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Dedicated to my Dad, Ray Holden who was fascinated by flying saucers. Thank you to Jeneen Shaw for her amazing air brush paintings, and to Luke Hedley for his cartoon style illustrations. Printed in New Zealand by Elite Colour Print Ltd Email: Artwork and scans by Pageworks Email: 2001 Elizabeth Holden PO Box 31-398, Milford Auckland, New Zealand All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior permission of the copyright owner. A catalogue record of this book is available from the National Library of New Zealand. ISBN 0-473-07970-4

My name is Traygan and I have a story to tell you. It all started when Dad came home from work. As I heard the garage door going up, I quickly looked at the time. Panicking, I turned the computer off as quickly as I could. I knew that I was in trouble again. “Well, have you done your homework and tidied your room?” Dad asked. “No,” I answered quietly, knowing what was coming next. “How many times do I have to tell you Traygan? You are not to play games on the computer or watch TV until everything is done. Now you’re banned from them both for a week,” he said in his really grumpy voice.

I went upstairs, tidied my room and finished my homework. Lying on my bed I thought about how mean my Dad was sometimes. I was glad I hadn’t lost my temper and yelled at him or he might have stopped me for longer. I started thinking about how things weren’t as easy now Mum and Dad were living in different houses. They both seemed so busy with their jobs and if anything, they were tougher on me.

It just wasn’t fair. Without the TV and computer, I had nothing to do. I was so bored, I even thought about asking if I could go over to my old house where my mother and sister still lived, so I could annoy my sister. But I knew it wasn’t really worth it. She could put on such a good act, with fake tears, that I was the one who usually got into trouble. It did start me thinking though, about what I could do if I was at Mum’s house. Then, I remembered the park where I used to play with my friends after school. I hadn’t been there for ages. I hoped that some of my friends would be there.

After getting Dad and Mum to agree to let me go (on condition of no TV or computer), I went upstairs and packed what I needed for school the next day. Then Dad drove me over to Mum’s house. When I got there, Mum gave me a wave hello as she was on the phone. I knew better than to interrupt (this was hardly an emergency), so I went upstairs, put away my things and wrote a note in case she came to check on me. Then I headed for my favourite spot in the park where there are lots of trees and awesome hiding places.

My friends must have all been watching TV because no one was there. Then, as I turned around to go home, I saw them coming straight for me. On no! What do they want, I thought as my heart started to race. I was scared of the Bully Boys!

“We have to teach you a lesson about your big mouth,” said the one I had called Stinkface. “Not so brave without your friends, eh, little punk?” said the other one. Instinct made me run, even though I knew they were faster. I ran as fast as I could. I thought my heart would stop when one of them tripped me up, sending my crashing to the ground. Expecting the worst, I covered my head with my arms, just as they grabbed me…. Then something really strange happened. All of a sudden they let me go and they ran off making weird noises!! Shaking and wondering what had happened I got to my feet, and as I slowly turned around I nearly jumped out of my skin!!!

“What the…who are you?” I squeaked, trying to shout. The creature was stranger than anything I had ever seen before and was holding out its hand to me, in what looked like a friendly gesture. “Can you speak? Who are you?” I asked, feeling really freaked out. It didn’t speak, but I can remember a warm feeling coming over me. Somehow I knew the creature wouldn’t harm me. I didn’t know how I knew at the time, but I just did.

“I know what you are,” I told it, my voice sounding a bit more normal again as I wasn’t feeling as scared. “You’re an alien! I’ve seen programmes on TV about you. Some people laugh and say you’re not real. Well I guess they’re wrong.” As I gazed at the creature I wondered what to do next. Slowly, words started forming in my mind. Somehow the alien was talking to me without opening its mouth. It asked if I would like to go in its spaceship and see more of the universe.

I remember feeling both scared and really excited at the same time. “Yes,” I yelled and at the moment an awesome purple glow came from behind us. Within seconds I saw what I knew was the alien’s spacecraft. As we entered the craft, I was surprised to find it much bigger inside than it looked from outside.

Again I felt the alien talking to me in my mind. We can communicate by a process you humans call telepathy. Everything in the universe is made of energy and I understand the energy of thought. That’s why we can talk to each other without speaking the same language. People on many planets can already do this. Soon humans will learn. Cool, I thought. Can you teach me how to do it? You already are, replied the alien looking at me with huge, kind almond-shaped eyes. Really, I smiled, Oh I suppose I am – that’s awesome! The alien smiled back. My name is Zuccha (pronounced Zooka), now let’s have some fun! First we have to go through a portal called the Arcturus Energy Gate.

As the spaceship began to gather speed, a huge ball of light and colour appeared in front of us…then we were in it, moving faster and faster. I was nervous. I remembered feeling overwhelmed by the brightness and the incredibly strong sucking feeling that was dragging us toward the light. It was hard to stop myself from falling over. I quickly looked at Zuccha who just smiled. I can’t show him I’m scared, I thought to myself, so instead I shut my eyes and was amazed that the lights and colours were just as bright. Then I noticed that my body felt different, lighter somehow…actually it felt quite good. I felt as if I could do almost anything, even fly if I wanted to! Then it was over as quickly as it had begun and our spaceship was hovering above a planet Zuccha said was in the Orion Nebula.

I was so excited as I looked at the planet. I couldn’t help saying out loud, “If only my friends were here to see this!” Zuccha explained, The Orions are a race that look very similar to me, but are slightly smaller. They live within their huge crystal cities as the air outside is too thick to breathe. I felt like I was under a spell. The planet was like nothing I’d ever seen before. Then, without warning, three green spaceships charged at our craft, missing it by only seconds. I was sure we were under attack! Panicking and not knowing what to do, I looked at Zuccha who was…laughing!!! Well, I guess that’s reassuring, I thought to myself feeling a little embarrassed. As I calmed down, I just couldn’t take my eyes off the awesome show of bright lights as the ships circled round and round each other at lightning speeds. I’d never seen anything move so fast. I was sure they would crash at any moment. I was impressed and wanted to keep watching but Zuccha said we needed to keep going as there was a lot more to see.

In what seemed like only a few minutes, our craft was above another planet. Zuccha said the plane was in the Pleiades, a cluster of stars about 380 light years from Earth. Zuccha explained, The Pleidians who live here both look and are like humans, except that everything is done by agreement and the children have equal rights and powers. Their cities are covered by huge crystal shields and they travel from city to city in pyramid-shaped spacecraft. The planet for some reason looked familiar to me. Then I remembered that weird dream I kept on having. At the time I thought it was strange, but this was even stranger. I had the feeling I’d been there before, but I knew I hadn’t. Not knowing how to explain to Zuccha what I was thinking, because I wasn’t even sure myself, I cleared my mind. Zuccha asked, Would you like to visit one of their cities or see another planet? “ Can I see another planet please,” I answered out loud, forgetting again, I only needed to think the answer.

Sit please, commanded Zuccha as seats with harnesses appeared from compartments hidden under the floor. Prepare to hyperdrive to a different galaxy. I thought it would be good, and it was. It felt like every bit of my body had come apart and the front of my face seemed to meet the back of my head. I felt like I was a giant one minute and an ant the next. I was blown away and told Zuccha, That was the best thing I’ve ever done in my whole life! I’m pleased you enjoyed getting here, now, tell me what you think of this planet in the Centaurus Constellation. This one was really different and I asked Zuccha, Can we look closer? Zuccha showed me how I could control the spaceship by first wishing to come in for a closer look, then concentrating and seeing it happen in my mind. We zoomed in and I was blown away when I realised I was flying the spaceship. I was so happy it was hard to concentrate and look at the strangest planet so far. Jellyfish-type spacecraft and clear balls of bright light bounced along the surface. Zuccha explained, The Centaurians are some of the oldest and wisest beings in the universe. They live in temples of light and crystal, travelling to other planets to advise or help if needed. Zuccha then told me it was time to go. I need to get you back to your planet before you are missed.

How was that for an adventure? Awesome, I answered, like being in a computer game, only much better! Can we go again? Yes Traygan, we can. There is more to see than you can possibly imagine. You will know when I am near planet Earth, as I will send you a hologram of myself. When you see the vision, go to the park. You can bring some friends with you next time if you like. “Yahoo!!” I shouted. I knew just who I’d bring. During the trip home, I went exploring. The spaceship had lots of cool stuff and I wondered how it all worked. Then, I noticed a shadow. Did it move or did I just imagine it? I started to feel uneasy – something was wrong. “What the…yikes,” I yelled. My body froze and my heart raced, as I realized in horror that I was trapped. The huge creature looked straight into my eyes, before bending its legs and hurling itself on top of me. The impact threw me hard against the wall. My legs gave way and we both fell to the floor. Terrified, I tried to push it off as I screamed and screamed for help.

After what seemed like ages Zuccha appeared. He gently removed the creature by loosening its legs one at a time. As it disappeared around the corner, Zuccha explained, That was a Driko. It is usually quite harmless and only takes physical form when it wants to play. It must have liked you Traygan, or it would not have let you see it. Maybe it was the shock of what had happened, but I had to try really hard not to cry. I thought, I’ve had to get used to a lot of new things since meeting Zuccha, I know, isn’t it wonderful, replied Zuccha. “Yes,” I said quietly, thinking I’d have to learn how to control this telepathy thing better!

For the last stage of the trip I sat quietly. It didn’t take me long to feel back to my old self and in control again. Before I knew it we had landed and it was time to say goodbye. I thanked Zuccha for the most awesome day of my life. As I started walking home, I had time to think about all that had happened, I couldn’t wait to see my new friend Zuccha again. It must have been him who saved me from the Bully Boys. I wondered how I would be able to keep my big mouth shut when I got home. I knew Mum and Dad wouldn’t believe me.

Lying in bed was so hard and I don’t think I slept at all that night! I just couldn’t wait to go to school to tell my best friends all that had happened. That is all I have to tell you until Zuccha comes back, except that when you are watching TV or movies and they say aliens are bad, don’t believe it. They just haven’t met someone like Zuccha.

Zuccha the Alien  

A touching story of aliens and best friends...

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