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W feic it eekly November 25th-29th

Institute of Technology Carlow

Students’ Union

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Podge Sheehan



Sandy Duane



Ian Hannon



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Union Officers

Podge Sheehan President T: 059 917 5621 M: 085 131 7793

Sandy Duane Deputy President Welfare & Education T:059 917 5623 M: 085 726 8924

Ian Hannon VP Commercial Activity & Entertainment T: 089 917 5622 M: 085 727 5044

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SU Notices

Weekly update whats happening • ‘Chats for Change’ – Life coach in Wexford on 25th as part of ‘Are You Well?’ Mental Health Campaign • Movember Moscars party this Wednesday in ‘The Foundry’ - €1 from every entry will be donated to changing the face of mental health. • Pink training took place over the weekend in QUB. IT Carlow delegates participated over the weekend. Pink training is the largest LGBT event in Europe. • 25th Nov the annual IT Carlow fight night taking place in the Barrow Centre at 6:30 • The Students’ Union is an area exclusively for IT Carlow Students. Please have your student ID on you at all times as you may be requested to show it.


President Some of the major things I have been up to: 1. I have saved thousands of euro through the elimination of wastages that were accrued over the years. This included excessive phone bills & contracts, printing wastage, and travel expenses. One example of this is the saving at a 3-day USI event in August, we saved €374 compared to previous years through the use of commuting via public transport and not requiring accommodation or personal transport. These savings are now being pumped into bigger impact projects so we can re-align our finances to where they need to be. 2. For the first time ever, I have established a strong working relationship with Carlow College Students’ Union. We are all part of the Carlow community with similar aims, there is no reason why we shouldn’t be working together on certain impact projects.. 3. I have re-structured the internal culture and running of the SU. It allows for a much more collaborative process and input from students and also increases the transparency and accountability of the union and its officers. 4. I held the by-elections for our two new officers, Alan Grincell & Ciara Malone, well done to you all. What I am currently doing: 1. After remedying the Harvard Ref debacle in the library, I am currently looking into the WiFi issues that are occurring due to the large increase in numbers utilising the service. 2. In creating a mobile app, a huge amount of work needs to be done to the backend of our website which is getting underway at the moment. The website will hopefully be launched in term 2. 3. Currently working through casework and sitting on the relevant committees within the Institute including but not limited to Academic Council, Health & Safety, SAF etc.

Podge Sheehan

Weekly update

Looking ahead: 1. Continuing with our community engagement, I am organising a second event in the Farmer’s Market for December 14th. We are here for 9 of 12 months of the year, we need to ensure we play a pivotal role in the community. 2. I will also be part of the Carlow Town Team Initiative ensuring the student’s voice is heard in the committee. 3. I am preparing a strategic day of planning for all officers to take place in the coming weeks to plan for the term ahead. If I had the chance, I would fill up the news letter with on-going work and upcoming projects but alas I am way over the word count! Please check out our SU Charter in this issue so you are aware of how we are going to do what we do! As always, get in touch with any questions, comments or tips!


Sandy Duane

Weekly update Deputy President Welfare & Education Hi Everyone, We had our last mature student focus group where we provided tea and coffee and met with mature students to discuss a variety of different topics and issues. We had Podge in to give a presentation on saving your work online. Our nutritionists’ talks came to an end after four weekly sessions, but if anyone wants any of the above presentations, please email me and I’ll send them on promptly. I’ve been working on the mock wedding, and I was the priest for the ceremony, so I had to write out the mass and help with the speeches. I was heavily involved in the running of our open day event, so I was hosting cracker-eating competitions for potential students. I have been working on casework with different students, which is on a daily basis. I am currently working on my Are Ye Well? campaign, which is a monthly positive mental health campaign on both the Carlow and Wexford campus. The Carlow campaign will be one day this week (between the 25th Nov – 30th Nov) so please keep an eye out for the posters, when we have tied down a day. The Wexford campus will be having their day on the 28th Nov, where we’ll have the second instalment of our life coach, Brona Cloonan giving a talk on how to be your best self. These talks will also be available to receive in email for all students. We’re hoping to also bring our nutritionist down to this Wexford campaign and are currently in discussion with them on a day and time. I am also being the MC for the Fight Night in the Carlow campus on the 28th Nov, which is he college’s annual boxing event. It promises to be a good one, as always! I am currently looking into an exam de-stress and exam skills campaign, and would appreciate any thoughts on what might be new and different for such a campaign. Apart from this, I’m anticipating plenty of casework, especially


with some people still waiting for their SUSI money to come through. I’m working on organising SafeTALK suicide prevention courses which will be beginning in January. I’ll be working alongside Podge and Ian on their upcoming campaigns and when the students leave I’ll be continuing to work for a few days, so plan on planning out term 2’s events when things are quiet.

VP Commercial Activity & Entertainment

Hello All, So what have I been up to over the last few weeks? Well as many of you know we had the mock wedding last week it was an absolutely crazy day. I hope those of you that were luckily enough to grab a ticket enjoyed the day. Apart from that I have been organising other events such as The Moscars (Movember Oscars) Christmas day on campus and a few other bits and bobs around the place such as students enquiries, Hoodies orders and advertising.

Ian Hannon

Weekly update

What I’m up to at the MO-ment (Movember Pun Intended) is finalising the Moscars in The Foundry. I’m also organising an on campus activity to appreciate all our MO Bro’s & MO Sista’s at the end of the month and trying to get some awards ceremony in place alongside a shave off day. It’s all go here, no rest for the wicked eh? I’m also looking into the ever popular Race day that we try have every year. So what am I going to be upto for the week? Well as I said above I’m going to try organise the race day. Unfortunately it won’t be before Christmas this year as it isn’t on the race card anymore in Gorwan BUT there is one after Christmas and we are looking into going to that. I’m going to look into organising a deal with the Ice Rink in Carlow town that students have a special discounted rate. As always I’m going to be organising our RAG week. I want to try finalise the line ups soon. I and a select few know who were looking at so fingers crossed on that one. It’s slowly coming to the end of term so I’m going to be organising the Christmas Ball I’m aslo going to be looking at what we can bring to the table for term 2. I won’t keep you reading much longer. As always if you need anything feel free to pop into me I’m always happy to help you out.


Alan Grincell

Weekly update

Publications Hello All! Firstly for




to me

thank as







in the bi-elections that where held earlier in month and also to congratulate









So what have I been up to over the last week? Last week we held the very successful Mock Wedding and I want to congratulate Elaine & Hugh and thank both weeding parties in taking part. I was out and about at the colleges recent open day introducing the Union to perspective students. A cracker eating competition was held which received great attention. I also sat on my first Class Rep Council of this term, that was held last Thursday which had a great attendance and many vital issues where brought to our attention. I’ve been working alongside Podge in creating the new and revaluated ‘FEIC IT Weekly’. It will now be created, printed in house and distributed on a weekly basis and used as a point of direct contacts to you the students on what we are all getting up to and events that will be happening throughout the week. It is still in its early stages and my priority as Publications Officer will be to develop it not as magazine but as visual and published link between student body and the Students’ Union. So this week in the Foundry and ourselves are hosting The 2013 Moscars in aid of Movember and for every attendee €1 will be donated to the worthy cause and I hope to see you and all your Mo’s there. I will be creating and developing the next issue of ‘FEIC IT Weekly’ which will be available around the college and in the Students Union next Monday. Also if there are any Students creating their own publications or posters, contact myself in regards to receiving the Branding Guidelines of ITCSU, it contains the ITCSU logo and its guidelines for usage. Until then next week,



union rep Hello all! Hope your all keeping well in this cold weather! Make sure to wrap up tight, last thing you need now during your studies is a cold! (Not to be doing a “mammy” on it!)


Weekly update

I have been very busy the last while between my course and the Student’ Union. Here is a quick update! I was recently down in the Wexford campus where the hustings took place for the part time Students’ Union position of Wexford Campus Office. The hustings were very competitive and have to say congratulations to Ciara Malone for being elected and also congratulations to Alan Grincell for being re-elected Publications Officer. I was out and about on the Institute Open Day representing your Students’ Union. We had great involvement with prospective students, having great fun as well as discussing what we do for the students of the college. The first Class Rep Council took place last week with great attendance and was brilliant to see and listen to the voices of your class, and what their and their classes concerns are at the present moment and upcoming future. At present I am working on the Class Rep Handbook with Podge, this is an intensive process, (It’s a long book!) but the result of having this will be great for all Class Reps, hopefully it will be in full swing for the second college term. I will be doing a Workshop in the coming weeks before the term ends to keep me up to date with my position in the Students’ Union, and represent you all to the very best of my ability and I am very excited about this. I am also looking into having weekly or bi-weekly focus groups with the Class Reps, depending on the what time suits the majority, this will ensure that any issue arising will be communicated, discussed and resolved as soon as possible. If anything else is arising or going on I will keep you all updated. Ps: Anyone else get that Christmas feeling?! If you need anything or want to talk, I’m always here, drop me an email sometime or stop me when Im passing. Keep your head up, keep your heart strong. Mark.


Ciara Malone

Weekly update

Wexford Rep What have I been up to? On Halloween we had a fundraiser for Coal for the elderly in aid of the St Vincent De Paul. All the students made an amazing effort to dress up and we collected a good amount of money. St Vincent De Paul was absolutely delighted. The local paper popped in also and took lots of pictures where we all looked absolutely stunning ;) The whole day was a great success. The Business Society had a table quiz in Chocolate Bar in Wexford. They managed to raise 268 euro and the winning team got a free round of drinks. They also had a raffle on the night with 1st prize receiving a necklace from Heinz jewellers, 2nd prize was perfume and the 3rd prize was a bottle of whiskey! What am I up to? At the moment we are getting the coaching skills certificate under way with George. There is a huge interest in it especially for the Social Studies and Early Childhood. There are all eager to start and are looking forward to the new skills they will learn facilitating young children and adolescents. Hoodies is also in the process of being organised. This year I was hoping to make the hoodies a little more personal by adding their class names on it if they wish and have a wide selection of colours. What will I be up to? After all that is dealt with I will hopefully be organising a Christmas Party. I hope to get all the students involved, so all the years can get to know each other. I would love to have a white party or a Christmas dress up party with a prize for the winner. Hopefully it will be a bit of craic and the lecturers might pop down for a pint or two. I’m also going to work on getting a common


room for the students so they can relax and unwind on their breaks.

Equality & Mature

Student Officer Dia Guit, Hi everyone! I’ve been up to loads lately, from class rep training, part time officer training, volunteering, helping out on the open day, attending mental health talks, signing people up for Movember, running mature student focus groups, giving out free healthy smoothies, running a photo competition, this past month has been crazy. IT Carlow through the lens was a photography competition in which students took a picture of their experience of ITC and the best one won a SU hoody. The competition was fantastic and really showed how involved many of you students are in student life on campus! At the moment I’m involved in helping out with the running of the mock wedding, trying to raise awareness of movember by being a Mosister, holding weekly mature student meet ups (Thursday 1pm in A204), trying to plan some on campus events before the term is over. Attending exsecutive meetings with my fellow SU and attending Class rep council. I will be going to Belfast this weekend for Pink training alongside the Shout (lgbt) society in ITC. I cannot wait, Pink Training is a weekend training event for LGBT students and allies. It takes place in Queen’s University Belfast from the 22nd-24th of November. Pink Training is the largest event of its kind in Europe. This event is a safe space for delegates to be themselves, make new friends and to learn. There are a range of workshops including ‘coming out’, how to support someone who’s coming out, Trans* 101, Sexual Health, Mental Health, Campaigning, Bisexuality Awareness, International LGBT issues. I am so excited and fortunate to be going and I genuinely cannot wait. Also I will be involved in more mature student meet ups and hope to plan some events with them. Also I can not wait

Catherine Dillon

Weekly update

to attend the Moscars (movember Oscars for best Mo bro and sister) I guess that’s everything I’ve been up too! See you soon a chairde Catherine


SU Charter

Institute of Technology Carlow

Students’ Union 1.

For the Union to Lead, Represent and Inspire.


To deliver a strong, representative and structured

Students’ Union.


Increase the Unions engagement levels with students.


To become a more accountable and transparent Union.


To deliver an approachable and assessable service to

students. 6.

To conduct all of the Union activities (work standards) in a professiona manner to our target audience.


Stay UNITED as a team.


To develop a more creative and innovative approach

9. 10.

to traditional Union activities. Utilise the teams strengths and capitalise our weakness for the betterment of students. To establish an environment where there is always a willingness to take student input on board.


Manage all of the Students’ Union activities in a cost

effective way while achieving maximum output and

value for students.


Maintain a realistic approach to all of the Union’s


To Lead, Represent & Inspire 12

We are at the heart of the IT Carlow community



Institute of Technology Carlow

Students’ Union


3 the 201

WED 27



Red Carpet Event with Complimentary punch on arrival for those in formal attire (Optional)

DJ Fudge “Foundry Carlow Student Nights” @TheFoundryCarlow tv fm

Doors: 11.30pm Adm: €5 of which €1 will be donated to Movember

fm Listen Live on the Foundry FM iPhone & Android app or on The Foundry Carlow is a Nightsafe accredited venue


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Institute of Technology Carlow

Students’ Union Our brand represents the three pillars that are core to the structure of IT Carlow Students’ Union; The executive committee, the class reps and you our members, the students. We believe in unifying a wide variety of people. We believe in a bright and vibrant future for our students. And we believe in the beauty of simplicity to achieve this.

FEIC IT Weekly 25th-29th November  
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