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Touring on Two Wheels Believe it or not, metro Atlanta communities are becoming more bike-friendly. When warmer temperatures arrive, cyclists of all sizes take to the trails. Whether you try a quick loop through Suwanee or 30 miles on the Silver Comet, we’ve got the right route for every rider.

Behind the Ball What started as a grassroots effort now has global attention; the wait is finally over as Atlanta United Football Club makes its Major League Soccer debut this month. Before you lend your voice to the rally cry, we’ve got your rundown on the roster and what to expect.

Tracking History For passengers young or old, hearing the thunder of a train in motion evokes its own allure and each of the ride experiences offered in and around Georgia is unique. Climb aboard to embrace this Southern travel tradition with a ticket to ride Chattanooga’s Tennessee Valley Railroad, the St. Marys Express to the coast or the Georgia State Railroad Museum in Savannah.



Atlanta United Football Club’s Kit Reveal at The Tabernacle, November 2016 | photography courtesy of Atlanta United

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4 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017

Editor’s LETTER

PointsNorth Atlanta PRESIDENT / CEO Witt Beckman


PUBLISHER Carl Danbury Jr. EDITOR Heather KW Brown

Defining Moments


AS THE GRANDDAUGHTER OF A SOCCER COACH AND A BOOK AUTHOR THAT initiated a youth soccer association as well as the daughter of a collegiate-level player, it only seemed natural to have a ball at my feet as early as I can remember. Surprisingly, one of my all-time favorite memories has less to do with playing soccer than watching it. Sitting among a sell-out crowd of more than 90,000 fans in the Rose Bowl, I watched with bated breath as players from both teams took penalty kicks. The level of silence was almost as deafening between each shot as the endless roar when the U.S. team epically beat China. Being in those stands at the championship game of the Women’s World Cup is as vivid today as it was the summer of 1999. As a mom, I’m now excited for the thousands of youngsters from toddler to teen that can cheer on professional players regularly. Thanks to a grassroots push to bring Major League Soccer to town, the MLS is finally active in the ATL and fans are beyond ready for the Atlanta United Football Club to take the field this month at Bobby Dodd Stadium. Inevitably, they’ll claim another generation of fans — maybe even a few World Cup players — in the stands. While soccer enthusiasts gear up to mark this Atlanta milestone, plenty of others would rather follow a different path entirely. In anticipation of spending more time outdoors, we’ve scouted extensive bike trails ideal for all ages and distances. So check the tires and tune-up those brakes — these year-round bike routes beckon. Sticking with the theme of motion, should you prefer buying a ticket to ride instead of chugging along by your own power, you might enjoy a different mode of timeless transportation. Climb aboard as we trace the history of trains, terminals and miles of Georgia’s railroad tracks in three regional destinations. Closer to home, Colleen Ann McNally slows the pace just enough to shine the spotlight on Sandy Springs — a community we had no trouble finding fodder to share for this month’s “Two-Hundred Minutes In.” Whether found in the chaos of a crowd, the peacefulness of a bike path or the ritual of research, all of us have experiences that, in one way or the other, shape our lives. With the arrival of spring and the promise of thrilling times ahead (it is March Madness, after all), we’re looking forward to more defining moments this month.


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6 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017


Nos. 34-46

A TRAIL for all


written by TIFFANY WILLARD 8 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017

Silver Comet Trail


with the freedom to hop on your bike and explore? To visit friends. To buy candy and a drink at the neighborhood store. To visit friends, catch a movie or buy candy and a soda at the neighborhood store? Your bike brought you to a world of liberty and independence without parents. Then you turned 16 and that car grabbed your attention. While you moved on, your bike gathered dust in the garage, tires deflated, longing to be your favorite mode of transportation again. If you haven’t regained your youth and purchased a bike for your adult years, then I highly recommend you head out right now and buy one. Atlanta is fast becoming a biking town, with certain neighborhoods further along in the pro-

cess than others. Yes, the road traffic is scary. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get in long, safe rides that not only benefit your health, but also your state of mind. With so many bikefriendly, car-free pathways popping up around town, there’s no excuse not to hop on two wheels and explore. Atlanta’s weather is well suited for year-round biking, compliments of shady, tree-lined greenways that offer respite from the summer sun and beautiful views of golden leaves in the fall. Many paths offer opportunities to stop for a meal, or do some window shopping, all while burning off the extra calories. My favorite days typically total about 20 miles on my bike, with a stop for lunch along the way. Prefer a shorter ride? I’ve got some options for that, too. Beginners are welcome, and novice or not, don’t forget your helmet.


March 2017 | | 9


34 spring


FOR A LONG RIDE: Freedom Parkway Trail, Atlanta BeltLine’s Eastside Trail and Piedmont Park APPROXIMATELY 12 TO 15 MILES ROUND TRIP

If you’ve just spent the winter in a spin class to nowhere, it’s time to get mobile and get outside. The Freedom Parkway Trail, developed by the PATH Foundation, is one of my favorite treelined, car-free rides and can be easily combined with multiple places to break for food, shopping and history lessons, making this a full-day ride.

10 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017

FACING PAGE, CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Krog Street Market; Woodstock’s Town to Creek Trail; Truck & Tap, Downtown Woodstock

Start at The Carter Center, where parking is free and convenient, although situated midway along the route. A left will take you to Ponce de Leon Avenue and the northernmost point of the path. Retrace your steps and bike all the way to Boulevard at the opposite end. Its view of the Atlanta skyline might stop you in your tracks, and its close proximity to the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site makes for a good reason to catch your breath. The free visitors center by the National Park Service includes many moving displays of the Civil Rights Movement and across the street, MLK, Jr.’s gravesite is a peaceful respite in the middle of our bustling city. Bikes aren’t allowed at the gravesite, so make sure to lock yours up before visiting the outdoor memorial. On your journey back in the direction you originated, you’ll discover plenty of restaurants beckoning you to stop for a bite. The sweet potato biscuits at Highland Bakery always seem to scream my name. From The Freedom Parkway Trail, a short path will connect you with the Eastside portion of the BeltLine, one of Atlanta’s newest and trendiest places to pedal. A right turn will take you to Ponce City Market where a bike valet will take care of your wheels while you shop or have a drink. Continue on to Piedmont Park and its many winding routes around the lake, by the Botanical Gardens and past the volleyball fields. Return to the BeltLine and backtrack to the opposite end, where Hop City inside Krog Street Market insists you have a pint and relax from all the riding you’ve done with one of their 60 craft beers on tap. |; malu;

FOR A QUICK SPIN: Woodstock’s Town to Creek Trail/ Noonday Creek Trail 3.2 MILES ROUND TRIP

Starting in downtown Woodstock, just off Main Street, is the Town to Creek Trail. After winding through the trees for .6 miles, you’ll find yourself on the Noonday Creek Trail. An easy ride along Noonday Creek ends at Highway 92 where you can turn around and head back. Make sure to plan extra time for lunch in historic Woodstock at Truck & Tap. This open-air craft beer spot partners with a different food truck every day to provide unique food and drink options. |; PHOTOS COURTESY OF BARRY CANTRELL; SHANNAH SMITH; TRUCK & TAP

March 2017 | | 11


35 summer


FOR A LONG RIDE: Big Creek Greenway in Roswell/Alpharetta 17.2 MILES ROUND TRIP

Summers in Atlanta can be brutal for outdoor activities, but this flat course — a combo of concrete and boardwalk — hugs Big Creek, offering a constant glimpse of cooling waters and draping you in shade to escape the sweltering heat. Start at the Roswell Big Creek Park entrance off Old Alabama Road (near Holcomb Bridge Road) and ride 8.6 miles, paralleling North

Point Parkway, to the end at Marconi Drive near Windward Parkway. Along the way, several side paths lead to parking lots and restaurant options. Don’t have a bike? No problem. Alpharetta has that covered for you. Download the Zagster app and rent one for the day. The first 3 hours are completely free. After that, each additional hour is $3. Bikes can be found at four different locations and dropped off at any of them. |;


This 3.5-mile passage runs along the Chattahoochee River from the Chattahoochee Nature Center to Don White Memorial Park. Mostly flat and shady, the Riverwalk transitions from boardwalk, to concrete, to asphalt and finally, packed gravel. Pack a picnic lunch and stop at one of the several playgrounds you’ll pass to refuel. The new boardwalk section near the Nature Center is a great place to view the river and the birds that call the wetlands area home. |; PHOTOS COURTESY OF TIFFANY WILLARD; ADOBE STOCK

12 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017


ESTABLISHED IN 1991, the non-profit PATH Foundation’s mission has been to “Transform Metro Atlanta into the most trail connected city in the U.S.” and they are well on their way. What started as a plan to build off-road bike trails in time for the 1996 Summer Olympics has transformed into more than 250 miles of multi-use paths in and around Atlanta, connecting neighborhoods and encouraging us to get outdoors. New routes are in the works, including one along the Georgia 400 corridor as well as another connecting Centennial Olympic Park to the Atlanta Beltline. Imagine — in the future, it just might be possible to bike to work and avoid that rush hour standstill. |


36 fall FOR A LONG RIDE: Silver Comet Trail

20 TO 30 MILES ROUND TRIP With a grand total of 61 miles running from Smyrna to the Alabama state line, the Silver Comet Trail is another outdoor haven, thanks to the PATH Foundation, with plenty of options to ride. The first 38 miles are mostly tree-lined, so any starting point will afford you views of autumn foliage. From the Mavell Road Trailhead, ride approximately 10 miles over flat terrain to Linear Park, where you’ll find a playground and restrooms. From here, a left leads to the town of Powder Springs and multiple restaurant choices to fuel to pedal your ride back. Bike rentals are available at Smyrna Bicycles near the Mavell Road Trailhead and Silver Comet Depot at the Floyd Road Trailhead. March 2017 | | 13


FOR A QUICK SPIN: Suwanee Creek Greenway 8 TO 10 MILES ROUND TRIP

Starting at Suwanee Creek Park off Buford Highway, this 4-mile trail begins with a few hills, winding through a disc golf course nearly hidden by trees, but soon transitions to flat terrain surrounded by autumn-colored woods when the calendar flips past September. Near the end, follow the signs up the bridge at Suwanee Dam Road and through a residential development leading to Suwanee Town Center. Have lunch at an outdoor table at Brown Bag Deli & Café or a picnic on the town green. This ride can be extended an additional mile by crossing Buford Highway on the west side of the park and proceeding through the pedestrian tunnel under the railroad track. Follow the bike trail to the Play Town playground and on to Brushy Creek Greenway, which ends at Suwanee Dam Road where you can retrace your tracks back to Suwanee Creek Park. There’s a Zagster bike rental station at Suwanee Creek Park for those without their own wheels. |

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Silver Comet Trail; Where the Arabia Mountain Trail meets Panola State Park; ; Smyrna Bicycles

The most scenic section of the Silver Comet Trail starts at the Rambo Road Trailhead, at mile marker 22. From Rambo Road, ride west over the Pumpkinvine Trestle Bridge, rising 126 feet over Pumpkinvine Creek. Several tunnels add interest to this ride, which is mostly shady and flat. Continuing on to Rockmart, 15 miles from Rambo Road, you can stop for a filling meal and hydrate at your choice of restaurants in this historic old town that was once a railroad depot catering to the slate industry. Load up on carbs because you’ve got 15 miles back to your car. |;

37 winter No.

FOR A LONG RIDE: Arabia Mountain Trail in Conyers 14.6 MILES ROUND TRIP

When the weather turns cold, your bike starts to get lonely in the garage, and if you’re not careful, the pounds start adding to your weight. The Arabia Mountain Trail, created by — you guessed it — the PATH Foundation, is the perfect way to get PHOTOS COURTESY OF TIFFANY WILLARD; PATH FOUNDATION

14 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017

your heart pumping and increase your body heat on cold days. Park at the trailhead in front of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. Be prepared to start with some steep downhills, but what goes down must go up, and that saying holds true for this challenging ride. Ride 7 miles over curving, winding hills to Alexander Lake at Panola Mountain State Park, a perfect spot for a picnic stop and restroom break. You could continue through Panola Mountain State Park and all the way to Stonecrest Mall, 33 miles from your starting point if you’re feeling really ambitious. But don’t forget those hills are waiting for you on the return. After the ride, make time to visit the monastery. You can tour the church, meander through a unique bonsai collection and grab a snack in the café. Don’t miss the well-stocked gift shop, where you can purchase goods baked by the more than 40 Trappist monks who call this monastery home.;


where you can ride less than half a mile to the park’s entrance. Once inside, the hilly terrain makes a 5-mile loop around the park. This ride is in a bike lane, not a dedicated path, but the extremely low speed limit in the park makes this a bikefriendly route. Any ride with “mountain” in the name is sure to be a challenge, and this one is no exception. With your thighs burning, head back to Stone Mountain Village and reward yourself with some heavy German food and beer at The Village Corner German Restaurant & Bakery. You’ve earned it!; I’ve still got two more rides on my radar, and can’t wait to load up my bike and check them out. Peachtree City boasts more than 90 miles of multi-use thoroughfares traversing through town, with plenty of restaurants and shops to keep you busy for days. But topping my list is the Rico Starr Loop. Starting in the community of Serenbe, this 21-mile loop winds through rural countryside past barns, lakes and meadows. All I need is a day off and a little sunshine. PN

This ride starts in Stone Mountain Village, just outside the park, since bike riders can enter Stone Mountain Park for free. Parking is available near the old train station in the village,

DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE BIKE TRAIL? Let us know on social media.

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Catignani, MD

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Sapienza LICENSED ESTHETICIAN 5673 Peacthree Dunwoody Road | Suite 420 | Atlanta GA, 30342 1100 Northside Forsyth Drive | Suite 420 | Cumming, GA 30041 6300 Hospital Parkway | Suite 375 | Johns Creek, GA 30097 March 2017 | | 15

No. 38







EVERY 30 MINUTES, THE CROWD at World of Beer in Midtown broke out into a lively chant. One ringleader kicked it off, then the rest echoed: “Atlanta, Atlanta; United, United.” Welcome to Terminalia, the third-annual launch party for the Atlanta United Football Club fan group, the Terminus Legion. “We want to give our team and our players the support they need to raise their game,” said Matt Stigall. He founded the Terminus Legion in 2014 as a Georgia nonprofit after successfully running a grassroots petition in 2011 called “ATLwantsMLS” to bring a Major League Soccer (MLS) team to the city. Stigall’s efforts officially come to fruition when Atlanta United’s inaugural MLS season kicks off March 5 against the New York Red Bulls at Bobby Dodd Stadium — a temporary base until construction of the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium is completed later this year.

March 2017 | | 17



THE FIRST FAN Stigall works in the marketing field, and said that’s where he got the experience in running startups and doing some of the functions necessary to establish an organization like Terminus Legion. This Vinings resident wasn’t always a blueblooded soccer fan, though. Stigall first became interested in soccer about eight years ago, when he started watching overseas matches. “It overwhelmed me,” he said, “the passion these fans had, and I started saying, ‘If these people can be so passionate about a sport, let me give it a try [in Atlanta] and see what happens.’” It was with that philosophy that Stigall began his petition, initially setting up tables at Kennesaw State University soccer matches and soon garnering attention from Arthur Blank himself. Blank, known as the cofounder of The Home Depot and current owner of the Atlanta Falcons, now also owns Atlanta United FC. He announced the latter’s status as an MLS franchise on July 7, 2015. In a following press release for the team, Blank said: “Tonight represents a milestone moment for our city, for our club and for soccer fans across the region ... It’s the next step in the journey toward 2017 for Atlanta United, and we are ready to make our mark in MLS and in global soccer.” At the time of the announcement, fans had already purchased 21,500 season tickets. As of January 2017, that number had passed 27,000 — with another five weeks before the season was set to begin.

Gerard “Tata” Marino

LEFT TO RIGHT: Andrew Carlton, Chris McCann

18 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017

GLOBAL GOALS Stigall certainly isn’t surprised by the level of attention the team has garnered. “When we start signing some internationally known soccer players, people will connect to the city through our team,” he said. What Stigall also knows is the amount of talent and diversity this team already has. Atlanta United’s impressive roster, in my opinion, starts with Head Coach Gerardo Martino, known affectionately in soccer circles as “Tata.” Martino’s résumé reads like that of an industry magnate. Born in Argentina, Martino first played for his hometown team, Newell’s Old Boys, where he set a record for number of appearances that remains to this day. In his coaching career, he’s known for heading the Paraguay National Team from 2006 to 2011; then from 2013 to 2014, the Futbol Club Barcelona, which has one of the largest followings in professional soccer and plays in the largest stadium in Europe. Prior to joining Atlanta United, Martino managed the Argentine national team. In an interview with The New York Times, Martino said he took the job with Atlanta United because it was a rare chance “to begin a project from zero.” Martino is committed to youth soccer and enhancing the progression of younger players. Prior to its first season in MLS, his team has launched a fully funded academy and has begun competing in the U.S. Soccer Development Academy program with teams in age groups U-12, U-13, U-14, U-16 and U-18. These teams have been practicing and competing in the same state-of-the-art, training ground in Marietta as the professionals. The coach’s dedication becomes more apparent when you dive further into the Atlanta United roster. Players like Andrew Carleton, a 16-year-old midfielder, demonstrate the franchise’s willingness to carry out coach Martino’s vision of grooming young athletes. Carleton cut his teeth in the Atlanta United Academy and youth teams in Powder Springs before becoming the first “Homegrown” player signed to

“When we start signing some internationally known soccer players, people will connect to the city through our team.” MATT STIGALL | Founder, Terminus Legion

March 2017 | | 19


“Football fans, soccer supporters and concert-goers are going to be treated to a spectacular experience for those events.” STEVE CANNON | CEO, AMB Group

Atlanta United. The Homegrown Player Rule allows MLS teams to sign players directly to their team roster; in many cases, it’s incentive for young players to stay local, rather than choosing big-name teams that may be knocking on their doors. Though he was signed at only 15, Carleton boasts an impressive résumé himself. At the time of his signing, in June of last year, Carleton was playing two divisions ahead of his age on the United States Men’s Team for U-17. As noted on the team roster, his game is “creative and technical, with an attacking playing style.” Another notable player is Chris Goslin, also a 16-year-old midfielder who came up through the Atlanta United Academy and hails from RENDERING COURTESY OF MERCEDES-BENZ STADIUM

20 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017

Let’s See That Smile! • Serving the Dental Needs of Children from Newborn to Young Adults • State-of-the Art Facility Locust Grove. He was the second Homegrown player signed as of last October. Then there’s 29-year-old midfielder Chris McCann from Dublin, Ireland. His career to date has involved more than 350 appearances in English matches, including ones in the English Premier League, the most-watched sports league in the world.

A LEGACY IN THE MAKING Even if eyes outside the soccer world haven’t been on the players, I can guarantee they’ve been on construction of the stadium where United will play. Ground broke on the Mercedes-Benz Stadium soon after the franchise announcement was made. The $1.5-billion structure will replace the Georgia Dome, which will be demolished and become a 13-acre green space. On game days, it will be a tailgate lot and on nonevent days, a public space for cultural events, community functions and various other activities. Atlanta Falcons CEO Rich McKay said in a press conference that the College Football Championship in Jan. 2018 is the goal for having the cleared site available for parking and tailgating. What can fans expect from a brand new stadium? For one thing: food. Whereas the Georgia Dome offered only four bar and restaurant choices, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium will offer 24. A few highlights are local favorites like Antico Pizza Napoletana, whose anchor location in West Midtown has become synonymous with pizza greatness, King of Pops, an Atlanta-based artisan selling perpetual summer and familiar Southern staples like Jim ‘N Nicks barbecue, Chick-fil-A, Sublime Donuts, The Varsity and many more. Food is just the beginning. As it turns out, another huge advantage of the new home base is not only increased capacity for fans, but much more flexibility compared to the Dome. Steve Cannon, who left his post as CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA to head Blank’s AMB Group, said,

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Pediatric Dentist

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March 2017 | | 21




Specializing in fitness and health programs for those with challenges like MS, spinal fusions, joint replacements, amputations, trauma recovery.

We Offer Hybrid Circuit Training


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“Kids Can Write” June 19–23: Beginner’s Camp June 26–30: Beginner’s Camp July 10–14: Beginner’s Camp July 17–21: Advanced Camp July 24–28: Advanced Camp

All camps are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.–4 p.m. The City of Roswell’s Recreation, Parks, Historic & Cultural Affairs Department presents its fifth season of creative writing camps at Barrington Hall with award-winning children’s book author and accomplished children’s writing instructor Mary Ann Rodman. The fee is $250 per camper. Ages 10–14. Advanced registration is required.

Call 770-640-3855 to register.

22 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017

“The opening five weeks are going to showcase the thought, design and effort that went into this unique building in every configuration. Football fans, soccer supporters and concert-goers are going to be treated to a spectacular experience for those events.” The stadium can be expanded to hold up to 83,000 for some events, but soccer numbers are expected to reach less than half of that. To compensate, lower-level seating in the stadium is touted with the ability to retract. Additionally, mechanized curtains will wall off the upper levels of the stadium, providing sound insulation and a more intimate feel for the estimated 29,000 soccer fans attending each game. Watching those games inside the stadium will be enhanced by an LED video display mounted at the opening of the roof. The 360-degree display from Daktronics is the first of its kind in the world and measures a whopping 58-feet high, with 61,900 square feet of display space.

MEMBERS OF A CLUB UNITED Stigall has since passed his torch as President Emeritus of Terminus Legion, but remains on the board among other likeminded locals who put in hours after their day jobs to champion Atlanta soccer in our community and beyond. More chapters have formed in other parts of Georgia as well as across state lines in South Carolina. In addition to events like Terminalia, members plan to converge at Fadó Irish Pub in Buckhead on March 12 for their first MLS Away Watch Party when Atlanta United FC takes on Minnesota United FC in Minneapolis. As we rounded out our conversation, I asked Stigall what the future looked like for Atlanta United. He said the energy is palpable; thousands of people are waiting for the first game, but also many people are still unaware of what this means for Atlanta. “[They] don’t know about it, or are waiting to see, and when they see the passionate fans, their eyes are going to open.” Atlanta United plays their first eight matches at Bobby Dodd and anticipates to play the first ever game in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium on July 30, 2017 against Orlando City Soccer Club. Beyond that, the stadium also plans to host the College Football Playoff Championship game in 2018, Super Bowl LIII in 2019 and the NCAA Men’s Final Four in 2020. If Stigall can be assured of one thing, it’s that his home team has the loudest rallying cry. PN

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March 2017 | | 23

Counting ON ...




JOAN CRAWFORD FAMOUSLY SAID, “I think that the most important thing a woman can have — next to talent, of course — is her hairdresser.” We couldn’t agree more, which is all the more reason we’re excited to learn the Lenox Salons enterprise has now expanded in Johns Creek Village at 11720 Medlock

Bridge Rd., Suite 155. Known as one of the most prestigious salon providers in the industry with advanced stylists for high-end clientele, the Lenox Salon experience is designed to feel as if you’ve stepped onto a European street, complete with hallways bedecked in brick paver floors and natural stone accents. Rather than stylists having their chairs in an open floorplan, each stylist has their own storefront and interior décor often includes a luxury European backwash station featuring folding leg rests and custom chandeliers. Besides bringing a more personal touch for their clients, Lenox Salon hairstylists earn an average of 54 percent more income. This concept, which started in Charlotte, N.C. in early 2009, provides salons ranging in size and price to meet the needs of professionals at ­different points in their careers. Exclusive services such as those from an esthetician, nail technician, lash extension specialist and makeup artist are also available to create a spa-like environment for all of a client’s personal care needs. Spring is right around the corner, and with a stop into one of the 28 luxury salons under one roof, so too is your latest look. PHOTO COURTESY OF SHANNON IRISH PHOTOGRAPHY

24 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017

March 2017 | | 25




Alison Pools

26 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.”




Swimming pools can be made to last longer with the proper engineering and can be made more aesthetically, organically pleasing by taking an artistic approach to the backyard. “We are pleased to see more customers are aware of the improvements in construction practices and creative things we can do with swimming pools,” said John Martinez of Alison Pools and Genesis 3 Accredited Society of Watershape Designers Registered member. Taking the time and attention to detail will increase the life span of the pool and bring the overall perspective to life for the customer. The team at Alison Pools is up for any challenge, from designing interesting watershapes such as a perimeter overflow for the whole pool to renovating an existing pool by changing the shape. Not only do they stay up to date on trends, they often are paving the way. “There’s a lot of excitement around new materials such as glass with iridescent patterns and colors, to really give the pool a pop,” Martinez said. “Along with that is bringing in large stone framework and structures – this is where all the engineering and the organic approach comes in.” 678-528-4521,

Executive Pools & Spas MAKING A SPLASH


Serving metro Atlanta since 2001, Executive Pools & Spas has the experience and knowledge required to not only provide creative solutions, but cost effective ones as well. Whether you want peace and quiet with the family or a place to entertain friends, they can transform your vision into reality. In 2013, they merged with Leisure Time Designs – a firm that specializes in providing many of the outdoor living and entertaining structures that complement the

presence of a pool or spa. Together, they are an all-inclusive contractor offering a full range of custom designs and installations that match your personality, desires and needs. This means they take care of the entire project, not just the pool – giving you the ease of just one point of contact and a job that runs much more efficiently. With Executive Pools & Spas, you’ll receive a free consultation and one-on-one, superior service. You’ll be happy to know their company is locally owned and operated, and they have built their reputation one customer at a time. 770-231-8854,

March 2017 | | 27



Neptune Pools THE REAL DEAL


There’s more to a book than just the cover. The same applies to pool construction. The experts at Neptune Pools believe that understanding how your pool is built in addition to what it will look like is critical when choosing the right contractor. Oftentimes, it’s the things you don’t see that can present the biggest problems down the road. It’s these hidden details that can be the difference between a good project versus something you will regret. Are you just getting a pool or are you getting a complete project? Ask questions and do your

28 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017

research. The more you understand about what you’re getting, the easier it will be to choose whom to build it. If the deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. 770-831-5415,



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cient practices are used to benefit investors and residents alike. Using the land to the best of its ability saves costs in development plans as well as minimizes maintenance for inhabitants. Otter and Arrow provides balance between man and nature, while putting the economics of the developer at the forefront of every plan. Their team has the vision to provide a plan that creates a profitable ecological machine. Whether the project is a large subdivision development or a choice of native

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SYNERGY LANDSCAPING A lot of families have been enjoying these warmer-than-normal temperatures with outdoor activities at their property, whether it’s a birthday party or watching the big game.


30 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017

A CLEAR DIRECTION ARE YOU SEARCHING for the finest window replacement in Atlanta? The expert staff at North Georgia Replacement Windows in Roswell is ready to give product demonstrations and to help with your window and door projects. Their 98 percent customer recommendation rating makes North Georgia Replacement Windows one of the most-awarded window companies in the country. They have more than 50 doors on display including Clark Hall iron doors, ThermaTru fiberglass doors and MaxCraft double doors

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OUTDOOR LIVING & POOLS So after numerous clients have asked Shaun Bowker and his staff at Synergy Landscaping how they could enhance their outdoor experience, they to went back to the drawing board. “After much planning and research, our designers have coin the phrase ‘AudioScaping’,” Bowker said. “With AudioScaping, we can add audio zones to just your backyard or to the entire property. The system can be setup to play all the same audio or itemized into different zones.” While you’re watching your favorite sports team in the backyard, the children could be listening to their favorite playlist in the front yard. These zones include ground subwoofers and satellite speakers strategically placed throughout the

“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and winds long to play with your hair.” –– KAHLI GIBRAN

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What makes a company stand out to become “Your Local Tree Service”? We asked Clint Harris, certified arborist and owner of Acorn Tree Care. “We’ve differentiated ourselves from our competitors, especially locally, in that we’re all about arboriculture and being proactive,” said Harris. “When we come out to look at someone’s ­treescape, we look for any tree that may be



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A full service company offering design, construction, maintenance and repairs! March 2017 | | 35


OUTDOOR LIVING & POOLS hazardous, address maintenance concerns for trees and thirdly, we’re looking at the aesthetics or curb appeal of the house. We’re not just a typical tree company; we’re more about building relationships and really educating people and helping them with their trees.” He also pointed out that Acorn Tree Care has some really specialized equipment that is a little more high-end than most tree compa-

nies. They have their own crane, so they have low-to-zero tree impact removal capabilities where they are lifting the trees up from the ground – they call it tree extraction. “We try to leave no footprint, no trace, which is hard to do with big trees. Our crews are skilled tradesmen, we have industry-specific insurance and more than 40 years of experience,” Harris said. 770-754-0806, n


What is a Home Show? It’s a wonderful opportunity for all homeowners, regardless of the size, age or value of your home. It’s a marketplace where hundreds of companies all come to one building in an effort to make it easier for people to research the latest in home repair, remodel, design, landscape and more. The 39th Annual Spring Atlanta Home Show is Georgia’s largest Home Show! This year’s show takes place March 24 to 26 at Cobb Galleria Centre. The Spring Atlanta Home Show brings together more than 350 companies showcasing the best in products and services for all types of homes. See the products demonstrated and speak directly with experts in home construction and renovation, landscaping, kitchen/bath design and more. Enjoy comparison shopping, where everything you might need for your home, inside and out, is gathered together under one roof. Drop in on a cooking demonstration to check out the latest in stovetops, grills and cookware. Talk to indoor and outdoor kitchen designers about your particular needs, walk through landscaped exhibits to get ideas and solutions for your own yard, pick up product samples and schedule appointments for experts to visit your home. Many of the exhibitors offer show specials, which can save you thousands of dollars. For discount coupons, show hours, product lists, stage schedule, online tickets and ­additional information, visit


36 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017

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March 2017 | | 37

A Simpler



38 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017



Tennessee Valley Railroad

ladys Knight and the Pips’ hit “Midnight Train to Georgia” won the Grammy in 1973, was inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame in 1999 and, in many ways, became Knight’s signature song. With romantic love as its theme, the tune has a certain allure about it — but the thought of a midnight train ride may not be ­particularly appealing to a modern family on vacation. Instead, each of the train ride experiences offered in, or around, Georgia is unique and evokes its own allure. The vintage of the locomotives and coach equipment, distance and length of time, sites visited or terrain covered vary widely by operator. Most offer special rides for holidays or other events. Likewise, their corresponding museums offer a diverse mix of exhibits, activities and information. Whether familiar with these three stops or climbing aboard for the first time, your ticket to history awaits. PHOTOS COURTESY OF TENNESSEE VALLEY RAILROAD

March 2017 | | 39


TENNESSEE VALLEY RAILROAD The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum has solved the “Midnight Train” dilemma with more conveniently scheduled rides from their sprawling railyards in Chattanooga. This operating railroad offers a wide variety of trips, some themed, some across state lines, while utilizing its extensive collection of rail coaches with either early 1900s steam locomotives or more modern diesels. The Missionary Ridge Local route, offered daily during most of the year, takes passengers along one of the area’s original rail routes, across four river trestles and through the pre-Civil War Missionary Ridge tunnel that dates from 1858. This is an hour-long trip with a viewing of the locomotive rotated on a turntable for the return trip and a tour of the museum’s 40 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017

r­ estoration shops. Tickets start at $17 for adults and $11 for children ages 2 to 12. The Hiwassee Loop is a 3.5-hour route up the Hiwassee River gorge. This trip experiences an unusual, spiraling corkscrew track that actually crosses itself. A much longer day trip, which includes the Hiwassee Loop, is the Copperhill Special. This 94-mile, nine-hour route allows time for lunch on your own and a visit to the twin cities of Copperhill, Tenn. and McCaysville, Ga. Chickamauga Turn, another day trip, spans more than six hours with layovers in the Chickamauga-Chattanooga National Military Park and the historic town of Chickamauga, Ga. This trip includes a tour guide, an historic dining car option for lunch as well as the choice of a private coach.

The longest trip offered is the Summerville Steam Special, a 100-mile round trip to Summerville, Ga. These trains are powered by one of the two restored ex-Southern Railway steam locomotives dating from the early 1900s. The vintage Southern Railway steam locomotive 4501 generated all the sounds, smoke and aroma of trains of the past while powering a recent fall trip of mine. A favorite for foodies, the Dinner on the Diner train features a gourmet threecourse meal with the clickity clack of the railroad track in the background. Though the route is a simple ride through the Chattanooga area, this experience comes with white linen service in a restored 1924 dining car. A Christmas Special Dinner Train offers an expanded four-course meal. Optional premium dining is available with

St. Marys Express

an upgrade to the Pullman car, Clover Colony, while the Eden Isle Office Car is available for private parties. Many holidays and special events provide themes for other special trains.

Notable among these are: Halloween Eerie Express with a stop at a fun house, Santa’s Hiwassee Holiday Train, the long established North Pole Limited that travels past lighted trackside displays on the way to the “North Pole” and new this year, the Day Out with Thomas in late April and May. Unique to the Tennessee Valley Railroad are their week-long Railroad Summer Camps, held during the month of June. The overnight camp, directed at high school students, includes all aspects of railroading including history and operation of railroads, and how steam and diesel engines work. The junior camp, with separate day sessions that focus on late elementary or middle school students, adds railroad craft projects and games. Train rides are part of these camp programs. This museum describes its various

train rides as “a rolling time machine providing the sights and sounds of yesteryear.” Passengers pick up tickets in an old-fashioned train station with a typical terminal dining area. The museum’s trains have been featured in many major movies, including the 2011 “Water For Elephants” with Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz as well as music videos for country stars like Eric Church and Dierks Bentley |

ST. MARYS EXPRESS The St. Marys Express is the current reincarnation of the actual operating railroad that shuttled freight cars 18 miles to the historic coastal town of St. Marys, Ga. This railroad was re-formed as a scenic, theme-focused, operating passenger route for tourists and train enthusiasts.


March 2017 | | 41

Georgia State Railroad Museum


42 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017

REGIONAL RAILR OAD S A limited number of trips, all with open-air railcars are scheduled each year from the departure point, located just 8 miles east of Interstate 95's Georgia exit 3. Every trip has a theme that includes characters and actions by the associated Theatre by the Trax actors. These include the Peter Cottontail Express (April), Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (May), Patriotic Express (July), Catfish Express from Kingsland, Ga. (September), Steam Railroad Days and Rock Shrimp Festival (October), Halloween Express (October), Santa Express (December), and Wild West Steam Express (February). Whether it’s a Western gunfight, cowboys, living scarecrows, zombies, hoboes, pirates or a visit by Santa, passengers are brought into the action while the trains traverse swamps, woodlands, pine barrens and creek crossings. Also unique to the St. Marys Express are “At The Throttle" experiences, which allow a limited number of people to actually run the authentic 1930s locomotive while its underway. |



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GEORGIA STATE RAILROAD MUSEUM Georgia’s history, like many other areas, is closely linked to the railroads. The Georgia Railroad was formed in 1833 to build a track from Athens to Augusta and was completed eight years later. An 1836 traveler’s guide to America listed the Altamaha and Brunswick Railroad with 12 miles of track as one of the first Georgia railroads. Trivia fans and history buffs will revel in the fact that some of these first railroads were actually powered by horse or mule teams, not locomotives. Savannah’s historic railroad shops and offices have been known as the Roundhouse because it contains a fully operational roundhouse, or turntable, that turns a locomotive around at the end of the line to head in the other direction. This complex served the Central of Georgia Railroad for more than a century until 1963, and is the most complete antebellum railroad manufacturing and repair shop in the entire country. Now these yards are a National Historic Site housing the Georgia State Railroad Museum (formerly the Roundhouse Railroad Museum). The Georgia State Railroad operates a number of steam and diesel powered

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March 2017 | | 43


ALL ABOARD and Ready to Roll


trains with a complete 2017 schedule published online. Steam and diesel are indicated with April being entirely steam powered. These rides are approximately 30-minute tours of the extensive railroad museum site. Rides start with the locomotive being turned around on the turntable before hooking up to the train cars. This museum also provides interactive displays and railroad themed play areas that are popular with children. Their exhibits include railcars and handcars as well as the locomotives. Operated by the Coastal Heritage Society, the museum is part of the Tricentennial Park, which also contains the Savannah Children’s Museum. The former Central of Georgia Train Shed now houses the Savannah Museum of History and tells the story of Savannah from 1733 to now. ­ Today, with a renewed interest in our simpler lifestyles of the past, this nostalgia has included the preservation of museum trains as well as these fully operational railroads. If the thought of a train ride excites you, then as Knight would say, “Hey, I’ve got to go… gonna board the midnight train and go.” PN

WHERE TO STAY IN CHATTANOOGA During the Civil War, the corner of East 10th Street where The Dwell Hotel now resides was home not to a mid-century modern masterpiece, but to Fort James, a large stone fort that protected Chattanoogans in years of strife.

Decades later, during the city’s Dynamo of Dixie boom, German

immigrant L.A. Hirtzfield was commissioned to design a 16-bed hotel. The Colonial Hotel opened in 1909, which later became the Stone Fort Inn, harkening back to its historical past and as of last year, was playfully updated and named a member of Design Hotels. While the name has changed over the course of a century, the brick-and-limestone structure is still intact, and calling our name for an extended Chattanooga stay. |

Chasing the “Texas” Locomotive The “Texas,” a Chase locomotive, is currently under a half million-dollar restoration for the Atlanta History Center after being removed from the old Cyclorama. The train is scheduled to go on display this May in a glass building connecting the Atlanta History Center to the new Cyclorama, which is projected for fall 2018 after the painting is fully restored. When completed, the “Texas,” will be visible from West Paces Ferry Road. |

44 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017

WHERE TO GO FROM ST. MARYS St. Marys is the gateway to Cumberland Island, Georgia’s largest and southernmost barrier island with 18 miles of undeveloped beach. ­Visitors discover pristine maritime forests, undeveloped beaches and wide marshes whispering the stories of both man and nature. Natives, missionaries, enslaved African Americans and wealthy industrialists all walked here; today, Cumberland Island is home to more than 9,800 acres of Congressionally designated wilderness. You may find yourself hiking, biking, camping and beachcombing after disembarking from the ferry. Purchase tickets in advance to guarantee your spot.


Findlay Rowe

Gift Shop & Boutique

1030 Woodstock Road, Suite 3114, Roswell 678-205-3300 7

Move from one nostalgic t­ravel hub to another with dinner at The Grey. Occupying a 1938 art deco Greyhound Bus Terminal that has been painstakingly restored to its original luster, The Grey offers a food, wine and service experience that is simultaneously familiar and elevated.

Bringing her personal take

on Port City Southern food to a city of her youth, Chef Mashama Bailey’s ability to create dishes that are deep, layered and soulful in their flavors has earned her critical acclaim — and a spot on our dining wish list for 2017.

MARCH 14: Chef Wendy Gay Mardi Gras Celebration APRIL 4: Chef Wendy Gay Spring in Provence APRIL 18: Chef Wendy Gay Spring in Venice MAY 2: Chef Wendy Gay Italian Pasta Party MAY 16: Chef Wendy Gay Tapas from Barcelona JUNE 6: Chef Wendy Gay Southern Italian Dinner Party JUNE 20: Chef Wendy Gay Summer Grilling JUNE 27: Chef Wendy Gay Fourth of July Party JULY 11: Chef Judith McLaughlin Southern Summer Entertaining (with Oli & Ve)


March 2017 | | 45

Counting ON ...


41 No



46 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017

THE SOUNDS OF REVVING ENGINES AND CRUSHING METAL consume the Georgia Dome as Monster Jam rolls through Atlanta on March 4 and 5 for its 25th anniversary and final appearance before the Mercedez-Benz Stadium opens. Knowing little to nothing about monster-truck driving, I attended Monster Jam last year for the first time and was awestruck at the excitement and passion that reached even the highest levels of the Dome, where my date and I took our seats. We watched each driver take on stunts and jumps that only seemed possible in a movie starring Vin Diesel and puts hairy 400 traffic in perspective. We’ve got an eye on returning driver and Georgia Tech engineering student Rosalee Ramer, who spends her weekends on the road with the Monster Jam family (literally — her dad, Kelvin Ramer drives alongside her in “Time Flys”) while also trying to stay caught up on homework. Behind the wheel of “Wild Flower,” Rosalee channels her “aggressive” driving style, as she calls it, while vying to be the Atlanta champion. We certainly don’t doubt her ability to crush her competitors, even those more than twice her age. As a University of Georgia graduate, I don’t typically cheer on Yellow Jackets, but she makes a good case for an exception. We’re rooting for you, Rosalee!

From Italy and New York City to You

• Open for lunch and dinner Monday - Saturday • Dinner reservations recommended

PARTIES AND CATERING: YOUR PLACE OR OURS? Turnkey to your home/venue or pick-up: Call Brie 678-491-8768 to schedule your order

11730 A Jones Bridge Road • Johns Creek • 770.772.6456 • March 2017 | | 47





Nodding to their ever-changing charm and steady draw, we’re highlighting ways to spend 200 minutes in a different Points North Atlanta community for each of our 2017 issues. Whether you spend all 200 minutes in one place or divvy it up to discover several, enjoying your time in this neighborhood starts now.

I’VE SPENT MORE TIME passing through Sandy Springs than staying put. The sense of place registers for a moment, as I’ve whizzed by the iconic King and Queen buildings. I’ve known of its close proximity to the Perimeter, but its actual parameters and size were ambiguous. While we are being technical, “whizz” can be a euphemism, depending on the time of day and traffic. In 2011, a new exit to Hammond Drive was opened to accommodate the numbers of drivers diverging there, and the lane to join them can back up easily. Where are all of these people headed? After some rambling and research, I realized what a shame my limited knowledge was.



& Queen Building, Concourse Office Park The King and Queen buildings, Concourse Office Park

48 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017

You can alternatively enter city limits after crossing over the Chattahoochee River on Roswell Road. Running parallel to Georgia 400, this path is Sandy Springs’ major artery where most cars are likely to be passing by, or depending









GA 400





il Giallo Osteria & Bar

on the time of day, stopped at

Company, La Petite Mason,

a red light.

Under The Cork Tree — the

From the window of your car, the community at face

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Giallo Osteria & Bar used to

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CalyRoad Creamery

shopping centers and, as of

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children born in Atlanta,

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Among these are local fav-

The Buckhead Life Group

be transported to an Italian

strawberry jam, fontina,

orites and famed kitchens,

with gigs at both Pricci and

fantasy, compliments of

stracchino and mascar-

many places that have

the late, great Veni Vidi Vici,

his takes on dishes such as:

pone cheese, drizzled with

previously graced the pages

but his full curriculum vitae

shrimp scampi with Georgia’s

balsamic. One translation of

of this magazine: Rumi’s

is longer than we have space

own, garlic, blood orange and

“Il Giallo” is “mystery,” and

Kitchen, Hammocks Trading

to list and is full of reasons

creamy polenta; involtino

that sums up why it remained

To enter his dining room

pastas made in front of you;


March 2017 | | 49


The Chai Gallery of Fine Art

The Williams-Payne House

under my radar for so long, but there’s no question that I will be back. ADAMS IS FAR FROM THE only entrepreneur tapping into the possibilities Sandy Springs’ dining scene holds. Rumor has it that steakhouse mogul Kevin Rathbun is working on a project that would position him as il Giallo’s new neighbor. Meanwhile, up the road, the popular West Coast, fast casual franchise Poké Bar opened its first Georgia location in another seemingly nondescript shopping center. But, if there was one lesson Sandy Springs had in store for me thus far, it was to look closer; that led me to CalyRoad Creamery. I first encountered Robin Schick’s artisan talents on a

City Springs Performing Arts Center

charcuterie board at Roswell’s Foundation Social Eatery and had an idyllic image of the farm where their cheeses, like ash-covered Little Stone Mountain goat cheese and the Cambert-style WayPoint, were made. She used to produce on a farmstead in Carrolton, but has since moved operations

to their storefront on Hilderbrand Drive. Fresh milk is brought in, and cheese is made from start to finish following the “French model,” as Schick described it. The relocation made it easier to deliver to her high-profile clientele, including in-town legends like Chef Linton Hopkins and Star Provisions as

well as Cumming’s Talk of the Table and select Whole Foods. Renovations are underway that will allow CalyRoad Creamery to accommodate space for tastings, classes and a retail shop. Also in the works is the debut of her cultured, stretched mozzarella; look for it around town this month.


50 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017



TIES TO THE PAST While culinary expeditions make for good cause to visit Sandy Springs, unique eats here are just the tip of the iceberg. International influence and an appreciation for a global view are not limited to food. Take The Chai Gallery of Fine Art, for instance. Opened in early 2016, the gallery is the culmination of owner Mark Jaffe’s lifelong love of art and a hobby for collecting works from around the world, a passion he shares with his wife. On his walls, you may see works from names you recognize — classic masters like Marc Chagall, Rembrandt van Rijn, Pablo Picasso and Francisco Goya, as well as contemporary artists including Peter Max, Itzchak Tarkay and many others. Yet, it’s Jaffe’s vision that makes this gallery stand out from the crowd. Among the lithographs, oils, etchings, watercolors and animation cells, there’s a focus on Jewish artists and works that explore Jewish themes — at every price point, from a $100 poster to a $50,000 oneof-a-kind museum piece. He welcomes those who want to purchase art as well as those who want to explore and learn about the rich variety of art created by or inspired by Jewish people throughout history. Based on family values, a portion of each sale will go to Jewish or United Way charities.

I STARTED TO NOTICE this focus as a bigger theme throughout the Sandy Springs community. Last month, the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival (AJFF) celebrated its 17th anniversary as an independent, nonprofit arts organization dedicated to showcasing cinema that broadly explores themes of identity, history and culture. Already Atlanta’s single largest film festival, AJFF made history in 2015 by becoming the largest Jewish film festival in the world, attracting more than 38,600 moviegoers. As the festival has grown, so has the number of participating venues, and the list includes Lefont Sandy Springs and nearby Regal Perimeter Pointe. While AJFF lasts a few weeks, film fans can get their fix throughout the year thanks to the Lefont Film Society. Founded in 2012, they strive to program a diverse slate of titles and foreign language films for their loyal audiences. Saturdays at 10:30 a.m. and Mondays at 7 p.m., join your fellow cinephiles for a screening, then stay after to share thoughts and make new movie-loving friends. IT’S ALSO WORTH NOTING that located just above the Sandy Springs Welcome Center, visitors may find an unexpected exhibit: “Anne Frank in the World: 19291945.” With 600 photographs and more than 8,000 words telling the story of young Anne Frank, this powerful, permanent exhibit is free to the public and provides guests a chance to learn or remember the history les-

March 2017 | | 51

Two-Hundred MINUTES IN ... S A NDY S PR INGS sons of the Holocaust and its continued relevance.



HIGH STYLE MIXED WITH SOUTHERN CHARM While I had only been seeing Sandy Springs from the window of my car, viewers across the country may have been seeing the city on their television screens. Across Hammond Drive and less than a mile from the Welcome Center presides bridals by lori, where Southern hospitality meets high style. The largest full-service bridal salon in the nation, the three-story space is also the star of “Say Yes to The Dress: Atlanta” which airs on TLC Friday nights at 9 p.m. In addition to couture dresses for brides, their style consultants outfit brides-

Pink eye? Red Eyes? Tired Eyes?

maids, flower girls, mothers of brides, as well as offer prom dresses, in-house tuxedo rentals or can suggest custom-made Italian suits. Appointments are required for custom fittings, but no appointment is necessary to come shop and guests are always welcome to see prom, bridesmaid, special occasion or mother-of-thebride dresses. Weekdays are great times to visit bridals by lori for an enhanced shopping experience since weekends are so hectic. It seems the traffic I’ve witnessed is just the beginning of those drawn to Sandy Springs.



VISION FOR THE FUTURE From the Hammond Drive bridge above Georgia 400 that connects the area to Perimeter Mall and the

We Can Help!

Also specializing in:

eye injuries, cataract evaluation, glaucoma evaluation & management, macular degeneration, dry eyes, diabetic eye exams and annual eye exams.

Burn Boot Camp

Dunwoody MARTA, I started to see the bigger picture. Chef Adams at il Giallo wasn’t incorrect when as a youngster, he referred to the area as North Buckhead. At the time, Sandy Springs didn’t quite exist yet. Officially incorporated in 2005, the city now ranks as Georgia’s sixth largest and the second largest city in metro Atlanta. Looking at it today, it’s hard to imagine a time when the area was still relatively rural, before the developments of interstates and highways in the 1960s that led to a housing boom. The name comes from

its origins much earlier, however, as a watering stop for Native-Americans who frequented its bubbling springs, and quickly became a community in the 1800s as settlers moved into the area. Today, the original “sandy springs” can be found at Heritage Green, a 4-acre city park that is operated by Heritage Sandy Springs, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the history and culture of the community. Those that are interested in learning more about the history should spend a few minutes at the Heritage Sandy Springs

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NORTH POINT EYE CARE 5755 North Point Parkway • Suite 222 • Alpharetta, GA 30022 phone 770-410-1540 fax 770-410-7525 52 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017

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Museum, located in the re-purposed Williams-Payne House — which has a story of its own to discover. WITH THE incorporation of the city comes a more dedicated local government. “Parks and Recreation” jokes aside, once completed, the 15-acre City Springs will be a sight to behold. Intended to act as the heartbeat of the city, this new civic and cultural center will contain city offices, a performing arts center, a studio theater, meeting spaces, retail and residential spaces, a city green and underground community parking. Slated for completion in summer 2018, progress on the construction can be seen from its boundary lines — Allen Road to the south and Johnson Ferry Road to the north — or online from its webcam.



A WORKOUT JUST FOR WOMEN It isn’t surprising that the number of topnotch restaurants equates to boutique fitness formats to burn off tasty calories. Burn Boot Camp is a national concept where likeminded women can come together to build confidence and inspire one another through fitness. Ideal for those who want to work out in a group setting, Burn fosters a sense of a community where moms can escape

for a bit. Did we mention free childcare is offered on site? With more locations popping up across the country and close to home (Alpharetta and Roswell have been added to the roster), we asked Sandy Springs’ owners Stephanie Reilly and Missy Stroud what makes it special? “We wanted other women to experience the community we first found at Burn Boot Camp as clients. It was so encouraging and changed the way we looked at fitness that we wanted other women to feel as empowered as we did!” they replied via email. “[It] is more than just a good workout. Burn is an all-in-one system with your personal trainer at your disposal to guide you through the mental and physical roller coaster of getting fit in and out of camp.” Each camp involves a 45-minute circuit style workout comprised of 72 different styles and 15 different formats. That means no workout is the same. If the men are feeling left out, know that a camp just for you is now offered select evenings and one of the Saturday morning camps is co-ed, open to the public and no charge. If you have a revamped future vision of your health for the rest of 2017, this may be the place you’ve been seeking. burnbootcamp. com/sandy-springs-ga Needless to say, the next time you find yourself in that inevitable, standstill traffic by the King and Queen, I know a good place where you can make an exit.

Peter Max, Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Itzchak Tarkay, Yaacov Agam, Rembrandt “Fanch” Ledan, Linda Le Kinff and many more.


770-289-0114 | CHAIFINEART.COM 5975 Roswell Rd. | Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Making Things Happen Local Experts in Residential, Investment and Commercial Real Estate Sales

tRacey cRaft and laRa dolan

Residential•Commercial•Investment Residential•Commercial•Investment Tracey Craft 770-722-3119 Tracey Craft404-514-6533 770-722-3119 Lara Dolan Lara Dolan 404-514-6533

695 Mansell Road, suite 120 • Roswell, Ga 30076


March 2017 | | 53



Novel IDEA



ALONG WITH NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author and Milton resident Karen White, Points North Atlanta and several Crabapple/Milton businesses will celebrate a one-of-a-kind book launch later this month. A Novel Idea: A Bite of Crabapple Scavenger Hunt encourages voracious readers to take part of this special event, which celebrates the release of White’s 23rd book, “The Night the Lights Went Out,” and benefits the Milton First Responders Foundation (MFRF). Grab your book club, ladies group, neighbors and friends beginning March 15 for this scavenger hunt-style adventure, which begins and ends at Urban Farmhouse, located at the crossroads in down-

town Crabapple. This quaint 1890s farmhouse is filled with an intriguing, unique and eclectic collection of gifts, accessories and furnishings, as well as salvaged goods to accentuate most modern farmhouse homes. White’s stunning new novel, which has an intriguing connection to local residents, including wealthy school moms dressed in their tennis whites who drive SUVs, and a local fireman and policeman who assisted in the research for the books, is about a young single mother who learns that discovering your true friends is the most important lesson of all. “The Night the Lights Went Out” chronicles recently divorced, Merilee Talbot Dunlap, who moves with her two children to the Atlanta suburb of Sweet Apple. It’s

a place where reserved old-timers like town matriarch Sugar Prescott coexist uneasily with social climbers like Heather Blackford. Merilee knows that no life is perfect, especially her own. But just how dangerous that deception can be will shock all three women. A portion of every ticket sold will benefit the Milton First Responders Foundation, a 501(c)3 charity, which is comprised of volunteers who dedicate their time “to strengthen the partnership between the citizens of Milton and its public safety first responders.” Completing the Scavenger Hunt, any time from March 15 to the beginning of the April 11 event, requires participants to visit every stop on the trail and receive an official “Bite of Crabapple” sticker on their

Scavenger Hunt participants will pre-purchase a $49 ticket for a signed copy of “The Night the Lights Went Out” and will receive an Official Scavenger Hunt Clue Card and entry to the culminating book signing event at Urban Farmhouse, Tuesday April 11. 54 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017

White currently writes what she refers to as “grit lit” — Southern women’s fiction — and has also expanded her horizons into writing a mystery series set in Charleston, S.C. Her 22nd novel, “The Guests on South Battery,” was published in January 2017 by Berkley Publishing, a division of Penguin Random House Publishing Group. When not writing, she spends her time reading, scrapbooking, playing piano and avoiding cooking. She currently lives with her husband and two children and two spoiled Havanese dogs.

Urban Farmhouse

clue card. Each person who successfully completes the trail has the chance to win one of three incredible prizes: being a character in an upcoming Karen White novel; a fabulous Karen White reading basket; or a basket of goodies donated by participating Crabapple business (whether coupons, gift cards or actual items). All “hunters” also will receive future discounts at each of the participating businesses. The special book signing with Karen White will be held at Urban Farmhouse on April 11 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Refreshments from local merchants like Wilbur & Rudy’s and Alpine Bakery will be offered to all ticket holders. For more details, visit

ABOUT KAREN WHITE After playing hooky one day in the seventh

grade to read “Gone with the Wind,” White knew she wanted to be a writer — or Scarlett O’Hara. In spite of these aspirations, she pursued a degree in business and graduated cum laude with a B.S. in management from Tulane University. After leaving the business world 10 years later, White fulfilled her dream of becoming a writer and wrote her first book, “In the Shadow of the Moon,” which was published in August 2000. Her books have since been nominated for numerous national contests including the SIBA (Southeastern Booksellers Alliance) Fiction Book of the Year, and has twice won the National Readers’ Choice Award. She hails from a long line of Southerners but spent most of her youth in London, England and is a graduate of the American School in London.

ABOUT MILTON FIRST RESPONDERS FOUNDATION The Milton First Responders Foundation (MFRF), a 501(c)3 charity, is comprised of only volunteers who dedicate their time. MFRF’s vision is to sustain an ongoing program to provide support in the following areas, including but not limited to: providing financial assistance for first responders injured or killed in the line of duty or enduring a family hardship; recognizing Milton firefighter and police officer heroes who demonstrate exceptional skill, expertise, innovation, bravery and commitment to keeping Milton safe; and purchasing supplementary or non-budgeted equipment and training materials to keep Milton’s first responders performing at the highest level of productivity and preparedness.



Clothing ❣ Accessories ❣ Gifts EXECUTIVE CHEF TODD HOGAN Live Jazz Fri & Sat • Dinner Tue-Sun 770.674.7671 • 12635 Crabapple Rd., #120 • Milton

OPEN TUESDAY-SATURDAY 10:00AM-5:00PM DOWNTOWN CRABAPPLE 12220 BIRMINGHAM HIGHWAY 678-296-8873 ❣ @hellolovelyatl March 2017 | | 55



Sticker Stops ON THE


Indigo Restaurant

ALPINE BAKERY & TRATTORIA 12315 Crabapple Rd., Milton • 770.410.9883 Taste the love in every bite, whether it’s from a cake, pie, cookie, cupcake or tart from the bakery, or one of the trattoria’s scrumptious Italian specialties like bruschetta, shrimp scampi, lasagna or veal Marsala. The bakery creates special memories for all kinds of events, such as weddings, bridal luncheons, birthdays, office parties, business luncheons and much more, while family dinners or social gatherings are the norm every day at the trattoria. Now they’ve added a second bakery location in Woodstock (405 Toonigh Rd.) to serve residents located a bit farther west.

HELLO LOVELY 12220 Birmingham Hwy., Milton 678.296.8873 • A fresh addition to the downtown Crabapple district, Hello Lovely is your destination for stylish clothing, accessories and gifts. Look for their yellow building at the intersection of Crabapple Road and Birmingham Highway across from Milton’s side patio. Gift certificates are available.

56 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017


Hello Lovely

12635 Crabapple Rd., Suite 120, Milton 770.674.7671 Roswell’s loss is Crabapple’s gain, as Chef Todd Hogan reopened his restaurant that was lost to fire in 2011. Upon entering Indigo, a slinky, relaxed feeling overcomes you, as jazz standards linger along with pleasant welcomes from the staff. The interior design fits the mood as does the syncopated placement of seating. There is a nice bar upon entry along with a small area for live performers, and lining each wall are comfortable dining areas the kitchen at the center of the restaurant. A more secluded section of the restaurant features with comfortable booths facing the kitchen. You can certainly request one of the tables that face it, or ask for the special secluded table for two if intimacy beckons. Hogan’s imaginative menu changes seasonally, but if you have the chance, try the fried oyster and baby spinach salad, pastrami cured salmon, crispy red snapper, diver scallops and lobster St. Jacques, and save room for butterscotch crème brûlée! A great dining experience for couples and groups who enjoy sharing, Indigo opens nightly at 5 p.m. (Sundays at 4 p.m.).

KATHLEEN’S CATCH 12660 Crabapple Rd., Suite 110, Milton 678.691.3064 • Where do discerning seafood and shellfish lovers buy their fresh catch five hours away from the coast? Why Kathleen’s Catch, of course. Everything sold in both the Milton and Johns Creek locations (the latter can be found at 9810 Medlock Bridge Rd.) are all natural,chemical free and delivered freshdaily. Their seafood comes from strictly controlled fisheries that maintain a sustainable resource, and all are delivered straight to Kathleen’s Catch from the largest full-line processor and distributor of more than 1,000 fresh, frozen, smoked and specialty seafood items in the Southeast. By the time most grocery stores receive their seafood (from the processor, to the grocery warehouse, then onto a truck to the store), Kathleen’s Catch is already on your table, or is in their freezer


to achieve an authentic farmhouse feel in your home, while allowing your family’s personality to shine. They like to keep it simple, yet cozy. They’re also thrilled to announce their new boutique event facility — The Barn at Urban Farm (please inquire regarding details at Urban Farmhouse).

SOUTHERN CHIC DRESS BOUTIQUE 12635 Crabapple Rd., Suite 240, Milton 770.710.0457 •

Urban Farmhouse

being sold at a discount. Discover the difference that fresh seafood makes for your recipes, or visit for recipes and cooking tips.

OLDE BLIND DOG IRISH PUB 12650 Crabapple Rd., Milton • 678.624.1090 Named as the International Irish Pub of the Year in 2015 by the Irish Pubs Global Federation of Dublin, Ireland, Olde Blind Dog Irish Pub has offered an authentic Irish experience in Milton since 2009. “When we opened, authenticity was one of our top goals,” said entrepreneur-owner Ron Wallace. “We wanted to create an environment that was warm, friendly and authentic to the Irish pub experience.” That includes a good story. Olde Blind Dog, was named after Wallace’s dog, Peaches, an American bulldog who was in fact blind in one eye. “When you walk in the door of either of our locations [another has opened at 705 Town Blvd. NE in Brookhaven] the atmosphere is such that it feels like it has been there for many, many years. PHOTOS COURTESY OF CARL DANBURY JR.; HELLO LOVELY; URBAN FARMHOUSE

We accomplished this by importing from Europe many of the elements used in the design of the pub. Our exceptional staff and high food quality, where everything is made onsite and from scratch, further complements the overall authentic Irish pub experience,” Wallace said. Join Olde Blind Dog for its eighth annual indoor-outdoor festival celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, from 2 to 11 p.m. Tickets are $10 for live music, good food, liquor, wine and Guinness, of course. The event is cash only and ATMs will be provided. There will also be a silent auction tent this year for OBD’s 2nd annual St. Baldrick’s shave event, held March 18 at 2 p.m.

Ready to spruce up your look for spring? Southern Chic Dress is the perfect place to start! Visit Southern Chic for looks and styles that you likely won’t find at any department stores. Items are handpicked and that allows shoppers of all ages to select an array of styles and fits in different sizes and shapes. Southern Chic prides itself on personally knowing our customers and providing a friendly/casual shopping experience. Southern Chic supports local artists and the Crabapple community. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram @southernchicdress to see all their new arrivals. Mention Points North and receive 25 percent off your purchase.

WILBUR AND RUDY’S FARMTABLE 850 Hickory Flat Rd., Milton

URBAN FARMHOUSE 12680 Crabapple Rd., Milton • 770.410.1112 Urban Farmhouse takes a simple, organic approach while embracing, perhaps even cultivating, the farmhouse vibe. Urban Farmhouse offers holiday and party décor, as well as personal design consultations for those needing guidance

877.201.2601 • Wilbur and Rudy’s Farmtable is a family owned and operated business in Milton. They offer a variety of goods and services including: coffee lounge and café serving breakfast and lunch daily, market full of great gifts and home décor options, wine bar and weekly wine tastings, event space and catering and free hugs with warm smiles.

March 2017 | | 57



HE STRONGEST ORGANIZATIONS aren’t fueled just by software, hardware, systems and methodology. In fact, the best infrastructure for any great team begins with the people it attracts. For ShamRockin’ for a Cure — the army of volunteers, sponsors, advocates and attendees that orchestrate and contribute to the Northside’s best fundraising party every year — is the core of the organization that will have helped the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation raise more than $2 million in nine years. The St. Patrick’s Day-themed celebration, which will be held Saturday, March 25 at Alpharetta’s ­Verizon Amphitheatre, is organized by volunteers, who for the most part, have no personal family connection to Cystic Fibrosis (CF), the genetic lung disorder found in about 30,000 people in the U.S that also affects the pancreas and other organs. Neither event co-chair Tom Murphy, nor presenting sponsor Brian Martin of Righteous Guitars, nor Clover sponsor and last year’s emcee Jimmy Pomerance, have a connection to CF, other than having met Jon and Pam Baker, parents of Gavin and Jake, both of whom were diagnosed with CF as young children. In fact, of the 18 chairpersons who are leading the event this year, 15 have no family member with the disease. “Part of the appeal of ShamRockin’ is meeting this amazing army of people,” said Pomerance, owner and president of Impact Speakers in Alpharetta. “The people that you see at the momentum meetings, none of us have that have-to-be-there feeling [of a parent, grandparent, uncle or aunt], but, there is something that draws us all together.” With that notion in mind, we’ve compiled a behind-the-scenes look at a few personalities who make it all possible.

58 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017


B Y C A R L D A N B U R Y, S H A M R O C K I N ’ V O L U N T E E R


Hearts Support Spotlight:

Brian Martin

RIGHTEOUS GUITARS; Brian S. Martin Foundation


ARLY LAST YEAR, Brian Martin opened Righteous Guitars on Hembree Road in Roswell. This labor of love was a long time coming. The idea was engrained in him when he once had supplemented his income for a few years by buying and selling guitars on eBay while his company Nanoventions was in its infancy. Nanoventions designed (in Roswell) and manufactured (in Alpharetta) optical and non-optical technology used to prevent the counterfeiting of everything from drivers licenses to pharmaceuticals to currency. Most notably, the company designed the MOTION technology for currency, which is the blue fiber found in the $100 bill that has been adopted in approximately 30 countries. After selling that portion of his business a few years ago, Martin created a 501(c)3 foundation in his name to give back. The philanthropist, who had also purchased more guitars than he had sold, contemplated opening a retail storefront for his collection, which had grown to roughly 250 electric and acoustic guitars (no basses). The natural evolution to retail became a reality in February 2016. But it’s no ordinary retail music store — it’s righteous! When Martin and his team realized that “Martin’s Fine Guitars” wouldn’t get much love from the Google search


March 2017 | | 59


exciting, but manageable growth, according to Martin. “We surpassed our first projection, our revised projection and our third projection,” he said with a smile. He estimated they sold approximately 400 guitars the first year. Guitars range in cost from $1,500 to $35,000 a piece. “We changed the world in the anti-counterfeiting business, and I would like to do the same in the guitar business. I don’t want to be all things to everyone –– just guitars, no basses –– just electric and acoustic guitars. When I envisioned this business, I came at it from a customer’s perspective rather than that of a salesperson. Ben and Jeff had the sales side covered, but I represented the customer,” he said. “Ben was my contact in several guitar deals in the past. I liked the way he dealt with customers and with me. The great thing about this business is the passionate customer base. They smile when they come in and they smile when they leave. They’re not here to get a free entrée. We have customers that will sit here for hours just talking about guitars. There’s a camaraderie that exists, like an old-style barber shop,” Martin added. THE NAME “RIGHTEOUS” HOLDS another meaning for Bethany Flowers, director of the Martins’ charitable arm, the

engine considering C.F. Martin & Co. acoustic guitars has been in existence since 1833 – some of which the newer company planned to have in their inventory – Sales Manager Ben Calhoun’s wife posed the name Righteous instead. They checked on the trademark and the website URL, and nothing related to the music industry popped up. It seems faith or fate had lent a hand. After a few attempts at a logo, Brian implored one of the creative designers summoned to work on the idea to consider something like Moses bringing a tablet down from Mount Sinai with the name Righteous Guitars emblazoned on it. A version of the notion is now their official logo. The warehouse they chose for a storefront had to be reconfigured, redesigned and then restructured. Calhoun’s family in Taylorsville is in the lumber business, and the Georgia pines that were sawed and milled now line the warehouse walls that display the precious instruments. Calhoun, along with the Righteous Guitar’s Online Sales Consultant Scott Martin (Brian’s son) cut and screwed every board into place. Preferring not to drink from a fire hose upon opening the new venture, Martin and his team, which includes Senior Sales Associate Jeff Gans, opened the store with little fanfare. There was no ribbon cutting, no big advertising campaign and no grand opening party. “There is a universal theory that if your success is built up over time with a strong foundation, then it likely will not go away quickly,” Martin offered. “If it appears tonight, it can go away just as quickly tomorrow.” During its first year in business, Righteous experienced

60 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017


ShamRockin’ FOR A CURE 2 0 1 7

LEFT TO RIGHT: Bethany Flowers, Brian Martin, Jeff Gans, Scott Martin and Ben Calhoun.

Brian S. Martin Foundation. “The name is the epitome of what Brian has preached to us,” she said. “Righteous is the way we should conduct ourselves and the way we should do business, always.” When it comes to the causes that Martin and Flowers champion, those involved must touch their hearts first. Martin grew up only with his mother, so children’s charities are important to him. Veterans, First Responders and victims of human trafficking also hold a special place. The connection to ShamRockin’ for a Cure, however, was specifically related to ShamRockin’ and CFF’s culture on investing in research. Martin prefers to give a hand up rather than a hand out. In addition to the $20,000 presenting sponsorship for the event, Righteous Guitars also will donate a valuable guitar for one of the live auction lots as well as a few silent auction items as well. “The money donated to CFF is not somewhere floating in a cloud so that you don’t know what is being done with it. You know where your money is going. You know it’s making a difference. You see the positive effect that your donation is having on people, the research that is being done, that the medicine is passing FDA oversight and is actually getting to the children to help them,” Martin said. Flowers not only screens all potential opportunities, she also participates in the efforts. “The highlight of my week is Rotary International. I love the stories and am always energized by the causes. It is just so positive,” Flowers said. “I am excited to get involved personally, and to serve on committees with the causes that Brian is involved with financially.”

THOSE CAUSES ARE HANDPICKED, and chosen with careful consideration. It’s the same when the Righteous staff chooses a guitar. “We look at every guitar before we buy it. We’re not going to buy three of the same kind. Everything in here has to be special, unique in some way,” Martin said. The customer experience at Righteous Guitars also is second-to-none. Upon entering the store, you’ll notice the intense colors, the richness of the wood and the fragrances. “We’re the store they always wanted,” Martin said. “It can be a bit overwhelming.” But once accustomed to guitar Nirvana, prospective buyers can audition the instrument in private studios. “The right guitar will speak to you.” The customer experience extends to those who wouldn’t know a Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 from a Lowden F35 Myrtle/Sitka. In fact, Flowers designed a room for those unfortunate individuals who may be accompanying the guitar buyer/ purist with the amenities that make several hours of waiting more comfortable. “The two most miserable people in the world are those getting a root canal, and the significant other to someone at a guitar store,” Martin said with a soft laugh. Your sales associate will carry your new purchase to your vehicle, because it’s not just the transaction, it’s the experience. “No business goes broke by treating their customers right.”


March 2017 | | 61


ShamRockin’ FOR A CURE 2 0 1 7

LEFT TO RIGHT: ShamRockers Jon Baker, Lara Dolan, Brian O'Reilly, Tom Murphy and Barb Horvath.

Support Spotlight:

Tom Murphy



OME OF US ARE GREEN WITH ENVY about Tom Murphy’s heart of gold. A parent of five, grandparent of three, loving husband to fellow ShamRockin’ volunteer Nancy, and spiritual leprechaun of all ShamRockers, he’s a man that truly leads by example. At the first ShamRockin’ celebration, the president of Murphy Custom Builders so wanted the event to succeed that he bought up all of the numerous, remaining auction items. The success of the organization depends upon that kind of personal commitment. “It’s not based upon position in life or social status, or what or who you know corporately,” Murphy said. “It’s this wide diversity of people who share this big heart for kids and to help cure something that is tangible, reachable.” Previously, Nancy worked with the American Heart Assocation and Tom worked with United Way for years and years, but they never saw the end in sight for the efforts, Murphy said. “We believe in the researchers, including local scientists like (Nael) McCarty working hard every day to find a cure. Now that researchers have gotten the base cocktail down, they’ll just keep going with derivatives of it until they get it right!” he said with a beaming smile. Knowing that a cure is in sight, and might very well be uncovered during our lifetime, is part of the allure of joining ShamRockin’ in the fight against CF. Murphy likened it to

62 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017

­ resident John F. Kennedy’s 1961 declaration of landing a P man on the moon and returning him safely to earth. LIKE THE PROMISE OF A CURE, the snowball effect of volunteers assembling more teams of other volunteers is inspiring. “People who haven’t been exposed to it wouldn’t believe it,” Murphy said. “These aren’t professionals; they are volunteers. They have a unique set of skills. Some people aren’t comfortable approaching people and asking for sponsorship dollars. But, they can set up the venue, ask for silent auction items or get restaurants involved in the event.” As a father and grandfather, Murphy could choose to lessen his time as a volunteer and spend more time with his children and grandchildren, but he says that the example of volunteerism will pay dividends to future generations. “Part of our goal, part of our purpose for being here isn’t just to enjoy what we have become or what we have, part of the plan is that we give back and teach our next generations to step in and do the same things we have,” Murphy offered. “All of our kids are involved in some cause. They’re not sitting around accumulating more crap or being self-indulgent. They all have learned and adapted to giving back to others, just like all of the ShamRockin’ volunteers. We want our children and our grandchildren to be focused upon giving to and serving others. If they don’t, then who will in the future? …It’s part of the big man’s plan: you do it, and you teach others to do it.” One of Murphy’s favorite moments during his nine years of affiliation to the ShamRockin’ cause was the day in August 2015 when Gavin and Jake Baker took their first dose of Orkambi, the drug that targets the underlying cause of the

IT TAKES AN ARMY, FULL OF Hearts Support Spotlight:

Jimmy Pomerance

disease in people with two copies of the most common CF gene mutation. “It’s not that we could say, ‘If it wasn’t for us, that day would never have happened,’ but we can say that we were part of the struggle. We had watched those kids suffer when they were having problems, and every day they had pills and [underwent] those tests. It was the overwhelming feeling of, ‘Oh my God, this really does give them hope for a future!’” Murphy said. “It was one of those game-changing moments for us, that there is hope for Jake and Gavin, and some of the 30,000 others too. It was a great gift.” Murphy related a story about a 25-year-old young woman who had just found out that Orkambi could help her and possibly extend her life. “She looked up and said, ‘Crap, now I have to get a 401(k) plan!’” Murphy relayed with a laugh. “What a great thing knowing you have to save money because you’re going to live. You can’t put a price on that.” AND JUST IMAGINE GIVING a mother like Pam Baker hope? Early on, most of the focus was centered upon Pam and Jon, Gavin and Jake, and the entire Baker family. Now, there are many others locally who benefit from the tireless support of the ShamRockin’ team. “They were our point of reference,” Murphy said. “Now, there are many more families who are involved, with even more on the fringe who will jump in too. The photos of the kids and how they are affected really tug on our heartstrings, but the moms are the ones that endure the day to day. You know, dads aren’t the normal, primary caregivers in a family. I traveled most of my life. I missed a lot of birthdays and anniversaries and all those events. I have my regrets. But, it’s the moms who generally do the day-to-day-to-day.” Murphy continued, “If we can infuse that ‘mama bear’ instinct into our volunteerism so that people can see the face of the mom, the central caregiver for those children, and let them see how the family unit can be affected by this terrible disease, it will be extremely helpful. I think it is important for the moms to recognize that there are people who are willing to support them, as well as knowing that we, as volunteers, understand what they are going through on a daily basis.” What began as purely a fundraising effort has now developed into so much more. The army of fundraisers has become a family, according to Murphy. “These people are like my own siblings. I was in the service, and I know how close you get to the guys. You’re in the same situation as them, and you become like brothers. That’s how it is with ShamRockin’ … It’s inexplicable. It’s a very special relationship you have with others on the team,” Murphy said.



ART OF PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER Jimmy Pomerance’s two-day seminar on communication skills and sales training focuses upon specificity. In this day and age, it seems we often face a widening barrier between vague and specific. “I was flying to Dulles,[Va.] and before getting to the hotel, I was scheduled for a few meetings. I had luggage and a few other things and contemplated dropping them off before the meetings if I had time,” Pomerance shared. “I called the hotel and asked how far the hotel was from Dulles. I swear the answer I got was, ‘Not too far.’” “Oh, not too far. What does that mean, not too far? Or, the call to room service to check on the pending arrival of your breakfast. ‘It will be there shortly!’ Oh really, is your definition of shortly five minutes, or 45 minutes? We no longer live in a specific world. That is the problem,” Pomerance added. Salespeople often confront a wall of barriers these days. Some customers would rather e-mail or even text; personal interaction and even telephone conversations can be few and far between. With the typed or written word, intention or seriousness often can be misconstrued. “Think of how many times you’re talking with a business associate and they’ll say, ‘I was just talking with someone who said’...I’ll interrupt and ask, did they really say it, or did they text it or e-mail it? You can’t hear an intention level in a text like you can in a voice,” Pomerance said. There is an art to leaving a voicemail too. “People don’t know why others won’t return their voicemails. How many times have you listened to a voicemail, and after you’ve heard it, you still have no idea what that person wants? The specificity is the key. If I call and leave someone a voicemail, I am going to leave them a brief idea of what I want them to do, what I want to talk about, or provide a short agenda of things that need to be discussed,” he advised. Such specificity removes all doubt, even when simply asking a teenager to clean his/her room. “When do you want the room cleaned? Do you want it done today, tomorrow or within the next hour? How do you want it cleaned? Should the bed be made? Should clothes be hung up? Should dirty clothes be placed in the hamper? And, give them a deadline to remove all doubt and the


March 2017 | | 63

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ShamRockin’ FOR A CURE 2 0 1 7 c­ onsequences if it’s not done to your standards. That removes all doubt, just like a good voicemail!” Pomerance said. ANY DOUBT SOMEONE MIGHT HAVE about volunteering, donating or buying a ticket for ShamRockin’ for a Cure will be alleviated quickly, according to Pomerance. In the name of specificity, we’ll cut to the chase: “Once you get involved, and I mean once you walk in the door to one of those momentum meetings, if you have a heart, you’re hooked. Part of the appeal is meeting this amazing army of people, learning more about Cystic Fibrosis, how it affects children, and how the life expectancy for those with CF has increased, even within the past five years since I became involved,” Pomerance said. “I am a cancer survivor myself. I raise money for cancer and I have participated in all sorts of events related to it. But this thing, CF, we’re going to cure it. Medications that have already made leaps and bounds in the fight against CF, but very few diseases that you are going advocate against, will have a cure in our lifetime. But, just like we coined a few years ago, ‘It’s Gonna Happen.’ We’re going to cure it, and we’re going to be around to give each other high fives when we do cure it. Then, we’re all going to look at one another and say, ‘now what do we do?’” What would they do? “Knowing this group, we’ll work on curing worldwide hunger or peace on earth,” he said. “It is just an amazing group of people.” Pomerance was introduced to the group by former event co-chair Lara Dolan, who is a sponsorship chair for the 2017 event. “Like all of us, I knew somebody who knew somebody. In my case, Lara, who is a neighbor and a friend and played on the same tennis team as me, introduced me to Jon Baker. He told me about his boys, about ShamRockin’ and I just got hooked. I think this will be my fifth ShamRockin’. Last year, I was the event emcee,” Pomerance said. EXPANDING THE GROWING CIRCLE of ShamRockin’ volunteers is vital for the future. “I marvel at other people’s accomplishments related to this event. You see someone like Beth Culloty (hospitality co-chair) who brings 20 silent auction items to one meeting,” Pomerance said. “You think to yourself, ‘Hey, I can do that.’ After the last meeting we attended, I told my wife Tobi we had to buy another table to ShamRockin’ this year. You are inspired to do something. When we expand the circle, we are better as an organization. Everybody brings a different skill set.” What will you bring? Think specific. n 64 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017




Choate Construction’s Cars & ‘Q for the Cause


FTER YOU SHED YOUR SHAMROCKS IN MARCH, another party with a purpose pulls up to the curb

on April 29 with the eighth annual Cars & ‘Q for the Cause, an award-winning car show hosted by Choate Construction. Well known for its marriage of stellar cars, super BBQ and sweet music, this popular spring event is just one of many fundraisers created by Choate Construction’s employees to support the Georgia Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF).

Choate Chairman/CEO Millard Choate began sup-

porting the CF cause more than 27 years ago when his daughter Emily Bridges' best friend, Leann Rittenbaum, was diagnosed with CF as a toddler. Emily, now marketing director for Choate, the owner of a classic 1969 Camaro and chair for the event, shares her dad’s enthusiasm for both a CF cure and classic cars.

This year’s Cars & ‘Q for the Cause will feature a contin-

uous pour of craft brews including Lagunitas, The Unknown Brewing Company and Second Self Beer Company, mouthwatering bites by Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q, live music, a silent auction and more than 100 classic, muscle, exotic cars and bikes. New this year will be a Road Rally, with a finish line at the show.

Some of the 2017 prized rides include multiple

award-winning cars, such as a 1932 Duesenberg, a 1967 Ferrari 330 P4, a 1974 Lamborghini Urraco S, a1933 Ford Victoria Street Rod and a 1966 Shelby Mustang GT350H, among others.

“Each year, we pack our parking lot with more than

100 drool-inducing rides, local brews, BBQ and entertainment, and party with the driving purpose of funding a CF cure,” Bridges said. “We’re hopeful the CF cause speaks Cars & 'Q event chair Emily Bridges and CF ambassador Leann Ott.

volumes to our attendees.”

For ShamRockin’ Tickets:

Last year, Cars & ‘Q raised $255,000 for the CFF,

which provides much-needed funding for research and

To Become a ShamRockin’ Sponsor:

drug development to help cure CF. This year’s car show is scheduled for April 29 from 4 to 7 p.m. Tickets purchased in advance are $20 for the car show and dinner, or $40 for the

To Volunteer:

car show, dinner and access to the bar (for 21 years of age

and older). Parking is free.

For more information about CF and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, visit PHOTO COURTESY OF CATMAX PHOTOGRAPHY

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SEND We love to hear feedback from readers. Get in touch by email at “I just received the February issue of Points North in the mail and was excited to see a story on ‘Cumming’s Vickery Village’ since our restaurant, Cinco, is located in Vickery Village. As I am reading the article I see photos and information on Chill Hill, Tanners, Nido Café and Branchwater, however there is no mention of Cinco whatsoever ... and we are the oldest food service tenant in Vickery Village.” — Kelly Lackley Thanks Kelly for your feedback! We do our best to highlight the best of a community each month in “Two-Hundred Minutes In,” but clearly, it’s just not enough “time” to cover everything that makes an area awesome.

GO @taylorkinzellgallery: Fabulous article on gallery artist Marilyn Sparks in February’s Points North magazine! Thanks @pointsnorthatl! #roswellartdistrict #wheninroswell @morrisraneyrealestate: Love!

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THE LAST SENTENCE OF PAGE 64 in our February 2017 feature on Cumming’s Vickery Village should have read: “The place with the really good Brussels sprouts?” my friend asked enthusiastically when I mentioned my plans to dine.


MARIETTA SQUARE’S ART WALK SEASON kicks off with a pre-season special look on March 3 and continues on the first Friday of each month through November. Art Walk is a free self-guided walking tour of Marietta Square’s galleries, museums, cultural venues, restaurants and businesses. From 5 to 9 p.m., each participating venue hosts a live music performance and local artist outside of its storefront, making for an enjoyable evening as you shop, dine and experience all Marietta Square has to offer.



THREE, TWO, ONE … BLAST OFF! LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta is launching a new out-of-this-world, exhibit titled “Space Mission” and Atlanta-area families are invited to be among the first to experience this celestial voyage. During a grand opening weekend celebration March 18 and 19, guests can explore alien worlds built entirely out of LEGO bricks as well as build their own spaceship, explore the mission control center and watch a LEGO rocket blast off into outer space.

18 & 19

Find more local happenings at Send submissions a full two months in advance to


66 | POINTS NORTH | March 2017

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Points North March 2017  

March 2017 Points North Issue

Points North March 2017  

March 2017 Points North Issue


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