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Study Guide FOR EXCHANGE STUDENTS 2022–2023

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STUDENT ASSOCIATION POINTER RY AND STUDENT SERVICES What is Pointer and why you should become a member?

WELCOME TO UCPORI The University Consortium of Pori welcomes you to study in our school!





Events, sports services, societies, clubs, and everything you need to make your stay in Pori the best time of your life!

Jenni Vuorela

TEXTS Salla Wiklund Kimmo Ahonen Silja Jämsä

PICTURES From Pointer's archive By UCPori students

ON THE COVER Exchange students of Spring 2021 with international tutors

Exchange students who've stayed in Pori previously tell their stories!

A LETTER FROM POINTER’S BOARD Welcome on behalf of the Student Association of Pori, Pointer ry, to the land of thousand lakes, where the saunas are always hot, and the educations quality is one of the highest in the world. My name is Salla and I’m a member of Pointer’s board, where I take care of international affairs with Juhani. I have now been living in Pori for four years and I think it was one of my best decisions to come study here and move to a new city, 2 hours away from my hometown. To my mind, it is never too late to start exploring new things and making new memories. That’s why I’m so happy that you, the new exchange student, decided to apply to our University Consortium. My name is Juhani and I´m also part of Pointer´s board with Salla. This is my second year in Pori and I feel I have made it my second home. As a former exchange student, I´m always happy that others have made the same decision. I’m also Pointer´s sports affairs guy, so feel free to ask me about those things as well. I consider parties as my specialty and international students only make them better. This part of the guide is for you to get to know, for example, different universities in Pori and their student associations, student events, sport opportunities and the people connected to mentioned themes better. When you come to exchange here, there are many things that you have to take into consideration. The amount of new information can seem overwhelming, but I assure you will always get help when you need it. We have here a close community and you will definitely get to know different people from different student associations and branches of science. We organize a lot of events, so we encourage you to participate in all of them. Pori is a really student-friendly city (students get a wide range of discounts, in all respects) and it often surprises in a positive way. Sport opportunities in Pori are also really good and Pointer offers many weekly sport shifts. You can find lots of activities from exercise to art, and you’ll be introduced to them all during your exchange. Once again, we warmly (almost as hot as the sauna) welcome you to Finland and especially to our beloved University Consortium of Pori. If you come across any questions, feel always free to ask and contact us, the rest of Pointer’s board, international tutors or other staff related to the matter. Best regards, Salla Wiklund and Juhani Luoto

This guide was handcrafted with care by our beloved outgoing international board member Salla Wiklund. Salla resumed her duties on 31 July for the most appropriate reason of them all, experiencing the excitement of Erasmus this time in a different role, as an exchange student in the University of Würzburg. On behalf of the board, we want to thank Salla for her tireless efforts in Pointer and wish her and other outbound UCPori exchangees the most joyful exchange filled with adventure and new experiences! With great anticipation and excitement we welcome you to Pori and our UCPori village!

Salla Wiklund and Juhani Luoto

STUDENT ASSOCIATION POINTER AND STUDENT SERVICES Pointer is a student association representing all the students of UCPori and was founded in 1988. The aim of the association is to advance the position of students in society and provide them with various services. Pointer’s main operations are interest representation (statements, research, committee work), delivering and receiving information from interest groups, organizing events and providing students with student services (student cards, year tags, sports and copying services, tutoring etc.). All members have a right to vote in the annual election for the board of the association. The board is the decision‐making and executive body of the association. The board will remain the same for an academic year. Pointer represents all UCPori students regardless of their field of study or university unit. The administrative duties of the association are done by the Executive Manager.

Contact Info Executive Manager of the association, Milla Hautaoja e-mail: tel.: +358 50 462 3277 (on weekdays from 8 am. to 3:30 pm.) Administrative duties of the association

Office Secretary in Student Services, Mirabelle Nieminen e-mail: tel.: 045 804 1516 (Mon-Thur from 9.30 am. to 1 pm., Fri 10-12am.) Guidance in questions regarding Student services (copying, student cards etc.)

Student Services of Pointer (room 120, main lobby) Student Services are open on weekdays from 9.30 am to 1 pm, Fridays 10–12 am. Please note the current Corona-situation may affect the office hours and the office might be closed part of the week and serve remotely. You can still reach Pointer’s employees by email and phone normally on weekdays during business hours. During the office hours we serve you with: Student cards Membership of Pointer Student overalls and student overall badges UCPori merchandise (hoodies, cotton bags, bookmarks, notebooks, and mugs) Tickets for student events (NOTE! Payment with card only) Turku and Tampere Universities academic calendars for free Campus bicycles (2) for free, including a helmet and a bicycle pump Office supplies (lecture papers, memory sticks etc.) Copying and scanning We can help with a lot of things, just ask us!

Follow Pointer’s social media channels! In addition to these, new Facebook groups and WhatsApp discussion platforms are always formed for exchange students in the autumn and spring, so please pass your contact information on to your own international tutor if you wish to be part of the formed groups. To get all the information in real time, be sure to follow Pointer, for example, on these channels mentioned above. Pointer also sends a weekly newsletter via email to students.

Pointer ry pointer_ry pointer_international Pointer ry Porin Ylioppilasyhdistys Pointer ry Pointer ry

BECOME A MEMBER OF POINTER All students at UCPori who have paid the membership fee of their university's student union and filled the Pointer membership form are members of Pointer. The membership costs 10€. With membership you will get all the benefits of Pointer's sport services, student overalls and events. The membership form information will be recorded to the Pointer member register. Pointer does not give out any member information for commercial purposes. Student Card and Year Tag All students who have paid the student union membership fee are entitled to a student card. 1. Students of Tampere University Student cards are ordered by Pointer (NOTE! Student union fee must be paid before you get the student card!) Cards can be picked up from student services In the academic year 2022-2023 students can possibly order the cards electronically from TREY website. International office will send further information about this to the nominated students. 2. Students of University of Turku / Turku School of Economics Students can order their student cards from MyFrank: You'll need a digital photo of yourself to complete the order It is recommended to pay the fee for the card online during the ordering process with a credit card or from a Finnish e-bank account. If you do not have the possibility to use neither a credit card nor the e-bank, please contact the Pointer´s Student services for further information You also need to fill in your Finnish student number given by the University of Turku when ordering your student card When asked for the student union, choose TYY‐Pori After ordering and paying for the card, you will get a confirmation e-mail. 3. Members of Pointer Members of Pointer are eligible for a free mobile student card (Slice) Ask help downloading the card from your tutor or Pointer’s office Slice offers student discounts in many places in Pori and elsewhere in Finland Please note Slice card is not an official student card and cannot be used in e.g. buses, trains or student restaurants (you need one of the official card mentioned above for those)

Year Tag The student card has to have a year tag on it to be valid. Please check that your card has the current year tag on it, when picking it from Pointer Student Services. Pointer Sticker Members of Pointer will also get a Pointer sticker from student services. The sticker entitles students to all benefits meant for members of Pointer (student discounts, free entry to post-event parties, sports services). Student Card Benefits The student card with a valid year tag on it provides you many considerable benefits: - subsidized lunches at Sofia and other student restaurants - low-priced long-distance bus and train tickets

STUDENT TUTORS AND INTERNATIONAL TUTORS Tutors help and guide the first-year students and exchange students with their studies and other practical issues. Tutors introduce the students to the University Consortium campus, staff, and the city of Pori. Tutors and International Office help new students make their course schedules and tell them about exams and lectures. They also introduce students to Pointer and subject‐specific societies and answer the various questions that new students may have. International student tutor system engages trained Finnish student volunteers to help exchange students with practical matters and guide through student life. All exchange students have received their tutor’s contact information by email. In addition to the international tutors, our University’s international “team” consists also of International Officer, whose job is to help Salla (Pointer’s Board, International affairs) with organizing events and managing all international activities. International tutors are your closest contacts during your exchange. They introduce you to the local student life and support you whenever needed. Every exchange student is assigned their own personal tutor. You can always ask your tutor if you have any questions! The tutor has an obligation of confidentiality when it comes to your personal discussions.

STUDENT OVERALLS In Finland, all university students wear overalls in student events. You earn patches from student events (or buy some) and use them to decorate and tune the overalls to your personal preference. You can buy your own overalls from Pointer’s office for 40 €. The color of the overalls tells you what and where you are studying. For example: Dark blue: Turku School of Economics (both in Pori and Turku) Red: Culture students, University of Turku, Pori unit Orange: UCPori exchange students, you! Additionally, students of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences have different colored overalls, the most common color is bright green. Students of Diaconia University of Applied Sciences have yellow overalls. The colors of student overalls are also city specific. So, there's overalls in every possible color and it's fun to learn what field and school each represents! Collect patches from student events you attend and buy student societies' merchandise patches, and decorate your overalls as a wonderful memory of all your adventures during your exchange!

i r o P C U

WELCOME TO STUDY IN UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM OF PORI! Congratulations on your nomination for exchange period in University Consortium of Pori (UCPori). We're delighted to have you as a part of our unique multidisciplinary science and art community. This Study Guide includes valuable information about studying and living in Pori and making the most of your time here. University Consortium of Pori is a multidisciplinary community of two universities, conducting scientific research and education. Pori Interdisciplinary Exchange Program in Technology, Business and Culture offers a concise and versatile curriculum with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary dialogue. The receiving universities are Tampere University Pori Unit and University of Turku, Turku School of Economics, Pori Unit. The programme started in autumn 2013, and since then we have received almost 300 exchange students, coming from Germany, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, Brazil, and South Korea. On the whole, 26 universities have sent students to our exchange programme. The University Consortium operates in a unique studying environment in a renovated textile mill (Pori Cotton Factory) in the center of Pori, on the north bank of the river Kokemäenjoki. The factory was built during 1898-1900 and burnt partly to the ground in 1981. The building was renovated for university purposes in 1999. Finland and Pori are excellent destinations for exchange students. Finland has a particular charm that lies in the combination of world-class education, research, technology, design and beautiful, unspoiled nature. Finland is known as a comfortable and safe living environment, as confirmed by quality-of-life studies, and has been ranked among the world’s top countries for higher education. Located on the west coast of Finland, Pori is home to 83,000 people. The total student population at the University Consortium of Pori and the universities of applied sciences in the region is around 10,000. Local industries offer students exciting employment opportunities, for example, in the fields of maritime technology, energy, mechanical engineering and game technology. Although Pori is rather small city on a Finnish urban scale, its nature and operators offer many different sport opportunities and all in all, a community, which everyone must experience by themselves. Your exchange study period at UCPori will start with orientation days in late August or in the beginning of January. Please note that orientation is compulsory for all new international students. During the orientation you will, for example, register as a student, get information on how to sign up for courses and meet your fellow students. Welcome to Pori!

Kimmo Ahonen and Silja Jämsä UCPori International Offices

UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM OF PORI The University Consortium of Pori (UCPori, in Finnish Porin Yliopistokeskus) is a science and art community that consists of 2 000 students, and a staff of 170 experts. There are two universities that operate in the University Consortium (including the following units): Tampere University Pori Technology: Social Sciences: University of Turku Pori Campus: Turku School of Economics, Pori Unit:, Degree Programme in Cultural Production and Landscape Studies: Center for Maritime Studies Faculty of Medicine, Teaching Health Center There are four degree programs that lead to an academic degree in Pori: Master of Science (MSc) Master of Social Science (MSSc) Bachelor and Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration (BSc, MSc) Bachelor and Master of Arts in Humanities (BA, MA) Postgraduate studies are provided to doctorate level. Did you know? University consortia are network organizations, where the academic activities in a certain area have been gathered under one roof. The university consortia are a part of the Finnish university institution and the higher education system. The units in the university consortia follow the rules and regulations of their parent universities. UCPori Interdisciplinary Exchange Programme in Technology, Business and Culture Tampere University, Pori Unit and University of Turku School of Economics, Pori Unit are offering a study program for the exchange students. Most of them are ERASMUS students, who are nominated as exchange students by the partner universities. Thereafter, the nominated students will apply to either University of Turku or Tampere University, according to the instructions that they will receive from the international offices of Tampere University or University of Turku. Students will live and study in the city of Pori. You can find more information about the course selection & other practices from the programme’s website:

ACADEMIC CALENDAR AND STUDY PRACTICES The academic year consists of four teaching periods and there are examination week(s) at the end of each teaching period. Your studies start with the orientation days. For the students who arrive in autumn term, the orientation days are organized in late August (weeks 33-34), For the students who arrive in spring term, the orientation is organized in early January (week 1). Please check the academic calendars of each university unit at UCPori exchange programme for the exact dates. During the orientation days (and also before that) you will get information about the studies, such as IT account activation, course registration, course timetables, and many other practical matters related to your studies in Pori. Most exchange students take courses from two universities, which means that there are also two different IT accounts and study information systems. Some courses are lecture-based and there is an examination at the end of the course. However, there are many courses that do not have exam at all. The course requirements may include essay writing, problem-solving exercises, and group work. Hence, it is important that you attend the first lecture to find out details about course arrangements and requirements for completing the course (obligatory exercises, assignments, exact timetable, exams and other details). In Finnish universities the hierarchy is usually low. From the beginning of their studies, students are considered to be full members of our university community, with the rights and responsibilities related to their position. When you have questions, it is your responsibility to ask advice from lecturers, staff members and student tutors – they will help you! Anyway, you will get instructions during the orientation days. You can find the weekly course schedules from the programme’s website: In Tampere University, the student information system Sisu is the primary system for managing teaching and studies. On the Sisu study information system, you draft your personal study plan (PSP), sign up for courses, and monitor the progress of your studies: University of Turku (UTU) uses a study data system called Peppi. In Peppi you draft your personal study plan, sign up for courses, and monitor the progress of your studies. You can also find UTU Study Guide and UTU Study Scheduling Service in the Peppi-system: Moodle is an online learning environment used by both universities. It supports the students learning, cooperation and group work on courses and enables the sharing of materials. Tampere University courses: and UTU courses:

INTERNATIONAL OFFICES Your inquiries will be handled by: Turku School of Economics, Pori Unit

Tampere University, Pori Unit

Administrative matters: Mrs Silja Jämsä (MSc in Economics and Business Administration, Student Adviser) Room: 105 Tel. +358 50 501 8172

Mr Kimmo Ahonen (PhD, Departmental Erasmus Coordinator) International Office, Room 243 (2nd floor) Tel. +358 40 8262 735

Academic matters: Mr Harri Virolainen, (PhD, University Lecturer) Room: 322 Tel. +358 50 466 9870

Website: General e-mail:

UCPORI WLAN – WIRELESS NETWORK Eduroam wireless network is available at the University Consortium of Pori. Via the links below you find Eduroam instructions for the universities operating at the UCPori. For more information, go to Tampere University Pori Unit IT Support, Mr Petteri Tammisto (room 242) can provide further information about the wireless network.

SERVICE CENTER – INFORMATION DESK The Service Center / Information desk of the University Consortium of Pori is located in the main lobby on the ground floor. The Service Center provides services concerning the facilities in the University Consortium of Pori. Student services include handing the electronic key cards to students and student ITC services at the University of Turku. Pohjoisranta 11 A (P.O. Box 181) 28100 Pori Tel. +358 44 790 0079, Opening hours during semesters: Mon-Thu 8-18 and Fridays 8-16 Electronic keys Full‐time students (including exchange students) of the University Consortium get an electronic key card that gives access to the University Consortium premises and certain entrances depending on the university unit you’re studying in. The electronic key is personal. New students get their key cards from the service center. A deposit of €20 must be paid (cash only, credit/debit cards are not accepted). Please bring your ID with you! The premises of the University Consortium are supervised by access control and surveillance cameras. Please read the instructions on how to use the electronic key and the university premises before using the electronic key. Please note that due to the current Corona situation, every student must be out of the university premises before 9 p.m. Access guide Students must follow the rules in the access guide given with the key card. The online version of the access guide: Unauthorized access will cause a security alert. Anyone who causes an alert will be charged a fee! The fees are in the online access guide. If you break the rules, you may lose your access rights and you may be required to return the key card. Validity and returning the key card Your key card is valid for one academic year. However, access rights remain if you continue studying. The key card will expire automatically when you finish your studies. When you return your key card to the service desk, the deposit will be refunded.

If you lose the key card Responsibility for the use of your key card continues until you have informed the key card loss. To replace the key card, you need to buy a new key card, for which you have to pay a new deposit. Exam-room use with the electronic key Only an identity card, the electric key and any key to the storage compartment may be taken to the Exam-room. Leave your phone, outwear, all papers (including handkerchiefs) and lunch outside. The exam room has video surveillance and is not allowed to leave during the exam. Audio is also recorded in video surveillance! Suspicion of fraud can lead to rejection of the experiment. When entering the exam-room, find the machine reserved for you. There is a map of Tampere and Turku University exam machines in the door of the exam aquarium. Note that the numbers may be the same on Tampere and Turku machines! See the University’s map to locate the Exam-room on this guide’s last page. After finding your machine, log in to the machine with your UTU credentials. To get started, press “Start”. Finish the exam by submitting it for assessment. The system saves exam answers every hour, so they are retained even in the event of an interruption. If the test is interrupted or blocked due to a technical or other defect, stop the test and exit from the exam-room. In that case, immediately contact the teacher of the specific course.

PARKING IN THE PORI COTTON AREA Parking is allowed for 2‐3 hours (with a parking disk!) in Pohjoisranta and in the Pori Cotton Factory parking area. Inside the parking garage of Puuvilla’s shopping center parking is allowed for 4 hours. However parking is not allowed on reserved (”varattu”) spaces without a written permit. Long‐term parking is available for a fee and requires a special permit. Pointer offers students free parking permits for Puuvilla's P3-parking area. The Pori Cotton Factory parking area is under municipal supervision. Parking against the rules will incur a parking ticket.

UCPORI LIBRARY Pohjoisranta 11 C (P.O. Box 136), 28101 Pori The library is located on the ground floor of the Pori University Consortium. Apart from printed books and magazines, you can also find silent studying space, group work area, computers, and your university’s devices for printing, scanning and copying. The IT department of your university offers help with these in case of trouble. The library is open for students with electronic key cards round the clock. Anyone who registers as a library user is entitled to borrow books, but most of the material is now digital and available online by logging in with your university user ID. If you need a library card, you can get it from the librarian during the working hours. Please see the database of your own library for printed as well as digital resources! If you need help with anything, please contact the library secretary Juha-Pekka Järvensivu via e-mail The library's facilities and materials can still be normally used by students and can be borrowed from lending machines. Books can be returned to the return box in the library hallway. Databases: University of Turku library: Tampere University library: Other libraries in Pori SAMK Pori Campus library (SAMK: Technology and Business): Satakunnankatu 23, 28130 Pori, Pori Public Library – Regional Library of Satakunta: Gallen‐Kallelankatu 12, 28101 Pori,

e f i l t n e d u St i r o P in

POINTER’S SPORTS AND EXERCISE SERVICES Pointer organizes sport and exercise services for the Pointer members. The sports services are either free of charge or at a reduced student rate. To get the benefits and discounts you need to be a Pointer member and have a Pointer sticker on your student card. Floorball, Soccer, Hockey, and Ice Skating Every week there will be free soccer and floorball shifts, where every Pointer’s member is welcome to participate. During winter season there's a weekly opportunity to skate and play hockey. More information on Facebook group PointerSportti Gym (Energy Puls Wellness Center) Single visit to the gym or conducted group exercise in Puls costs 2,50 €. A 20-visit keycard is 50 €. The keycard is personal, and you're not allowed to let anyone else in to the Puls premises with it. Address: Herralahdenraitti 1 Swimming You can enjoy swimming at the Pori swimming hall for only 1 €/visit. The price of the indoor swimming pool also includes the gym. Address: Presidentinpuistokatu 6 Sports Center Various exercising opportunities (including gym) provided by the Sports Center (Urheilutalo) for only 1 €/visit. Address: Kuninkaanhaanaukio 6 Yoga (Pori Hyvinvointicenter) Yoga lessons at Pori Hyvinvointicenter. Price for Pointer´s members only 3 €/visit (the student price is normally 9 €). Address: Valtakatu 4 A Crossfit Karjaranta As a member of Pointer, you get a membership of 45 € per month (Normal price 79 €). Address: Puunaulakatu 5

Mailbox for joggers For all of you joggers and runners out there, Pointer has placed two mailboxes to the essential Pori running paths. The other mailbox is in Kirjurinluoto and the other one is in Katinkuru. There is a notebook in the mailbox. Write your name, date and e-mail address to the notebook and you´ll participate in a draw where you can win a sportsrelated prize! Draw is conducted twice per semester. Disc Golf You can borrow Disc Golf discs from Pointer’s office. For more information and benefits go to Sport experimentations For example, Finnish baseball, adventure park, paint ball or whatever the sports director comes up with. You can also suggest your own thoughts and ideas regarding sports you would like to try. This changes every time and provides variation.

Pointer’s rowing crew This crew is Pointer’s official church boating team, which competes once a year against SAMK students (and usually wins 😏). The rowing crews’ qualifiers are in April and the race is organized at the end of April. Fan shirts and overall patched can be bought from Pointer’s office. Pointer’s rowing group has its own Instagram @pointer_rowing_group, so make sure that you follow it! #jointhehype

POINTER'S EVENTS Finnish students are very active and creative, which can be seen very clearly in the various events and parties organized by different student associations and clubs throughout the academic year! Here's some examples of Pointer's major events:

Spring The first Sitz Party of the year SportsAppro Ice Swimming Skiing Trip CakeAppro Academic Wappu

Autumn New students' evening (part of the orientation week) Kastajaiset Cultural Tour Wine Tasting Christmas Gala Indepencende Day parade

On top of all these, Pointer organizes for example movie nights and game nights at Saikku, band nights, Jazz-reception during the Pori Jazz festival in summertime, monthly cultural events, and other different kind of events. In student party cruises you have the opportunity to go to Stockholm and back in 24 hours and don’t set foot in Sweden. Sounds like a perfect party concept! There’s usually a few of these for every semester to select from. When it comes to other mentioned events, make sure that you follow Pointer’s Instagram and Facebook to get the newest updates!

POINTER’S EVENTS SPECIFICALLY FOR EXCHANGE STUDENTS Get Together Party This is the very first party organized by Pointer and the international tutors for the new exchange students, international tutors, and Pointer board members to get to know each other. International Dinner The purpose of the international dinner is to get acquainted with the cultures of exchange students and also to acquaint exchange students with Finnish food culture. Sometimes there is a dress code to this kind of event and sauna is also reserved. Normally hosted at Saikku. Finland’s Independence Day Dinner (6.12.) Let's get acquainted with the Finnish tradition of celebrating Finnish Independence Day. Eating traditional food, watching castle parties and a specific movie. World Championships of Academic Kyykkä Academic Kyykkä World Championships is a national student event held in Tampere with hundreds of student teams around Finland competing against each other and having fun with the ancient Finnish outdoor game of Kyykkä. Join Pointer's team! International Sitz Party International Sitz is a party renowned by all international and local students of Pori. The purpose of the event, in addition to having a lot . of fun of course, is to introduce and familiarize the new exchange students with Finnish sitz party tradition with its many rules and traditions Farewell Finland Party Farewell Finland Party is the last student party of the semester and what’s a better way to say goodbye than having a big party!

ABOUT SITZ PARTIES Sitz (sittning in Swedish, sitsit in Finnish) is an academic table party originating in Sweden and an integral part of the student culture in both Finland and Sweden. It consists of singing, drinking, and eating, and most importantly, having fun with your friends and meeting new people!

8 1 0 2 in y t r a p z it Sailor S

International S itz party in 202 0

Joint events for students and staff of UCPori April: Spring Matinée September: TiedeAreena (Science Arena) December: Christmas Matinée In addition to all events mentioned above, it is also possible to create own events! For example, exchange students have made their own trips to various national parks and cities in Finland with important attractions. Together with international tutors and other international group members, we have also travelled to Lapland, made day trips to Rauma and Turku and visited Oulu and Kalajoki. So, if you have your own ideas that you would like to implement during your stay in Finland, do not hesitate to ask international tutors or, for example, Pointer’s board members to come with you. There are many unforgettable journeys ahead!

STUDENT UNIONS Membership in the Student Union is recommendable for all students. The Student Union membership fee is not a tuition fee. The membership fee for students is about 30 € for the Autumn or Spring semester, and about 60 € for the whole Academic year. International office will send you details on how to make the payment before your arrival to Pori.

TYY – Turun Yliopiston ylioppilaskunta The Student Union of The University of Turku The Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY) is a public corporation completely independent of the University of Turku. The role of TYY is to represent its members, to advance the position of students in society and provide them with services ranging from consultations with lawyers to parties and sports opportunities. TYY has a total of about 15,000 members. Read more about TYY’s activities on their website,! Also, be sure to follow TYY in social media!

TREY – Tampereen ylioppilaskunta Student Union of Tampere University TREY protects the interests of students, facilitates the work of student associations, provides services for its members as well as creates a sense of community. There are over 18,000 students together in the student union. Read more about TREY's activities on their website,! Remember to follow TREY in social media!

SUBJECT-SPECIFIC STUDENT SOCIETIES There are two subject‐specific student societies at the University Consortium of Pori that represent the students of their university unit and subject. These societies are run by the students elected once a year for the board of the society. The societies arrange events and services for their members and co‐operate with the university student unions and Pointer. The societies also have representatives in the executive groups and department councils of their university units. The societies will introduce themselves during the orientation days and tell more about their work and events etc. Porin Kylterit – PorKy ry University of Turku, Turku School of Economics PorKy is a subject-specific society for the students studying business administration in Pori. PorKy is the largest and the most active of the three student societies in UCPori and organizes events every week, most of which exchange students are welcome to join in, too. The biggest student events, such as Yrjönkadun Appro and Karhupoikkarit, are organized by PorKy. Make sure to follow PorKy on all their social media channels! Website: Email: Kulma ry University of Turku, Cultural Production and Landscape Studies Kulma is a subject-specific society for the students studying Cultural Production and Landscape Studies in Pori. Kulma organizes lots of fun events during the semester, most of which exchange students are welcome to join in, too. Kulma's events include i.e. board game nights and WappuSafari (takes places during 1st of May celebrations). Make sure to follow Kulma on social media! Website: Email: The student societies of Tampere University students in Pori, PoTka and Utopia, are currently inactive.

CLUBS Pori Academic Tasting Society (PATS) Pori Academic Tasting Society (PATS) is a registered student association established in early autumn 2020. They're working under the Student Union of Turku University (TYY) and keep their doors open to all students – local and exchange – in the Universities of Turku or Tampere. Their purpose is to cherish the culture and promote the knowledge of wine, gastronomy, and other alcoholic beverages – with the casual aspect of a student. PATS organizes events such as wine-tasting and plans to bring up new concepts like cocktail-school and beer excursion. They work with local bars and restaurants to give their members different benefits. To join the PATS-family, find them on Facebook @Porin Akateeminen Tasting Seura and on Instagram @tastingkerho.

Portfolio ry Portfolio ry is a student association that brings together students with shared interests of investing and capital markets. Their mission is to increase their members’ knowledge and interest in regard to investing and personal wealth management. They offer versatile events and benefits, such as workshops, company excursions, keynote speaking events, investing tools and informal networking get-togethers to our members. You can find them on Facebook @Portfolio and on Instagram @portfoliory. In addition, feel free to contact them via email in case you have any questions.

Porin akateeminen tanssimusiikin arvostusseura - Pata ry Pata ry is an association founded in the fall of 2019. It focuses on electronic dance music and plays at parties and sometimes organizes its own parties. In Pata trainings, you can, for example, learn how to play with DJ sets. You can find them on Facebook @PATA ry and on Instagram @pata_ry.

Pori Junior Chamber, JCI Pori JCI Pori (fin. Porin Nuorkauppakamari ry) is a management, training, and development organization. The membership consists of people under the age of 40, mainly operating in the Pori economic area, who represent a wide range of the private and public sectors. Their common idea is to make a positive impact on society by developing members' leadership skills, social responsibility, entrepreneurship, and internationality. Chamber activities are a hobby in which various monthly events, trainings, projects and other events take place. The principle is learning by doing, #experiment culture. Having fun is not forgotten in action; here you will make new friends and do the best hobby in the world. It's part of the Junior Chamber International organization operating in over 100 countries. You can follow JCI Pori on Facebook @Porin Nuorkauppakamari and on Instagram @jcipori or look for more information on their website:

Porin akateeminen nörttikulttuurin arvostusseura, Pana ry Pana ry is a registered association founded in March 21, 2011. The purpose of the association is to bring together people interested in and practicing nerd culture and to organize various activities related to nerd culture, such as film and game evenings/nights and visits to events related to the association's field of activity. Membership of the association is intended primarily for students of the University of Turku, but also for others interested in the association's field. More detailed information about the association can be found on Facebook @PANA ry and on Instagram @panaryinfo.

Porin OPKO – IFES Finland (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students) IFES Finland is students' own Christian association that organizes Lutheran, biblical student activities in the Pori region. The association was founded in 1975, but activities in Pori have been organized since 1971. More information from their homepage:

ESN FINLAND Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a nonprofit international student organization. Their mission is to represent international students, thus provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students. ESN organizes the events and trips around Finland. More information: ESN - University of Turku: ESN – University of Tampere:

BECOME A REPORTER! Pori University Centre's online journal UCPori News is an online publication published 4-5 times a year, which presents current research and events at Pori University Center. Are you a good writer and interested in becoming a member of the UCPoriNews editorial board? You’ll get paid for published articles. Contact:! Pori Student Magazine Pointti is a magazine published by the Pori Student Association, which is published four times a year. Student magazine Pointti is also looking for reporters. To Pointti you can write about almost anything that you are interested in. There has been articles about travelling, columns, interviews, reviews and so on. Contact:

STUDENT HOUSE SAIKKU Pori’s student house Saikku is a living room for all academic students. The student house is located in the centre of Pori, near to the town square, in Antinkatu 7. The student house Saikku provides facilities for student events, gigs, exhibitions, and sauna evenings. Saikku organizes parties regularly, for example, international parties. Student house is managed by the Pori student house association, which was founded by Pointer and Satakunta University of Applied Sciences’ students’ union SAMMAKKO. Members of Pointer can reserve Saikku facilities for 50€ price for parties, sauna evenings, and events which are directed to students. In case you want to reserve Saikku facilities, contact your international tutor or ask for more information: &

Exchange students in Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) There are more than hundred exchange students studying in SAMK every year. The international tutors in SAMK have arranged a lot of activities for their exchange students and most of them are open for UCPori exchange students as well. Your tutor will tell you more about these events during orientation days. You can find useful information about leisure time and other activities from the SAMK Exchange pages in

RESTAURANTS WITH STUDENT BENEFITS Ravintola Sofia Restaurant Sofia (Fazer Food Services Oy) is a student cafeteria/restaurant in UCPori premises where you can get a student discount for your lunch. Students have five different lunch options to choose from (for the price 2,70€) during the lunch time from 10.30 to 14. There is also affordable fastfood menu available Mon-Fri from 14 to 17. If none of the five options is suitable for you because of food allergies or other reasons, the restaurant staff will help you. Note! There might be some changes of the food serving due to the Corona situation. Check the latest updates online!

Restaurant Skene Juvenes Restaurant Skene Juvenes is a student restaurant located in SAMK premises and there you can also get a student discount for your lunch (for the price of 2,70€). Normally lunch is served from 10.30 – 14.30. Juvenes Corporation organizes high-quality student services and supports the goals of its owning communities by profitable business. The corporation is owned by the students’ unions of the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology. There might be some changes of the food serving due to the Corona situation. Check the opening hours of Juvenes student restaurants here:

You can get a student-priced lunch from all Finnish student restaurants in any city with your Finnish student card with a valid year tag!

PLACES TO VISIT IN THE AREA Yyteri Beach area Yyteri is known for its sandy beach, which is one of the longest in Finland and in the Nordic countries (it’s 6 kilometers long). Yyteri offers a wide range of sports, including golf, horse riding, beach volleyball and surfing. Yyteri has more than 30 kilometers of hiking trails, nature trails and more than ten bird towers. In Yyteri, there is also a spa hotel (Yyterin Virkistyshotelli). Reposaari and Kallo Reposaari is an idyllic island of wooden houses, which presents itself as a fascinating city in mini size. The island is about three kilometers long and half a kilometer wide. It offers bold sea views and many interesting details. Kallo Harbor Lighthouse and its rocky beaches are popular excursion destinations. In Kallo there are, e.g. Pori Coast Guard and pilot station. The island's sailing club, Segelföreningen i Björneborg BSF, is the oldest continuously operating sports club in our country. City of Rauma Rauma is the fourth oldest city in Finland. Rauma is one of Finland’s two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Old Rauma is the largest unified and well-preserved old wooden house area in the Nordic countries, which is a lively and beautiful city center, full of museums, shops, restaurants and homes. Joutsijärvi Joutsijärvi’s hiking trail is located in the area of ​the former municipality of Kullaa, in the eastern rural area of ​the city of Ulvila. Kullaa is geographically located in the middle of Satakunta province. The distance to Pori is 25 kilometers and to Tampere about 85 kilometers. Lake Joutsijärvi is one of the largest lakes in Satakunta. The Joutsijärvi hiking trail is about 27 kilometers long.

LETTERS FROM PREVIOUS EXCHANGE STUDENTS "I’m Tim and I’m studying Economic Sciences in Würzburg, Germany. The reason(s) why I decided to apply to Finland to exchange are relatively simple, the nature, the way of life and the school system. In addition, Finland is a country with the highest level of English proficiency, next to the countries that already speak English natively, which makes communication and learning very convenient. All in all, I liked my exchange period very much. The Finnish culture and especially the interaction with other people can definitely be a culture shock at first, but you learn to appreciate this more and more. Due to the pandemic, some events that I would have liked to attend were unfortunately canceled, but in comparison to what was possible in Germany during this time, it was more than pleasing to spend possible free time doing activities and meeting with friends / fellow students. I also find the Finnish language very interesting and would have liked to have more time to learn / use it. Due to our late arrival, we unfortunately only had about 3 months to explore the country, people and to gain impressions, which I find very little and would have liked to spend more time there. I can ultimately recommend a stay in Pori mainly because of the great people / tutors, with whom I / we are still in contact. " - Tim Seubert, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg

"My name is Kanka and I am studying Arts Management in Prague, Czech Republic. For my Erasmus exchange programme I chose to come to Pori, and I don't regret it at all. It's a nice city very close to the nature and I was very lucky to meet such nice people there. Even though my time in Pori was impacted by very specific occasions, I could still enjoy it on 100 %. Due to the coronavirus situation, we had only online lectures but at least we had more time for travelling and exploring the country. It also affected our student life a little bit as there weren't many student events but because of our great tutors, we could still manage to meet and enjoy our time together. It actually helped us to create much deeper friendships of which I am so grateful. I truly enjoyed spending our time with sauna, ice swimming, cooking, and movie nights. Together with our tutors, we ended the whole experience with the 10-day trip to Lapland and I am happy to say that it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. It is always about your mindset and attitude so if you will keep your mind open, there will always be an opportunity to enjoy the moment. " - Kanka Vu, Prague University of Economics and Business

"My name is Felix and I am studying Economics and Business administration in Würzburg, Germany. I decided to apply to Finland for exchange because I was personally looking for a country where people would speak good English, which was the case with only few exceptions, and because I am a big fan of the Finnish (sauna) culture. I didn't arrive in Finland in August which is the time when the exchange students normally arrive, but in October due to the Corona situation, so I had a three-month stay until December in Finland. Before going to Finland, I messaged with my international tutor, who helped me a lot and gave me a good insight into the university and the city of Pori. In general, it was not the great events that made Erasmus unforgettable for me, but the people who I met in Finland. I found real friends who helped me a lot and made Erasmus memorable for me. Also, I have significantly improved my English, especially the spoken English. In 3 months, I really saw almost all of Finland. The experience in this university was very pleasant and the international tutors really made effort to make the exchange worth it. The sauna culture in Finland is also really special. No matter what event, it is almost always associated with sauna!" - Felix Rückel, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg

Tim, Kanka & Felix (24.11.2020)

l a c i t c a Pr t u o b a n o i t a m r o f in i r o P n i g n i v i l

FINNISH IDENTITY CODE & ADDRESS NOTIFICATION Every exchange student studying more than 3 months in Finland must obtain a Finnish personal identity code. Having this number is essential for the student in order to be issued the Transcript of Records and other important Erasmus+ documents. You have to visit The Digital and Population Data Services Agency (“Digi- ja väestötietovirasto” DVV, address: Pohjoisranta 11 E) during the first three months of your stay. You will receive more information about this during the orientation days. Furthermore, you must do the change of address notification in order to deliver mail to your apartment. You can do in the DVV office when obtaining your Finnish Personal Identity Code. Alternatively, it can be made Online: your address changes during your exchange period, remember to notify the International Office. When moving in/out of the country you need to fill a printed Change of Address Notification form.

PORI REGIONAL TOURIST AGENCY VISIT PORI OY Pori Regional Tourist Agency, Visit Pori Oy, helps you find services, events, and interesting places in Pori. You can visit their office located in the city center (address: Itäpuisto 7, 28100 Pori). There you can find maps & brochures The agency guides you to find versatile experiences in Pori region:

STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES HEALTH SERVICES FOR EXCHANGE STUDENTS IN PORI: SOME PRACTICAL INFORMATION The City of Pori will provide basic healthcare services for exchange students. You have to prove your entitlement to public health care services. Citizens of EU/EEA/EFTA countries are entitled to necessary medical treatment through public health care if they have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The card has to be ordered from their home countries before coming to Finland. You can find more information about the health and social services from the city of Pori website: (click the Health Centers) To see a public health nurse or a doctor in Pori you need to book an appointment by phone first. If you need a nurse or a doctor, please contact +358 2 621 5000. The telephone line for appointments is open Mon - Fri 8.00-16.00. In Peräsimentie apartments, your local Health Center is Health Center Cotton (Sote-keskus Cotton). The available basic services include services of nurse/doctor. Doctor's appointments are subject to a charge, but nurse's appointments are free of charge. Please notice that if you can’t come to the reserved appointment, you need to cancel it in time. Otherwise you will be charged 50e. To use the services, you do not need to be a member of a Student Union, however, you need to apply for a Finnish personal identity code once you have arrived to Pori. You can also find updated COVID19-information from the he city of Pori website: Student health insurance and the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) An international health insurance is highly recommended to the EU/EEA/EFTA citizens as municipal health care services have limited services for exchange students. If you do not have a European Health Insurance Card, a relevant valid document nor a proper health/travel insurance, you will be charged the full costs for the services. If you come from a country outside the EU/EEA, you need to obtain appropriate health insurance when you apply for a residence permit to Finland. Please make sure that your health insurance covers the entire duration of your stay. More information about the required health insurance is available on the Finnish Immigration Service website:

Urgent medical attention Evenings, nights and weekends emergency care is provided by Satakunta Central Hospital 16.00-8.00, tel. +358 2 627 6868. It is advisable to phone before attending, a nurse will assess the need for emergency care and give further instructions. Make sure you prove your entitlement to public health care services by showing your passport, a European Health Insurance Card or your travel/health insurance. Otherwise the emergency service may not be free of charge for you. In an emergency call 112. Call the 112 emergency number in urgent, genuine cases of emergency when someone’s or your own life, health, property or the environment is threatened or in imminent danger, or you have reason to believe so. We also recommend you to use a 112 Suomi mobile application for emergency cases during your exchange studies. Private medical services in Pori Your travel/health insurance may also cover medical consultation in private clinics. In case of minor injuries, private clinics are able to provide you with the assistance you require. Most of the private clinics are located in the city center and are closed in the evenings and on weekends: Before your visit, we recommend you to contact your insurance company first, which should direct you to a possible insurance partner, checks what your insurance policy covers when you use private medical services and provides you with a payment decision immediately. At the appointment, you will only pay the deductible for the treatment, if there is a deductible. Terveystalo ( Mehiläinen ( Medipori (

STUDY PSYCHOLOGIST A study psychologist is familiar with the psychology of learning and supervising students. The aim of the activity is to find solutions together with the student for possible problems that may arise in the studies. The study psychologist will change in the fall and new contact information will be available at that time. More detailed information on reaching a study psychologist can be found e.g. from Pointer’s and University Center’s websites.

STUDENT SUPPORT PERSONS At Pori University Center, four students act as harassment support persons and equality officers for all students at the University Center.Harassment support staff support and advise students in a variety of problem situations. Harassment support staff do not keep a record of contacted students and have a duty of confidentiality. Harassment support staff cannot therefore discuss cases with, for example, the boards of student organizations Miikka Flinck, Dan Sundkvist, Sofie Berg and Tia Toivonen have been designated for the year 2022. You can find their contact information on Pointer’s website (well-being).



Dan Dan

SCHOOL WORKERS The Church wants to be present where people live their daily lives. That is why Pori University Center has its own educational deacon and theologian for students and staff.You can chat with them even in the lobby of the University center. Contact information for educational deacon Johanna Simola and educational theologian Heikki Hesso can be found on Pointer's website.

Heikki Hesso and Johanna Simula

ACCOMMODATION Exchange students will receive instructions on how to apply for an apartment from the International Office. Student Accommodation Finding a place to stay for your exchange period in Pori will require independent effort from you. University Consortium of Pori cannot guarantee housing for the exchange students. However, International Office has negotiated with YH-asunnot, the local housing company, in order to provide reasonably priced and furnitured housing options for you. You can rent an apartment in Pori from private markets by yourself or you can apply for an apartment through a housing company called YH-Asunnot. YH-Asunnot maintains and rents out furnished student apartments. If you wish to have an apartment through YH-Asunnot, please do not fill the housing application form from their website. The international office will send you detailed information about the application process (you will send the application to the international office by e-mail). YH-Asunnot has furnished apartments in Pori in the address Peräsimentie 1 (28190 Pori), which is situated 2 kilometers from the UCPori and 2,5 kilometers for the center of Pori. Apartments are for two students. You will have a room of your own and you share the kitchen and the bathroom together with the other student. The flats (42 m254 m2) have two rooms with doors that can be locked separately and a shared kitchen and WC/shower, and a small balcony in some apartments. The contracts for Peräsimentie apartments are fixed term, so the rental contact is made from August to December or from January to May. The rental prices are about 350-390 euros per month per student, depending on the size of the apartment. The rent includes electricity, heating, water, and 10M internet connection. Please notice that the Internet connection is not wireless. So, bring your own ethernet cable with you (and a rooter, if you would like to establish a wireless connection). There is a blanket and a pillow in every apartment (but no sheets). Hence, we recommend you to take your own sheets (sheet and duvet cover) and pillowcase with you. The size of the bed is 80 x200 cm. There are also some kitchen utensils in apartments that we have collected for you. The apartments are in a peaceful area where there aren´t a lot of other students. For these 11 apartment (22 rooms ) we can make reservations as long as there are places. Furthermore, in case someone would like to have shared one-bedroom apartment, that could also be possible (in the address Taiteilijankatu 1, 28100 Pori). At Peräsimentie apartments there is a possibility to use sauna regularly and in the ground floor there is a laundry room that can be booked whenever needed.

If you choose the apartment from YH-Asunnot, you will need to pay a rent deposit of 500 € in advance. The deposit will be returned (excluding bank expenses, 20€) upon your departure if the apartment is in the same condition as it was when arriving. If you choose YH-Asunnot, the international student tutors can get the keys in advance and take you to the apartment. Please be in contact with your student tutor in order to organize “meet and greet” upon arrival at Pori bus/railway station. We try to help you with the transportation from bus/railway station to the apartment. However, please be prepared to take a taxi. Furthermore, please notice that if you arrive during the nighttime, you need to stay first night in a hostel. When you go to the apartment, please keep the key with you: the door of the apartment gets easily locked. You need to sign the rent contract upon your arrival in Pori (during the first 2 weeks of your stay in Pori). Furthermore, some general info about the apartments can be found from the web pages of YH-asunnot. However, please notice that it is not the list of available apartments, and the rent price information may not be valid. Porin YH‐Asunnot Oy Annankatu 8 28100 Pori tel. +358 2621 2400 Open: Mon‐Wed 10‐16, Thu 10‐17, Fri 10‐15

Private Rental Housing You can also find apartment from the private market. You can use a search engine to look for apartments in the private market. Please notice that most of the apartments are not furnitured: Look also from Facebook:” Vuokra-asunnot Pori” Furthermore, Torgethotel offers student accommodation (hotel rooms). It is located in the city center. Rental price is 405e or 440e, depending of a size or the room. You can find more information from their website (passwd: Samk10):

TRANSPORTATION Buses Matkahuolto, Satakunnan Liikenne, Onnibus, and Poriexpress provide you with long distance bus services. Onnibus and Poriexpress prices start from 1€ depending on where you're going and how much before the trip, you're buying the ticket. From Matkahuolto and Satakunnan Liikenne you get a discount from the ticket (with a valid student card), but the prices are usually a bit more expensive. If you're traveling in Pori or nearby towns, you can use Porin Linjat. A single ticket varies from 3,30€ to 5,50€. Porin Linjat Oy has also a mobile application, through which you can order bus tickets. Porin Linjat Oy is a local bus company operating in Pori area. In Porina (address: Yrjönkatu 6b, 28100 Pori), there is a ticket office where you can buy season and multi-tickets for public transport as well as ask for advice on timetables and routes. E-Mail: Website: Opening hours: MON- FRI 9am–12.30pm and 13.00pm–16.30pm You can also buy tickets from the bus. However, it may be reasonable to buy a monthly ticket. The routes and timetables can be found from Porin linjat website (in Finnish): Furthermore, here you can find route map: It is quite hard to find the routes and timetables from Porin linjat site since it’s only in Finnish, but always feel free for example to ask your tutors to help you. Please also notice the Citylinja Bus which operates in Pori city center and costs 1 euro: By clicking “cityliikenne reitti ja pysäkit”, you can find their routes.

CityLinja bus looks like this!

Train station With a student card there is discount on journeys of 80km or longer (one way). To get the discount you’ll need to have a valid year tag on your student card. The train station is located in Asema-aukio 3, 28130 Pori. Pori Airport Pori also has a small airport just outside the city center (Lentoasemantie 1, 28130 Pori). For example, flies scheduled flights to Helsinki three times a day on weekdays. Check out these websites to get more information: & Car renting In Pori, it is possible to rent cars from many places, but there are good connections from Pori Airport, for example. You should always show your student card, as it usually gives you discounts.

Bicycles Pori is a very convenient city for the bicycling, and most exchange students obtain a bicycle during their stay. The International office will give you further information during the Orientation days about where to buy a used bike. Please notice that you need to get a lock to your bike. Numeral lock may be a good option. You can buy it from Puuvilla shopping center, or you can obtain it from the Student Association Pointer office (by paying a 5-euro deposit). Furthermore, you need to have lights in your bike (Pointer might have some in their office), and you need to obtain a helmet. You can borrow Pointer's campus bikes for 24 hours at a time!

IMPORTANT (USEFUL) WORDS TO KNOW IN FINNISH: Pointer ry = Pointer is a student association of Pori University Center students. Provides, for example, events and discounts for students. PorKy = Students of Turku School of Economics PoTka = Students of technology at the University of Tampere Kulma = Culture students, University of Turku SAMMAKKO/SAMK = Students of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences O’Diako = Students of Diaconia University of Applied Sciences Porin Ässät = Porin Ässät (in English Pori Aces) is an ice hockey club based in the town of Pori, Finland. Founded in 1967. Pori Jazz = Pori Jazz is a large international jazz festival, held annually in July in Kirjurinluoto. It is one of the oldest and best-known jazz festivals in Europe and it has been arranged since 1966. Yrjönkadun Approt = a big student event in Pori during autumn period! Includes pub-crawl and afterparty. Akateeminen Wappu = Academic Wappu is the main student event and carnival in all of Finland and in Pori, it includes a week of partying with a different event for each day and culminates on 1st of May with the student baptism in the cold Kokemäenjoki river. Kokemäenjoki = Kokemäenjoki is the largest river in the provinces of Satakunta and Pirkanmaa. It is located between the center of Pori and the University center. Kirjurinluoto = Kirjurinluoto is a Kokemäenjoki islet in Pori, a park area of the same name and a district in Pori. For example, the annual Pori Jazz Festival and the Porispere Rock Festival are held at Kirjurinluoto. The area is one of Pori's most famous attractions and part of the Pori National City Park. Yyteri = Yyteri is known for its big, sandy beach, which is one of the longest in Finland and of the Nordic countries. Porin keskusta = The city center of Pori Amarillo = Amarillo is a casual restaurant favored by students, where every Wednesday a lot of students from different faculties meet. Known for weekly changing drinks and good Mexican food. Saikku = Saikku is a student house on Antinkatu. Uimahalli = Swimming hall Kirpputori = Flea market

Matkakeskus = Pori Travel Center is a travel center located next to SAMK campus, which is used for express and local bus services. The travel center, which opened in September 2017, was built in connection with Pori railway station. Puuvilla = Puuvilla really means directly translated “cotton”, but it means the big shopping center right next to UCPori. Augusti = Augusti is a group study room located at the university center, where there are always students studying or just spending time together. Haalarit = Overalls are student trust garments on Wednesdays and at every student event. Sitsit = Sizts are academic table parties i.e. drinking, food and singing. This is a must experience! Sofia = Sofia is our University’s dear student restaurant. Karhukaupunki = Karhukaupunki is the direct translation for Pori in Swedish (Björneborg). It means that Pori is a bear city. That’s why you can spot bear figures around the city center, for example. Salmiakki = Salmiakki is a licorice sweet flavored with ammonium chloride. The taste of salmiakki is both sweet and salty at the same time. Something you should definitely try at least! Sisu = Sisu means determination, perseverance, but you really can’t translate it properly. It’s just something, like a mindset that Finnish people have. Muumit = Moomins are characters that Finnish people love. They are kind of hippolike characters invented by Tove Jansson. You can find them, for example, in movies, clothes, bed linen, books and theme parks. In Turku there is a specific park called Moomin World, which is definitely worth seeing. Revontulet = Aurora Borealis, Northern lights, these are quite rare in Finland, but the odds for seeing the colorful lights increase when getting closer to Lapland during the wintertime. Juhannus = Midsummer. Often the start of the summer holidays for Finns. Midsummer tradition includes sauna, bonfire, and some weird superstitious tasks. Young people often go to music festivals since it’s the longest and brightest night of the year. Yötön yö = The “night less night”. This means summer nights when the daytime is at its longest and the sun doesn’t go down at all in the Northern parts of Finland. Joulupukki = Santa Claus. It’s the real Santa who lives in Lapland, Finland! Santa’s office is open almost all year round, so you are able to see Santa’s elves working full time when visiting Santa’s Village in Lapland.

Löyly = Löyly is the steam you get in sauna when you throw water on sauna stove. Finnish people believe that there is the spirit of steam living in each sauna providing decent health for its users. Kaamos = Since Finland is known for its long and dark winters, kaamos means the time when sun doesn’t rise at all. Translated “polar nights”. Happens between November and February. Lentokonesuihkuturbiinimoottoriapumekaanikkoaliupseerioppilas = Maybe the longest official word in Finnish language. Has something to do with planes and mechanic students. Moi/Hei! = Hello! Kiitos = Thank you Hauska tavata = Nice to meet you Näkemiin = Goodbye Kyllä & Ei = Yes & No Anteeksi = I’m sorry OR excuse me Kippis! = Cheers!

2016 exchange students back in Pori in 2019 with some PorKy students


As reminder, here is a checklist of the things you should take care of before arriving: You will receive an email from university’s international office which will include a Letter of Acceptance/Welcome Letter and Information on studying at UCPori, directions of applying a student card, Learning Agreement (if requested), Guide for Exchange Students (you are reading it now!). Information about your student tutor will be sent to you by email. Your tutor will give more information about arriving to Pori and guide you with practical matters. Please be in touch with your tutor and inform her/him and the International Office ( on your arrival details. Please remember to follow the instructions concerning the COVID-19 situation: Everyone needs to obtain the Finnish Identity Code from Local register office during the first weeks of your stay in Finland. If you are a non-EU/EEA citizen, you most likely will need to apply for a Residence Permit before arrival to Finland. Remember to apply for housing (according to the instructions given by international office) Remember to book your travel tickets and please arrive in time for the Orientation days which is organized at the beginning of each semester (end of August, beginning of January). Please note that the Orientation days are mandatory for the exchange students. Non-EU/EEA citizens are required to have health insurance before arrival. It is advisable to purchase a travel insurance as well. EU/EEA citizens check your insurance with your own insurance company. It is strongly recommended to take out insurance (including baggage, travel, and legal insurance) even if you come within the local health insurance provisions Please remember to regularly check your emails also during summer in case of additional information and instructions concerning your exchange


Kastajaiset LOOKS LIKE


Academic Wappu LOOKS LIKE

Watch the Wappu video at Pointer's YouTube Channel!