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Newsletter of People & Organizations in North Toronto


People & Organizations in North Toronto

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Niagara Peninsula Day Trip P.1

People and

Community News P.2

Organizations in North

What’s New? P.3

Toronto is a non-profit

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community information

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service agency. POINT’s mission is to

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serve the people of the community by

A beautiful sunny day in the Niagara Peninsula

improving and increasing awareness of the social and health services in North Toronto, through information, education and community engagement.

On July 29th, POINT organized a day trip to

straight out of a movie. We then got a sneak -

the Niagara Peninsula for North Toronto

peak into the art scene of blown glass where

seniors. We met at the community centre

we learned about the history of the art form

bright and early, before heading over to

and influential artists such as Louis Comfort

Parkdale Golden Age Foundation to pick up

Tiffany and Baccarat.

the rest of the participants. Once we all were settled on the bus, we set off to the

High tea was served in old fashion formality


with white tablecloths, flower pots, china cups and serving tiers. We filled our bellies with


Upon our arrival at Ridge Berry Farm, we

scones, sandwiches and freshly made jams

gathered under a tree so big our whole group

from berries picked in the yard.


could fit underneath it with ease. The shade


that it provided also served as a much

Following lunch, we got a chance to get our


needed escape from the heat of the sun.

hands dirty when we had the opportunity to go into the farm and pick some fruit for

Children Youth

With no time to waste, our group was brought

ourselves! After a long day in the sun, we all


on a tour of the farm area, whereby we

enjoyed a beautiful scenic and air conditioned

learned about First Nations tribes and their

bus ride home.

Newcomers Recreation Health Volunteerism

history on the land. We discussed the wide variety of berries which are certainly not

It was truly a wonderful day for all who

found at your local Metro, such as, black

attended. A special thank you to all the staff


at Ridge Berry Farm and our lovely volunteer Yongwhan for making the day such a

The farmer and his wife both live on the property in a beautiful

Second Empire

Victorian home which looks like it came

success! 200 Eglinton Ave West Toronto, ON, M4R1A7 416.487.2390 | www.pointinc.org

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Point by Point # 1  

The official newsletter of People & Organizations in North Toronto (P.O.I.N.T.)

Point by Point # 1  

The official newsletter of People & Organizations in North Toronto (P.O.I.N.T.)