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June/July 2008

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Family Practice Corner

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By Teri O’Brien


hen I was a little girl, I remember my dad going to work early in the morning, and coming home tired at night. Back then, like today, that is what most daddies did...


Regular practice creates better writers

Summer is a Hot Time to Practice Writing Skills By Jennifer Munson, Learning Center Director


Good Advice On How To Save Money On Your Landscaping

Independence Day By Bonnie Kraeutler, Preschool Director

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ell, our third annual Family Expo is over, and I am proud to say that it was another huge success! Thank you to all of the vendors who participated, the Pocono families that attended, and most importantly to my family, friends, and staff that helped out that weekend. David and I could not have done it without you. We love you, and appreciate all that you do for us and the magazine. June is the month we honor our fathers, step fathers, grandfathers, and any other father figure in our life. Take the time to say “thank you” to them. Wives, tell your husbands, daughters and sons tell your fathers, and grandchildren tell your grandpas how much they mean to you. I know that the saying is “actions speak louder than words”, however; I don’t know a man that doesn’t like to hear that he is appreciated and loved. During the month of July when we celebrate our country’s Independence, let us also celebrate the independence that our children display throughout their different phases of growth and development. It is wonderful to see them transform before our eyes from helpless infants into independent young adults. Always be thankful for all of your blessings, and don’t forget to “stop and smell the roses” this time of year. Have a beautiful spring!









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June/July 2008 www.PoconoParent

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Plastercrafts is a non-firing whiteware that is similiar to ceramics but less expensive, it can be enjoyed by all ages.

Lotsa Plasta Fun Plastercrafts

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4th Sa 7:00pm -10:00pm e Bar, Pizza, Soda, Juic ncing Da Karaoke, Music,

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Water Play

ater is an abundant resource that provides children with hours of play. Most children delight in any form of water play. Whether it is a shower, bath, dip in the pool, or a visit to the shore, children find water to be a fascinating pastime. If your child is afraid of water at this stage in their development, please know that this will pass. Most young children do not like water in their face or eyes, so it is very important that we expose them to these situations at a very young age. Simply teaching them to splash in the bath will help with their fears. Toddler swim classes may not provide a foundation for strong swimming skills- unless you keep up with them, but it will help your child to become comfortable with water. Watch any young child at a water fountain, or garden hose, and you will see the wonder and excitement in their faces. Pull up a chair to the kitchen sink, give them all of your plastic cups, and watch as they experiment with water. They scoop and pour, fill and empty the containers, with so much joy. In the summer, use a lawn sprinkler to entertain them, or simply “dance in the rain” when the occasion arises.

June/July 2008 www.PoconoParent

Water is therapeutic as well as fun. Put lavender bath salts or liquid in your child’s bath, and take note of how they settle to bed that evening. Splash in puddles, and show your children how much you enjoy water too! Do some research on your local, municipal or well water. After all, each of us needs to be reminded of how essential water is to our health and well being. The Dr. Waters column in the magazine reminds us of that each issue. However you feel about water, please keep in mind that our children are “sponges” and will soak up our attitudes about everything including “water”. So, this summer enjoy water like never before and “get your feet wet” every chance that you get.


! n u F e h t n i Jo

Regular practice creates better writers

Summer is a Hot Time to Practice Writing Skills

By Jennifer Munson, Learning Center Director


ith summer just around the corner, children are enjoying the warm weather, fun activities with friends and vacation time. But summer can also be an enjoyable learning experience. The summer break provides many memorable moments, and writing about them is a good way to record those memories and practice writing skills at the same time. Parents tend to focus on their children’s reading and math skills, overlooking that writing is an education fundamental. It’s fast becoming the forgotten ‘R’. This is unfortunate, as writing is an important part of every facet of education, not just in English class. Writing proficiency can have a major impact on other subject areas too.

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Tax prepara�on & planning Value Based Planning Investment strategies Insurance Estate planning Re�rement planning Budge�ng, and more

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Summer vacation provides an excellent opportunity for children to explore their creative writing skills. Parents can use the following tips to encourage their children of all ages to write over the summer: Pick an Engaging Topic Persuading your child to write over the summer break may be easier if you help them identify fun and engaging topics. Suggest timely subjects. • •

For example, Independence Day on July 4th is a good opportunity for your children to explore their own patriotism. Ask them if they know what patriotism is, and what it means to them. Encourage your children by helping them with some research about America, its history, people and places.

Give Story Starters Sometimes the most difficult part of writing can be getting started. Help your children write their patriotic essays by giving them topic ideas, such as: • • •

I am proud to be American because…. On the Fourth of July, my family and I usually… If someone asked me what my country means to me, I would say…

tion t a c a v er len Summ s an excel r e fo provid por tunity plore op n to ex e childr eir creative th ng skills writi

Tips on Writing • Good writing takes time. Spend time organizing your ideas and thinking about what you really want to say in your essay. • Use the Internet or library to research your topic. • Prepare an outline before you begin to write. • Use transition words – such as “after,”“although,” “before,”“however” and “therefore” to help your ideas flow together. • Be willing to revise. Change your sentences and paragraphs around, add material that lends to your writing and delete material that doesn’t work. • Avoid clichés and jargon. • Always keep a dictionary handy to help with spelling. • Use a thesaurus to help you think of a new way to say something. • Ask someone else to edit your work. • Proofread everything. Make sure grammar, spelling and punctuation are perfect before you declare anything “finished.” • Don’t rely on a computer’s spellchecker to ensure proper spelling.

1-888-DIGIKIDS •


Parties and Classes for Children & Adults

Garden Beadin’ of

Parties include Cake, Paper Products, Balloons, Soft Drinks or Juice and Favors. Beading activities feature a special charm for the birthday child. Classes and parties include all basic supplies and the use of tools. Just bring your camera to capture the fun!

A Learning Center can help children improve writing skills through Academic Writing programs. The programs are designed to help students understand many writing formats and styles, including illustrative and descriptive 50 Route 611, Bartonsville, PA 570-426-9168 essays, comparative passages, persuasive writing, expository writing, summaries and outlines. Students So here is the complete text with changes: in these programs also complete exercises in grammar, " The graphics and color look great! Very eye-catching! spelling, vocabulary, paragraph structure and essay Thanks. cherie development. A supplemental summer program will strengthen skills and avoid summer learning loss.

Children & Family Portaiture Weddings Sweet 16 Events Graduation Onsite & Studio Sessions Prom* Communion

(570) 992-1141

June/July 2008 www.PoconoParent

Photography by Louisa


Family Practice Corner DIVISION OF PROPERTY

IT’S NOT NECESSARILY 50/50 By Darota Gasienica-Kozak, Esq.


www.PoconoParent June/July 2008

n many states, property is divided based on a fifty-fifty (50/50) division of assets that are marital. This is not necessarily the case in Pennsylvania due to the fact that Pennsylvania uses a distributive scheme of equitable distribution (Or rather, a fair distribution of assets). It is not the goal of the Court to try to equalize the economic circumstances of the parties involved rather, the Court examines a number of different factors to determine what would be the most equitable division of the marital property among the parties. A list of the factors the Court considers is as follows:


1. Length of the marriage; 2. Prior marriages; 3. Age, health, station in life, amount and source of income, vocational skills, employability, estate, liabilities and needs of each of the parties; 4. Contribution to the education, training or increase earning power of the other party; 5. Opportunity for either party to acquire assets or income in the future; 6. Source of income, including medical, retirement, insurance, or other benefits;

7. Contribution to the acquisition, preservation, appreciation of the property including contribution as a wage-earner or homemaker; 8. Dissipation or activity in depreciation of a marital asset; 9. Standard of living during the marriage; 10. Contribution of premarital property; 11. Separate estate, gifts, inheritance or family resources; 12. Economic circumstances of each party at the time of distribution including the tax consequences of any distribution scheme; and 13. Whether the party will be custodian of dependent minor children.

These are not the only factors that the Court may consider in making its determination. Any other relevant fact to equitable distribution could also be considered. It seems that there is an overwhelming feeling that when considering distribution of division of property that any kind of marital fault should be considered. In Pennsylvania, fault or marital misconduct is not relevant to the division of marital property. However, certain types of misconduct, such as excessive drinking or gambling, may have economic consequences which could be relevant to the issue of dissipation of marital assets. It is important to remember that in Pennsylvania there are no pre-assumed notions of how property should be divided. Each case is an individual case before the Court which is looked upon with much scrutiny as to the actual circumstances of the two individuals before the Court. Therefore, the Courts have extreme flexibility in having to interpret the many factors and circumstances that may affect your case.

It is important to remember that in Pennsylvania there are no pre-assumed notions of how property should be divided




Mount Pocono

Price Paradise








Middle Smithfield








East Stroundsburg Stroundsburg Delaware Water Gap Hamilton

ook to your ocal Library Associated

LibrarieS of Monroe County


Think Library Piense La Biblioteca Piense La Biblioteca Associated LibrarieS of Monroe County

Associated LibrarieS of Monroe County

June/July 2008 www.PoconoParent




A Case For Parochial Education Written by Parochial School Principal hy select a small private parochial school for your child’s education? The educational process that exists at a parochial school revolves around a tightly knit community of students, parents and teachers. Individually and collectively, everyone is working toward a common goal – the development of the “whole” human being; which is to be accomplished through academic excellence, moral and spiritual responsibility and strength of character. Self-discipline and respect for others are strongly emphasized and all students are taught to accept responsibility for their actions. The religion classes,

which are an integral part of a challenging curriculum, support and promote high ideals and stress the importance of recognizing the presence of Christ in their lives and in the lives of others.

performance of the children can be substantiated by the excellent scores they annually achieve in their standardized tests. Parochial schools also distinguish themselves by providing and promoting a safe and secure environment where you can feel confident that your child is receiving a solid education in a family-type atmosphere. A family type of atmosphere consists of students and teachers developing and sustaining a relationship of warmth, congeniality and approachability. In such a situation teachers get to know many of the children from various grades levels on a personal basis.

Academically, with the average class size smaller than most schools in the public sector, the parochial school teachers are able to provide individual instruction to their students and offer an excellent program of core subjects as well as “special” courses. Special courses generally include Art, Computers, Foreign Language, Library Sciences, and Physical Education. The net result is the academic

www.PoconoParent June/July 2008

Grownup entertainment with music from 70's thru today




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We are the Poconos’ First 100% Smoke Free Establishment

Thursday and Sundays from 8 to 11 Friday and Saturdays from 9 to Midnight In the Original 1856 Train Station

50 Crystal Street • East Stroudsburg

570.476.0500 Visit our website for the months complete lineup of live entertainment.

The friendly, but productive atmosphere found in schools is reinforced by the major role parents are able to assume in the education of their children. The research is quite clear there is a direct correlation between the involvement of parents and the social, spiritual and academic success of the child. Parochial schools have been very receptive and welcome parents to assume a major role in the educational process. There is also evidence that because the parents of parochial school students are sincerely interested

in the education of their children the result is that there is a limited number of behavior problems. On the elementary level such problems are nearly non-existent. Obviously, with minimal distractions in the

We are constantly reminded that each and every student entrusted to our teachers is 

classroom, the learning process is greatly enhanced. We are constantly reminded that each and every student entrusted to our teachers is important, regardless of their flaws or difficulties. Each child will have a role in the future of their society. Hence it is incumbent on teachers and staff to assume the role as a spiritual guide and facilitate human development by relating religious truth and values to the lives of the student.

Our Lady of Mt Carmel “Faith-Based, “Faith-based, Academic academic excellence” Excellence” 80 Ridge Street, Roseto PA • 610-588-2629

Registrations now being accepted for the 2008-2009 academic year Call today for a personal tour or information packet




20 Years Experience Specialties Include • Basements • Outdoor Lighting • General Electrical Renovations and more! Money Saving Referal Program • Free Estimates

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June/July 2008 www.PoconoParent

† Affordable, Quality, Non-Denominational Nondenominational education Education by experienced byBy † Staffed By Experiencedcertified Certifiedteachers Teachersaccredited Accredited middle states Association of schools The Middle States Association Of Schools † Extended Curriculum: Art, Computer, Computer, Music, Music, Library, curriculum: Art, Media Science & Spanish Library Media Science & Spanish † Academic & Athletic Extracurricular extracurricular Activities Activities available Available † After School Care Available † Conveniently Located


Family Travel Tips

Father’s Day Proudly Made in The USA

By Susan Mehler-Bostick, Travel Consultant


www.PoconoParent June/July 2008

he origin of Father’s Day is not certain. Many think it began with a simple church service in West Virginia, while others believe the first official Father’s Day Ceremony was held in Vancouver, Washington. But regardless, the strongest supporter was Mrs. Bruce John Dodd of Spokane. Her father was a Civil War Veteran whose wife died very young and he went on to raise their six children on his own. His daughter, Mrs. Dodd felt that her father was an outstanding man and she wanted to honor him in a special way. In 1909 she approached her Minister; she wanted to have a service dedicated to him and other fathers on June 5th which was her own father’s birthday. This date was not possible, but he agreed to have a service on June 19th. From then


on, Washington State celebrated the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day. After many other states and organizations lobbied Congress to declare an annual Father’s Day, President Woodrow Wilson approved the idea in 1916. It was not until 1924 that President Calvin Coolidge made Father’s Day a National event to “establish more intimate relations between fathers and their children and to impress upon fathers the full measure of their obligations.” Since then, the third Sunday in June has been set aside for fathers to be honored and recognized by their families. The U.S. is one of the few countries in the world that has this official day to honor its fathers. With our rich history, it’s really not surprising;

we hold our country’s “Founding Fathers” in high esteem. With the 2008 Presidential Election just around the corner, a great way to celebrate this year with that special Dad might be a road trip teemed in history. You won’t have to travel far; Philadelphia just a few hours away is a great day trip. Within the city’s Historic District there is an incredible amount of history. Within this one square mile, you will find Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Museums, The National Constitution Center, and Betsy Ross House are all close by. If you have the time, an extra day will be well spent at the Academy of Natural Sciences (gets a 5 star rating with Toddlers and Pre-K) and the Adventure Aquarium (5 star for all ages). A wonderful trip to see where America began is a visit to Virginia’s Historic Triangle: Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown. This Historic Triangle is a unique travel destination, centrally located between Richmond and Virginia Beach.

With our rich history, it’s really not surprising; we hold our country’s “Founding Fathers” in high esteem

Your path through history will take you deep into the lives of ordinary people caught up in the struggle and spirit of the American Revolution. The Innovative Witnesses to the Revolution Gallery will bring you face to face with a Continental Army Officer, a woman captured and adopted by the Seneca Indians, a plantation owner and a slave. Within a musket range is the Yorktown Battlefield, where the sun rises on a military encampment just like those that housed General Washington’s Army on the eve of victory over the British in 1781. The American Revolution and the Siege of Yorktown were events of epic proportions; a visit to Yorktown Victory Center will show that both had intriguing human dimensions. The Riverfront Landing offers various cafes and restaurants and many unique shops located on the waterfront. History buffs and those seeking access to the past will delight in this charming “Triangle” all located within a short distance. This summer you can enjoy one stop parking and jump aboard the Historic Triangle Shuttle connecting Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown. This is a free shuttle service provided by the National Park Service. So go and visit places where history is fun, and you can experience early America against a backdrop of historic towns and breathtaking natural beauty. June/July 2008 www.PoconoParent

Colonial Williamsburg is a Revolutionary city that invites you to experience life through our country’s most critical events which led to America’s freedom. Fife’s, drums and adventures are around every corner of this vibrant town. Explore the historic buildings, interact with trades’ people and see how they actually lived during that era. Tour the many

museums, traveling exhibits and folk art. Dine in one of the historic taverns and shop in Merchants Square. Historic Jamestown features ongoing archeological digs with more than a million artifacts already excavated. Jamestown Settlement portrays 17th century life with costumed interpreters and recreations of the three tall ships that carried colonists to America. This is as close as you will ever get to the sights and sounds that Captain John Smith, Pocahontas and the Jamestown Colonists encountered along with the Powhatan Indians in the early 17th century. Grind corn in a Powhatan Indian village, steer with a shipstaff aboard a replica ship or slip on English armor in a re-created colonial fort. There are indoor gallery exhibits, informative films detailing the life, land and lifestyle of the Indians and the origins of the Africans who were brought to Virginia. Trace the history of the colony through its first hundred years. The history depicted here is more than just something you’ll observe or hear, you’ll be able to touch it, smell it and even try your hand at some of it. In Yorktown, you can visit a re-created late 18th century farm where the tasks of raising crops, preserving and preparing food, processing flax and cotton for cloth go on once more.



PoconoParent Magazine would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to each family that attended our Family Expo 2008. We were delighted to meet so many wonderful Pocono families, and hope to see each of you at our next event in the fall!

n i u o y Seee Fall! th

Restaurant Review FIVE GUYS

view; fresh ground beef, not frozen. I must say, that the burgers and fries were excellent. The entire family BURGERS and FRIES agreed that this was a “do again” for By David T O’Brien dining out. Although there were no “kid’s meals”, hen Five Guys Burgers and the prices were very Fries opened their doors, my reasonable and we wife insisted that she and her “five were able to eat as guys” go check out the newest fast The atmosphere is a family for about food place in town. It is conveniently $40.00. The hotdogs cheerful and all of located on Route 611, Stroudsburg start at $2.09, and at the new Stroud Shoppes. The the awards and the burgers at $3.09. atmosphere is cheerful and all of recommendations for the Five Guys is open the awards and recommendations 7 days a week from “best burgers around” for the “best burgers around” on the 11AM until 10PM. on the walls are walls are very impressive. Buckets of So, the next time you roasted peanuts are on each table; very impressive are contemplating a huge hit with the boys. My two visiting a local “chain” youngest sons ordered hot dogs fast food restaurant, and fries, while thethe rest of us and triedeverything looks great, I prefer the head shot proof, There were a few I just recieved proof give Five Guys a try. I don’t think different varieties of hamburgers. you’ll be disappointed. forget & the ages " 3 - Adult. and i important things missing, The Levels " Begginer throughDon’t Advanced" You are able to create your own to mention that you heard about would like to mention that " ". Also for the phone # would you please print Paula Briganti McCormick burger with a host of “free toppings”. them from PoconoParent Magazine! The burgers are made to order in full ®


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xc el len ce




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By Teri O’Brien


hen I was a little girl, I remember my dad going to work early in the morning, and coming home tired at night. Back then, like today, that is what most daddies did. My dad was home on weekends, and sometimes we would do some really fun family activities. We used to go to the boardwalk on the Jersey Shore which was only about seven minutes from our house. We always went out to dinner as a family on Friday nights, and to church on Sundays. My very favorite memories of my childhood with my dad are road trips and vacations across the country in our station wagon. My dad didn’t like to fly, because he lost his brother in a plane crash. My 3 siblings and I would pile into the car with pillows and blankets, coloring books, crayons and a myriad of other toys and games to keep us busy from New Jersey all the way to Nebraska and Mississippi. We visited our nation’s capitol, as well as Disneyworld in Florida via a station wagon too.

www.PoconoParent June/July 2008

My 2 sisters and I were always “daddy’s little girls”. He was very protective of us, especially when it came to dating. Dad was strict with things like curfew, but a real “softie” when we asked for something that mom may have said “no” to. My dad tried very hard to be the dad that he never had.


I never knew my maternal or paternal grandfathers, so I wasn’t really sure of their role, until my father became one. I figured it out quickly twenty one years ago when my nephew was born; the first of eleven grand children to date. Here was a man that smoked cigarettes for half of his life, and threw the pack away when my sister announced her first pregnancy. He never picked one up a day in his life after that. It wasn’t that my dad didn’t love his own children enough to quit smoking, it was just an incredible new found responsibility as I saw it, for him to live to see his grandchildren have children of their own. It has been incredible to watch my dad, become a parent again, when it came to his grandchildren.

which my mother reminded us -he never did for us.

My dad became their chauffeur’s from preschool on up into high school when my siblings and our spouses couldn’t be there for our own children. He taught them to whistle, and how to play “Poker”, much to our dismay! He bought them ice cream before dinner too, and told them not to tell mom or dad because he would get in trouble! He pulled them in wagons, pushed their strollers, and changed their diapers

There’s a cute little saying that, “If I knew how wonderful grandkids were, I’d have had them first”. I know by speaking to many grandparents today, that they love being with their grandchildren, because it gives them the ability to be the “good guy” this time around. When parents are raising their own children, they must constantly do what is best and right for them. As a grandparent, they can “spare the rod

I salute the grandparents that have taken on this incredible responsibility at this point in their lives

and spoil the child”, knowing that their own children will have to do the real child rearing. It goes without saying that, my dad would do anything for his grandkids, and even at nearly eighty years of age, still attends soccer games, football games, voice recitals and performances for all eleven of his; ages twenty-one to one year old. “Pop Pop” is always there, as proud as can be cheering for his brood! Many grandparents today are assuming the role of parenting their children’s children. I salute the grandparents that have taken on this incredible responsibility at this point in their lives. And I thank and bless my dad and the granddad on the cover Nick Omelczenko, for going “Beyond Being a Daddy”.

June/July 2008 www.PoconoParent


Pocono Mountains, PA

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Wiley’s Premier Birthday Party Package:

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Wiley’s Birthday Splash Package:

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Conditions: Minimum of 10 guests required, 40 guests max including adults. Two-week advance reservations requested. Wristband required to enter the waterpark, including adults. No outside food or beverage may be brought in the resort or waterpark area. One adult per five children. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required at time of reservation. Deposit is applied towards party balance. Full payment and guarantee count of attendees is due 72 hours prior to event. All major credit cards accepted. No personal checks accepted. * Rate excludes tax and gratuity.


ook to your Family Expo 2008 Feedback ocal Library Hi Teri! Hi Teri! Coolbaugh





Mount Pocono




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Dear Teri,

Thank you so much for your note and for allowing us to be a part of the “Big Event”.  We received many inquiries about the services that we offer and are now in the process of pursuing these leads.  Both Tom and I agree that we would like to be a part of the fall “Big Event” and would appreciate any information as it comes hot off the press. Keep in touch,

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We were very glad to be at the Expo, and we’ve already been discussing the October event. We will happily participate in that! I am looking forward to the details. October is perfect to talk about kid’s fitness classes, swim lessons and pool parties. Thanks, and hope to see you soon.


We had a great time on Saturday 7 and were very happy with how many people were interested in our services. Thank you for putting this great event together! It must have been a ton of work! Have a great day! Polk




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“The expo was a wonderful opportunity for families of all ages to meet local organizations and agencies sharing a common mission to enhance family life in the Poconos.” Congratulations on a job well done.

Joe, East Stroudsburg Community Alliance

of Monroe County

your Kids

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Adequa te Yearl essTwo Consecu y Progress r g o rs tive r P a e 20 04-0 Years rly Yea ve Y 20 05-0 5 ate secuti u q 6 4 Ade o Con 03-0 5 Tw 20 04-0 20

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Private School Setting at Public School Expense


“Mom Syndrome”

By Dr. Kim Filipkowski, Chiropractor


hat do you mean you haven’t heard of it? Okay so maybe I did make up the name but I assure you the symptoms and the effects are experienced by millions of mothers’ everyday. What is it? Fatigue, stress, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, neck pain, low back pain, headaches and the overall experience of giving so much of yourself to everyone else at the expense of giving yourself what you need.

The diagnosis is one of inclusion not exclusion. If you are a mother you’re included as you likely suffer from some if not all of these symptoms. The cure, although there are countless treatments for each of the symptoms; the first treatment has to be a shift in attitude. Taking care of yourself has to take priority. Once the “disease to please” has been cured, or at least managed,

www.PoconoParent June/July 2008

“Creating Lasting Impressions for God”


located at the Stroudsburg Weslyean Church • Serving the community for the past 12 years • Preschool Program Ages 2-5 years Part Time & Full Time Available • Vacation Bible School ages 3 to Grade 5

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Summer Camp Program ages 3-5 Tours Available Indoor and Outdoor Play Areas Convenient Stroudsburg Location

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then we have a chance to correct the symptoms. Chiropractic has been shown to be an effective treatment choice for neck pain, low back pain, and headaches. The spinal adjustment can often alleviate these symptoms. Chiropractors often take this a step further and educate patients on making wellness choices in their activities of daily living. These may include nutritional education regarding proper hydration, the addition of appropriate nutritional supplements, and the implementation of healthy eating habits. Further, postural strain has been linked to chronic fatigue syndrome, spinal joint degeneration, headaches and pain. Postural awareness and retraining can greatly impact a patient’s overall wellness and long term prognosis. Finally, exercise both cardiovascular and resistance is important in maintaining a healthy weight, body chemistry, bone density and muscle tone. Yoga is a great form of exercise and is one of the best tools for stress management.

Our readers are dedicated parents

They want to know what services are available for their children and themselves including health, education, child care, leisure time activities, and day-to-day needs such as food and clothing. They also buy homes, cars, food and clothing; they plan leisure time; they demand quality health care, pursue careers and healthy lifestyles and make up the greatest buying power in America today.




Many young moms today grew up in an era when if you did not sacrifice yourself for your family you were not doing your job. This attitude actually depletes your ability to provide the one thing your family really wants, a strong, healthy, happy mom. With the recent passing of Mother’s Day I hope you were reminded of your value and that anything of value is worth working for. Work on your health and the outcome will certainly be “Healthy Family Syndrome”.


Kidsu Men








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Simply show up with children in their strollers and we provide a fun boot camp style workout guaranteed to yield results! No sitter necessey, the kids are part of the workout.




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your Work on the nd health a e will outcom y be certainl Family y h t l a e “H e”. Syndrom


Saving Green by Going Green By Erin Baehr, Financial Advisor


as prices, food prices, oil, electricity, even garbage delivery… it seems like every time we turn around the cost of something else is going up. Most of us have a finite cash flow, so naturally when spending increases in one area, something else must be cut.  These are trying economic times, and combined with our growing environmental issues, being a good steward of our resources is becoming less of an option and more of a necessity.  Going “green” is

fashionable, and without a doubt worthy. But sometimes it seems to me that the marketing of these products designed to make us more environmentally friendly are adding to the consumerism that contributed to the problem in the first place.  There are plenty of ways, however, to reduce our consumption of resources and save much needed money in the process.  Before we get to that though, let’s put our financial difficulties in perspective.

It may not feel this way right now, but we as Americans are wealthy. Not just well off, or comfortable, but wealthy.  Do you have a place to sleep tonight?  Are you wearing clothes?  Did you eat today?  If you can answer yes, then you are richer than 75% of the world’s population.  Do you have any money at all in the bank?  How about in your wallet?  Or even spare change in the couch?  If so, then you make the Top 8% of the World’s Wealthy list.  Your children most likely make the

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list too. I’m not saying these things to minimize struggles you may be having, or to make you feel guilty.  But we’re so bombarded with marketing messages and surrounded by things to buy that, at least for me, it’s easy to slip into the trap of forgetting to be grateful for what I do have and instead focusing on what I don’t have.  It goes back to the basic need vs. want discussion, and now may be a good time to be a little less liberal on our individual definition of needs, and practice the three R’s:  Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Reduce—What you have.

Simplify, simplify, simplify. I don’t know about you, but I never knew kids came with so much stuff!  All that stuff accumulates, and we can spend a lot of time and energy organizing it, storing it, cleaning it.  Try looking at it as tax deductions waiting to be claimed instead.  Thinning out and donating to a qualified charity will help them and help you next April.  Keep records and consult a good valuation guide—your donation may be worth more than you may think (and don’t forget the receipt).  Enjoy the extra space!

Reduce—What you consume.

There is a website called www. that has a quiz to determine how many earths are needed to sustain your consumption, if everyone consumed at your rate. I’m embarrassed to say what mine was!  Here are some ways to reduce your footprint and save some money. Wash clothes in cold water, and use dryer balls to reduce drying time.  When replacing an appliance, buy an energy efficient unit.  A front loading washer costs more but uses less water and reduces drying time as well.  Unplug appliances when not in use.  Even if they are turned off, they are drawing “phantom” power.  An alternative is to use a “smart” power strip, which senses when one appliance is turned off and electronically turns off related devices (a computer and printer for example).  Install motion detectors for your outside lights, instead of leaving them on all night (tempting when living on a dark road!).  Use rechargeable batteries when possible.  I did come across a portable solar panel that can be used to charge cell phones and iPods, but that may go under the “defeating the purpose of less consumption” category. When driving, keep your tires properly inflated, and drive smart—rapid

acceleration and braking reduces gas mileage by up to 5% in town and 33% on the highway, not to mention wearing out your brake pads (I speak from experience…) Drive your cars longer— like Dad always said, good maintenance costs more along the way but your cars will last longer.

whether you really need it, but consider the packaging and its impact. Instead of buying new, look for items on sites like Craigslist and, yard sales, or thrift shops.  Use our wonderful libraries.  Consider coordinating the purchase of tools or other large items with neighbors. 

Use programmable thermostats, and gradually increase or decrease the temperature depending on the season, to become accustomed to being a little less comfortable. Use a ceiling fan or box fan instead of turning on the air conditioning.  If you like cool air in the summer so you can use a blanket, there is a device called a bed fan, which operates under the covers to keep you cool!  You can also use a water-filled pillow called a “chillow.”  Shade the outside central air conditioning condenser unit.  The unit will use up to 10% more power if in direct sunlight.  Contrary to popular belief, turning the air conditioning off while you’re at work or at night so you can cool with open windows is not less efficient than leaving it on all the time.  You will use less because the system is off, even though it will take a little time to cool the house when you turn it back on. 

Skip the plastic shopping bags for reusable ones.   I tend to forget to bring mine so I was glad to find some online that fold up small enough to fit in your purse.     Plan your menus with recycling in mind.  Rachael Ray has awesome Double Duty Dinner recipes.  For those with infants, some baby food is simple to make on your own; it’s healthier, cheaper, and no packaging waste.  You may even want to try cloth diapers—although when my kids wore them we had a diaper service in the area which cut down on the “yuck” factor tremendously!  Now that you’re thinking, I’m sure you can come up with many more ways that work for you and your family.  Make it a game and see how much energy (and dollars) you can save, while making our earth a better place to live.  And always be thankful! 

Annual spending on bottled water has Send us your ideas for saving green reached $35 billion, and according to while going green—email to: editor@, it takes      up to 47 million gallons of oil each year to produce the plastic for the bottles.  Although those bottles are It may not feel recyclable, only 10% are in fact recycled; 2 this way right million tons end up now, but we as in landfills each year.  Americans are Use a home water wealthy.  Not filtration system like Brita, and just well off, or when possible, comfortable, refill but wealthy steel or aluminum bottles to take with you.  It may surprise you to know that bottled water can cost 2 to 3 times the cost of gas per gallon.  Check out the “Take Back the Tap Pledge” on the Food and Waterwatch website. 

Reuse and Recycle

Think before you buy, not just about

RJM Services • Tree Removal • Leaf Blowing • Firewood • Lawn Care • Yard & Property Clean Up

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Good Advice On How To Save Money On Your Landscaping G

et your grass “greener than green” the advertisement claims. This is the time every year when the major chain stores bombard us with the latest greatest fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides available. You know this year’s new improved version of the previous year’s new improved version? The shelves are lined with brightly colored boxes promising consumers instant master gardener results. Truth is there are no shortcuts to maintaining a great landscape. However maximizing the products you buy saves money and helps reduce unhealthy rainwater runoff.

I wonder how many people check to see what products they have left over from last year before buying more stuff. I can assure you that properly stored lawn and garden products have a lengthy shelf life. The main reason we need to have HHW Days (hazardous household waste) is because people bought or obtained things they did not use. Remember Dr. Waters’s timeless advice, “buy what you need, and use what you buy”. If a pound of fertilizer is good then five pounds must be better, right? Absolutely not. Plants are our friends. They give us food, beauty, and oxygen. All plants have a limited “absorption capacity”; the amount of a fertilizer, herbicide, or pesticide that the plant can absorb. Using any more than the plant can “ingest” will only be washed away during the next rainfall. Rainwater runoff washes unabsorbed lawn and garden products into our rivers and lakes. Check the weather report before adding any landscape products and make sure you have at least three days without



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Call Today for an Appointment rain to ensure full plant absorption to maximize your dollar.

Alright then Mr. Smarty Pants, what is the right answer you ask? Simple, use just enough to get the job done. Always read the entire label and never use more than the manufacturer’s recommendation. In most cases you can use less without any noticeable difference. Think of it like your body where it is healthier to eat five smaller meals than three

Great Food & Ice Cream Daily Specials Outdoor Seating & Play Area Nice Place to Celebrate a Birthday Perfect Place to Meet for a Playdate Rt 209 at the corner of Neyharts Road, Snydersville


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large ones. You may be surprised to find out that you do not need to add any chemicals at all. A soil test to determine the current state of your

Watering your driveway, sidewalk, or the side of your house does not make them grow soil is a great idea if you are a serious grower. Soil testing can be done through the Penn State Cooperative Extension ( As for conservation, the time of day you water your lawn and plants is critical. The best time to water lawns and landscaping is right after

the sun comes up. Watering lawns and plants in the middle of the day is simply ludicrous as most of the water will evaporate. Additionally, the high sun magnified through water droplets can actually burn a plant. Watering lawns and plants in the evening is better than during the day but overnight wetness promotes fungus and attracts insects. Automatic watering systems should be set for dawn ONLY. Watering once per day is sufficient for all lawns and plants. As always be conscious of your water use. Watering your driveway, sidewalk, or the side of your house does not make them grow. A rain barrel that catches and stores water for watering your plants is a great addition to any home. We only have a limited supply of fresh water on this planet and we just keep recycling the same water over and over again so please use water wisely. If you have any additional questions you can always send an e-mail to Michael at

June/July 2008 www.PoconoParent

Fertilizer in our creeks and lakes causes algae blooms. These bright green algae blooms use up all the dissolved oxygen in the water killing fish and other creatures. Many of the problems in the huge Chesapeake Bay watershed are due to the runoff from Pennsylvania farms. Remember how the food chain works. If rainwater runoff carries pollutants to our streams and lakes, the smallest of organisms will be the most affected. If these creatures die the animals that feed on them lose their food source. It starts a rather bad and unstoppable chain reaction.

atery Ice Cream & E


Independence Day By Bonnie Kraeutler, Preschool Director


ummer is coming. I can feel it in the warmer weather, the greening trees, and the restless children at my school and home. I’m a little restless myself. I hate for the preschool year to end. I always feel that there are things that I have left undone. I haven’t told my staff how great they are often enough. I haven’t thanked the Preschool Board of Directors for their support the way that I should. There are projects around the building that I have wanted to do for years and they remain not even started. I haven’t encouraged my preschool parents enough. I haven’t done enough academics in my classroom……the list goes on and on. However, sliding slyly underneath all my worries is a voice of delight. It is whispering, “Psst, Bonnie, summer’s coming.” I love that voice! Summer means several things to me. First, it is the end of the formal school year. Even as an adult, it feels so delicious to me to have those weeks spread out before us. What will we do? Where will we go? What will we learn? Second, summer means going home. Home to me will always be Cape Cod. I ask you, is there any better place in the world to go home to in the summertime than Cape Cod? And when you think of Cape Cod in the summer, you must think of The Fourth Of July.



www.PoconoParent June/July 2008

Focused on Development.


Classes 6 months to 5 years. Advance your child’s mobility and coodination through our music movement and gym programs

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Advance your child’s physical potential. Enhance their balance, coordination, and strength. Climb a mountain, flip on a trampoline, tumble and roll all over our equipment packed facility

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Explore your child’s musical potential and stimulate their natural creativity. Shake the tambourines, play the drums, dance, bounce and wiggle to the rhythm.

Tumblebees Preschool & Pre-K Programs

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I did some research about the Fourth of July. The US Census Bureau has some truly jaw dropping statistics. As you know, July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress. This day put the United States firmly on the road to independence. What follows are some things that I bet you didn’t know…. …150million…that is the number of hot dogs that are expected to be eaten by Americans on the Fourth. Pass the mustard… …74million…Americans have taken part in a barbecue during the last year. Many for those were held on the Fourth. …$4.00…how much a guy from Philly paid for a picture at a flea market. $8.1million what Norman Lear paid the guy for the picture when an original print of the 1776 Declaration of Independence was found behind it. …almost everybody…has learned that Betsy Ross designed and made the first American flag…but nobody has truly proved it.

ay d i l o ah s i s ed i y a Th t s as that h e to its tr u y to a d a t… inten ate being r celeb merican. an A

June/July 2008 www.PoconoParent

My husband moans all the time about my knack for memorizing facts like those above, and my inability to balance a checkbook. To me, it is those kinds of quirky facts that make a holiday like the Fourth of July so much fun. There is no pressure to produce a fancy meal, just go to the store and buy 150million hot dogs! There are no decorations to haul down from the attic, just make sure that your flag is flying. There are no presents to buy, no cards to write, no candy to pass out to the neighborhood gremlins. This is a holiday that has stayed true to its intent…a day to celebrate being an American.


It is the right time to teach your children to honor those men and women who have celebrated the Fourth before us.

Excellence Meets Convenience Dino C. Morello, MD • Same Day Appointments Available • Open Monday Through Friday • Conveniently Located Off Route 209, Brodheadsville • Adult Diagnostics, Physicals & Screenings Offered • Comprehensive, Yet Individualized Care • Supported by Extensive, Excellence-Driven Network of Local Providers

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In my home town we have some traditions for the Fourth of July that can not be broken. Let’s take a quick look at some of them and see how they can be adapted for a Pocono Fourth. First, we always go to the parade. Our whole neighborhood sits on the curb right in front of the CVS. This is a great spot because you can see everything, say “Hi” to all your friends, and are close to “The Chocolate Sparrow” where they make a raspberry-lime ricky that is to die for! I know that it is hokey and small town. But, if you have never done it before, find a parade to take your kids to. They will love it and you will, too. You are never too old to get excited by a marching band. In our town you will see yards and yards of red, white and blue bunting. There are flowers and patriotic signs. Everyone is flying “Old Glory”. Buy a flag. Display it properly and proudly. Teach your youngest children to say the pledge and teach the oldest what those words really mean. Impress upon them just how blest they are to live in a free country. We head to the beach in the afternoon. The whole neighborhood will be there. This year Bruce’s whole family will be joining us as well. All the kids will swim and play. There will be wiffle ball games and skim boarding. There will be games of “movie stars” for the grown ups on their beach chairs. There will be oodles of money spent at the ice cream truck. Head to the beach, or the pool or the park with your kids on the Fourth of July. Don’t hide in your house and watch TV. This is the perfect time to have a family reunion or a neighborhood block party. Get out there and make some friends, people! As beach time winds down, the grills get fired up. Our friends across the street have a huge lobster bake on the Fourth. You and I don’t have to do that. Hot dogs, potato salad, and some ice cream and we have the makings of a Fourth of July feast! Let the kids make red, white and blue t-shirts to wear. Have a watermelon seed spitting contest. Declare it “All the ice cream you can eat day”. Do whatever feels festive, and don’t forget to invite some

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family and friends to join you…hot dogs are cheap! As night falls, several things happen in our neighborhood. When we were little, there was often a neighborhood parade. The adults would lead us down the street. We would all bang on pots and pans. As we got older that tradition faded away. Now we gather on the beach to watch and listen to local fireworks. There are lots of places here in the Poconos that have summer fireworks. Pile the kids, pjs and all, in the car and go find some. There is nothing better than the quick flash, followed by the falling sparkles. And, there is nothing quite like the “Ooohs and Aaahs” of a crowd watching fireworks.




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The best part of the Fourth comes as the night winds down. The Boston Pops begin their annual concert. The music is always different and always the same. A Fourth will never pass without a Patriotic Sing-Along and The Stars and Stripes Forever. Traditional Patriotic music can be serious and stirring, think “America the Beautiful” or for fun, think “Yankee Doodle”. This is the best time of the year to expose your kids to our musical heritage. Who doesn’t love a rousing chorus of “You’re a Grand Old Flag”?

I hope that your Fourth of July will be as wonderful as I am expecting mine to be. If you are in Eastham that day, drop by my Mom’s house. We will give you a hot dog. Oh, but make it after 1:00…we’ll be at the parade until then. Hey, there is room on the curb if you want to go, and the raspberry-lime rickies will be as yummy as always.

Happy Fourth of July… Happy Summer

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This is a great day to sit with the elders of your family or neighborhood and hear the old stories. It is a wonderful time for children to learn about the sacrifices made to keep them free. It is the right time to teach your children to honor those men and women who have celebrated the Fourth before us.

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Tween Teen When it comes to understanding guys, I don’t even try. I go with the flow. If they talk to me I answer, if they ignore me, I ignore them. If I like them, they know it and if I don’t like them well, they know that too. You see, I have no problem letting people in general know how I feel, especially not guys. Lucky for me I am dating a great guy who appreciates my honesty, and likes that I’m easy to talk to. He tells me that a guy’s biggest fear is rejection; that’s why they never say what they really mean or feel. They are afraid of being laughed at or looking like a fool. Most guys my age are still pretty immature. My boyfriend is not. He’s sensitive, smart, caring and respectful of me. I think that the key to finding the right guy to date is to look for one that is socially mature; knows how to handle himself in many different situations. A guy that treats adults with respect and doesn’t act different around you or his friends is probably mature enough to date. I’m no expert on guys, or dating, but I do know that guys are very different from girls in the way they act and think. That’s why I don’t try to understand them; I accept them just as they are. You’d be wise to do the same thing!

Naomi, 17

Just when you think that you have everything in your life figured out, you don’t. I live in a nice neighborhood, with okay neighbors. I have an awesome mom and dad and two pesky little brothers, but they’re okay too. School is good, and I have some pretty cool friends too. So, you may be asking yourself,”What’s her problem?” The problem you see is the fact that I just don’t understand boys. Boys are life’s biggest mystery to me at this point in my life. Some boys are very easy to get along with and be friends with. Other boys act stupid around girls. They say things that they think are cool, but you don’t. They hurt your feelings, and never say “I’m sorry. I never know what to say, or what not to say around them. I hate being teased by boys, but I hate when they ignore me too! So now that you understand my problem, I think I have a solution. I am going to spend some time this summer observing boys; my brothers, cousins, neighbors and even strangers at the mall. I’m not “boy crazy”, just “boy confused”. I hope that by the next school year I’ll have figured them out at least a little bit. Who knows, I could even be an expert on the subject of boy brains!


Understanding Boys

Tween & Kelly, 12

Naomi, 17

Teen Tween Kelly, 12

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• Remote Starters • Radiators • Oil, Lube, & Filter • Carburetors • Air Conditioning • Computer • Diagnostics

Call Sarah at

For all your car Repairs, Parts & Accessories

Call Torah at (570) 629-0552

447 & Brushy Mt Road • East Stroudsburg


Safe Haven, Inc Of Pike County Dedicated to Non-Violence & Individual Dignity 500 W. Harford Street Milford, PA 18337 570. 296.2827 • 570.296.HELP

• Domestic Violence Crisis Intervention Counseling, Education, Prevention, and Awareness • 24-Hour Hotline • Emergency Shelter • Relocation Assistance • Children’s Counseling Services • Justice System and Medical Advocacy • Empowerment Support Groups


● Book a 4 Meals in 4 minutes Home Show

• Educational Toys • Birth to Adult • Home Party Option • Receive Free Toys

● Earn 40% Off a Party Staple

Contact Lorraine (570) 424-3149 Call Jenny 570.807.8500 for a Free Catalog or to place an order

Independent Educational Consultant

I Plan Your Children’s Parties

• Personal Party Planning • Specializing in Kid’s Parties in the comfort of your own home.

Call Jennifer 570-643-7282

Independent Sales Reps



Massage ~ Tanning ~ Gift Shop Carol Ann Shanahan, CMT By Appointment Office# 570-223-2246


p • Day Camp Program C amminute the last changes. Per our conversation, • After School Program • Drop in Service nge the phone number •to 570.807.8500. Also, Age Appropriate Activities • Certified Teachers e yellow "Discovery Toys" at the top and add ant EducationalCallConsultant" somewhere near my today to register or for more info Home Based Business

Big Wheel

Laura Bush


Trophies, Inc. & Engraving bjectives: Sell Product • ADVERTISING • AWARDS ence: female SPECIALTIES • FLAGS & ary Message (Headline): Discovery • GIFTS & SIGNS Toys ACCESSORIES • BABY SHOE BRONZING Image: Logo Call (570) 421-3370 Txt: Introducing

($10.00 start kit) JoAnn Twaskas

• Fund Raising • Order Online

570 431-0346 We sell much more than cosmetics!

• Naturally based skin care Products • Holiday Gift Sets Available • Great Business Opportunity



• Buy Products • Sell Products

Schedule aT H E te O U Girls Nite OUT!

Quality Reliable Service Over 13 Years Experience PA State Inspection


Who’s Your AVON Lady?

● Earn Extra Money Working From Home ● Be Part of a Dynamic Team!


Pocono Conservatory for the Arts • • • •

Dance Instruction Arts-in-Education Programs Artistic Workshops Adult Extension Programs


 West Main Street, PO Box , Delaware Water Gap

• Rape Crisis Center • Domestic Violence Crisis Center • 24 Hour Hotline • Counseling • Emergency Shelter

• Information and Referral • Accompaniment • Support Groups • Free & Confidential

women’s resources of monroe county

Phone: () - Fax: () - toll free 866-421-4200 Salon

TloSn U K D N O Sa e ic M rv A Full Se DIA • Family Hair Salon • Color-Hi-Lites

• Hair Extensions & Hair Pieces • Waxing

Appointments Only


Mention This Ad For A Special Discount


(570) 223-2678

Susan Mehler-Bostick, Travel Consultant E-mail:

Pet Tails

This is Dominick & Gianna Roselle, posing with their pet pug, Murray Sparkles. Mr. Sparkles is 10 months old and loved by all! He’s quite spoiled, to say the least. He follows Dominick and Gianna around, well, like a puppy!!

• Irish Food Specials • Private party rooms available • Various menus to choose from

www.PoconoParent June/July 2008

“Carly with her best buddy Baylee”


A True Authentic Irish Experience Irish Pub


Pronounce it - "sheem-sa"


Call to make reservations or for more information 636 Main Street • Rt 80 Exit 307 Stroudsburg, PA 18360

My dogs Dakota and Hershey are the best because they snuggle with me at night in my sleeping bag and always come when I call them. Sometimes they get their leashes out on their own so they can go to my bus stop with me to wait for the school bus. Their favorite things to do are wrestle with each other and play fetch. My dogs came from shelters in West Virginia, and I love them very much.

Is your Pet Special? Tell Us your Tale

Send your tale in 75 words or less with your pets name and color photograph to

Miss Margaret’s

Music Theatre

Intro to Dance

Accepting Registration in August for September thru June Watch for Open House

Ballet, Tap - Gym Combo Six Weeks Summer Session Tue & Thurs - July 8-Aug 14 Fall Registration August for September thru June

Ages 5-16

Ages 3+

In the Poconos

Newborns - 5 Years w/ Adult A Music Together® Class is: • A community of families sharing songs, instrument play, rhythm chants, and movement activities in a relaxed, playful, non-performance oriented setting. •Music learned through developmental appropriate activities that support and respect the unique learning styles of very young children • Parents and caregivers contributing to the enrichment of their child’s music environment regardless of their own musical abilities

Once a Week for 45 minutes

Summer 6 Weeks - July 7- August 11

Fall 12 weeks - September 7th - November 24th

Reeders Studio

for more information Call (570) 629-0808 or visit

Would you like your Child in a small classroom... with only 5 other Children... Individual Attention

Studio 2


Communic ation C o n n e c t io • Learn to si n gn an

d sing • Increase Vo ca & Communic bulary Skills • Enjoy Circle ation tim Challenging e that is Hands-on, & Fun

3 o i d u t S puter Learning have

ComEach Chilnd Cwoilml puter

w y Skills their O puter Literac kills m o a C c e ti a lS uc • Introd Early mathem d p n a lo t e v e hab • De r the alp • Maste cognition letter re

nd Paint gh • Draw a riting Skills throu -w re P e • Us rms xpression Artistic E , Shapes & Art Fo rs lo o • Learn C

Classes begin September thru June - Tannersville Studio, Rt 611 (next to Friendly’s) Our Learning Arts Center is the Next Step in your child’s Early Childhood Development and Education

For More Information Call (570) 629-0808 or Visit

PoconoParent Magazine June/July 2008  
PoconoParent Magazine June/July 2008  

PoconoParent Magazine June/July 2008