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In this February 2017

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Celebrating 200 Reasons We Love The Northside

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Talented Artisans We don’t have to look far for true talent on the Northside. A concentrated art community rich with unique sculptures, art shows, classes and individuals abounds, pushing the envelope on creative arts and inspiring us to reach for our own artistic tools.

Revel, Repeat Whether spoiling another or ourselves, extravagance and enjoyment are readily available in every pocket of metro Atlanta. We confirmed sheer delight in dessert bites, a spa sanctuary, cooking classes for couples and the satisfaction of handmade products to love.

Domino Effect Newton’s laws say that an object in motion stays in motion, and an object at rest stays at rest unless acted upon by a force. Jim Harris and his wife Marian of Max Results Training in Gainesville are a force for good, with client success stories to prove it.

Investigating Idaho Walkable, hip, progressive and downright delicious, Boise is now a humming hub for foodies, outdoor enthusiasts and anyone else in search of a year-round stomping ground on the rise.




ON THE COVER Key Lime Pie, Cotton Candy and Lemon Meringue doughnuts at Bon Glaze in Brookhaven | Courtesy of Samantha Taylor Photography,


4 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017

Editor’s LETTER


PointsNorth Atlanta

All in Favor

PRESIDENT / CEO Witt Beckman

THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY HAS NOT ALWAYS BEEN MY FAVORITE, and a wild guess as to why would likely land somewhere between fact and fiction. While the descriptor of “sappy” would fall significantly short of my personality, it would be a fabrication to assume proper pampering from and for my loved ones isn’t welcome, either. Fitting then that we’ve packed this issue with plenty of topics close to our hearts. In search of inspiration, we tracked down a handful of Northside artists, including a former New York fashion model who returned to her Southern roots to paint and is now turning heads with canvases rather than clothes. Proving artists aren’t the only ones motivated by a passion, we ferreted a number of valid reasons — four to be exact — to spoil someone you adore (yourself included). I recommend settling in with a treat of some sort. I say this, only because I tried to exercise willpower while reading the latest “Adventures of a Dessert Queen,” and it ended with a half dozen “samples” from our cover star, Bon Glaze. Redirecting my efforts, I delved into the health benefits of a luxurious spa while Colleen Ann McNally learned new tricks of the culinary trade from the Big Green Egg’s head chef. In matters of the heart, nothing says commitment more than husband and wife business partners. On the wellness side, the dynamic duo behind The Hairy Gentleman continues to produce organic grooming products that make us look and feel good while, on the fitness front, the couple at Max Results Training is tough to top. If you love a good story of overcoming the odds, flip to page 42 and prepare to be encouraged by their clients’ dedication. Maybe “The Wizard of Oz” quote, “You’ve always had the power, my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself,” best sums up their journey. My visit to Boise, Idaho resonated in a similar fashion. There, my husband and I ran in a race created in honor of a local woman who embraced the strength, endurance and tenacity necessary to move onward in times of struggle. Days before we toed the starting line, we immersed ourselves in Boise’s culture. From sustainably responsible bites on a food tour to a behind-the-scenes peek at its innovative urban center, the buzz in Boise is undeniable. Dorothy also famously taught us, “There’s no place like home,” and with special attention on Cumming’s Vickery community in this issue’s installment of “Two-Hundred Minutes In,” our count of 200 Reasons to Love the Northside continues. Here’s to clicking your heels and finding reasons to favor February.

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6 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017

We Love


NO. 21-33



INSPIRING OTP TALENT Inside the Artists’ Studio |

8 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017


In the Northside

rests a concentrated

art community rich with unique sculptures, art shows, classes and ­individuals pushing the envelope on old and new world creative arts.

I got to meet some of these artists firsthand, see (and covet) their

works, visit a few workspaces and mark my calendar for what’s to come. I even found an option for getting my own kiddo interested in art and myself back in tune with a brush. Whatever your choice in ­medium, get ready to be inspired.

FIERY FASHIONISTA TO EYE-POPPING PAINTER When Marilyn Sparks first entered the art scene, it was in fashion. Over the course of her tenured career, she produced some of the nation’s top fashion shows, from haute couture to athletic wear. She hopped from one big city to the next, earning a reputation as a model, a producer and as a highly sought-after expert. But, as fashion shows became something of a spectacle in themselves, she felt a pull in another direction – and it led her to a big, blank canvas. In front of a giant white space, she turned on her favorite music, donned an old shirt as a smock and let her collected industry knowledge of colors, texture and composition lead her to something that was quite surprising.

If you’ve ever seen one of her paintings, you’d argue it was something defined as quite fantastic. And after years of honing that newfound skill, her work is immediately recognized by vibrant, warm colors – as rich as her red hair. Sparks illustrates iconic southern landscapes, landmarks and general nostalgia. A far cry from edgy runway ensembles, the newfound focus actually hit pretty close to home for her; before she walked and worked those catwalks, she was a country girl, growing up in Nashville, Tenn. She summons memories of old barns, whimsical wildflowers, rustic canoes and more to her canvases. I watched her work diligently, to the sounds of fun music in her Cumming home studio surrounded by oils, palette knives, Italian-imported espadrilles and a myriad of brushes. I couldn't help but feel happy when she wrapped thick canvases in such lively imagery. Her pieces make a lot of other people happy too and not just on the Northside, where you can see her latest works hanging at Taylor Kinzel Gallery in Roswell. She’s on display at six Kessler Collection hotels across the country, including Asheville, N.C. and Savannah, as well as in Highlands, N.C. at The Summer House, in Blue Ridge at High Country and in Red Bird Gallery in Seaside, Fla. If you’re not up for an art walk, dine at Tutto Kitchen & Bar in Roswell for a glimpse at one of her colorful canvases that’s sure to help please another kind of palate.


February 2017 | | 9

12 IN 2017

TEDIOUS TITAN Gregory Johnson can’t necessarily offer a recommendation for the best local art shop in town. In fact, if you’re interested in the kind of work he does, you’re going to have to commit to some online research and maybe a premium in shipping for materials. That’s because as a renowned sculptor, Johnson pools his resources from warehouses across the country. He lives in Cumming, but has shown and sold works from coast to coast, even at Miami’s famous Art Basel. But, since most of us are only seeing works within our surrounding 10 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017

zip codes, you can see his on public display across the Northside as well, including the new and modern, 10-foot version of Lady Justice in front of Cumming’s new City Hall. His career began at age 8, when he won a drawing contest in a magazine. His parents immediately enrolled him in art lessons, and after obeying what his first art teacher taught him — to “draw what you know, not what you see” — the rest fell into place. “Going to my room with a pad and

pencils was my escape as a kid,” Johnson said. “That was how I found my peace and quiet in the midst of a crazy family life.” From drawing, he painted and then began sculpting in 1990, but commissioning some of the latter wasn’t something he could do on the same tight schedule. Working in the tedious medium of large-scale metal sculpture (mostly stainless steel and bronze), his works take almost a year to complete. They range in aesthetic from abstract and contemporary to traditional and awe inspiring. And while


you may also spot his piece, “Crescendo,” in Johns Creek and think it’s a wave crashing, Johnson takes pride in the fact that your neighbor or friend might see something completely different. “That’s the beauty of doing something more abstract,” Johnson said. “Everyone can see what they want to see. It opens up room for your imagination to take off.” Johnson further explained that with abstract works of art, you’re able to sculpt things otherwise immaterial. For example, though you can’t necessarily sculpt the warmth of the sun’s rays, you can sculpt those feelings behind it and those may bring up something different in each eye of the beholder. While the argument for abstract ignites an entirely new (and infinite) conversation with the sculptor, his traditional, straightforward pieces are just as piquing. | PHOTOS COURTESY OF GREGORY JOHNSON

February 2017 | | 11

12 IN 2017

FARM TO CRAFT TABLE It’s almost too easy to associate being in the South with someone doing something cool on a farm. And Susan Shaw, or “Farmer Sue,” as she’s known to thousands of moms and their children since her Art Barn opened in 2001, is known for evoking the American pastoral from a young age. Within her 6 acres (she leases an additional 20 next door) in Hickory Flat, kids can get up close with some of the animals they’ve been singing about since they were toddlers and then use their creative hands and minds to leave home with something totally fridge worthy. “It’s a unique spot for moms to come with their kids and spend hands-on time with animals and art,” said Shaw, who traded a decades-long career at the keyboard in graphic design for dirt under her fingernails. “Even though I have always been a city girl, I have loved art, animals and playing in the dirt since I was a child. When folks ask how this all happened I say, ‘Graphic designer by trade, farm girl by providence.’” She bought the farm in 1999 and slowly began to make it livable. “Honestly, there is nothing more amazing than sitting in a big chair holding a chicken, bunny or a lamb,” she said. “Peeking around the corner of a barn and seeing a child doing the same with a blissful look upon their face – that’s a gift of really experiencing the moment,” she said. “We love taking our kids to the Art Barn,” added Jackie Clower, a Northside mom of two young girls. “It’s such

WHERE TO CHANNEL YOUR INNER ARTIST The art doesn’t stop at Northside zip codes. Check out Hiawassee’s Mountain Area Regional Arts & Craft Guild. They sponsor ArtWorks Gallery and Gifts, a store for local artists to sell their work and visitors to revel in inventive possibilities. Plus, they offer year-round classes for adults and affordable classes for kids in the summer. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a rural historic district, The Hambidge Center in Blue Ridge includes nine artist studios, a working grist mill, an old weave shed-turned-gallery, a modern pottery facility, an anagama pottery kiln and a number of other buildings and structures that host artists accepted to their residency program. Check their calendar for workshops and events, including artist talks, nature hikes, kiln firings and more throughout the year. Rather polish your own craft? Some of the coolest spots to get hands-on learning for displayable works of art can be found locally at Lynn’s Clayhouse Pottery Studio in Cumming, which registers students for eight-week, hands-on wheelwork for something that you can use to prove pretty (and therapeutic) is also practical. Wildflour Eatery in Alpharetta hosts painting classes with local artist Bonnie Flood, the painter behind the many works decorating its walls. Contact the restaurant for class times. | PHOTOS COURTESY OF JACKIE CLOWER

12 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017


a unique blend of outdoor time and hands-on expression. My toddler and my 4 year old stay engaged, thanks to the change in activity every few minutes. Plus, Farmer Sue is full of the energy they love, extremely welcoming and truly excited to teach the kids about her animals and how they can inspire arts and crafts.” “Nature is inspiring,” Shaw added. “The colors, the patterns, the textures, the sounds. Mix that with being outside and any moment can be relaxing or energizing. We all spend so much time inside, in front of a computer or a TV, being entertained rather than creating our own entertainment. Be it playing Tic-tac-toe with sticks and rocks gathered on a nature walk or quietly watching an animal in the barnyard, being outside connects us to the earth, makes us slow down and see the world in a different light.” That connection includes: every visitor getting messy with a take-home craft; meeting, petting and learning about the animals on the farm; and starting to transform their minds into something open toward the artful. For children, it may be the first step toward a new generation of artists like the ones we’re talking about here. Keep an eye on their online calendar for story times, weekday playdates, Mom-and-me workshops like pottery, beekeeping, gardening and more.

“Nature is inspiring. The colors, the patterns, the textures, the sounds. Mix that with being outside and any moment can be relaxing or energizing.” FARMER SUE

THE ARTIST’S MARKET When you’re like me and can’t decide on your favorite medium, getting to know some of the individuals who make up the Sawnee Artists Association (SAA) is the best way to open up the door (and maybe a few windows) to creativity. The group calls Cumming home with almost 150 members, including impressionist painters and jewelry makers to intricate woodworkers and large-scale metal sculptors among many others. They’re not only responsible for some of the area’s best art shows since the mid-1970s, but plenty of the area’s most famous public art. Been to the new courthouse in downtown Cumming? SAA artists helped reproduce, create and display renderings

February 2017 | | 13


of the six courthouses to come before it. It’s worth a trip to see – whether you’ve got a fine to pay or not. SAA member Mary Negron helped found The Sawnee Artists Plein Air Group that hosts an interactive painting event to give fans a more intimate experience: watching artists at work. She paints using the local area as her muse and teaches her crafts, which include oils, watercolors, inks and acrylics. Negron’s paintings can be found in the permanent collection of the Cumming First United Methodist Church and once a month at the Lakewood 400 Antiques Market. Each individual artist has their own story to tell, but you can see the big picture three times a year, including the upcoming March Art Madness and later this year for the juried show, “Colors of Fall,” or the Sawnee Artists Arts Festival, which showcases and sells handmade crafts, hosts events for children, serves food and more.

you won’t find him in the b ­ outiques around town, but you’ve most likely spotted his work at one of many local craft shows, from Inman Park’s to Butternut Creek’s or Christmas at Lanier Tech and more. Or, you’ve shopped online where his talents impress through intricate wood puzzles, large-scale decorative, fretted crosses and fascinating 3-D objects. As someone who helped gift my woodworking dad with a scroll saw and all of its accessories this past Christmas, hearing

about what Meier is doing to preserve the craft was particularly interesting. His role includes regular presentations and classes through the Gwinnett Woodworkers Association (GWA) all year long. He teaches beginner woodworkers to veteran wood turners and receives calls from around the world and across the nation about the fascinating art he produces, questions on the trade and custom orders. “I’ve done this all my life,” said Meier, who, despite his reputation, only does woodworking as a hobby. “My father did it, so I [do] too. And now, I’m the president of a wood turning club.” His guidance with the GWA has resulted in plenty of wood turned, display-worthy candlesticks, bowls and more. In fact, some of his most interesting work is made from reclaimed wood gathered from the old covered bridge that used to occupy property at the Cumming Fairgrounds. That’s truly some local inspiration. | PN

OLD-WORLD CRAFT CONNOISSEUR Those artists’ stories from the SAA include one of an older craft in the self-taught Hans Meier. As chairman of the Gwinnett Woodworkers Association’s Scroll Saw group and President of Atlanta Wood Turners Guild in Fulton County, the Roswell resident is a unique find for an art form that’s rare to still see. For that reason, PHOTOS COURTESY OF MARY NEGRON; HANS MEIER

14 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017

Counting ON ...

22 No


WE LIKE TO THINK WE know a good thing when we see — err, taste — it. That’s why Malvi Mallows all-natural treats graced our cover back in February 2014. Since then, the Kickstarter-funded confectioner, best known for two-bite raspberry hibiscus marshmallows sandwiched between dark chocolate shortbread cookies, has blossomed big time. Now with a storefront in Cumming, the clouds are the limit for whipped whimsy. Choose from their expanding line of punchy flavors, ship internationally or customize packaging for your next party. If you’re lucky, you might catch the prismatic Malvi Truck around town this month for their stacked s’mores, ultimate hot cocoa and more. PHOTOS COURTESY OF MICHELLE NORRIS

16 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017

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A full service company offering design, construction, maintenance and repairs! February 2017 | | 17

It's hard to resist

life’s finer things when the calendar flips to February, so we welcomed this penchant for passions with a few of our favorites. From diving into delicious desserts around town and learning how to man the grill to testing products for pampering our hairy gentleman and reveling in relaxation ourselves, infinite enjoyment is easily achieved.

18 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017

23 Sugar HEY,


THEY SAY THAT MONEY CAN’T BUY happiness. It can, however, buy dessert, and I’m pretty sure that’s the same thing. I’m not exactly proposing wild abandon, but a little indulgence from time to time is a necessary part of a happy life. So go ahead, choose the salad and do the workout, but, by all means, eat the dessert too. Anyone with a sweet tooth will want to venture to our very own (ahem, only) après-ski destination in the heart of Buckhead. Yep, you read that correctly. Last fall, Yebo Beach Haus traded its sand-and-sea mindset for its winter counterpart and the West Paces Ferry restaurant got a makeover for the pop-up concept’s inaugural PHOTOS COURTESY OF PHOTO COURTESY OF HEIDI GELDHAUSER | YEBO SKI HAUS

February 2017 | | 19


debut. Yebo Ski Haus’ cozier, lodge-like interiors — complete with outdoor fire pits, blanket throws for cuddling and low candlelight — as well as an Aspen-meets-Vail menu lasts through the end of this month. In other words, time is running out to crack two spoons into their S’mores Crème Brûlée, made with Italian meringue and honey crackers. Other seasonal sweets include Bon Fire Chocolate Cake (vanilla gelato, almond Florentine, red wine berry coulis, sugar glass), Amarula Cheesecake (fresh whipped cream, cocoa nibs, caramel sauce, chocolate Nougatine, almond Florentine) and, perhaps hardest not to smile at before even taking a bite, scoops of gelato that are fashioned á la Frosty the Snowman. |

MEANWHILE, DOUGHNUT LOVERS need to look no further than Bon Glaze. With the main location in Brookhaven and a trendy walk-up window in Buckhead, this gourmet doughnut bakery is sure to have something for everyone. Owners Kelly and Kenny Keith feature flavors that go far beyond glazed, like the Salted Caramel Balsamic or the best-selling Blueberry Sour Cream Cake, along with traditional favorites. Made from scratch daily, each doughnut is artfully designed. They can even create wedding towers, words, custom logos and designs. If you can dream it, they can do it. Be sure to sample some of their wood-smoked bacon, especially the candied or chocolate-dipped

options, and order one of the artisan espresso coffees to round out your experience. They do run out quickly, so get there early. | THE THIRD STOP ON OUR DESSERT tour takes us to my favorite French bakery, Douceur de France. At both the Marietta and Roswell locations, you will feel as if you’ve wandered into patisserie heaven. Owner and pastry chef Luc Beaudet grew up in France, where he received extensive pastry training for many years before finally moving to the United States. From the most decadent macaroons to a vast array of chocolate masterpieces, Douceur de France, which means “sweets of France,” has offerings as pleasing to the


20 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017

eye as they are to the palate. Beaudet and his wife Danielle also serve a delicious breakfast and lunch menu. Take one of their cakes or other fabulous desserts to your next gathering and you’re sure to be the hit of the party. It just doesn’t get much more authentic than this. Bon appétit! | CHEESECAKES, LAYER CAKES, PIES, cookies, pastries, truffles, oh my! For a sophisticated spin on an old-fashioned variety bakery, pay a visit to the divine Alpine Bakery and Trattoria. It certainly makes for a kid-in-a-candy-store experience. It can be a little overwhelming and will definitely require more than one visit, but don’t they all? A little tip: take a date or group with you so each person can order something different to share. That way you can build your own sampler platter. The Crabapple location is a full restaurant with wonderful lunch and dinner selections. Just remember to leave room for dessert. Or, do as I do and start with dessert. Don’t worry — Italian leftovers heat up well. The second location in Woodstock is takeout only, but has an amazing 60 feet of confection displays. With high-quality ingredients and impeccable attention to detail, this bakery does not disappoint.

To follow along with more of Tapley’s delicious outings (she would love to hear your favorites as well!), check out “Adventures of a Dessert Queen” at

February 2017 | | 21


24 Sizzling


written by COLLEEN ANN MCNALLY BIG GREEN EGG IS TO GRILLING what a Harley-Davidson is to motorcycling. In other words, it’s a lifestyle and has a cult following that has continued to grow since the company’s first storefront at the intersection of Clairmont Road and Buford Highway. In fact, it’s now the world’s largest producer and international distributor of the highest-quality ceramic cooking system. Maybe you already know this. Maybe you’re an “Egghead," or that description fits the bill of your husband or the neighbor whose barbecues are the talk of the culda-sac and — although you might not admit it — whose skills with a spatula make you green with envy. Anyone who's scratched their head while trying to assemble a Big Green Egg (BGE) or has accidentally burned some arm hairs after forgetting to “burp” their Egg, knows you can’t achieve “Eggspert” status overnight. “You’ve got to build your way to 22 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017

brisket,” as Chef Amanda Egidio, manger of the BGE Culinary Center, likes to say. And there’s no better way to learn the ins and outs (including the aforementioned burping) than by enrolling in one of Egidio’s classes. Also known as Le Cordon Green, the state-of-the-art demo kitchen and outdoor classroom Egidio oversees is located on Dekalb Technology Parkway. Just inside the Perimeter, this mac-daddy headquarters opened a few years ago and is quite hard to miss from I-85, thanks to a massive replica of the esteemed culinary gadget. Inside the facility, guests can find Eggs of different sizes and all the gear necessary to grill, roast, smoke and bake their days away. There are also, of course, the hands-on or demonstration-style classes that range in topics and timeframes. An amateur myself, I signed up to cook, eat and learn my way through a Basics course — ideal for those who’ve received a new Egg as a holiday gift, or

for those looking to brush up on their grill skills. For two hours on a Thursday evening, the class agenda covered components, assembly, lighting and other tips of set up as well as preparing a four-course menu. Be sure to save your appetite before attending one of these classes. I was in for a treat of grilled romaine with Maytag blue cheese and vinaigrette, cedar-planked Thai chili salmon, ribeyes with BGE’s Cosmic Cow rub and grilled doughnuts with brandied peaches. By the class’s culmination, more than enough food had been cooked to go around — not to mention, upon arrival, we were welcomed with nibbles and a varied selection of beers,

wine and sparkling water. After all, any event at BGE is as much of a social gathering as an educational experience. After sampling bites of smoky pimento cheese, prosciutto and mayo grilled cheeses and bacon jalapeño dip, I took my seat and surveyed the crowd. Egidio cracked jokes and encouraged audience participation as much as she encouraged us to refill our glasses. It became apparent we were a motley crew of newcomers and seasoned veterans, couples on a date night, folks flying solo, fathers bonding with sons as well as girlfriends enjoying a night out. It was easy to see that “Harley-Davidson” metaphor come to life and I began to grasp the scientific

rationale behind BGE’s mass appeal. Their website puts it this way: “In the beginning, there was wood, dry leaves, lightning and eventually, fire. Early man soon learned about the flavor benefits of cooking meat over this exciting discovery, which quickly gained acclaim as far superior to gnawing on raw Tyrannosaurus ribs! Eventually, specialties such as smoked Brie and s’mores were added to their culinary repertoire…” Halfway through the class, it was time to move to the outdoor kitchen and we dispersed around different Eggs to tackle our menu. From here, you can be as involved or as passive as you prefer. Personally, I was content to sit back and watch my


February 2017 | | 23


classmates do the hard work. Instead, I picked the brains of the many friendly volunteers while the tantalizing smells wafted through the air. They swapped anecdotes of recipe success (endless possibilities from pizza to cakes to chocolate-chip cookies) or home experiments gone awry and recounted memories from last year’s EGGtoberfest. Atlanta has hosted this festival every October since 1998 and it has grown into a festive, family-oriented weekend celebration where more than 200 EGGs are fired up by new and experienced EGGheads to feed the enthusiastic crowd of 3,000plus people. An extension of the classes, workshops and half-day barbecue boot camps at the BGE Culinary Center, festivalgoers see firsthand the versatility of the intriguing ceramic cooker. Perhaps what makes a cooking class so popular is that it’s more than a onetime thrill. Whether you go as a pair or gift the experience, there’s a romantic notion that your special someone might return

ready to recreate the menu for you or find inspiration in trying something new. Or, he/she will find a new hobby, and you’ll gift yourself time away from the stove. This month’s lineup includes “Tame the Flame — 10 Fun Foods to Expand Your EGG Techniques” with Chef Mark Clark on Feb. 11 from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Hint: the menu includes grilled lobster, bacon, chicken wings three ways, roasted red peppers, grilled corn in the husk, Caveman steaks and more. Further into the month is a two-part series (also led by Clark, Egidio’s right-hand man) focused on fundamentals, held Feb. 16 and 23. If Dekalb is too long of a haul, check the website for local authorized dealers, such as the East Cobb Cook’s Warehouse or Roswell Hardware, that offer their own classes. Hurry, however, as these can fill up months in advance. In the meantime, since we love our readers, we’re sharing that delectable doughnuts recipe. The wise Egidio swears Krispy Kreme’s work best, but you could test out your Bon Glaze leftovers and let us know how it goes. | culinary-center

GRILLED DOUGHNUTS WITH BRANDIED PEACHES courtesy of Chef Amanda Egidio and The Big Green Egg Culinary Center INGREDIENTS 8 doughnuts 1 cup light brown sugar (packed) 2 cups peaches (sliced) ½ cup butter ¼ cup brandy METHOD 1. Heat a sauté pan on medium high heat. 2. Add the butter and the sugar. 3. Once the butter melts and sugar starts to melt, add the peaches. 4. Stir well. Once incorporated, carefully add the brandy (be sure to use your pit mitts to protect your hands). 5. Allow the mixture to cook for 15 minutes. 6. Heat the Egg for direct cooking and set at 375 degrees F/ 177 degrees C. 7. Place the doughnuts on the grill for 11 seconds on each side. 8. Serve doughnuts with the sauce. 9. Win the hearts of all who take a bite. PHOTOS COURTESY OF BIG GREEN EGG

24 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017

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February 2017 | | 25


25 Saving FACE



LET’S FACE IT: facial hair can be sexy. It can also be rough and itchy, which often counteracts the attraction we tend to have for the scruffy men we adore. Such was the case for one Northside couple who fixed that issue and merged their passions into a booming business. To shave or not to shave is no longer the question. Beards are back, but now it’s all about maintenance. Meet Mitchell and Jenny Brown, CEOs and creators of The Hairy Gentleman, a grooming goods company they started from the ground up — make that, the kitchen out — in Smyrna, Ga. It started, as you might guess, with Mitchell’s manly mop. Lucky for him, and anyone else who has tried their products, Jenny tapped into an uncanny talent as a make-shift scientist surrounded by vials of essential oils. “I got into essential oils because of sleep issues. My aunt was a registered nurse for 32 years and when she told me about oils, knowing her medical background, it made me more comfortable to use them,” Jenny said. 26 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017

“I used tea tree, lavender and peppermint together and when I started seeing the results, I went crazy and bought a bunch,” she said. When Mitchell’s beard started irritating his skin, his wife — now fully rested and ready to take on the world — started tinkering. “Working with oils is self-taught,” Jenny said, adding that a lot of trial and error, not to mention research, is involved. “I have fun experimenting with the oils and learning how they work differently for everyone.” For Mitchell, it worked wonders. After rave reviews from friends about their homemade products, the creative duo decided to take their idea to the next level. Mitchell’s background in marketing and graphic design combined with Jenny’s knowledge and skill took them from husband and wife to business partners. As The Hairy Gentleman (THG) has grown, it has become a one-stop shop for styling needs. “We think the well-groomed scene is coming back as more and more barber shops continue to pop up around Atlanta,” Mitchell said. “Since its release seven months ago, I’ve been using our [beard oil] scent The Merchant, made with cinnamon, wild orange, lemon and grapefruit." The full concoction includes essential oils along with almond, jojoba

and Vitamin E. “I’ll use the beard wash in the shower, then use the oil for moisturizing, softening and treating any irritation on the skin,” he added. He follows up with the balm, which shares the same benefits but has Shea butter and beeswax to help shape, mold and bring wild hairs under control. Don’t let their namesake fool you, though, as we’d be telling a little white lie if we said we didn't know women who've hijacked the shaving cream to pamper their legs. The versatility of THG products allows for use beyond the beard — and that’s where we come in, ladies. Their shaving cream produces silky smooth legs without the burning sensation that sometimes follows other shave creams. A lot of us, myself included, don’t take into consideration the ingredients associated with our styling and skin care regimen. THG products are alcohol free and 100-percent organic with therapeutic grade essential oils used not only for their scents but also for the moisturizing benefits. The shaving cream is made with purified water, castille soap, vegetable glycerin, aloe vera, almond oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, melaleuca oil (which is more commonly known as tea tree oil) and lemongrass oil. The rest of the current lineup includes

the five beard scents — The Artisan, The Merchant, The Innovator, The Craftsman and The Pathfinder, all used in both oils and balms — as well as bug spray, mustache wax and hair pomade. Offering healthful alternatives to convenience store staples has led to their success. That, and their endless efforts at local farmers markets and festivals. In fact, you can catch the couple in THG’s booth at many of the upcoming spring festivals like

the Inman Park Festival held on April 29 and 30, where you'll also find promotional giveaways and beard contests. In the past, customers scored T-shirts and koozies, so stay tuned for what Mitch and Jenny will think of for 2017. Can’t wait to run out and buy some? Me neither. THG can now be found in various shops across 15 different states stretching to Los Angeles, Calif. Around Atlanta, you can snag their products in various boutiques and barber shops in the Ponce de Leon and Inman Park areas. They were featured at both Scoutmob’s

Hand-picked Atlanta Holiday Maker’s Market and Indie Craft Experience (ICE) Holiday Pop-Up Shop last year. For Northsiders, head over to Sis & Moon’s in Alpharetta to grab your own THG products. The duo said that in the future, they may consider expanding their business with products like shampoo, conditioner and deodorant, but for now, they are thrilled with the level of success THG has already reached, including their bug spray. “My wife had been making bug spray for a long time and eventually we decided to sell the spray to provide something more for people without beards,” Mitchell said. “It was cool because customers would come up to us at festivals and share how they used it for themselves and their kids, so it was a fun item to add outside of the beard world.” With an authentic spin on styling and grooming, The Hairy Gentleman makes routine practices healthier and certainly a lot sexier. |


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26 Reveling in RELAXATION

28 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017


written by HEATHER KW BROWN ANY REASON TO STEP INTO The St. Regis Atlanta Hotel in Buckhead is a treat in and of itself, but the butterflies really kick in as you ride up to the sixth floor. Welcome to Remède Spa, better known as a sanctuary of indulgence. Champagne and truffles? Yes, please! Spoiling guests comes as part of the package for most spas, but attention to detail and level of service are often what separates the good from the extraordinary. On a mission to experience what Remède


Spa has to offer, I temporarily debated between the ELEMIS Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow or a 60-minute customized massage. Sometimes pampering just goes better as a pair, so I opted for both. As soon as I saw the Vichy shower, I knew I’d made a wise decision. For the unfamiliar, the Vichy shower consists of a rain bar with temperature and water controls, but the undeniable differencemakers are the six shower heads positioned to cascade over a guest’s back and legs. Whether these six shower heads were inspired by the six geothermal mineral springs tucked into the folds of a town called Vichy, approximately 250 miles south of Paris, France or not is less significant than the fact that these hot springs have been touted to “cure” a host of ailments. Vichy continues to be worldrenowned for conveying the finer things in life, namely its spa therapies. As the guest reclines on a spa table, similar to a massage table, the Vichy begins as a luxuriously warm shower that reinforces the immune system and relaxes the body. For the ELEMIS treatment, the therapist used the award-winning British skin and body care brand as a body polish designed to invigorate the skin, followed by an application of warm Japanese Camellia oil and exfoliation with ELEMIS’ signature lime and ginger-infused salt scrub. The Vichy Shower, in conjunction with the flushing of the lymphatic system for detoxification and the contracting and relaxing of the skin for firming and toning, produces results unrivaled by other spa treatments. An hour of customized massage is always heaven for a runner. However, when it comes to reveling in a healthy dose of wellness, The St. Regis Atlanta Hotel is one of only a handful of spas in the U.S. to have this precious piece of equipment, making time spent here all the more special. A quick trip to the Auvergne region in central France might not be convenient, but a visit to Remède Spa certainly is.


Specializing in Cosmetic Dentistry, our patients believe Dr. David Mastro is the right choice for all your family dentistry needs! When it comes to your smile and oral health, Dr. Mastro has a proven 30 year track record of providing quality cosmetic and family dental care for families in our local community and around the world.


Implants and same-day, multiple unit crowns, veneers and bridges are available! All are personally fabricated by Dr. Mastro

Dr. David Mastro


See More of Dr. Mastro’s Makeovers at Single appointment porcelain crowns and veneers available! 770-642-9900 | 800 Mansell Road | Roswell, GA

Gastroenterology Consultants PC IBD Center for Clinical Research

CROHN’S DISEASE, ULCERATIVE COLITIS If you, your friend or family are living with CD or UC, we may have better options for therapy. Clinical studies for patients with Crohns and Ulcerative Colitis who are unresponsive to current therapies available.


• bleeding • urgency • pain

• at least 18 years of age

• willing to participate in a clinical trial involving an investigational drug

Please contact Lois Ann at 678-957-0057 All study visits, study labs, study tests and study drug provided at no charge.

4395 Johns Creek Parkway, Suite 130 Suwanee, Georgia



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Real Estate Outlook “Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.” Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

30 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017


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Real Estate Outlook

Emerson Buckhead

EMERSON BUCKHEAD Emerson is the architecture of tomorrow’s Atlanta. Its pre-

Outdoor comforts include an expansive terrace complete

mier location in the heart of residential Buckhead offers easy

with a tranquil Zen garden, a spacious dog walk adjacent

access to world-class shopping, dining and entertainment,

to the building and more. Call to arrange a private appoint-

with a quiet departure from the city’s noise and traffic.

ment. 404-446-2520,

Offering 41 two- and three-bedroom residences ranging from 2,200 square feet to 3,700 square feet, the building


beautifully integrates indoor and outdoor living. Every home

It’s all here and waiting for you at Cresswind at Lake Lanier

includes expansive outdoor terrace space. Residence com-

by Kolter Homes. As the only active adult community on

bination options are currently available from 4,800 square

beautiful Lake Lanier, Cresswind offers the finest amenities

feet to more than 8,400 square feet. A 6,200-square-foot,

and a resort-inspired lifestyle.

two-level penthouse is also available.

Just beyond the waterfall at Cresswind’s private, gated

Homes at Emerson offer gracious, relaxed floor plans

entrance, you’ll find a variety of two- and three-bedroom,

with open living and entertaining spaces. Each home fea-

ranch-style floorplans, designed specifically for the active

tures an elegant entrance gallery with ample wall space for

adult lifestyle. The social hub of Cresswind at Lake Lanier is

art throughout, wide-plank, site-finished hardwood flooring

the award-winning, 40,000-square-foot clubhouse. Here, you

and natural gas fireplaces with stone surrounds and mantels.

can fill your social calendar in endless ways: arts and crafts,

Emerson’s floor-to-ceiling glass windows, 10-foot ceilings

billiards, aerobics, yoga, a ballroom, an impressive indoor

and expansive terraces evoke the feeling of living in the sky,

pool with lap lanes, a rooftop bar overlooking the lake and

offering incredible 270-degree city and canopy views from

marina and even a gourmet demonstration kitchen. The club

each residence.

is also complete with an expansive outdoor pool, bocce ball,

Emerson’s best-in-class amenities are typically only found within a five-star hotel. They include a heated lap pool,

a basketball court and tennis courts. As the best-selling active adult community in Georgia

sun deck with private cabanas; a custom catering kitchen

for the past three years*, Cresswind at Lake Lanier truly

with an elegant private dining room; a yoga and Pilates stu-

defines the good life. Bordered to the north by the foothills

dio; an intimate spa with a private massage facility and more.


32 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017

just minutes away. And less than 50 miles south is the city of Atlanta, putting the region’s best shopping, dining, sports venues, arts and culture within easy reach. With more than 692 miles of shoreline, the lake boasts limitless opportunities for recreation. Cresswind Landing, the on-property marina, offers boat slip ownership and day-dock opportunities. With its final phase just released, now is the time to secure your future at Cresswind at Lake Lanier. Also, check out the Go Guide to Active Adult Living and Homebuying, available free on their website. 888-825-7443, *Source: SmartNumbers, #1 selling active adult community in Georgia 2013, 2014 and 2015.

SOUTHERN COMFORT CABIN RENTALS Looking to build memories and create a cherished place for

Cresswind Lake Lanier

family and friends, without the stress? Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals offers turnkey cabins: custom-built, profession-

for sale fully furnished and the rentals can be transferred. If

ally managed properties. From finding the perfect piece of

you are considering building or purchasing a vacation home

land to the finishing touches of decor, Southern Comfort will

in Blue Ridge, look no further than Southern Comfort Cabin

be there.

Rentals. All you need under one roof, truly a one stop shop.

Want to “try before you buy?” Current turnkey cabins are also available for purchase. All turnkey cabins are listed

Find your place less than 90 minutes from Atlanta; Blue Ridge is calling. 1-866-4 CABINS,


y family was one of the first to settle Fannin County in the early 1800s. I grew up riding my horse into the beautiful trails, and also in real estate as my dad sold a lot of mountain property. Now it’s my specialty. This is my town and I would love to be your realtor.


February 2017 | | 33

Tear Down and Build


Horizon at Laurel Canyon

TEAR DOWN AND BUILD The team behind invites you to build

Ridge Mountains, tucked in the master-planned community

your dream home in a prime location. Experience a seam-

of Laurel Canyon celebrated for its award-winning amenities.

less process combining expert location scouting, personal

Horizon is an intimate neighborhood designed for incredible

plan design and custom home construction services. The

recreation as well as complete relaxation.

dedicated members of the “Tear Down and Build� team have

Built by Patrick Malloy Communities, a top 20 Atlan-

combined real estate experience of more than 50 years in the

ta Homebuilder in 2015 and 2016, Horizon will have 88

greater Atlanta area. They are at your service. 470-269-9125

homesites and many with spectacular, mountain views and


views overseeing the Fairways of Canton golf course. The


homes at Horizon will offer outdoor living options such as sky terraces, covered porches, fireplaces and fire pits to take

Imagine sweeping mountain views from the sky terrace of

full advantage of the majestic views. Homeowners will enjoy

your brand-new home overlooking the foothills of the Blue

the many lifestyle opportunities of Laurel Canyon, which PHOTOS COURTESY OF TEAR DOWN AND BUILD; HORIZON AT LAUREL CANYON

34 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017


Real Estate Outlook

“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”

Maya Angelou

include a community golf course, clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis courts and walking trails. The community is located minutes from historic downtown Canton. 770-254-5357,

REAL ESTATE EXPERTS RACHEL CALLIHAN COWART FOR HARRY NORMAN REALTORS A native of Fannin County, Rachel Callihan Cowart’s family was one of the first to settle there. There are two mountains, a book and a creek named after them. She grew up riding her horse along the beautiful trails of Cashes Valley, and also grew up in real estate and construction, as her dad sold a lot of mountain properties, so she naturally has a good working knowledge of the locally built cabins. Already well-known for its fishing, gold, horseback rides and the famous Blue Ridge Scenic Railway train that winds its way through the mountains, now the Blue Ridge area is booming. New shops continue to open, restaurants continue to thrive and the way of life continues at a peaceful, joyful pace. Come experience it for yourself. 706-632-7211 or 706-258-8067,

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Real Estate Outlook

The Craft Dolan Team

area. Vickery’s amenities are world-class: parks, lakes, walking trails, open areas for families and children to play, a beautiful swimming pool with cabanas and a tennis complex with eight courts and pavilion, all strategically placed throughout the community.  Residents brag about the convenience of Vickery’s Village section, featuring retail

The Komar Team Vickery Creek Road

shops, restaurants, professional offices, office condos and onsite YMCA, all of which are with-


in walking distance from anywhere in the community. The schools are exceptional – children

Want Vickery? Look no further! Licensed Agent Bob Komar

can walk to the elementary and middle schools, and West

and his wife, Associate Broker Cindy Komar are The Komar

Forsyth High School is 3 miles away. Commuting to work is

Team, and the ones to call if you’re buying or selling in Cum-

easy and simple, since GA 400 can be accessed from exits

ming’s Vickery community. Together, they have helped 95

12 or 13, about 7 to 10 minutes from Vickery. As homeown-

client families purchase or list/sell in Vickery since 2007.

ers themselves, The Komar Team can testify first-hand: the

Bob Komar shared that the retail complex isn’t the only

unique lifestyle embodies the truest spirit of ­­“community.”

market rebounding, with two top-notch builders adding

678-778-5087, 770-235-9032 or 678-341-7400,

another 100 townhomes and single-family residences to

Vickery’s landscape. When 100-percent built out, Vickery will have about 575 single-family homes, townhomes and


condos. There are year-around events for families, singles,

“Why won’t my house sell?” So ... your house is in a great

and empty nesters. The beauty, architecture and design of

school district in a desirable suburb north of Atlanta. You’ve

Vickery’s residences are stand-alone in the North Atlanta

read all the news articles that consumer confidence is high,

36 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017

Assisted Living and Memory Care


Autumn Leaves housing inventories are low and mortgage rates are still historically cheap. Your house isn’t selling because someone isn’t being honest; and that someone may be you. What do prospective buyers see, smell and feel when they first walk into your house? You are competing against their dream house, what they see on HGTV and the one that is “just perfect” but out of their price range. To sell your house you have two choices: bring

Please join us for our community open house on Feb. 18 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Feb. 19 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Live, Love, Thrive is our philosophy that we integrate into everything we do because we recognize the importance of seniors staying active and purposeful.

your house up to par, or lower the price enough that buyers will overlook negatives and budget in the need for ­improvements. Buying and selling a home is an emotional ­experience, but ultimately it almost always comes down to a ­mathematical equation. Your best bet? Be honest with yourself, and get expert help, like that from the ­Roswell-based team, Tracey Craft and Lara Dolan, to guide you and get it sold. 770-722-3119 or 404-514-6533,

SENIOR/ASSISTED LIVING AUTUMN LEAVES OF WINDWARD At Autumn Leaves of Windward, they focus exclusively on providing the best, research-based assisted living care for

A FEW EXAMPLES OF WHAT YOU CAN LOOK FORWARD TO: • Enchanting Outdoor Space with Walking Paths • Culinary Delights • Exceptional Care • Certified Dementia Practitioners


470-238-6400 Call to schedule a lunch & learn to better understand the Phoenix difference. 13943 HIGHWAY 9 N



February 2017 | | 37


Real Estate Outlook thoughtfully designed to be safe, secure, comfortable and calming. Abundant natural light, wide hallways, a figure-8 layout for enjoyable walks, serene courtyards with gardens and putting green, well-appointed, furnished suites with private baths and many other features create a wonderful home-like environment. It’s the perfect complement to their individualized, biography-based care plan program called So Much More that incorporates each resident’s life history, interests, and preferences into

Belmont Village

ongoing, engagement through culinary (So Much More to Savor), exercise (Do), music (Experience), art (Express) and community

people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of

understanding about this disease sets their


care apart.

Every employee — from their caregiv-

Autumn Leaves has been recognized as

outreach (Share). Autumn Leaves’ 40-plus communities in nine states are family-owned and-oper-

ers and chefs to their corporate staff and

a “best of the best” memory care provider by

ated. Offering full-time day stay and respite

executives — is trained in dementia care,

Argentum, the nation’s leading professional

(overnight) programs, they strive to provide

and the depth and breadth of their team’s

senior living association. Their buildings are

residents the level of exceptional care they would want for their own family members. It would be their privilege for their ­family to serve yours. 888-662-8886,

BELMONT VILLAGE Belmont Village features a signature blend of hospitality and amenities combined with premier health and wellness programs. Residents have everything they need to thrive – a professionally managed fitness center with on-site therapy services, a licensed nurse and well-trained staff on-site 24/7, innovative memory enrichment programs, and a vibrant social activity calendar. They provide an array of amenities for residents to enjoy including restaurant-style dining with chef-prepared meals, a full-service salon and scheduled complimentary transportation. Those with early memory loss benefit from the award-wining memory care program, Circle of Friends. Their tenured management team and specially trained staff are there to provide quality care and just the right balance of service and support to suit any lifestyle. Belmont Village Buckhead, 404-252-6271 or Belmont Village Johns Creek, 770-813-9505, PHOTO COURTESY OF BELMONT VILLAGE

38 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017

VICKERY!! Thinking of Buying or Selling? THE KOMAR TEAM



Homes SOLD!

Your Vickery Specialists! Proud Vickery Homeowners Since 2010! Simply the best in systems, communication, follow-up, and RESULTS! LISTING OR BUYING?

You Deserve Expert Representation! Please call us anytime with questions or to request information!


Real Estate Outlook GEORGIAN LAKESIDE The Georgian Lakeside is Roswell’s newest assisted living and memory care community. Located on a peaceful lake bordering Hardscrabble and Woodstock Road, The Georgian Lakeside offers a variety of spacious and luxurious suites. And at The Georgian Lakeside, they know care and comfort are simple concepts. Their staff believes this simplicity should extend into the financial aspects of providing care for a loved one. That’s why they offer basic, inclusive monthly pricing where typically the only additional expense would be telephone service. 678-367-4744,

THE PHONEIX AT MILTON The Phoenix at Milton is opening very soon to serve seniors and their families. The new community celebrated the impending opening with a grand VIP event on Jan. 12 and was joined by professionals, business leaders, friends and family. In addition to showcasing the state-of-the-art community designed to serve seniors, the team at The Phoenix at Milton

Bob Komar Licensed Agent 678-778- 5087

Cindy Komar Associate Broker 770-235- 9032

Keller Williams Office 678-341- 7400

enjoyed the opportunity to speak directly to what truly makes the community different: “When it comes to your loved one, everything matters and it matters to us.” The team at The Phoenix at Milton understands the decision to move a loved one from their home into senior

Making Things Happen Local Experts in Residential, Investment and Commercial Real Estate Sales

living is never an easy one and each situation is different and complex, let alone emotional. However, a move into a quality senior living community like The Phoenix at Milton can provide not only the assistance seniors may need, but also a new, welcoming home designed to support them through the aging process. A key part of The Phoenix experience, and one of the founding principles of the organization, is a commitment to unwavering excellence. The community is built purposefully to serve seniors in a home-like environment that is safe and secure. The organization believes although their new communities are beautiful and well appointed, it is what is inside their walls that defines The Phoenix experience. The Phoenix team takes enormous pride in the trust families and seniors place in them and know their associates define that trust. The commitment to excellence at The

tRacey cRaft and laRa dolan

Phoenix at Milton includes a focus on hiring associates who not only have the right skills and experiences but also who bring a caring heart for serving seniors. The professional and dedicated team at The Phoenix at Milton have chosen to

Residential•Commercial•Investment Residential•Commercial•Investment Tracey Craft 770-722-3119 Tracey Craft404-514-6533 770-722-3119 Lara Dolan Lara Dolan 404-514-6533

695 Mansell Road, suite 120 • Roswell, Ga 30076

40 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017

work there as their preferred place of employment, recognizing an organization of excellence who not only cares for and about seniors and their families, but also cares about their associates. Stop by and tour the The Phoenix at Milton today. 470-238-6400;

February 2017 | | 41








HE GAME OF DOMINOES can be both thrilling and incredibly frustrating. Anyone who spent countless hours of their youth placing individual rectangular wooden pieces over and over (and over) until they were spaced just right knows the feeling. Armed with only a modest amount of confidence that such persistence would finally pay off, we gently nudged the first domino as needed, then watched with nervous excitement as the chain reaction worked like a magic trick. Sure, it’s mechanical engineering for some; for the rest of us, it’s seemingly simple motivation with a visible cause and effect. Jim Harris, who with his wife Marian

42 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017



has owned and operated Max Results Training in Gainesville since 2014 does not claim to be a mechanical engineer or even particularly partial to the game of Dominoes. As a master motivator, he plus his wife equate to exactly the right amount of confident force and gentle encouragement their clients need in order for their health to fall into place. “The hardest part of any client to train is the 8 inches between their ears,” Harris said. “We took a look at our client base and realized that 75 to 90 percent of them came to us after previous training relationships didn’t produce results.” Nowhere is this more obvious than in the countless stories his clients continue to share. When asked which ones he is most

proud of, Harris couldn’t say, beaming that all of them are equally significant and that they — not him — are the ones who have the ability to knock down another line of dominoes. “You never know who you’re going to inspire,” Harris said.

SWEAT AND TEARS Take for instance, the story of Vester Lewis. The Murrayville resident and then-­ children’s minister at Hopewell Baptist Church went for a jog during his lunch break on a Wednesday in May of 2008. Suddenly, a drunk driver in a Pontiac Trans Am hit him. “It cracked three ribs, destroyed my left knee, knocked a tooth out, punctured my

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Harris trains accident survivor Vester Lewis; Harris motivating MS patient Lisa Sims

lung – all kinds of good stuff,” Lewis said. It took three days in the hospital to stabilize him before they could do surgery on his back. He had spinal swelling and when it came time to do post-operation therapy, he was paralyzed from the waist down. During that time, he started out in an electric wheelchair then went to a wheelchair, then to a point where he could move his toe just a little, then his foot, then pretty much move from the waist down. But due to that spinal swelling, the nerves still weren’t communicating correctly. “I had to think about it – take a step –  and my balance was way off,” Lewis said. After many months, he came home on crutches, but was in and out of The Shepherd Center for therapy as well as met with a specialist for stretching and to monitor his diet. When this woman announced she would be moving, Lewis’ daughter - who previously had trained with Harris - suggested the two men meet. “[Jim] was gracious enough to come all the way out to Braselton when I was working with this lady just to meet me and see what I was doing, which I thought was really super,” Lewis said. “He told me, ‘I think I can help you.’” The first time Lewis came to Max Results, Harris had him stretch and find his “limits” — how many times the crash survivor could sit and stand. Eventually, he insisted Lewis use just one cane. Before training with Harris, Lewis had not walked unassisted for 6 years. “[Over the course of a year,] he made me leave my cane and he had me walk up and down all kinds of terrain outside, with the [40-pound vest] on and with him

behind me. He was pushing me to walk without it … and that was amazing. I ended up walking almost a mile and a half.” Lewis didn’t stop there. At one point, they met three times a week, before tapering off to less frequent sessions. “Any exercise he had, he said ‘You can do it.’ He and Marian are both just like [that]. They help anybody … I had confidence in him. He’s a big guy and I figured he could pick me up off the ground if he had to. So I tried everything that he asked me to do and there were so many things I ended up doing.” Today, Lewis has returned to work at the church and still uses a cane, but can take steps around the house without any apparatus, something he said he would never have done without Harris and encouragement from his wife and daughter.

THE LONG HAUL “We are not given a good life or a bad life. We are given a life. It’s up to us to make it good or bad.” Lisa Sims logged the sentiment in her journal on her one-year anniversary of joining Max Results Training. The entry, along with a photo of Sims, Harris and his wife hangs on a Wall of Fame inside the facility. Sims’ battle with her health started much earlier, however. When asked to recount the nearly 20-year journey, she laughed before warning, “It may take a long time.” As she started to divulge the details of her life since a multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis decades earlier, the lightness she maintains in her voice became

more surprising – and all the more uplifting. The story starts in 1997 when Sims was misdiagnosed with shingles. “I had been hurting for a couple of weeks, but it never turned into the shingles,” she said. “I started losing mobility and feeling from my waist down on Monday and by Friday I didn’t have any.” It would be another week of two different hospitals, six MRIs and seven spinal taps before she was given an answer, although not the one anyone wants to hear. Simply put, The National MS Society defines the disease as an unpredictable and disabling of the central nervous system that disrupts flow of information within the brain and between the brain and body. “The doctor said, ‘You will probably be bedridden or wheelchair-bound the rest of your life.’ This all came as a blow. Nobody knows what’s wrong with you to ‘You’re not going to walk again.’” At the time, Sims was a mother to young children and was devastated by the thought. With support from her husband and the doctor, Sims endured new medications, unconventional prescriptions in lethal-risk doses and steroid treatments. Currently there is no cure for MS, but once a week, Sims takes a shot to help slow the disease’s progression. She’s been taking it for 19 years, but the first five were particularly tough and began what she described as a vicious cycle of side effects: flu-like symptoms, a depressed mood, stress eating and a lack of exercise coupled with her severe asthma. “I just kept gaining February 2017 | | 43


weight, gaining weight – but I could walk, very slowly,” she said. It would be another 10 years before Sims woke up one day, miserable, and enrolled herself in a WeightWatchers program, where was able to lose 65 pounds and later began Pilates classes to build her strength and mobility. Still, it wasn’t enough. When she came across Max Results on the internet one day, she picked up the phone and called them. As he does with all clients, Harris asked her to come in for an assessment. But Sims wouldn’t be like any other client. Harris had never worked with an MS patient before and after their initial meeting, was direct: he didn’t want to waste her time and he didn’t want her to waste his if she wasn’t serious about getting healthy. “We agreed to try it for one month,” Sims said. “I’ve never looked back. I’ve been with him about 18 months now and in this, I’ve lost close to 100 pounds.”

44 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017

Building on his background repertoire with research, Harris designed a plan specifically for Sims. “When I went to him, I was beginning to lose some mobility in my right side again … [He] literally picked up my leg for weeks and weeks doing an aerobic step up. I can leg press – at times, I’ve done 320 pounds and I couldn’t even pick up my leg previously. That is a success story within itself; he knows how to adapt a plan for every body.” In addition to workouts, Harris’ plans include a change in the way clients see food. Sims meets with Harris a few times a week for both personal as well as group training; on other days, he still texts her for updates on at-home routines or checks her food log through the MyFitnessPal mobile app. Harris has also encouraged Sims to set a new goal for herself every three months. Even when she didn’t think she was ready for the challenge, she has been surprised to hit the target ahead of schedule – every time.

“One day, he looked at me and said, ‘I want you to start running.’ At the time, I was 54 years old and I said, ‘I haven’t run since high school and I’m not running now. I have MS and I’m not supposed to be walking. I’m surely not going to run.’ ” When he convinced her to try, Sims began running on the treadmill in intervals, just one minute at a time. “We did it at a very low pace and I did this for three or fours months and gradually, I would increase and increase – 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes until I could run a mile on my own,” she said. “Now I run about three to four times a week, about 7 miles at a time without stopping. That’s in addition to everything I do with [Harris].” She joined an online running group last year that aimed to run/walk 2016 miles in 2016. She surpassed the mark by October and ended with 2150. This year’s goal was to run a half marathon, which Sims completed on Jan. 1. Outside of the gym, Sims has experienced joys she never

A HEART F OR FITNESS AS AN IMPACT PLAYER in the game of life, Harris e ­ xplained this process includes a host of ­analysis, long conversations with each client and time to evaluate their situations individually. “We start people off with a private assessment of their physical state of the union, [as well as] their psychological and emotional readiness. We are here to help clients that are ready to make wholesale life changes to improve their quality of life.” Heavily certified as a master trainer as well as a certified nutritionist, Harris has built a system that shores up the weak links, not only while the clients are in the gym, but with a level of accountability required between sessions as well. “We give our clients a lot of content and information — every aspect is addressed,” he said. The goal, he emphasized, is to get them on the right path, educate them so they can be self sufficient and maintain their health on their own. “If we keep helping the same clients, we can’t help more people live happy, healthier lives.” There are no magic tricks to be found at Max Results — only everyday people juggling everyday life with jobs, church, family and health and all with a dedication to do so. “We just help them have faith in themselves,” Harris said. “We train them to give themselves credit for the journey they’ve accomplished instead of always focusing on the ­journey that’s still ahead. Once a client does something they didn’t think they could do … when you see that change, that paradigm shifts to ‘I can do anything,’ it’s just amazing.”

thought she would again, like riding a bicycle this past summer, sometimes for 20 miles at a time and taking a cruise vacation last September. “My body has changed so much in different ways. I’m just amazed at how your body does change when you’re healthy.” Sims isn’t the only one to notice. She credits her colleagues, her husband, her children and grandchildren for motivating her to live her healthiest life. Fellow MS patients who are moved by her story have even reached out to Sims for support. Most of all, she credits Harris and subsequently, her friendship with Marian. “Jim helped me to do this. I couldn’t be sharing my story if it hadn’t been for him helping me to get healthy so I can help someone else.” Such is the beauty of dominoes — all it takes is one nudge for that positive energy to affect another. PN

46 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017










inpointing my exact whereabouts almost 20 years ago as I drove through Idaho’s scenic panhandle is suspect. What I can confirm is that en route from Washington’s Olympic National Park to Montana’s Glacier National Park, the temptation to stay inside state lines was as unrelenting as the scenery. Idaho has always been a distraction for anyone who loves the outdoors, compliments of its rugged landscape and amazing wilderness like Hell’s Canyon, which at 7,900 feet is deeper than the Grand Canyon, and Shoshone Falls, which is higher than Niagara Falls. Such majestic milieu might start as an innocent detour, but easily makes a case for relocation. Boise, I discovered, has the same effect. Walkable, hip, progressive and downright delicious, this capital city is now a hub for foodies, outdoor enthusiasts and anyone else in search of a stomping ground on the rise.


Truth be told, it isn’t much of a secret anymore. U.S. News and World Report ranked Boise as one of their top under-the-radar destinations in 2016 and Vogue just recently dubbed it one of their top places to visit this year. Yet, while this quiet locale in the southwest qua­ drant of Idaho evolves into a family-friendly community full of craft coffee shops, a happening food scene and creative entrepreneurs, mainstream travelers still book flights elsewhere. From the get-go, know that the city is pronounced “Boy-see” rather than “Boy-zee,” and locals will politely enlighten you for no other reason than sheer pride in their hometown. This willingness to share where to go, what to do and how to get around is so common, it’s hard to imagine they’re strangers and not longtime friends. PHOTO COURTESY OF VISIT IDAHO; DOWNTOWN BOISE ASSOCIATION

48 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017

February 2017 | | 49


Boise means “wooded” in French, and when French-Canadian fur-trappers emerged from the dry, high desert to see a thin line of trees along a river, they exclaimed, “Les Bois! Les Bois!” Though it made sense for exhausted explorers, “The City of Trees” was an odd nickname for a town platted on a sagebrush plain where the nearest trees were cottonwoods and willows miles away. Like everything else in Boise, that was then and this is now. The city continues the ongoing effort of early pioneers to plant more trees. The result is an Urban Forestry Unit and programs like NeighborWoods, which provides free trees to be planted on private land within 10 feet of the street or sidewalk. Indeed, trees are very much tied to the city’s personality and, like many of

its transplanted residents, embracing them as an integral part of the culture has been essential to Boise’s boom.

CONFLUENCE OF CULTURE Outside of Spain’s Basque Country, Boise boasts an impressive concentration of immigrants, 95 percent of whom have come specifically from their homeland’s Bizkaia region. In Idaho, Basque immigrants became sheepherders due to their hardworking nature and it minimized the language barrier as an issue. Their success led to requests for more family members and to accommodate the growing population, locals opened boarding houses. The

Basque Block, as it is now designated, is located in the heart of Boise, where locals and visitors alike can shop, eat and learn the culture to their hearts’ content. Start at The Basque Museum and Cultural Center for education via exhibits, then head over for lunch at Bar Gernika for authentic tapas. Hidden inside the boarding house next door is a Basque ball court called a “fronton” where leagues still play games of pala with a pilota (a wooden racket) and a hard rubber ball. It’s an exciting place to sit back and watch the action. The same can be said of The Modern Hotel & Bar. Formerly a Travelodge, The Modern Hotel is as teeming and trendy as it is retro and rooted, with plenty of its own Basque influence. Elizabeth Tullis, the current owner of The Modern Hotel & Bar, is the granddaughter of two Basque sheepherders, Regina Echevarria and her husband. After losing their flock, they opened a boarding house and 60 years later, Tullis bought a run-down lodge that she revived in honor of the original Modern. As if the hotel’s craft cocktails and fun vibe aren’t enough of a draw, painted on the back wall is a mural by Judas Arrieta, a Basque artist. His current work, titled “Wonder Stories” has been described as integrating elements of The City of Trees, the history of The Modern Hotel & Bar and relayed childhood stories of Basque sheepherders. PHOTOS COURTESY OF KENDRA CONNALLY/KENDRA-ELISE.COM

50 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017

February 2017 | | 51


The Modern Hotel & Bar remains the epitome of Boise: what was once con­ sidered an improbable stay by the sophis­ ticated is now one of the best. Current crowds might seem unassuming, but the state’s most populous city plays host to savvy students, wealthy connoisseurs, an urban center called JUMP! (Jack’s Urban Meeting Place) — a gift to the city by the potato magnate Simplot family — and recreational go-getters galore. With diver­ sion capabilities of the Boise River, water sports can even accommodate surfing, in addition to the usual kayaking and paddle­ boarding. Sure, Boise is an outdoor haven for more than snow skiers headed to Bogus Basin, but it’s also making waves as a yearround city of culinary outposts.

CULINARY BOISE When it comes to food, separating Idaho from potatoes might seem challenging. Yes, two-thirds of the potatoes produced PHOTOS COURTESY OF TANA PHOTOGRAPHY

52 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017

in the country are grown in the state and the successful local scene absolutely grows from the ground up, but Boise is home to talented chefs boasting culinary prowess well beyond a particular root vegetable. Recognizing a burgeoning business and her own skill sets, Angela Taylor created Indulge Boise Food Tours. Originally born in a nearby small town, Taylor spent more than 20 years as an executive in the sports and entertainment industry — and close to two years in Atlanta — before heading back home. Showcasing some of the city’s best menus to locals and visitors alike, Indulge Boise offers the opportunity to sample and learn simultaneously on its Historic Downtown Boise Food Tour. New this year, Indulge Boise Tours are available on a year-round basis and starting this month, the Boise Booze + Bites Happy Hour Tour kicks off with more guided neighborhood treks launching in the spring. Basically, the food here is simply too good to be ignored — the locals

know it and the rest of us are slowly, but surely, catching on. In 1995, Chef John Berryhill cooked his first strip of chile-sugar Berryhill Bacon, which was so well received that he now sells more than 8 tons (that’s not a typo!) of uncooked bacon annually. BACON and Berryhill are two separate

entities under one roof with BACON open daily from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Berryhill open on Tuesdays through Saturdays from 3 p.m. to close. I first visited BACON on the food tour but went back a different evening to watch how the restaurant staff, the menu and the outside signage literally flip from one

Find Your Place To Curl Up Fireside Point of View

Bearcat Lodge



the serenity of North Georgia DURING WINTERTIME



February 2017 | | 53


concept to the other while Gloria Gaynor’s 1978 hit “I Will Survive” blared over the speakers. “It was my favorite song as a high school junior ... I’d play it over and over on the jukebox at Pizza Inn, where I flipped pizza dough in Little Rock, Ark. When I developed the flip concept for BACON and Berryhill, I had my chance to bring it back!” Berryhill said. Order The MAC made with bacon, mushroom, tomato and cheese, which was labeled “Best in the U.S.” by Food & Wine Magazine. Better yet, try the Bacon Styx for a taste of all five flavors — Berryhill bacon, spicy hot bacon, maple rosemary bacon, candied bacon and kurobuta bacon made with black Berkshire pig, thyme, sage, rosemary and lavender. Creatively claiming to “make donuts holey,” Guru Donuts tempts the sweeter side with eclectic and seasonal dough-

nuts made by husband-and-wife team Kevin and Angel Moran. I recommend the Boston Cream, a made-from-scratch, four-hour raised doughnut inspired by a 1940’s traditional recipe or the Wildberry Lavender, made with their signature wildberry lavender glaze, Oregon blueberries, marionberries and culinary lavender on a vegan raised ring doughnut. The Indulge tour continued with a housemade sandwich and soda at Bleubird followed by chocolate bars and truffles at The Chocolat Bar, both of which are also owned by local couples. More gastronomic gems like Juniper, Fork and Wild Roots are located on Eighth Street, a closed thoroughfare best for bouncing in and out of shops, bars and restaurants. The inclination is to stay, but trust me, Boise is too beautiful not to stray further afield. PHOTOS COURTESY OF GUY HAND; THE CHOCOLAT BAR

54 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017

Life doesn’t stand still.

It keeps moving forward. It’s the blink of an eye. It’s the adventure that is constantly unfolding. Let me help you capture every moment I can, so that they’ll always be around. It’s both my passion and my joy.

678.358.7168 s a m a n t h a t a y l o r p h o t o g r a p h y. c o m February 2017 | | 55



Join us on Saturday, March 18, 2017 Take home a beautiful bowl made by our local potters.

By stray, I mean leave the downtown district and head for the hills. Run from ridge to river starting at Camel Back Park in the foothills of Boise National Forest and and then reward yourself down the street with a legit latte at Hyde Perk Coffee House. On second thought, choose to run through Boise’s neighborhoods, along its gorgeous Boise River Greenbelt, over and under bridges through manicured parks back to the start/finish line at Payette Brewing in the Onward Shay! full or half-marathon. My husband and I opted for all of the above. The race was held in honor of Shay Hirsch, a Boise native who lost an 11-year battle with myeloma, an incurable blood cancer. Co-race directors Jan Bastian and Betsy Luce, both running friends with Hirsch, also knew her in high school. “Shay loved this town and she always gave back to the community,” Luce said. “Yes, kids were really important to Shay, especially underprivileged kids,” Bastian added. “We involved all of the kids [in the kids race] that don’t normally get included like foster children, refugees, children with Down’s Syndrome … we had about 100 kids and they all ran for free.” It was exactly as someone who loved children and running would have wanted. Running in the New York Marathon is how Shay met her husband, George Hirsch, the worldwide publisher of Runner’s World. Even though I heard Tom Hanks was running in the crowd, I was perfectly content to have met running legends like Mr. Hirsch and Joan Benoit Samuelson, who were on hand, among others, to participate in the inaugural ­festivities. What the race directors really wanted was to PHOTOS COURTESY OF MICHAEL MCCULLOUGH PHOTOGRAPHY; JIM SHANE

56 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017

bring a world-class race to Boise and continue Shay’s theme of courage. Despite her struggles, she signed her emails with “Onward, Shay,” leaving a lasting impression of impossible endurance, bravery and strength. Themes Shay already loved in “The Wizard of Oz” and needed as a marathon runner seemed appropriate when Luce and Bastian decided to launch the Onward Shay! Boise Marathon. Held on Sunday, October 29 this year, the race is recruiting 26 inspiring stories to feature at each mile marker of the marathon and the stories they’ve accumulated thus far certainly hit home. Speaking of which, I wouldn’t want to be in Dorothy’s shoes, literally or figuratively, but running shoes have taken me to unexpectedly cool places and have always helped me find my way back. If the mural on the wall of Fifth Street’s Bandanna shoe shop, where running-shoe clad T-Rexes claim “A run a day keeps extinction away” is any indication, Boise has remained true to its own sense of place and that, more than anything, is what endears the city to the lucky ones that can account for its coolness. I’ll be racing back soon. PN

SPREAD YOUR WINGS and soar over to The World Center for Birds of Prey, headquarters for The Peregrine Fund, an international nonprofit organization founded in 1970 that conserves endangered raptors around the world. This one-of-a-kind indoor/ outdoor education center touts a world-renown falconry museum and is home to many amazing birds, facts and history that we found fascinating. Here is where I met Murphy, a Peregrin falcon, and Wally, a Eurasian eagle owl. It’s hard not to be impressed with the significant conservation efforts flying out of this center. |

February 2017 | | 57

Counting ON ...

29 No


SOME PEOPLE JUST DON’T CARE FOR “COFFEE CULTURE,” as Anthony Bourdain calls it, typically with a hint of disgust in his voice. We are not those people. While chain shops outmatch the independent joints, there are still a few standouts holding strong. Rev Coffee Roasters in Smyrna is one of them. Appropriately located next to an auto-shop, Rev looks like a garage gone funky. Inside, local art is for sale and around back, murals have taken over the walls. Behind the counter, their knowledgeable baristas can prepare your traditional cup of choice or encourage you to go for, say, adding the

Gregg Almond — a mix of cinnamon, mocha and almond — to your caffeinated beverage. As a micro-roaster, they source, roast and prepare their own beans, available for purchase in store or at Heritage Sandy Springs Farmers Market on Saturday mornings, April through December. You can also seek out Rev around town, as they sell their bags wholesale to a number of local restaurants and their cold brew is on a nitro tap at The Nest in Kennesaw. As a place to find fellowship or a perk, Rev Coffee fuels us in more ways than one. PN PHOTOS COURTESY OF NICK BIMMERLE; COLLEEN ANN MCNALLY

58 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017

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February 2017 | | 59



CUMMING’S VICKERY VILLAGE written by COLLEEN ANN MCNALLY written by LAUREN VASTINE Nodding to their ever-changing charm and steady draw, we’re highlighting ways to spend 200 minutes in a different Points North Atlanta community for each of our 2017 issues. Whether you spend all 200 minutes in one place or divvy it up to discover several, enjoying your time in this neighborhood starts now.

I HAD FORGOTTEN ABOUT VICKERY. Despite our offices being a whopping 10 minutes away, truth be told, it’d been years since I’d visited. This microcosm of culture is a master-planned community of high-end homes, restaurants, shops and schools, amid horse country just a few minutes west of exit 12 off Georgia 400. My delight in rediscovering it probably has something to do with the fact that I’ve grown as much as it has. As a daughter of an interior designer, I spent a fair

bit of time in or surrounded by beautiful homes. Toting along with my mom on an occasional appointment might have been something I whined about at the time, but in hindsight, I can fondly reach back and browse a mental catalogue of striking sites she worked on, including properties in Vickery. At that age, I didn’t covet their charming brick facades or porch steps lit by standing glass lanterns. The Chill Hill, a seasonally operated ice cream shop in the center of Vickery Village and its short walking distance to the




surrounding families, however, didn’t go unnoticed. The village’s shape resembles an amphitheater’s audience, and in the middle, The Chill Hill is flanked on all sides by common space and the Forsyth County YMCA, as well as shops, restaurants and offices at street level, with more businesses and apartments on the stories above. Together, they comprise a 200,000-square-foot, mixed-use development where residents could “live, work and play” before these terms had become part of Atlanta’s common lexicon. But then, like many projects during last decade’s recession, progress halted. Some doors shuttered. And I, as I suspect many folks who reside outside the Cumming circle, forgot about the Village — until now.











Q ➡

60 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017


The Chill Hill and Vickery Village Courtyard



A PLACE TO MAKE YOUR OWN In the window of one vacant space, colorful balloons and words scripted in blue paint herald a change. “Really Really Good Things Are Coming Soon,” it tells me. The calligraphed sentiment was written by the people behind Pinspiration, a do-it-yourself “makerspace”

inspired by Pinterest and full-service beer/wine bar. After huge success in Phoenix, Ariz., founder and CEO Brooke Roe chose to expand and sent her sister Tiffany Frick to open the first franchise. “Vickery Village is the perfect fit for Pinspiration,” Roe said. “We were looking for a space that would inspire,


February 2017 | | 61


The Flower Post


Cherry Street Brewing Cooperative

and we can’t wait to get creative with our new neighbors. We love the surrounding area, the beautiful center and the strong sense of community we feel here.” Roe’s concept sounds slap-yourself-simple, as in you’ll wish you had thought of it first. Pinspiration makes use of Pinterest as a tool to select the arts and crafts projects that are trending now. Whether with your kids, your girl gang or for a playful date night, each customer can choose from a constantly changing list of preassembled project kits of his or her choice and follow iPad tutorials to work at their own pace, whether in the studio or ordered to-go. When it officially opens later this spring, the venue includes spaces you can reserve, including a VIP party room. Personally, I can’t wait to visit the Jackson Pollock-esque splatter room where customers go to literally sling paint at canvases

and each other while making a messy masterpiece. But, what’s the connection between Phoenix and Cumming? Both are places where Russ Scaramella, one of the partners of Vickery Village Communities, Inc. —  new ownership since July 2016 — spends a lot of time. “Atlanta has always held a special place in my heart and I have embraced the community both personally and professionally,” Scaramella said. “As a current investor in various real estate projects, we saw a tremendous opportunity and potential in Vickery Village. We knew we could bring to the table our background and experience to take [the area] to the next level. We are frequent customers of Vickery and love the uniquely designed community and its businesses, which was a very motivating factor for us. It felt right for us to get involved and enhance our role by becoming more aware of what is needed there.”


62 | POINTS NORTH | February 2017

NEED HELP? Initial improvements included substantial capital investments on the property including the installation of artificial turf and pavers in the Village Courtyard area, improvements in landscaping, drainage and external power, as well as other property repairs and upgrades. The Courtyard has since played host to philanthropic initiatives such as Lily’s Run, the communitywide Trunk or Treat event and a food drive in partnership with Meals by Grace to benefit Forsyth County families in need. Scaramella’s role has also involved personally recruiting tenants — case in point, Pinspiration. “For those that have been to Vickery Village in the past, we welcome you back and will continue to exceed your expectations,” Scaramella said. “For those that have yet to visit, we welcome you in and look forward to creating a memorable time for you, your friends and your family. We want people to understand that by coming to Vickery Village, you are helping to support local businesses, which is important to the community, as well as the charities we support.” It was this shared vision that hooked Frick to relocate for a new venture and considering Pinspiration’s confidence in Vickery Village’s next act, I believe their notion that goodness is just around the bend. So, I kept exploring.



ANOTHER PINT OF PUSHING BOUNDARIES Anchoring one end of the Village is Rick Tanner’s Grille & Bar, an upbeat familyfriendly watering hole that has withstood the test of time, despite the tide of changes surrounding it. Many Northsiders have tasted Tanner’s Original Rotisserie Grill, which dates back to 1986 and is a popular stop in Suwanee for those headed to and from Lake Lanier. The same clan is responsible for good eats with a neighborly feel here. In fact, Tanner is a resident in Vickery and his children, Nick and Alisa, have expanded their family’s footprints with Forsyth County’s first brewpub: Cherry Street Brewing Cooperative and Taproom. Adjacent to the restaurant, the award-winning Cherry Street has one of the largest selections of any brewery or brewpub in the state. There’s an average of 28 on tap and while many offerings are seasonal repeats or experimental exclusives, the year-round line-up includes, for example, The Dirty Frenchman (a Frenchstyle Saison with Farmhouse yeast) and Chief Suwanee’s Stash Coconut Porter (a robust, London-style pour unlike most dark beers you’ve tried).

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Why a co-op? In short, it all stems back to community: to establish and bring together like-minded people, and to brew the beer that people want to drink. With a handful of accolades from local and national competitions, Cherry Street’s impression is about to get larger — as in twice the size of their current brewing operations with retail space to accommodate their growing popularity. To learn more and sample a flight for yourself, take a

Pink eye? Red Eyes? Tired Eyes?

brewery tour on Saturdays from 1 to 4 p.m. The Taproom also contains a full bar with craft cocktails, a sophisticated whiskey and bourbon selection, a balanced wine menu and snacks/tapas. Thanks to Forsyth County’s new open-container law for mix-used developments, the kids can keep playing in the Courtyard while you finish a to-go pint and a game of chess in front of Anthony Gallery. It’s a little like Mayberry, but instead of an ice-cold cherry Coke, you’d be more likely to be sipping on a Cherry Limeade Berliner Weisse.;




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then make a reservation at Branchwater for dinner. Opposite the courtyard from The Chill Hill awaits this under-the-radar gem from Chef Todd Hogan. Hogan’s résumé runs deep, although many of us have only just begun to take notice of his culinary perspective, following the opening of Branch and Barrel in Alpharetta’s Avalon. He’s a graduate of the esteemed Johnson & Wales University in Charleston, has cooked at the James Beard House in New York and consulted on projects across metro Atlanta. He owned Indigo in Roswell before it burned down; he has since revived the concept in Milton as an upscale and swanky modern-American dinner club that’s making its own splash. Not unlike Cherry Street’s co-op philosophy or Scaramella’s community-first focus, Hogan employed a flexible, trial-and-error approach after opening Branchwater as a fine-dining steakhouse. After listening to

UPCOMING EVENTS AT VICKERY VILLAGE FEB. 11: Parents Night Out in the Village Drop the kids at The Dojo and enjoy date night with food and drink specials for parents MARCH 6: A Bloodmobile will be parked from 12 to 5 p.m. in front of Cincó Mexican Cantina MARCH 17: Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Cherry Street Brewing MARCH 23: The Spring Cornhole League begins and continues every Thursday night MARCH 24: Dog Day at Vickery Village A day full of pet adoptions, pet crafts from Pinspiration, dog-friendly patios and collection for animal rescue organizations

feedback from locals, waiters swapped sport coats for denim shirts, but the quality of neither food nor service has faltered. “The place with the really good Brussels sprouts?” my

when I mentioned my plans to dine. She wasn’t the first to tip me off; Frick admitted that after trying them, she has had dreams about them. When I finally sat down for the anticipated meal, my party of two let our waiter take the wheel, and he didn’t steer us wrong. The first plate to arrive on the table was a heaping pile of the crispy greens, dressed with housemade bacon and maple vinaigrette. The second dish was the bourbon barrel smoked salmon, served with spicy remoulade and warm flatbread. It was love at first bite and from there, I knew I was in for a satisfying meal — a delicious promise on which the following courses didn’t disappoint. My favorite? The palm-seared ahi tuna and gingered lo mein noodles, plated playfully with a familiar take-out box spilling out Asian slaw. Finally, because our seasoned waiter divulged proudly that he is engaged to the pastry chef, we ordered not one, but two delectable desserts. branchwatervickery




Walking — more like waddling — back to the car, I took in one more 360-view of the village, noting places like The Flower Post and Village Italian that would require a return visit, not to mention the allure of other doors opening soon.

One concept hatching this month is Nido Café, a place for coffee, tapas and chocolate modeled after the Spanish dining experience. With a back porch that overlooks the Courtyard, its location inspired its name — the Spanish word for nest — as much as the owner’s desire to become a sanctuary for you and your friends. Before I could drive away from Vickery Village, I followed the road upward to where the residences are tucked away and got lost on purpose, turning down street after street of designer homes. Now seeing it with new, older eyes, I soaked in all the thoughtful touches — and the few for-sale signs and lots under construction, as I once again entertained the idea of living steps from an ice cream shop. “Vickery is captivating — most don’t leave the community unless it’s job-related,” said Bob Komar, of Keller Williams Realty, The Komar Team. “We’ve moved three times within the neighborhood, which isn’t unusual; many residents move within Vickery to upsize, downsize or simply to better match their family needs to another home’s features.” “Vickery’s lifestyle is unique, relaxing and appealing, and works to get residents socially together in the truest spirit of ‘community,’” Komar added. After all, it’s who you’re with, not where you are that makes all the difference. But don’t take our word for it. Spend 200 minutes there, and you might find that’s not quite enough. PN

JANUARY 17: Chef Wendy Gay Cold Weather Cooking in Nantucket

APRIL 4: Chef Wendy Gay Spring in Provence Chef Wendy Gay

JANUARY 24: Chef Wendy Gay Dinner in Warsaw

APRIL 18: Chef Wendy Gay Spring in Venice

JANUARY 31: Chef Judith McLaughlin A Night in Scotland (Robert Burns Celebration)

MAY 2: Chef Wendy Gay Italian Pasta Party

FEBRUARY 7: Chef Judith McLaughlin Pre-St. Patrick’s Day Celebration (with Oli & Ve)

MAY 16: Chef Wendy Gay Tapas from Barcelona JUNE 6: Chef Wendy Gay Southern Italian Dinner Party

FEBRUARY 14: Chef Judith McLaughlin Valentines Romantic Dinner Celebration (with Oli & Ve)

JUNE 20: Chef Wendy Gay Summer Grilling

FEBRUARY 28: Chef Wendy Gay Salzburger Colony Dinner

JULY 11: Chef Judith McLaughlin Southern Summer Entertaining (with Oli & Ve)

MARCH 14: Chef Wendy Gay Mardi Gras Celebration


JUNE 27: Chef Wendy Gay Fourth of July Party



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All camps are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.–4 p.m. The City of Roswell’s Recreation, Parks, Historic & Cultural Affairs Department presents its fifth season of creative writing camps at Barrington Hall with award-winning children’s book author and accomplished children’s writing instructor Mary Ann Rodman. The fee is $250 per camper. Ages 10–14. Advanced registration is required.

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ARE YOU A FAN OF PHOTOGRAPHY? Check out Landon Nordeman’s and Spencer Sloan’s new exhibit opening this month at Spalding Nix Fine Art at 425 Peachtree Hills Avenue NE. Nordeman is a photojournalist who primarily takes candid photos behind the scenes at fashion shows. Sloan creates large abstract prints based on digitally manipulated paparazzi photos. The opening reception is Feb. 3 from 6 to 8 p.m. and is free to the public; normal gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday or by appointment. The exhibit will be on display until April 15.


@brooksteamsports: @thebigketch_cantonstreet has a really nice outside. They’ve let me sit with my dog and it’s been really wonderful. BTW Love your 200th! Really great articles and photography.


IF MOTIVATION IS CONTAGIOUS, don’t miss your chance to meet Sheri Riley, formerly the senior director of marketing at LaFace Records in Atlanta, a founding partner of the John Maxwell Team, and now, a Penguin Random House author. Her book “Exponential Living: Stop Spending 100% of Your Time on 10% of Who You Are” outlines Riley’s principals to pursuing peace, choosing clarity and living courageously. Join her for a talk and signing on the book’s release date, Feb. 7 at Barnes & Noble in Buckhead (2300 Peachtree Road NE).


Lauren Sanford Smith: “So fun to have a copy of this article from Points North Atlanta in hand! Thanks again Linley Mobley for capturing our story and the heart behind It Takes Two Events so well!”


IN OUR JANUARY 2017 ISSUE, Garrett Techmyer should have been identified as the executive chef of The Big Ketch Saltwater Grill’s Buckhead location.

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Points North February 2017  

February 2017 Issue