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petra & lars palm

ho(s)tel window

PoFot, 2011

all photos by Petra Palm texts by lars palm

these photos were taken out of hotel, & hostel, windows in Berlin, august 2009, Malmรถ, december 2009 (our wedding night), Barcelona december 2009, Skopje, Tirana, Durres & Ohrid, august, 2010 & Helsingborg, december 2010

so this is where it was all orchestrated. don't mention the... just head around the corner for a beer

who's that above the roof there to the left?

dear clouds, please do not come any closer. we're celebrating

cup of light. salud

which way is the harbour? can it harbour us?

seems they're not home at the moment

a walk across the roofs just to see how far we get before we hit the street

or just keep walking until we get to the harbour. if that's the direction it's in

do these framed flowers keep the heat out or are they just waiting around for someone to bring breakfast?

really not sure what that noose is for, maybe god had an idea

maybe there's no need to close that? like ever

eight miles high. no, floors

the sea is over there. & the streets paved with barely ground gravel. a refill?

living by the lake the family below are used to the music their neighbours play

reflection reaching down. or the sun? can ye hear the song?

ho(s)tel window  

Photos by Petra Palm, texts by lars palm

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