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Pogo and Aglove 14

In this edition of "Pogo and Stamina" We Dementaria notes, Mauler Ideas and Production: Matías Rosembach and Mariano Facebook: Veins Steel South Fm Pampin (Vulcanor Pride and Facebook page: Pogo and Stamina Fissure) E-mail: matiasmetal.rosembach In@addition, the 12th Telephone: (2942) 583579 / (299) 5527172 part of the history of Metal, dates, albums and more. In the battle to be the feeling always hold the National Metal

From Piedra del Águila, Neuquén, Argentina Patagonia Rebelde

"Pogo and Stamina" had a telephone conversation with Rodolfo Aguirre, guitarist of this band of Thrash native of Tellthe us a bit about the historyof of theCorrientes band province Mauler was formed in mid-2007, when Fabian on drums and guitar started playing songs from Slayer, Kreator, bearing in in mind the idea of old school Thrash, with the influence of German Thrash and the Bay Area. We started looking for a singer and Matthias found (bass) and Mauro (voice) Chaco. We started rehearsing for in December of that year having our first date.

-In 2008 they recorded their first demo Yes, in February 2008 we recorded "Thrash or Death" which had two issues. With this demo started and spread a little beyond the Corrientes and Formosa were able to get up and take the first steps Buenos Aires and in September of that year we could go and play there. Then came the recording of the second demo "Sentenced to Mosh" and walked recording what was our first album. -Tell us that first drive "Massive Annihilation" was called and has 10 songs recorded themselves in 2010, but for a long time to edit the subject of the press and all that it took. We wanted to do something of quality and much lengthened because we sent make copies to Buenos Aires and between day and turn and agree designing with type, took a long time and could just come out in 2011. He had good reception and impact and because of that we could play in various places, got to play in Paraguay, with major bands we really like. And we went to play in Buenos Aires in January this year. - Now they're taking out another album? Yes, a few months ago have all recorded and mastered. We put out an advancement of three themes that spread in charge and was well received by the public. And in this week and would be in the streets. We have copies and the official launch would be on Thursday 6 June. The new album called "Animals of Chaos" that represents the disk, the themes of the lyrics speaking of decadence of modern life, the society that increasingly is sinking into decay, among other things, because our lyrics are varied.

The disc has 10 songs and lasts about 33 minutes, just and required for a disk Thrash; short, dynamic, fast, stay Thing wanting to keep listening. We were very satisfied and very happy with the disc. Hopefully that also has good impact and we open many doors. - Have already planned when they will be presenting? -Yes, we have a date on June 22 in Cologne Benitez, Chaco and there will presenting the disc, because here in Corrientes hand is complicated because there is much persecution by the Municipality. When wanting organize an event they put many obstacles, many requirements and some are almost impossible to keep from us. We closed many local where did that were accessible recitals on price and place where they were. Now we want to send to rent some courts are $ 3000 and are expenses that do not cover, except for a concert band under. That's what keeps us perform recitals in Chaco and Corrientes.

-Hopefully soon be hearing the album -Yeah, I wish you have good impact and we can present it to the fullest number of provinces, is in our plans to perform a mini-tour. Thanks for taking us into account and dissemination that give the band.

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Pogo and Stamina

Matiasmetal Rosembach

Veins of Steel presents

The History of Heavy Metal Part XII: 1991 After separation of V8, Zamarbide Roldan Cenci and join bassist JosĂŠ Amurin to form Logos; perhaps more similar to V8 band that emerged after separation of the same. This year they recorded a demo with four songs that would form part of its First album: "Outcast", "Do not give up", "Like Lightning in the Dark" and "Come to Eternity" * "Logos" means "word" in Hebrew.

Alakran-Back in the Streets

The band led by Mario Ian recorded his second album had a better sound than the last, and with songs like "Traitor", "big city lights" "Breaking the chains that hold us back", "I'm free like" and the cover of Creedence "Proud Mary" After this album only remain in the band Ian and Julie The Dragon-The Iron Mask Ruth. With the l egada Mariano Barret / guitars) and First album of the band formed by Juan Mangialabore (guitar and vocals), "The Duke" (drums)Carlos they recorded the JosĂŠ Vitulli (bass), Frank Mangialabore (keyboards) Siera and Walter (drums). theme "In Nobody trust" for a compilation of bands from Latin America Demo

Escabios-state decay


Blanca Guerrero del Arco Iris-Rat The third album of Rat consolidates the success of "Wizards swords and roses. " Among the 9 songs including "Iceman" "Angels of Steel", "Night without dreams", "Maybe you start another time, "The Mouth of the Wolf", "Embracing the Rock 'n'Roll", "Nothing is easy without your love "" The Eyes of the Dragon "and" Rainbow Warrior " (It was called the Greenpeace ship emblem) The phrase "Guerrero, only you can win with the truth. Fight for those who come, to see happiness "

After Revelation this band originally formed Grand Bourg. Integrated by Gustavo Zabala (bass), "Turkish" Atala (guitar) and Chicken Fuentes (Drums) and Gabriel Marian (voice) a month later would replaced by Carlos Cabral (proveneinte of Dhak and had also been through a curiously named band "Tokio").. Then they would add Pregler Mauricio Rojas Sergio on guitar and keyboards and and recorded their first demo that participate in the contest "Yamaha Band Explosion "which would win, earning his first record deal and play in achieving global final competition held at the legendary stadium Budokan Tokyo along with 17 other bands from different countries. There would obtain honorable mention from the jury.

Kamikaze Kamikaze-3 As the name suggests, is the third album of the band which at that time consisted of Enrique Yafal Gomez on vocals, Daniel Telis and Martin Knye in guitars, bass and Horacio Jorge Pinasco in Cimino in battery.


Hermetic-acid Argentino The best album in the history of Argentine Metal. The "Rolling Stones" magazine defined it as the Preamble to the Constitution for a metalhead. An album that marked the Heavy fire Metal Argentino for its music and above all, by the lyrics of his songs; thus defining the Metal Argentina as a new genre different classic Heavy Metal. Recorded at "Aguilar" in 150 hours. An album containing two instrumentals: "Lost Horizon" and "From Pismanta to Bauchaceta" which, to be understand, and Bauchaceta Pismanta are two cities

San Juan separated by hundreds and hundreds of miles of pure wilderness. That is, of Pismanta Bauchaceta is nothing to it. Furthermore, this disc contains Heavy 10 National anthems: "Stole a Car" that gives start to drive; "Gil Worker" which, like "the Hat" and "The Streets of Liniers" (Topics that Ricardo Iorio put his voice) spoke of the reality of the country, as "Wind Power" which includes a subliminal message in their Introduction "The brothers are united, because that is the first law. Have true union because if they fight each other, devour outsiders " It is what it says if you listen to the intro to reverse this topic. "Prediction" and "Memory of Centuries" are proof of the classical lyrical Ricardo Iorio. "The Revenge of America" (written a year before they met song 500th anniversary of the genocide they called discovery of America) was not a story or a pose, as Hermetic been giving concerts for the benefit of native peoples since its inception. To this cause he joined groups hippies and others as A.N.I.M.A.L. that recorded in Miami. "Spanning all Limit "written by Iorio and his wife Ana MourĂ­n after searching for two months in the Mountains of Northwest Argentina her missing brother, which never more was heard anything; and "Avoiding Soften" the song that describes no better than the metalhead feel. An album that combines lyrical Iorio, O'Connor's unmistakable voice, the crushing riffs of "Tano" Romano and best double bass of Argentina, the "Duck" Strunz who joined the band Heinkel from.

Other information: The cover was made by "Chiche" Iraluz that Parkinson had and was tied to a stick broom arm to paint. The original idea was that the album cover was blank, simulating acid tablet, hence the name "Acid Argentino". Also within the first 5000 records would be a tablet acid but neither materialized ideas Iorio

Cannibal CorpseButchered at Birch


AnthraxBring the Noise

Death-Human This album represents a shift to this more Death melodic. It is one of the best album of the band and get record your first video

Sepultura-Arise This drive culminated dialing the style Thrash / Death Metal band they were doing. With this album they managed to get to play in the "Rock in Rio II". The major themes are: "Desperate Cry" "Dead Embryonic Cells" and "Arise"

Metallica-Metallica Also known as "the black album" It is the first album with producer Bob Rock and goes on to sell over 500,000 copies in the first week of sale. Part of this album "Enter, Sandman, "" Sad but True "" The Unforgiven " "Nothing else Matters" and "Through the Never"

Interview with Ariel Aranda, guitarist of this band of Thrash -Tell us about how he started what was "Dementia" at the time -Before we had a project with my brother Alberto, the drummer. We did punk with thrash, played a little and in 2000 it was started with Dementia but it was decided to change the name because when I went to record existed, and change it to Dementaria. And since 2000 we come as any band, fighting it, playing, trying to do something for the Metal. - What influences are Dementaria musicals?

-Here we get into something complicated, We are a full on Thrash. Listen Thrash and Death Metal everyone has their personal style. As a band we listen Testament, Slayer, Obituary. We play Thrash, but people say Thrash / Death. The end ingredient is the voice that has a style Death Metal, but without the band becomes Death Metal out of the ordinary thrash of bands. -In 2005 recorded an EP, "Dark Life" -In December 2005 we record the EP has three songs we recorded in Ramos MejĂ­a. We had no experience in studio and today we see that We could have done better. But the good thing is that they were 500 copies and sold out, no more copies left.

-Tell us of "Extreme Violence, their first album. 'It's our first album and put all the emphasis. We recorded it in 2009 and put all the meat on BBQ at a friend's studio that the boys Serpentor. The operator was Jorge Moreno us re given a Hand for the album to sound the best possible and were able to make a well-armed disk. It has 10 tracks, is the same as the demo made lung, all self-managed by us

-Tell us of this band. -We are writing new songs to enter recording the new album. We are presenting two or three new songs for people to show the she learns. Fortunately, enough people point topped with threads. - Dementaria DVD is coming? -Once a year we do a festival called Catan called Metal Fest in honor of our city on April 6 and did not record a DVD officer. We did it with two HD cameras and will make some copies for the people inside who can not see the shows look like is the live band. I figure in a month and will be all set, everything is recorded and edited. Everything is for the band to grow, not to become famous but to the people see what a band can do under. - Anything to say to people? -To support the girls band, the bands under because that is the future of Metal and extreme music. Give him a chance to the bands, there something beyond the already established bands. There are very good musicians, very good examples in Argentina. The public needs to open the mind to the Girl bands ... and keep it Metal!

More than ever ... by Heavy Feeling "Pogo and Stamina" was in the recital of Vorax in Cipolleti June 8 After traveling 300 km from Piedra del Águila to Cipolletti, we enter the enclosure Bluebeard around 20 pm. There we cordially hoped people Vorax. Between photos, autographs and games trick, we had the privilege of hearing "Metallization", the album yet is finished. Hearing "Interior Metal", "I'll rest when I'm dead" "Once" and other topics we realized that what we Shaffo I had commented on this album was entirely true.

Reading "Pogo and Stamina"

Walter x 2 The owner of the hand brava

The hours passed and laughing Metal up that about 2 am rang Mystery, very good power metal band that played along with the nearly 20 people we had in place (separate issue). Then came the Death Metal and Resistance Thrash / Death of Trance, till he came Vorax time. And here I pause to express my indignation and embarrassment. Little more 30 people, telling people of the bands, were those that were present in Patagonian Capital Heavy Metal a couple of miles moved up Cipo. I saw the treachery of some masks ... forgiveness, many masks. Da anger that Meet Malón when playing fills it almost twice as large as Bluebeard and that touching one of the bands more emblematic of Heavy Metal Argento only have 30 people, and God forbid save that it reaches me. I will slightly modify a phrase from Ricardo Iorio and I'm going to dedicate the "metaleritos" they were not because they did not want: "The cumbia there for you, Giles! ".


Unfortunately the metal core of this area is being lost. It ate the Buenos Aires trip to have concerts every weekend and grateful to God alive not remain a prisoner of the urban habituation. Those who once lined up to see together today Aonikenks to go to see Black Sabbath or Iron Maiden. One is for a 300km band and they can not do a couple of blocks. These are truths I say, withstand if they are boys!

Made my defense, back to what's important. The Shaffo, Walter Ruben and rose the stage to do what they do best: Heavy Metal. "Rat Man" gave start the concert, while between songs sounded "we are few, but we are the best. " While passing tracks like "Mind War" "I am the Darkness", "If it costs you is yours," "mortifying Pain", "A Feeling more "are the words I did nick Chiro Pastor (son of Shaffo) that told us: "Vorax her ass all the other bands."

Demoledora sounded the band, with Lower Shaffo Ruben deploying all its arsenal with Viola and Walter who literally broke, shattered the drummer.


All voices joined in singing "Soul Vice" and "By feeling Heavy ", until they reached two pleasant surprises:" 1999 "Almafuerte and "You are your safety" of the metal flowed H. brotherhood as old pogueando gladiators to the end that came from the hand of "Tu Ritmo stinks." The end came, the clamor ceased, the magic will not break ... it was time to return to the payments, full of memories of another unforgettable night of Metal, Vorax spike, "Mental Warfare" and "Pogo and Stamina" autographed by three people years go by and still they continue to grow stronger without rest ... Thank You, Heavy Metal.

If you lack any edition of "Pogo and Stamina" send an email to matiasmetal.rosembach @ gmail, com and you send them

Recommended Albums Demolisher-Chewing Quarrel Very good band I discovered recently with songs like "I can not forget", "Is Final "," Submitted "and" Prison Steel ". A classic Heavy Metal with some dyes ranging from Hard Rock to Thrash, proof of this is the excellent version of "Eskape" Visceral.

Thanks to Morgan Sorsha for passing topics

Black-Crystal Black Crystal The band is made up of Gabriel Martin (voice) Juan M. Agostino (guitar), Julio Guerrero (low) Mauro Rodriguez (drums) and sounds great. They are recording their second album and, while we wait, you can not stop listen to this first album with songs like "Marching to Oblivion", "destroyed", "No me You can reach "and" Eternal Sadness "among others

Damn Vulcanor-rot It is the first long-lasting material this powerful trio formed Heavy Metal by Agustin Cerneaz (bass and vocals), Enrique Rivers (drums) and Mariano Pamp铆n (guitar) who also participated in bands like Aorta and Makinaci贸n, and we also will be telling more about the band and disc the following pages. Until then, we recommend this very good album.


Mariano Pampin - How you doing, Mariano? -Glad this can reach more and more people and you go knowing we are sowing the seed to see over time the fruit we are waiting. - How did your musical career? -Everything that is related to the Heavy, as far as music, I owe to my old. I have 11 years old, in early '92. Came with my old cassette engraved on one side and the other Black Sabbath Judas Priest think. I said "Listen to this, it is so far." It was like love at first sight, because I heard and I knew that rabies traveling through that music is what I was going to represent .. And the way to be, I was always hipster, pleased with the minorities. And also conceded that, because it was what ended up giving me the identity, being rock, heavy existence that ended up giving me what I am Today. It was how I started that way, and to play the guitar because I wanted to express and I wanted done through an instrument because for singing was never very good. My mom played the piano, but is an instrument that you play granted. I wanted something that sits on the body, to take you and me hanging despite having to give endurance. So was the guitar or low and I always liked the guitar because you can capture more feeling. When I did touch me I put together a band guitar player could not play almost anything. It Suppression called and we made a hadcore / Punk fairly primitive. We recorded a couple of cassettes, this was more or less in '93. In touch with other '95 boys, called Skull tequina, did a kind of Punk Rock. In '96 Thrash started playing with a band called Lacra, we were playing a year and left because the singer disappeared and never again we heard from him. Alongside all this always supporting the move, getting fanzines investigating. We make it easy to meet and moved people through the internet; but before he had to get into the caves, in basements, in socially forbidden places. There we we found that we felt so identified. It was true marginalization. Because if I would have liked to soccer or dance, had had fun at your fingertips, but the fun I wanted was the I had to find and get into the turbid to find it.

In '98 he had begun to assemble Aorta and was with them until 2005. After five years I was in Metalepsia parallel and at a time I was in Makinaci贸n, then we set Vulcanor Pride fissure and wine, and today distribute the energy between these two bands. With Vulcanor we get the disk and is what we are stoking. Tell us about Vulcanor Formed two years ago or least in a transition period where I was, where I did not know what to do with because Metalepsia we ended up not understanding in the form of playing live and those stuff, so I wanted to do something again. And in the room where he rehearsed with Cleft Pride asked if no knew a drummer and a bass player and me said that he had some crazy They were playing together and had luck with guitar players. I contacted them, knew drummer some recitals. There was chemistry from the first test and when there is that in a human group must use it because there is not always chemistry between those who play. In addition there was been 100% biased because I needed to feel something different, dump projects in a new band. The bias was echoed by finding Agust铆ny Enrique who are my companions.

At the touch started writing songs and the kids they come to see us hooked to the touch and began to follow the band, to support independent productions that we were taking. And so today we are we taking a step in the battle. Tell us the album "Damn rot" What makes me happier is that the disc is a group effort, we It took a lot of effort and time. We do not live this and aim Maradona to be about the guitar is that you notice when you touch to live and when you live to play. We live to play, we do not eat this. Simply spread our ideas through music, unite with those who identify with what we say. Not want to be messiah from anyone, it is only the channel through which flows our anger.

The drive is roughly the form that enables you part of the heavy music here because, if the performances are more or less conveners, that remains in the memory of those who were but when one of the boys the disc takes the house and becomes part of the history of it, mostly when put effort in buying the material. As I happened to me when I was kid, I was going to places where sold or contacted the band for the material. Today it happens same with getting our material and approach our move. And now what's next is to spread the disk. I tell people who are 11 tracks We try to produce so humble but in the best possible way, with a good sound, a cornered cover art, the booklet with lyrics and color illustration, for the art of music complements the visual art and is as experiential and representative of what we are. We try to express the greatest possible number of things in themes, but often end up specifying in interviews. Because there is always a different way to go analyzing the lyrics, go explaining what we mean and we kill des this possibility to finish concrete ideas we want to express. -We also said you're with Pride Fissure, tell us a little of that band. It is a resistance band was the band that kicked the board in its time, the band wanted to hug anyone. We played where no one wanted to play, with bands that nobody wanted to play. That represents Fissure Pride, the union of Heavies with punk in the most remote places. Often playing in more precarious conditions, not only in terms of sound, but also our personal circumstances, not the most lucid terms or injured physically. One night was a rescue that had a fight in a square and a shovel broke my bone of the face. I knew that night had touch and I escaped from the hospital to not fail my teammates and meet and touch play all night with a bone of heading face. After take me back to the hospital and was hospitalized five days, but this shows the claw, passion and love that is put into what you do. It's not talent, but by desire to convey, to belong to it and leave a legacy and a signature. A big greeting people, continue to support alternative media, places different diffusion are pulling the post ending because not respond any commercial interest, but respond only to the feel of it is making. And if that feeling is true and libertarian, is what we will represent everyone. Because art goes for freedom, when freedom is on is because is silent or covering something.

Pogo y Aguante Nº 14 (English Version)  

In this opportunity with you interview Mariano Pampín (guitarist of Vulcanor and Pride Fissure; ex--aorta, Metalepsia and Makinación, etc.),...

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