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ABOUT POC POC Management Limited was founded in 2007 to provide Private Criminal Prosecution (PCP) services to corporate clients. It developed from the founder’s work to create and deliver the most successful Private Criminal Prosecution process in English Legal history, for the UK’s largest media brand. Since then we have evolved - through investment in accreditations, employees, and technology - to become one of the UK’s leading specialist security suppliers, providing a wide range of services including Investigations, Surveillance, Physical Asset Protection and Technical Security Systems installation and maintenance, whilst still maintaining the PCP concept and skills. Many of our employees come from law enforcement, military, and corporate security backgrounds, bringing with them extensive skills and experience to enhance POC’s ability to deliver innovative security solutions. Equally however, a wide variety of other backgrounds create a diverse knowledge base that enables POC to adapt to any environment it is asked to work in. This model supports our STAR Standard – our ethos on how to deliver the best and most efficient security provision possible. We are constantly striving to build on our previous successes by exceeding our client’s expectations on a daily basis, building our reputation, and gaining a wider client base. We invest in the company through technology and training to enhance our performance and deliver robust processes governed by industry recognized accreditations. We became an SIA Approved Contractor for Security Guarding in October 2014, which builds upon our well established ISO9001 Quality Management System. We currently score within the top 10% of ACS companies of the same size. Our Directors have worked at a strategic level amongst highly specialist Policing teams, such as Covert Policing Commands, within Intelligence Units, and major investigation teams. These links with local Police forces and the British Transport Police are as strong as ever, allowing POC to be made aware of the most up to date and relevant intelligence regarding all crime occurring across the country, including information from Counter Terrorism Command and the Director of BTP Intelligence, who POC Directors have a strong professional alliance with. The previous significant UK Policing background of the POC senior leadership and management team really separates us from the masses, while our intelligence capabilities and networks give us the much needed edge against our non-policing background competitors.

Our mission statement:

“To provide market leading specialist security & safety solutions through innovation and excellence, in partnership with the client.”


STAR Standard

2, 3

Asset Protection


Multi-Site Management


Security Auditing


Additional Security Services


Open Source Investigations


Threat Analysis


Covert Surveillance


Covert Human Intelligence Source (CHIS)


GPS Tracking


Test Purchasing


Penetration Tests


Intelligence Management


Cyber Security


Private Criminal Prosecution (PCP)


Crime Reduction Survey


Additional Investigatory Services


Covert Camera Investigations


CCTV Camera Systems


Access Control & Intruder Alarms


System Maintenance



24, 25


POC Operatives are dedicated security professionals who are highly experienced, often having come from law 3 enforcement or military backgrounds. They are highly trained with specialist skills, such as Counter Terrorism, Conflict Management, Investigations & Intelligence and Technical Security Measures, meaning you get multiple sought-after skill sets in one: military quality disciplined professional Security Operatives, with security management, investigative skills and legislative knowledge, who can utilise and maintain the technology available to them to maximum effect. We specialise in a variety of arenas, from construction and infrastructure projects to logistics and asset protection in transit. Intelligence-led, high-calibre, proactive and risk-aware Operatives with a good understanding of criminality, coupled with smart management and planning, has meant that we have delivered zero crime in all of our specialist security services. A hybrid of site dedicated Operatives, Mobile Support Units (MSU) and Technology allows us to provide an efficient and effective asset protection service.

We can provide high quality imagery which is remotely monitored in real-time at the POC Control & Command Centre located at POC HQ. The camera’s analytical functions enable the camera system to set boundaries that are triggered when crossed, sending an alarm to our Control & Command Centre, while other cameras track the intruder. Perimeter detection systems can also be deployed to protect a whole site or a specific area containing high value assets. To add further security, our team of experts can install robust access control (including biometrics) and intruder alarm systems to your premises. We can also use technology to secure assets during transit by using covert GPS trackers. Typically used for plant or high value materials, we are able to view where it is at all times on a global footing. We can Geo-fence areas to ensure the asset does not stray from where it should be and to receive a real-time alert if it does. The covert nature of the trackers means they are key tools for investigations, and similarly we can utilise covert cameras in key areas to detect criminality. Our teams communicate directly using the latest 128-bit encrypted technology, with integral GPS tracking facilities, and emergency panic alarm function. Our investment in smart technology means we can remotely track, monitor and manage our teams on the ground, view and control cameras remotely and track high value assets all from our dedicated Control & Command Centre.

We constantly analyse all data-streams to develop actionable intelligence and to measure and improve our performance. By adopting the SARA principal (Scanning, Analysis, Response and Assessment), we have robust problem solving processes in place to effectively manage our services. Analysis of incidents and discovering patterns to include hot-spots/cold-spots helps us to focus on those areas and develop remedial action. Similarly, by analysing our own performance through SMART KPI measures, spot checks and client feedback we can identify improvement and training needs. Live-time Interaction with our teams, clients, the public and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) facilitates the flow of vital information. As our Control & Command Centre is the single point of contact, we are able to receive information from a number of sources, which can then be analysed, NIM-graded and utilised to provide an intelligence-led approach. The intelligence picture can be used to identify threats and risks, which allows us to make educated and informed operational decisions to mitigate such risk.

The response to our analysis is a vital part of our STAR Standard - the point at which we dedicate our resources and based upon our analysis to deliver an improved service. As a unique intelligence-led security function, there is a huge variety of mitigation measures we can and do employ, while remaining extremely cost-effective. Typical responses may be a change in patrol routes, the repositioning of cameras or added security signage to deter offenders. We may have to deploy more specialist methods such as covert tactics, or added resources, such as CCTV cameras or even additional Security Operatives. We continue to analyse all aspects of our projects and respond in the most effective way, making the STAR process an ongoing cycle of best practice and professionalism.


ASSET PROTECTION POC Management Ltd are an SIA ACS company - scoring within the top 10% of ACS companies of the same size - with vast experience in delivering Specialised Security for construction, infrastructure and logistics projects. We have successfully secured the sites and assets on the ECML power upgrade and on the North West Electrification Project, as well as high risk National Grid sites. To achieve this, we have developed a unique hybrid security model - Manned Security, Mobile Support Units (MSU), CCTV, Intelligence Management Systems and Operational Support from UK LEA uniform patrols and intelligence officers, all of which support our STAR Standard. Our Operatives are dedicated security professionals who are highly experienced, often having come from law enforcement or military backgrounds. They are highly trained with specialist skills, such as Counter Terrorism, Conflict Management, Investigations & Intelligence and Technical Security Measures, meaning you get multiple sought-after skill sets in one: military quality disciplined professional security guards, with security management, investigative skills and legislative knowledge, who can utilise and maintain the technology available to them to maximum effect. POC Management has a proven track record of protecting high value assets when they are most vulnerable. We provide detailed assessments, method statements and full and regular reports, whilst developing our strategy to further mitigate any risks. Our teams of highly specialized ex-police or ex-military personnel all have extensive experience in the protection of assets, threat assessment, and traffic management & defensive driving. From our experience in this field we know there are many solutions for every assignment, therefore we will evaluate every angle before suggesting the best way to accomplish the task. Whatever the assets you wish to protect, we will provide a detailed plan, developed with you, to ensure that there is as little risk as possible. We conduct surveys on every location your assets will be stored; assessing the risks, gathering local intelligence and developing plans to mitigate any threats. During transit we deploy mobile teams to guide and secure the assets, and by utilising intelligence gained from our ground operatives and local authorities, we manage projects safely and efficiently from start to finish. By assessing all risks thoroughly and professionally, and maintaining a highly visible or covert presence, you can concentrate on your business without worrying about the safety of your assets in our care. Our end-to-end protection solutions ensure the safe storage and transit of high value assets.



MULTI-SITE MANAGEMENT Whilst other security companies reduce their numbers on the ground to cut costs, POC Management can deliver more security knowledge and experience with fewer individuals deployed. By using the highest calibre of Security Officer operating alongside our Security Management Team, which has a wealth of Law Enforcement and Corporate Security experience, we can offer a high level of security without large numbers of Operatives on site. By combining Manned-Guarding, Mobile Support Units and CCTV coverage, we can comprehensively cover large-scale sites or multiple sites. All operations are run through the POC Control & Command Centre at our HQ in Northampton, and our Operatives stay in constant communication with a dedicated Controller, using the latest nationwide 128-bit encrypted radio systems with GPS monitoring. This ensures up-to-date intelligence can be shared, recorded and acted upon, reducing the risk to your sites. Our teams of highly skilled and experienced Security Operatives act as a visible deterrent, as well as maintaining the integrity of their site. We maintain a highly professional attitude through the whole of our organisation in everything we do, making us stand out from the crowd. We have a proven track record of delivering high visibility Security solutions in many arenas, which has led to our involvement in Asset security for multi-billion pound power upgrade projects to the rail network: •

Deployed smart, portable & flexible CCTV systems

Central Control & Command Centre with dedicated Controllers

Developed a great working relationship with BTP and local Police forces

Zero crime during our tenure

Conducted multiple successful investigations

Deployed high calibre Security Officers



SECURITY AUDITING In order to ensure your own security teams are meeting your requirements, POC can perform unannounced site visits to assess the performance and processes of the incumbent security providers. We will discuss the performance measures and requirements you currently have in place and design a bespoke assessment to evaluate your current security provision against your security needs. The visit will consist of two stages, incorporating a covert and overt test of the security measures, practices and protocols in place - identifying strengths and weaknesses and offering recommendations for improvements.

Stage 1 – COVERT • •

Perform site reconnaissance Perform a penetration test

Stage 2 – OVERT •

• • • •

Perform a site security audit: • Observations of activities • View Daily Occurrence Log, paperwork and data • Physical and Technical Security Measures: • CCTV audit including monitoring practices • Access Control audit Incident reporting, escalation and management Communication methods Code of Conduct Performance measures (Assignment Instructions, KPIs, etc.)

A full report and supporting evidence (e.g. photos, video recordings, covert body cameras and microphones, etc.) will be provided along with improvement recommendations. This will enable the client to have an accurate measure of the security provision on their site(s) and can lead to individual or region-wide action plans to enhance the level of security provided.



ADDITIONAL SERVICES We offer a range of other Specialist Security Solutions that can meet the individual needs of our clients, such as:

SPECIALIST SECURITY OPERATIVES We can provide the ‘next level’ in Security Operatives, designed to enter an organisation to re-shape the incumbent security structure with a ‘hands-on’ approach. Highly experienced and knowledgeable Operatives are deployed with Specialist Security, Investigative and Intelligence skill-sets to work alongside your existing security teams.

DOG SECTION POC Management is able to offer a variety of Canine services. This includes proactive, passive and search dogs - using highly professional ex-police handlers. All handlers and dogs are trained and accredited to meet ACPO standards.

DRUG / ALCOHOL TESTING POC can provide teams to perform drug and/or alcohol tests either randomly or systematically on your workforce to help maintain health & safety performance. This can be performed independently or in conjunction with our Dog Section while they perform narcotics searches.

COUNTER TERRORISM With the National Threat level so high, there is a need for organisations to ensure they are helping to combat this ever-growing threat. This can be achieved through training of employees on Project Griffin and the government’s CONTEST counterterrorism strategy, the upgrade of physical security measures, or simply the reporting of suspicious information to the police and security services. Whatever steps your company decides to take, POC can provide the assistance required; from the initial risk assessment, through to the provision of training and physical security measures.



OPEN SOURCE Most investigations benefit from an initial Open Source intelligence gathering stage. This enhances the overall knowledge of the subject(s), and can sometimes fulfil the entire brief without any further investigative actions, saving you money. Our skilled investigators have notable experience in building online investigations, collating data and filtering through a database of information to produce useful intelligence. Open Source information can be obtained legally and ethically from public sources; either free or via paid for databases. This information can be found all over the internet, but it takes a lot of skill and knowledge to find, investigate and develop this information. Our Investigators, trained by a former College of Police Cyber Crime lecturer, have the skills and methods to find the sources and develop the information into useful intelligence. We know how to interrogate data, maintain anonymity, and record, save and handle data professionally. We utilise advanced searching techniques, investigate footprints and can obtain full history of social media use. We have invested heavily to enhance our capabilities by gaining access to over 170 data streams with fast searching facilities, meaning we can quickly ascertain if an investigation is worth progressing with. This database is used extensively by the Law Enforcement Authorities, and provides a definitive view of whether information can be found online, on the deep web and on any registers or social media. If the database finds nothing, the chances are it does not exist! We can investigate a specific person or organisation to gather a multitude of information. We then provide a comprehensive intelligence package that is ready to be acted upon, either with further investigations or by using it as evidence.



THREAT ANALYSIS Construction projects will almost always be opposed for one reason or another, and the higher the profile of the build is, the more resistance you will meet. Unfortunately this resistance can often turn into protests or criminal actions, arranged and carried out by various ‘anti’ groups, which can damage your assets or delay your work schedule – either way it will ultimately cost you money. In order to identify and mitigate these risks, it is essential that the main contractor be in possession of current and actionable intelligence in relation to risks posed to the project and its assets. POC can achieve this by identifying and monitoring risks through Open Source Intelligence Gathering and Internet Investigation, which are at the fore on 21st century asset and reputation protection. Mitigation of threat and risk is achievable by development of three broad strategies: •


• Monitor

• Mitigate

We will identify subjects, quickly establish a presence on groups and forums - enabling us to monitor their group communications (including the dark web) and identify any threats they may pose. POC Management has access to state of the art online investigation tools and has invested heavily in Open Source software called GBG Connexus, which grants us access to circa 170 databases of consented data to analyse. We currently use various investigation software packages (OSCID, IMB i2, etc.), which develops connections and outputs very quickly and will be the basis of developing an interactive database, which will guide and develop our monitoring strategy. The intelligence picture will develop over time and will be supported by regular recommendations to mitigate any immediate or developing threat to the projects. Of course, intelligence obtained may also be positive, indicating that current mitigation measures are effective. We utilise our threat analysis in two ways: i.

As a stand-alone service to detect and monitor threat;


In partnership with our Security activities, creating an Intelligence-Led Specialist Security Service to actively mitigate the risks identified.

This, along with our vast experience of performing Threat Analysis for other major builds means that POC are ideally placed to provide Threat Intelligence and Analysis, and can provide additional services to further mitigate the risks.



COVERT SURVEILLANCE Surveillance often forms part of an investigation, providing valuable intelligence and evidence that could not be obtained by any other means. We pride ourselves on having some of the best surveillance officers in the United Kingdom, many of whom were trainers in their previous policing careers. We have extensive knowledge in covert surveillance and associated investigations, and can advise on the most effective steps and technical solutions to deliver the results you require. All POC Management Surveillance Operatives have been trained to recognised national standards, thus meeting the Police and Home Office guidelines. They can utilise evidence/intelligence gathering tools for brand and fiscal integrity, or adopt them as part of a professional standards process. We have our own extensively equipped Control & Command Centre to provide support to the Mobile Surveillance Operatives; from mapping and directions, to quick-time intelligence. We also have the ability to send imagery and other information directly to the Operatives on the ground. All of our covert surveillance activities are carried out within the context of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) 2000, following the Home Office Codes of Practice. We carry out full risk assessments, and ensure that a formal process is followed before commencing any surveillance activity. We will work with you to develop the best tactics that will ensure your organisation’s integrity and will cause minimum disruption. We provide full end-to-end management of the operation with all the required documentation, supporting your needs with future action. POC Management has a proven track record in the planning and implementation of technical surveillance solutions.



C.H.I.S. POC Management has unrivalled experience and expertise in the handling of Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS). Whether it involves the deployment of one of our highly skilled undercover Operatives, the sensitive debriefing of a whistleblower, or the handling of a source from within your organisation, we assess the best approach, we provide expert management and we minimise the risks. Our CHIS Operatives are fully trained and have extensive and appropriate experience from within public sector organisations and private companies. They are widely experienced in a variety of work environments – including offices, warehouses, logistics and supply chain organisations, within criminal networks, and many more. We carry out full risk assessments and draw up a comprehensive scope of investigation document with our client, making sure we are working towards the same goals whilst guarding your organisation’s reputation. Only after assessing all the factors involved will a CHIS operation be authorised at Director Level. Both during and at the end of each operation we can provide you with compliant and comprehensive documentation, keeping you up to date with progress and supplying evidence and reports. We utilise the latest technologies to provide you with real-time activity reports and feedback. We have highly experienced asset handlers that can help to produce a complete evidential package for you to utilise with any further action. We apply the strict Codes of Practice pursuant to the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) to all our activities, regardless of whether it is legally required or not, to safeguard all involved and ensure proportionality and necessity. We have a proven track record and can advise you on how best to meet your organisation’s needs.



GPS ASSET TRACKING POC Management can solve all of your asset security and tracking needs, from high value equipment and special packages to complete fleet management, with our bespoke tracking panel. We are able to offer a truly cost effective solution which can be tailored to your individual requirements, from seeing the live data feed from the devices through to being able to control its functionality for yourself. Ranging in size, our trackers can be used for a variety of functions: •

Hard-wired to vehicles for constant monitoring of location and speed

Battery life of up to 6 months

Magnetically attached to high value machinery

Small, discreet units hidden in packaging to track parcel movements

Geofencing – alerting you when the tracker enters or exits a defined geographical area

The POC Tracking Panel allows you to monitor the movement of all your trackers or select individual trackers to follow, either on your computer or via an app on your smartphone. The software puts you in control of all you could ever need, with simple to use functions. You can view the location on standard map view, satellite view, and even a combined street view making it ideal for relaying directions to Surveillance Operatives. The tracking speed and direction is clearly shown on the panel, as well as a local postcode, latitude and longitude. Historic movements can be retrieved and exported to a spreadsheet or PDF allowing you to see where your asset has been, as well as real-time movements shown live on the tracking panel which can be updated at bespoke intervals - from every 5 seconds to once every 60 minutes, depending on your needs. Geofencing allows you to define an area of high importance by creating a virtual barrier, sending you an alert when a tracker enters or exits the area. This feature can be used for different reasons, from ensuring an asset does not stray off route to assisting with surveillance of a certain area.



TEST PURCHASING Whether you are targeting ticket touts, counterfeit goods, or simply enforcing trading standards, we gather evidence, we target offenders, and we provide a full evidential package for further enforcement.

Online Test Purchase With internet shopping becoming more popular year on year, counterfeit goods sellers from all over the world are offering branded items. Consumers are paying for such goods based on their loyalty to your brand, and being left disappointed. This is not only a lost sale for your organisation, it also leads to loss of confidence in your products and reduced genuine brand loyalty. Often the first step in enforcement against these online counterfeit stores is a phase of test purchases. POC Management has extensive experience in this area, and we develop any information obtained using Open Source Investigation techniques. Our Operatives record every step of the transaction, using screen capture tools, and any subsequent email exchanges are also saved to add to the evidential package we build for you.

Physical Test Purchase Despite the growth of internet sales, there are still a large number of criminals who operate in public places. Ticket touts, dealers of illicit products and stolen goods, and market sellers dealing in counterfeit items are just a few examples. Whilst the process for enforcement is largely the same, with a need to secure evidence through purchases, the risks are higher, and the techniques are often far more specialist. POC Operatives carrying out this work have extensive experience from their previous police careers, and are trained appropriately to deal with the risks involved. Using covert body cameras, and other cutting edge technologies, we can record the entire transaction for evidential purposes. Where appropriate, a POC Surveillance Team is in support to develop a wider intelligence picture of the criminal network and locations used.



PENETRATION TESTS At POC Management, we can offer you tried and tested methods of assessing how secure your building is. We can assess how easy it is to get in and out of your premises, often with your goods in hand, and help you identify the areas in which you can improve. A Penetration Test is a proactive and authorized attempt to evaluate your security infrastructure. If you feel you have a weak spot, or simply want to know how good your security provision is, we have the skills to put your security measures to the test. Our Operatives have great experience in this area, and each test can be bespoke to your needs. You may want to see how far into your building we can get, how effective your physical security measures are, or how easy it is to steal items from the shelves without being challenged. We can identify the gaps by performing tests at different times of the day, and help you put in place measures to make yourself and your organisation far more secure. Penetration Tests will only take place if authorised by senior management within your organisation, and at Director Level at POC Management. If caught, our Operatives will discreetly produce documentation authorizing them to carry out the tests. The amount of people this is declared to will be kept to a minimum, protecting the integrity of any further tests we carry out for you until after the evaluation stage. By being proactive in our approach, we can make your security measures far more effective.



INTELLIGENCE MANAGEMENT POC can implement risk, incident and intelligence management frameworks into your business, meaning you can manage and mitigate risks and incidents effectively. Following years of research and extensive implementation in ‘real world’ scenarios, we have devised a Business Risk Incident Management Model (BRIMM) that allows organisations to take a structured approach when managing security incident risks. Our experience has shown that organisations often take a piece-meal approach to managing security incidents but this does not allow them to utilise their resources effectively. By adopting the Business Risk Incident Management Model framework, organisations will be ensuring it integrates into existing processes and organisational structures to enable critical business functions to continue operating with minimal disruption. This should strengthen and improve the credibility and capability of the organisation to effectively manage incidents thereby protecting assets and business reputation. Originally the framework was adapted from the National Intelligence Model (NIM), which is the cornerstone of all UK law enforcement agency operations, and it breaks down all inappropriate activity into three tier levels. The NIM tiers can be converted to fit varying business areas, keeping with the fundamentals of the model and creating real value to the organisation. The BRIMM, however, impacts upon all business areas in an organisation including the Security Department, IT, Operations, Finance and Human Resources. Every member of staff has a role to play within the Model and can contribute to its effective implementation. An intelligence-led security function, by its very nature, relies on information. Capabilities must be built-in, enabling information to be gathered, recorded, evaluated, disseminated, retained and disclosed as necessary from a range of available information sources. Employees often submit information with no certainty of its potential relevance. The BRIMM allows organisations to consolidate resources, collect the correct information and fill identified knowledge gaps. This model has been proven as being an efficient management tool for the processing of information, to quickly realise how your business can be affected and allow you to make informed decisions on strategic and tactical elements of the business.



CYBER SECURITY Cyber attacks are an ever-growing criminal act in the UK, with over 2 million global victims of cyber-crime recorded in 2016 and damage to the global economy estimated at £360 billion. Cyber Crimes can include: •

Fraud and Financial Crimes

Cyber Terrorism

Cyber Extortion




Computers, servers and networks are targeted and look to take advantage of low cyber security measures. Gaining access to your network will then allow them to disrupt your system and use your data against you. Our Cyber experts can help to protect your business systems and put processes in place to further safeguard against this cyber intrusion and vastly improve your information security. We will do this in three stages: 1. Perform an audit of your system – look for weaknesses that are easy to exploit. 2. Create a list of recommendations to bolster your cyber network. 3. Help to implement changes to improve the overall robustness of your information security procedures. Working to BS27001, our experts will ensure that you have sufficient cyber security in place and can implement changes to your working practices to deliver high standards of information security.



PRIVATE CRIMINAL PROSECUTION It’s a common misconception that only the Crown or Statutory Prosecuting Authorities can use the criminal system to prosecute people or companies. We specialise in Private Criminal Prosecution (PCP), which are almost always quicker, more focussed and more efficient than public prosecutions, especially in cases involving fraud. Criminal investigations and prosecutions that are handled by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) have two drawbacks for the victim: 1)

The CPS take control of evidential packages and effectively take ownership of the prosecution, meaning you lose any influence in the strategy of the prosecution, including the issue of costs and compensation.


You will only ever realise a fraction of the compensation awarded, as other bodies are entitled to a large percentage of your money.

In contrast, the POC Private Criminal Prosecution model allows the victim organisation to retain control of the prosecution at all stages, resulting in a full end-to-end case management process. This radical approach to criminal prosecutions is still in its infancy in the UK; however the approach was pioneered by the Managing Director of POC Management. Our tailor-made service enables you to apply for compensation that, if granted, is awarded to you and NOT any other body. We often prepare and submit evidential bundles to the police, or help our clients build a strong evidential case and develop a strategy for prosecution and enforcement. Private prosecutions will not only deliver justice, but will also act as a deterrent to anyone looking to engage in criminal activity. Whether you want a second option, are tired of the lack of progress with the CPS, or simply want full control of the prosecution, we can advise on evidence, strategy and chances of success. From advice and investigations through to criminal proceedings, we can provide a bespoke service to maximise your chances of success.



CRIME REDUCTION SURVEY The purpose of a crime reduction survey is to review the overall security of the site – the protection offered to the assets and staff contained within the site and identifying and assessing security risks in relation to acts of criminal activity; burglary, theft, assault and criminal damage. The survey applies the Home Office 10 principles of crime reduction that will highlight weaknesses within the current security arrangements and provide recommendations as necessary that will increase the security and safety of staff, visitors and assets of the site. Local crime statistics and internal incidents will be reviewed and taken into consideration to ascertain the specific risks of the site. The Home Office 10 principles of crime reduction are: i)

Target Hardening


Visibility / Surveillance


Target Removal


Environmental Change


Removing the Means to Commit Crime


Rule Setting


Reducing the Pay-Off


Increasing the Chances of Being Caught


Access Control


Deflecting Offenders

We also develop SMART objectives: S

= Specific

– All objectives have specific outcomes.


= Measurable – The outcome of an objective should be capable of being measured.


= Achievable

– The objective should describe what can be achieved within the timescales and resources available.


= Realistic

– Objectives describing something that can actually be done.


= Time bound – A deadline is set by which the objective is to be achieved.

We will provide a full written report and presentation to key stakeholders, detailing our findings, complete with evidence and recommendations to raise your security levels and mitigate the identified risks.



ADDITIONAL SERVICES We offer a range of other investigatory and consultancy services that can meet the individual needs of our clients, such as:

RETAIL INTELLIGENCE UNIT We have formulated a service that caters for the challenges of the retail sector, removing the stress and workload of managing all security risks, letting you focus on the customer.

SOCIAL ENGINEERING Quite often the most vulnerable part of your business is your staff. We can assess the security of your people and processes, and raise their awareness of typical threats, making your organisation far more secure.

FORENSIC CAPABILITIES The mishandling of forensic evidence can often lead to the break down of a prosecution. We have experienced evidence handlers that can ensure the integrity of the items, vastly reducing the risks of the evidence being challenged.

WHISTLEBLOWING Whistleblowing means that you believe there is wrongdoing in your workplace (e.g. your employer is committing a criminal offence) and you feel you should report this activity. If you decide to blow the whistle on an organisation, POC can assist you in reporting to the right people using the right processes, while ensuring your employment rights are protected.

IBM i2 TRAINING We are one of two companies in the UK with the ability and knowledge to train your analysts in the use of IBM i2 software packages and have an extensive history of performing this training to Law Enforcement Agencies across the UK. Please contact us for details of our training packages.





POC Management are currently engaged in a number of major operations focused on reducing huge losses through theft and damage to products due to staff misconduct, as well as investigating professional standards issues and malpractice. We formulate a strategy that identifies key vulnerabilities in several areas, and we covertly deploy CCTV cameras to capture any thefts or professional standards activity. We apply the strict Codes of Practice pursuant to the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) to all our activities, regardless of whether it is legally required or not, to safeguard all involved and ensure proportionality and necessity. We have an extensive and successful track record working with some of the world’s biggest brands and logistics companies targeting theft, professional standards issues and other misconduct. CAMERA INSTALLATIONS POC Technicians will attend sites under a suitable cover to carry out a site survey and determine the best equipment for the task. The surveys and subsequent installations will be carried out at whatever time you specify – we offer a 24/7 service to maintain our cover. All equipment is of the highest specification and is prepared and checked in advance, minimising the time spent on site. Our cameras can be hidden in almost any device, from smoke detectors to plugs, lamps and picture frames. There is simply no way to see them unless you know they are there. FOOTAGE REVIEW Our highly experienced footage review teams provide quick results and a complete evidential package at no extra cost, offering you the complete end-to-end package. Once footage is recovered, our highly experienced review team will explore the footage looking carefully for suspected incidents of theft, professional standards concerns, health & safety incidents and any other intelligence. Incidents are quickly shared with our client with supporting statements at no extra cost. Our covert footage review has led to a huge amount of dismissals, arrests and convictions. We liaise with your security teams and the authorities to build a solid case against the offender. We assemble an evidence package that leaves no stone unturned, and can lead to the uncovering of other offences that can offer up valuable intelligence regarding criminality in and around your organisation. We recognise the need for continuity and offer you full support throughout the judicial or disciplinary process to ensure that justice is served.



CCTV There really is no escape from CCTV cameras in the modern world, as both the public and private sectors quite rightly include them in their security risk strategies. Often the most effective way to deter crime is the obvious presence of cameras. POC Management has an expert team of technicians who source the widest range of equipment from a large number of approved suppliers. From our range of cameras that offer great coverage on a budget, high quality HD, 4k or 12 MegaPixel cameras, to specific cameras with specialist lenses and bespoke systems to capture images where other cameras just won’t measure up, we will be providing you with the best equipment to suit your needs. Whether you require 100% coverage of an immense warehouse, an upgrade to your current system, or target a specific problem with covert cameras, we can provide the most cost effective, simple solution. We have carried out a large number of highly effective overt CCTV system installs ranging from small office based or domestic applications, to complete system upgrades and bespoke integrated systems with 100+ cameras covering large scale warehouse environments. We design our systems to work in any environment - both internal and external. We can also install temporary or permanent systems depending on your requirements. Working with POC will maximise the utilisation and effectiveness of your CCTV system, whilst allowing you to feel safe in the knowledge that you are fully compliant. With our unique blend of knowledge there is no job too big or too small for our professional teams to carry out.




Our Technical Services Team has vast experience and knowledge of installing, upgrading and maintaining Access Control and Intruder Alarm systems. Our Access Control Systems use magnetic locks and activation sensors to grant access / egress through access points, giving your premises an increased level of security. Key card entry, intercoms and biometric Sensors can all be deployed on to gates and doors, with levels of access assigned to each individual and each zone within the system. A database of each individual is kept centrally where their levels of access can be defined. Our biometric systems can use either finger prints, hand prints, retina scans or vein pattern analysis to ensure maximum security. The systems can also be used in conjunction with HR to ascertain time & attendance, and create an auditable log of access point users. We source our equipment from trusted suppliers - tested thoroughly before installation - and use a variety of products, such as Paxton, Kantech, Salto and Winpac operating systems - giving you maximum trust in the products we use. Our Technicians can devise a customised system that works best for you and your organisation. We can also utilise equipment such as Passive Infrared Sensors (PIRs) and Door and Window Contacts to give your Intruder Alarm maximum coverage, and/or to cover specific areas such as external entrances or vulnerable points of your building. Our systems can work together with your CCTV and Access Control systems to create a complete physical security package and give your premises the best protection possible. Areas of your building can be zoned – meaning you can set your alarm in individual zones, allowing you to keep areas secure even during normal working hours. We will provide you with a bespoke design to fit your exact needs and can offer alarm monitoring services to ensure a secure eye is kept on your premises at all times.



SYSTEM MAINTENANCE Planned Preventative Maintenance is the easiest way to ensure your security system is constantly operating at its optimum levels. POC maintenance packages are offered on all of our installations, however they are also available for existing systems. We offer a range of maintenance packages, which include periodic visits to site to perform a variety of preventative tasks: •

Inspect cables and connections

Check mountings and housings are secure

Check functionality

Clean lenses and sensors

Optimise viewing fields

Update software

Our maintenance processes and methodology are in line with the NSI Code of Practice, meaning that our processes are governed by various standards and your systems receive a thorough check. We can also offer reactive maintenance emergency call-outs, allowing you to act quick and get your system up and running with minimum downtime. We will attend site, establish the fault and then rectify it, not leaving until you are once again protected. There is no system too big for our teams of experts – we currently maintain a 1,000,000 sq. ft. warehouse for a leading retailer, which supports 600 of their stores. After inheriting the existing failing system, we quickly turned a system running at 45% efficiency into a 95% efficient system. We also maintain the security systems split over multiple sites, which includes University campuses, Logistics warehouses, external construction sites, along with all of our major CCTV, Access Control and Intruder Alarm installation projects for various clients. Our maintenance packages cover all sorts of security systems – CCTV, Access Control, Intruder Alarms or a hybrid system. POC’s expert team has the knowledge and experience to ensure your system runs at its optimum levels year in, year out.




In my role as mechanical and electrical manager for the installation of the BT Sport studio at the QEOP site I had the pleasure of working alongside POC Management whose responsibility was to secure the complex and its considerable high value asset worth materials outside of the overall site security provider. This security deployment was business critical and conducted in the most challenging of environments to the highest standard where no breaches occurred enabling the project to be completed on time and furthermore the integrity of the build remained intact from rival competitors.

I would highly recommend POC to any client seeking specialist security staff where high worth business critical asset protection is essential to the completion of their projects. Ed Cole, QEOP Project

POC Management were chosen through the tender process because of their track record on previous projects, their experience and ability in the rail security arena and their ‘can-do’ attitude. Since the inception of this project POC have worked tirelessly to get up to speed with the project - deploying their security teams and CCTV systems on to our sites as quickly as possible. They have proven to be an exceptional and refreshing organisation to work with in high-value and business-critical security activities; their attention to detail and planning is one of their key factors in delivering a quality service.

I have no hesitation in recommending POC as a specialist security provider. Their innovation and positive attitude has played a big part in delivering security and safety to this project. Eddie Lenton - Project Manager, VolkerRail

As Project Supervisor for National Grid, I was employed to oversee all aspects of contract, value, construction, programme, and security on a Gas Compressor Station in Cambridgeshire. This station is a high valued asset, and thus required guarding from a highly competent and experienced security company. POC were employed to guard our site 24/7 for around 10 months, and within a week of them starting on site I knew that the decision to utilise their expertise was a good one. The site is located in a very remote part of the countryside, and is known to be a vulnerable asset because of this. Apart from the high value of the asset, there was also very high value items of plant on the site. POC were exceptionally polite, professional, and a pleasure to deal with every single day. There were a few instances where out of hours National Grid Corporate Security attended site out of hours to test the response from the guards of POC. The reports that resulted were fantastic in every way – a credit to POC may I add. Given the choice, I would certainly choose POC as the security company to look after any project that I work on. Glenn Kendall - E&I Project Assurance Controller, National Grid



I have worked in partnership with POC Management as Head of Security Support for Yodel and during this time they have been engaged in numerous specialist security operations which were carried out with the highest professionalism delivering a dynamic fast-time business-critical approach to all of the challenging security related problems I tasked them with. They provide this service with the utmost professionalism throughout the UK at extremely short notice. This provides the company with the reassurance that all of our key security requirements are met. They provide rapid technical deployments and physical security operatives of the highest calibre with extensive knowledge in criminal investigations, covert techniques and equipment to our sites. These deployments have resulted in the identification of hundreds of offenders involved in theft/fraud activity, many of which resulted in successful criminal prosecutions.

I would not hesitate in highly recommending POC particularly where specialist security measures are essential to maintain business critical activities.

Graham Dempsey, Yodel

POC have proven to be an exceptional organisation to work with in high value and business critical security activities, their attention to detail and planning is one of their key factors in the quality of their services. We have faced certain exceptional challenges over the past two years and the POC team have worked to ensure a successful, safe and satisfactory outcome in the protection in transit of high value sensitive assets for our client. More recently we have had to prepare alternative and additional movements of aircraft wings and the detail and quality of the planning is outstanding, which we are confident will deliver a successful safe operation.

I have no hesitation in recommending POC as a specialist security asset partner who are, in my opinion outstanding in the attention to detail and professionalism. A bold statement in the commercial world of today, but one that I standby. David Hutchings, Business Protection for Serco @ Airbus UK

Your Technical team have been a fantastic testament to your company, they have been nothing short of brilliant since taking over the maintenance contract and have got us out of a scrape or two along the way. We have also managed to solve a fair few issues with your experts being present and helping us through a difficult period. I thought it only fair to feed back the excellent way they have tackled everything we have asked. Keith Bell, Marks & Spencer

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