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Complexo Educacional Alexandre Dumas Name ______________________ Number ___ Grade 3 rd A Date:___/___/2012

Test of English

OUR ETERNAL IDOL, AYRTON SENNA World Champion Auto racer Ayrton Senna died in a 1994 Gran Prix event. Shortly before he died, the Formula One superstar confided to his sister Viviane that he wanted to use his winnings to help underprivileged kids back in Brazil. In honoring her brother´s wishes, Viviane, now head of the nonprofit Ayrton Senna Foundation in São Paulo, has become a leader in encouraging private-sector support in health care and education for the youngest and most vulnerable members of society. Using royalties from products recommended by her brother, Viviane started work at the Foundation in 1995 to raise money to help poor Brazilian kids fight the cancer. In conjunction with The Children´s Cancer Institute in São Paulo, Ayrton Senna has helped bring treatment to poor kids from all over Brazil who suffer from a variety of cancers. With $ 9 million to dispense annually, the Foundation today is considered the most effective nongovernmental organization in Brazil: it has several forms of medical help, social work and education. It offers free general medical care for more than 27.000 poor children in 24 cities across the country and finances remedial classes for teachers and students of all ages. An educational psychologist by training, Viviane Senna persuaded big concerns such as Audi and the Kellog Foundation into sponsoring an after-school athletics program for poor boys. In three years, she has increased the revenues of the Foundation. Her main concern is schooling: “The quality of education is so poor that 40% of the children in primary schools fail in examinations,” Senna explains. She has imagined a new way of dealing with the problem: in a poor neighborhood in the northern city of Fortaleza, she helped cut the dramatic school evasion rate among girls by creating a dance school in conjunction with regular classes. Fonte: Adapted from TIME, May 25th, 2002.

1- ACCORDING to the text, Ayrton Senna wanted to a) ( b) ( c) ( d) ( e) (

) have a lot of profit for his money. ) be the world champion auto racer. ) win many races before dying. ) improve the life of poor children. )the richest racing driver in the world.

2- Viviane Senna got money for her projects by a) ( b) ( c) ( d) ( e) (

) using royalties from products with Senna´s recommendation. ) selling promotional products made in Europe and everywhere. ) helping poor people fight cancer and other terrible diseases. ) selling things left by her famous brother after his death. )creating a dance school for rich children and teenagers)

3- The sum of $ 9 million in the text REFERS to the amount of money a) ( b) ( c) ( d) ( e) (

) spent to promote a good education for people. ) received from Audi and kellog Foundation. )spent with the projects in the Foundation. )she got from the Brazilian government. ) that Senna won in a championship in Brazil.

4- One solution to keep children in school WAS to

a) ( b) ( c) ( D) ( e) (

) make children feel more active and well. )offer extra classes that attracted them. ) offer free medical care to the children. ) start giving them English classes. ) give money and food to their family.

5- The amount of 40% REPRESENTS in the text a) ( b) ( c) ( d) ( e) (

) the number of people who have good education. )the number of kids who are poor there. )the amount of kids who receive medical care. ) the quantity of kids who fail in their examinations. ) the amount of people who is poor in our country.

6- Give an advice for each situation below. a) Peter is going to an interview for his first job. _______________________________________________________ b) Paula wants to participate in an exchange program in Australia. ____________________________________________________________ 7) Choose the appropriated word to complete the sentences below. prevent- develop - school – men – women - hungry – people - write a) Every child should be able how to read and____________________ b) Pregnant ____________should have their health taken care of. c) 1.2 billion people across the world are ____________________ d) Around 38 million children of primary school are not at _____________ e) Greater efforts should be made to______________children from dying. 8) Use your imagination and complete the sentences using the Future Perfect ( will+ have ). a) By 2030 , the world ______________________________________________________ b) By 2015, I______________________________________________________________ 9) Put the sentence in the correct order: a) garbage – is – on – city – collectors- The – dirty – because – are – very – strike. __________________________________________________________________________ 10 ) Use Make or Do to complete the sentences: a) Can you _____________me a favor , please? b) Do you ___________your bed every day? c) Would you like to ____________some volunteer work? d) _______love not war. e) Can you _______________a sandwich for me , please? 11) Choose the correct interrogative word to complete the sentences:

a) ________________did you start working in this office ? -Last week. b) ________________ have you lived in Diadema? – Since 2002 c) ________________do you come to school ? By car or bus ? On foot. d) ________________do you prefer to drink ? Coke or Sprite? Thanks , but I prefer an orange juice. e) ________________did you buy that beautiful jacket , Igor ? My brother brought it to me from Canada. Why – What- When- How far – How long- - Which- How many – How – Where 12) Rewrite the sentences using the passive voice. a) The reporter interviewed the gang´s leader. _____________________________________________________________________. b) The FBI found two bombs at the airport last week. _____________________________________________________________________.


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