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Many people think that love is boundless and breath taking. Marian didn't think so,didn't believe in love. She pushed away anyone potentialy capable of loving her the way she needed to be. Sometimes she stayed in paralyzing silence, encirlciing her mind. Sorrowless into the night, she hoped for all eternity. Marian did not know how much love veiled the world. the harshest of the days would not stop her from halting even the lovliest patrons. Tired of being the object of false affection, she sought to be alone. in her solace she stumbled upon a great treasure. A notebook, tattered and toren. the first line " to Marian the lovechild of my everlasting love". Daring not to read on, for she knew it was nothiong more than the rubbish she despised; Marian read on. "In the depths of my heart dear Marian lay a love that i never knew, a city dressed with jewels and gold full of sin i wander. I long to find a prince to take the very love i hold and do with it what he will. I walked a long mile before i fixed my eyes on this wonder. Low and behold it was he,he who shall bring to me the affection I deserve. I reached out to this kind sir and Iasked upon him his love. he granted me a tour around his beloved town. I accepted, full of hope. When he spoke i heard wisdom and dreams. The same dreams i sought out to fined. I felt weak with impressed eyes. I found him to be the one. I I love the way he laughed...I wanted to hold him high until he faded away. I wanted to hold him high and steal his pain. I felt like i was stong enough. I was no longer lonesome He never went away. The best had taken place i could breathe again. There is so much for you to learn. Dear Marian when you find love you will never be lonesome. Feel the passion mother earth has to spread around, love choosesyou, you do not chooseit. The silver rain will fall upon you some day. You will beleive in love someday and it will debilitate you, and make you crave it. Love is apart of our same blood, you will never want to be free. Love is thoughtless and does not care who it thrusts upon. . I loved him til the end of the earth and then back. I felt as if he held the pen that has written my very existence...

Marian Lovechild  

what is love..

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