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A Small Collection of Poems By Roshni Jacob

A Morning Erection Publication

Eleven Beautiful And Evocative Poems


A Small Collection of Poems By Roshni Jacob

A Morning Erection Publication 2012 USA Tom Baker, Publisher

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I would like to thank Roshni for allowing me to give added life to her poems. And giving them back to her in the form of this gift. It is my hope that you enjoy reading your words in this, my expression of our friendship.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Night Death What The Pages Will Tell You The Path To The Crazy Group That I Call My Friends! Lost & Unhappy Truly, Madly, Deeply In Love Untold Requests Reminisce Meaning In Life Enlightening Lessons

Blue Sky And Clouds by FreefotoUK

Under The Moon by LayoutSparks

Night Darkness is slowly spreading. The night has fallen so stealthily. A pink curtain made way For the Sun to hide into its hideout and the soft pink slowly changed into a blackish blue. The starry night sky is such a wonderful piece of God's art. The stars dot the huge canvas, twinkling, so adorable at sight. Sleep invades every mind and the world goes to sleep. On such a beautifully woven night how can one just drift off to sleep without pondering over the mesmerizing beauty of the night sky; Romantic and exquisite, Awakening dreams, all as stupendous as it.

Placid Death Taken From Wikipedia

Death Even when the sun shines bright outside I feel a cold around me, A chilling cold hand clutching me Pulling me, enveloping me, Surrounding me, filling me. I feel something different Something strange, depressing, Something imminent and dampening Pushing me down Into the depths of despair. I feel it all around me And I try to run away. But wherever I run to, I find those hands waiting for me, Those cold, white, frightening hands. I find no place to go, to hide. I try in vain to outrun that power. I continue stumbling along the path. It is slowly closing in on me. There is darkness all around, Cloudy sky, chilling wind. I want to stop, to breathe, But I cannot seem to be able to do that. I can't stop, not yet. I go on, in the dark, Trying to find a way, Trying to get away From the imminent power That is pursuing me. I go on, aimless, only trying in vain To escape...

Taken From Google Images

What The Pages Will Tell You... When I see blank pages, I think of what I could fill them with. I could write about you, How your thoughts pervade my mind, How much you mean to me, How deeply I feel for you. I ponder over all that I could write about you, for you; Rendering the pages life, Turning their plainness into the Amazing beauty that comes with Genuine and sincere emotions. Putting pen to paper In an attempt to bare my soul, I find that as much as I write, I do not seem to find it enough. These words seem scarce, Incomplete and insufficient to portray you. I cannot stop going on about you, Nothing seems enough for you, It's hardly worthy for you. It does not even begin to bring out What I truly feel for you, or How precious I hold you in my heart.

So, perhaps, I should just Leave these pages blank, as they are. Maybe I should let them tell you The depth of my love for you That I wanted to write on them, And the extent of my passion. Let the wide emptiness of them Reveal to you what I could not Put into words. Let them speak of all that I wanted you to know But left buried within. If you listen, you can hear them Telling you of what I hold deep inside, Of feelings untold, unrevealed, Of how I long for your presence, Of how indispensable your happiness is For mine. Sometimes, feelings do not have to be Put into words; they should Just be felt, understood. Sometimes, words cannot be enough To express the infiniteness of emotions. Then, silence speaks far more than mere words.

Trail by Chryztoph

The Path The path wound on and on. I could see no end to it. Though I wished to travel along it till it halted at a point, I was dubious if it would stretch on, and ignored the fantasies of my mind. Maybe it ended at a tree; a large and old tree, alone in a clearing. Or perhaps, it opened out onto a clear blue stream, flowing on. Or yet again, it went on and on into the depths of the foliage. Unexplored it lay, inviting me. I was excited yet doubtful whether to follow my mind's impulse and advance, to unravel the mysteries that this path hides on its way. But at last, I turned away.

Taken From Google Images

To The Crazy Group That I Call My FRIENDS! Just a few lines From the depths of my heart To let you know that You are part of my world; That you form my happiness. You are part of all my joys And good old memories.

Life would have been Hard and difficult If I had not had you alongside me. Life has been worth living All because I had friends like you To lean onto and turn to When I was weighed down by pains or troubles. I find happiness, being with you. I find myself, when I am with you. With you, I can be what I truly am, Knowing that you will understand me, Accept me and love me For what I really am. Perhaps, that is why you are so much a part of myself. I feel certain that I will be able To go on in life, Facing and overcoming obstacles, Enjoying and celebrating joys, If I have friends like you To be by my side, Just to make me complete, to help me be what I am. Wherever you maybe, However far or near, I want you to know that You will always remain My sweetest, craziest friends. You will always be part of my world, Part of my memories, part of me.

Forgotten By CircusFreak3058

Lost & Unhappy I cannot feel the happiness That was filled in me Just a few days ago. All I feel is a numbness. I do not know what is happening, I do not know what to do. I am lost, desperate and Devoid of happiness. I wish I could make This sorrow disappear, And bring back those times Of happiness that I enjoyed. My heart feels heavy, I don't want to go on. I am longing to erase this From my mind, To have the relief of his presence By my side.

Love, Love, Love by ~Grinch7

Truly, Madly, Deeply In Love I seem to see you Everywhere I go. In every person I see I seem to find A reflection of your face. And then, I realize that It is not you. I find you everywhere, In my thoughts and emotions, In my mind and heart, In my dreams and wishes, In my days and nights, In my world, in my life, In my past, present and future, I find you in me, a part of me. Everywhere I turn to I find myself looking at you, Thinking of you, talking of you, My life seems to revolve around you. You have become the essence and The quintessence of love for me. Life has become all the more beautiful Since you became a part of it. Your love is the blessing I so yearn for, The blessing to beatify my life. You have become love and life for me. And I want you to know That I love you ever so truly, madly, deeply.

Holding Hands by ~ Nosfist

Untold Requests I do not demand his love or fidelity Nor do i ask for his acknowledgment Of this depth and intense love Burning within the depths of my heart. All I want is his friendship, A silent and solemn promise To be my friend, through life; A promise to be with me. I wish for his presence in my life Through every up and down. I ask only sincere friendship from him, Friendship that will last forever. All I need is a mere assurance That I will be always accompanied in life By the solace of his friendship, The happiness and comfort of his presence. All I yearn for is him, That I will always have him with me That we will always be friends Friends for life, forever.

That Feeling

Reminiscence Days pass by without us noticing And before long, we wonder How the past few years Have sped on; how fast time travels. As I sit under the tree Silence and solitude enveloping me Leaves flying about, dancing in the air I put off all thoughts for a moment. The sun provides a warm glow And the place looks scenic Though deserted; the lane winds on And I start my time travel. Reminiscence is so refreshing It puts unusual zeal into you Rejuvenating the spirits which Were made lifeless by the past. Years later, I relive all the auspicious Moments and remarkable feelings That I went through years ago All so exactly like then.

When I looked in awe At the bossy seniors And wondered when I would Be able to be one of them. Now, just years left for me to be one I laugh at my childhood dream And wish I was a child again. I would love to have my childhood again. As I grew up, adding years to my life I learnt a lot, I changed a lot. I understand life by and by Still, I have lots more to understand. I found love and lost it And again I found it. Love which never leaves you Which goes on with you, through life. Slowly, I go through my memories And end up where I am now. I smile at this quick rewinding And get up to continue my story.

Taken From Google Images

Meaning In Life Life has, it seems, suddenly been Brightened up with The light of meaning. This light has elucidated to me The essence of life The need to live life. Life is the ultimate experience That we have been gifted. Every moment of life should Be treasured and enjoyed. Every experience, be it sorrow or ecstasy, Should be reveled and relished. When life is lived In the true sense of the word One will find explicit sense in life. Life will be enlightened with purpose When one begins to live life To the fullest, each and every moment. Face the challenges, Overcome the obstacles, Resolve the problems, Enjoy the happiness, Cry out the sorrow, and LIVE LIFE !

Angel Eyes by BenHeine

Enlightening Lessons I was always searching for that soul who would complete me, that soul who would add meaning to my very existence. I have come a long way. And now, I realize you never find love; love finds you. There is no perfect person who can fill in every void in life. All you find in life is love that can make the void seem trivial. You learn to love, and then understand that you cannot find anyone perfect; love makes them perfect for you. Just close your eyes, open your heart, and let love happen.

With much love and friendship, Tom


A small collection of poetry by Roshni Jacob. All rights reserved © Copyright Roshni Jacob. A Morning Erection Publication.