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Celebrating 15 Years & Counting

Wire Transfer Karen Stubbs, a Cumming-based mother of four, felt a calling to share the wisdom she’d gained while raising her children. Birds On A Wire, the ministry she created to support fellow moms, is now soaring to new heights.

House and Home One family shares the “after” photos of their fixer-upper farmhouse to inspire your own projects, while another builds their dream home from scratch.

Thinking Ahead We searched from farmland to skyline for a dozen to-do’s (and a calendar, of sorts) to make 2016 our liveliest year yet, both on and off the page.

Men at Work Les Marmitons’ events are as much camaraderie as cuisine. Shunning the formality of instruction, cost and the pressure of some culinary schools, this clever concept of a men’s gourmet cooking club has carved a delicious niche in metro Atlanta.

Madrid Memories From cozy streets, sunny terraces and tasty tapas in local cafés, we found how easy it is to feel at home in Madrid’s colorful neighborhoods. Get ready to experience Spain’s capital city like a local.

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ON THE COVER Porsche Cayman GTS on the track at Porsche Driving Experience in Atlanta | Photo courtesy of Porsche Cars North America, Inc.

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4 | POINTS NORTH | January 2016

Editor’s LETTER

PointsNorth Atlanta PRESIDENT / CEO Witt Beckman PUBLISHER Carl Danbury Jr. EDITOR Heather KW Brown

Full-Speed Ahead



WHEN MY SON SWAPPED HIS SINGLE DIGITS FOR DOUBLE LAST MONTH, all I could think about was six more years until he drives. Realizing he only has eight years until he leaves for college, with my daughter nipping at his heels, left me reeling all day. I always smiled and nodded in acknowledgement when veteran moms “ooh-ed” and “aah-ed” over my little ones, warning me, without fail, to “enjoy every minute.” I’d heard it so often, it seemed only natural that, of course, I would enjoy them, not to mention every minute we had together — meltdowns over any number of things, notwithstanding. I did, I do and I will continue to cherish my moments as a parent, but somewhere along the way, it all sped up on me. Maybe it was between diaper changes and learning how to pedal a bike? Or most recently, when I went from “Mommy” to “Mom”? Adding another candle is a celebration at any age and I hope the years ahead will be packed with excitement, but that doesn’t mean I’m necessarily ready for it. This month, we sit down with Karen Stubbs, a mother of four, who realized in her own motherhood that women need encouragement and support along the way. She invited fellow moms into her home to share their stories and, in doing so, launched Birds on a Wire, a nationally recognized ministry for moms that is now ready to spread its wings. Several of us here at the magazine are preparing to do the same, although instead of flying the coop, we’re speeding into the New Year with our foot firmly on the gas pedal — a pretty sweet one, in case you missed the cover. In an effort to rally each other, and maybe inspire a few of you to join us, we’ve created a Thrill List. For each month of 2016, we’ve come up with an intriguing person, place or thing that should spur us into action. Aside from the calendar of fun firsts, we’ve filled our AfterThoughts chalkboard with daily/weekly challenges designed to maintain forward progress. Hammering the idea home, we catch up with two families armed with the tools and determination to make their dream homes a reality and then tag along with one of our writers, as she takes us on a spin through Spain’s capital city. Northsiders, we know, love to travel near and far, almost as much as they enjoy coming back to their nests. Maybe my children will do the same.


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6 | POINTS NORTH | January 2016



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After 90 Days

8 | POINTS NORTH | January 2016



AS A FIRST-TIME MOM of a now 1-year-old boy, the typical day for me starts with a negotiation — a bargaining of how many verses of “Old MacDonald” can I sing for a bite of bananas. Usually, we leave the table hoarse, messy and full of Cheerios. Admittedly, I’m easy to win over, because he makes me feel like the most entertaining performer ever. He wiggles his feet in glee over my efforts, shrieks in delight when I hit the high notes and shows off his teeth

with a smile that easily surpasses the goal. Instead, we snuggle, play and save our big breakfast ideas for tomorrow. I find myself thinking of these moments when the negotiations go a little sour. If a diaper change aligns with the end of the world, I am thankful to know that there are plenty of other moms who face the same challenge. That’s a fact Karen Stubbs reminds moms all over Atlanta of during her unique group, Birds On A Wire (BOAW). She holds Bible verse James 1:5 as its backbone, saying that all we have to do is ask for wisdom and God will give it to us greatly. Stubbs believes strongly in seeking guidance and advice from friends and family, but asking God first. That guidance has enrolled more than 2,000 moms in 64 groups across several states, so with plenty more diapers in my future, I jumped at the chance to get to know her.


January 2016 | | 9


FINDING THE BIRDS I met Stubbs at her home on a storybook afternoon of pine-tree dappled sunlight along a winding mountain driveway. She was throwing a Frisbee with her dog, waiting to welcome me and jumped right into helping me carry bags and notebooks, so that I (no storybook journalism interview here) could carry my wiggling son. In true been-there-done-that form, she wasn’t even fazed. Surely, it’s because she has done that (four times) and the now grandmother is helping her kids do it too. I also believe — and I know a couple thousand women who will agree with me — it’s intrinsic. She’s wise. She’s positive. She’s calm and practical. She doesn’t claim to know the answers, but she’s more than willing to share experiences, advice, encouragement and spiritual guidance to moms of all stages. Those experiences started when the Atlanta native graduated from Auburn University and moved with her husband to Virginia Beach, where he served as a fighter pilot in the Navy. “When he told me that’s what he wanted to be, we went to the movies and saw ‘Top Gun’,” Stubbs said. “I thought, ok this is cool. I can totally do this. But, real life is not the movies. The Navy was really hard. Greg was really good at what he did, so we dealt with deployments, the war and he was gone a lot.” Having four children was always their plan, but being 10 hours away from her family with those children was not ideal. “I realized my life was really changing,” Stubbs said. “Not in a bad way, but just not in a way that I thought it would. I loved my job, but my whole career was on hold. Meanwhile, Greg was getting ‘Top Gun’. We were so excited for him, but I was thinking, ‘what am I doing that’s exciting?’ I was just wiping butts and noses all day.” Like many young moms, when Stubbs looked around for encouragement or empathy, it seemed everyone else was doing fine. She thought, “Ok, it’s just me.” Fast-forward about a decade when the Stubbs moved back to Atlanta and joined North Point Community Church in Alpharetta. Here, Stubbs met other moms who shared stories that aligned with her own. She realized she wasn’t alone, and that 10 | POINTS NORTH | January 2016

“I don’t have the answers; I am not some guru of a mom. I made lots of mistakes. But I would love to teach you my mistakes and maybe we can all learn from them.” KAREN STUBBS, Birds on a Wire

they needed a ministry of their own. They started meeting together, but the group got so large that they had to split, breaking into two groups, trading off weeks in her basement. Eventually, Stubbs saw the bigger picture and when the church wasn’t ready to support the kind of curriculum she knew they needed, she said she followed God’s will and did it herself. She had 65 women on her roll then, and in just a few years found herself traveling around Atlanta meeting with groups that had broken off and were growing on their own.

BUILDING THE NEST Without even really trying, Stubbs had struck a nerve. She’d built a safe place where moms could come and feel supported, a ministry that encouraged moms and readied them to reach their full potential. Simply put, this group cheered fellow members in their journey of motherhood. “I just set the stage of being very transparent,” Stubbs said. “I said from the beginning, ‘Look, I don’t have the answers; I am not some guru of a mom. I made lots of mistakes. But I would love to teach you my mistakes and maybe we can all learn from them.” That gives moms permission to admit when they’re struggling. It allows them to say they’re just not getting the potty training thing or the sleeping-throughthe-night thing. Instead, it reminds them that the real world is not as it appears on Instagram. “A mom can feel isolated, ill-equipped and unsure of herself and her mothering skills,” Stubbs said. “I’m there to remind them, you’re not a bad mom.” In the verse Matthew 6:26, Jesus said, “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” Stubbs shared that verse and recounted

that as she read it years ago, she thought, “That’s us!” “We’re just birds sitting on a wire, just worrying,” Stubbs said. “But God is the wire. He holds us up.” The name stuck. And gathered in their safe place — The Nest, as Stubbs named her revamped garage — they can discuss struggles, trade stories and empower one another before setting back out into the world.

SOARING TO NEW HEIGHTS Last year, the Nest got a lot bigger. Six hundred moms gathered for a weekend-long conference with Stubbs and a handful of other pros to discuss several facets of a mom’s life. Months after that conference, named SOAR, Stubbs remembered one attendee contacting her. The mother told Stubbs she had found herself at that conference and reported that just before school was about to start again her husband had said, “I am so glad you’re back.” That’s the best feedback Stubbs can get. “I help moms embrace their role as a mom,” she said. “But I help them not forget about the fun person they used to be. It’s not all so serious.” What is serious is the amount of feedback she gets. Stubbs shared a story about a mom whose daughter had been deceived by an online predator. That mom told Stubbs she gave her the foundation to change her parenting and as a result was overcome by joy. She was able to swallow her pride and open her heart to advice from other moms, saying otherwise, she would have felt embarrassed, ashamed and unable to help others. Another mom expressed how unfair life seemed now with two children under the age of 2 years old. “She told me, ‘In my husband’s world, nothing’s changed, but everything has changed for me.’ As soon as she said it’s

not fair, her eyes just filled with tears,” Stubbs recalled, adding, “I knew exactly what she was talking about. But I told her, ‘No it’s not fair, but this is where you are and this is what you want, and we need to get on board with this role as a mother.’” Now that follower is thriving as a wonderful, beautiful mom … of four. Stories like that are responsible for how fast Birds On A Wire has grown. Stubbs still hosts large groups of women in her garage. Moms can sign up for six-week classes that cover questions she’s gathered from visiting different groups. Topics include facing the overwhelming role of being a mother, dealing with resentment, bringing God into parenting, disciplining and time management. Stubbs also covers the lies that many moms believe in a series called “Says Who?” that confronts measuring up to other moms, the urge to control everything and more. DVDs and books are available to moms who can’t attend classes — after all, the struggle to find childcare is one of the biggest — and Stubbs spearheads SOAR again in March. So, what is Stubbs hatching next? Since she’s about to be an empty nester in her personal life — her youngest heads to college this year — she is ready to let her Birds On A Wire take flight to new heights. “I made a deal with the Lord that I wanted to finish well with Abby,” Stubbs said. “I didn’t want to do a mom’s ministry and forget about being a mom myself. This year, I can really turn my focus to it.” That includes launching an app with Tips for Moms, streaming podcasts, growing the national presence and meeting the BOAW moms across the country. “At the end of the day, I am not an entrepreneur,” Stubbs admitted. “I’m really just a mom. Now I am a mom who has been thrown into this business world, but I am surrounding myself with a lot of smart people and we’re figuring it out one step at a time.” Sounds like her nest is, in fact, far from empty. PN


January 2016 | | 11

14 | POINTS NORTH | January 2016

Their House on a


“This was our two-year house,”

Tim Bond said with a

laugh as I sat with him and his wife, Jodi, in their living room. The Bonds bought a two-story colonial house in Sugar Hill in May 2014 and have been slowly working toward remodeling it into a fresh, modern farmhouse.

HUNTING FOR A HOME Tim, 35, and Jodi, 32, lived in a small house in Dacula for nine years. After growing to a family of six, the Bonds felt the need for more space, so the hunt for the perfect new home began. After exhausting the listings in Gwinnett County, the Bonds were feeling discouraged about finding a unique home with character, and the pressure to find something quickly because their house in Dacula was under contract certainly wasn’t helping. “I had seen this house on the listing, but I refused to go look at it because it just didn’t look like us,” Jodi said of their current home. “But the clock was ticking, so we decided to at least check it out.” As the Bonds looked at the house for the first time, they felt extremely drawn to it. It had a beautiful back yard with a vegetable garden and space for chickens and PHOTOS COURTESY OF


January 2016 | | 15


rabbits, and though the inside of the house was outdated, they had a clear vision of what it could become. “Even though the house was so closed-in and uninviting, I still wanted it,” Jodi said. “We’d finally found a house that had some character and felt like home.”

“WE’VE GOT THIS!” The Bonds always knew they wanted to fix up a house, but it was never their intention to do so this soon, especially with four very young kids. Still, Tim and Jodi bought the house and started making plans to open it up and give it more life. At first, they intended to get a home renovation loan in addition to their mortgage, but as the loan officer started breaking down the numbers and explaining the requirements, the couple didn’t feel right about spending so much money on something they could do themselves. With no previous experience

in anything related to remodeling homes, the Bonds decided they would tackle the project and learn some new skills along the way. “Jodi has a ‘We can do it!’ mentality, but I didn’t grow up that way,” Tim said. “There has to be a huge mental shift from, ‘I’m going to break everything,’ to ‘We can really do this and nobody is going to die.’” Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, the Bonds decided to start there. They ripped out cabinets, replaced the countertops, put in a new stove, got a new sink and painted walls. What once was a clunky, dark, heavy space was transformed into a light, airy kitchen with subway tiles and open cabinetry. After feeling good about the kitchen, they moved on to knocking out a wall, opening up the entryway and living room. During that time, their living room ceiling had to be ripped out, so they took the opportunity to install recessed lighting,

which gave the room a fresh, open feel. In addition to scraping off the popcorn ceiling on the main floor, the Bonds have also put some work into the staircase by ripping up plush carpeting and partially staining the wood underneath. “Since the staircase is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door, we want to do something really sleek and modern with it,” Jodi said. “We’re just waiting to finish that until we put our flooring down.” Installing hardwood floors throughout the main level of the house is the newest project for the Bonds. Once they’re done with that, they’ll move on to installing crown molding and remodeling the bathroom. “I’m just looking forward to getting everything finished,” Jodi said. “I haven’t really been able to decorate the house, and we’ve been here for a year and a half!” After they get the main level finished, the Bonds plan to take a nice, long break before they get started on the second floor.

PROJECT OF THE YEAR (OR TWO) While listing all the things they’ve accomplished on their own is impressive, it doesn’t give any credit to the amount of time they’ve put into this project. “We quickly realized that we’d started this at an inconvenient stage of life,” Tim said. They moved into the house with young kids, a toddler and a 5-month-old, and Tim beginning a new position at work. PHOTOS COURTESY OF ALAN BROOKS; JODI BOND

16 | POINTS NORTH | January 2016


“In the midst of all the renovating and remodeling, we still have to live life,” Jodi said. “We probably had the stove pulled out into the middle of the kitchen for a month before we were able to put it back in place.” Still, the Bonds have stayed positive about the whole process. They’ve learned that even spending 20 minutes here and there scraping ceilings or ripping up floorboards is ultimately going to get them to their final goal. “The other night, I needed to cut Tim’s hair, we needed to put the kids to bed and we still needed to work on ripping up the floors,” Jodi said. “We were getting flustered, so the kids said, ‘Let us help!’ I thought about it for a minute, and was like, ‘This might actually work.’ So there we were, after bedtime, the boys ripping up flooring in the kitchen while I cut Tim’s hair.” “We’ve truly learned to live in upheaval and just embrace the chaos,” Tim said. “Or at least take the chaos and focus it toward something productive.”

HEART OF THE MATTER Remodeling a house on your own is a huge learning experience in many ways. Not only have the Bonds picked up new skills, they’ve also learned more about life and each other. “Seeing the positive traits that each of us bring to the project has been helpful,” Tim said. “If the project was left to either of us by ourselves, the whole thing would be off balance.” Tim and Jodi know there have been times when the work they’ve done wasn’t perfect, but they find value in the imperfections because it’s something they’ve created as a family. “I’ve found that it’s so satisfying to do your own work,” Jodi said. “But if you take something of this size on, you have to be willing to take risks and be okay with making mistakes.” While the Bonds have gotten a lot done on their house, there is still much more they want to accomplish. You can watch their progress by following their Instagram account, @houseonasugarhill. The Bonds’ style is simple and realistic. They feel pulled toward creating a space that is full of life and character, and from what I was able to see, they’re accomplishing just that. “When people walk into my house, I don’t want them to see something grand and perfect,” Jodi said. “I want people to see our life and our story. I want them to see our heart.” PN


18 | POINTS NORTH | January 2016

Current availability for Edward Andrews Homes extends to more than a dozen communities throughout North Fulton, East Cobb, South Cherokee, South Forsyth and Gwinnett. The biggest to launch this spring is Harlow, opening next month. A gated, townhome community with 344 opportunities, Harlow is located in Roswell and is located in the highly ranked Milton High School district. The uniquely curated floor plans cater to a wide variety of buyers, including families, young professionals and individuals looking to downsize. Harlow offers all of the benefits that accompany new construction – a resort-class clubhouse and pool, tennis courts, spacious parks and the famous custom design selection process. For a complete list, visit 20 | POINTS NORTH | January 2016


Nailing It Award-winning



CUSTOM HOME AND A NEW ADDRESS Tiffany and Oreonna Taylor of Gwinnett were

to represent their family tree and help them clinch

searching for real estate online when they came

the new home. (We’ll save what the grand prize win-

across a listing that caught their eyes. FOX TV was

ners scored for those that want to catch up on the

recruiting couples to compete in the debut season

show for themselves.) Along with the framed wall

of “Home Free.” After scanning a few questions

art, congregating in the kitchen during the holidays

about their experience and interest in do-it-your-

made the Taylors’ unfathomable luck feel more real.

self projects, one particularly hit close to home:


Why do you deserve to win a house created by the foreword-thinking, Atlanta-based custom builders,

While you won’t get Holmes’ unique challenges,

Edward Andrews Homes?

you don’t have to be a TV star to get the Taylors’ same prized experience with Edward Andrews


Homes. The spotlight shines on you with highly personalized attention – from taking the Style

The married couple immediately thought of their

Quiz and lifestyle questionnaire to meeting with

10-year-old daughter, Madison. After losing a loved

experts – to bring your own design preferences,

one, the family of three had taken in relatives under

budget and timeline to life. The Style Quiz uses

their roof and were looking for a new space. Once selected for the show, they endured eight weeks in a crash course of renovation projects, following twists and turns to win. Among eight other equally deserving pairs, the Taylors made up for what they lacked in construction know-how with creativity. Led by hard hat-wearing, general contractor and host Mike Holmes – or “fairy God parent” as the Taylors dubbed him for drastically changing their lives in a short period of time – contestants worked on home improvement projects throughout the Atlanta area. At the close of each week, one pair was eliminated –  but also became winners of that week’s site, a surprise hidden to all who remained in the competition. After growing accustomed to job sites, the Taylors rallied all the way to the final episode. In this last challenge, they visited the one-of-a-kind Edward Andrews Exact Design Center in Alpharetta – still  under impression it was “do or die” time to win “the grand prize.” As featured extensively on the show’s finale, both pairs of finalists worked closely with Exact Design experts, making custom decisions for different assigned rooms in a newly constructed home at Gwinnett’s Preserve at Reed Mill community. Both couples took the Edward Andrews digital Style Quiz, giving the designers insight to desired aesthetics and vision while simplifying the often overwhelming custom-building process and instilling confidence in each step.

SIMPLIFYING STYLE “Digital” is the key word in how the Exact Design Center stands out from the crowd. Imagine if Steve Jobs would have chosen to go into home building instead of computers. Rather than displaying vignettes of a model kitchen or bathroom, the modern center is decked out with meeting tables centered around flat screens for viewing digital floor plans, renderings and inspirational images as well as “conceal and reveal” cabinets with samples of materials from countertops and cabinetry to faucets, fixtures and everything in between. Here, Tiffany and Oreonna changed hardware, hand selected tones of light gray, marble for the kitchen counters and backsplash, all while adding unique touches that made the space reflect their personal tastes. Spoiler alert for those that haven’t seen the show: there are tons of tears and laughter when Holmes announces the house, which the finalists helped design, now belonged to the Taylors. When Tiffany and Oreonna reenter the foyer, framed family portraits and a drawing that Madison made of her “dream home” back at the beginning of the show’s journey was waiting for them. The young

Meyers-Briggs-type logic and a matrix of algorithms to calculate accurate results based on design aspects and buyers’ tastes, while the Lifestyle Questionnaire provides valuable information about who will live in the home and how the home will be used. Design experts can also pull up the customer’s Pinterest or Houzz profile on-screen or prior to meeting, further curating selections that align with their tastes. Overall, the process marks a shift to a more comfortable and assured buyer-centric approach rather than builder-centric, with a team cheering for you from beginning to end. FOX and its viewers aren’t the only ones that are tuning into the revolutionized model at Edward Andrews, either. Last year, the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association Sales and Marketing Council presented the company with 13 Gold and two Silver OBIE awards in categories including Best Design Center, Best Website, Best Interactive Tool and more to set a new company record for the most OBIE wins in a single year. Plans for a second season of “Home Free” have yet to be confirmed, but in the meantime, take the complimentary quiz online or schedule a visit to state-of-the-art center for yourself. PN

girl’s sketch included spare bedrooms, where this year her parents hope to raise a little sister or brother. While technically finishing as runner-ups, Tiffany and Oreonna created a handmade, wooden table


January 2016 | | 21







The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee Aerial View PHOTO COURTESY OF REYNOLDS LAKE OCONEE

22 | POINTS NORTH | January 2016


E’VE SEEN IT ACROSS THE NORTHSIDE LATELY – an increase in orange traffic cones, yellow bulldozers, heaps of dirt and fences heralding new homebuilding. Construction has been on the rebound, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The National Association of Realtors even back this trend by ranking Atlanta in the No. 5 spot on their list of top 10 markets to watch in 2016. For a closer look of what to anticipate, we asked Points North Atlanta’s premier partners in real estate to share their latest news, from the ground up, on what exactly we should be watching. Whether you’re a longtime resident looking to relocate or one of our new neighbors, welcome home.

January 2016 | | 23







Reynolds Lake Oconee

Reynolds Lake Oconee


ast March, Reynolds Lake Oconee unveiled its new Mill Creek Model Home Center – its first model homes in five years – with high expectations to maintain its reputation for ultimate dream homes. After all, the community’s collection of past show homes, situated along more than 374 miles of lake shoreline, includes two Southern Living Idea Houses, the first-ever Golf Magazine Dream Home and Golf Digest Signature Home. “We wanted these homes to establish a completely fresh perspective that reflects contemporary living and the casually elegant lifestyle that Reynolds members enjoy every day,” said Glenn Winslette, vice president of development. “We achieved this by combining a magnificent golf-front setting with inspired architectural elements and engaging some of the top building and interior design experts in the field.” Built upon a philosophy of design, functionality and aesthetics, the models were constructed atop the wooded hillside overlooking the tees and split fairway of The Creek Club golf course’s fifth hole. Inside, open floor plans, design features emphasizing comfort and gourmet kitchens sure to become the hub of family activity create

sociable environments. The first 3,700-square-foot model is a four-bedroom, four-and-a-half bath home built by Lake Oconee Area Builders Association’s Builder of the Year, Camden Homes. Classic dormers, traditional lap siding and tasteful stone accents welcome visitors, and a natural wood pergola spans the twin garage doors. Elevated ceilings, eight-foot interior doors and clerestory windows flood the main living space with warm, natural light, while hardwood floors, premium tile, granite and cabinet upgrades throughout exude quality in design and craftsmanship. PHOTO COURTESY OF REYNOLDS LAKE OCONEE

24 | POINTS NORTH | January 2016







The National Bluff Course, Holes 3 and 4

Next door is a somewhat larger model home, built by back-to-back Lake Oconee Living Builder of the Year award-winner, Jones & Jones Premier Builders that offers an equally attractive front elevation, but with more pronounced rooflines, shake siding accents and more traditional columns flanking the double front doors. At the heart of this four-bedroom, four-and-a-half bath home is the aptly named “great room,” which has soaring ceilings accentuated by vast windows that finely frame the splendid golf course views. Since its opening in March 2015, The Mill Creek Model Home Center has had more than 2,500 guests tour the homes. Homes are open daily to the public and a terrific complement to the range of daily activities available. Reynolds Lake Oconee is also home to four marinas, six golf courses, 10 restaurants and countless other activities thanks to the The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee, a 251-room lakefront resort and spa, which was recognized again for its meticulous service and gracious Southern hospitality with 2014 AAA Five Diamond Lodging and 2014 Forbes Four-Star resort distinctions. For real estate information, please call 800-8005250 or visit Tour the Model Home Center anytime by visiting

Cresswind at Lake Lanier


he only active-adult community on Lake Lanier, Cresswind offers inspired, resort-style living. Homes in this gated community are specifically tailored to the lifestyle you’re looking for, plus the Kolter Homes’ exclusive Comfort Home Design.

“Cresswind at Lake Lanier is different than any place you will visit, and it is also the most-awarded and top-selling active adult community in the state of Georgia,” said Bob Rademacher, area president for Kolter Homes, LLC. With a full-time lifestyle director on staff, you’ll need a bigger day planner. Amenities include an expansive, 40,000-square-foot clubhouse complete with an indoor pool, full fitness center with aerobics/yoga studio, ballroom, arts-and-crafts room, gourmet teaching kitchen, billiards room and much more. Get outside for a dip in the beautiful pool, swing by the tennis campus, try your hand at bocce courts and horseshoe pits, sail away from the private marina with available boat slips or catch a flick on the movie lawn. There’s never a dull day at Cresswind, with numerous opportunities for volunteerism, enhanced nutrition and wellness, and a full array of interest-specific clubs. Single-family, ranch-style homes from the mid$200s to $400s (basements available) and 11 designer model homes are currently available for tours. Check it out for yourself any day of the week: Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday from noon to 5 p.m.

The Manor Golf and Country Club


he Manor Golf and Country Club, nestled in Milton, continues to enjoy a phenomenal rate of home and lot sales. The mixture of lake, golf course and wooded homesites offers an ideal setting. The premier Manor Builder group boasts exquisite custom homes with detailed appointments, the latest trends and high-level finishes. Future homeowners can choose a lot, choose a Manor Builder and create an extraordinary custom home built to their exact specifications. This gated community with sidewalks throughout offers unparalleled amenities such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, indoor and outdoor tennis courts – both hardcourt and clay – a full fitness center, two Clubhouses with multiple dining facilities, and a magnificent Tom Watson-designed golf course. Sales Center is open daily and can be reached at 404-800-3650. PHOTO COURTESY OF REYNOLDS LAKE OCONEE

26 | POINTS NORTH | January 2016







The Reserve at Old Atlanta

Traton Homes

SR Homes



rom the stately gated entryway to the stunning home designs, The Reserve at Old Atlanta offers “Altogether More!” Sited in one of metro-Atlanta’s most desirable areas in Suwanee, Traton Homes at The Reserve at Old Atlanta create an unforgettable impression both inside and out. Immediately upon entering, residents are greeted by 36 acres of beautiful and serene land that will be preserved as open space, the majority along the banks of a tributary that leads to the Chattahoochee River. Other amenities include two lighted tennis courts, a Junior Olympic pool and clubhouse.  “The Reserve at Old Atlanta truly offers the best of luxury living and amenities in one of the most sought after school districts in the state,” said Kimberly Garwood, Director of Marketing for Traton Homes. Traton’s homes at The Reserve at Old Atlanta are priced from the $530s and fall in the districts of Johns Creek Elementary, Riverwatch Middle and Lambert High Schools. Traton Homes has been a local homebuilder in the Atlanta area for 45 years strong! For more information on The Reserve at Old Atlanta and Traton’s other metro-Atlanta communities, contact Kerri Peek at 404-314-4158 or Ed Olwine at 404-245-3383.

Homes President, Alex G. Tetterton has a handle on what’s selling in North Fulton and Forsyth. With a stellar reputation for building quality homes in the most sought after locations, and recognitions such as being named a Top 20 Atlanta Home Builder for the third year in a row, SR Homes is thriving in a new home market that shows ample positivity for the coming year. “We’ve seen an upward trend in pricing and demand, especially in North Fulton,” Tetterton said. “We continue to see an opportunity to provide new homes to buyers looking in very specific areas.” We are also seeing demand overflowing to areas of South and West Forsyth County. Capturing buyers in highly regarded zip codes, SR Homes expects to see more closings this year with several topnotch communities on the ground and ready to sell. “What we will see is an issue of land scarcity,” Tetterton said, adding that in 2016 and 2017, the issue regarding supply and demand will be even greater, because existing lots and land being developed will be out of the market place. If there was ever a time to buy, it is now! SR Homes “the builder focused on you.”  PHOTO COURTESY OF TRATON HOMES

28 | POINTS NORTH | January 2016

The River Club


he River Club was developed and is owned by Crescent Communities, a real estate developer of more than 50 master-planned communities throughout the Southeast (including Sugarloaf Country Club in Gwinnett County), and with real estate holdings of more than $1 billion in valuations including multi-family, commercial and land holdings. Located in Suwanee, The River Club is a gated neighborhood on a 622-acre site that includes 375 available estate home sites, a Greg Norman-designed 18-hole championship golf course, a Craftsman-inspired 30,000-square-foot clubhouse and serves as base to an impressive résumé of amenities. The Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary golf course is recognized as having a consistent record of environmental stewardship with careful planning, minimal chemical use and water quality management. After all, perhaps the course and surrounding area’s main attraction is the 12 acres of water features and open-water habitat that is home to a variety of native fish and wildlife. The lake

areas play a key role as part of the overall storm water management for the neighborhood. Residents also enjoy a private 1.4-mile walking trail that borders the Chattahoochee River from land donated by Crescent to the Trust for Public Land and is now part of the National Park Service – overall creating a serene place to live. “The River Club has had significant activity over the past 24 months with more than 25 new custom homes being built and club memberships have grown by more than 20 percent over the past few years,” said Scott Dozier, Crescent Communities’ vice president of residential division for Georgia. “Great opportunities exist to purchase new homes from and lots within the community and a brand new section of more modest-sized luxury homes from the $900’s are now under way. Buyers looking to make The River Club home … will now have more choices than ever before.” All homes are custom designed for the specific lot with a pre-approved list of 12 available custom builders that have a proven record of design and craftsmanship in building great looking homes.

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12 in 2016 written by POINTS NORTH ATLANTA STAFF

30 | POINTS NORTH | January 2016

LAST YEAR, we celebrated 15 years of covering the ever-increasing landscape of the Northside. As we enter No. 16, we’ve searched high and low, from farmlands to skylines, to find a dozen people, places and things that inspire us to make the next year our best yet, both on and off the page. As much a to-do list as a recommitment to our mission, this calendar is intended to be fun and informative. Join us, whether by tuning in to one testament a month or following along as some of these teasers become full features.

JANUARY BRIGHTEN UP. COLLEEN ANN MCNALLY At the busy corner of Buckhead’s Lenox and Piedmont Roads is what can feel like the longest red light in the city. On the bright side, there’s the Atlanta Tech Village (ATV) sign to consider while you wait. Our city’s own version of Silicon Valley, ATV was created to be a welcoming hub of creativity for start-ups — and is succeeding in that vision, considering there has been a wait-list for office space since opening in 2012. Each quarter, the largest companies growing within the building are recognized on the signage out front; those that are successful enough to stand on their own eventually “graduate” and move out of the campus, opening up new, highly coveted space. Built on the core values to pay it forward, be nice, work hard, play hard and dream big — plus a $20-million dollar renovation, courtesy of founder and entrepreneur extraordinaire David Cummings — a visit to ATV is to be indoctrinated into the unique community promoting faster connections between talent, ideas and capital. Not to mention, you might want to borrow some of their less formal values like riding a Razor scooter around the office, doodling on the walls or filling a cup from the keg on tap 24/7. Tours are available for both potential members as well as those who just want to get a glimpse of the futuristic model. Non-members are still encouraged to participate in events such as Startup Chowdown, averaging 250 people for $10 lunch each Friday followed by 1 p.m. Pitch Practice, or you can book the fully equipped conference rooms. Scholarships are available for young companies, social enterprise, students and companies that show a strong commitment to the core values. It all fuels ATV’s overall goal: Atlanta’s rise to become a top five techstartup center in the country and create 10,000 jobs in 10 years. PHOTO COURTESY OF ATLANTA TECH VILLAGE

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12 IN 2016

FEBRUARY DIG DEEP. COLLEEN ANN MCNALLY Regular encounters with the city’s top tables and cutting-edge chefs have planted the seed for a deeper respect for slow food, an appreciation for Georgia’s economical roots in agriculture and the taste of fresh, seasonal ingredients grown with care. That craving makes me romanticize life on a farm and want to get my hands dirty, which would probably make most of my friends and family laugh. However, when I called Lynn Pugh, co-owner of Cane Creek Farm in Cumming since 1984, she didn’t laugh nor did she hesitate to invite me out to her land. As I turned the wheel of my car from Hyde Road onto Jekyll Road’s gravel stretch and swapped my heeled booties for a pair of duck boots, I was definitely laughing in amusement. Like so many other metro residents that feel a dichotomy, luring them toward both urban and rural living and therefore ending up somewhere in the middle, Cane Creek was a realization of Pugh’s dream to live a more sustainable lifestyle closer to the latter. Points North Atlanta first met Pugh, a former biology teacher, a few years ago when covering the community-supported agriculture subscriptions she sells, putting her produce directly into the hands of consumers, and more importantly, on their plates. Through internships, classes, workshops, tours, field trips, camps and volunteers, she further shares her understanding of how to grow food using sustainable, chemical-free practices and has cultivated a community. The salt-of-the-earth woman welcomes all willing students, whether a beginning backyard gardener, the experienced farmer wanting to learn more or the school child spending a day or a week on the farm. This spring, she is debuting the first course to be partially taught online and another course for middle school youth. 32 | POINTS NORTH | January 2016

MARCH ROW, ROW, ROW YOUR BOAT. HEATHER KW BROWN Long before the doors ever opened to American Row House, the coolest new fitness class making waves in the suburbs, I peered through the window of its storefront just off historic Marietta Square, wondering impatiently what was to come. Owned by husband and wife duo, Daniel and Kimberly Huck, American Row House is a boutique fitness studio modeled after similar venues in New York City, where exercise experts and enthusiasts alike have witnessed the health benefits of water rowers. After years of research, training and firsthand experience, the Hucks jumped in with both feet. In addition to organic coffee, cold eucalyptus towels and highly filtered Avalon water, the studio offers two classes every day: Indo-Row and Total Body Row. Indo-Row is an unrivaled class during which participants strictly row for 45 minutes. These patented water rowers don’t have levers to change the resistance. Instead, the water levels are the same for everyone, allowing each person to use their own resistance for effective, strength-based cardio. Each workout includes three waves, done at different stroke rates (24, 26 and 28), followed by a “race,” when the class is divided into teams and it’s a mad sprint for the finish. Total Body Row, the more popular class, alternates rowing with body weight or dumb bell exercises, followed by the signature end-of-class race. “We wanted to build a program that is still high-intensity training but without the grounding and pounding,” Daniel said. Rowing’s ratio of 60 percent legs, 20 percent core and 20 percent arms is low-impact, enabling folks with previous back, knee and hip injuries to get a great workout without worry of a setback. All first classes are free and the packages range from single class, small packages and monthly memberships.

12 IN 2016

impressively long and best experienced with multiple visits, especially considering Georgia’s portion has at least

APRIL SPREAD LIGHT. COLLEEN ANN MCNALLY Striking a match to our favorite candle and getting a glow that is a necessary occasional trade for an iridescent digital screen sounded so soothing, we tracked down Jaclyn van Camp of Canton. Established in 2014, van Camp’s Southern Grove Candles bring the best of the Southern outdoors into your room with scents like Tobacco Caramel, Georgia Peach, Iced Tea, Spanish Moss and more, handcrafted in quaint Mason jars. Not just another pretty candle, the 100-percent domestically grown soy candles, made with a wooden wick and phthalate-free fragrance oils create a clean and healthier aroma. Hearing her passion for the craft when she explains this is just as

heartwarming as seeing the first flame or catching the first whiff from the wax-filled glass. Look for Southern Grove Candles poured into mercury glass exclusively at Serendipity in Roswell, as well as bourbon tumblers still to come and an exclusive line with California-based Emerge Positive to include a positive message on the label.

MAY FOLLOW A TRAIL TO TREASURE. HEATHER KW BROWN Although severely unqualified to call myself a bona fide antique collector, I do love the hunt for treasure and what better place than our own back yard? The Antique Trail is

36 shops and malls in the northwest, northeast and Athens area alone. Promised to patient plunderers are upscale antique galleries as well as a medley of privately owned shops and multi-vendor malls, packed with a countless mixture of antiques and vintage collectibles. Whether out to find a specific piece or to browse for treasure you didn’t know you needed, the discovery of each antique shop’s personality, locale and charming owner is half the fun.

JUNE SOJOURN TO A SMALL TOWN. CARL DANBURY, JR. I grew up in a town of about 3,000 people and this urban sprawl causes me to bawl. This year, I’m setting out to discover some of the small-town ambiance and familiarity I miss. The first stop on my tour is 45 minutes east of Athens in Washington, Ga. Although it is said to be the first hamlet to take the name of George

Washington in the 1780 New World, locals prefer the name Washington-Wilkes. Today, it is a town of approximately 4,500. Washington-Wilkes, once a hub in the Piedmont cotton trade and the site of Eli Whitney’s first working cotton gin in 1795, had its economy nearly ruined by the boll weevil in the early 1920s. The Fitzpatrick Hotel, formerly the crown jewel of hotels east of Atlanta, was abandoned for nearly 50 years and reopened in June 2004, featuring 17 finely appointed guest rooms with private baths and guest accommodations reminiscent of The Gilded Age, with modern amenities. I plan to stay here, have breakfast at Southern Scratch, grab a leisurely lunch at Talk of the Town and later in the day, a relaxing dinner at the Washington Jockey Club. In between, I’ll dive into the town’s rich history. The first woman editor of a Georgia newspaper, Sally Hillhouse, took over the Monitor here in 1803, a Revolutionary War battle, Kettle Creek, was fought nearby, and the last cabinet meeting of the Confederacy was held here on May 5, 1865. Maybe I’ll search for the lost Confederate gold, which was said to be buried nearby, and visit Callaway Plantation, the Washington-Wilkes Historical Museum and the Robert Toombs Home while I am at it. That is what I shall seek while in Washington, along with a lot less traffic, unhurried conversation and maybe a glass of sweet tea. I reckon’ you should come along. 


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12 IN 2016

AUGUST DON AN APRON. TIFFANY WILLARD During a college break trip to Thailand, my son vowed to find a cooking class to learn how to recreate the dishes he was enjoying every day. Eager to share his travel experience and grateful for any excuse to spend more time together, an internet search turned up a Thai Street Food cooking class at Bleu Ribbon Kitchen in Tucker. Taught by professional chefs at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu school, Bleu Ribbon Kitchen offers one-day, hands-on courses in everything from Italian desserts to game day snacks and seasonal soups. All workshops are held in the same commercial kitchens where aspiring culinary students are taught. On arrival, participants don an apron and hat, making the experience feel all the more professional. Equipment and knives are provided, meaning all you need to bring is your passion for cooking. You’ll leave with an increased confidence in your cooking abilities, and your very own embroidered Bleu Ribbon Kitchen apron.


JULY PUNCH OUR PASSPORTS. COLLEEN ANN MCNALLY While we call the metro area home, we’ve come to know the traveler is part of our cultural make-up here — especially when you consider The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is within a two-hour flight of 80 percent of the United States population and remains the busiest airport in the world. This year, we aim to expand our horizons and get more acclimated with the Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal. In this issue, you’ll find travel tips to Spain’s capital; meanwhile, we’ve been cruising the Caribbean Sea to St. Kitts and Nevis as well as discovering Mayakoba in Mexico’s Riviera Maya to bring you more wanderlust beyond our borders. 34 | POINTS NORTH | January 2016

By that, I mean, North Georgia, of course. Yes, we’ve covered many nooks and crannies of the mountain towns north of our readership, but some places are simply worth revisiting and others, like the Sylvan Falls Mill Bed and Breakfast, are celebrating milestones that we couldn’t help but notice. We were initially drawn to its location near Dillard, Ga. which is one of many destinations on our radar, but the mill’s 175 years of operation and the 27-foot water wheel, one of the largest in the States, that powers it, proved too cool not to include. We promise to share more details just as soon as we return from the foot of the waterfall, where we might be enjoying freshly baked pastries prior to a full day of hiking.

12 IN 2016

OCTOBER RUN ON A CURVE. HEATHER KW BROWN Debuting this month is SculptHouse, the only studio of its kind offering fitness programing using the Megaformer, a fullbody strength and conditioning machine with adjustable color-coded springs, resistance bands and a sliding platform, as well as the NFL-endorsed Woodway Curve treadmill. With many miles under my own treadmill belt, I couldn’t imagine that machine without a motor, so I met Katherine Mason, the brainchild behind SculptHouse and its programming, for a sneak peek of her state-of-the-art Buckhead studio — not to mention, this treadmill entirely controlled and powered by an individual’s pace on a patented, curved running surface. Gone are jarring, high-impact workouts resulting in injuries, sore muscles or plateaued performances. Mason and her trainers are bringing maximum results in minimal time with a focus on long, lean muscle tone achieved in classes tailored to suit guests’ specific needs. CardioSculpt, SculptHouse’s signature workout, combines 25 minutes of intense cardio intervals on the Woodway Curve treadmill with 25 minutes of Megaformer strength training, while the StrengthSculpt class uses the Megaformer to deliver endurance, cardio, core, balance and flexibility training with each and every move for a 50-minute total body burn.





Ever wondered if you need to already own or be in the process of purchasing a Porsche in order to reap the benefits of the Porsche Experience Center? As luck would have it, that’s not the case at all. The Porsche Experience Center, situated on nearly 30 acres just south of the city, invites anyone with the desire to hone their driving skills to spend time with one-on-one instruction on Porsche test track modules and off-road courses. For those not quite ready to hit the track, we’ve got plenty more reasons to visit, like the Human Performance training facility, the Driving Simulator Center, Classic Restoration Center or even a long business lunch at Restaurant 356, the exclusive, onsite fine dining restaurant. All signs point to a firsthand account zooming your way soon.

As impressive as Atlanta Ballet’s “The Nutcracker” performances can be under the bright lights of the Fox Theatre’s stage, every once in a while, we get the urge to see what goes on behind the curtain. Thankfully, the Fox Theatre has a Behind the Scenes Tour that gives visitors another look — not to mention plenty of history — at what makes our city’s landmark so special. Be sure to check the website often for 2016 tour dates because, not surprisingly, they go fast and we aren’t the only ones wanting a sneak peek. In the meantime, be sure to catch any of the Atlanta Ballet’s upcoming lineup, particularly, its “Wabi Sabi,” which has become a fabulous summer event. Expect a program of premieres at the High Museum of Art, the Atlanta Botanical Garden and now Serenbe., PN


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THE HIGHLIGHT OF LAST NOVEMBER, for our staff, was not only sharing the stories of our Savvy and Successful women selected in 2015, but also celebrating with each of them along with their friends and family. It was a wonderful evening full of laughter with Jaime Griffon emceeing and each woman enrapturing a crowd sincerely moved by the path they’ve chosen. We are grateful for another successful event and look forward to this year’s

submissions. Rather than waiting all year to accept your nominations, we hope you will send them to us at your convenience. Please visit our website or email your submissions to

Bohemia 36 | POINTS NORTH | January 2016


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HEN temperatures

Blue Ridge, located 90 miles north of At-


hang near 70 degrees

lanta, has become a popular destination

wonderful restaurants; the choices of

throughout December,

for people who want to get away for a

dining spots are simply amazing.

our sweaters, hats and

weekend or a week in the foothills of the

gloves remain discarded in a corner

Blue Ridge Mountains. This charming Georgia town has more than 100,000


acres in the Chattahoochee National

Tucked into the southern pocket of Fan-

Forest, 600 miles of hiking trails and


more than 1,000 mountain cabins and

the mountain air rings loudly into


vacation homes for a great escape. You

the New Year. The holidays may


may never want to leave the cabin, but


archery course – both traditional and

you should take the time to explore the

compound archery. Even if rods and

to overlook that tiny detail with an

authentic mountain town of McCaysville


escape to North Georgia, where

and shop in surprisingly upscale spe-



cialty shops and galleries that line Blue

Georgia trout — rainbow, brown and


brook — can be caught in challenging

waterfall or the southern terminus of

Noontootla Creek, and guides will

the Appalachian Trail. At the end of the




or closet. For those that crave a cooler season and an excuse to wear their favorite winter gear, the call of

abound all year long. Points North AtlantaĂ–VSDUWQHUVVKRZXVKRZLWĂ–V done best.

Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals

you cast in the morning, blast in the DIWHUQRRQEDFNDWWKHIDUPĂ–VVWDWLRQ VSRUWLQJFOD\FRXUVHĂ“OLNHJROĂ&#x;QJZLWKD VKRWJXQFDUWLQFOXGHG6OHHS\PRXQWDLQ views across the valley are worth the trip alone, but the folks at Noontootla Creek Farms work hard to create unique experiences guests never forget. 706-838-0585,

WHERE TO STAY In Blue Ridge, a mountain escape is always in season. Winter is the quiet time here; perfect for snuggling up by WKHĂ&#x;UHRUFHOHEUDWLQJVSHFLDOWLPHVLQ a Georgia mountain cabin with family 38 | POINTS NORTH | January 2016


Noontootla Creek Farms


Part of the allure at Noontootla Creek is that you can do it all! VISIT US ON FACEBOOK

3668 Newport Road Blue Ridge, GA 30513 706-838-0585







Best Dining Experiences in Blue Ridge January 2016 | | 39



Mountain Top Cabin Rentals






begins with where you stay.












Unique 1890s Victorian Inn All rooms have Private Bath, Cable TV and WIFI Open Year-Round Full Country Breakfast





your family’s home base for any and all









In the Heart of Downtown Blue Ridge







477 West First Street, Blue Ridge, GA 30513








either one. 706-946-3633,


40 | POINTS NORTH | January 2016

A Mountain Escape Is Always In Season A Bit of Heaven

Hidden Bear Lodge Crow’s Nest 240 WEST MAIN STREET • BLUE RIDGE, GA 30513


January 2015 | | 41

r a m i M t on s e s L w r i t t e n by CARL DANBURY, JR.


HE FORMALITY, the cost and the pressure of some culinary schools can often be a bit overcooked, which is why the clever concept of a men’s gourmet cooking club has carved a delicious niche in the Atlanta area. When Jean-Pierre (JP) Jobin moved to Georgia from Montreal, Canada in 2007, he brought the idea of Les Marmitons International with him. He founded the state’s first chapter in Canton, and now the club has expanded to three chapters in the metro area including Atlanta-Roswell, Sandy Springs and Canton, hosting eight or more culinary events per year.

A GROUP EFFORT Les Marmitons’ (loosely translated from French to “kitchen boys” or “helpers”) events are as much camaraderie as cuisine. Shunning the formality of instruction, although there are helpful hints from guest chefs and shared experiences from members along the way, the esprit de corps in the kitchen and the dining room is evident.

The Atlanta chapter of Les Marmitons meets in the professional kitchen of St. David’s Episcopal Church in Roswell. The facility provides generous space for cooking, deliberating, dining and enjoying the recipes prepared during the evening. Thirty or so men are divided into groups of six or more, with each handling one of the four courses prepared on a given evening. Each group follows the provided recipes, most often by the attending guest chef, to craft dishes that could take as long as two hours to complete. As in any kitchen preparing a menu for approximately 30 guests, laughter, exasperation, modification, a glass of wine, slight tweaks, patience, more laughter (some of it the nervous kind) and perhaps another glass of wine are commonplace. While most in the group might be considered middle-aged, a few 20-somethings and 30-somethings have joined the fun. Like a polar bear in Bermuda shorts, there’s something amusingly alluring about observing engineers, sales reps, operations managers, young professionals, attorneys and retirees chopping, dicing, shredding, slicing, mixing, sautéing and stirring recipes while wearing chef hats, coats and aprons.


42 | POINTS NORTH | January 2016


and meaningful friendship



“Our motto is friendship and gastronomy. We’re not here to teach people how to cook,” said Atlanta Chapter President Dominic Telaro. “In fact, you don’t even have to cook if you don’t want. But, the common thread is that we like to cook and we like to eat. However, if somebody comes in and thinks they are going to be taught to cook and to be trained how to do things, that is simply not what we do. They will eventually learn how to do things because [we prepare] so many unique recipes each year with so many different chefs, that things will rub off.”

CAMARADERIE AND CUISINE Last November, Chef Robert Morneweck of Woodstock’s The Freight Kitchen and Tap provided a wonderfully unique Taste of Fall Harvest menu, which Les Marmitons created from scratch. The first course, sumptuous brie and cheddar, apple beer soup, was served with cinnamon pecan oat crumble. For the second course, another group created the roasted and spiced butternut squash, lentil and goat cheese salad. The main course, lager-braised rabbit served with gorgeous oyster mushrooms and celery root, proved to be a bit of a challenge for the entrée team due to an overcrowded stovetop, which caused a delay. Captain Joe Hamby and his team, along with guidance from Chef Morneweck, managed to tweak the recipe by pulling the rabbit off the bone and creating a tempting makeshift gravy for the dish. A fresh pumpkin mousse topped with heavenly gingersnap parfait was served for dessert. Jon Wiener, menu and recipe chairman, selected the wine pairings for each course. He also organizes the procurement of foodstuffs for each event.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Tuesday, January 19, 2016 Tuesday, February 16, 2016 Valentine’s Day Event Tuesday, March 15, 2016 Tuesday, April 19, 2016 Tuesday, May 17, 2016


January 2015 | | 45


Overseeing it all, Telaro has been president for fiveand-a-half years, helping to grow the chapter and keeping the organization financially stable. Membership fees are $65 per year, and the fee for each event is $70. Considering the quality of the meals, paired with wine and beer, that’s a bargain, and individuals who want to attend as a guest may do so by calling or e-mailing for a reservation. Once you become a member, the chef’s garb must be purchased for $95. For Telaro, the value of joining Les Marmitons in 2008 can’t be quantified in numbers. “I was trying to buy a business and was under a terrible amount of pressure,” he shared. “My wife said that I needed to relax and she knew these three guys that kept talking about this men’s cooking club. She encouraged me for months to get involved, and I finally gave in. I asked her to arrange it and told her I would go. The funny thing was, it was dark in the middle of November, and they picked me up at a cinema parking lot. These three guys pull up in a minivan and tell me to get in. I thought maybe my wife didn’t want me back at all,” he added chuckling. “I went and had such a good time that I kept going and eventually joined.” Opportunities to join are offered during the months of September through May. The only event held during the summer is a member barbecue, which is one of three events the gentlemen share with their significant others along with the Les Marmitons holiday party in December and a special Valentine’s celebration. “Prospective members usually only know one person, and that’s typically the person who invites them to an event as a guest,” Telaro said. “Eventually, the circle grows and you become friends with everyone. Then, the wives or girlfriends become friends and begin to do things together outside of the club. We enjoy it and take our cooking seriously, but never so seriously that we think we’re going to become a chef. We may dress up like them, but we’re not chefs. Food is important to us. When we find a good restaurant, we pass that information along, but it’s because of the friendships we have created.” PN



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Ashish Patel, DDS

Dentistry at East Piedmont WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME you enjoyed a visit to the dentist? The official dentist of the Miss Georgia USA Pageant, Dentistry at East Piedmont is one of the most renowned dental practices in the area thanks to its soothing spalike atmosphere and latest techniques in care from Dr. Ashish Patel to make dental procedures effective and comfortable. After graduation from the prestigious Indiana University Medical Center in 1996, Patel began his career in Atlanta and opened his own practice in 2001. He has built a reputation for creating beautiful natural-looking smiles to fit each person’s specific features with the belief that your best accessory is a dazzling smile. Even if you visit us for routine exams, aesthetic crowns, or  porcelain veneers, you won’t feel like you’re visiting the dentist’s office. While they offer the traditional  dental services, like  general dentistry,  cosmetic dentistry, and  restorative dentistry, it’s their approach that sets them apart.

2424 Roswell Road, Suite 3 • Marietta • 770-321-5558 3325 Peachtree Road, Suite 4 • Buckhead • 404-399-9497

48 | POINTS NORTH | January 2016

Dr. Jill Golsen

Golsen Family Dentistry USING THE PERFECT BALANCE of science and beauty to help patients capture their natural and inner beauty, Golsen Family Dentistry founder Dr. Jill Golsen realizes beautiful smiles and revitalized faces can greatly enhance lives. Providing cosmetic, restorative and general dentistry, including a focus on teen dentistry, Invisalign and botox, the practice is dedicated to serving the Alpharetta community and surrounding areas. As the 2016 president of the Georgia Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Golsen remains up-to-date with the fast-changing field of dentistry. Dr. Golsen and her team are trained in the latest dental techniques and procedures for top-notch cosmetic dentistry, and have been creating beautiful smiles in Alpharetta for over 22 years. DR. JILL GOLSEN 3400-A Old Milton Pa r kw a y, S u i t e 4 30 A l ph a r et t a 770-667-0669 gol sen den t al .com




Dr. Christy Haffner Pediatric Dentistry 3300 Old Milton Parkway Suite 250 Alpharetta, GA 30005

Pediatric Dentistry A NAT I V E O F T H E Alpharetta area and alumnae of Mil-

David Mastro, DDS

Alluring Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

ton High School, Dr. Christy Haff-

Dr. Christy Haffner

ner has serviced the dental needs of


children for 17 years. As a Board

of more than 50,000 procedures performed in our local com-

Certified Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Haff-

munity and around the world, Dr. David Mastro’s patients

ner holds a permit for Conscious

believe he is the right choice when it comes to your family’s

Sedation, is certified in CPR and

smiles and oral health.

Pediatric Advance Life Support. She is trained to meet the differing needs of children well into their young adult years.

He attended Emory University School of Dentistry, where he graduated first in his class with honors. A former

Aside from treating the everyday dental needs of your

clinical instructor for Emory and Washington University, he

child, Dr. Haffner has conducted research with regards to

helped other dentists and dental professionals. His father’s

children with special needs and craniofacial genetics. Dr.

missionary work in the Philippine Islands influenced his de-

Haffner’s research has been published in several medical jour-

sire for compassionate patient care, and the number of awards

nals, she has spoken at national conventions and she partic-

and recognition from dental societies, the US Army, the may-

ipated on craniofacial anomalies team where she helped de-

or and others for academic rankings, meritorious service and

vise treatment approaches for pediatric patients with special

contributions to the profession demonstrate his success.

dental needs.

Dr. Mastro continues to evolve his practice with new

Dr. Haffner, has created an environment to treat your

updates, including his ability to design and fabricate custom

child that is both comforting and entertaining. The State of

crowns and bridges in-house as well as offer same-day crowns

the Art teen wing provides the same excellent service so your

and veneers.

children can continue to get the same care they have grownup expecting. DR. CHRISTY HAFFNER 3300 Old M ilton Pa r k w a y, S u ite 25 0 • Alp h a r et t a 770-777-94 0 0 • D rC h r is ty H a f f n e r.c o m


David Mastro, DDS 8 0 0 M a n sel l Roa d Rosw el l • 7 7 0 - 6 4 2 - 9 9 0 0

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It’s clean, the people are friendly and the climate is mild and sunny. Best of all, this world capital doesn’t feel crowded. During our spring visit, my husband, Peter, and I never felt overwhelmed by armies of camera-wielding sightseers. Sure, tour groups congregated in Plaza Major, one of the main squares, and plenty of folks streamed into Museum El Prado, the city’s iconic institution for art, but we found it easy to feel at home in Madrid’s colorful neighborhoods. From smiling waiters to the accordion player on the street corner, friendly Madrileños welcomed us. We saw random acts of kindness on the city’s modern metro system: a young man offered to switch seats so I could sit next to Peter, and three middle-aged men jumped up to advise someone looking at a map which train to take. Over the course of four days, we explored a few tourist attractions — El Prado, the Royal Palace and Botanical Gardens — but our favorite moments were spent walking along cozy streets, sitting on sunny terraces and eating tasty tapas in local cafés. Though we could have filled our itinerary with main attractions, we veered off the beaten path to discover local treasures worth adding to your must-see list.


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HAMMAN AL ANDALUS This underground network of baths invites you to immerse yourself in history. Situated on a centuries-old cistern built by Moors during their occupation of Spain, these coed, pool-sized baths offer a peaceful escape from the city streets. Tiled walls, stonework and vaulted ceilings transport you to another time and place. Guests follow the route of a warm bath followed by a hot one, then a splash in ice-cold water before the Turkish (steam) bath, after which you do the circuit in reverse. Add-ons include a bubbly scrub and massage. TIP: Bathing suits required.

CAFÉ CENTRAL The friendly attendant at Hamman al Andalus suggested this cozy café when I told her we liked jazz. Located on the Plaza of the Angel, Café Central features a shady, outdoor terrace, where we enjoyed an afternoon glass of wine and complimentary tapas. Later, we returned for a lively jazz performance inside, featuring the Maureen Choi Quartet. A violinist from the States, Choi performs Latino-inspired, mostly high-energy tunes (think Jean Luc Ponty). Peter and I sat with a couple from Nantes, France, sharing wine and travel stories between sets. TIP: Reservations recommended for shows.


TAPAS AND WINE TOUR Taking a food tour is a perfect introduction to Spanish cuisine. As oenophiles, we chose one that featured Spanish wines as well. The three-hour tour included three restaurants and was led by Andres Jarabo, a local “wine detective” who scouts the best places to go. At each stop, we sampled amazing cuisine from Spanish tortillas (potato omelet) dripping in olive oil to tender, grilled octopus (my favorite) to medium-rare pork loin (a common way to serve pork in Spain). At each establishment, we tasted different wines — red vermouth on tap, oloroso sherry, raisin wine from Malaga, and varietals from Rioja and Ribera del Duero. TIP: Wear comfortable walking shoes. PHOTOS COURTESY OF PEGGY SIJSWERDA; CAFÉ CENTRAL

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MERCADO SAN ANTON More than the average market selling meat, fish and produce, this market in the chic Chueca shopping district aspires to be a destination and it did not disappoint. Spend time roaming the main floor past tidy displays of vegetables and fruit, glistening fish on ice, and mouthwatering cheeses, then head upstairs to dine at communal tables on oysters, champagne, tapas, salads and jamón. We sat at a large table next to a couple whose delicious tomato salad prompted me to tell the waiter, “I’ll have what they’re having.” We added an order of calamari for the perfect-sized lunch and chatted with the British gentleman and his Spanish-born wife while we ate. TIP: Don’t miss changing art exhibits on the third floor.


CRYSTAL PALACE IN PARQUE DE EL RETIRO Take a break from the city and head to Buen Retiro Park, perfect for walking, hiking or cycling along shady lanes. We rented bikes near the park from a friendly fellow, who kept apologizing for his English (which was way better than my Spanish). Stop by the Crystal Palace—originally a glass greenhouse built in 1887 and now managed by the Reina Sofia Museum. PHOTOS COURTESY OF WIKIMEDIA COMMONS; PEGGY SIJSWERDA

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A Wellness Escape on the Costa Blanca A perfect add-on to your Madrid visit is a few days of pampering in the Alicante province of Spain at SHA Wellness Clinic, one of the world’s top spas. Their brochure announces, “welcome to your new life” and invites you to enjoy a transformative experience at this “temple of health and well being.” Peter and I stayed one night at SHA, but most guests come for a week or longer. It’s easy to see why. SHA opened its doors in 2009, founded by Alfredo Bataller Parietti, a real estate developer who cured himself of decades of digestive problems by following a macrobiotic diet. So impressed was Parietti with his improved health, he opened SHA Wellness Clinic so others could experience a life-changing journey to good health. Staffed with award-winning professionals, SHA offers customized programs in anti-aging, weight loss, smoking cessation, fitness, sleep recovery, detox and anti-stress, among others. Guests can also receive medical care, aesthetic beauty treatments, acupuncture — even dental care. Accommodations at SHA Wellness Clinic are luxurious: spacious suites, most with large terraces overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The azure blue sky and turquoise infinity pools contrast with the resort’s

wisdom. The food differed from what we usually

color scheme — shades of beige and white to sym-

eat —millet burger, anyone? — but we loved the ele-

bolize purity and health.

Of course, education is an important component of the SHA experience. In addition to the cooking

gant presentations with emphasis on fresh produce

class, we learned about acupuncture and tradition-

As we entered the lobby, water cascaded down

and whole grains. Later we learned more about mac-

al Chinese medicine. Afterward, we took a sunset

a nearby stonewall, providing a peaceful greeting.

robiotics at a cooking class, where we made berry

walk to the nearby beach town of Albir and enjoyed a

Check-in was prompt, and after being escorted to

kanten, using agar flakes and pears stewed in ginger

healthy dinner at Shamadi. In the morning, we com-

our room, we grabbed our bathing suits and headed

and hazelnut sauce.

pleted the hydrotherapy circuit again and savored

to the indoor hydrotherapy circuit, where we expe-

Finally, it was time for a sampling of SHA’s ther-

a tasty macrobiotic breakfast before checking out.

rienced a refreshing variety of jetted pools, saunas

apeutic treatments. After 20 minutes at the oxygen

After just one day here, my tummy was noticeably

and steam baths of varying temperatures. Up next:

bar, a unique experience that cleared my head, I

flatter and I could feel a renewed sense of energy.

lunch in Shamadi, SHA’s signature restaurant.

arrived for my underwater massage. Using a jetted

Nutrition is a core component of SHA’s wellness

shower head, the therapist performed massage


philosophy, and meals adhere to the healing prin-

strokes while I relaxed in a large tub of water. A tradi-

ciples of macrobiotics, based on ancient Japanese

tional massage with fragrant oils followed.




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The regal building hosts contemporary art exhibits in its sunlit interior. TIP: Bring a blanket and a picnic and join the Madrileños sunbathing in the park.


TRAVELER TIPS GETTING AROUND Madrid’s airport is connected to the city by the metro, making it easy to visit Madrid without a car, and the metro system is clean, efficient and safe. You’ll have to pay an airport supplement, but for trips in the city, save money by getting a 10-trip ticket, which can be used by more than one person, for about $14. For free entry and priority admission into museums and attractions plus discounts in restaurants and shops, get a Madrid Card, available for 24, 48, 72 and 120-hour periods.

WHERE TO STAY We stayed in a stylish apartment in the suburbs close to the metro. Our friendly host, Willem, provided lots of helpful advice.

Ivy Hall

Just a block from Plaza Mayor, Petit Palace Posada Del Peine is Madrid’s oldest hotel. It’s been refurbished, of course, and is now part of the Petit Palace chain of boutique hotels.


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madrid For a more upscale experience, head to ME Madrid Reina Victoria, an urban-chic hotel that’s part of the Meliá brand. Don’t miss the stunning view

St. Ives Memory Care 5835 Medlock Bridge Parkway Johns Creek, GA 30022

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from the rooftop bar.

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what’s in a name?

The Importance of Being Ernest written by CARL DANBURY, JR.

“In matters of grave importance, style, not sincerity, is the vital thing.” Oscar Wilde

Around the turn of the 20th century, the name Ernest was in the top 30 of popular boys’ names in the country, according to the U.S. Social Security Administration. Today, Facebook is nearly devoid of Ernest references. On the feminine side, how many Ediths do you know, notwithstanding Jean Stapleton’s character on the famous sitcom, “All in the Family?” Ernest, however, is much more significant, because simply by inserting the letter “a,” this once-popular name becomes an adjective to describe the sober, the resolute, the serious, the intense. You can’t do that to Eadith. There have been at least nine important or perhaps somewhat important Ernests that can be “Googled.” Angley the evangelist, Borgnine the actor, Gaines the author, Givens the favorite target of quarterback Warren Moon, Gallo the wine marketer, Hemingway the novelist, Shackelton the explorer, Tubb the musician, singer, songwriter, and T. Bass, the antagonist of Mayberry, N.C., for five episodes of “The Andy Griffith Show.” As Wilde also remarked, “The only really safe name is Ernest.” The less-formal version of the name, Ernie, was much more populist at one time, and likely with good reason. Tennessee Ernest Ford would have been ILLUSTRATION COURTESY OF ROBIN HARRISON

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more suitable as a car dealership, or as a tributary than a country singer. Ernest Banks sounds like the perfect name for a savings and loan rather than a Chicago Cubs Hall-of-Fame shortstop. Ernest Pyle, a dutifully collected mass of earthworks, more so than the most celebrated war correspondent in the Pacific theater during World War II. Ernest Davis, a more likely professor of humanities at Syracuse University than the first black Heisman Trophy winner. Ernest Whitt? The ideal name for a stand-up comedian with interminably long sets, rather than a baseball catcher. And of course, Ernest Ladd, who might have been the greatest paperboy of all time, rather than a defensive tackle or professional wrestler. The Tennessee Volunteers basketball team in the mid-1970s could never have succeeded with the Bernard (King) and Ernest (Grunfeld) Show, but the Bernie and Ernie Show had quite a bit of allure. Truly, what’s in a name? The modern-day news media world employs arguably the worst headline writers ever assembled, and imagine what we might see emblazoned on the front pages of our nation’s newspapers in the coming years if Donald Trump is elected president of the United States, particularly as it concerns foreign relations.

Gift shops all over Washington, D.C., are still trying to determine if decks of playing cards with his likeness must appear on both sides of all 52 cards and whether or not they can be used in traditional table games, or if each deck will include nothing but jokers. “U.S. Trumps Saudi King during Peace Talks.” “Trump Summons Air Force Aces to Destroy ISIS Positions in Syria.” Gift shops all over Washington, D.C., are still trying to determine if decks of playing cards with his likeness must appear on both sides of all 52 cards and whether or not they can be used in traditional table games, or if each deck will include nothing but jokers. While Trump heads into the New Year as the leading Republican candidate, some opponents are simply not taking him earnestly. Trump issued a statement on the 74th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, “calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” One White House spokesperson wasn’t

amused and cast aspersions that were critical of Trump’s anti-Muslim remarks and of his entire campaign saying that it, “had a dustbin-of-history-like quality to it, from the vacuous sloganeering to the outright lies to even the fake hair, the whole carnival-barker routine that we’ve seen for some time now.” The quote is attributed to White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest. Undoubtedly, it would have been better for the namesake of Wilde’s play to simply borrow the playwright’s line: “The simplicity of your character makes you exquisitely incomprehensible to me.” But then, that wouldn’t have been earnest, would it? PN


Take Note

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Dine Forget driving into the city for high-quality food when caliber restaurants like Peach and the Porkchop are nestled around the Northside. Celebrating its one-year anniversary, this friendly neighborhood favorite continues to draw a crowd for lunch, dinner and Sunday brunches, so we could no longer resist. Set inside Roswell’s Sweet Apple Village, Peach and the Porkchop is owned by Chuck

January 2016

Peach and the Porkchop’s delectable Panko Fried Green Tomatoes with herbed chèvre, bacon marmalade and arugula. Staley, a northerner who married a Georgia peach. The menu successfully combines influences reflecting the best of both worlds, namely mouthwatering Southern entrées like the Panko Fried

Green Tomatoes with herbed chèvre, bacon marmalade and arugula and well-sized northern sandwiches like The BCB, a burger piled with Angus beef, applewood-smoked bacon, sautéed onions, a double dose of cheese — pepper jack and cheddar — and an onion ring. Warning: this dish is an eye-catcher, so don’t be surprised when other patrons turn their heads to see which table ordered it. Topping Staley’s priority list is to ensure every guest is well fed with locally sourced ingredients, many of which are farmed mere miles down the road. We’ll go out on a limb and predict you’ll have leftovers. If you happen to leave empty-handed, you must have ordered the Pimento Cheese Grilled Cheese. Speaking from experience, that last bite is just as good as the first. Those with kids in tow will marvel at the extensive Kid’s Menu, which touts more than 20 different options, while breakfast fans will revel at the Build-Your-Own-Breakfast Sandwiches on biscuits.

Anticipate Alpharetta’s “urbanburb” is growing again with new retailers opening their doors at Avalon, like AYA Med Spa, The Container Store, Parisian Nail Salon and Peter Millar. The latter, a classic men and women’s store known for golf polos opened just in time for holiday shopping, while the others are slated for this spring. After hosting their inaugural restaurant week this fall, it’s true that Avalon’s mix of restaurants draw the crowds as much as the shops do. Joining the roster are: Atlanta-based and European-styled coffeehouse Café Intermezzo with their first location outside the Perimeter; local chef Todd Hagan’s new Southerninspired Branch and Barrel; and Farm to Ladle, a café and farm stand selling locally sourced raw vegetables, herbs, spices, soups, salads and sandwiches, which recently debuted at Ponce City Market, will open its second location at Avalon. These additions PHOTOS COURTESY OF PEACH AND THE PORKCHOP; AVALON

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January 2016 If you get a jump on it, you can book his “Big Band Era” sound and vocal versatility for Valentine’s concerts, galas and spring wedding season. True romantics can even get ahead on their date night planning with two tickets to his Feb. 12 “Songs from the Heart” evening performance at the Earl Smith Strand Theatre on Marietta Square, followed by an after party with a chocolate dessert fountain.

Feel Peachy

bring Phase I to more than 98 percent leased. Plans are still in the works for the second phase’s 80,000 additional square-feet of retail, more than six times that in additional office space, 276 luxury multifamily units and a 325-key hotel and conference center.

Go Set sail to the Southeast’s premier boat show! Back for its 54th year, the 2016 Progressive Insurance Atlanta Boat Show takes over the Georgia World Congress Center Jan. 14 through 17. With even more boats and models for sale, the 2016 Progressive Insurance Atlanta Boat Show presents jet skis and pontoons to luxury yachts and bass boats, along with an amazing array of boating gear and accessories. Since cultivating a love for life on the water can start young, ages 15 and under get

in free when accompanied by a paid adult. Reel in the fun together at the Let’s Go Fishing Center, where professional anglers lead hourly seminars, as well as an expanded series of boater safety and sailing seminars, with boating and sailing simulators. For the youngest in your crew, anchor down at the Catch & Release Pond and new Kid Zone.

Music Awards as well as the Los Angeles Music Awards. In 2013, he took home both the Male Vocalist of the Year and National Crooner of the Year titles.

Johns Creek resident Armond “Storm” Carter and his hometown friends believe that attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference, so they made it their mission to spread the message. In the summer of 2013, they started designing T-shirts that nod to their state pride and laid-back lifestyles. Since founding Feelin’ Peachy Apparel with designs printed

Listen Douglas Cameron Orchestra is making big noise on the Northside. Led by local resident Douglas Cameron, the blend of smooth vocals, swing and charisma have taken centerstage at major charitable events like Meals on Wheels Gala, MakeA-Wish Gala and the Child & Family Services Oscar Gala, to name of few. With more than 25 years of experience, Cameron is no longer just a best-kept secret – the consummate performer’s sound waves are resonating with the Georgia

Show your state pride with Feelin’ Peachy Apparel, available online and at select retailers.

CALLING ALL COLLEGE STUDENTS! Are you looking for an internship in writing, editing or social media? Our editorial staff is seeking talented journalists-in-training who want to strengthen their communication skills this spring. Course credit for internships and media networking opportunities are available. Please send resumes and writing samples to to apply. PHOTOS COURTESY OF ATLANTA BOAT SHOW; FEELIN’ PEACHY APPAREL

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HINTON’S SAVVY CELLAR is locally owned and operated, and focused on customer service. We offer consumers the best option in the Northside for all your special event needs. Our on-site consultants have years of experience in the food and beverage industry and exert no pressure on brand selection. • Beverage and menu consulting for business event planning, holiday gatherings, weddings and intimate dinner parties. • Amazing selection of wines for connoisseurs and novices alike, as well as a great collection of craft beers and spirits. • Several Wine Club options are offered for those who wish to expand their cellars and their palates.

HINTON’S SAVVY CELLAR 690 Roswell Road, Suite 415 Sandy Springs, GA 30328 404.236.0480 Hours: • Mon.-Sat., 10 am - 9 pm • Sun, 1 pm - 6 pm

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in a handful of different colors, Carter and company are hustling to expand their retail opportunities. Shop their shirts online or at Mountain Roots Southern Outfitters in Hiawassee, as well as during pop-up sales at a number of local festivals and boutiques. Keep a look out for their bright orange logo, as well as contagiously bright smiles, catching on around town this year.

Experience The Callanwolde Arts Festival is a two-day indoor festival held at one of the most distinctive historic properties in Atlanta, Callanwolde Fine Arts Center on Briarcliff Road in Atlanta. This event promises to become one of the premier partnerships of art institutions in the area, and will be held, Jan. 23 and 24. It is a festival for Artists by Artists, letting the artist have a voice in the creation and operations of the festival. The festival will feature approximately 86 painters, photographers, sculptors, metalwork, glass artists, jewelers and other artisans. The festival will also offer artist demonstrations, live acoustic music, plus gourmet food trucks with healthy alternatives, and music and

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dance performances. The 2016 Callanwolde Arts Festival is organized by the Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces, LLC and a board of experts in various artistic disciplines. The festival will uphold the highest standards supporting the arts, and offer participating artists the environment to nurture appreciation for their skills. callanwolde-arts-festival

Give Bring out the retro mix tapes, leg warmers and boom boxes — Komen Atlanta’s third annual Bubbles & Bling fundraiser is bringing back the ‘80s with an eclectic cocktail party. Join the fun Jan. 30 at the Foundry at Puritan Mill for decade-themed foods and live band, an open bar and silent auction and raffle, where one lucky guest will win a onecarat diamond. While dancing the night away to rocking hits of the past, the crowd will support Komen Atlanta’s mission to enable our community to detect and survive breast cancer by facilitating access to quality care, providing education and supporting research. Last year’s Bubbles & Bling raised $192,500 to strengthen this mission, and we think it’d be totally

January 2016 righteous if this year’s bash can top it. bubblesandbling

Strut For those that wonder what it’s like to sit in the front rows at Paris Fashion Week, the “Iris van Herpen: Transforming Fashion” exhibit, currently at the High Museum of Art in Midtown, is a one-of-a-kind chance to find out. After internships with showstoppers like Alexander McQueen in London, then 27-year-old van Herpen became the youngest member to join the exclusive calendar of Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week in 2011. For those that don’t follow catwalks, here’s what you need to know: she’s designed for Beyoncé,

Bjork and Lady Gaga, but more interesting is how van Herpen’s creations happen. She designed the first 3-D printed dress to walk a runway, and continues to push the edge where technology meets craftsmanship while drawing on the most organic of influences. Not only is the High the first museum in the country to present an exhibit of this scale by the Dutch designer, guests can (gently!) feel her innovative “fabrics” – magnets, synthetic boat rigging, umbrella ribs. Check it out before May 15 when the mannequins move on for a North American tour. Follow us on social media for chances to win tickets to events around town. For more local happenings, visit calendar-of-events


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After THOUGHTS Resolutions are overrated. Challenges, on the other hand, are not, especially when you chalk it up to fun that can be shared with others. It didn’t take us long to come up with a few challenges of our own and to up the ante, we’re planning to post our progress to Twitter and Instagram. Follow along, or better yet, join us!

I’m attempting different yoga poses each day and documenting my progress on Instagram.

I’m challenging myself to keep the creative juices flowing by designing an inspiring quote as a print/poster for each week of the New Year.


I’m going on a digital deleting spree. Each week, I’m going to organize photos off my computer into either a book, a folder or a video.


I’m picking a new ingredient every week that I’ve never cooked with and making something with it. Heather

Share your thoughts with us on social media using #PNAfterThoughts

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