memories will speak for themselves. It’s a paradise of the mind being able to escape that grueling morning commute and replace it with entirely different scenery – all while holding onto that secure and comfortable feeling of being home. Whether you’re more into mountain peaks or ocean waves, home is wherever you make it. For those in the market for a second property, Harry Norman Real Estate expert Rachel Callihan Cowart lent her knowledge in the home-buying field and clued us in with few tips about the current housing market. Since autumn has rounded the bend and settled in, let's keep that cozy state of mind and head to the North Georgia Blue Ridge

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Mountains. Callihan Cowart has called those mountains home her entire life. Having 10 years of experience in the real estate business, her expertise is invaluable. “Location, location, location…” she stressed. “You may think you are purchasing a slice of heaven then find out that there is a racetrack roaring into your bedroom every Friday and Saturday night.” Callihan Cowart insisted those who might’ve found the perfect home to take a step back and research what is around the home, because that noisy racetrack could be your neighbor. If you decide to work with an agent, she advised, “Be sure to choose a knowledgeable one who knows where all the chicken houses, farms and racetracks are located.” Unlike the aforementioned, some surprises are better welcomed: that perfect view. Picture walking into that rugged, seemingly built-into-the-forest cabin and getting blown away by the majestic mountainous view that greets your eye. “Sold!” jumps off your tongue before you know it; you’re picturing your furniture in the space and emotion clouds all judgment. That’s when a step back is necessary. Callihan Cowart shared how many people have purchased what they thought was a perfect second home with outstanding views, only to have somebody else a couple years later build a home right front of them, completely blocking that dreamscape. “Know your property lines,” she said. In addition, being knowledgeable about


permits is a plus, especially when dealing with the back-and-forth of what constitutes a bedroom. You could be purchasing a cabin with six bedrooms to find out the property is only permitted for two. Callihan Cowart warned that could result in resale issues in the future. Turning to the current housing market, Callihan Cowart shared that “even though most foreclosures are gone, there are still deals to be had ... with improving market conditions, there is a lot of new construction.” In Callihan Cowart’s experience, new is better to the buyer, causing new construction sales to get 100 percent of its list price. She said that can be a good thing. With newer cabins going for full price, it keeps the resale price of older cabins down. Balance is key. Chatting with Callihan Cowart solidified my confidence in the improving market, in addition, the many factors that are considered before buying your second home. First and foremost: location and lifestyle. Do you want a charming mountain escape or a beach town with endless summer? Fast or slow paced? Resort style or local community? The list goes on. Once you channel that paradise, what’s around it? What is its price tag? Price ranges vary among buyers and the cost of your vacation property can be a deal breaker. Consider investing in a real estate agent to help work out the finer details and make the entire experience worthwhile.


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hether you're looking for the right place to plant roots, a second property for weekend escapes, assisted living or ways to improve your current home, Points North Atlanta’s esteemed partners in real estate can help assist on the search for the right space to call your own.

BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HOMESERVICES MEADOWSMOUNTAIN REALTY WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA offers the best of both rural and city living and is rich with history, culture and recreation. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Meadows Mountain Realty provides unmatched personal service to those considering Highlands, Cashiers, Lake Glenville or Sapphire as a second home, the perfect place to raise a family, relocation to the area or a good place to invest. Located just two hours from some major population hubs, their brokers at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Meadows Mountain Realty can offer expertise in residential, commercial, vacant parcels and large development tracts in the Highlands, Cashiers, Lake Glenville and Sapphire areas. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Meadows Mountain Realty offers everything from luxury homes to maintenance-free villas to cozy cabins or that perfect piece of land to build the home of your dreams. Whether you are searching for your golf getaway home, log cabin in the woods, a relaxing fishing lodge located by a flowing stream or a luxury home on a mountaintop, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Meadows Mountain Realty can help open the door to your dreams. To learn more about properties available for your weekend retreat, summer home or that special place to spend your retirement, call one of the expert brokers at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Meadows Mountain Realty. 828-526-1717 or 828-526-4101,

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ONE OF ATLANTA'S PREMIER custom builders, Peachland Homes by Ty White, is crafting a new vision for superior quality captivating homes at The Manor Golf & Country Club. Recognized for beautiful and livable homes throughout Atlanta’s most sought-after neighborhoods, Peachland Homes is now offering a collection of 62 finely crafted homes. This stunning new neighborhood is located in Forsyth County and is one of the most coveted and exclusive sections inside the Gates of The Manor. Designed for today’s right-sized living, choose from home sites overlooking the Tom Watson designed golf course, private wooded settings, and beautifully landscaped pocket parks, all comfortably near The Clubhouse and the resort style amenities of The Manor Golf & Country Club. Inside, each home is exquisitely detailed with custom cabinetry and designer kitchens and baths. Choose from fine stone countertops, a selection of hardwoods, hewed millwork and handsome fireplaces that create a focal point for family gatherings. Enjoy the outdoors from covered porches and screened-in patios where summer kitchens bring everyday living outside. Now under development, The Cottages at The Manor offer a choice of spacious floor plans, and a variety of elevations including homes with much desired terrace levels. Finish selections are available for early homebuyers. Convenient to GA 400, downtown Alpharetta, Avalon and the Verizon Amphitheater, as well as North Fulton’s top medical facilities, The Cottages at The Manor provide a turnkey lifestyle. 404-405-6908,

DEVELOPED BY JPX WORKS, Emerson Buckhead will feature 41 exquisite residences ranging from 2,200 to over 8,000 square feet. The visually striking, 19-story building is located at 2520 Peachtree Road. and will be an iconic addition to Buckhead’s skyline. The gracious residences feature two and three-bedroom floor plans with options to combine, as well as an incredible two-level penthouse. Emerson’s timeless interiors and bespoke finishes leave pretense behind and offer residents a canvas for inspired living spaces. Each residence offers 270-degree city and canopy views, which are easily enjoyed from expansive terraces averaging 450 square feet. Master suites feature sitting areas, expansive walk-in closets and breathtaking bathrooms with his-and-hers vanities. Emerson’s location just north of Peachtree Battle is sure to be an easy transition for buyers. Each home will occupy one of three private building wings that are linked on each level by a common service core. All residences will have direct elevator access and private elevator vestibules. Emerson’s five-star services and amenities will include an elegant fully staffed lobby, full-time valet and concierge, resident great room, private dining room, fitness center, yoga studio, Zen garden, heated lap pool, open-air pool house and formal lawn. Emerson’s sales gallery evokes the vision and promise of the project and is now open at 349 Peachtree Hills Ave. in ADAC West (Suite B2). 404-446-2520,


SPECIAL SECT ION the helm of Lake Arrowhead with their Atlanta-based home building company, Majestic Lifestyle Builders. If that wasn’t exciting enough, the newest neighborhood Sanctuary Cove offers luxury lakeside retreat living with individual, deep-water docks. A new portfolio of plans was designed to maximize the lake views. Homes range in square footage from 2000 to 3200, priced from the $300’s. Keep in mind, Lake Arrowhead is convenient and is an easy 40 minutes from Atlanta and is unbelievably accessible, including the close proximity to the new state-of-the-art Northside Cherokee Hospital, currently under construction and minutes away from acclaimed, Reinhardt University. The Sales and Information Center is open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 6 p.m. or by appointment. Call or visit today – you’ll be glad you did. 770-720-2700,

Lake Arrowhead

GOVERNORS TOWNE CLUB KENNETH G. HORTON, owner and developer at Governors Towne Club, first selected the northwest Atlanta site for its spectacular natural beauty, the small town romance of Acworth and convenient access to Interstate 75 and downtown Atlanta. It’s a beauty Horton is continuing to share with buyers, as he’s seen new speculative home sales increase with the strong market trend throughout the Atlanta area. “We are pleased to include both new home inventory as well as pre-owned inventory in our portfolio of homes offered,” Horton said. “In addition, our pre-sale homes are at an all-time high with new custom homes currently under construction.” Governors Towne Club features exceptional custom estate with manor luxury homes from the $600’s and estate homes from the $800’s to $4 million, all adhering to the dedication of high architectural standards. Tucked within North Cobb county’s only gated, private golf community, Governors Towne Club offers an incredible array of amenities – from the strength of the superior character and diversity of the golf course to the family-oriented swim complex, world-class tennis facilities, children’s activities, baseball field, basketball courts, playgrounds and gracious tree lined streets. The gated security center welcomes residents home and the variety of designs with regard to floor plans, exterior elevations, architects and custom builders provide more choices for clients. Visit their website for a showcase of all the community has to offer. The life you dream of is closer than you think. 770-529-5455,

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LAKE ARROWHEAD THERE’S SOMETHING SPECIAL about the mountains. Serene. Peaceful. Transforming. And when you add in the breathtaking fall foliage and one of the most pristine lakes in the Southeast, you redefine mountain, lake and golf living. Welcome to Lake Arrowhead, a private mountain, lake and golfing community just outside of Canton. You’ll fall in love with the 540-acre, crystal-clear shimmering lake with 21 miles of shoreline that sits as the center piece to the property. You’ll enjoy learning about the sunset lake tours and the newly opened Lakeside Park, where you can for hiking, grilling and swimming in the lake. World-class amenities include a championship golf course, tennis facility, pickle ball courts, numerous swimming pools, miles of hiking and biking trails and championship bass fishing. In addition, the newly opened Outdoor Fitness Center features fitness equipment to be enjoyed as you explore the great outdoors in the community’s centrally located Great Festival Park. And then, the new homes … Owners are in awe over the value and design inspired features found in the portfolio of single level living ranch style homes built in Highlands Vista, where homes range in square footage from 1,700 to 2,800, priced from the $200’s. For your design inspiration, two professionally furnished model homes are now open showcasing commercial grade appliances, spacious open floor plans, private outdoor covered rear patios that are perched among the grand hardwood trees, offering captivating fall mountainside views. All this with the ease of low-maintenance living. Johnson Development Corporation, who developed renowned Towne Lake and Bridge Mill, is at

RACHEL CALLIHAN COWART FOR HARRY NORMAN REALTORS A NATIVE OF FANNIN COUNTY, Rachel Callihan Cowart’s family was one of the first to settle there. There are two mountains, a book and a creek named after them. She grew up riding her horse along the beautiful trails of Cashes Valley, and also grew up in real estate and construction, as her dad sold a lot of mountain properties, so she naturally has a good working knowledge of the locally built cabins. Already well-known for its fishing, gold, horseback rides and the famous Blue Ridge Scenic Railway train that winds its way through the mountains, now the Blue Ridge area is booming. New shops continue to open, restaurants continue to thrive and the way of life continues at a peaceful, joyful pace. Come experience it for yourself. 706-632-7211 or 706-258-8067,

SOUTHERN COMFORT CABIN RENTALS LOOKING TO BUILD MEMORIES and create a cherished place for family and friends, without the stress? Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals offers Turnkey Cabins. Turnkey Cabins are custom built, professionally managed properties.  From finding the perfect piece of land to the finishing touches of decor, Southern Comfort will be there.  Want to “try before you buy”? Current Turnkey Cabins are also available for purchase. All Turnkey Cabins are listed for sale fully furnished and the rentals can be transferred. If you are considering building or purchasing a vacation home in Blue Ridge, look no further than Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals. All you need under one roof, truly a one stop shop. Find your place less than 90 minutes from Atlanta; Blue Ridge is calling. 1-8664 CABINS,

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Assisted Living TOWNE CLUB WINDERMERE Assisted Living and Memory Care

YOU KNOW HOW WONDERFUL IT FEELS to be on vacation in a beautiful place, free of daily worries, with friendly people around who want you to be as happy and contented as possible? What if you could feel that way every day? At Towne Club Windermere, you can!  Relax, volunteer, exercise, join a special outing, enjoy delicious dining, attend a lecture … You decide. In this beautiful rental community, you’ll find everything you need to stay engaged, connected and in control. Independent living, assisted living and memory care are all together in Cumming, for total peace of mind. 770-844-7779,


Opening October 2016

Live, Love, Thrive is our philosophy that we integrate into everything we do because we recognize the importance of seniors staying active and purposeful. A FEW EXAMPLES OF WHAT YOU CAN LOOK FORWARD TO: • Enchanting Outdoor Space with Walking Paths • Small pets Welcome • Exceptional Care • Certified Dementia Practitioners 13943 HIGHWAY 9 N

470-238-6400 Call us to better understand the Phoenix difference in senior care.


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IT’S ALL HERE AND WAITING FOR YOU at Cresswind at Lake Lanier; the best-selling active adult community in Georgia for three straight years.* Cresswind offers the finest amenities and a resort-inspired lifestyle, centered around the pillars of fitness, nutrition and relationships. Just beyond the waterfall at Cresswind’s gated entrance, you’ll find a variety of two- and three-bedroom, ranch-style floorplans, designed specifically for active living and featuring Kolter Homes’ unique Comfort Home Design. The social hub of Cresswind at Lake Lanier is the award-winning, 40,000-square-foot clubhouse. Here, you can fill your social calendar in endless ways: arts and crafts, billiards, aerobics, yoga, a ballroom, an indoor pool with lap lanes, a rooftop bar overlooking the lake and marina and even a demonstration kitchen. The club is also complete with an expansive outdoor pool, bocce ball, a basketball court and tennis courts. Located in the historic town of Gainesville, Cresswind offers easy access to the northeast Georgia Mountains to the north, and less than 50 miles south is the city of Atlanta. Cresswind is located on a wide stretch of Lake Lanier, and Cresswind Landing, the community’s private marina, offers boat slip ownership and day-dock opportunities. Tour 11 designer model homes, open daily Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. Homes are priced from the mid $200’s to $400’s, with basements available. Go discover the Cresswind difference. 888-825-7443, *Source: SmartNumbers, No. 1 selling active adult community in Georgia 2013, 2014 and 2015.


Cresswind at Lake Lanier

THE PHOENIX AT MILTON OPENING OCTOBER 2016, everything they do at The Phoenix at Milton will begin and end with their service, focused on their residents, their families and their associates. Their executive team and knowledgeable, trained associates will uphold the highest standards

of excellence in both their assisted living and memory care settings as well as understand their unwavering commitment to their customers. Offering superior, innovative and personalized services for seniors, their goal is to consistently engage their residents in meaningful activities that are designed to support the various beliefs, interests and experiences of the seniors they serve. Their care, based only on what each resident requires, allows


residents to live as independently as they can and yet be confident in receiving the care they need. The Phoenix at Milton wants every resident to live life to its fullest and their community is designed to provide an environment that is not only comfortable and inviting, but also offers a full range of choices. Their extensive outdoor space includes walking paths, patios, a children’s playground and an outdoor fireplace. The community environment, designed with soft colors and eloquent furnishings, offers many common living areas created to relax and enjoy. A family kitchen for residents and their families to cook their favorite family recipes and guest chefs to provide cooking demonstrations, a private dining room for families to use for special events, a pub, card room, beauty salon, library – just to name a few of their amenities – encourages purposeful living for seniors. They welcome seniors to make The Phoenix at Milton their new home. 470-238-6400,


y family was one of the first to settle Fannin County in the early 1800s. I grew up riding my horse into the beautiful trails, and also in real estate as my dad sold a lot of mountain property. Now it’s my specialty. This is my town and I would love to be your realtor.


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Landscaping OTTER & ARROW UP YOUR CURB APPEAL with help from Otter and Arrow. Based in Atlanta, this versatile land planning group, which designs plans that maximize the use of land while minimizing ecological impact. Common sense conservationism ensures that efficient practices are used to benefit investors and residents alike. Using the land to the best of its ability saves costs in development plans as well as minimizes maintenance for inhabitants.  Otter and Arrow provides balance between man and nature, while putting the economics of the developer at the forefront of every plan. Their team has the vision to provide a plan that creates a profitable ecological machine. Whether the project is a large subdivision development or a choice of native plants for a water garden in your backyard, Otter and Arrow can provide the best consulting in the industry. 888-OTTER-20,


all F R E E w ith y o ur O f f i ce R e nta l .

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w ww.No rthP oi n t E x e c u t i v e S u i t e s . c om • 6 7 8 . 2 4 2 . 5 2 0 0 36 | POINTS NORTH | October 2016

ARE YOU NO LONGER ABLE to achieve your business goals from your home office? Expand your horizons with help from NorthPoint Executive Suites. They offer full-time office rentals including everything from furniture and internet to coffee and conference rooms at affordable monthly rates. Virtual office solutions, coworking, meeting and training room rentals are available, as well as brand new offices and access to their exquisite new Cowork Lounge coming this November in Alpharetta. Better space, better service … Let NorthPoint Executive Suites position you for success. Sign up for a new membership and get your first month free. 678-242-5200, Q




Looming over the small business restaurateur is the prospect of ever-rising food and supply costs, as well as more prospective legislation to increase the minimum wage to $15, dictate overtime pay regulations and assert the Affordable Care Act, which some say is neither affordable nor offers much care. Yet despite those ominous clouds, restaurants have been popping up around Metro Atlanta like tweets after a Trump rally, and we hope the trend continues from those restaurateurs whose culinary talents and execution have won us over in the recent past. Some have added a second, third or even eighth concept to their impressive Northside résumés, and that helps keep our plates filled and glasses clinking.

BIG NAMES OF THE ‘BURBS Chris Sedgwick, with more than four decades of restaurant entrepreneurship, was trained as a chef and is partly responsible for some of our favorites like Bistro VG, Vinny’s on Windward, Aspens Signature Steaks, PURE taqueria, The Union Restaurant and most recently MADE Kitchen & Cocktails in Alpharetta. Overseen by partner Renata Sugino and general


manager Julia Amato, MADE’s Spanish-inspired menu is capably orchestrated by Chef Erick Balderama. Tapas-style small plates and a short list of entrées encourages sharing, and the beer, cocktail and wine list is beautifully balanced. The interior and patio are welcoming and warmly lit, which creates a very social environment for groups but also encourages intimacy for couples. Doug Turbush and his management team have been successful first with Seed Kitchen & Bar in 2011, then with Stem Wine Bar in 2013 and recently opened a third East Cobb eatery in The Avenue at East Cobb, Drift Fish House & Oyster Bar. As a result of wanting to work closer to home, Turbush has created a great following among Roswell Road and Johnson Ferry

OPPOSITE PAGE: Pizza from Peyton's Pie Company CLOCKWISE: A gentle reminder from 101 Steak. Verra-Zanno's Mozzarella Capriccio. Peyton's dad, Nicholas St. Clair. 101 Steak's New York Cheesecake. Boudin blanc with raddichio-endive salad, apple melo and bruleed mustard at MADE.

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Two slices with fresh mushrooms and onions at Joe's New York Pizzeria.

Road diners. His shorter commute is East Cobb’s gain. Turbush and his team leave no stone unturned to provide their guests with an unsurpassed dining experience.

MORE THAN JUST PIZZA On a different eastern front, specifically Suwanee, Johns Creek and Flowery Branch, the unassuming Nick St. Clair has just opened his third concept since we first introduced him in 2012. The co-owner of Antebellum Restaurant in Flowery Branch with wife Alison, which was recently named as one of OpenTable’s Top 100 restaurants for Foodies in America, the couple recently unveiled Peyton’s Pie Company on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard in Suwanee (with another location in Flowery Branch coming soon). Named for their son, they are crafting American, wood-fired pizza with domestic ingredients. Unlike Antebellum and Mavericks Cantina in Johns Creek (the St. Clairs are partners with Alison’s parents, Greg and Gayle Hohman), where hours were spent on interior design and menu planning, Peyton’s makes a case for a pure, lean small 40 | POINTS NORTH | October 2016

Verra-Zanno offers two styles of pizza that Northeasterns will be very familiar with, thin crust New York style and fluffy, airy Sicilian pizza. business. No frills picnic-style tables, tight quarters, tried and true recipes and hours and hours of preparation. “I love pizza and I have tried to perfect the dough and the sauce as a means of relaxation during the past few years,” Nick offered. “We use ingredients that are easier to source, but we will never sacrifice on taste.” All pizzas are 14 inches with a slight char using local kiln-dried oak from Cutting Edge Firewood. The pizzas take less than five minutes to prepare and are much better to eat on premise than off,

unless you happen to live right around the corner. The dough takes 36 hours to rise in cold storage and is light and airy. Peyton’s features authentic, original pizza with a clever St. Clair stamp, and that stamp has always been good enough for us no matter the location or the concept. Few chefs can create complementary sauces like he does. Peyton’s pizza is not drowned in that delicious sauce, nor does it mirror an overpriced grilled cheese flatbread. Try the homemade pesto – it, too, is remarkable – and if you have ever had the Tres Leches cake at Mavericks, you absolutely must have Gayle’s Italian Cream Cake at Peyton’s. Joe Amitrano opened Verra-Zanno Pizzeria on Medlock Bridge Road in Johns Creek more than 11 years ago. The only unfortunate part of the name is pizzeria because this place offers so much more. Oversized booths encourage a familyand group-friendly environment, and the crescent-moon shaped bar elicits interaction with the loyal and attentive waitstaff, which is often the antithesis of most in the area. Additionally, mainstay Chef Julio Caesar Bello makes his own bread

Dedicated to providing your children the orthopaedic care they deserve. We are a private medical practice of physicians, SK\VLFLDQVDVVLVWDQWVQXUVHSUDFWLWLRQHUVDQGFHUWLÆ“HG athlete trainers specializing in the treatment of orthopaedic conditions in infants, children, adolescents and young athletes. With 11 convenient metro Atlanta locations, you can get the right care, at the right place, at the right time for your child.

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TOP: The lively terrace at Under the Cork Tree is a great venue for fall afternoons and evenings. BOTTOM: A lunch portion of Hanger steak and frites at 101 Steak.

for grilled, baked and deli-style “heros,” prepares excellent stromboli and calzone, and offers $7.70 side orders of chicken or eggplant parmigiana that might classify as one of the Northside’s greatest bargains. Verra-Zanno offers two styles of pizza that Northeasterns will be very familiar with, thin crust New York style and fluffy, airy Sicilian pizza (served Wednesday by the slice). This is Sicilian done right. They start with pizza dough a half-inch thick in a 16-inch by 16-inch pan. It is left to rise for four hours before it is baked. After it is baked, it rests until it is ready to go back into the oven with the sauce, cheese and toppings. The result is a thick crust but a much lighter version than you get in most instances. There are numerous pasta dishes available, including one of the most requested and not found elsewhere, which is Verra-Zanno’s bowtie pasta tossed with sautéed garlic, bacon, onions and button mushrooms in a parmigiana cream sauce. “This is one dish you are not going to find at most pizza restaurants in the area,” Amitrano said. Originally from New York and then part of his family’s deli business PHOTOS COURTESY OF

42 | POINTS NORTH | October 2016

When it comes XSMRZIWXQIRX½VQW choose to work with a craftsman. Jack Parsons CTFA, AEP President and Chief Investment Officer




Presently accepting affluent high net worth clients. Serving a select group of successful families for nearly 20 years!

Working with Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions® gives Vickery Creek access to a wide range of products and services that can help us serve the needs of our clients.

Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions is an independent company, unaffiliated with Vickery Creek Capital Management, LLC. Fidelity Clearing & Custudy Solutions is a service provider to Vickery Creek Capital Management, LLC. There is no form of legal partnership, agency affiliation, or similar relationship between your financial advisor and Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions, nor is such a relationship created or implied by the information herein. Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions has not been involved with the preparation of the content supplied by Vickery Creek Capital Management, LLC and does not guarantee, or assume any responsibility for, its content. Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions is registered service marks of FMR LLC. Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions is a division of Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC. Clearing, custody, or other brokerage services may be provided by National Financial Services LLC or Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC. 755189.1.0.

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SECOND NATURE business in Florida before moving to the Atlanta area, Amitrano opened a second business on Mansell Road in Alpharetta three-plus years ago. Joe’s New York Pizzeria has a more limited menu, but the pizza and the baked specialties are still right on target and the lunch service is quick and efficient.,

BRANCHING OUT Jason Sheetz and William Sigley left Goldfish more than four years before it was shuttered to launch Hammocks Trading Company in Sandy Springs in 2012 in the old Bridgetown Grill location on Roswell Road. Hammocks’ casual atmosphere and fresh catch menu intrigued the locals in the growing neighborhoods nearby, as did the quality-price ratio, which is less evident as you venture south closer to the Perimeter. Off that success, Sheetz and Sigley swooped in and snapped up a wonderful space with an amazing, impeccably outfitted kitchen when Joli Kobe ceased its operations in 2015, after 30 years in The Prado. The pair envisioned something altogether different than Hammocks. Under the Cork Tree features the exotic and bold flavors of the Mediterranean region, with a comfortable tapas lounge and bar and a distinctive dining area, where guests can explore the culinary and cultural richness of the region. I asked Sheetz what surprised him most about operating two restaurants rather than just one. “I actually thought I would be able to lessen my overhead costs a bit at each restaurant, but we use so little of the same supplies and foodstuffs [because the menus are so different] that it didn’t quite work out like I had anticipated,” Sheetz admitted. While that may be true, Under the Cork Tree cuts no corners. The wine list features more than 200 wines, and diners can explore those myriad choices on interactive iPads. An exciting craft spirits and beer list also is available. This restaurant is a perfect complement to the Perimeter. Few places nearby have a wine and spirits list that can mirror what this team has put into place, and general manager Sean McEntegart, formerly of 44 | POINTS NORTH | October 2016

house in Alpharetta, is on hand to oversee the day-to-day operations. Try Under the Cork Tree for a late lunch, an early evening of tapas or lounge on the patio for a lengthy visit on a beautiful Saturday or Sunday afternoon this fall. For a real birthday treat or great business meal, book the private dining room that seats 12.

A CUT ABOVE Executive Chef Joe Ahn has made a quick, but lasting impression on the Vinings dining scene with his inspired menu at 101 Steak. Owned by the entrepreneurial team, 101 Concepts (Steve Buero, Chris Segal, Phil Roness and Mark Stillman) that has created local favorites Food 101, Meehan’s Public House, Cibo e Beve, and Smoke Ring, along with Restaurant Paradis in Rosemary Beach, Fla., 101 Steak incorporates Asian, Southern and Italian influences for its menu, and the result is a remarkable experience. The professional waitstaff, the ambiance and the quality of each dish and its presentation are impeccable. Creative side dishes (say “yes please” to the Pimento Mac-n-Cheese with smoked bacon and the Jalapeño Corn Brûlée with Pancetta) complement the featured dishes nicely, and you could easily make a meal from the impressive list of hot and cold appetizers, raw bar selections or from the list of soups and salads. And if you venture for lunch, don’t miss the Chicken Milanese. Perhaps most appealing for me — other than the food, of course — is the commanding presence of 101 Steak’s magnificent bar, which is fully in view as you enter. This is exactly the type of bar I envisioned when I wrote, “Is This Stool Taken?” in our May 2016 issue, and I can’t wait to experience it with old and new friends very soon. You will find no shortage of craft beers and spirits, and the wine list has at least 101 selections. PN

Visit for our discussion on the Northside restaurant scene with two-time winner Ryan Pernice, owner of Table & Main and Osteria Mattone in Roswell.

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Specializing in Cosmetic Dentistry, our patients believe Dr. David Mastro is the right choice for all your family dentistry needs! When it comes to your smile and oral health, Dr. Mastro has a proven 30 year track record of providing quality cosmetic and family dental care for families in our local community and around the world.


Dr. David Mastro


See More of Dr. Mastro’s Makeovers at Single appointment porcelain crowns and veneers available! 770-642-9900 | 800 Mansell Road | Roswell, GA

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• Fresh Seafood • Lobster Roll • Baby Back Ribs • Fresh Homemade Vegetables • Great Steaks! • BEST REUBEN IN TOWN! • Half-Priced Bottled Wine on Wed. and Thurs. Lunch, Dinner & Sunday Brunch



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Crave A

46 | POINTS NORTH | October 2016

Duo of Duck from 5 Fusion and Sushi Bar: Roasted duck breast, duck leg confit, duck fat fingerling potatoes, cherry reduction


The JOURNEY to the JAMES BEARD HOUSE runs through BEND, ORE. written by HEATHER KW BROWN

YES, IT IS A CRAFT BEER HAVEN. Yes, a fair amount of locals have full beards. Surely, you already knew that about Oregon, but Bend, which continues to be a well-documented draw for its pint-filled pleasures, has quietly been brewing another identity — one that also includes a prestigious association with the word beard. Home to chefs that have earned consecutive James Beard Award nominations as well as the honor of cooking at the esteemed James Beard House in New York City, N.Y., this town’s culinary scene rightfully deserves recognition. While most travelers come for a lengthy “hike” along the Bend Ale Trail, I’d come to confirm what residents know, yet few outsiders seek: that Central Oregon’s creativity thrives on the plate just as much as its hops in a tank. BEFORE THE BREWERIES

It seems only appropriate to learn the history of Bend while on a beer tour. Aboard an electric cruiser car, Bret Graham, owner and guide of The Bend Tour Company, entertained our group with informative stories of the growing town’s past and present.


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“In 1915, when the mills came to Bend, population shot up to 5,000 people, but by 1990, the local count had only grown to 20,000 people. From 2000 to today, the census has been adjusted to 89,500,” he said, explaining that when the mills closed in 1994, the mountains were discovered and recreation was an offset to the downturn. During the recession, the breweries exploded and have created yet another industry for Bend. “As the population grew, what they found is that native Oregonians were as passive as you could ever find and if you put Oregonians at a four-way stop, you’d simply be there forever,” Graham said. “So they started building roundabouts. Now we have 38 of them.” Just a few more traffic circles in town than the local ski shop has tap

handles is to be expected where Deschutes Brewery opened in 1988. As the first in Bend and now the sixth largest craft brewery in the country, Deschutes paved the way for the 22 others that have followed. Our tour ended at Crux Fermentation Project, which is home to my favorite beer — maybe of all time. Banished Tough Love is an imperial stout that spent nine months in Kentucky bourbon barrels and the result is a silky smooth example of perfection in a bottle. The brewery, located at the intersection of Bend’s four quadrants is a popular spot for its brew and irresistible grilled cheese as much as for the view at sunset. As the sun retreated out of range, I ruminated on how a handful of chefs had turned this beer burg into a bonafide foodie frontier.

Though research and local recommendations don’t always align, Ariana, 5 Fusion and Sushi Bar, Chow and Barrio were rattled off in no particular order and without fail as Bend’s top restaurants. The girlfriend I’d recruited to help sample the food scene and I hit all four stops before veering off the beaten path for a few more bites. Ariana was an easy sell. From a Craftsman-style home on the westside of town, husband-and-wife team Andrès and Ariana Fernandez are at the helm of arguably the finest dining in town. Locals say Ariana is a place for special occasions, but any opportunity to experience the creativity of chefs that have cooked at the prestigious James Beard House in New York City is occasion enough for me. The restaurant, which opened in December 2004, was recognized last year as one of the Top 100 Restaurants in America by OpenTable.


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OPPOSITE PAGE: Ariana CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Crux Fermentation Project; scenic sunset at Crux; Chow French toast; 5 Fusion’s hamachi sashimi with scallion oil and ponzu caviar; Chow exterior; Barrio Food Truck; Barrio’s Calamari Americas on the left and Aba's Lamb Bombas on the right.

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BEND, ORE. Knowing I could not conquer the talented couple's five-course tasting, we opted for a few menu highlights including the salmon tartare with green apple and jalapeño emulsion in an alder smoke dome. A delicious caprese preceded a main course of rainbow trout, but the Baked Alaska had my heart. Lavender ice cream, lemon curd, brown butter crumb and toasted Italian meringue are ingredients I still crave. Additionally, the impressive Northwest wine list at Ariana will tease you into thinking you’re not in Bend anymore. While the Fernandez duo infuses a fresh perspective on classic dishes, Joe Kim Jr., executive chef and co-owner of 5 Fusion and Sushi Bar in Downtown Bend, takes innovation to a new level, blending the best of East and West. The only Oregon chef outside of Portland to be nominated as a semifinalist for recognition as “Best Chef: Northwest” as well as a consecutive James Beard Award semifinalist for 2013, 2014 and

2015, Kim consistently thrills palates with dishes that are almost too beautiful to eat. He cooked at the James Beard House last month and if it was anything like our meal, Chef Kim left a lasting impression. We started with several pieces of nigiri topped with toro, truffle and caviar, followed by the Tuna Tartare Tower, an appetizer stacked with tuna, avocado, wontons, arugula, tobiko, quail egg and wasabi crème fraîche. Specialty rolls like the Geisha and the Wagyu were equally memorable, especially the tempura shrimp and avocado topped with seared wagyu beef, which was a first for me.

BREAKFAST AND BEYOND For those of us who love breakfast and brunch, Chow is an absolute must. As the story goes, owner and Chef David Touvell started working in a sustainable organic bakery when he was 9 years old

and has since worked for Mobile FiveStar and James Beard Award-winning restaurants. His farm-to-table outpost is a hopping one, but well worth every second of a wait. Start with the locally made kombucha and daily chalkboard specials. Rags to riches might be trite, but rice to riches is crafty and that’s exactly how Barrio began. The Latininspired restaurant, located in the heart of downtown, came to fruition after owner and Chef Steven Draheim created a massive following with his food cart. As packed as the brick-andmortar eatery was during our visit, it’s hard to imagine how he could possibly keep up with hungry demands without his current elbow room. We shared the Sally Salad, made with fresh greens, quinoa, black beans, heirloom tomatoes, peaches, avocado and pepitas with jalapeño-basil vinaigrette, then debated which of the other appetizing options to try. Obviously, they set the bar high

Sky’s The Limit

Please welcome Sky’s The Limit to the Southern Comfort family. Complimentary early check in or late checkout for new reservations only booked for the month of October 2016. Select properties only and based on availability. Use promo code: PNOCT2016 when booking. Offer expires October 31st 2016.


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for other food trucks with storefront dreams and locals are rising to the challenge. An outdoor pavilion complete with local craft beer taps, long bistro tables, heated benches, trivia and live music on certain nights, The Lot is an understated food truck hotspot. Torn between gourmet burgers and Mexican staples, I chose the pork curry tacos at A La Carte — slow-cooked shredded pork, coconut milk curry, feta, roasted peanuts, green onion, radish, cilantro, cabbage and sesame seeds. Further proof that venturing from the fray equates to delicious rewards is Sparrow Bakery, a hidden gem one resident had highly recommended. As promised, I found a signature pastry called the Ocean Roll. Not typically one for baked goods, I took one for the team and ate the entire thing. What’s so special, you ask? It’s hard to pinpoint. Unless you consider the croissant dough made onsite, the cardamom, the sugar and the vanilla. Or that the dough is splashed with egg wash and baked to a crispy creation few can resist, myself included.



BY AP P OI N TME N T ON LY 404-307-5995 susan@ sgab ri el j ewel

EVERYTHING ELSE In this mountain hamlet, the days pass quickly, especially when you’re focused on stuffing your face. I’m convinced Bend is home to great restaurants as a necessary means to balance the endless activities. By that, I mean Downtown Bend’s Wall and Bond Streets, where shops like Clementine’s, Silverado, Lark Mountain Modern, Lucky Joe’s and Dudley’s Bookshop Café easily entice hours of calorie burning. To tame our spending, we took a peek inside McMenamins Old St. Francis School. This 1936 Catholic schoolhouse was transformed into a hotel in 2004. In addition to the original classrooms-turned-lodging rooms, a pub, brewery, movie theater, private meeting/event space and mosaic-adorned soaking pool, we also discovered black and white photos nodding nostalgically at its former days. Though a fun stop, we were quite content with our quiet accommodations elsewhere around town.

The quintessential Southern quail-hunting experience


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WHEN VIENG OUDOM , founder and owner of Sommi Wine

handles, tracks and

Cellars, explained that his client base for custom cellars wasn’t local, but

hinges, among a num-

based in the South with two happy clients right here in the Atlanta area,

ber of other products,

I wasn’t entirely surprised. His bespoke wooden cellars, crafted from

I watched intently as

authentic barn wood on the exterior and beautiful mahogany on the

Dahlberg demonstrat-

interior, are immediate conversation starters. What was unexpected is

ed his craft.

that despite their good looks, they are highly functional with temperature control. During my visit to Oregon, Oudom drove from Portland to meet me in

Oudom encourages both current and future clients to think outside of the amazing cellars he creates.

Bend and talk about the craftsmanship behind his products. To hammer

“Essentially, we can do whatever they envision,” he said, adding that

home his point, we met at Orion Forge, where owner and blacksmith

he’s teamed with interior designers in Oregon and recently chatted with

Hunter Dahlberg is preserving the dwindling art of handmade ironwork.

the Northside's Allison Havill Todd of AHT Interiors to bring even more

So in awe of the process and how he got into the business of forging

brilliant ideas to their clients. PHOTOS COURTESY OF SOMMI WINE CELLARS

52 | POINTS NORTH | October 2016

From Italy and New York City to you in Atlanta’s Northside

Whether you’d rather stay in Downtown Bend or in the newer Old Mill District, everything in Bend is accessible either via a short walk or an even shorter drive. The least congested eight- to 10-minute commute an Atlantan will ever drive, the nearby Pine Ridge Inn is an address we loved to call home. Located less than 10 minutes from Deschutes National Forest, these modern rustic accommodations provided a view of the Deschutes River Trail. The complimentary beer upon check-in and the panorama from our terrace served as the perfect welcoming combination. Near downtown, the Wall Street Suites sweetened our stay that much more. Our spacious room came with a kitchen, family room and a bedroom, outfitted with a sliding barn door that is way cooler than the average hotel décor, as is the property’s fire pit, where guests often gathered to share their adventures. Bookending our Oregon experience was a Pour Tour with Wanderlust Tours. While being whisked from Volcano Vineyards, the first winery to call Bend home thanks to owner/winemaker Scott Ratcliff, a brewery, a cidery and a distillery, we learned that residents are not only spoiled with food, coffee and outdoor options. Bend gets 300 days of sunshine, compliments of the Cascade Mountains, which stops most of the precipitation. When Nick Shealey, our Wanderlust Tour guide, explained that Deschutes is the third fastest growing county in the country and that he was a transplant from the East Coast, I realized the allure isn't a secret. Now that word is out about its chefs on the culinary curve, craving time in Bend will become an appetizing option for many more. PN

• Open for lunch and dinner Monday - Saturday • Dinner reservations recommended



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HCA would like to welcome all new families to our Forsyth area community! K-12 CHRISTIAN EDUCATION

Preparing Warriors for Christ by PARTNERING with FAMILIES to provide a Christ-Centered educational environment.

YOU’RE HOME K - 1 2 E D U C AT I O N hca g a . o rg • 6 7 8 - 9 4 7 - 0 7 11 • 1 2 70 S awnee Dr ive, Cumming, Georgia 30040

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Pinecrest Academy is a private, Pre-K3 through 12, college preparatory Catholic school, located in South Forsyth, just minutes from Alpharetta, Milton, Johns Creek, Duluth and Suwanee. We provide an atmosphere of academic rigor and critical thinking, while offering personalized attention in a Christ-centered environment of faith and reason. Pinecrest will KRVWDQ2SHQ+RXVHRQb2FW IURPbWRSP7KHGD\ZLOO include brief presentations, tours of the Lower, Middle and High School buildings and opportunities to meet principals and faculty. Pinecrest is a 2014 National Blue Ribbon School and has been recognized by the Catholic School Honor Roll as a School of Excellence for eight consecutive years. Pinecrest is located at 955 Peachtree Parkway in Cumming. For more

LQIRUPDWLRQSOHDVHFDOOb 770-888-4477 or visit |||||||||||||||||||||||||||


At Riverside Military Academy (RMA), character development extends beyond building and exercising leadership skills. 7KH\DUHFRPPLWWHGWRWHDFKLQJ young men time-honored values that promote social responsibility, good citizenship and well-rounded personal growth in all aspects of life. Character development is comprehensive at Riverside and is taught and modeled by all of the faculty, VWDIIDQGFRDFKHV7KH1RUPDQ P. Blake Family Distinguished Speaker Series at RMA includes bi-weekly distinguished speakers and discussion groups centering on the topics of integrity, leadership, ethical

decision-making and sound MXGJPHQW7KURXJKUHSHDWHG exposure to these topics, the program’s objective is to cultivate young men who are able to meet the challenges of college, career and beyond. Call 770-538-2938 or visit riversidemilitary.combWROHDUQ about all of the programs offered by RMA.

abundance of choice — in music, art, service, technology and physical education — always with the support of teachers who are experts in early childhood and elementary education. In every class, their students learn to think deeply, explore freely and H[SUHVVWKHPVHOYHVZLWKFRQƓ GHQFHb7ROHDUQPRUHFDOOb 231-8100 or visit





Swift School is an independent school that serves students with dyslexia and language based learning differences in grades WKURXJK7KH\VSHFLDOL]H in teaching strategies that use a multi-sensory approach to engage the whole child. An individualized program is GHVLJQHGWRHQKDQFHHDFKbVWX GHQWĹ?VbXQLTXHVWUHQJWKVDQG provide tools to address their VSHFLĆ“FFKDOOHQJHV6ZLIW supports every child to become DFRQĆ“GHQWVHOIDGYRFDWHIRU life-long learning, success and SHUVRQDOIXOĆ“OOPHQW Get in touch at 678-205-4988 or |||||||||||||||||||||||||||


(YHU\WKLQJb7ULQLW\b6FKRRObGRHV is designed to help students ages three through sixth JUDGHĹ´RXULVK(VWDEOLVKHGLQ b7ULQLW\b6FKRRObLVNQRZQ for its challenging academics, amazing arts program, stateof-the-art indoor and outdoor learning spaces and community WKDWFDUHVOLNHQRRWKHU7KH\ cherish the magic of childhood, encouraging students to try things they never imagined and cheering mightily when they succeed. Students are given an 60 | POINTS NORTH | October 2016

Founded in 1951, Westminster is a Christian, independent day school for boys and girls from SUHĆ“UVWWKURXJKKLJKVFKRRO and has grown to be one of the premier independent schools in the nation. “Westminster students are bright, curious, and thrive on the FKDOOHQJHVWKH\Ć“QGDWVFKRRO each day,â€? said President Keith (YDQVĹ?7KH\KDYHXQLTXHSRWHQ tial to lead, grounded in timeless values and focused on service to others. Our faculty and staff are devoted to helping them realize that potential and have a positive impact on their community and world.â€? Westminster offers 84 athletic teams and more than 30 clubs and activities, performing and visual arts programs and JOREDOSURJUDPVWKDWVSDQĆ“YH continents as well as welcoming exchange groups from Argentina, China, France, Kenya and 6SDLQWRFDPSXV7KHLU-DQ7HUP program in the Upper School consists of intensive, interdisciplinary three-week classes that are collaboratively taught offering students hands-on learning experiences and offer travel opportunities. Recently, Westminster’s Upper School counseling and college counseling departments

moved into renovated spaces in the center of campus. The expansion of the counseling suite, now called The Well, is part of Westminster’s focus on student support and offers spaces for a variety of wellness activities. The college counseling center provides a place for students and parents to meet with counselors and traveling admissions representatives from colleges around the United States. The spaces are a model of Westminster’s commitment to develop innovative spaces that support 21st-century learning. Learn more by calling 404-3558673 or visiting |||||||||||||||||||||||||||

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Equipping students to know, grow & go.

• • • • • • PRESCHOOL - 8TH GRADE

770.751.1972 4755 Kimball Bridge Road, Alpharetta, GA 30005

Excellence in Christcentered Education ACSI and SACS Accredited Low Student to Teacher Ratio Championship Sports Program Rich Fine Arts Program Arrowsmith Cognitive Program Available




• Nurturing environment featuring small class sizes, differentiated, hands-on academics, STEM, leadership opportunities  HUKTVU[OS`ÄLSK[YPWZ • Private, non-parochial education for infants through 8th grade • Middle School program including sports and robotics teams • After school and Summer Camp available

OPEN HOUSE Saturday, November 5th from 9am - 11am

SACS, GAC and NAEYC accredited 73,(:,*(33;6:,;<7(;6<9

5380 Faircroft Dr., Alpharetta, GA 30005

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Restaurant Guide

The Big Ketch Saltwater Grill

MILTON’S 800 Mayfield Rd., Milton 770-817-0161 Nestled in a restored 150-yearold farmhouse located in the historic district of Crabapple, this charming North Fulton restaurant serves contemporary Southern cuisine that utilizes fresh, local ingredients, many of which come from their onsite garden.

THE BIG KETCH SALTWATER GRILL 1105 Canton St., Roswell 770-993-5749 Who doesn’t love a day at the beach? That’s the spirit behind The Big Ketch — fresh, casual seafood prepared with a gourmet touch in historic downtown Roswell. Open for lunch and dinner daily.

SMOKEJACK BBQ 29 South Main St., Alpharetta 770-410-7611 Dine in comfort. Enjoy their moonshine lemonade. Host your party in “Jack’s Attic” or let them bring the party to you. Always smokin’, always fresh. Be their guest.

64 | POINTS NORTH | October 2016

Milton’s Cuisine & Cocktails


Smokejack BBQ

365 Peachtree Pkwy., Cumming 770-886-0100 Norman’s Landing has been a landmark in Forsyth County for 20 years and raised more than $2 million for the community. Serving fresh seafood, steaks and ribs Monday through Sunday for lunch and dinner. Join them for Sunday brunch or on Wednesday and Thursday for half-priced bottled wine.

PEACH & THE PORKCHOP 12040 Etris Rd., Roswell 770-696-5409 Peach & The Porkchop’s focus is using the highest quality, locally grown, farm fresh products to incorporate into wonderfully prepared dishes for the entire family. Their Kid’s Menu features more than 20 dishes, each made with fresh, healthy ingredients. What’s more, all of their meats are steroid-free, gluten-free, antibiotic-free and hormone-free. Lunchtime is a great time to enjoy their wonderful salads, hearty sandwiches and inventive

entrees. Reap the rewards of their new Loyalty Lunch Program — purchase six lunches and the seventh is complimentary.

OAK STEAKHOUSE 950 Third Street Alpharetta, 678-722-8333 Inspired by sister restaurant Oak Steakhouse in Charleston, S.C., Oak Atlanta offers a seasonalŽ›Ǧ†”‹˜‡‡—ˆ‡ƒ–—”‹‰‡”–‹ϐ‹‡† Angus Beef, Prime Steaks, fresh salads, appetizers and sides to

share. Serving dinner nightly and brunch on Sundays. Complimentary valet available.

COLLETTA 900 Third Street, Alpharetta 678-722-8335 Experience traditional Italian cuisine with their handmade pastas, pizzas, appetizers and desserts from Executive Chef Michael Perez. Join them Monday through Sunday for lunch and dinner. Complimentary valet available.





12 months of beautiful flowers once a month for a year for the price of 10 months. CALL 404-228-7903 TO ORDER.

MAKING MAGIC HAPPEN Tune into Atlanta Bon Vivant on Atlanta and Company every Tuesday to see Sean in action.


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Enjoy music, food and brews at Harvest on the Hooch presented by Whole Foods Market at the Chattahoochee Nature Center on Oct. 16 from 1 to 4 p.m.

Grow ENJOY MUSIC, food and brews at Harvest on the Hooch presented by Whole Foods Market at the Chattahoochee Nature Center on Oct. 16 from 1 to 4 p.m. This annual, special kind of Southern-style garden party features fun for the whole family. Parents can enjoy farm-to-table foods

from local favorite chefs of The Big Ketch, D.B.A. Barbecue, Drift Fish House & Oyster Bar, Foundation Social Eatery, The Mill Kitchen & Bar, Peach & the Porkchop, Red Sky Tapas, Seed Kitchen & Bar, Table & Main and more, while sipping craft brews and wines. Meanwhile, kids can enjoy live music, games and a coterie of cute critters at the petting zoo. Set in the beautiful scenery of the Chattahoochee Unity

Garden, you have the makings of a night of low-key autumn enjoyment. To cap it off, fees for Harvest on the Hooch go to support North Fulton Community Charities – the Unity Garden supplies more than five tons of fresh produce annually to the NFCC food pantry, as well as serves as a learning facility, where water conservation methods are taught and GROW summer camp for kids is held. VIP tickets are $100 and includes access to the main event plus special preevent chef demonstrations,

food and wine tastings; regular adult tickets (ages 10 and up) are $45 in advance and $55 at the door. – Niko Berry

Go LOOKING FOR A FUN and unique way to spend your weekends this fall? Matilda’s in Alpharetta is just the place. Some Atlanta residents may be familiar with its unique live Music Under The Pines experience. An adorable cottage off Main Street in Alpharetta, the venue hosts concerts every Saturday night at 8:30 p.m. through the end of the month. The concerts are held in the back yard, where guests are welcome to bring their own food, drinks, lawn chairs and even dogs (on their leashes, of course). In addition to the concert series, Matilda’s is kicking off


66 | POINTS NORTH | October 2016

October 2016

the fall 2016 season with their new Market @ Matilda’s. The market is home to vendors of all kinds – artisans, antique furniture dealers, candles, vintage clothing, jewelry and so much more – creating a shopping experience unlike any other. Following their grand opening weekend last month, Matilda’s donated a percentage of both the market and concert ticket sales to The Drake House, exemplifying how shopping local directly supports the community. Market @ Matilda’s is open Thursday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. – Brenna Needham

Support OCTOBER is both Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness Month and with that in mind, Mari’s Cucina and Social House in Johns Creek have partnered with two foundations working to help women struggling with these hardships. Mark your calendar now for the second annual “Autumn Under the Stars” wine tasting on Nov. 13. from 5 to 9 p.m. Guests will explore the flavors of Italy with a flight of seven wines and seven small plate pairings representing each of Italy’s seven regions, as well as have the chance to bid in a

silent auction. Mari’s Cucina is donating proceeds from this event to Racheal’s Rest’s Retreat Center Fund, an investment in building a permanent center to offer counseling and aid for women and children who have experienced sexual abuse or acts of violence. Mari’s has also specifically chosen HandCraft by Cheryl Indelicato as the event’s featured house wine since the winemaker donates a percent back to the Lynn Sage Foundation, that in turn, donates directly to breast cancer research. – Niko Berry

Treat IT HAS BEEN A FEW YEARS since the Macaron Queen first took Atlanta by storm with its flagship cart in Lenox Square Mall. Since then, the mother-daughter team has opened a second kiosk in Perimeter Mall and now a boutique bar at North Point Mall, further becoming one of the city’s go-to destinations for the treasured French treat. Transforming its look at North Point, located in the atrium near JC Penny and across from Starbucks, Macaron Queen recently celebrated the shift into a state-ofthe-art boutique bar with a

October 2016 | | 67

Due NORTH Let Macaron Queen guide you with pairings from their list of wines – they’ll even put together special selections for your next party or shower.

chic twist. Try their private label, sparkling wine service as well as new-and-limited-release selections of macarons, like those infused with Champagne and Orangette, the French method of candied orange peel handplaced within a dark chocolate macaron. Build your own box of favorites, whether you go for the gluten-free macaron-based pastries like French opera cakes and chocolate royal or seasonal flavors like cinnamon apple spice or pumpkin spice. Can’t choose? Let Macaron Queen guide you with pairings from their list of wines – they’ll even put together special selections for your next party or shower and host you onsite.

Plan BEEN WONDERING how you and thousands of other fans will get to a Braves game next year? We know where you might find the answer – or at least join the conversation. Advance Atlanta cordially invites you to attend their “Transit Talk: Cobb” event Oct. 20 at the Suntrust Park Preview Center. This citizen-driven, grassroots advocacy coalition has assembled an impressive lineup of speakers and special guests, including Cobb County Commission Chair Tim Lee, Atlanta Braves President of Development Mike Plant, Vice-President of Development for the Atlanta Braves

and General Manager of The Battery Jeremy Strife, Chairman of the Cumberland Community Improvement District Tad Leithead and Assistant General Manager of MARTA Ben Limmer. Advance Atlanta requests a $15 donation to attend and encourages online registration prior to the event, as space is limited. While hearing what community leaders have to say, guests can enjoy local beer, wine and appetizers. Those in attendance will also get a “behind-the-scenes” look at the future of the Braves and updates on the April 2017 opening of SunTrust Park. This is the first of many other Transit Talks to be hosted around Atlanta, each focusing on different ways to bring together businesses, residents and our communities to improve the region through transit resources.  – Brenna Needham

Save TEENAGERS IN THE U.S. have the highest crash rate of any group and car crashes are their No. 1 cause of death. Eager to change these frightening facts, better educate young drivers and encourage teens to be responsible behind the wheel, Drive Smart Georgia has partnered with AAA, Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Students Against Drunk Driving to kick off National Teen Driver Safety Week (Oct. 16 through 22) with a free,


68 | POINTS NORTH | October 2016

October 2016

interactive experience open to the public. Join the second annual Teen Driver Safety event Oct. 15 from noon to 3 p.m. in the Drive Smart Georgia Driving School’s parking lot on Medlock Bridge Road. Hear from Alan Brown, the keynote speaker and founder of Joshua’s Law, watch the University of Georgia Rollover Car and demonstrations by Johns Creek Fire Department, try a driving simulator with drunk goggles, listen to informative panel discussions and seminars and be entered to win free prizes and giveaways. Just a little bit of time on your Saturday could make a big difference in saving lives.

Stomp CHÂTEAU ÉLAN Winery & Resort’s annual Vineyard Fest is back for its 20th year this Nov. 6 from 1 to 5 p.m. This is a festival wine lovers won’t want to miss, with more than 100 domestic, regional, national and international wines to taste plus wine seminars and more to enjoy.

Château Élan’s Vineyard Fest has been one of the hottest ticket items among wine and food lovers in the North Georgia area for years. Vineyard Fest has been one of the hottest ticket items among wine and food lovers in the North Georgia area for years. All-inclusive tickets are $85 per person and include parking, a wine glass and wine tasting, educational seminars on wine, cooking demonstrations, delicious cuisine prepared by their chefs, live music, dancing and grape stomping. In keeping with Château Élan’s desire to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for attending guests, sales, as well as overnight packages, are limited, so booking early is recommended. No Vineyard Fest tickets will be sold at the main gate of Château Élan. Tickets are non-refundable, guests must be 21 years or older to attend.

October 2016 | | 69


“Hopping on a plane to enjoy a glass of Franken wine on Saints Bridge, while watching the sun set over Wurzburg, Germany.” — Tiffany

“I had so much fun getting out of my comfort zone to sample international dishes that were foreign to me, but staples to many throughout the Northside. I want a second helping of that.”

— Colleen

“I’m craving an unhurried dinner with four small courses, great wines with each course, brought to me by a professional server (like my old friends Erdem at 101 Steak or Erica at RosaMia) who isn’t afraid to suggest and is comfortable enough to be real, yet playful. Just my wife and me, or with another couple we enjoy. Perfect.”

— Carl

“A nice bowl of chili with cheese and sour cream, or taco stew. Great coolweather food.”

— Robin

“A slice of Tiramisu from La Casa Italian Grill in Alpharetta. Homemade every day and the best I’ve ever had.” — George

Share your answer with us on social media using #PNAfterThoughts 70 | POINTS NORTH | October 2016

Points North October 2016  

October 2016

Points North October 2016  

October 2016