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Chiang Po Han

InTerVene 2018 Autumn

Gray Studio

Mimosa Pudica


Machenical System




Mimosa Pudica

Mimosa Pudica Mimosa Pudica is a kind of plants which can recate to the environment or other external force. Talking about reacting to the environment is not only growing in a worm and moist condition but also reacting to the change of the Humidity and the Light on its leaf. We can look into two parts of it. The first question is how the surrounding affect its move. The second one is how the exernal force affect the leaflets’ inner system to make its action start.

The Move Sequence

The leaft constitution

The System Redefined

System Redefined At first, trying to redefine the continuous movement sequence in machenical way. By useing the string to creat the situation that the power can act on each pair of the members step by step. To Respond the system of the leaflet,I use to way to descript. First, I try to use the water system to transfer the energy system. It reflects an accumulate process in the system. Second, creating a path for water flows on it. Separate the movable members and the water channel into two parts. Maybe in this way, it can also reflect or creat some Lighting change by using the water.