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the power of portions

Let Your Salesperson Become Your Least Expensive Employee here a very few days during the week that I don’t hear from one of my chef friends that they are in need of a cook. It’s a way of life in a commercial kitchen. Cooks come and cooks go. We are numb to the endless piles of write-ups, no-call no-shows and never ending new hire paperwork. It just happens. This transition is then followed by sometimes weeks of training. I wish I had a back pocket full of available cooks but that’s just not the case. I do have a possible solution that benefits all of us. Why not utilize your food service sales person as if they were one of your employees. The days of looking at Food Cost as the ultimate kitchen metric are in the rear view mirror. Today’s environment requires a closer look at Prime Cost (the combination of Food Cost + Labor Cost). By following your Prime Cost the use of convenience ingredients can be offset by a reduction of labor. Allow your salesperson to introduce you to the vast array of convenience components that can allow you to operate with reduced labor. Your Culinary Team Member is available to you to help demonstrate individual products and ingredients. The best part is that your salesperson won’t affect your payroll. Allow them to become your least expensive employee.

Featured on the Cover: #56394 5-6 oz. Canadian Cold Water Lobster Tail

Best Wishes,

Doug Petruzzi, CEC AAC Director of Culinary Executive Chef


Route 191 & Chipperfield Dr • P.O. Box 669 • Stroudsburg, PA 18360 Phone • 570-421-4990 • Toll free 800-366-4550 • Fax 570-476-5149 poconoprofoods.com

Don’t just Seafood. See profits. Restaurants aren’t just expected to make great meals. They’re also expected to make profits. So in addition to sourcing seafood fresh daily from only the most reputable and sustainable sources, we also help our customers forecast trends and plan menus. It’s service that you can see on your plate, and your bottom line. poconoprofoods.com | 800-366-4550 |

PPF# 16440 Pumpkin Cranberry Bash Pie

Stack PPF# 103275 Pumpkin Cranberry

PPF# 105906 Pumpkin Spice Bundt


All the comforting, spicy flavors favored in autumn. Harvest goes uptown.

In Season: Maple Maple is poised to take over as this fall’s most popular flavor, according to Market Watch. The seasonal favorite flavor pumpkin spice may be leveling out — new items with the flavor are flooding the market, but sales aren’t keeping up. Maple has seen tremendous growth in both food and beverages. Maple water — sourced from the sap of maple trees— is having a moment, and has the potential to triple its market share by 2020. In the hard drink category, there is now maple vodka produced by Vermont Spirits. This is in addition to the plethora of maple whiskeys, produced by big brands such as Crown Royal, Jim Beam and Knob Creek. Foods that are branching out into maple would be smart to tout its overall nutritional value, with 40 antioxidants and low calorie level for a sweetener. In addition, making a limited-time seasonal item would add to its allure. One of the reasons Pumpkin Spice Lattes have such a following is because there are precious few months when they can be ordered. If marketed wisely, maple could also help pumpkin spice stay relevant. As a rising tide lifts all boats, a new interest in maple could sustain the popularity of other fall flavors. Seasonality plays a huge part in menu development because people want change and excitement, especially when only available for a limited time. Restaurants want something that can differentiate its menu from the plethora of pumpkin spice products popping up everywhere. Maple could be the thing!

owl B in a r G ie g g e V Maple Ingredients • Quinoa or other InHarvest Grain • Arugula • Butternut Squash, Roasted • Brussels Sprouts, halved and roasted • Dried Cranberries • Goat Cheese or Cheddar • Toasted Almonds • Rosemary Maple Balsamic Dressing

Directions 1. Cook grain according to directions. Toss with Olive Oil and Salt and Pepper. Reserve. 2. Roast Veggies separately after tossing with Olive Oil & Mrs. D’s Seasoning. Reserve. 3. Gently toast almonds in a dry saute pan until fragrant. Reserve. 4. Dressing: Combine 1 T Dijon Mustard, ¼ cup Maple Syrup, 1 Cup Balsamic Vinegar and 2 Cups Olive Oil. Whisk until incorporated. 5. Assembly: Toss Grain and Arugula with enough dressing to coat. Top in sections with Butternut Squash, Brussels Sprouts, Dried Cranberries, Cheese and Almonds. Serve and Enjoy.

CAN LINERS s liner l a e s Star e the z i m i max arrying c bag’s acity cap tually s r i v and es leak nat i m i l e

Kogi Sauces: 4/65 oz.

new! ^

PPF# 123


PPF# 123195

PPF# 123


PPF# 123



National Seafood Month PPF#57292 PPF#58120 PPF#54450 PPF#54414 PPF#101712

PPF#96839 PPF#52930 PPF#108077 PPF#120461

Coconut Breaded 16/20 ct. Shrimp, 4/2.5# Jalapeno & Cheese Shrimp Jammers, 4/2# Dipt & Dusted Calamari Tubes & Tentacles, 6/2# Southern Style Crab Stuffing/Mix, 3/2.5# Breaded Count Oysters, 4/2#

PPF#105549 PPF#105550 Boom Boom Sauce 4/1 gal. New England Style tartar Sauce, 4/1 gal. Cocktail Sauce, 4/1 gal. Cocktail Sauce, 72/2 oz. cup PPF#120826 PPF#118030 PPF#103598 PPF#108888 PPF#54690 PPF#108842 PPF#108845

Lobster Base (no MSG), 6/1# Seafood Base (no MSG), 6/1# PPF#51726 PPF#51730

Tuna Salad, 5# tub Seafood Salad, 5# tub

Pubhouse Battered 1-2 oz. Rockfish Fillets,10# 4.4 oz. Stuffed Alaskan Pollock, 10# Panko Breaded Pollock, 40/4 oz. Oven Ready Battered Pollock, 53/3 oz. Oven Ready 2.5 oz. Battered Pollock, 10# Breaded 1 oz. CN Pollock Fish Sticks, 10# Whole Grain Breaded 1 oz. Pollock Nugget, 10# PPF#61082 Scallop & Bacon Chowder PPF#61200 Shrimp & Roasted Corn Chowder PPF#61080 New England Clam Chowder PPF#20024 Maryland Crab Soup PPF#113391 Atlantic Lobster Bisque PPF#61030 Maine Lobster Bisque

PPF#58388 PPF#113960 PPF#54416 PPF#100428 PPF#57240

Lobster Sensations, 6/2# Pacific Chef Dusted Oysters, 6/1# Oven Ready 3 oz. Krabby Cakes, 10# Butterflied 21/25 ct. Breaded Shrimp, 4/3# Butterflied 31/40 ct. Breaded Shrimp, 12/6 oz.

PPF#118484 3 oz. Bayview Crab Cakes, 50 ct. PPF#119865 4 oz. Bayview Crab Cakes, 40 ct. PPF#54860 Seafood Cakes (shrimp, crab & scallops), 32/3 oz. PPF#123007 Seafood Stuffed Flounder, 50/3.35 oz. (stuffed w/shrimp, crab & scallops) PPF#104849 PPF#54400 PPF#102437 PPF#103167 PPF#105180

Crispy Shrimp Wraps, 2/50 ct. Mini .5 oz. Crab Cakes, 2/72 ct. Gluten Free 3 oz. Crab Cakes, 2/12 ct. Ultimate 4 oz. Crab Cakes, 2/12 ct. Panko Breaded Soft Shell Crabs, 4/9 ct.

PPF#101681 80/120 ct. Sea Scallops, 2/5# PPF#101682 Scallops Wrapped in Bacon, 2/5# PPF#56950 20/30 ct. Scallop Medallions, 2/5#

Social Skills

Top 10 Best Practices for Restaurants on Facebook veryone has to eat, and 700 million of those people are also on Facebook. When 88% of people are influenced by reviews and online comments, having an intentional digital strategy is important to your restaurant or bar. Here’s what you can do to make the most of it. 1. RESPOND You want to engage your fans on your Facebook Page, but you also want them to know that you are engaged, too. Be sure to answer questions, address concerns, and acknowledge when people take the time to post on your Page. Even if it's just a thank you for a nice remark, be sure to respond to your fans. 2. EDUCATE YOUR FANS Restaurants have a unique opportunity — they can showcase the food, provide recipes, explain the origin of a dish and shoot videos of the chefs in action. That kind of content never gets old, and it doesn't even have to be original — there's so much stuff on YouTube, and all you need to do is unearth it. People want to know they’re eating the freshest, most flavorful and healthful products as possible so tell them about it. 3. SHOW OFF YOUR GOODS Food not only tastes and smells delicious — it looks beautiful, too. Post pictures of your dishes. Just make sure the photos make the food more appetizing. 4. ADD YOUR MENU TO YOUR FAN PAGE Your fans are hungry. Make it easy for them to find your menu by putting it right on your Facebook page! You can even link it directly to your website. Use the free Woobox app or contact me if you need help 5. DON'T JUST SELL — BE INTERESTING Yes, your restaurant is a business, and your goal is to make profit. But you don't have to do the hard sell on Facebook — oftentimes restaurants are overly promotional. While customers love to hear about new menu items and special offers, they don’t only want to interact with someone who is pushy. And remember to let others promote your brand as well. After all, good word of mouth marketing is the most effective (and authentic). You can motivate your customers to become ambassadors by treating them well, listening to them, talking to them, informing them and being interesting and engaging. Once you do that, your loyal fans will spread the word for you (for free!) online and in real life. 6. SHARE YOUR PRESS You've worked hard to get good reviews and spur people to write blog posts about your food. Go ahead and share it with the world. This goes in hand in hand with avoiding the hard sell — by being awesome, you'll motivate people to spread the word. More publicity means more customers, and it will gain steam as long as your product is delicious and your customer service remains excellent. 7. BE CONSISTENT ONLINE AND OFFLINE Be sure that your employees are well trained on food, service and other intangibles. And certainly make sure your social media manager has the right answers. You don't want people to get answers on Facebook and hear a different story when they show up for dinner. It can be hard to maintain seamless communication but it's important to stay in the loop and make sure that the information put out by your restaurant is accurate and consistent across all platforms, whether they be social platforms or in-person. Being inconsistent will lead to confusion and frustration for your customers, who may feel like they were promised one thing, only to be told something else upon arrival.

8. DON'T GIVE AWAY TOO MUCH Whereas a bike store or car dealership are typically single-purchase businesses, restaurants are in a unique position in that someone could be a customer every single day. And while group deals and offering discounts might be good for a one-time promotion to increase Likes, you don’t want to give too much away. A promotion for a buy one, get one free burrito can get a lot of people buzzing and in the place, but the business doesn’t have to lose too much money on it, because for every free burrito, there is a paid burrito. Just giving away product or offering steep discounts a la Groupon can have detrimental effect on the perceived value of your product, thereby making customers less likely to want to pay full price once the deal is over. A once-in-a-while promotion that isn’t too generous keeps people coming back week after week without giving too much away. Plus, you’ll get a sense of your social media influence if you offer a code or buzzword on Facebook for in-store redemption. Experiment with different times and codes to discover when people are more inclined to be driven to your store by social media. You want to use Facebook to enhance traffic and sales, but to do so most effectively, you have to know when people are paying the most attention to you. If you’re looking to build loyalty and Likes and keep people coming back, don’t just give away product. The best thing to do is respond to people, talk to them like they’re your friends and show your appreciation for them. To customers, that’s worth more than a free sandwich. 9. RESPECT AND APPRECIATE YOUR TEAM A restaurant is nothing without the people who comprise it. It’s a group effort. When a customer posts about a positive experience on Facebook, be sure to pass it on to the team and also thank the customer and tell him you're doing so — both parties will feel special and appreciated. However, sometimes people write about not-so-positive experiences, and that can be a trickier situation to manage. Be sure you resolve any issues, apologize for the perceived wrongdoing and let the customer know what steps have been taken to remedy the situation — followthrough is key if you're trying to get that customer back in the door. Also realize that your staff is on social media sites and are essentially ambassadors for your store. Show some appreciation, and they'll appreciate their job even more. 10. FACEBOOK IS NOT TWITTER Sure, it's easy to automatically syndicate your Twitter posts to Facebook and vice versa, but is it a good idea? No. Just consider the 140-character limit on Twitter. That means Twitter-to-Facebook posts will be extremely short (and photos and links won't show up like they do when you post directly to Facebook), and Facebook-to-Twitter posts will likely get cut off and people may be annoyed that they have to go to Facebook. Also it gets rid of any incentive for someone to follow you on both platforms if everything you're doing on them is the same. Variety is the spice of life, and food establishments should know that.

Recipes Ingredients 8 oz. Premium Reserve Boneless Pork Loin 1 oz. Swiss Cheese 1 oz. Roasted Tomatoes 3 oz. Sautéed Baby Kale .25 Eggs .25 oz. Breadcrumb 4 oz. Mashed Potatoes 2 oz. Red Wine Pork Gravy

PPF# 1857 PPF# 29394 PPF# 102845 PPF# 116896 PPF# 111855 PPF# 104536 PPF# 103851 PPF# 105540

Procedure 1. Take pork loin and trim fat. Then with a boning knife butterfly the pork loin so it is open, Then slightly pound to make thinner and more consistent. 2. In a stainless steel bowl mix swiss, sauté kale, tomatoes, eggs and panko breadcrumbs. 3. Take your filling and lay in the middle of your pork loin. 4. Roll it closed and tie it with butchers twine. 5. Roast in the oven at 350 until the internal temperature of the pork is 145F. 6. Plate over mashed potatoes and finish with red wine pork gravy.

Ingredients 4 oz. Gluten Free Chicken Tenders PPF#107199 2 each 4” Waffle Squares PPF#33144 2 oz. Brie Cheese PPF#29262 1 oz. Honey Mustard PPF#52230 2 oz. Grade A Maple Syrup PPF#38822 0.5 oz. Salt & Pepper Procedure 1. Put chicken tenders in fryer and cook until the internal temperature is 165F. 2. Put waffles in the oven until hot and soft roughly 3-5 minutes. 3. Once chicken tenders come out top with brie and put in oven until the cheese is melted. 4. Once chicken comes out drizzle honey mustard and syrup over them. 5. Using both waffles and chicken tenders build into sandwich.

Ingredients 8 oz. Romaine/Iceburg Lettuce Mix PPF#8105 4 oz. Gyro Broil Meat PPF#117695 1 oz. Tomato, diced PPF#3680 2 oz. Cucumber, sliced PPF#5450 1 oz. Red Onion, sliced PPF#5906 1 oz. Olives PPF#43480 1/2 each Pita Folds PPF#10910 2 oz. Cucumber Wasabi Dressing PPF#103126 1/2 oz. Salt & Pepper

Procedure 1. Put Gyro meat on a flattop and cook for about 3 minutes, then place aside. 2. Lightly butter and grill your pita on both side just until golden and warm. 3. In stainless bowl mix romaine and your mise en place and toss with cucumber wasabi dressing. 4. Place in bowl and top with your gyro meat and grilled pita.

Ingredients Sea Scallops PPF#101681 Tri Colored Tortellini PPF#43930 Pesto PPF#32782 Chef Ready Heavy Cream PPF#110527 Sundried Tomatoes PPF#67004 Shaved Parmesan PPF#97882 Procedure 1. Get sautĂŠ pan hot over high heat and place your scallops in once oil is lightly smoking. Cook on both side until golden brown crust and scallops start to become firm. Then set aside 2. Then in new sautĂŠ pan over medium heat add your chef cream and bring to a simmer. 3. Then add your pesto, sundried tomato and parmesan cheese and mix until completely combined. 4. Add your cooked tri color tortellini and let cook in sauce for about 2-3 minutes. 5. Then serve in bowl placing scallops on top and sprinkling more parmesan cheese on top.

r f e e b s o t t k O


95420 122513 69150 69202 69234

100091 100092 106311 107348 104756 38040

Beer Battered Spicy Pickle Spears, 6/2.5# Beer Battered Waffle Fries, 6/4.5# Black & Tan Ale Onion Rings, 6/2# Beer Battered King Rings, 4/2.5# Beer Battered Thick Onion Rings, 6/2.5#

116723 122687 122745 123003

Panko Breaded Zesty Pickle Chips, 4/2.5# Breaded Portabello Mushroom Slices, 6/2# Veggie Patty Mix, 3/2# tubs 3.25 oz. Veggie Patties, 3/2#

3254 Black Forest Honey Ham, 2/7# avg. 3178 Classic Double Smoked ham, 2/10# avg. 116714 Black Forest Sliced Bacon, 10/12, 2/5# 116715 Smoky BBQ 12/14 Sl. Bacon, 2/5# 120403 Natural Smoked Slab Bacon, 10# 100774 All Meat 8/1# Grill Franks, 2/6#avg. 107794 All Beef 8/1# Franks, 2/6# 122946 Pretzel Dog, 60/4 oz.

Bavarian Soft Pretzel Sticks, 72/2.5 oz. Craft Beer Cheese Dip, 4/5# White Mac & Cheese, 4/5# Yellow Mac & Cheese, 4/5# Buffalo Chicken Dip, 4/5# Mini Corn Dog Nuggets, 6/5# (Turkey & Whole Grain)

35170 Chunky Applesauce, 6/#19 71620 Fancy Sauerkraut, 6/#10 71621 Fancy Sauerkraut, 6/#10 101883 Mustard PC, 500/5.5 gr. 35171 Tapioca Pudding, 6/#10 50800 Rice Pudding, 6/#10 26326 Cranberry Juice, 12/46 oz.

103289 103666 115512 52272 52800 52832

32380 Potato & Cheddar Pierogies, 4/6.3# 32370 Mini Potato & Cheddar Pierogies, 4/2.86#

114951 115575 114720 114465 117910 122939

Ridge Cut Sweet Potato Fries, 6/2.5# Straight 3/16 Sweet Potato Fries, 6/2.5# Sweet Potato Slim Stix, 6/5# Sweet Potato Lattice/Waffle Fries, 6/2.5# Original Potato Chips, 6/4# BabyCakes- Mini Potato Pancakes, 6/3#

Apple Cider Vinaigrette, 4/1 gal. Balsamic Vinaigrette, 4/1 gal. Lemon Vinaigrette, 2/1 gal. Italian Herb Vinaigrette, 4/1 gal. Parmesan & Peppercorn Dressing, 4/1 gal. Poppyseed Dressing, 4/1 gal.

105775 112222 117818 119741f 122670 122637 3064 107201 40470 40476 98416

Turkey Breast Rtc Boneless O/R Bag Skin On 6/5.5#Avg Turkey Breast F/C Oven Ready Skin On 2/8.5#Avg Burger Turkey White Savory 30/5.3oz Turkey Breast Sliced Natural .5 Slice 12/1# Sausage Turkey Patty Fully Cooked 114/1.4 oz.

NEW! Pork Filet Wrapped in Bacon, 30/5 oz. Apple Cider 14/16 Slice Smoked Bacon, 15# Applewood Smoked Carver Ham, 2/9# avg. Osso Bucco-Ckd. Pork Shank, 12/24 oz. Ckd. Pork Hawg Wings, 3/12 ea. Mini Ckd. Pork Hawg Wings, 2/5# 117333 6-7” Pork Stout Beer Bratwurst Links, 40/4 oz. 3296 4 oz. Frozen Alpine Bratwurst, 20/1#

123276 122166 114593 112895 118081 121017

Butternut Squash 2.5” Round Wavy Ravioli, 2/4# Braised Beef 2.5” Round Star Ravioli, 2/3.75# Roasted Mushroom Casoncello, 12/45 ct. Pasta Sheets w/Ricotta Sheets, 11# Veal Cappelletti, 12/100 pc. (12 oz. bags) Veal Cannelloni, 12/6 ct.

115442 111733 111734 116746 113053 115487

Cranberry Raisin Focaccia Bread, 12 ct. Roasted Garlic Oval Bread, 12 ct. Multigrain Oval Bread, 12 ct. Dinner Roll Cluster, 16/16 ct. Classic Burger Roll, 8/6 ct. Unsliced 7" Classic Hot Dog Roll, 6/12 ct.

PPF# 61085 61084 98744 61083 61081 110556

Pack :4/4# Butternut Squash & Apple Bisque Beer & Cheddar Soup Steak & Ale Chowder Broccoli & Cheddar Soup Wild Mushroom Bisque Beef & Barley Soup

105618 Mini Reuben Hors D'oeuvres, 60/1 oz. 115439 Spaetzle Dumplings, 4/3# 115440 Fresh Cranberries, 12 oz. 115441 Dried Cranberries, 5# 99325 Cranberry Orange Scone Dough, 40/10 oz. 63840 4" Cinnamon Sticks, 8 oz. 99799 Pumpkin Spice Coffee, 32/2.5 oz. Ice Cream 2.5 gal. tub NEW! Car-Moo Apple NEW! Brownie Blast 106116 Pumpkin Pie 106118 Butter Brickle 106119 Black Cherry 106120 Chocolate Peanut Butter 115177 Salted Caramel Crunch 108453 Coffee Apple Dumplings w/Cinnamon Sauce, 2/18 ct. 106397 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Unbaked Apple Hi Pie, 6/49 oz. Unbaked Dutch Apple Pie, 6/46 oz. Unbaked Fruits of the Forest Pie, 6/46 oz. Unbaked Pumpkin Pie, 6/46 oz. Pre-baked Pecan Pie, 6/36 oz. Pre-baked Sweet Potato Pie, 6/40 oz. German Chocolate Sheet Cake, 4/75 oz. Ind. Wrapped Iced Carrot Cake, 24/2.25 oz.

12306 4-Layer Pre-Sliced Carrot Cake, 2/14 sl. 16440 Pumpkin Cranberry Bash Pie, 2/14 sl. 98604 10” Pre-sliced Big Apple Pie, 2/14 sl. 16426 Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie, 4/14 sl. 118015 Salted Caramel Cookie, 48/2.94 oz. 118016 Sandy's Chocolate Chunk Cookies, 48/3 oz. 118017 Toffee Crunch Blondies, 48/3 oz. 15730 16000 16002 16568 16720 16690 16876 13330 12970


With proven, authentic culinary techniques known as brining and larding, Hatfield® Premium Reserve Pork® delivers a superior eating experience in each tasty and tender bite. Learn more at MarbledForGreatness.com or call 800.523.5291.

© 2018 Clemens Food Group

‡30% more tender than conventional pork; Results from Feb. 2018 Warner-Bratzler shear force test

†To learn more about how we ethically raise our pork, visit SimplyHatfield.com *No artificial ingredients. Minimally processed.

Commodity Corner Pork Belly and Bacon Market Weakening Total Pork Production is up 5.5% over 2017 year to date. This strong production continues to keep pressure on the market and is helping to keep asking prices well below expectations. The total pork cutout asking price is down more than 25% compared to same time last year. Leading that loss are bellies which coming into this week were down more than half the price they were this time last summer. Overall domestic demand remains fairly light and the ongoing trade issues are keeping the market unsettled. Bacon Processers have worked really hard to use up all of their more expensive bellies that were in cold storage as the current fresh market is down considerably. That being said, we are seeing the bacon market dropping weekly by nickels and dimes instead of pennies and expect that to continue through September and possibly beyond. Check with your Pocono Sales Representative for further updates.

Where has all of the Select Graded Beef Gone? Basically, consumer and overall market demand for higher quality beef has increased over time, both domestically and in the export market. The beef industry has reacted to this and is producing more beef that grades Choice and Prime versus Select. There has also been huge growth in branded beef programs like IBP’s Chairman’s Reserve and Star Ranch Angus that typically source from the higher grades. Over the last 10 years, you can see percentages of Choice and Prime have gone up and Select has gone down. So demand for higher grading beef exists, and the industry responds by increasing the supply of higher grading beef.

Eat Around Town Safely

Your Source for Food Safety Certification Training Register at www.eataroundtownsafely.com or call (570) 234-8346 ServSafeÂŽ Certification Courses offering personal insight & real life experiences with interactive games & exercises to keep the classroom training exciting. Format: 8-hour certification course. This is a 1-day class with 8-hours of prior home study. Exam immediately follows the class instruction.

2018 Dates:

2019 Dates:

Sept. 24th Nov. 19th

Jan. 28th March 25th

r Operato n Promotio

Save up to $50 on

Superior Flavor Bases $2.50 per Case Rebate on Purchases September 1 - 30, 2018 MSG FREE FLAVOR BASES:

PPF# 105544 Chicken Base 4/5 lb. PPF# 103393 Chicken Base 6/1 lb. PPF# 103395 Beef Base 6/1 lb. PPF# 107856 Turkey Base 6/1 lb.

PPF# 105550 Seafood Base 6/1 lb. PPF# 105545 Savory Roasted Chicken Base 6/1 lb. PPF# 105539 Savory Roasted Beef Base 6/1 lb.

Turkey’s not just for lunch and dinner. Consumers want this better-for-you protein option all day long. See how adding breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack items, featuring turkey, can help you drive traffic & please patrons.

PPF# 115517 Mayonnaise Squeeze Bottles, 12/11.5 oz.

PPF# 122430 NEW! Ketchup Squeeze Bottles, 12/14 oz. (sweetened only w/honey)

Restaurant customers love Idaho® potatoes—so much that they ask for them by name. Be sure to include the GROWN IN IDAHO seal on your menu! Spuds grown in Idaho produce fluffier, whiter & more flavorful baked potatoes, crispier French-fries & tastier mashed potatoes with consistent texture!

Millionaire’s Potatoes

lla nzane a P o t Pota Stack

Short Rib & P

otato Hash

Uniqu idahop e recipes at otato.c om/rec ipes


FALL FOOD SHOW Tuesday, October 16, 2018 3 PM - 8 PM Kalahari Event Center

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