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Volume 24 No. 1

Winter 2012

From the Interim President: Actually this message is technically from the Vice President who is serving as the Interim President. Which is the topic at hand! At the elections for the next two year term for President of the POC (20122013), there were no nominations for President. I volunteered to serve in the President's role while we search for a President. So we are looking for volunteers. The job is not difficult. It is largely scheduling and conducting Board Meetings (traditionally four per year) and Membership Meetings (three per year and a picnic). Beyond that it is working with the other members of the POC leadership (elected and appointed) to be sure that things are humming along. So we need somebody who likes to work with others to run a simple organization. All of us in current and past leadership positions will be there to cover any questions on traditions, operational issues or whatever. Volunteers welcomed!

Trails: We need trails. We have a lot of trails already -- so many so that I have long ago given up hope of hiking on all of the trails in the region. However, the existing trails need to be maintained. Due to budget constraints, organizations like DCNR and our State Parks cannot do the needed maintenance. The POC has selected two areas (Big Pocono State Park and Thunder Swamp) and the Orchard Trail at Hickory Run State Park to specif ically aid in trail maintenance. John Motz runs the POC Trail Maintenance program. When you see a trail maintenance session scheduled, please come and help. They are typically in the Spring and Fall. This avoids the hotter Summer days and the cold Winter days. Any equipment and instruction needed will be provided by the POC.

Communications: As my role as Vice President, I took on the task of getting the POC communications updated to current expectations (while still maintaining traditional methods as needed by any members). I have been working with other members of the leadership team to accomplish these goals. One goal was to get the web site updated and current. This effort is still underway. One success that we have had is circulation of the Quarterly Newsletters electronically. By far, most of the Newsletters are sent as PDF files attached to email. Everyone who has requested a mailed copy still receives them via the USPS. Predating my efforts, Sue Prendergast initiated a POC web presence via Facebook. This site accomplished the normal Facebook functions and serves as a source for Newsletters as well. Plus we are using as a conduit for Newsletter availability. This coming quarter we are experimenting with putting the POC schedule online as a Google Calendar. Our full schedule is already in a POC calendar. See Page 4 of the Newsletter for all the ways you can access information about POC and activity schedules.

John Whipple, Interim President Outgoing President, Frank Allen presents the ceremonial gavel to Interim President, John Whipple at the Annual Meeting in November. Kathy Lambert was elected to the position of Treasurer/Membership at the meeting. Frank Allen will serve as Publicity & Public Relations Chair. Thanks to all for serving! 1

Volume 24 No. 1

Members Corner: Stories and Pictures of Hikes

I took this shot of an immature blue heron when the Thursday group was doing a hike along the old Lehigh Valley Canal. A beautiful day and a beautiful bird. Catherine Johnson

Winter 2012

From the towpath. Now on exhibit at the Snydersville Diner.

Harriman State Park Hike, Nov 6 Hike Leader Bob Huebner At 188.64 km2 Harriman State Park is the second largest state park in New York. Located 45 km north of New York City, it is a haven for hikers with over 320 km of hiking trails. The park is also known for its 31 lakes, multiple streams, public camping area, and great vistas. On its northeastern edge, Harriman State Park borders the 20 km2 Bear Mountain State Park as well as West Point Military Academy's 65 km2 forest reserve. To the southwest, it partly borders the state-owned 73 km2 Sterling Forest reserve. My first visit to Harriman SP was for the 1993 World Orienteering Championships and US Orienteering festival. I orienteered on 5 different maps over 9 days. The terrain was diverse, steep and marshy. My two youngest daughters both medaled in their age brackets at the event. There are now 8 orienteering maps for Harriman SP and another 6 for West Point. I used these maps to pick areas to hike in the park. The first hikes I led were in the summer. Which included the Baileytown Ghost Town and the ruins of an old estate near Jacky Jones Mountain. For the fall trip, I picked the area near Lake Skannatati (try to pronounce that one) along Seven Lakes drive. The POC group of 9 car pooled to the parking area along the lake. The parking lot was almost full - and it was only 9:00 AM. The cool morning got us started at a quick pace to warm up. We followed the Long Path to the first mine. Before reaching the mine, we all shed some clothing as the morning warmed to let us all know “we overdressed”!!! We also passed a group of 50 boys scouts heading back to their cars. I planned the hike to bring us to 5 old 1800’s mine sites. The first mine we came to was Hoggencamp. Besides the old diggings in solid rock, there were old foundations and cables left behind. We continued up the Dunning trail to Bowling Rocks. Large boulders placed by the glaciers on a flat open ridge top. Great views to the south. The trail continued around the huge cliffs of Surebridge mountain southern nose. Next intersection was the White Bar trail. There was some difficulty figuring out the trail junction. But we got going to the north. We ate lunch overlooking a large swamp. After the break we continued to the next 5 point trail junction. Here we picked up the Bottle cap trail. Named because the people who ‘blazed’ the trail used many varieties of bottle caps nailed to the trees. This is an unofficial park trail. After skirting many dead trees to follow the trail, John and Bethany finally lost sight of the next cap. Rather than continue looking, I yelled “just head up the hill”. Which we all did. After reaching the Surebridge Mountain ridge, we started bushwhacking north towards the Bottle Cap trail and the AT. All the while I am desperately trying to read my orienteering map to figure exactly where we were. The map scale is hard to read normally - but without my glasses, I was only guessing. But we continued bushwhacking towards the AT. Next came a series of mines. First was Greenwood, which was flooded. Then the most extensive mine are of Surebridge. Here there were old deep undercut shafts and long steep sided cut outs. This mine is off an unmarked trail and is difficult to find. I was interested in looking at these mines because in 1993, I orienteered through the area. For safety, all the mines had been streamered. After seeing the pits, that was a wise decision. We continued on the unmarked trail on a small rise between two large swamps. Unfortunately for our feet, the trail was under water for 100 meters. We got to “Times Square”, a 5 trail junction with a large boulder painted “Times Square”. We continued the Alden- Surebridge trail. We went past 2 other smaller mines. Past pine swamp and up and over the very steep Pine Mountain. It was about 3:00 pm and the light was getting low. But, all the “city folk’ were still beginning their hikes with poor shoes, no maps. Some had water and probably no idea how quick darkness sets in. But we arrived back at our cars. Great 15-18 km hike with a group of excellent hikers. At least they didn’t complain about my bushwhacking. My next hike at Harriman will be in the spring. Looking for more mines and open ridge tops. Hope to see you there. Pictures from Terri Christoph of the hike at Pohopoco, Nov 19,2011

Terri at our lunch stop – the “other” Boulder Field

The “Trilithon”

The “group” - 14 with Terri who took our picture.


Volume 24 No. 1

Winter 2012

CITATION AWARD TO WAYNE GROSS by Thyra Sperry, KTA Board President The Keystone Hiker November 2011

KTA’s “Citation Award” is presented to a person or persons who have made significant contributions to the preservation of hiking trails and promoting hiking in PA. This may be in the form of volunteer efforts, publications, field work, or any other pursuit that has furthered the mission of KTA. Wayne Gross, a KTA Life Member, is a part of KTA history and has contributed in so many ways that one loses count. Wayne is the founder and early president of the Pocono Outdoor Club, and a tireless trail maintenance worker. He helped make the 2006 guidebook for the Standing Stone Trail. He has served as KTA Publications Chair for many years, editing and overseeing a number of new editions of the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) Guide, and coordinating the updates on KTA’s A.T. Pennsylvania state maps. He has provided a number of photos for guide books and created the 2002 KTA calendar. In 1989, Wayne headed the Entertainment Committee for the A.T. Conference at East Stroudsburg University. He served on the PA A.T. Committee for a number of years. In addition, Wayne has alternatively served as KTA’s Vice President, Council Member, Representative-at- Large, and KTA Nominating Commit- tee Chair. Wayne has always been ready and able to tackle any task that KTA has presented him. Thank you, Wayne, for all of your contributions to Key- stone Trails Association, towards fulfilling our mission of preserving, promoting hiking and conservation in Pennsylvania. Wayne Gross responded: “I want to take this opportunity to thank the Keystone Trails Association for being recognized with the KTA’s highest award, the Citation Award. It was a real honor to receive the award at the Fall KTA Meeting. I look forward to continuing to serve the organization that promotes and protects hiking opportunities in PA.” Well, after today's hike at Brady's Lake (Dec 11) – I believe Winter is here and this is a good time to run this article from our own John Motz. It echoes a lot of what we heard from Bob Huebner at our last meeting about staying warm while hiking!

Skiing for Fun By John Motz Having an enjoyable ski outing is as easy as having the right equipment and proper clothing for your adventure.As with hiking, the most important item in your ski package is the one that goes on your feet. The ski boot is the interface between your body and the ski. A proper fitting boot should be snug, but comfortable. Many skiers spend hours fitting a boot. Boots too small will cause cramping and pain, boots too large will be loose and not allow control of the skis. The skis are important too and should reflect you ability and preferred style. A good ski shop should be able to guide you to an appropriate ski for your needs. Today’s new shaped ski designs are leaps and bounds ahead of skis from only a decade ago, providing better handling and a faster learning curve in shorter lengths than before, making learning to ski easier than ever. The right clothing will keep you dry and warm while you are outdoors in the wintertime. While many folks have heard of the layering concept, many are unaware of the fabric choices available in today’s high performance clothing lines. Many people are surprised to find how little clothing they really need to stay warm. Staying dry is key to staying warm. With an active sport like skiing, body heat will build and keep you warm as you shed layers and open vents. Start with a base layer of fleece, top and bottom. Today’s wicking fabrics will pull moisture away from your skin, helping you stay dry and thus warm. A middle layer of insulation on top, such as a fleece jacket or pullover will keep your core warm. Even a wool sweater is suitable for this layer. Wrap it all with an outer shell of wind/waterproof nylon and you’ll have the ingredients of a warm winter outfit. Many ski pants offer some insulation so you can avoid a mid layer on the bottom, particularly if your base layer is a little heavier than lightweight. If you have a heavy fleece jacket or wool sweater on top, you will probably not need an insulated coat, and can simply add an uninsulated shell. If you have an insulated coat, try a lighter or no mid layer on top. Don’t forget appropriate hats and gloves for your activity. Experiment with your outfit by taking a brisk 10 minute walk out of doors. You will quickly find if you are over or under dressed. And remember, there is a big difference in the feel of cold depending on if it is above or below the freezing point. Those learning to ski in particular will be more active and have less wind speed to deal with during their outings. While an instructor I often had students stripping off excess clothing as the early lessons progressed. Lessons are recommended and will decrease learning time - getting you up on the mountain sooner. Having the right equipment, and the right clothing, will ensure at least a half a chance at a great day on the slopes.

© John Motz 2010 John Motz is a trail professional living and playing in eastern Pennsylvania. 3

Volume 24 No. 1

Winter 2012

Pocono Outdoor Club Announcements Time to Renew your Membership for 2012 – Some of you have already done this – but not many – so it is time to re-up to keep this a vibrant and active group. Use the form on the back of the newsletter and check the renewal box. Please be sure to give us any changes to your address, phone and eMail address. If you are not a member – now is your chance to join this group of outdoor lovers.

Pocono Outdoor Club Meeting Schedule - 2012 Date Meeting Tuesday, February 07 Board Meeting Sunday, February 12 Winter General Meeting Other Meeting Dates TBD – watch for announcements


Time 5:00 PM 2:00 PM

GETTING INFORMATION ABOUT THE CLUB & ITS ACTIVITIES: Access to Newsletters via Issuu (pronounced Issue): To help mitigate the lack of being able to update, we have been posting the newsletter on It is a web site oriented towards Internet published periodicals. To get to our Newsletters simply go to . Need to see a back issue of the POC Newsletter? Posted Newsletters include all years from 2010 onwards. Facebook: POC has a presence on Facebook. Once you have joined Facebook, you can search for Pocono Outdoor Club and become a friend. Sue Prendergast has set up discussion pages and enters the schedule for the club. Experimental Electronic Calendar: We have started putting the POC Hike and Meeting schedule in an online calendar at Google Calendar. This is an experiment at this point. If it works out, we will continue. The plan is that this calendar will be the basis of all of our calendar publications: * Showing on (when available again) * Used as the basis for the published calendar in the POC Newsletter * Able to be integrated into any member's electronic calendar application If you would like to access this calendar with your PC Browser, click here. Here are a few suggestions: * Once there the first time, bookmark the location so you do not have to deal with the (ugly) URL again. * Look at the calendar in the Monthly view, remembering that the week displays as Monday-Sunday. * The Agenda view is also handy because it only shows the dates with entries. * Click on an entry to see the details. * Click on "map" (in blue) to open Google Maps to see the meeting location (Note: These locations have not yet been verif ied on the ground. JW tried to find the correct location in Google Earth. Hike leaders ought to verify that the location is correct for their hikes.) If you would like to try integrating the POC calendar with your own electronic calendar please e-mail John Whipple (, remember the middle initial 'h') and he will send you the magic incantation that should allow your calendar access to the POC calendar. Besides hopefully being the single source of all POC calendar events, we can, in the future, make realtime updates to the schedule -- though this is not a supported service at this time.








Volume 24 No. 1

Winter 2012


For every activity, please wear appropriate clothing and footwear, bring a lunch or snack, and water to drink. The Meeting time for activities is 10:00 AM unless otherwise noted in the write up for the hike. Hiking on uneven terrain can be hard on the ankles, so be sure to wear hiking boots, which are stiffer and taller than sneakers and have better traction. Going downhill can be hard on the knees, so if yours are sensitive, invest in a walking stick or hiking poles to take the pressure off. TRAIL RANKINGS: Hikes are rated based on distance, climb, terrain and pace. Easy=1, Moderate =2, Moderate to Difficult =3, Difficult =4, Strenuous=5.

January 2012 EVENT




New Years Day Hike Sun, Jan 1 at 1PM

Where: Mount Minsi, DWGNRA/Lenape Lake Description: New Year's Day hike. Meet at Lake Lenape Trail head. Turn off Rt 611 in Water Gap immediately after the Deerhead Inn. Call John Motz 570-236-1462 to register or for information

Hike Jacobsburg SP Sun, Jan 8 at 10AM

Where: Jacobsburg SP Description: 10:00 AM start. 4 mile easy hike, minor elevation changes. Dress for the weather! Directions: Rte 33 to Belfast exit. Go east to stop sign,left to parking just after bridge. Call Bob Wacker 570-629-5293.

Hike/XC Ski/Snowshoe - Artillery Ridge Sun, Jan 15 at 10am

Where: Artillery Ridge, SGL #127 Artillery Ridge: Meet at 10:00AM at the first trailhead going north onRoute 423 from Route 940 (on the right shortly after the < < < roadsigns). Up to 8 mile hike past Jimmy Pond to the Military ObservationTower in SGL #127. Mainly level hike, but can be soggy -- may be modif ied depending on the weather conditions. Possible XC Ski orSnowshoe. Call John or Fran Whipple 570-350-2977 or 2967

Hike/XC Ski/ Snowshoe McDade Trail Sat, Jan 21 at 10am

Where: McDade Trail, Bushkill, Pa. Description: McDade Trail-DWGNRA. Meet at 10:00 AM at the Meeting House on Rte 209 in Bushkill. We will ski/snowshoe/hike 3-5 miles depending on conditions and activity. I will opt for XC skiing if conditions are right. Call Bob Huebner 570-588-3201

Hike/Snowshoe at Big Pocono SP Sat, Jan 28 at 10am

Where: Big Pocono SP at WB&E Description: 2-3 mile snowshoe/hike on the rail grade and lower north trail loop. Bring snack/beverages for short stop with great views Meet at Riday's Gate. Call John Motz 570-236-1462

The Walter & Jaclyn Mock Preserve A special place lies hidden in Eldred Township near the small town of Kunkletown Pa.

Sun, Jan 29 from 1 to 5 PM

For More Details see page 8




Volume 24 No. 1

Winter 2012

February 2012 EVENT




Hike Promised Land SP Sat, Feb 4 at 10am

Where: Promised Land SP (Bruce Lake Natural Area) Description: Bruce Lake â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Hike to Bruce Lake and back for a 6 mile trip mostly on an old road. This will be a moderate pace trip. Meet in the parking lot on the right on Rt. 390 just past the Promise Land Village at 10 AM. Call Ernest Henzi 570-676-4919

Tues, Feb 7

at 5 PM

There will be a POC Board meeting on Tuesday, February 7th at 5:00 p.m. at the Monroe County Environmental Education Center. Hike Jacobsburg SP

Sat, Feb 11 at 10am

Where: Jacobsburg SP Description: Jacobsburg State Park-Henry's Woods Trail. Easy 2-3 mile hike along Bushkill Creek. Great beginner hike. Meet at 10 AM near the gazebo in the main parking area on Belfast Rd. Call Sue Prendergast 570- 242-0519

Sun, Feb 12 at 2 PM

POC Annual Meeting and Dinner Buffet, 2:00 PM at the Monroe County Environmental Education Center on Running Valley Road Call Kathy Tryson at 570-722-8950 to RSVP & plan your food contribution. Hike Lost Lakes

Sun, Feb 19 at 1pm

Where: Lost Lakes, SGL #381 Description: Meet at the SGL #381 trailhead in Pocono Pines, Stoney Hollow Road, top of first rise on left. About a 5 mile hike, some bushwhacking. Getting beyond the first Lost Lake depends on the water levels and snow conditions. Call John or Fran Whipple 570-350-2977 or 2967

Hike/Snowshoe Big Pocono SP Sat, Feb 25 at 9 am

Where: Big Pocono SP Calendar: POC Description: 9AM Lunch at the Cattell Cabin. Join the Friends of Big Pocono State Park for a special mid-winter lunch stop at the Cattell Cabin. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll snowshoe up the mountain, warm up with a fire and food, then shoe backdown. Healthy and PREPARED participants only please. Call John Motz 570-236-1462

Thursday Hikes: There is an informal group of hikers, most of whom are members of the Pocono Outdoor Club, that get together on Thursdays to hike. Anyone interested in hiking with them is invited. To get a copy of the schedule, contact Catherine Johnson by email: and she will email you a copy.


Volume 24 No. 1

Winter 2012

March 2012 EVENT




Hike Martin's Creek Environmental Preserve Sat, Mar 10 at 10am

Where: Martins Creek Environmental Preserve Description: Martin's Creek Environmental Preserve.Meet at 10:00 for a 3 mile, easy loop hike. Directions: Exit Rt 33 at Stockertown, go left, then right at light, take left at next light on Uhler Rd. At the end turn left at stop sign. Go 5-1/2 miles and turn right on Foul Rift Rd. Parking at Tekening. Call Bob Wacker 570-679-5293

Hike- Monroe Environmental Education Center Sun, Mar 11 at 10am

Where: Monroe County Environmental Education Center Description: MCEEC & SGL #156. Meet at 10:00am Hike the environmental center trails,then continue to the SGL for additional (if desired) 4- 6 miles total.MCEEC is on Running Valley Road in Bartonsville. Call Bob Wacker 570-679-5293

Hike Austin T. Blakeslee NA Sat, Mar 17 at 10am

Where: Austin T. Blakeslee Natural Area Description: Hike (or snowshoe) the Natural Area off Rte 115 south of Blakeslee along Tobyhanna Creek and the Falls. This will be a 5 mile moderate to easy hike. Remember that the Plateau tends to be 10 degrees cooler than the Burgs. Meet at 10 AM. From Rte 940 at Blakeslee Corners, south on115, turn into ATB parking area on the right just before guardrail on Tobyhanna Creek (There is another parking area with an ATB sign north of this one - The one you want is just before the bridge over the creek). From I80, north on 115, turn into parking area on left just after the creek. Contact John and Fran Whipple at 570-350-2977 or 2967.

Hike AT in New Jersey Sat, Mar 24, at 9am

Where: Appalachian Trail, New Jersey Description: AT to Sunfish Pond DWGNRA. 7 mile hike. Meet at 9:00 am in the Dunnfield parking area at the base of the trail off of Rt. 80 (first exit after the toll bridge, on the Jersey side). Bring a lunch and plenty of water. We will eat lunch at the pond. Contact Kate Andrew 570- 236-6831.

Hike Leader Training


Sat, Mar 31 from 9am to 11am

Where: TBD, Monroe County Description: 9-11 AM Outing Leader Training - Location TBA. Anyone interested in leading outings and current outing leaders welcome. We’ll cover the basics of planning and preparing to lead outings for small groups.Participants will learn Club policies and practices related to leading events for the Club. Presented by Bob Huebner and John Motz. Call Bob Huebner 570- 588-3201

Moonlight Hike Big Pocono SP Sat, Apr 6 at 7pm

Where: Big Pocono SP Description: NIGHT Full Moon Hike to Deep Lake 7PM Meet at the SGL 38 Lot on the way to Big Pocono SP. Bring a flashlight (red lens if possible) but don’t expect to use it. We’ll trek back to the glacial tub and check out the creatures of the night by moonlight. Bring a snack for our stop at the lake. RSVP John Motz 570-236-1462

Save the date: April 27-29, 2012 KTA Spring Meeting and Hiking Weekend, Wellsboro, PA


Volume 24 No. 1

Winter 2012

Other Fun Outdoor Events

Nature Walks: Adventures to the Ancients

 Pocono Area Old Growth Forest/Open Space

Sponsored by Pocono Heritage Land Trust and DCNR’s Jacobsburg E. E. Center

Join in these “Adventures to the Ancients” open space hikes led by Bill Sweeney, an old growth forest enthusiast, botanist and long-time DCNR naturalist with Jacobsburg E. E. Center and Don Miller, an open space advocate, long-time teacher, botanist and naturalist with Pocono Heritage Land Trust. Hike participants will have an opportunity to explore both public and private old growth forest areas throughout the Pocono Region and experience the natural beauty of these often forgotten or sometimes secretive locations where the sawyers blades of foresters/lumbermen in decades past have left some small remnants of old tall timber trees. * Registration required: Contact Bill Sweeney at Jacobsburg E.E. Center (610) 746-2808 or by e-mail Program Hike hours 12:00 / 1:00 – 5:00 pm (includes some travel time)

ALL Adventures to the Ancients hikes are free of charge with donations asked to support Pocono Heritage Land Trust’s Preserve Management & Land Conservation Fund.  Please dress appropriately for weather conditions, wear study comfortable hiking boots and bring plenty of water and energy snacks. All hikes are held rain, snow or shine.

Sunday, January 29, 2012 - The Walter & Jaclyn Mock Preserve A special place lies hidden in Eldred Township near the small town of Kunkletown Pa. It is the home of Jaclyn Mock and habitat for many other wonderful wild residents that reside here. The Mock preserve provides a variety of habitats ranging from old fields to a young emerging forest to a steep ravine lined by 200 year old Hemlock trees. Participants will witness the flowing waters of the Princess Run (a headwaters to Buckwa Creek in the Lehigh River watershed) as it tumbles over a series of steep shale outcrops creating a magical series of waterfalls. Jaclyn Mock is as beautiful as the land she and her late husband Walter have cared for and protected for over 60 years. So come out and meet this very special lady and the beautiful land she has preserved for posterity through Monroe County’s Open Space program. Lehigh Valley residents can meet at 12:00 pm at the Jacobsburg EE Center main parking lot located off of Belfast road. Pocono area participants meet at 1:00 pm at the Saylorsburg Flea Market parking lot just off the Saylorsburg exit of Rt. 33 South.

Tobyhanna Ice Harvesting Festival Tobyhanna, Pa. -- Jan. 14, 2012 alternate date – February 18, 2012 (if ice conditions not favorable in January) 646 Lakeside Drive Tobyhanna, PA Contact: or call 570-894-8205 for information. This event supported by the Coolbaugh Township Historical Association.


Volume 24 No. 1

Winter 2012

T-SHIRTS & PATCHES Make Excellent Gifts For Everyone The Club's first edition T-shirts are now available in Navy Blue (M and L sizes only). The Navy Blue Tee’s are 50/50-poly/cotton blend and look sharp with white graphics. The original All Cotton Green Tee’s are still available in all sizes- Adult S/M/L/XL. All Tee’s sport the original POC Tagline-“Take A Hike!” Requests for children’s sizes should be submitted- if we get enough we will order some. Specify size and color when ordering. Tee’s are $12 for non-members/$10 for members. Patches are still $3.00 each. Contact our treasurer for more information.

ATTENTION: Members! If you have forgotten to renew your membership for 2012 – Now is the time to get it done!!!! Please use the membership application on the last page of the Newsletter.

POCONO OUTDOOR CLUB INFO This Newsletter publishes quarterly. It is received by Club members, other trail clubs, friends, and agency partners . New Members are encouraged to participate and volunteer for Club events.

To contact POC Committees:

Activities: Bob Huebner – Newsletter: Fran Whipple - Trailcare: John Motz - Publicity/Public Relations: Frank Allen - 570-236-1462 570-420-9040 Membership: Kathy Lambert – KTA Representative: Roy Kleinle – 570-629-5204

Club Officers Interim President/Vice PresidentJohn Whipple (570-350-2977)

Secretary- Karen Livingood

Treasurer- Kathy Lambert (570-629-5204)


2012 POCONO OUTDOOR CLUB MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION Send check, made payable to “Pocono Outdoor Club” to POC Memberships at 4211 Cherry Lane Church Road, Henryville, PA 18332. Memberships are per calendar year. Applicants must be at least 18 yrs old. Name(s)  $10 Basic Membership  $15 Family Membership Address: Higher Levels of Trail Support:  $18 Contributing Member Phone:  $25 Trail Maintainer  $50 Trail Builder Email:  $150 Life Member Individual  $250 Life Member Couple

Additional Contributions are welcome and benefit local trails. $ ___________ ___ I would like to lead an outing.

 New Member ___

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 Renewal

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This is a Gift Membership from _____________________________________

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Pocono Outdoor Club PO Box 718 Pocono Pines, PA 18350

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2012 Winter Quarterly Newsletter of the Pocono Outdoor Club. The POC sponsors hikes, trail care, and other outdoor activities throughout Mon...