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The Client The NSPCC was founded in 1884, to protect children from cruelty, support vulnerable families, campaign for changes to the law and raise awareness about abuse. Today, the NSPCC looks very different, but its purpose remains the same: to end cruelty to children.

The Brief

We were asked to help drive supporters to a special NSPCC christmas site which offered gifts and present buying through Amazon. The focus of the campaign was Facebook - preferably UK

Our Solution At the time Facebook did not facilitate “Fan” pages, so we created over 10 regional groups - each with their own set of Elf-angelists, blog-wall and gallery. We built a Facebook application which allowed users to take a photo from their existing library and turn themselves into “elves” by adorning a cartoon christmas hat, elf ears and pointy nose. Members were then encouraged to post these photos in their regional group galleries. Competition between groups was then gently stoked. By tagging themselves in these photos - their friends would be alerted to this activity through the ‘news feed update facility’ and ultimately clicked through and find out more.

Our Solution In addition to canvassing literally thousands of peole to join our Facebook groups we also ran social advertisments, a poll designed to raise awareness about the campaign on Facebook - through Facebook, and ran a guerilla comedy video both on YouTube and Facebook video.

The Results Not only did our campaign make an enormous impact on Facebook users in the UK, coming up Number 1 in all the searches for “Santa” or “christmas apps” - in one case filling the top ten spots in the search for “Santa” in groups, but in the space of just over 5 weeks, we managed to attract over 22,000 supporters to join our Facebook groups. This amazingly translated to a 10% conversion rate of click throughs to the NSPCC christmas site. Our target hit rate was 3%. We managed to track and qualify these leads through a gate created with Google analytics demonstrating these fantastic results and site activity.


16 Nov 2007 - 21 Nov 2007





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Case Study

Minority Rights Group

The Client MRG is the leading international human rights organisation working to secure rights for ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities and indigenous people around the world.

The Brief

We were asked to build two campaigns that would raise awareness and encourage supporters to sign petitions that MRG representatives could take to both the UN Human Rights Council and the UN Climate Change Conferences as well as the various government bodies involved.

Our Solution Our approach was to first give the campaigns distinct identities, but maximise their digital spend by building a Google map that could serve both campaigns by simply exposing different data on the same map - posted in different places. In addition to sending out a tracked email campaign which cleaned and qualified their enormous and multifarious supporter lists, we tracked supporters as they opened their mails and clicked through to the campaign pages.

Results The Show of Hands campaign was specifically designed with the idea of approaching the communities on photo sharing network Flickr. The concept being that we create a group with images of hands from around the world, and invite people who already have images of hands in their gallery to post to our group and to click through to our campaign site to sign the petition. Even if they didn’t click through, their image was tagged with our campaign and viewers of their gallery would be exposed to our call to action.

“The launch of the Trouble in Paradise online campaign is a mile stone in the Endorois community’s struggle to be recognized as a people who have a right to the natural resources on their land. The world is a global village, and to address issues online will expose human rights violations against minority and indigenous peoples that have been conducted until now with impunity. Natural justice must prevail at all times.� Wilson Kipsang Kipkazi, Endorois leader

In addition to the 467 and 869 petition signatures we have achieved so far, the awareness of our two micro campaigns has garrnered support from literally all over the world. The map facilitated a comment box, where people from oppressed communities and supporters alike posted messages of support and requests for similar campaigns for their communities including Colombia and Zimbabwe. The campaign now has a life of its own and continues.



Case Study


The Client

Crisis are the national charity for single homeless people. Their purpose: to end homelessness by preventing people becoming homeless and transforming lives.

The Brief

In 2005, Crisis simply offered traditional Christmas puddings in exchange for a donation. In 2006 they decided to repeat the exercise, but wanted to build their profile and create a bigger response. But how do you make a homelessness charity cool and sell traditional Christmas puddings at the same time?

Our Solution Our answer was to create Pudstock, a multi media campaign that was designed to sell puddings, promote a competition to win tickets, as well as drawing attention to Crisis and its work and so recruit new donors to its fundraising programme. First of all, we designed and built an integrated online shop, media download centre and press-friendly website where supporters could order puddings or buy virtual gifts, enter the competion, download a unique “pudcast� and images of the bands taking part in a concert planned for January 2007.

We launched an extensive publicity campaign, seeded by attracting new supporters to a MySpace campaign site, promotional advertising and editorial promotions were designed and we planned and rolled out an online treasure hunt, with an e-mail campaign and viral mechanic. We even sent out the first ever press release via “pudcast� on branded ipod shuffles. These were targeted at key journalists who later returned the ipods to recycle as prizes for the competition.

Our Solution Due to the amount of traffic we were generating to the main site, we built an online ‘virtual shop’ where supporters could make smaller financial contributions towards, for example providing dental care, first aid kits or even larger donations of £200+ towards books for a library. Finally, several stunts were organised to highlight the Pudstock initiative including celebrity buskingevents and a tailor-made Crisis Pudstock hand stamp distributed across top bars and clubs around London. These “events” were exclusive to friends and supporters that had built up through our social networking and viral activities.

The Results •

235 PR generated pieces were seen across a range of national and regional press publications – est. coverage 140 million+ readers – of which 75% included a photo

The YouTube video has had over 40,000 views/ downloads

In a 2 month period, over 1500 “friends” connected on MySpace including famous names such as Gorillaz, Russell Brand, Foo Fighters, Oasis & Snow Patrol to show their support

Crisis rose from nowhere to become No. 5 in the top ten coolest charities

2,000 puddings were sold and 1400 potential new donors were generated

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