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Fiskars Rain Barrel It may not have the looks of an oak barrel or a terra cotta planter but rain barrels made by Fiskars are top of the line in terms of their smart features and clean designs. It's a USA designed barrel, covered with a UV treated polyethylene (including the cover) and includes a diverter. We shoe you where you can find a good deal here. Rain barrels have been used for thousands of years to collect rainwater, from the time of Romans up until the present. Nearly 40% percent of water consumption from residences come from watering gardens and lawns. The use of a rain barrel can help save money and save the environment, making it an important consideration for each household. Types of Fiskars Rain Barrel Fiskars 5998 Salsa 58-Gallon Rain Harvesting System, Spice Granite This type of Fiskars Rain Barrel system has a 58-gallon cistern. The barrel and the cover is made up of impact-resistant, UV-treated, recyclable polyethylene to withstand the harsh elements. It has a flat rear design to rest comfortably on the wall and has a rainwater diverter that fits a standard 2” x 3” and 3” x 4” downspouts, diverting the overflow away from your home. The Salsa 58-gallon looks neat and blends with your lawn or garden with its spice granite color. It also has a threaded spigot, which allows you to connect a garden hose. You can easily fill up your garden watering cans with it. With the clean design and smart features, it's worth every penny! Fiskars 5998 Salsa II 58 Gallon Rain Barrel with DiverterPro - Spice Granite The Salsa II 58 Gallon Fiskars Rain Barrel has the same neat design as the Salsa 58-Gallon, with a UV treated, recyclable polyethylene body and cover. It also has the sophisticated spice granite design that would go well with your lawn. It also has a threaded spigot that is positioned at just the right distance from the base that filling up cans would be a breeze. This version has a smart feature called the DiverterPro. The Diverter Pro would not only control the inflow and outflow of rainwater into the barrel, it would also filter out debris so that it would not go into the cistern. This Fiskars Rain Barrel has a clean cut design with top of the line technology and is affordable!


It has nothing but praises from its users, the Fiskars Rain Barrel Salsa 58-Gallon and the Salsa II 58-Gallon with DiverterPro have proven its usability. Other than the neat design which sits perfectly well in their lawn or garden; users love the way that the diverter prevents the barrel to overflow. Now, with a more recent design, the DiverterPro not only controls the flow of rainwater, but it filters out the debris as well. Some users have mentioned that they would encounter lids that do not sit well with the body of the barrel, but other than that, two-thumbs up for the Fiskars Rain Barrel!

Fiskars 5998 Salsa Rain Barrel

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