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Simultaneously small and large. East meets West. Relaxed and dynamic. Vibrant primary production and high technology. Pristine nature and urban cityscapes. All at the same time.


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Iisalmi Rautavaara Lapinlahti




from Kuopio to Helsinki










to the Arctic Circle


km to St. Petersburg

3 622 lakes


31 000 summer cottages


Rautalampi Suonenjoki



Pohjois-Savo is by the number of inhabitants the sixth largest region in Finland. Kuopio, the capital city of the region, is a vibrant international university town of over 111 000 inhabitants situated on the shores of lake Kallavesi. Kuopio region is among the leading dynamic centers of growth in Finland, when measured by the variables of vitality and competitiveness. Varkaus, the most southern town of the region, is a modern industrial town of 22 000 inhabitants. The town’s success is based on excellence, by international standards, especially in the fields of energy technology and wood processing. In the north of the region, Iisalmi with its 22 000 inhabitants is known internationally as a center of machine technology, strong wood-based industry and wide ranging food production.

000 inhabitants 19  municipalities Pohjois-Savo has a combination of content people, an easy going attitude and excellence in science, technology, arts, industry and security. High quality skills and varied natural resources offer fantastic opportunities for new growth and renewal as well as the development of new products and services. Finland

Pohjois-Savo Stockholm


St. Petersburg

smart specialisation

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We have high level machine and energy technology, highly developed wood processing and food production. Our new areas of growth include health and medical sectors as well as water and air based technologies.

Technological industry from Vieremä to Varkaus Pohjois-Savo is host to a high concentration of technologically advanced international industrial concerns, which account for 40 percent of the region’s exports and 20 percent of the total workforce. Machine and metal industries include specialized transport solutions (Profile Vehicles), forestry machinery (Ponsse), hydraulic piling machines (Junttan) and mining equipment (Normet). The region also boasts several world-leaders in energy technology (Andritz, Foster Wheeler), mechanical wood processing (Keitele Group, Lunawood, Stora Enso, Finland Laminated Timber) and chemical and mining industry (Yara). Pohjois-Savo is home to over 200 exporting companies whose innovative products and services represent the cutting edge of their fields and are recognized all over the world. These companies include Bella fibreglass motorboats, Genelec and Amphion loudspeaker systems, Mega Electronics physiological monitoring technology, Myontec wearable technology etc.

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Innovative education and research work Kuopio Science Park in Savilahti is a unique meeting place for the different fields of science, which enhances innovative research work. The University of Eastern Finland (UEF) is the most wide ranging university in Finland. UEF has three campuses in Kuopio, Joensuu and Savonlinna. There are 15 000 students. The special areas of expertise are 1. health and well-being 2. forests and the environment 3. new technologies and materials Savonia University of Applied Sciences has 6 000 students at its campuses in Kuopio, Varkaus and Iisalmi. The main areas of research and development are 1. primary production and foodstuffs 2. energy, the environment and safety 3. welfare products and services 4. integrated product development Savo Consortium for Education and Yl채-Savo Vocational College are responsible for versatile vocational training of youth and adults.

A diversified bioeconomy A large supply of renewable natural resources, vibrant primary production and strong expertise in food production make Pohjois-Savo an unprejudiced and internationally attractive innovative environment for the bioeconomy. Pohjois-Savo is well known for it’s forests, milk and berries. The region is one of the largest dairy and meat producers in Finland. In terms of quality, milk from Pohjois-Savo is the best in the EU. The milk is processed into high quality products at two modern facilities, Valio in Lapinlahti and Maitomaa in Suonenjoki. Suonenjoki is nationally renowned as a strawberry town. The area produces one third of Finland´s strawberry and raspberry crop. It is also home to the biggest jam factory in Finland. Food production and research are among the best in Finland.








Pohjois-Savo is well known for easily approachable inhabitants, unique lakeland nature, unusual accents – and of course kalakukko. Kalakukko is a round or oval shaped bread like dish. A tight, thick rye pastry with a fish and pork filling forms a delicious meal.


Kalakukko was granted Traditional Speciality Guaranteed status by the European Union in 2002.

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Together we are building a successful region The Regional Council of Pohjois-Savo is a statutory joint authority, which is tasked with representing inhabitants, municipalities and business interests nationally and internationally. All the region’s municipalities are members of the Council.

Regional development and planning We have a wide ranging responsibility for regional development and land-use planning. We assign project funding for sustainable growth from the European Regional Development Fund and the Pohjois-Savo Development Fund. International mission We actively promote the internationalisation of businesses. The East and North Finland EU office is situated in Brussels. We also provide practical information and advice about the EU through the Europe Direct information centre.


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Representation The Council generates the common will of the region´s municipalities and other influential organisations within our cooperation network. We cooperate closely with the region’s municipalities, governmental authorities and other development organisations.

The Regional Council of Pohjois-Savo