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Having a Blast Fire away at Wynfield Plantation in Albany, Ga., the quail-hunting capital of the country, and Barnsley Resort’s SpringBank Sporting Club. Glimpse cherished traditions that happen beyond the brambles and shrubs for a heartracing experience that is undeniably Georgian.

From Brush to Brush Artist David Lanier’s love of the outdoors began long before he learned to paint it. His ability to document wildlife, landscapes and a hunter’s lifestyle has defined his niche and garnered wide appeal.

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A Southern Eye


Call of the Wild

Trends come and go, but some design ideas are timeless. Janie Hirsch of the award-winning J. Hirsch Interiors shares her evergreen elements for expert style.

Wardrobe Wake-Up Learning how to toss old favorites for current looks can be challenging without the help of a professional stylist like Jules Salinas of Styled by Jules. Besides sporting your fashionable side, it’s prime time for a closet redux too.

Not just a ski destination, the luxury Vista Verde Guest Ranch just outside of Steamboat Springs, Colo., touts cozy cabins, active adventures and a horse-to-person ratio that promises a memorable break from the mundane.

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ON THE COVER “Deep South Pointers” Artwork courtesy of David Lanier,

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4 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016

Editor’s LETTER

PointsNorth Atlanta PRESIDENT / CEO Witt Beckman PUBLISHER Carl Danbury Jr. EDITOR Heather KW Brown

Begin Again




FLOATING ALONGSIDE THE RESTLESS BUTTERFLIES STIRRED BY THE START of a new school year is the underlying nervousness that comes with change — teachers, friends, schedules and the unpredictability that often teams with unlimited possibilities. Although far from formative school years (some of us more than others), our staff has made a few moves, albeit not so intrepidly, toward new beginnings of our own. As a Georgia girl who had never been hunting, Colleen Ann McNally cruised down to a plantation in Albany to learn the art of shooting clay pigeons. Her account is classic and the picture she paints of her surroundings just might send you south. While she was there, she also sat down with an actual painter — the renowned David Lanier — who has made a lifetime of illustrating his favorite pastime. Commissioned by high-profile clients and locals who appreciate the art of the sporting life, Lanier became an artist after a baseball injury left him looking for a different direction. Homeowners hunting for another aesthetic can easily hit their target with the help of Janie Hirsch. Currently the President of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) for the Georgia chapter, Hirsch grew up surrounded by design ideas and carved her own path, blending clients’ ideas with her own signature style. Few professionals exude trends and change quite like Jules Salinas, the fashion-savvy savant behind Styled by Jules. And truth be told, not many are exactly the opposite like myself. When I volunteered to have my apparel assessed for any redeeming qualities and my closet revamped, let’s just say the learning was much easier than the metamorphosis. As with most butterflies, patience is paramount while the transformation takes place. For a scenic shift, this month we follow a writer who ventured to a luxury guest ranch to experience life in the Wild West, where he honed horsemanship skills and left tapping his toes to a popular John Denver song. As summer winds down and we slowly fall back into a routine, we hope you find inspiration in these pages to embrace the opportunity to reinvent and begin again.



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6 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016

8 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016

GOING LIVE A Gal’s First Fire At World-Class Sporting Clays written by COLLEEN ANN MCNALLY



August 2016 | | 9



I was flying down Highway 62, so focused on not missing my turn that I almost missed the indigo hues streaking across the horizon. The flat roads of Albany, Ga., framed by towering pines and rows of green farmland, formed a vignette for a vibrant sunset. After an approximate three-anda-half hour drive from Atlanta, I made a left turn at the Wynfield Plantation entrance, passing the 2005 “Orvis Wingshooting Lodge of the Year” sign and was met by an equally satisfying sound of gravel beneath my car’s tires. In the distance, dogs barked eagerly. For those familiar with our state’s grand reputation for quail, those sights and sounds trigger memories that surpass any specific place — they signify a lifestyle. As for me, having only heard stories of what happens beyond the brambles, shrubs, meadows and woody draws, it signaled the start of an unforgettable and undeniably Georgian experience.

WELCOMING ARMS While Wynfield’s 2,000 acres do not constitute the largest plantation in Albany, it is one of only a few that is open to the public and provides the modern conveniences necessary for a quintessential hunt. For beginner and seasoned shooters alike, this list includes veteran guides, hard-charging bird

dogs, classic shotguns, fully equipped Jeeps and perhaps most surprisingly, well-appointed cabins that can sleep up to 14 people as well as a handsome lodge that serves gourmet meals. The morning following my arrival, I enjoyed a peaceful cup of coffee and a plate of eggs Benedict for breakfast in the lodge’s near-empty dining hall – a rare sight during much of the year. Each hunting season, from the beginning of October through the end of March, the cabins and lodge remain steadily busy with those that grew up around this tradition as well as those that are curious enough to enter its world. Just hearing the rave reviews of the chef’s three preparations of quail, one with Tabasco, one with glazed peaches and another wrapped in bacon might do the trick for some. Others come to see the well-trained bird dogs do their thing (Wynfield has close to 80 on property), while others come to rub elbows with the country’s elite business class that arrive at the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport by private planes to participate in the cherished pastime.

Regardless of what pulls you in and when, Wynfield’s sporting clays has its own appeal. Not restricted to a season, the clay target shooting gives loyalists a way to practice their aim year-round – and gives novices a chance to learn the basics, which is how I found myself staring down the barrel of a 20-gauge shotgun.

SAFETY FIRST After a cautiously thorough review of safety procedures and a pair of earplugs, I felt adrenaline, but no fear, as I followed instructions, placing one hand at a time on the gun. The nervous excitement of challenging myself to try something new rivaled the sensation previously felt on a zip-line platform before stepping off, a ski lift above a beginner’s slope, a yoga mat before lifting my lower body into a headstand or a raft ripping across roaring rapids. And just like those adventures, each with its own serious safety precautions, this sport easily appeals to a variety of ages, with participants starting as early as 10 years old. Actually, a sporting clays course is often compared to golf. Although terms like “clays,” “trap” and “skeet” shooting are seemingly used interchangeably, I was quickly corrected that these are three distinct disciplines. A quick rundown: trap refers to targets launched from a single “house” or machine, generally away from the shooter whereas skeet refers to targets launched from two “houses” in sideways paths that intersect in front of the shooter. No matter where you are in the world, trap and skeet are set up the same way. PHOTOS COURTESY OF WYNFIELD PLANTATION

10 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016

Wynfield Plantation’s small cabins accommodate four to six people while large cabins are ideal for groups of eight to 14. Since they book quickly, Merry Acres in the heart of Albany is an alternative place to stay full of Southern charm and hospitality. Family-run since opening in 1952, the boutique-style, 110-room hotel is also the site of a locals’ favorite watering hole, Manor House Pub, which offers a unique, complimentary shuttle service to nearby restaurants Harvest Moon, The Catch Seafood Room & Oyster Bar and Henry Campbell’s Steakhouse or will deliver room service from any of these.


August 2016 | | 11


Not restricted to a season, the clay target shooting gives loyalists a way to practice their aim year-round – and gives novices a chance to learn the basics. that can involve competition among friends, but ultimately is a repeated challenge to beat one’s personal best. Between the increasing heat of the midday summer sun in South Georgia and my increasing awareness of my need to tone some upper-arm strength, we called it a win-win when we temporarily traded shotguns for serenity. Next stop was north to Adairsville, where Barnsley Resort’s SpringBank Plantation and the hope of a cooler mountain breeze awaited.


Sporting clays involve a more complex course with many launch points. Wynfield’s course isn’t only unique from other plantations, but also can be changed frequently, particularly from competition to competition. At each station, the shooter has a chance to see the clay pigeon’s path of flight before, on his or her call of “Pull!”, taking the allotted number of chances to point and fire. Before too long, my group was getting the hang of the hand-eye coordination, and so followed the high-fives, tallied counts of consecutive hits and sore shoulders. It wasn’t that I lost that sense of adrenaline, but that it was met

with comfort and confidence from our guide, who drove the Jeep, released the clays and stood by our sides to refill each shell, coaching us to keep our chins in the right place, flip the safety lock before anyone went “live.” Not unlike a harness, helmet or life vest in previous outdoor adventures, he offered a sense of security. More than that, he kept us laughing with amusing antics, anecdotes insisting women had a natural knack for the sport and was the first to congratulate us with the small, neon orange Frisbee-like “pigeon” shattered to the ground. Also similar to golf, this is a sport

Located one hour north of Atlanta, there are a handful of reasons Barnsley Resort should also be on any local bird hunter’s bucket list. SpringBank Plantation encompasses 1,800 acres that comprise 12 large zones, ranging from rolling hills to flat lands, dense cover grasses to large feed strips filled with sunflowers, corn and pearl top millet to create the ideal, upland quail habitat. There are picture-perfect scenics, cozy cottages recognized as part of Southern Living’s Hotel Collection, fine dining with recognition from Wine Spectator and – perhaps the rarest to come by – dedicated instructors. An Adairsville local, Manager Lyle McClure knows the land like the back of his hand, as he cares for it as well as the PHOTOS COURTESY OF WYNFIELD PLANTATION; BARNSLEY RESORT

12 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016



August 2016 | | 13


dozens of dogs on property and heads the hunts for dove, quail, pheasant and turkey each season. However, before I could even consider being let loose in the fall, I scheduled further instruction with Director Skip Smith at the SpringBank Sporting Club. Perhaps for him, shooting becomes more like riding a bike. But as I approached a shotgun for the second time in my life, I still felt the healthy dose of apprehension. Smith’s impressive accolades acquired by 30 years of teaching, his certification via the National Sporting Clays Association as a Level III instructor – one of approximately 70 in the country – and calm, steady voice giving direction reassured me that I was up for another challenge. Originally trained as a mechanical engineer, Smith started his career with the Remington Arms Co., developing firearm designs and traveling as the chief instructor for the company’s shooting school before working with Orvis. The latter brought him to Barnsley in 2006, where he is more than qualified

SpringBank has gained a reputation as a worldclass shooting experience for newcomers and experts alike.

to teach beginner lessons, yet does so with much passion for sharing his knowledge – particularly with women and teens, who comprise the fastest growing category of the sport. In addition to overseeing other outdoor activities for resort guests, Smith now oversees the country’s only Caesar Guerini Wings & Clay School at SpringBank Sporting Club. With this sponsorship from the leading manufacturer of Italian-made over and under shotguns and Smith’s personal approach, SpringBank has gained a reputation as a world-class shooting experience for newcomers and experts alike. Sessions are available year-round and can be held in half-day (recommended for newcomers), one- or two-day sessions to fit guests’ varying schedules and skill levels; regardless of length, each emphasizes an instinctdriven style and coaches fundamentals in a relaxed setting tailored to match each student’s pace. With Smith’s coaching, I watched in pleasant surprise as my second and PHOTOS COURTESY OF BARNSLEY RESORT; ADOBESTOCK.COM

14 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016


Heed the call of the Syren shotgun at Barnsley Resort for a perfect pairing of adventure and relaxation. With the two-night Syren Shooting & Spa Package, guests receive a shooting lesson at the clays course at SpringBank Sporting Club, including 50 targets per person and rental of the Syren shotgun, designed specifically for women by the experts at Caesar Guerini and Fabarm. After the shoot, relax with a $100 spa credit per person for The Spa at Barnsley Resort. While the credit may be used for any treatment, their trained therapists recommend the deep forest detox body treatment or herbal compression massage to focus on relaxing muscles engaged in shooting. The package also includes breakfast for two in The Woodlands Grill daily. Call 770-773-7480 or visit packages for availability and pricing.

third shots were successful hits. A few tries later, thunder broke out and with safety always forefront, we ended the lesson early. Next time, I’ll be ready to try my hand at their course’s diverse layout of shots – some under a natural forest canopy or covered five-stand overlooking a larger pond, which allows for shooting in hot sun or light rain. Last but far from least, there’s the backdrop of Barnsley Resort’s romantic history adding to its allure. During a stroll down the tree-lined lanes or a detour through hidden gardens leading to ruins of the original manor, the English-inspired village setting hints at its storybook origins. Not unlike a color-streaked sunset that stops you in your tracks, a chance to shoot clays channels your focus. For first-timers, it’s a chance to step into a world utterly apart, whether for a single, memorable weekend or a stepping stone to a lifelong hobby. When the rush of adrenaline shifts to a sense of accomplishment, I could also now see the forest beyond the trees of sporting clays’ increasing popularity and its lasting appeal. PN



16 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016

Find Your Place Moonrise Kingdom

When In Rome Stargazer Book a feature cabin and receive complimentary early check-in or late check-out.

Use promo code: RELAX when booking. Offer expires August 31, 2016.



August 2016 | | 17

When hunting, he is ready to aim not just a shotgun, but also a camera. Other times, he heads out solely for research. His neighbors know this well – plantation managers often invite Lanier to ride along with them on days they’re training dogs. Considering many plantations are private and exclusive invitations that bring people from all over the world, it’s a unique arrangement for Lanier, but also for his fans and those who may never step foot in Albany. His artwork is the captured beauty of the area’s landscape and its legacy sport.


Rare Bird Experiencing South Georgia Plantations through the Paintings of David Lanier written by COLLEEN ANN MCNALLY

Not far off the banks of the Flint River, among the tall pines and trees laden with Spanish Moss typical of the region, renowned artist David Lanier can most likely be found at one of three places: painting in his home studio, at the Plantation Gallery he co-owns with his wife Cathy or on a hunt. An Albany, Ga., native, Lanier knows the lay of the local land like many others that grew up with a love for the outdoors, but he sees it in a way that is utterly his own.

18 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016

As a child, Lanier didn’t know any artists. He didn’t know how to paint and didn’t take an art class until high school. He spent his free time outdoors, whether it was hunting, fishing, camping or playing baseball. “We didn’t do this a lot but a few times, when we were kids – I was probably 10 or 11 years old and maybe my brother would go with us – we’d pitch a tent on [an aunt's farm]. We’d try to live off the land over the weekend." As he grew up, he wanted to see how far he could go playing baseball, and thanks to a scholarship from Troy University in Alabama, that dream began to take shape, until a shoulder injury during his first year abruptly ended his plans. “That’s when I went to art school. That was a blessing in disguise,” Lanier said. He studied at the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Fla., where he met Cathy and after graduation, assumed work commercially. “I started off as a book and magazine illustrator for about five or six years and wasn’t real happy,” he said. He was always being told what to draw, on a deadline and at the mercy of an art director. In 1990, Lanier was thrown another curveball, but this time, it would be his home run. He and his wife traveled with friends to Charleston for the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, the largest event of its kind in the country. Lanier was surrounded by hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees celebrating nature and conservation through art. “I had never heard of it,” he said. “I

looked around and within 10 minutes, I told Cathy, ‘I’d much rather be doing this.’” When he returned home Monday, he called all of his clients and quit.

OFF WITH A BANG Lanier said that he wouldn’t advise young artists to take such a sink-or-swim risk without a back-up plan. Yet, he admitted that with a true Plan B, maybe he wouldn’t have pursued the new venture as hard. The first wildlife painting he created was for a contest. Lanier was named the runner-up, which encouraged him to do his second — a pair of ducks for the Georgia chapter of Ducks Unlimited (DU), the world’s leading organization for wetlands and waterfowl conservation. They asked to use Lanier’s art for their annual sponsor print, meaning they not only paid him for it, but his work was exposed to more than 200 sponsors statewide and they sent some prints back that he could sell. His third piece was “Bobwhite Covey” – a homage to his hometown's most popular bird. “We auctioned it at a Quail Unlimited Celebrity Hunt. They were based out of South Carolina, but held their [event] in Albany, where people from all over the country would come to hunt and it was their biggest fundraiser of the year,” he said. When it sold, he got a split of the profits, several hundred prints and most importantly, they asked to use it as part of their national fundraising efforts. “It’s gratifying to know that one piece of artwork can do so much for conservation," he said. Suddenly, he had inventory to get out to the public, but it took a slow start of partnering with area frame shops and building connections throughout the Southeast before he hired a local saleswoman. He gave the saleswoman a framed piece to showcase, along with 20 shrinkwrapped prints to sell and a list of 25 names in Albany to get started. Within the first 10 minutes, she called Lanier. She was at so-and-so’s office and they wanted to buy the framed piece. “Tell him that at the end of the day, he can have it,” Lanier reasoned. Thirty minutes later, she called again – the next guy wanted the PHOTO COURTESY OF TODD STONE; PAINTINGS COURTESY OF DAVID LANIER

August 2016 | | 19


ABOVE: “Under Tall Pines” artwork of Ted Turner’s Nonami Plantation in Albany LEFT: Lanier returns to the Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival in Thomasville Nov. 11 through 20, 2016

framed piece as well. “Tell him we’ll have one by the end of the week.” And so on, the orders came in. Eventually, the Laniers opened their own framing store, Plantation Gallery.

It took three years after the careeraltering visit to the Southeastern Wildlife Expo before he was accepted as an exhibitor himself. He has presented there every year since.

What is it about Lanier’s art that has such an instantaneous effect on viewers? In a word, detail. He wants it to have “the ring of truth.” In a sporting scene, he adds a little bit of mud to dogs' feet. He focuses on getting animals' muscles just right to reflect one that it has been conditioned. If they have been running through briars, wagging their tails, they may rub a raw spot on the tip; it may bleed. Lanier paints the tiny bit of red – the little things that people who spend as much time in the woods as he does notice. “I do feel like I’m documenting a way of life," he said. “Wild quail are disappearing all around the country but Albany and Thomasville, which is right below us, still have really healthy populations of wild birds. Not much has changed in 100 years in the way that they are hunted.” For making such a spontaneous decision more than 30 years ago, Lanier’s process is rather routine. He usually starts off with a sketch, about the size of an iPad. Each is quick, as he experiments with color and composition. “Usually there’s maybe four or five sketches before I hit on the right idea,” he said. If he’s posing a dog "model," he typically takes 200 photographs. “It’s a challenge to make it lifelike, but the reward of it isn’t so much the paycheck. It’s seeing how happy it makes [people] in the end," he said. "Dogs just bring us so much joy and those memories are so strong with people that I can’t think of anything better to paint.” Over the years, Lanier received increasingly more calls for commissioned pieces. He was reluctant at first, but has found a business niche. Wynfield Plantation was one – their custom work is proudly featured in their main lodge as well as on gear in their Pro Shop. Another request came from Doug Ivester, former president of Coca-Cola and his wife Kay, who own nearby Deer Run Plantation. Jobs have taken him around the country, traveling to gather photos and he stays backed up at least a year on orders. A small piece, he takes a day to complete, a larger piece might take a month or


20 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016


two. After he finishes a commission piece, he likes to block out a week or so to paint inventory for upcoming shows, creating something from his mind and for fun. That’s what led to “Under Tall Pines,” a recent painting inspired by photos Lanier took on Ted Turner’s Nonami Plantation. The artist’s accord with the plantation manager, even prior to Turner’s purchase of the property, has led not only to dove hunts each year but easy access to find inspiration. Those that will never receive such an invitation can see the beauty of the late-afternoon sunlight flooding through the trees that tower over the two pointers. “That’s the way you see things when you’re hunting,” Lanier said, adding how this work is an example of how his aesthetic has evolved over time. “The more you’re outdoors, you realize the experience of hunting is watching the dogs work and looking at the beautiful surroundings.” When the painting was complete, the plantation manager emailed an image of it to Turner, who purchased the original.

acclaimed Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival in Thomasville. While many others who pass the 30-year benchmark in a career may look toward retirement, Lanier has no such intentions. “If I live to be 90, I hope I have good eyes and good hands,” he said. “There’s nothing in the world I’d rather be doing

right now. Nothing. Most people live for the weekend. I’m one of the few people that can’t wait for Monday to come so I can get back down to the studio.” PN


THE FOCAL POINT Despite acquiring a high-profile clientele, Lanier speaks humbly. He redirects credit for success back to his community and especially to his wife. “Without her help, I’d probably only get about half as much done as I do now," he said. "She’s run the gallery for 19 years – basically all the correspondence, phone calls, the taxes … She frees me up to where I spend everyday painting or researching." They have a 28-year-old daughter, a 24-year-old son and a grandchild. They value being able to steer their business around their kids. After five o’clock hit, he closed the studio and focused on family time. He coached his son's baseball team from age 4 through high school, only missing four games. The missed games were due to travel for work, which the couple enjoys doing even more now that their kids are grown. In addition to the Southeastern Wildlife Expo, Lanier is involved with Waterfowl Festival – the country’s oldest wildlife art show held in Maryland – and was on the committee that created the August 2016 | | 21


Blue Ridge Fly Fishing


Fall is just around the corner, and it’s one of our favorite times of the year to get outside in Georgia. Ready for your next adventure? Check out Points North Atlanta’s partners and picks for a wild time.

Dorchester Shooting Preserve

22 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016

Points North


N 34.86814° W 84.32213° SPECIALTY: Fly Fishing, Gear and Equipment EXPLORE THE “Trout Fishing Capital of Georgia” with a guided excursion from Blue Ridge Fly Fishing. No experience is necessary; they are well prepared to give clients at the most basic level as well as seasoned, experienced ϐŽ›ϐ‹•Š‡”ƒ‡˜‡”›–Š‹‰–Š‡› want and need to get out on the water. Open seven day a week from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the summer, Blue Ridge Fly Fishing offers classes, guides and the right gear, from boots and waders to rod and reel, for their trips. Even ϐŽ‹‡•ƒ”‡’”‘˜‹†‡†ƒ–‘ƒ††‹–‹‘ƒŽ cost and — these guides think of everything — a cooler with ice for any food or drinks the client may wish to bring. To avoid missed ϐ‹•Š‹‰–‹‡ǡƒ˜ƒŽ‹† ‡‘”‰‹ƒ ϐ‹•Š‹‰Ž‹…‡•‡™‹–Š–”‘—–•–ƒ’ should be purchased by the client in advance of the scheduled trip. Why not get your feet wet with a simple two-hour introductory class that will cover everything from choosing a rod and reel, tying the knots, making the cast and ’”‡•‡–‹‰–Š‡ϐŽ›ǫŽƒ••‡••–ƒ”–ƒ– $150, but cost just $25 more for each additional student up to six anglers. CALL: 706-258-4080 CLICK: GO: 490 East Main St., Blue Ridge, GA


N 31.77131° W 81.32042° SPECIALTIES: Hunting, Sporting Clays, Lodging   ͷǡͲͲͲǧ hunting preserve on the southeast Georgia coast that offers the ϐ‹‡•–‹“—ƒ‹ŽŠ—–‹‰ǡ…‘–‹‡Ǧ tal pheasant shooting, wild boar hunting and sporting clays. Located approximately 40 minutes south of Savannah, this classic Southern hunting plantation Šƒ•ƒŽƒ”‰‡ƒ–—”‡“—ƒ‹ŽŠƒ„‹–ƒ– ™‹–Šˆƒ•–ϐŽ›‹‰„‹”†•–‘”‹˜ƒŽƒ› in the region. Conveniently located next to The Lodge and its dining facilities, outdoor cooking pavilion, welcoming porches and Hunt Shop, the well-appointed cottages accommodate all the needs of guests for one night or an extended stay. —ŽŽ›‡“—‹’’‡†™‹–Š‘†‡” …‘˜‡‹‡…‡•ǡ‹–…Š‡•ǡϐ‹”‡’Žƒ…‡• and Lowcountry style, the cabins comfortably have space for up to 10 hunters. In delicious Southern cooking and a devoted staff, you’ll see why Dorchester is the choice for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. CALL: 912-884-6999 CLICK: GO: 2640 Sunbury Rd., Midway, GA  


N 34.27752° W 83.86997° SPECIALTY: Motorcycles, ATVs, Watercrafts, UTVs GAINESVILLE MOTORSPORTS is a multi-line power sports


Wynfield Plantation

National Forest, Raft One is sure to be a memorable experience for your group. The river’s rapids ”ƒ‰‡ˆ”‘…Žƒ••‘‡–‘…Žƒ••ϐ‹˜‡ and are perfect for rafting. Raft One also offers mountain biking and zip line canopy tours. It’s the adventure you’re looking for at the price you can afford. CALL: 1-888-723-8663   CLICK: GO: 4599 Hwy. 64 West, Ducktown, TN

Raft One

Noontootla Creek Farms

dealership in Northeast Georgia, located just one hour northeast of Atlanta via I-85 or GA 400. They offer motorcycles, ATVs (all-terrain vehicles), watercraft and UTVs (utility vehicles) from Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, Sea-Doo, Bombardier and Polaris, as well as used brands including Harley, KTM and Victory. GMS has been a family-owned and operated dealership since 1974 and welcomes all riders in a professional and family-friendly atmosphere. GMS offers more than 13,000 square feet of showroom space, a parts and accessories area and a four bay service department with factory-trained technicians. Visit GMS Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. or Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. CALL: 770-532-7083 CLICK: GO: 2750 Browns Bridge Rd., Gainseville, GA 24 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016


N 34. 73716 ° W 84.22897 ° SPECIALTY: Hunting, Fishing, Sporting Clays, Lodging TUCKED INTO THE southern pocket of Fannin County, Noontootla Creek Farms’ more than 1000-acre property offers guided —’Žƒ†™‹‰•Š‘‘–‹‰ǡϐŽ›ϐ‹•Š‹‰ and a sporting clays course. Even if rods and shotguns aren’t your life’s burning passion, it’s fun to learn. All three species of Georgia trout — rainbow, brown and brook — can be caught in challenging Noontootla Creek, and ‰—‹†‡•™‹ŽŽ‘—–ϐ‹–‡ƒ…Š‡„‡” of your party with waders, boots, ”‘†•ǡ”‡‡Ž•ƒ†ϐŽ‹‡•Ǥˆ–‡”›‘— cast in the morning, blast in the afternoon back at the farm’s 12-station sporting-clay course Ȅ‹–ǯ•Ž‹‡‰‘Žϐ‹‰™‹–Šƒ•Š‘–‰—ǡ cart included.

Stay on property in the four-bedroom farmhouse sleeping eight for the full experience. The accommodations can serve as your family’s home base for any and all Blue Ridge area activities. Sleepy mountain views across the valley are worth the trip alone, but the folks at Noontootla Creek Farms work hard to create extra unique experiences guests never forget. CALL: 706-838-0585 CLICK: GO: 3668 Newport Rd. Blue Ridge, GA


N 35.03569° W 84.42942° SPECIALTIES: White Water Rafting, Zip lining, Mountain Biking, Lodging THE TOP INDEPENDENTLY rated white water rafting company on the Oconee River in the Cherokee

WYNFIELD PLANTATION SPECIALTY: Hunting, Sporting Clays, Lodging LOCATED IN THE HEART of quail …‘—–”›ǡ›ϐ‹‡Ž†Žƒ–ƒ–‹‘”‡’Ǧ resents bobwhite quail hunting at its best. They feature 2,000 acres of expertly managed woods, private cabins and a sporting clays course. There are few things more thrilling than your dog locked down on a covey of quail –Šƒ–ϐŽ—•ŠŠ‹‰Šƒ†ˆƒ•–™Š‡–Š‡ –‹‡‹•”‹‰Š–Ǩ›ϐ‹‡Ž†Žƒ–ƒ–‹‘ was named “Orvis Wingshooting Lodge of the Year” in 2005 and has also been named as one of Garden and Gun magazine’s “Top Fifty People, Places, and Things in the South.” Book your quail hunting experience of a lifetime at ›ϐ‹‡Ž†Žƒ–ƒ–‹‘Ǥ CALL: 229-889-0193 CLICK: GO: 5030 Leary Rd. (Hwy. 62), Albany, GA


Points North


ALPHARETTA OUTFITTERS Specialty: Gear and Equipment Alpharetta OutďŹ tters welcome metro Atlanta’s leading y ďŹ shing enthusiasts as a full edge shop. They’re just the right size to offer you a truly personalized shopping experience along with an outstanding selection of the quality brands you know and trust. In addition to rods and reels, Alpharetta OutďŹ tters offers wader rentals, y tying, guide services and more. Their staff members are experts on an array of outdoor activities. That means, if you have a question, they have the best possible answers. So please, ask away. At Alpharetta OutďŹ tters, they’re always ready with helpful advice and the right gear for your next outdoor adventure. 678-762-0027, alpharettaoutďŹ, 79 South Main St, Alpharetta, GA BARNSLEY RESORT’S SPRINGBANK PLANTATION AND SPORTING CLUB Specialties: Hunting, Sporting Clays, Lodging The hunt has long been a Southern tradition to manage and preserve game and our lands. At Barnsley Resort’s sister property, the 1,800-acre SpringBank Plantation offers upland game hunting and one of the Southeast’s most extensive shooting clays facilities — over water, in open ďŹ eld and in the woods. Shooting guides ensure that all hunters — beginners and experts — fully enjoy their outing. Ladies and teens are particularly invited to experience their Southern shoot tradition at the luxury North Georgia quail-hunting plantation, just an hour north of Atlanta.  The tall Georgian plantation pines make it challenging for hunters, and as bobwhite coveys burst into the air, SpringBank is reminiscent of the days when wild birds were prominent in this part of the world. Added last season, the expanded Clubhouse is a welcoming place to relax after a day in the ďŹ eld while enjoying a craft beer or bourbon. Inquire about seasonal or annual memberships with beneďŹ ts at Barnsley Resort. 770-773-2457,, 597 Barnsley Gardens Rd., Adairsville, GA BLALOCK LAKES Specialties: Hunting, Fishing, Equestrian, Real Estate For anyone who loves the outdoors, there is no better place to have a home than Blalock Lakes. A vast, secluded property offering 1,600 acres of rolling Georgia woodlands, stocked lakes, miles of trails and a world-class sporting club and equestrian facility, Blalock Lakes makes you feel like you’re living in a place you’d normally just visit, and it’s only 30 minutes south of the Atlanta Airport, near historic Newnan. Imagine stepping into the country from your backyard, experiencing the beauty and peace of the outdoors impossible to ďŹ nd in the city or suburbs. This is what sets Blalock Lakes apart and creates a place where special connections are made. With kids

The quintessential Southern quail-hunting experience



Noontootla Creek Farms



3668 Newport Road Blue Ridge, GA 30513 706-838-0585 VISIT US ON FACEBOOK

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and family. With friends. With nature. For those who enjoy the outdoor sporting life, Blalock Lakes is hard to beat. Abundant quail, deer, turkey and clays complement an unrivaled sporting club and lodge with year-round amenities and ample in-season activities. Club memberships are available to property owners. And, for anyone looking to sample the Blalock Lakes life, standalone club memberships are available. A limited number of home sites are available, with swimming, fishing, hiking, camping, riding and shooting right there for you, all day, every day. Spacious lots are available from $70,000 to $300,000, including lakefront properties. There are many people who like the outdoors. And there are some who love it. These are the people for whom Blalock Lakes was created. A place where you can love where you’re living. 770-683-7100,, 4075 New Corinth Rd., Newnan, GA GO WITH THE FLOW SPORTS Specialty: Paddle Sports, Gear and Equipment Go With The Flow first opened its doors in 1983 in a small but quaint refurbished potato barn on Green Street in Roswell. In

1991 the two brothers, David and Barrett Schubert, acquired the company from its founding owner, the legendary Mike Miller and relocated to Elizabeth Way in the heart of downtown Historic Roswell.   Being avid paddlers and outdoorsmen, the brothers set out to build what is now considered to be one of the most reputable specialty paddle sports stores in the country. While paddling remains the core of the business, GWTF is a top-tier Patagonia dealer along with many other premier outdoor brands. Now, 33 years later, Go With The Flow boasts the largest selection of paddleboards, canoes, kayaks, touring kayaks and sit-on-top kayaks in the Southeast.   Alongside an amazing inventory of more than 200-plus boards and boats on any given day, Go With The Flow stocks an amazing selection of specialty and lifestyle merchandise, apparel and footwear.  Thousands of pairs of Chaco, Reef, Rainbow, Teva, Olukai, Sanuk and more are sold through Go With The Flow to customers locally and across the country. Ask anyone in the know and they’ll tell you to just Go With The Flow! 888-345-3569,, 4 Elizabeth Way, Roswell, GA ETOWAH VALLEY GAME PRESERVE AND SPORTING CLAYS Specialty: Hunting, Sporting Clays Etowah Valley is located in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains, offering upland hunts at their game preserve from Oct. 31 through March 31, including pheasant, chukar and quail hunts. At their Sporting Clays Park, they

offer several sporting clays courses, trap, skeet, five-stand and a traditional archery course. Conveniently located to GA State Route 400, North Georgia Premium Outlet Mall and the historic city of Dawsonville, the park is open to the public and no reservations are needed to shoot sporting clays. Inquire for information regarding group or private lessons and the youth program. 678-410-0983; 706-265-1611,, 200 Leon Jones Rd. and 619 Sporting Hill Dr., Dawsonville, GA ORVIS Specialty: Fly Fishing,  Gear and Equipment Founded by Charles F. Orvis, in 1856, Orvis is America’s oldest mail-order outfitter and longest continually operating fly-fishing business. Privately owned by the Perkins family since 1965, today Orvis is an international, multi-channel retailer. In addition to being the world leader in fly fishing, Orvis is the purveyor of the Distinctive Country Lifestyle, offering a wide assortment of men’s and women’s sportswear, fine gifts and home furnishings, luggage and travel accessories, pet items, as well as fine shotguns, gear and technical apparel for wingshooting and sporting clays. Orvis oversees fishing and shooting schools, an international sporting and eco-travel agency and the Orvis-endorsed network of lodges, outfitters and guides. The Orvis blog and Learning Center (;

offer a wide variety of editorial and educational content to more than 1 million visitors per year, with extensive articles, videos and teaching resources devoted to fly fishing, wingshooting, dogs, conservation and more. Learn the basics in person for free at their stores. Contact the location closest to you for dates and seminar descriptions to get started. 888-235-9763,, 6140 Avalon Blvd., Alpharetta; 3275 Peachtree Rd. Buckhead Square, Suite 210, Atlanta REI Specialty: Gear and Equipment At Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI), they love to get outside and play, and they know first-hand the importance of quality gear. They stand behind all their products with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee, and they design their own line of award-winning brand gear and clothing. They gladly share their enthusiasm for their products — and the trails, slopes and waterways where we play. What began as a group of 23 mountain climbing buddies is now the nation’s largest consumer cooperative. But no matter how large they grow, their roots remain firmly planted in the outdoors. Each year, REI donates millions of dollars to support conservation efforts nationwide and sends dedicated teams of volunteers to build trails, clean up beaches, restore local habitats and more. To start on your own path to learning, stewardship and fun, join an event at one of their five Atlanta area locations or sign up for a class or outings. 1-800-426-4840,

Come experience the TROUT CAPTIAL OF GEORGIA

Classes start at $150 and trips start at $180 OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK Summer Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.


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28 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016



in the




written by JENNIFER COLOSIMO photography courtesy of J. HIRSCH INTERIORS

W When I moved into my house,

I certainly had a process for making it feel like home. It was finally my chance to decorate floor-to-ceiling the way I wanted to, sans opinionated roommates or rental restrictions. I combed Pinterest, made weekly (maybe more) appearances at Home Goods and did a lot of spray painting. A lot. A year later, I am still doing most of those things. I decide to move a chair here, or change a piece of art there. It makes me question the clarity of my process, but might it also tie into the fact that being a professional interior designer is an idea I’ve always entertained? After meeting Janie Hirsch, I settled on the latter. I met Hirsch in Gwinnett county’s quaint Berkeley Lake community, where we drank coffee at her alder wood Bausman Country English Trestle Table … in other words, her casual, everyday kitchen table. While pieces in any home are important for different reasons — the right bed for good sleep, a wine cellar for collecting vintages, a great sofa for entertaining — for Hirsch, the dining or breakfast table is a top priority because it’s where family and friends gather for hearty meals, lively conversation or simply to catch up on the day. Or, in my case, to possibly further inspire a dramatic career change.

THE ROOT OF THE MATTER One misconception I made about Hirsch was that her home — and her design ideas — would feature pieces from and inspired by her past, growing up in Lake Charles, La. with an architect and furniture builder for a father. But, no, she doesn’t have any of her father’s furniture. Instead, her home highlights examples of his breathtaking watercolors. “I grew up around design my entire life,” Hirsch said. “It was just kind of always ingrained into me.” That led her to Louisiana State University, where she August 2016 | | 29


decided to pursue a degree in her father’s footsteps, but found her own footing in interior design. “[His influence has always been there], but I think it was more that I didn’t necessarily want to do structures and systems. I wanted to do more of the … space planning, layout and finishes.” Hirsch packed up as soon as she threw her cap. Having never even been to New York City before, she spent a summer there with the lighting design firm, Jerry Kugler & Associates. “Of course my dad was terrified,” Hirsch remembered, laughing. “But it was a great experience and I learned a lot. I did some really outstanding projects while I was there, such as The Penn Club, Davidoff’s Rodeo Drive store and lighting an extensive art collection inside a penthouse apartment.” She also met her husband and decided it was time to head back to the South. The two packed up and enjoyed a short stint in Hilton Head before making the move to the Northside 22 years ago. Despite bouncing around a bit within the area, they love it here and for good reason. The equidistance between clients as business owner of J. Hirsch Interior Design is ideal. Currently, she’s working on two south of town, a farmhouse and working horse farm in Sharpsburg that they rebuilt from the ground up, plus another one at Serenbe. On the Northside, she’s working inside Chateau Elan, in Cumming and in Buckhead … just to name a few.

A SIGNATURE STYLE So who are these people who ditch their to-do lists and release a design project to the professionals? Hirsch puts them in two categories: home owners who need all new furnishings and possibly some remodeling while the second group consists of people who want to refresh what they already have. “That’s a great thing about design,” Hirsch said. “There are no rules, necessarily, that can’t be broken. It’s more about making sure your scale is correct and 30 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016

making things work together. The days of having a bedroom suite of furniture are gone. We don’t want everything to match. Mixing materials brings character and warmth to a space.” “[As designers], we always think we don’t have a signature style,” Hirsch said about why her clients have hired her, specifically. “But we really do. Mine, I think, is simply classic and tailored. It’s something that feels like you can mix new and old and get a look that seems like it has grown over time. That’s what I like to do.” She also likes to do modern, albeit outside her comfort zone. She loves old timeworn antique finds. She loved wallpaper in the ’90s and worked with the all-white

craze of the early 2000s; but, in her words, a true designer listens to what the client wants and designs for them. It may not necessarily be her style or what she has in her home, but blending their ideas with her professional eye is what delivers the best result.

MADAME PRESIDENT Perhaps this talent of hers is what colleagues saw that led to her current position as President of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) for the Georgia chapter. Almost a decade ago, she got a call to serve on a committee for the Design Excellence Awards. The next year, she was chair. The next, director at large for programs.


“It just kept evolving,” said Hirsch who has been awarded a total of 13 ASID awards which includes show houses, model homes, contract spaces and singular spaces such as a wine cellar and tasting lounge, a private home in Buckhead and a sorority chapter room. The ASID Southern Accents National Residential Interior Design Contest awarded Hirsch for a kitchen that was featured in Southern Accent’s January/ February 2008 issue. This same Marietta home was also awarded a national Best in American Living Award (BALA) and an Atlanta Home Builders Professionalism Award (OBIE). “A lot of [designers] have come south … there is a lot happening here and it’s

W H AT ’ S I N R IG H T NOW Trends come and go, but some design ideas are timeless. Janie Hirsch offers her top evergreen elements for expert style. COLOR IS THE NEW NEUTRAL “I love color and I like to use it everywhere, but in a subtle way. There are so many beautiful

GRAY GOES WITH EVERYTHING “Gray is such a great neutral. It’s better than the beiges and tans and looks good with almost

fabrics with green that are so lovely and fresh

any color you could possibly pair with it.

and make me happy. In my house, pale green is

Everything used to be all white, and that’s hard

everywhere, but you wouldn’t walk in and say,

to keep clean. Gray is the perfect compromise.”

‘This is a green house.’” OLD IS NEW AGAIN PRETTY IS BACK “We’ve been very into the minimal look — a lack of details, no moldings or trims. People

“More people are inheriting antiques from their families that they want to incorporate into their more modern taste. Others seek those

paired down with the economy, but now, they

pieces out because they want that eclectic feel.

are okay bringing in details of paneling, casings

It doesn’t always work, but when it does, it’s an

or a simple tape on a window treatment again.”

extremely unique look for them.”

August 2016 | | 31


growing. We have a design community and resources that other towns don’t have.” In fact, Hirsch said that Atlanta, as a big city like New York or Los Angeles, has a uniqueness to its design talent and taste that is evident considering its accrued accolades. “We are continually touted as one of the top chapters in the country,” Hirsch said. “We host events that [others] have tried to copy or emulate and we have ASID designers that are consistently featured in local and national magazines.” The chapter has a number of members that have been on the national board or part of a national committee, as well as many who have been inducted into the Council of Fellows, which is only bestowed on about one percent of the interior design membership. Hirsch has been appointed to be on a national committee (Chapter Support Team) for the next two years starting in October, where she will work with a region of other ASID presidents.

FOUNDATIONS FOR FRIENDSHIP What all designers know is how important the relationship is with their clients. They know the questions to ask and how to narrow down lists (like my own, which continues to grow). “I listen to them. I try to figure out what they want,” Hirsch said. “Talking is key. And then, it’s finding out how to use the space. Sometimes it’s obvious, like a dining room, but other times, people just have a blank space and don’t know how they want to use it. I have to get into their mind and figure [it] out.” She asks for pictures, whether from magazines, Houzz, her website or anything that will give her an idea of what they like. Often, there is a theme — like color, a certain type of furniture or even lighting style. “When they don’t know the answers, I ask to see their closet,” Hirsch said. “The colors they buy to wear will often be what

they want to be surrounded by in their home.” Hirsch shared one client’s feedback who called her many months after a project had been completed, seeing it published in a local magazine. Her client said, “I don’t know how you figured it out, but you gave me exactly what I wanted. Everyday I wake up and just love what you did for me.” Hirsch said that’s the absolute best thing she could ask for in her job. “It’s their home, not mine. I want them to enjoy it and be happy to come home and spend time in it. It’s a partnership, but also a relationship. Yes, I am working for them, but a lot of times, you become their friend.” Maybe instead of that career change, I’ll settle for friends like her. PN



Antiques ALL-STAR

it’s mixing in a

— like a piece of abstract art

piece they’ve

over an old, painted wood

inherited or one


they’ve bought, Carr has created an inventory that

One way to grab attention? Carr said to think in pillows — a simple sofa can look outstanding in a room when it has


includes a little of the high and

time you hear the chatter about

the low to easily mix and match

brilliant, nice pillows. Instead of

the “old is new again” trend

within a set budget. She stocks

ditching old furniture, she also

and there are several designers

only antiques or handmade

recommended updating it with

in town that agree with Hirsch.

items – from local furniture to

modern lamps or accessories

Trayce Thomas Carr, for one,

unique fabrics, Italian pottery

that will bring out the character

opened a shop in Buckhead’s

to made-in-house pillows

in both. And, play with natural

East Andrews neighborhood to

– and adds an unexpected

textures to create your own de-

exercise that exact idea to its

element with eclectic mounted

tail-driven décor element like

fullest extent.

antlers, a collection of coral

shells or sea glass gathered in

and a constantly changing

a beautiful footed bowl.

As soon as a space became available, she opened Vintage

crowd of one-of-a-kind light-

Luckily, Carr welcomes

— a fresh collection from

ing. And that’s just what your

organized inspiration boards

around the world and our own

eyes can see in the first 60

or total blank canvases from

back yard. Carr is an expert


the clients who pop into her store — both design journeys

in making antique or vintage

“European antiques have al-

pieces work with modern de-

ways been my thing,” Carr said.

promise to deliver that riveting

sign and explained that at Vin-

“I love to be able to incorporate

final touch, no matter how old

tage, it’s easy for customers to

unique pieces into my designs

or new your own collection

create that look, too. Whether

by making interesting pairings

already is.


32 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016

FREE SCREENING: August 16 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.

34 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016





OLUNTEERING myself for the experience of having

my own personal stylist was, I imagine, what other people might feel when they sign up for their very first race — an initial thrill that quickly shifts from confidence to panic, followed by the anxious thought, “What was I thinking?” What started as innocuous curiosity had turned into quite the learning process. Having met and watched Jules Salinas, the creative force behind Styled by Jules, in action during several photo shoots, I knew she could do wonders for my sense of style. The question remained: Was I brave enough to change? As the pile of discarded clothes grew taller outside my closet door, the smidgen of bravado I mustered to give it a go started


to teeter, right along with each tossed T-shirt. Beloved, comfy, memory-laden and nearly threadbare, those shirts were far from high-fashion, but I just couldn’t bring myself to replace them. Salinas, on the other hand, was immune to their appeal and after a brief question-andanswer session to narrow my preferences and lifestyle needs, she diligently dove into my cramped closet. Her mission, in my case, was to assess what was currently hanging in my wardrobe and sensitively educate on why it needed to go as well as what was blatantly missing.

CLOSET CLEAN OUT A stylist for more than 15 years, both in Orlando and in Atlanta, Salinas is well accustomed to working with clients of all ages, needs and budgets. Her diverse base includes everything from Grammy Award-winning music producers, commercial TV/films and renowned fashion August 2016 | | 35


“This top and these jeans represent a work week outfit for Heather, a casual business option that can be worn on date night too.” – Salinas


36 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016

“A great weekend casual outfit for Heather in lieu of her T-shirts." — Salinas

magazines to recent college graduates looking to make lasting impressions and local moms eager to balance daily to-dos both at home and away. A busy mom and a professional herself, Salinas understands the demands of working women and stay-at-home moms alike, which provided plenty of comfort when it came to turning over my not-so-chic closet to her. I have never watched the popular “What Not to Wear” TV show, but apparently, I could have been nominated and easily fit the bill of a makeover-worthy participant. Salinas patiently listened as I described a typical day and then with each item — wide-legged jeans, unflattering peasant top, seam-spun T-shirt — she inspected carefully before gently redirecting. As she worked her way from one side of the closet to the other, she shared several tips for what to wear, how and when. Part of her advice for the athletic among us is that running shoes and yoga pants, regardless of how much we paid for them, are not the most appropriate alternatives for daily tasks elsewhere. Salinas also reminded me that how you dress — for better or worse — can often speak to others long before the first words are spoken.

FINDING THE RIGHT FIT I am a mom. I am the editor of a magazine. I am a runner. A mom who jumps rope with her daughter and helps her son practice his basketball drills, usually between assigning articles and making dinner. Aside from the necessary cape, my attire needed a tiny tune-up. Room for improvement is how I tried to look at it, but at first blush, all I could think was how often I’d worn the items now deemed as ideal donations and whether anything would survive the day. “Now, this is … interesting,” Salinas said as she pulled a sweater into the light for a better look. “I bought that in Toronto,” I

explained, hoping to salvage one of my favorite items and holding my breath that she might agree. She did. Curious if I even fit into a style category and if so, which one, I asked the expert. “I would describe your style as ultra casual/ athletic casual,” she said, confirming my taste for funky token pieces around which I mix staples such as jeans. While some stylists might try to change clients to fit the current mold, Salinas blends people’s personality with their needs and styles that are most appropriate for who they are. Focusing on small improvements that are a step in the right direction, she helps to answer the question. “What message do you want to send?” For all clients, she offers the opportunity to shop with her as she selects cuts, colors, fabrics and flattering options that will better suit them or she will shop solo. In hopes of furthering my coaching, I chose to tag along while she scoured several stores in search of updating my look. Not only was the empty space in my closet liberating, refilling it was beyond rewarding. For a girl who chooses comfort over trendy, the insight of a professional as encouraging and talented as Salinas was invaluable. Of course, it will take some time before I reach for skirts and dresses to don for anything other than specific events, but at least I’ve swapped my running shirts for significantly more sophisticated options. And to ensure that I don’t even consider reverting back to my old ways, Salinas encourages clients to text snapshots of possible purchases to her as well as share Pinterest boards to confirm how to pair and layer wisely. Now that I have a new look, it was time for my closet to have the same.

Favorite Tips from STYLED BY JULES

1 2 3

Just because it fits, doesn't mean it flatters.

If you were around the first time something was trendy, you shouldn't wear it when it comes back in style ... it'll only date you. The second time around, use what’s trendy just to accessorize and use it sparingly (or choose classic pieces for main wardrobe and accessorize with trends).

If you're wearing leggings, your top should cover your bottom.

August 2016 | | 37


"This vanity features a beautiful white with gray glaze closet. Notice the pull-out scarf rack that is double sided for lots of scarf storage." — Safranek

38 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016


ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT IKE MY CLOTHES, my closet was in dire need of change. What better time to revamp than right after it’s been gutted, right? On cue, a Commercial and Residential Design Specialist from Marietta-based Artisan Custom Closets arrived with a canvas bag full of cre-

ative choices to peruse. While I flipped through the various types of materials ranging from basic white to textured finishes, Shaker or raised panels, Teresa Safranek measured my closet from wall to wall. For all that I was lacking in vogue variety, I now found myself lacking in space. Unaffected, Safranek said, “I can turn any closet from ordinary to extraordinary. We can keep it simple or make it look like a boutique.” While I could dream of a closet big enough to add an island, my main focus was to minimize the wasted PHOTO COURTESY OF ARTISAN CUSTOM CLOSETS

Artisan Custom Closets Advice



After organizing sleeve length, organize by color. Either light to dark, or, ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue,


indigo, violet) with neutrals at either end. Placement is also critical. All “inside the hanger” shirts should always be at the top. They only hang out 18 inches into the aisle, whereas sleeves hang out 21 to 24 inches. This creates a neater look with the flush sides of the garment and more aisle space.



Pants that are hung over the hanger should also be placed at the top. We usually put them on the bottom because that is where we wear them, but it is so much easier to see them at the top. This also creates a cleaner look and makes


the aisle space wider at shoulder level. Organize pants by style – dressy, casual and jeans. Organize by color after you organize by style.



Organize dresses always by hem length. Go from the shortest to the longest, which creates a triangle where you can store more items if necessary.

SHOES FYI … average for a woman is 60 pair!


Shoes are best stored on flat shelves to maximize space. You can store them with toes to the front and heels to the


back. If you need another inch or so, try placing the shoes with one facing front and one facing heel. You gain a little space


doing this. Flip-flops and sandals can invert on top of each other, then turn on their sides and sandwich them all the way down the


shelves. You can easily get 20 pair on a shelf. Do not buy shoe cubes or shoe cubbies. They are too small to hold a pair of adult shoes.



Purses are not meant to hang on hooks in the closet. They are best stored on flat shelves. To keep their shape, try stuffing with acid free tissue paper. You can also use shelf dividers to keep them from falling over.

August 2016 | | 39


California Closet Tips shared by CAROLYN MUSHER


Ceiling lighting is important for illuminating the whole space, but you’ll want to include other types as well to really get that showcase look. Closet lighting within your shelves and lights that are strategically placed to highlight specific items will create a

Perfect example of how to incorporate lighting in your closet to create a stunning display.

space and maximize the functionality of my current wardrobe. Days later, a 2-D rendering appeared in my inbox complete with descriptions such as: Wall A has your shoe shelves with a mirror door; Wall B will now hold all of your folded clothes. “This will also give you a feeling of a larger closet since your upper body will not be challenged by shirt sleeves reaching out to grab you,” Safranek said, continuing with “Wall C is all double hang and Wall D is your long dress hang with a few shelves above for purses.” Safranek, who was recently the guest speaker at the local National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) monthly meeting in Sandy Springs, provided several suggestions for structuring every closet.

“Organize by sleeve length first, not color. Start with the tops that are 'inside the hanger' (no sleeves), which includes camisoles, tank tops and sleeveless, then work your way down the arm to short sleeve, three-fourths length and long sleeve,” she said. She left me with the tip, “The biggest benefit [of reorganizing your closet] is there’s a place for everything and everything has its place.” My own closet, not yet an award-winning one, is however much roomier and has become a happy little haven of well-organized stylishness. PN


40 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016

2 3

stunning display. Be sure to dedicate space for your nonshowcase items that allows them to remain organized, yet out of sight. For instance, flip-flops and sneakers can be stowed in baskets, while workout clothes can be neatly folded in drawers.   What you hang your clothing on makes a huge difference when it comes to creating that boutique look in a closet. Be sure that all of your hangers match and your clothing is all hung facing the same direction. Also, always take the plastic off of your dry-cleaned items before putting them back into your closet.

42 | POINTS NORTH | February 2016



Have a project that’s been pushed to the back of the closet and buried under a pile of clothes? Bring it front and center, because we’ve JRW\RXUJRWROLVWRITXDOLÀHG design-savvy specialists for all things redecorating and restoring.

White vanities by Granite Transformations


August 2016 | | 43




Artisan Custom Closets

ACCENTRICS Home improvement projects can be overwhelming. Using an interior designer makes a tremendous difference in the outcome of a project: vision, space planning and execution.  $FFHQWULFVĹ?LQKRXVHGHVLJQĆ“UP Alison Baker Interior Design, has more than 20 years of experience and specializes in new construction as well as remodeling. She can take projects from “the dreamâ€? through construction to furnishings as well as implement original designs into her projects. 3719 Old Alabama Rd., Johns Creek, 678-867-0310,

ARTISAN CUSTOM CLOSETS Deciding what to wear each day can be a drag. Make it more fun by having a fabulous custom closet! Artisan Custom Closets can turn an ordinary space into a fun, fabulous and functional area that makes each trip into your closet a pleasure. Do you have another area in your home that could use some organization? With custom built-in storage systems designed just for your home, Artisan Custom Closets can solve any storage woe. Specializing in more than just closets, they KDYHVWRUDJHVROXWLRQVIRUSDQWULHVRIƓFHV laundry rooms and more. It all starts with a free, in-home consultation with an experienced designer who will capture all your needs. Your dedicated designer will begin the process of translating your wishes into reality. With the help of 3-D design, you’ll be able to see what your space will look like. Once you PHOTOS COURTESY OF

44 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016



Cowan Supply and your consultant have decided on a design, it’s all about the details. Offering more than 30 solid and woodgrain colors, dozens of door and GUDZHUIDFHVW\OHVDVZHOODVƓQLVKHV for rods and accessories to choose from, Artisan Custom Closets knows options are the key to unlocking your dream space.  2QFHFRQWUDFWVDQGSULFLQJDUHƓQDOized, the installation process can begin with Artisan employees who have more WKDQ\HDUVRIH[SHULHQFHLQWKHƓHOG Artisan Custom Closets serves the entire Metro Atlanta area and beyond. 844-567-3477,

CASABELLA Casabella offers home decor, gifts and apparel. Come see their vast selection of holiday items for decorating and gift giving. Their holiday showcase room opens the beginning of September. Their extensive selection of Brighton and Spartina is sure to catch a shopper’s eye. 46 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016

Casabella’s semi-annual Norwalk upholstery sale offers 10 to 25 percent off select styles. Norwalk’s warm color palate will perfectly pave the way for your transition into fall. The sale begins Sept. 14th and ends Oct. 18th. Visit their Facebook SDJHWRƓQGRXWDERXWQHZDUULYDOVVDOHV and happenings in the store, as well as a few surprises. Walk in and cover all your decorative needs with this one-stop-shop of goodies and gifts. 4400 Roswell Rd., Marietta, 770-321-1708,

COWAN SUPPLY Home projects become a breeze with the help of Cowan Supply, a division of Hajoca Corporation. This nationwide wholesale distributor of pipe, valves, ƓWWLQJVSOXPELQJbKHDWLQJDQGLQGXVWULDO supplies covers all of your home improvement needs. Cowan has access to an extensive on-site warehouse and with Hajoca’s multiple stocking locations across

the United States, it’s virtually guaranteed your item of choice will be located quickly. Hospitality is a trait the Cowan Supply team is proud to exemplify. Their highly knowledgeable staff is ready to assist throughout your home improvement process. With involvement in all the major manufacturers in the Hospitality PlumbLQJ,QGXVWU\NQRZOHGJHLQKRWHOŴDJ VSHFLƓFDWLRQVDQGPDMRUZDUHKRXVLQJDQG shipping capabilities, give Cowan Supply a problem and they’ll turn it into a solution. Their Luxury Plumbing Showroom is easily accessible, located just north of the Perimeter with plenty of parking. With more than 4,000 square feet of displays featuring 20-plus manufacturers’ products, \RXZLOOƓQGWKHVW\OHVDQGRSWLRQV\RX want for your home. Kohler, Watermark, Moen and Delta, just to name a few, are some brands you will see in their luxurious yet relaxed showroom. Have a project in mind that you want knocked out? Go to Cowan Supply to get WKHMREGRQHTXLFNO\DQGHIƓFLHQWO\VR you spend less time restoring and more time enjoying. 3032 Bankers Industrial Dr., Atlanta, 404-351-6351,

GRANITE GARAGE FLOORS If you’re tired of looking at your oil-stained deteriorated concrete or typical peeling JUD\SDLQWRIPRVWJDUDJHĹ´RRUVWKHQLW might be time to upgrade with Granite Garage Floors. Their professionally installed industrial quality epoxy coating systems are available in many designer quality Ć“QLVKHVWKDWĹ?/RRNDQG/DVW/LNH*UDQLWHĹ? They are durable, chemical resistance, easy to clean and guaranteed not to peel up from hot tires. 10945 State Bridge Rd., Alpharetta, 678-500-9537, JUDQLWHJDUDJHĹśRRUVFRP




Interior by Alison Baker Interior Design located in Accentrics 3719 O L D A L A B A M A ROA D  SU ITE 300 A &B  JOHNS CREEK 678-867-0310  a c c e n t r i c s - h o m e . c o m



Natural Sleep Mattress and Organic Bedding

August 2016 | | 49




PARSONS GIFTS Furniture makes a space usable but it’s the accessories that make it personal. Parsons Gifts carries all sorts of decor including functional timeless traditional or transitional furniture and stylish accessories. Their staff is happy to help whether you have a bookshelf that’s looking a little bare or an end table in dire need of an accessory update. Parsons Gifts can’t wait to assist you as you embark on your interiors adventure. 525 Lakeland Plaza, 770-887-999,


770-887-9991 525 Lakeland Plaza ‚› Cumming

Since 1999, Vinings Gallery has offered an intimate YHQXHIRUWKHVHOHFWLRQRIFROOHFWLEOHĆ“QHDUW(DUOLHU this summer, the Gallery opened its second location in Historic Roswell on Canton Street — right around the FRUQHUIURPWKH(OL]DEHWK:D\ORFDWLRQ9LVLWRUVWRWKH QHZ*DOOHU\ZLOOUHFRJQL]HWKHWUDGHPDUN9LQLQJV*DO lery vibe with a fresh, colorful mix of new artists (along ZLWKDIHZWKDWFROOHFWRUVZLOOUHFRJQL]H 9LQLQJV *DOOHU\RQ&DQWRQLVWKULOOHGWREHIHDWXULQJZRUOGUH nowned artist Zheng Li; San Diego artist Gloria Lee; )DELR1DSROHRQL5REHUW%LVVHOO-RKQ0DUN*OHDGRZ DORQJZLWKDQDPD]LQJDUUD\RIVWXQQLQJĆ“QHDUWJODVV and contemporary sculpture. Vinings Gallery’s talented team has more than 50 years combined experience in building some of WKHĆ“QHVWDUWFROOHFWLRQVLQWKH6RXWKHDVW7KHWHDPĹ?V insightful approach is based on creating strong SHUVRQDOUHODWLRQVKLSVZLWKDIRFXVRQFROOHFWRUV)UDP LQJLQKRPHFRQVXOWDWLRQDQGFRPPLVVLRQHGZRUN are also available. Visit their website for additional information, to view their artists and see what exciting RQHPDQVKRZVWKH\KDYHVFKHGXOHGIRUWKHIDOO 938 Canton St., Roswell, 770-545-8887,


PREMIER PRODUCTS FOR KITCHEN & BATH + NEW CABINETS IN AN ARRAY OF COLORS & STYLES Granite Transformations offers new and exciting alternatives to traditional countertops, backsplashes, showers, vanities and oors. Our engineered stone countertops and mosiac tiles are carefully engineered to be heat, scratch and stain resistance. No other kitchen or bathroom surface can compare.

Granite Transformations has unique solutions and products for your kitchen or bathroom remodel. Call today for a free consultation.

3605 Presidential Parkway Atlanta | 678-672-3911

August 2016 | | 51

A Visit to Vista Verde



pon landing in Colorado,

my wife and I first stopped to purchase a state mug from the “You are Here” collection at Starbucks. Determined to have a memorable trip, we thought such a token would stir recollection. We shouldn’t have worried — a stay at the luxury Vista Verde Guest Ranch, just outside of Steamboat Springs, is every bit as unforgettable as one can hope a vacation to be. As we discovered, an experience there negates any need for souvenirs.

52 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016

photography courtesy of VISTA VERDE GUEST RANCH

KINDNESS AND KINDLING Our drive across the mountain range from Denver to Silverthorne and then north to Steamboat Springs was a revelation. As the scenery increased in grandeur and the rugged landscape unfolded in front of us, we realized how small we are — as if we were holding a magnifying glass against the majestic mountains and the sky somehow had a higher ceiling in Colorado. We briefly stopped in the town of Steamboat Springs, taking note of several small shops we would want to peruse, should we have the chance. As fate would have it, we found a Vista Verde Suburban leaving

August 2016 | | 53


a ski equipment shop, and were happy to follow them. We were busy admiring Ponderosa pines and Aspen trees framing creeks and vistas along the winding country road … and then, there we were. With a turn to the left, we pulled through the gate and drove to the rustic collection of buildings nestled against a low mountain ridge. Upon entering the Main Lodge, we received a warm greeting by Steph Wilson, the director of hospitality, who helped orient us to the property. We immediately felt at home and could sense the wonderful mix of easy informality and sturdy 54 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016

hospitality that carried over to every facet of the ranch. That feeling was emphasized when she confirmed our cabin was ready and assured us that while keys are available on request, they wouldn’t be needed. Settling into our cabin, we unpacked then decided to catch our breath with a quick drink and snacks fireside. Charlie Cammer, director of ranch operations, later insisted that even the most precisely cut kindling at Vista Verde reflects his high standards and attention to detail. Touches like these mirror the AAA Four Diamond ranking the Ranch receives regularly.



YPICALLY, the Main Lodge is where guests gather for a Happy HalfHour before dinner. As new quests, we were quickly drawn into animated conversations about that day’s conquests and the adventures everyone was looking forward to the next day. While being introduced to our fellow guests, it soon became apparent that many of them had connections to Georgia, North Carolina or Texas, and before long, it felt as if we all vacationed together often. This intimacy among guests is by design, as guest capacity is limited between 30 to 45 guests, ensuring strangers quickly become friendly acquaintances. During this time, staff members are available to help arrange, adjust or accommodate schedules. All available activities are listed on a large whiteboard daily and the schedule is visible to all. Not surprisingly, eating is a favorite ranch activity, especially with Executive Chef Cholly McGlynn at the helm. Well-executed and sumptuous, the meals are a welcome sight as each dish arrives with a first-class presentation. Featured entrées during our visit included crab legs, ahi tuna, Chicken Milanese and shrimp and grits. Dinner is served family style and mingling with staff is encouraged unless a formal dinner is on the calendar. We shared a table with Ben Martin, the general manager, for our first meal. A seasoned ranch hand, Martin immediately put us at ease. Over the course of the evening, we learned the differences between a dude and a guest ranch are that the first focuses on traditional ranching experiences, characteristically is not all-inclusive and has a minimum weeklong stay, whereas a guest ranch offers more diverse activities, is all-inclusive and allows stays as short as a single night. Our stay lasted four days and three nights, and the cost covered nearly every part of the experience. Learning about the incredible variety of options available made us want to dive into adventures



Specializing in Cosmetic Dentistry, our patients believe Dr. David Mastro is the right choice for all your family dentistry needs! When it comes to your smile and oral health, Dr. Mastro has a proven 30 year track record of providing quality cosmetic and family dental care for families in our local community and around the world.



See More of Dr. Mastro’s Makeovers at Single appointment porcelain crowns and veneers available! 770-642-9900 | 800 Mansell Road | Roswell, GA

August 2016 | | 55


The magical spell of our excursion resulted in smiles we could scarcely contain and toes tapping to lyrics from John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High”: Coming home to a place he’d never been before …

even sooner, but stargazing from the hot tub of our resort-quality — yet cozy — cabin became our first official activity. With no light pollution, it was a wonder to see the constellation Orion standing watch over the ranch.

SADDLING UP The next morning, after a hearty breakfast of buttermilk pancakes, French toast, eggs to order and eggs Benedict, we decided to work with the horses for our first full day on the property. In a modern riding arena that can be heated during colder months, we were introduced to General Lee and Babe, our assigned steeds. Wrangler Samantha Minnich taught us the 56 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016

basics of controlling a horse. Not unlike guests at Vista Verde, horses are social animals and prefer to congregate together. Throughout the lesson, we learned how to climb into the saddle, how to encourage our horse to go and more importantly, how to “steer.” Turns out that horses, again like people, move away from pressure, so pushing a knee against the left side of the horse meant it would respond by turning right. By the time we got ready for the trail ride, we felt comfortable and able to keep up with the others. With a well-marked trail and well-behaved horses, this made for very enjoyable saddle time. Of course, many activities here involve the more than 100 horses on the 500-plus acres that comprise

the property and adjoining parkland. Selections include: horsemanship clinics, trail rides, sleigh rides and opportunities to learn about training horses. Depending on when you visit, other exceptional choices include classic Nordic events such as snowshoeing, classic or skate cross country skiing on groomed trails, backcountry skiing, tubing, snowmobiling and snow biking; indoor activities vary from photography workshops, cooking classes, beer tasting, leather working and yoga. With a day as ranchers under our belts, during the Happy Half Hour that night, we took our turn welcoming new arrivals and sharing our own highlights and anecdotes. Huddled near the bar, we were able to contribute to the conversations, comparing notes and observations with our new friends rather than simply listening. We repeated our fabulous day, only this time, we swapped saddles for skis. We met with Ben YoderHenley, our backcountry skiing guide, and with his help, learned how to cross-country ski. During our trek into the nearby woods, Yoder-Henley also provided us with handy survival skills training — like how to get up after a fall in the wilderness, how to build an emergency shelter, how to find easily flammable materials and even build a fire. Like the rest of the staff, he was personal, courteous and reflected a true desire to share his passion for the outdoors. As we left to make our way back to the airport, we again passed the quaint shops in Steamboat Springs. It occurred to us that we were so captivated during our time at the ranch that not once had we considered exploring elsewhere. Our drive to Denver International Airport left us wishing we had flown directly out of Steamboat Springs, so should winter travels be on your to-do list, my suggestion is to avoid the drive, catch the Vista Verde shuttle and save the excitement for the ranch. The magical spell of our excursion resulted in smiles we could scarcely contain and toes tapping to lyrics from John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High”: Coming home to a place he’d never been before ... The ranch had rejuvenated us, and only after the fact did we realize how much we needed a break from the everyday grind, compliments of a glimpse at a bolder way to live. Pack your bags, prepare your ambitions. Swap the mundane for something wild, something adventurous and slightly surprising. Bring all those expectations to Vista Verde Guest Ranch. And prepare to have them exceeded. PN





+ September 23-25, 2016 3 Days of Cinema and Celebrities!


+ + + Day 3

Day 2

Day 1




“Well, it would be sort of like shooting a mockingbird, wouldn’t it?”

“Where were you, in ’62?”


Meet Candy Clark who played “Debbie” And Bo Hopkins who was “Joe” leader of the Pharoahs

Meet Patrick Curtis who played “Baby Beau Wilkes” Patrick was one of four children to play the role

Meet Mary Badham who portrayed “Scout”


18 Whitlock Avenue, Marietta, GA 30064


August 2016 | | 57

Guy’s TIME

Welcome to our Class Reunion!

Socializing in today’s social networks written by CARL DANBURY, JR.



Anyon virtualefbring ood

e just lik oY u look book profile ce your Fa

58 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016

Gla togethed we could get do it ag r like this. Le ain in 30 t’s minutes

ined Roger has jonion the Reu

stone ago, our forebearers brought forth an idea of hosting a gathering, where the svelte and the corpulent, the arrogant and the humble, the efficacious and the incapable would gather for imbibing, nibbling and prevarication during a four-hour sojourn down a nostalgic, yet very murky path with others who attended the same school. Prior to the introduction of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and MySpace (seriously?), these were intriguing get-togethers every five, 10, 25 years or so, but hasn’t social media rendered the need for these school reunions obsolete? Yes, the interactive prying, which enables us to avoid any potentially uncomfortable personal interactions — aside from thumbing a message or two — means we can completely avoid those imposing telephone conversations or imperceptible e-mails that really intrude into our lives. This is a new, learned, “rad” behavior we picked up from the younger generation who will never attend anything more communal than a protest rally with strangers or a coincidental Pokémon Go meeting. Because students don’t even have to leave the house to earn a college degree these days, certainly there will be no future need for reunions of any kind. When graduations occur at least five times before the age of 23 these days (kindergarten, the fifth grade, eighth grade, 12th grade and college), the luster of celebrations wears thin and those potential face-to-face


meetings, which may or may not include uncomfortable handshakes and perhaps those unthinkable hugs or pecks on the cheek that a reunion might bring seems highly intrusive, doesn’t it? Because of social networks, you now know the cheerleader you longed for has turned 57, needs a lift here and a tuck there, weighs 23 pounds more than you — and despite the grades she earned in the 12th grade — she hasn’t yet qualified for an appearance on “Jeopardy.” You also recently Facebook stalked that freaky girl with the long, straight jet-black hair in Mr. Rooney’s class. She never wore make-up then, smelled like she had smoked a bowl of hash on the way to school, now looks like Linda Evans just five years removed from “Dynasty,” yet sadly still hasn’t

Because of social networks, you now know the cheerleader you longed for has turned 57, needs a lift here and a tuck there, weighs 23 pounds more than you — and despite the grades she earned in the 12th grade — she hasn’t yet qualified for an appearance on “Jeopardy.” responded to your friend request. Maybe there’s a reason she doesn’t remember you. And, the popular dude who used to pick on you unmercifully as a freshman is now a recluse living in Two Strike, S.D., yet still manages the two-hour drive once a week to Al’s Oasis in Oacoma, to post photos on Facebook of the pheasants, prairie dogs, turkey, antelope, deer and

buffalo he has killed recently. He likes Al’s marinated beef chislic nearly as much as the free Wi-Fi.

CONNECTING OFFLINE I have attended two high school reunions in my lifetime, my 10th and 30th. Both were enjoyable but the latter was much more meaningful to me,

August 2016 | | 59

Guy’s TIME

If you are going to celebrate a high school or college reunion, why not make it every year and why not make a weekend of it?

From Italy and New York City to you in Atlanta’s Northside! •

Open for lunch & dinner, Mon-Sat.

Dinner reservations are recommended.

Turnkey Catering for Graduations, Communions, Rehearsal Dinners, Sabbath Dinners and Corporate Events. Call Brie: 678.491.8768

11730 A Jones Bridge Road • Johns Creek 770-772-6456 • 60 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016

and the others who attended. The years pass. Wives and children are gained. Our perspective intensifies, as do our abilities to actually share snippets about our loved ones. Our desire to recollect the good old days at dear Ball & Chain High dissipates, and with it goes the trite mulling of opportunities lost on the playing field, in the classroom and on the stage. Too often via the social networks, we are privy to our friends’ news, accomplishments and minutia, yet we are sometimes prone to suffering from trip-restaurant-collectible-grandbaby-celebrity-encounter envy. At a reunion, you can mutter something innocuous such as, “you lucky stiff,” whereas the lack of a “like” on Facebook is deafening. If you are going to celebrate a high school or college reunion, why not make it every year and why not make a weekend of it? This is particularly so for those of us who don’t and haven’t lived in the same geographic vicinity of the high school or college we attended. It also is so for those who are in that season of life with fewer child-related responsibilities, providing the ability to travel more frequently. If there is just one person you hope to catch up with at this year’s reunion, isn’t it worth the time and expense to invest in that relationship? Haven’t you missed that connectivity and meaningful friendship that simply cannot be fulfilled with a post, a text, an e-mail or Skype? My high school is hosting a Centennial celebration this fall, and then my 40th reunion is on the horizon next June. Not sure if I will attend both, but I’m definitely attending the Centennial, because how often can you celebrate 100 years of anything? As for reunions, it’s wise to go while you are still able. As Clint Eastwood once remarked, eventually, “We’d struggle to raise a quorum.” PN






12 months of beautiful flowers once a month for a year for the price of 10 months. CALL 404-228-7903 TO ORDER.

MAKING MAGIC HAPPEN Tune into Atlanta Bon Vivant on Atlanta and Company every Tuesday to see Sean in action.


404-228-7903 | August 2016 | | 61

Due NORTH family memories. Growing up, Gillespie’s father worked seven days a week to provide a better life for his family, but on a rare Sunday off, father and son went to a gun show. While the interior and menu ingredients also pay homage to his home state, Gillespie and his team have created a one-of-a-kind dining experience that delivers plenty of bang. Brazilian churrascaria-inspired dining meets Chinese dim sum for this innovative experience;

diners are artfully presented with dishes on rolling carts and trays to choose what to order. Full-blown foodies can gain ammunition with tickets to “Hired Guns” dinner, a creative collaboration showcasing chefs from across the country. Next up, fellow “Top Chef” alum Brooke Williamson of Hudson House in Redondo Beach, Calif. steals the show Sept. 11 and 12. Tickets are $95 per person and are on sale Aug. 11.

Chef Kevin Gillespie’s Gunshow is a one-of-a-kind dining experience that delivers plenty of bang. Brazilian churrascaria-inspired dining meets Chinese dim sum for this innovative experience.

Splash DIVE WITH OLYMPIANS into the sparkling blue waters of Lake Lanier this fall. Swim Across America is hosting their fourth annual Atlanta Open Water Swim on Sept. 17. Hundreds of swimmers from the recreational to professional will be butterflying and backstroking across the water to raise money for early stage cancer research at Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Clinics will be held in preparation for the event on Aug. 7 and Sept. 11. Live entertainment, music, awards, patient stories and family friendly activities will also be

featured at the fundraiser’s main event. Swimmers that raise more than $2,000 receive a VIP package that includes overnight accommodations and an intimate opportunity to train and dine with the Olympians, so race to register today. — Lauren Vastine

Dine WHETHER YOU’RE a devout “Top Chef” follower or don’t mind driving extra mileage for an unforgettable meal, make sure Kevin Gillepsie’s Gunshow is on your radar. First opened in Atlanta’s Glenwood Park neighborhood in 2013, the restaurant’s name is a tribute to the Georgia native’s PHOTOS COURTESY OF SWIM ACROSS AMERICA; DAVID CRAWFORD; FISH HIPPIE BUCKHEAD

62 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016

August 2016

Wear In May, North Carolina-based outdoor-lifestyle brand Fish Hippie opened the doors to their first branded store in Buckhead. Considering Fish Hippie is currently sold in more than 200 retailers in 17 states, we were flattered to hear they chose to set up shop in our community. Through a partnership with The London Trading Company, Fish Hippie is outfitting lovers of the coast, great escapes and roads less traveled with outdoor lifestyle clothing featuring original designs, as well as accessories and North Carolina wines in the branded store. Stop by to browse their line of high-quality men’s apparel, tees that incorporate artwork created by the company’s co-creator Drew Denny, as well as accessories for your next trip to the lake or just a Friday night in the neighborhood. fishhippiebuckhead

Race PUT DOWN the cookie box and do-si-do this way to support the Girl Scouts by participating in the fourth annual Thin Mint Sprint and 1-Mile Fun Run on Aug. 20. The event will feature a 5K race starting at 8 a.m. and a 1-mile fun run

starting at 9 a.m., both located at Suwanee Town Center Park. All proceeds from the event will go to the Girl Scout Council of Greater Atlanta, helping young girls become leaders through character, confidence and courage. Participants are encouraged to dress up in team outfits or costumes, so come tag-along with the Girl Scouts and be ready to have a blast. Scout’s honor! -thin-mint-sprint — Lauren Vastine

Jump Video gamers, it’s time to use those legs. Springfree Trampoline is partnering with tgoma to take virtual fun beyond the living room. The breakdown: specialized sensor technology is incorporated throughout the Springfree Trampoline and connects directly to the user’s tablet device. Download the free tgoma app from the iTunes Store or Google Play for access to signature games with options including playful activities, educational and interactive fitness options. “It’s about [transforming] ‘screen time’ from an isolating, sedentary activity to a healthful experience for the entire family,” said Steve Holmes, founder of tgoma. springfree — Lauren Vastine August 2016 | | 63

Due NORTH Now open on Windward Parkway, Urban Tea Room is Alpharetta’s alternative to the usual tea-drinking experience.

Unique 1890s Victorian Inn All rooms have Private Bath, Cable TV and WIFI Open Year-Round Full Country Breakfast

706-661-7575 477 West First Street, Blue Ridge, GA 30513

In the Heart of Downtown Blue Ridge

Steep Now open at 5250 Windward Pkwy., Urban Tea Room is Alpharetta’s alternative to the usual tea-drinking experience. In addition to more than 100 flavorful loose teas, proprietors Tom and Lori Karras offer French pressed coffee and scrumptious homemade scones served with Devonshire cream and preserves. After previously owning and operating tea houses in Palm Beach and Jupiter, Fla., the Karras are no strangers to the trade. Lori said Urban Tea’s departure from other tea spots isn’t just in the atmosphere, but their extra offerings. Try a tea tasting of six varieties served with scones at $18 per person or attend a Saturday afternoon event (by reservation only) around the CommuniTea table, sign up for a monthly “Introduction to Tea” 64 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016

group class or host your own gathering for up to 10 people. “There’s really been no place quite like [it] around here,” Lori said. “We’ve put our hearts into this new venture, and we’re genuinely excited to share our interpretation of a tea house with our customers.” Urban Tea welcomes guests to come in, relax, meet friends and enjoy their wide selection Monday through Saturday between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Om Calling all contract/commercial interior design firms: Bring your yoga mat to work and roll it out … right in the middle of the office. Knoll, a design firm, has partnered with Westside Yoga to create Lunch ’N Learn: an empowering, educational experience.


August 2016

For More Local Happenings visit

Let Knoll come to your local design office and watch them transform your workspace into a mindful, movement-friendly sanctuary. Snack on an assortment of health foods like juices, smoothies and salads while Amber Barry from Westside Yoga teaches techniques for mindfulness, yoga stretches and how to integrate them into your work day. Design employees are encouraged to intertwine the yogi way of thinking into future spaces for their clients (think a peaceful meditation room). Ahhh. — Lauren Vastine

Schedule Day-to-day lives can get hectic and disorganized, but they don’t have to be. Kristy Dickerson, a small business coach and Cumming resident, along with co-owner and graphic designer Jenny Grumbling, has created a tool that will help you stay on schedule

our online listing at calendar-of-events.

To submit events, email calendar@pointsnorth at least two months in advance.

with your to-do lists all the way to your career goals. STARTplanner first launched in June 2015, sold out immediately and has been growing ever since. Dickerson fully believes in setting up oneself for success, and these unique planners are here to help. The three creatively titled and functionally sound versions with designated sections for finances and vacation planning are just the beginning of what STARTplanner has to offer. Before classes resume this fall, head to their website for the full rundown to see which one best complements your lifestyle. — Lauren Vastine

Kristy Dickerson, a small business coach and Cumming resident, along with co-owner and graphic designer Jenny Grumbling, has created STARTplanner to help you stay on schedule with your to-do lists all the way to your career goals.


August 2016 | | 65


What home improvement project is on your wish list?

“Bathroom renovations! I’m a do-ityourselfer and my last tile project just about killed me. So the chore of new tile, cabinets and countertops is not one I look forward to eagerly. But just picturing the final result has me wanting the upgrades.” — Tiffany

“I’d go for bathroom renovations, too. I’d like to find the largest clawfoot soaking tub with vintage tub faucets that will fit in the space as a centerpiece that’s as stylish as it is relaxing.” — Colleen

Share your answer with us on social media using #PNAfterThoughts

66 | POINTS NORTH | August 2016

“Replace the cooktop and oven with a six- burner cooktop and double oven.” — George

“My husband and I are always stepping on each other’s toes in our galley U-shaped kitchen. My dream renovation would be to extend the entire house by about 8 to 10 feet. The upgrade would widen the kitchen enough to add a farmhouse sink, an island and plenty of room for cooking. The other bonus would be a more spacious living room.” — Shannah

Points North August 2016  

August 2016

Points North August 2016  

August 2016